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glibc-2.39-7.el10 RPM for x86_64

From CentOS Stream 10 BaseOS for x86_64

Name: glibc Distribution: CentOS
Version: 2.39 Vendor: CentOS
Release: 7.el10 Build date: Tue Apr 16 14:33:08 2024
Group: Unspecified Build host:
Size: 6891744 Source RPM: glibc-2.39-7.el10.src.rpm
Summary: The GNU libc libraries
The glibc package contains standard libraries which are used by
multiple programs on the system. In order to save disk space and
memory, as well as to make upgrading easier, common system code is
kept in one place and shared between programs. This particular package
contains the most important sets of shared libraries: the standard C
library and the standard math library. Without these two libraries, a
Linux system will not function.




LGPL-2.1-or-later AND SunPro AND LGPL-2.1-or-later WITH GCC-exception-2.0 AND BSD-3-Clause AND GPL-2.0-or-later AND LGPL-2.1-or-later WITH GNU-compiler-exception AND GPL-2.0-only AND ISC AND LicenseRef-Fedora-Public-Domain AND HPND AND CMU-Mach AND LGPL-2.1-only AND LGPL-2.0-or-later AND Unicode-DFS-2015 AND GFDL-1.1-or-later AND GPL-1.0-or-later AND FSFUL AND MIT AND Inner-Net-2.0 AND X11 AND GPL-2.0-or-later WITH GCC-exception-2.0 AND GFDL-1.3-only AND GFDL-1.1-only


* Thu Apr 04 2024 Arjun Shankar <> - 2.39-7
  - Sync with upstream branch release/2.39/master,
    commit 5d070d12b3a52bc44dd1b71743abc4b6243862ae:
  - x86: Expand the comment on when REP STOSB is used on memset
  - x86: Do not prefer ERMS for memset on Zen3+
  - x86: Fix Zen3/Zen4 ERMS selection (BZ 30994)
  - Add tst-gnu2-tls2mod1 to test-internal-extras
  - elf: Enable TLS descriptor tests on aarch64
  - arm: Update _dl_tlsdesc_dynamic to preserve caller-saved registers (BZ 31372)
  - Ignore undefined symbols for -mtls-dialect=gnu2
  - x86-64: Allocate state buffer space for RDI, RSI and RBX
  - x86-64: Update _dl_tlsdesc_dynamic to preserve AMX registers
  - x86: Update _dl_tlsdesc_dynamic to preserve caller-saved registers
  - x86-64: Save APX registers in trampoline
  - LoongArch: Correct {__ieee754, _}_scalb -> {__ieee754, _}_scalbf
  - powerpc: Placeholder and infrastructure/build support to add Power11 related changes.
  - powerpc: Add HWCAP3/HWCAP4 data to TCB for Power Architecture.
* Tue Mar 26 2024 Florian Weimer <> - 2.39-6
  - Do not generate ELF dependency information for glibc32
* Tue Mar 26 2024 Joseph Myers <> - 2.39-5
  - Build glibc32 binary package from glibc sources as part of x86_64 build,
    not from glibc32 SRPM that contains binaries from i686 RPM build.
* Tue Mar 19 2024 Arjun Shankar <> - 2.39-4
  - Sync with upstream branch release/2.39/master,
    commit: 71fcdba577884627c3ee4e43beb915da752efb1f:
  - linux: Use rseq area unconditionally in sched_getcpu (bug 31479)
  - Use gcc __builtin_stdc_* builtins in stdbit.h if possible
  - S390: Do not clobber r7 in clone [BZ #31402]
  - math: Update mips64 ulps
  - mips: FIx clone3 implementation (BZ 31325)
  - arm: Remove wrong ldr from _dl_start_user (BZ 31339)
  - Replace advisories directory
* Wed Feb 28 2024 Arjun Shankar <> - 2.39-3
  - Analyse glibc-2.39 sources for license information
  - Migrate License field to SPDX identifiers for
* Wed Feb 07 2024 Florian Weimer <> - 2.39-2
  - Ignore symbolic links to . in sysroot construction
* Fri Feb 02 2024 Carlos O'Donell <> - 2.39-1
  - Switch to upstream 2.39 release,
    commit ef321e23c20eebc6d6fb4044425c00e6df27b05f
  - Document CVE-2023-6246, CVE-2023-6779, and CVE-2023-6780
  - Update advisory format and introduce some automation
  - manual/io: Fix swapped reading and writing phrase.
  - Fix typo
  - S390: Fix building with --disable-mutli-arch [BZ #31196]
  - NEWS: insert advisories and fixed bugs for 2.39
  - contrib.texi: update
  - INSTALL, install.texi: minor updates, regenerate
  - libc.pot: regenerate
  - version.h, include/features.h: Bump version to 2.39
  - Create ChangeLog.old/ChangeLog.28
* Wed Jan 31 2024 Florian Weimer <> - 2.38.9000-39
  - Add noarch sysroot subpackages
* Tue Jan 30 2024 Patsy Griffin <> - 2.38.9000-38
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch master,
    commit ddf542da94caf97ff43cc2875c88749880b7259b:
  - syslog: Fix integer overflow in __vsyslog_internal (CVE-2023-6780)
  - syslog: Fix heap buffer overflow in __vsyslog_internal (CVE-2023-6779)
  - syslog: Fix heap buffer overflow in __vsyslog_internal (CVE-2023-6246)
  - Use binutils 2.42 branch in
  - elf: correct relocation statistics for !ELF_MACHINE_START_ADDRESS
* Mon Jan 29 2024 Arjun Shankar <> - 2.38.9000-37
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch master,
    commit ae49a7b29acc184b03c2a6bd6ac01b5e08efd54f:
  - Relicense IBM portions of resolv/base64.c resolv/res_debug.c.
  - localedata: Use consistent values for grouping and mon_grouping
  - manual: fix order of arguments of memalign and aligned_alloc (Bug 27547)
* Thu Jan 25 2024 Jens Petersen <> - 2.38.9000-36
  - no longer supplement langpacks if all-langpacks installed
* Wed Jan 24 2024 Florian Weimer <> - 2.38.9000-35
  - Add crh_RU, gbm_IN, ssy_ER locales.
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch master,
    commit 486452affbac684db739b7fcca1e84e8a7ce33d1:
  - manual, NEWS: Document malloc side effect of dynamic TLS changes
  - NEWS: Update temporary files ignored by ldconfig
  - po: Incorporate translations (sr)
  - string: Disable stack protector for memset in early static initialization
  - qsort: Fix a typo causing unnecessary malloc/free (BZ 31276)
  - riscv: add support for static PIE
  - localedata: renamed:    aa_ER@saaho -> ssy_ER
  - Define ISO 639-3 "ssy" (Saho)
  - localedata: add crh_RU, Crimean Tartar language in the Cyrillic script as used in Russia.
