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broot-1.22.1-bp156.2.8 RPM for s390x

From OpenSuSE Leap 15.6 for s390x

Name: broot Distribution: SUSE Linux Enterprise 15 SP6
Version: 1.22.1 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: bp156.2.8 Build date: Tue May 14 05:53:57 2024
Group: Unspecified Build host: s390zp27
Size: 13863017 Source RPM: broot-1.22.1-bp156.2.8.src.rpm
Summary: A better way to navigate directories
A better way to navigate directories.
Tree-like commandline directory navigator written in Rust.




GPL-2.0-only AND MIT AND MPL-2.0


* Tue Aug 29 2023 Lubos Kocman <>
  - Adjust package license based on the legaldb scan
* Fri Jun 16 2023 Martin Sirringhaus <>
  - Update to 1.22.1:
    * allow dir computations in /run/media
    * fix included solarized-dark.hjson skin file
  - Update to 1.22.0:
    * define disk space availability colors in skin
    * left elision of path when path/name doesn't fit
  - Update to 1.21.3:
    * `switch_terminal` verb parameter
    * on Windows, when using `-c`, clear events after delay
  - Update to 1.21.2:
    * update dependencies because of some yanked ones
  - Update to 1.21.1:
    * resolve `~` in special paths
    * better clipboard support on MacOS
* Thu Mar 23 2023 Martin Sirringhaus <>
  - Update to 1.21.0:
    * better nushell integration (no need to quote arguments anymore,
      fix path extension broken by new version of nushell)
    * don't show modal-only keys in help page when modal mode isn't enabled
  - Update to 1.20.2:
    * fix debug statement printed in some cases (mostly on Windows)
  - Update to 1.20.1:
    * fix status line not always displaying the hint of the input's verb
  - Update to 1.20.0:
    * unless overriden, /proc is now no-enter, which solves freezes
      when searchin on / in some system
    * SVG files now rendered as images in the preview panel
    * new version of the nushell function. You should be prompted for an update
    * no-hide special paths
    * preview can now be opened on directories, showing their first level
    * better determine whether the terminal is white or dark in some (probably rare) cases
  - Update to 1.19.0:
    * Nushell support
  - Update to 1.18.0:
    * Hjson configuration file can now omit outside braces (it's
      "braceless Hjson"), making it much cleaner
    * allow opening the help screen with just the ? key on Windows (as for other systems)
    * fix a crash in some cases of input being cleaned with a selection
  - Update to 1.17.1:
    * Windows specific implementation of :cpp
  - Update to 1.17.0:
    * max file size for content search now configurable (default is now 10MB)
    * file summing now avoids /proc and /run
    * default configuration sets /media as not entered by default
      (can be commented out, of course)
* Thu Nov 17 2022 Andrea Manzini <>
  - Update to 1.16.2:
    * you can restrict the panels in which verbs apply with the verb configuration panels parameter
    * fixes ctrl-left not usable anymore to remove filtering in preview
    * status messages now displayed on toggling (for example showing hidden files)
    * New escaping rules let you skip many \, especially when building regexes
    * --sort-by-type-dirs-first and --sort-by-type-dirs-last - Fix
    * modal: in intput mode, uppercase letters don't trigger verbs anymore
    * selecting lines up or down with the mouse wheel now wraps in both direction
    * Terminal background luma determination now works on all tested unixes, including MacOS
    * Major Feature: imports (A configuration file can now import one or several other ones)
    * advice to hit alt-i and|or alt-h when no file is visible
    * examples on search modes in help screen
    * close the staging area when it's emptied with a verb (e.g. on :rm)
* Fri Jul 08 2022 William Brown <>
  - Remove dependency on unmaintained rust-packaging
* Mon May 02 2022 Martin Sirringhaus <>
  - Update to v1.11.1 (see
* Thu Jan 23 2020 Martin Sirringhaus <>
  - Initial commmit of v0.12.0



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