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gitoxide-0.36.0-1.1 RPM for i586

From OpenSuSE Ports Tumbleweed for i586

Name: gitoxide Distribution: openSUSE Tumbleweed
Version: 0.36.0 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 1.1 Build date: Wed May 22 14:23:37 2024
Group: Development/Tools/Version Control Build host: reproducible
Size: 31928271 Source RPM: gitoxide-0.36.0-1.1.src.rpm
Summary: An idiomatic & safe pure-Rust implementation of Git
gitoxide is an implementation of git written in Rust for providing a pleasant
and unsurprising developer experience.




Apache-2.0 OR MIT


* Wed May 22 2024 Joshua Smith <>
  - Update to version 0.36.0:
    * Fixes for CVE-2024-35186 and CVE-2024-35197
    * checkout respects options for core.protectHFS and
    * more robustness in the face of a trampling-herd of threads
      loading a single index
* Tue Apr 16 2024 Joshua Smith <>
  - Update to version 0.35.0:
    * add gix status --ignored support
    * add gix status --index-worktree-renames
    * gix status with submodule and rewrite support.
    * add gix is-clean|is-changed
    * gix submodules list --dirty-suffix for dirty-information
    * add gix commit describe --dirty-suffix
* Thu Mar 07 2024 Joshua Smith <>
  - Specfile to modern rust, add copyright and cleanup
  - Update to version 0.34.0:
    * add gix clean --patterns-for-entries|-m to help with wildcards.
    * basic gix clean
    * Allow the -n argument as no-op to make them more compatible.
    * Fix clippy lints
    * Add back line wrapping simplify Usage Variants
    * Tell clap that ein is named ein
    * Copy over code from gix to generate completions for ein as well
    * Fix indenting by removing formatting on the config str
    * Reserve 50 characters for the config name
    * Bring back old implementation from 65e6496 - this also removes
      terminal_size, although its not large
    * Use chunks_exact where possible
  - Updates from version 0.33.0:
    * Add rev parse --reference. It's similar to git rev-parse
    - -symbolic-full-name.
    * mark gix::interrupt::init_handler() as unsafe
  - Updates from version 0.32.0:
    * gix rev parse --format to provide different versions of the
      same content.
    * in --trace mode, greatly increase message-buffer size.
    * set binary name for completions
    * rename GITOXIDE_* environment variables to GIX_#
    * Add thediff::resource_cache() low-level utility for rapid
      in-memory diffing of combinations of resources.
    * In gix read http.sslVerify config value and pass it to
    * Remove dead code from non-existent "lean-cli" feature
    * Replace all docsrs config by the document-features feature
    * Add basic connectivity check
    * Allow to print a tree without prettification, using
      tree-style --raw.
    * Automatically enforce strict mode if -c options are given on
      the command-line.
  - Updates from version 0.31.0:
    * add shell completions for bash
    * User decides completion output
    * gix status auto-writes changed indices.
    * This prevents expensive operations to re-occour.
    * gix status -s/--statistics to obtain additional information on
      what happened.
  - Updates from version 0.30.0:
    * gix status with basic index-worktree comparison
    * gix free index from-list and gix index from-tree gain
    - -skip-hash.
    * both ein and gix now share some code via the gitoxide library.
      This can slightly improve compile times as well, even though it
      wasn't measured.
  - Updates from version 0.29.0:
    * gix submodule subcommand for simple submodule listing and
      information retrieval
    * gix index entries --recurse-subomdules to also list submodules.
    * gix index entries with styles and pathspecs.
    * use real pathspecs where it was supported before.
    * add gix commit verify-signature to do something akin to git ...
    - -show-signature.
  - Updates from version 0.28.0:
    * add simple CLI for gix archive
  - Updates from version 0.27.0:
    * list commit-graph entries by graph traversal, move commit-graph
      up to gix level.
    * gix --trace to also print tree-like instrumentation
    * gix fetch --open-negotiation-graph[=limit]
    * gix fetch --negotiation-info to provide additional information
      about the negotiation phase.
    * bit revision list --svg to create a visual graph of commits.
  - Updates from version 0.26.0:
    * gix attributes validate to validate attributes and ignore
      against git as baseline.
    * --statistics for gix excludes query
    * gix attribute query as something similar to git check-attrs.
    * no-repo index from-list to create an index with empty files
      from the given list.
    * add pro-forma library to allow feature documentation of
      gitoxide on
  - Updates from version 0.25.0:
    * A maintenance release without user-facing changes, just to
      fix installation
  - Updates from version 0.24.0:
    * gix index entries also prints attributes.
    * gix clone and gix fetch with controls for shallow repositories.
    * ein t trace-path know accepts the trace-file alias.
    * printing to stdout for commands that don't show progress is
      greatly improved. Previously it would have to lock stdout on
      each write, now this is done only once.
    * opening repositories without 'strict' mode also ignores
      IO errors. These will instead be logged, but won't make it
      impossible to open an otherwise fine repository.
    * turn gix free index entries into gix index entries.
  - Updates from version 0.23.0:
    * ein tool query - a git analytics engine. A tool to build and
      efficiently maintain a database of information contained in
      a git repository, preferably the kind of information that is
      expensive to obtain, in order to facilitate queries that would
      be prohibitive without an accelerating data structure.
    * gix tree entries with rev-spec support.
  - Updates from version 0.22.0:
    * A maintenance release without user-facing changes.
* Fri Feb 10 2023 Luna D Dragon <>
  - Chore
      + upgrade to clap 4.1
  - New Features
      + gix clone <url> is now permitted without specifying a destination directory.
      + Note that the implementation doesn't take into account potential redirects and renames
      + as it's implemented only with the first URL it sees (not the redirected ones).
      + make more HTTP options available
      + http.schannelCheckRevoke



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