  - localedata: tr_TR, ku_TR: Sync with CLDR: “Turkey” -> “Türkiye”
  - localedata: miq_NI: Shorten month names in abmon
  - Update kernel version to 6.7 in header constant tests
  - localedata: add gbm_IN locale
  - Define ISO 639-3 "gbm" (Garhwali)
  - Update syscall lists for Linux 6.7
  - stdlib: Remove unused is_aligned function from qsort.c
* Fri Jan 19 2024 Fedora Release Engineering <> - 2.38.9000-34
  - Rebuilt for
* Tue Jan 16 2024 DJ Delorie <> - 2.38.9000-33
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch master,
    commit e2803cfd8bb00b54816d1a2c381d2cf82b136da6.
  - NEWS: Mention PLT rewrite on x86-64
  - stdlib: Verify heapsort for two-element cases
  - stdlib: Fix heapsort for cases with exactly two elements
  - localedata: anp_IN: Fix abbreviated month names
* Mon Jan 15 2024 DJ Delorie <> - 2.38.9000-32
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch master,
    commit 709fbd3ec3595f2d1076b4fec09a739327459288.
  - stdlib: Reinstate stable mergesort implementation on qsort
  - x86-64: Check if mprotect works before rewriting PLT
  - aarch64: Add NEWS entry about libmvec for 2.39
* Mon Jan 15 2024 Carlos O'Donell <> - 2.38.9000-31
  - Add new locales for kv_RU, su_ID, tok, and zgh_MA.
  - Drop glibc-rh2255506.patch; fix applied upstream.
  - Enable Intel CET only on x86_64.
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch master,
    commit 064c708c78cc2a6b5802dce73108fc0c1c6bfc80:
  - localedata/unicode-gen/ fix Hangul syllable name
  - x86_64: Optimize ffsll function code size.
  - localedata: Remove redundant comments
  - RISC-V: Enable static-pie.
  - linux: Fix fstat64 on alpha and sparc64
  - math: remove exp10 wrappers
  - Benchtests: Increase benchmark iterations
  - debug/getwd_chk.c: warning should be emitted for the __getwd_chk symbol.
  - Make __getrandom_nocancel set errno and add a _nostatus version
  - x86-64/cet: Make CET feature check specific to Linux/x86
  - Incorporate translations (zh_CN)
  - Define ISO 639-3 "glk" (Gilaki)
  - resolv: Fix endless loop in __res_context_query
  - localedata: revert all the remaining locale sources to UTF-8
  - localedata: am_ET ber_DZ en_GB en_PH en_US fil_PH kab_DZ om_ET om_KE ti_ET tl_PH: convert to UTF-8
  - localedata: resolve cyclic dependencies
  - localedata: kv_RU: convert to UTF-8
  - localedata: add new locale kv_RU
  - elf: Fix tst-nodeps2 test failure.
  - localedata: Sort Makefile variables.
  - locale: Sort Makefile variables.
  - i386: Remove CET support bits
  - x86-64/cet: Move check-cet.awk to x86_64
  - x86-64/cet: Move dl-cet.[ch] to x86_64 directories
  - x86: Move x86-64 shadow stack startup codes
  - Fix deprecated utcnow() usage in
  - Fix invalid escape sequence in
  - math: Fix test-fenv.c feupdateenv tests
  - Remove installed header rule on $(..)include/%.h
  - i386: Fail if configured with --enable-cet
  - i386: Remove CET support
  - x86: Move CET infrastructure to x86_64
  - localedata: su_ID: make lang_name agree with CLDR
  - localedata: add new locale su_ID
  - localedata: add new locale zgh_MA
  - INSTALL: regenerate
  - localedata: add tok/UTF-8 to SUPPORTED
  - localedata: tok: add yY and nN to yesexpr and noexpr
  - localedata: tok: convert to UTF-8
  - localedata: add data for tok (Toki Pona)
  - Remove ia64-linux-gnu
  - localedata: dz_BT, bo_CN: convert to UTF-8
  - localedata: dz_BT, bo_CN: Fix spelling of "phur bu" in both Tibetan and Dzongkha
  - localedata: bo_CN: Fix spelling errors in Tibetan data
  - localedata: bo_CN: Fix incomplete edit in Tibetan yesexpr
  - localedata: dz_BT: Fix spelling errors in Dzongha data
  - localedata: unicode-gen: Remove redundant \s* from regexp, fix comments
  - localedata: convert the remaining *_RU locales to UTF-8
  - Incorporate translations
  - x32: Handle displacement overflow in PLT rewrite [BZ #31218]
  - x86: Fixup some nits in longjmp asm implementation
  - stdlib: Fix stdbit.h with -Wconversion for clang
  - stdlib: Fix stdbit.h with -Wconversion for older gcc
  - elf: Add ELF_DYNAMIC_AFTER_RELOC to rewrite PLT
  - aarch64: Make cpu-features definitions not Linux-specific
  - hurd: Initializy _dl_pagesize early in static builds
  - hurd: Only init early static TLS if it's used to store stack or pointer guards
  - hurd: Make init-first.c no longer x86-specific
  - hurd: Drop x86-specific assembly from init-first.c
  - hurd: Pass the data pointer to _hurd_stack_setup explicitly
  - x86-64/cet: Check the restore token in longjmp
  - localedata: ru_RU, ru_UA: convert to UTF-8
  - localedata: es_??: convert to UTF-8
  - localedata: miq_NI: convert to UTF-8
  - i386: Ignore --enable-cet
  - mach: Drop SNARF_ARGS macro
  - mach: Drop some unnecessary vm_param.h includes
  - hurd: Declare _hurd_intr_rpc_msg* with protected visibility
  - hurd: Add some missing includes
  - localedata: fy_DE: make this "Western Frisian" to agree with the language code "fy"
  - localedata: fy_DE, fy_NL: convert to UTF-8
  - localedata: ast_ES: convert to UTF-8
  - localedata: ast_ES: Remove wrong copyright text
  - localedata: de_{AT,BE,CH,IT,LU}: convert to UTF-8
  - localedata: lv_LV, it_IT, it_CH: convert to UTF-8
  - localedata: it_IT, lv_LV: currency symbol should follow the amount
  - Implement C23 <stdbit.h>
  - localedata: ms_MY should not use 12-hour format
  - localedata: es_ES: convert to UTF-8
  - localedata: es_ES: Add am_pm strings
  - aarch64: Add longjmp test for SME
  - aarch64: Add setcontext support for SME
  - aarch64: Add longjmp support for SME
  - aarch64: Add SME runtime support
  - localedata: convert uz_UZ and uz_UZ@cyrillic to UTF-8
  - localedata: uz_UZ and uz_UZ@cyrillic: Fix decimal point and thousands separator
  - libio: Check remaining buffer size in _IO_wdo_write (bug 31183)
  - getaddrinfo: translate ENOMEM to EAI_MEMORY (bug 31163)
  - string: Add additional output in test-strchr failure
  - Add a setjmp/longjmp test between user contexts
  - x86/cet: Add -fcf-protection=none before -fcf-protection=branch
  - Regenerate libc.pot
  - Omit regex.c pragmas no longer needed
  - Update copyright dates not handled by scripts/update-copyrights
  - Update copyright in generated files by running "make"
  - Update copyright dates with scripts/update-copyrights
  - x86/cet: Run some CET tests with shadow stack
  - x86/cet: Don't set CET active by default
  - x86/cet: Check feature_1 in TCB for active IBT and SHSTK
  - x86/cet: Enable shadow stack during startup
  - elf: Always provide _dl_get_dl_main_map in libc.a
  - x86/cet: Sync with Linux kernel 6.6 shadow stack interface
  - RISC-V: Add support for dl_runtime_profile (BZ #31151)
  - debug: Add fortify wprintf tests
  - debug: Add fortify syslog tests
  - debug: Add fortify dprintf tests
  - debug: Increase tst-fortify checks for compiler without __va_arg_pack support
  - debug: Adapt fortify tests to libsupport
  - localedata: yo_NT: remove redundant comments
  - localedata: convert en_AU, en_NZ, mi_NZ, niu_NZ to UTF-8
  - localedata: First day of the week in AU is Monday, LC_TIME in en_NZ is identical to LC_TIME in en_AU then
  - localedata: convert yo_NG to UTF-8, check that language name in Yoruba agrees with CLDR
  - x86-64: Fix the tcb field load for x32 [BZ #31185]
  - x86-64: Fix the dtv field load for x32 [BZ #31184]
* Wed Jan 03 2024 Florian Weimer <> - 2.38.9000-30
  - Infinite loop in res_mkquery with malformed domain name (#2255506)
* Fri Dec 22 2023 Florian Weimer <> - 2.38.9000-29
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch master,
    commit 61bac1a9d2ab80ebcbc51484722e6ea43414bec7:
  - nss: Remove unused allocation from get_nscd_addresses in getaddrinfo
  - x86/cet: Don't disable CET if not single threaded
  - x86: Modularize sysdeps/x86/dl-cet.c
  - x86/cet: Update tst-cet-vfork-1
  - elf: Add TLS modid reuse test for bug 29039
  - aarch64: Add SIMD attributes to math functions with vector versions
  - aarch64: Add half-width versions of AdvSIMD f32 libmvec routines
  - Fix elf/tst-env-setuid[-static] if test needs to be rerun.
  - Fix elf: Do not duplicate the GLIBC_TUNABLES string
  - tst-setcontext10.c: Undef _FORTIFY_SOURCE
  - Fix elf: Do not duplicate the GLIBC_TUNABLES string
  - riscv: Fix feenvupdate with FE_DFL_ENV (BZ 31022)
  - manual: Clarify undefined behavior of feenableexcept (BZ 31019)
  - x86: Do not raises floating-point exception traps on fesetexceptflag (BZ 30990)
  - i686: Do not raise exception traps on fesetexcept (BZ 30989)
  - powerpc: Do not raise exception traps for fesetexcept/fesetexceptflag (BZ 30988)
  - elf: Do not set invalid tunables values
  - elf: Do not duplicate the GLIBC_TUNABLES string
  - x86/cet: Check CPU_FEATURE_ACTIVE in permissive mode
  - x86/cet: Check legacy shadow stack code in .init_array section
  - x86/cet: Add tests for GLIBC_TUNABLES=glibc.cpu.hwcaps=-SHSTK
  - x86/cet: Check CPU_FEATURE_ACTIVE when CET is disabled
  - x86/cet: Check legacy shadow stack applications
  - localedata: id_ID: change first weekday to Sunday
  - s390: Set psw addr field in getcontext and friends.
  - x86: Unifies 'strlen-evex' and 'strlen-evex512' implementations.
  - x86/cet: Don't assume that SHSTK implies IBT
  - id_ID: Update Time Locales
  - Update code to handle the new ABI for sending inlined port rights.
  - x86/cet: Check user_shstk in /proc/cpuinfo
  - Add a test for setjmp/longjmp within user context
  - Add a test for longjmp from user context
  - powerpc: Add space for HWCAP3/HWCAP4 in the TCB for future Power.
  - powerpc: Fix performance issues of strcmp power10
  - localedata: Convert el_GR and el_CY locales to UTF-8
  - localedata: el_GR: Greece now uses the 24h format for time
  - powerpc : Add optimized memchr for POWER10
  - intl: Treat C.UTF-8 locale like C locale, part 2 (BZ# 16621)
  - resolv: Fix a few unaligned accesses to fields in HEADER
  - x86: Check PT_GNU_PROPERTY early
* Wed Dec 13 2023 Carlos O'Donell <> - 2.38.9000-28
  - Depend only on RPM 4.14 features (RHEL-19045)
* Fri Dec 08 2023 Carlos O'Donell <> - 2.38.9000-27
  - Drop glibc-rh2248502.patch; fix applied upstream, and
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch master,
    commit b3bee76c5f59498b9c189608f0a3132e2013fa1a:
  - elf: Initialize GLRO(dl_lazy) before relocating libc in dynamic startup
  - Move CVE information into advisories directory
  - powerpc: Optimized strcmp for power10
  - elf: Fix wrong break removal from 8ee878592c
  - localedata: Convert day names in nn_NO locale to UTF-8
  - localedata: Remove trailing whitespace in weekday names in nn_NO locale
  - elf: Refactor process_envvars
  - elf: Ignore LD_BIND_NOW and LD_BIND_NOT for setuid binaries
  - elf: Ignore loader debug env vars for setuid
  - Adapt the security policy for the security page
  - aarch64: correct CFI in rawmemchr (bug 31113)
  - math: Add new exp10 implementation
  - aarch64: fix tested ifunc variants
  - stdlib: Fix array bounds protection in insertion sort phase of qsort
  - Revert "Update code to handle the new ABI for sending inlined port rights."
  - Revert "hurd: Fix build"
  - hurd: Fix build
  - Update code to handle the new ABI for sending inlined port rights.
  - hurd: [!__USE_MISC] Do not #undef BSD macros in ioctls
  - linux: Make fdopendir fail with O_PATH (BZ 30373)
  - Avoid padding in _init and _fini. [BZ #31042]
  - aarch64: Improve special-case handling in AdvSIMD double-precision libmvec routines
  - malloc: Improve MAP_HUGETLB with glibc.malloc.hugetlb=2
  - elf: Add a way to check if tunable is set (BZ 27069)
* Tue Nov 28 2023 Arjun Shankar <> - 2.38.9000-26
  - Drop glibc-benchtests-aarch64.patch; fix applied upstream, and
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch master,
    commit 9469261cf1924d350feeec64d2c80cafbbdcdd4d:
  - x86: Only align destination to 1x VEC_SIZE in memset 4x loop
  - elf: Fix TLS modid reuse generation assignment (BZ 29039)
  - Add TCP_MD5SIG_FLAG_IFINDEX from Linux 5.6 to netinet/tcp.h.
  - elf: Relocate early during startup and dlmopen (bug 31083)
  - elf: Introduce the _dl_open_relocate_one_object function
  - elf: In _dl_relocate_object, skip processing if object is relocated
  - Remove __access_noerrno
  - malloc: Use __get_nprocs on arena_get2 (BZ 30945)
  - aarch64: Fix libmvec benchmarks
* Mon Nov 27 2023 Florian Weimer <> - 2.38.9000-25
  - Fix qsort workaround (#2248502)
* Thu Nov 23 2023 Florian Weimer <> - 2.38.9000-24
  - Restore qsort workaround for 389-ds-base.  (#2248502)
* Wed Nov 22 2023 Florian Weimer <> - 2.38.9000-23
  - Apply glibc-benchtests-aarch64.patch to fix an aarch64 build failure.
  - Drop glibc-rh2244688.patch revert.  Fix applied upstream.
  - Drop glibc-rh2244992.patch, glibc-rh2248915.patch, glibc-rh2248502-3.patch.
    All applied upstream.
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch master,
    commit 5d7f1bce7d8eea31f4baeb68bcc3124b35acc751:
  - posix: Revert the removal of the crypt prototype from <unistd.h>
  - elf: Add comments on how LD_AUDIT and LD_PRELOAD handle __libc_enable_secure
  - elf: Ignore LD_LIBRARY_PATH and debug env var for setuid for static
  - elf: Remove any_debug from dl_main_state
  - elf: Remove LD_PROFILE for static binaries
  - elf: Ignore LD_PROFILE for setuid binaries
  - s390: Use dl-symbol-redir-ifunc.h on cpu-tunables
  - x86: Use dl-symbol-redir-ifunc.h on cpu-tunables
  - elf: Emit warning if tunable is ill-formatted
  - elf: Fix _dl_debug_vdprintf to work before self-relocation
  - elf: Do not parse ill-formatted strings
  - elf: Do not process invalid tunable format
  - elf: Add all malloc tunable to unsecvars
  - elf: Ignore GLIBC_TUNABLES for setuid/setgid binaries
  - elf: Add GLIBC_TUNABLES to unsecvars
  - elf: Remove /etc/suid-debug support
  - stdlib: The qsort implementation needs to use heapsort in more cases
  - stdlib: Handle various corner cases in the fallback heapsort for qsort
  - stdlib: Avoid another self-comparison in qsort
  - hurd: fix restarting reauth_dtable on signal
  - hurd: Prevent the final file_exec_paths call from signals
  - manual: Fix termios.c example. (Bug 31078)
  - aarch64: Add vector implementations of expm1 routines
  - linux: Use fchmodat2 on fchmod for flags different than 0 (BZ 26401)
  - intl: Add test case for bug 16621
  - resolv: free only initialized items from gai pool
  - ldconfig: Fixes for skipping temporary files.
  - nptl: Link with -z execstack
  - nptl: Rename tst-execstack to tst-execstack-threads
  - localedata: Convert oc_FR locale to UTF-8
  - localedata: Add information for Occitan
  - elf: Fix force_first handling in dlclose (bug 30981)
  - elf: Handle non-directory name in search path (BZ 31035)
  - New Zealand locales (en_NZ & mi_NZ) first day of week should be Monday
  - x86: Fix unchecked AVX512-VBMI2 usage in strrchr-evex-base.S
  - posix: Check pidfd_spawn with tst-spawn7-pid
  - y2038: Fix support for 64-bit time on legacy ABIs
  - AArch64: Remove Falkor memcpy
  - AArch64: Add memset_zva64
  - AArch64: Cleanup emag memset
  - test: Run the tst-tls-allocation-failure-static-patched with test-wrapper.
  - aarch64: Add vector implementations of log1p routines
  - aarch64: Add vector implementations of atan2 routines
  - aarch64: Add vector implementations of atan routines
  - aarch64: Add vector implementations of acos routines
  - aarch64: Add vector implementations of asin routines
* Wed Nov 15 2023 Florian Weimer <> - 2.38.9000-22
  - Work around another self-comparison application issue in qsort (#2248502)
* Sat Nov 11 2023 Florian Weimer <> - 2.38.9000-21
  - Fix missing entries in /etc/ (#2248915)
* Sat Nov 11 2023 Florian Weimer <> - 2.38.9000-20
  - Drop glibc-rh2248502-*.patch, workaround applied upstream
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch master,
    commit d1dcb565a1fb5829f9476a1438c30eccc4027d04:
  - Fix type typo in “String/Array Conventions” doc
  - stdlib: Avoid element self-comparisons in qsort (#2248502)
  - elf: Add glibc.mem.decorate_maps tunable
  - linux: Decorate __libc_fatal error buffer
  - assert: Decorate error message buffer
  - malloc: Decorate malloc maps
  - nptl: Decorate thread stack on pthread_create
  - support: Add support_set_vma_name
  - linux: Add PR_SET_VMA_ANON_NAME support
* Wed Nov 08 2023 Florian Weimer <> - 2.38.9000-19
  - Fix force-first handling in dlclose, take two (#2244992, #2246048)
* Tue Nov 07 2023 Florian Weimer <> - 2.38.9000-18
  - Revert back to old qsort/qsort_r implementation (#2248502)
  - Adjust test build completion check to match new DejaGnu-style message.
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch master,
    commit 5dd3bda59c2d9da138f0d98808d087cdb95cdc17:
  - sysdeps: sem_open: Clear O_CREAT when semaphore file is expected to exist [BZ #30789]
  - Add SEGV_CPERR from Linux 6.6 to bits/siginfo-consts.h
  - linux: Sync Linux 6.6 elf.h
  - linux: Add HWCAP2_HBC from Linux 6.6 to AArch64 bits/hwcap.h
  - linux: Add FSCONFIG_CMD_CREATE_EXCL from Linux 6.6 to sys/mount.h
  - linux: Add MMAP_ABOVE4G from Linux 6.6 to sys/mman.h
  - Update kernel version to 6.6 in header constant tests
  - Update syscall lists for Linux 6.6
  - Format test results closer to what DejaGnu does
  - AArch64: Cleanup ifuncs
  - Use correct subdir when building tst-rfc3484* for mach and arm
  - stdlib: Add more qsort{_r} coverage
  - stdlib: qsort: Move some macros to inline function
  - stdlib: Move insertion sort out qsort
  - stdlib: Optimization qsort{_r} swap implementation
  - string: Add internal memswap implementation
  - crypt: Remove manul entry for --enable-crypt
  - Use Linux 6.6 in
  - crypt: Remove libcrypt support
  - sparc: Remove optimize md5, sha256, and sha512
  - build-many-glibcs: Fix traililing whitespace
  - AArch64: Add support for MOPS memcpy/memmove/memset
  - Move getnameinfo from 'inet' to 'nss'
  - Move getaddrinfo from 'posix' into 'nss'
  - Move 'services' routines from 'inet' into 'nss'
  - Move 'rpc' routines from 'inet' into 'nss'
  - Move 'protocols' routines from 'inet' into 'nss'
  - Move 'networks' routines from 'inet' into 'nss'
  - Move 'netgroup' routines from 'inet' into 'nss'
  - Move 'hosts' routines from 'inet' into 'nss'
  - Move 'ethers' routines from 'inet' into 'nss'
  - Move 'aliases' routines from 'inet' into 'nss'
  - Remove 'shadow' and merge into 'nss'
  - Remove 'pwd' and merge into 'nss'
  - Remove 'gshadow' and merge into 'nss'
  - Remove 'grp' and merge into 'nss' and 'posix'
  - malloc: Fix tst-tcfree3 build csky-linux-gnuabiv2 with fortify source
  - test-container: disable system cache on DSO detection
  - aarch64: Add vector implementations of exp10 routines
  - aarch64: Add vector implementations of log10 routines
  - aarch64: Add vector implementations of log2 routines
  - aarch64: Add vector implementations of exp2 routines
  - aarch64: Add vector implementations of tan routines
  - elf: ldconfig should skip temporary files created by package managers
  - tst-spawn-cgroup.c: Fix argument order of UNSUPPORTED message.
  - Add NT_PPC_DEXCR and NT_PPC_HASHKEYR from Linux 6.5 to elf.h
  - s390: Fix undefined behaviour in feenableexcept, fedisableexcept [BZ #30960]
  - elf: Do not print the cache entry if --inhibit-cache is used
* Thu Oct 26 2023 Carlos O'Donell <> - 2.38.9000-17
  - Revert "Fix force-first handling in dlclose" (#2246048)
* Tue Oct 24 2023 Arjun Shankar <> - 2.38.9000-16
  - Provide template gai.conf in glibc-doc
* Thu Oct 19 2023 Florian Weimer <> - 2.38.9000-15
  - Fix force-first handling in dlclose (#2244992)
* Wed Oct 18 2023 Florian Weimer <> - 2.38.9000-14
  - Revert "x86: Prepare `strrchr-evex` and `strrchr-evex512` for AVX10" (#2244688)
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch master,
    commit dd32e1db386c77c61850a7cbd0c126b7b3c63ece:
  - Revert "elf: Always call destructors in reverse constructor order (bug 30785)"
  - Revert "elf: Fix compile error with -DNDEBUG [BZ #18755]"
  - Add strlcat/wcslcat testcase.
  - Add strlcpy/wcslcpy testcase
  - Add LE DSCP code point from RFC-8622.
  - Add HWCAP2_MOPS from Linux 6.5 to AArch64 bits/hwcap.h
  - Add SCM_SECURITY, SCM_PIDFD to bits/socket.h
  - Add AT_HANDLE_FID from Linux 6.5 to bits/fcntl-linux.h
  - Avoid maybe-uninitialized warning in __kernel_rem_pio2
  - Fix WAIT_FOR_DEBUGGER for container tests.
* Thu Oct 12 2023 Florian Weimer <> - 2.38.9000-13
  - Drop glibc-disable-werror-tst-realloc.patch, GCC was fixed long ago.
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch master,
    commit 69239bd7a216007692470aa9d5f3658024638742:
  - stdlib: fix grouping verification with multi-byte thousands separator (bug 30964)
  - build-many-glibcs: Check for required system tools
  - x86: Prepare `strrchr-evex` and `strrchr-evex512` for AVX10
  - aarch64: Optimise vecmath logs
  - aarch64: Cosmetic change in SVE exp routines
  - aarch64: Optimize SVE cos & cosf
  - aarch64: Improve vecmath sin routines
  - nss: Get rid of alloca usage in makedb's write_output.
  - debug: Add regression tests for BZ 30932
  - Fix FORTIFY_SOURCE false positive
  - nss: Rearrange and sort Makefile variables
  - inet: Rearrange and sort Makefile variables
  - Fix off-by-one OOB write in iconv/tst-iconv-mt
* Tue Oct 03 2023 Arjun Shankar <> - 2.38.9000-12
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch master,
  - tunables: Terminate if end of input is reached (CVE-2023-4911)
  - Propagate GLIBC_TUNABLES in setxid binaries
* Tue Oct 03 2023 Arjun Shankar <> - 2.38.9000-11
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch master,
  - Linux: add ST_NOSYMFOLLOW
  - resolve: Remove __res_context_query alloca usage
  - mips: dl-machine-reject-phdr: Get rid of alloca.
  - x86: Add support for AVX10 preset and vec size in cpu-features
  - resolv: Fix a comment typo in __resolv_conf_load
  - Remove unused -DRESOLVER getaddrinfo build flag
  - C2x scanf %wN, %wfN support
  - test-container: Use nftw instead of rm -rf
* Thu Sep 28 2023 Patsy Griffin <> - 2.38.9000-10
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch master,
    commit 29d4591b07a4da53320e949557c6946c62c26bde.
  - hurd: Drop REG_GSFS and REG_ESDS from x86_64's ucontext
  - elf: Fix compile error with -DNDEBUG [BZ #18755]
  - MIPS: Add relocation types
  - MIPS: Add new section type SHT_MIPS_ABIFLAGS
  - MIPS: Add ELF file header flags
  - fegetenv_and_set_rn now uses the builtins provided by GCC.
  - io: Do not implement fstat with fstatat
  - libio: Add nonnull attribute for most FILE * arguments in stdio.h
  - AArch64: Remove -0.0 check from vector sin
  - Document CVE-2023-4806 and CVE-2023-5156 in NEWS
  - elf: Add dummy declaration of _dl_audit_objclose for !SHARED
  - Fix leak in getaddrinfo introduced by the fix for CVE-2023-4806 [BZ #30843]
  - elf: dl-lookup: Remove unused alloca.h include
  - Remove unused localedata/
  - Adapt collation in th_TH locale to use the iso14651_t1_common file and sync the collation with CLDR
  - Revert "LoongArch: Add glibc.cpu.hwcap support."
  - Update kernel version to 6.5 in header constant tests
  - LoongArch: Add glibc.cpu.hwcap support.
  - math: Add a no-mathvec flag for sin (-0.0)
* Mon Sep 18 2023 Arjun Shankar <> - 2.38.9000-9
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch master,
    commit bb5bbc20702981c287aa3e44640e7d2f2b9a28cf:
  - Update to Unicode 15.1.0 [BZ #30854]
  - localedata/unicode-gen/ adapt regexp to get relevant lines from EastAsianWidth.txt
  - Fix regexp syntax warnings in localedata/unicode-gen/
  - getaddrinfo: Fix use after free in getcanonname (CVE-2023-4806)
  - LoongArch: Change to put magic number to .rodata section
  - LoongArch: Add ifunc support for strrchr{aligned, lsx, lasx}
  - LoongArch: Add ifunc support for strcpy, stpcpy{aligned, unaligned, lsx, lasx}
  - LoongArch: Replace deprecated $v0 with $a0 to eliminate 'as' Warnings.
  - LoongArch: Add lasx/lsx support for _dl_runtime_profile.
  - Add MOVE_MOUNT_BENEATH from Linux 6.5 to sys/mount.h
  - CVE-2023-4527: Stack read overflow with large TCP responses in no-aaaa mode
  - resolv: Fix some unaligned accesses in resolver [BZ #30750]
  - Update syscall lists for Linux 6.5
* Mon Sep 11 2023 Patsy Griffin <> - 2.38.9000-8
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch master,
    commit 073edbdfabaad4786e974a451efe4b6b3f7a5a61.
  - ia64: Work around miscompilation and fix build on ia64's gcc-10 and later
  - stdio: Remove __libc_message alloca usage
  - htl: avoid exposing the vm_region symbol
  - libio: Fix oversized __io_vtables
  - Use Linux 6.5 in
  - elf: Remove unused l_text_end field from struct link_map
* Fri Sep 08 2023 Florian Weimer <> - 2.38.9000-7
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch master,
    commit 6985865bc3ad5b23147ee73466583dd7fdf65892:
  - elf: Always call destructors in reverse constructor order (bug 30785)
  - io: Fix record locking contants for powerpc64 with __USE_FILE_OFFSET64
  - manual: Fix diagnostics menu/section structure
  - getaddrinfo: Get rid of alloca
  - riscv: Add support for XTheadBb in string-fz[a,i].h
  - getcanonname: Fix a typo
  - linux: Add pidfd_getpid
  - posix: Add pidfd_spawn and pidfd_spawnp (BZ 30349)
  - linux: Add posix_spawnattr_{get, set}cgroup_np (BZ 26371)
  - linux: Define __ASSUME_CLONE3 to 0 for alpha, ia64, nios2, sh, and sparc
  - __call_tls_dtors: Use call_function_static_weak
  - intl: Treat C.UTF-8 locale like C locale (BZ# 16621)
  - htl: Fix stack information for main thread
  - htl: thread_local destructors support
  - elf: Fix slow tls access after dlopen [BZ #19924]
  - x86: Check the lower byte of EAX of CPUID leaf 2 [BZ #30643]
* Tue Aug 29 2023 DJ Delorie <> - 2.38.9000-6
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch master,
    commit e1d3312015e8f70344620375aedf91afe7e7e7a4.
  - add GB18030-2022 charmap and test the entire GB18030 charmap [BZ #30243]
  - Use GMP 6.3.0, MPFR 4.2.1 in
  - localedata: Translit common emojis to smileys [BZ #30649]
  - nscd: Skip unusable entries in first pass in prune_cache (bug 30800)
  - LoongArch: Change loongarch to LoongArch in comments
  - LoongArch: Add ifunc support for memcmp{aligned, lsx, lasx}
  - LoongArch: Add ifunc support for memset{aligned, unaligned, lsx, lasx}
  - LoongArch: Add ifunc support for memrchr{lsx, lasx}
  - LoongArch: Add ifunc support for memchr{aligned, lsx, lasx}
  - LoongArch: Add ifunc support for rawmemchr{aligned, lsx, lasx}
  - LoongArch: Micro-optimize LD_PCREL
  - LoongArch: Remove support code for old linker in start.S
  - LoongArch: Simplify the autoconf check for static PIE
  - Add F_SEAL_EXEC from Linux 6.3 to bits/fcntl-linux.h.
  - argp-parse: Get rid of alloca
  - gencat: Get rid of alloca.
  - m68k: Use M68K_SCALE_AVAILABLE on __mpn_lshift and __mpn_rshift
  - m68k: Fix build with -mcpu=68040 or higher (BZ 30740)
  - elf: Check that --list-diagnostics output has the expected syntax
  - manual: Document --list-diagnostics output
  - manual/jobs.texi: Add missing @item EPERM for getpgid
  - LoongArch: Add ifunc support for strncmp{aligned, lsx}
  - LoongArch: Add ifunc support for strcmp{aligned, lsx}
  - LoongArch: Add ifunc support for strnlen{aligned, lsx, lasx}
  - htl: move pthread_attr_setdetachstate into libc
  - htl: move pthread_attr_getdetachstate into libc
  - htl: move pthread_attr_setschedpolicy into libc
  - htl: move pthread_attr_getschedpolicy into libc
  - htl: move pthread_attr_setinheritsched into libc
  - htl: move pthread_attr_getinheritsched into libc
  - htl: move pthread_attr_getschedparam into libc
  - htl: move pthread_setschedparam into libc
  - htl: move pthread_getschedparam into libc
  - htl: move pthread_equal into libc
  - Linux: Avoid conflicting types in --list-diagnostics
* Tue Aug 22 2023 Arjun Shankar <> - 2.38.9000-5
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch master,
    commit f6c8204fd7fabf0cf4162eaf10ccf23258e4d10e:
  - elf: Do not run constructors for proxy objects
  - x86_64: Add log1p with FMA
  - Remove references to the defunct db2 subdir
  - string: Fix tester build with fortify enable with gcc < 12
  - s390x: Fix static PIE condition for toolchain bootstrapping.
  - m68k: fix __mpn_lshift and __mpn_rshift for non-68020
  - sysdeps: tst-bz21269: fix -Wreturn-type
  - Loongarch: Add ifunc support for memcpy{aligned, unaligned, lsx, lasx} and memmove{aligned, unaligned, lsx, lasx}
  - Loongarch: Add ifunc support for strchr{aligned, lsx, lasx} and strchrnul{aligned, lsx, lasx}
  - sysdeps: tst-bz21269: handle ENOSYS & skip appropriately
  - sysdeps: tst-bz21269: fix test parameter
  - hurd: Fix strictness of <mach/thread_state.h>
  - hurd: Add prototype for and thus fix _hurdsig_abort_rpcs call
  - io/tst-statvfs: fix statfs().f_type comparison test on some arches
  - fxprintf: Get rid of alloca
* Tue Aug 15 2023 Carlos O'Donell <> - 2.38-4
  - Collect dynamic loader diagnostics from the build system.
* Tue Aug 15 2023 Florian Weimer <> - 2.38-3
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch master,
    commit d6fe19facc61caffb25383d9c25eff86a0e115c8:
  - configure: Add -Wall again to the default CFLAGS
  - malloc: Remove bin scanning from memalign (bug 30723)
  - resolv/nss_dns/dns-host: Get rid of alloca.
  - x86_64: Add expm1 with FMA
  - elf: Add new LoongArch reloc types (101 to 108) into elf.h
  - x86: Fix incorrect scope of setting `shared_per_thread` [BZ# 30745]
  - x86_64: Add log2 with FMA
  - malloc: Enable merging of remainders in memalign (bug 30723)
  - nscd: Do not rebuild getaddrinfo (bug 30709)
  - x86_64: Sort fpu/multiarch/Makefile
  - i686: Fix build with --disable-multiarch
  - x86_64: Fix build with --disable-multiarch (BZ 30721)
  - Add PTRACE_SET_SYSCALL_USER_DISPATCH_CONFIG etc. from Linux 6.4 to sys/ptrace.h
  - Add PACKET_VNET_HDR_SZ from Linux 6.4 to netpacket/packet.h
  - linux: statvfs: allocate spare for f_type
  - x86: Fix for cache computation on AMD legacy cpus.
  - powerpc longjmp: Fix build after chk hidden builtin fix
  - LoongArch: Fix static PIE condition for toolchain bootstrapping.
  - chk: Add and fix hidden builtin definitions for *_chk
  - tst-realpath-toolong: return "unsupported" when PATH_MAX is undefined
  - tst-*glob*: Do not check d_name size
  - iconv: restore verbosity with unrecognized encoding names (bug 30694)
  - configure: Remove --enable-all-warnings option
  - Add IP_PROTOCOL from Linux 6.4 to bits/in.h
  - Update kernel version to 6.4 in header constant tests
  - PowerPC: Influence cpu/arch hwcap features via GLIBC_TUNABLES
  - vfprintf-internal: Get rid of alloca.
  - stdlib: Improve tst-realpath compatibility with source fortification
  - Open master branch for glibc 2.39 development
* Tue Aug 01 2023 Siddhesh Poyarekar <> - 2.38-2
  - Drop downstream glibc shadow stack userspace support patches.
* Tue Aug 01 2023 Florian Weimer <> - 2.38-1
  - Switch to upstream 2.38 release
  - <sys/platform/x86.h>: Add APX support
  - translations: update cs, nl, vi
  - string: Fix tester build with fortify enable with gcc 6
  - linux: Fix i686 with gcc6
  - i386: Remove memset_chk-nonshared.S
  - i386: Fix build with --enable-fortify=3
  - posix: Fix test-errno build with fortify enable
  - powerpc: Fix powerpc64 strchrnul build with old gcc
  - sunrpc: Fix netname build with older gcc
  - malloc: Fix set-freeres.c with gcc 6
  - nscd: cleanup obsolete _FORTIFY_SOURCE setting
* Mon Jul 31 2023 Patsy Griffin <> - 2.37.9000-20
  - Allow for the optional removal of tzdata.
  - Rebuilt for
* Tue Jul 25 2023 DJ Delorie <> - 2.37.9000-19
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch master,
    commit 637aac2ae3980de31a6baab236a9255fe853cc76.
  - Include sys/rseq.h in tst-rseq-disable.c
  - string: Fix tester with fortify enabled
  - string: Fix bug-strncat1 with fortify enabled
  - nscd: Use errval, not errno to guide cache update (bug 30662)
  - Restore lookup of IPv4 mapped addresses in files database (bug 25457)
  - Revert "MIPS: Sync elf.h from binutils"
  - riscv: Update rvd libm test ulps
  - MIPS: Sync elf.h from binutils
  - Merge translations (bg, hr, pl, sv)
  - nptl: Unconditionally use a 32-byte rseq area
  - hurd: Fix tst-openloc
  - scripts: Fix fortify checks if compiler does not support _FORTIFY_SOURCE=3
  - configure: Disable building libcrypt by default
  - nptl: Make explicitly lazy
  - make ‘struct pthread’ a complete type
  - scripts: Add fortify checks on installed headers
  - Update x86_64 libm-test-ulps (x32 ABI)
  - Fix getting return address in elf/tst-audit28.c.
  - [PATCH v1] x86: Use `3/4*sizeof(per-thread-L3)` as low bound for NT threshold.
  - x86: Fix slight bug in `shared_per_thread` cache size calculation.
  - Update i686 libm-test-ulps (again)
  - Update i686 libm-test-ulps
  - Merge translations (de, ro, uk, zh_TW)
  - Regenerate libc.pot
  - configure: Use autoconf 2.71
  - Update sparc libm-test-ulps
  - s390: Add the clone3 wrapper
  - manual: Fix typos in struct dl_find_object
  - sparc: Fix la_symbind for bind-now (BZ 23734)
  - i386: make debug wrappers compatible with static PIE
  - LoongArch: Fix soft-float bug about _dl_runtime_resolve{,lsx,lasx}
* Wed Jul 19 2023 Fedora Release Engineering <> - 2.37.9000-18
  - Rebuilt for
* Tue Jul 11 2023 Arjun Shankar <> - 2.37.9000-17
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch master,
    commit 7f079fdc16e88ebb8020e17b2fd900e8924da29a:
  - LoongArch: Add vector implementation for _dl_runtime_resolve.
  - LoongArch: config: Added HAVE_LOONGARCH_VEC_ASM.
  - sysdeps: Add missing hidden definitions for i386
  - sysdeps/s390: Exclude fortified routines from being built with _FORTIFY_SOURCE
  - Translations: Add new ro support and update others.
  - elf: _dl_find_object may return 1 during early startup (bug 30515)
  - LoongArch: config: Rewrite check on static PIE.
  - Revert "hppa: Drop 16-byte pthread lock alignment"
  - realloc: Limit chunk reuse to only growing requests [BZ #30579]
  - vfscanf-internal: Remove potentially unbounded allocas
* Thu Jul 06 2023 Frédéric Bérat <> - 2.37.9000-16
  - Add "--enable-fortify-source" option to configure
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch master,
    commit 5324d258427fd11ca0f4f595c94016e568b26d6b.
  - fileops: Don't process ,ccs= as individual mode flags (BZ#18906)
  - sysdeps/ieee754/ldbl-128ibm-compat: Fix warn unused result
  - libio/bits/stdio2-decl.h: Avoid PLT entries with _FORTIFY_SOURCE
  - libio/bits/stdio2.h: Clearly separate declaration from definitions
  - misc/bits/syslog.h: Clearly separate declaration from definition
  - misc/bits/select2.h: Clearly separate declaration from definitions
  - unistd: Avoid PLT entries with _FORTIFY_SOURCE
  - posix/bits/unistd.h: Clearly separate declaration from definitions
  - wchar: Avoid PLT entries with _FORTIFY_SOURCE
  - misc/sys/cdefs.h: Create FORTIFY redirects for internal calls
  - stdio: Ensure *_chk routines have their hidden builtin definition available
  - string: Ensure *_chk routines have their hidden builtin definition available
  - sysdeps: Ensure ieee128*_chk routines to be properly named
  - Exclude routines from fortification
  - Allow glibc to be built with _FORTIFY_SOURCE
  - manual: Update documentation of strerror and related functions
  - manual: Enhance documentation of the <ctype.h> functions
  - Always do locking when accessing streams (bug 15142, bug 14697)
  - hurd: Implement MAP_EXCL
  - hurd: Fix mapping at address 0 with MAP_FIXED
  - hurd: Fix calling vm_deallocate (NULL)
  - hurd: Map brk non-executable
  - htl: Let Mach place thread stacks
  - mach: strerror must not return NULL (bug 30555)
  - hppa: xfail debug/tst-ssp-1 when have-ssp is yes (gcc-12 and later)
  - support: Build with exceptions and asynchronous unwind tables [BZ #30587]
  - hurd: Make getrandom return ENOSYS when /dev/random is not set up
  - Stop applying a GCC-specific workaround on clang [BZ #30550]
  - Always use MAP_COPY to map the first segment [BZ #30452]
  - setenv.c: Get rid of alloca.
  - Add checks for wday, yday and new date formats
  - aarch64: Add vector implementations of exp routines
  - aarch64: Add vector implementations of log routines
  - aarch64: Add vector implementations of sin routines
  - aarch64: Add vector implementations of cos routines
  - Switch to UTF-8 for INSTALL
  - Make sure INSTALL is ASCII plaintext
  - Update syscall lists for Linux 6.4
* Wed Jun 28 2023 Carlos O'Donell <> - 2.37.9000-15
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch master,
    commit d35fbd3e684e6bb5e5ec452ad8dac6ada8424bdd:
  - linux: Return unsupported if procfs can not be mount on tst-ttyname-namespace
  - linux: Split tst-ttyname
  - Use Linux 6.4 in
  - x86: Adjust Linux x32 dl-cache inclusion path
  - elf: Update list of RISC-V relocations
  - Fix tests-clean Makefile target (bug 30545)
  - check_native: Get rid of alloca
  - ifaddrs: Get rid of alloca
  - x86: Make dl-cache.h and readelflib.c not Linux-specific
  - elf: Port ldconfig away from stack-allocated paths
  - Call "CST" a time zone abbreviation, not a name
  - benchtests: fix warn unused result
  - sysdeps/powerpc/fpu/tst-setcontext-fpscr.c: Fix warn unused result
  - rt/tst-mqueue4.c: Fix wrong number of argument for mq_open
  - debug/readlink{, at}_chk.c: Harmonize declaration and definition
  - wcsmbs/bits/wchar2{, -decl}.h: Clearly separate declaration from definitions
  - stdio-common: tests: Incorrect maxlen parameter for swprintf
  - sysdeps/{i386, x86_64}/mempcpy_chk.S: fix linknamespace for __mempcpy_chk
  - hurd: readv: Get rid of alloca
  - hurd: writev: Add back cleanup handler
  - Fix misspellings -- BZ 25337
  - C2x scanf %b support
  - C2x printf %wN, %wfN support (bug 24466)
  - tests: replace system by xsystem
  - tests: replace read by xread
  - hurd: writev: Get rid of alloca
  - grantpt: Get rid of alloca
  - string: strerror must not return NULL (bug 30555)
  - hurd: Add strlcpy, strlcat, wcslcpy, wcslcat to libc.abilist
  - manual: Manual update for strlcat, strlcpy, wcslcat, wclscpy
  - Add the wcslcpy, wcslcat functions
  - Implement strlcpy and strlcat [BZ #178]
  - tests: replace fgets by xfgets
  - tests: replace fread by xfread
  - posix: Add test case for gai_strerror()
  - posix: Handle success in gai_strerror()
  - LoongArch: Add support for dl_runtime_profile
  - malloc: Decrease resource usage for malloc tests
  - stdlib: Tune down fork arc4random tests
  - tst-getdate: Improve testcase flexibility and add test.
  - x86: Make the divisor in setting `non_temporal_threshold` cpu specific
  - x86: Refactor Intel `init_cpu_features`
  - x86: Increase `non_temporal_threshold` to roughly `sizeof_L3 / 4`
  - Remove unused DATEMSK file for tst-getdate
  - resolv_conf: release lock on allocation failure (bug 30527)
* Thu Jun 08 2023 Siddhesh Poyarekar <> - 2.37.9000-14
  - Shadow stack userspace support, downstream only and disabled by default.
* Wed Jun 07 2023 Arjun Shankar <> - 2.37.9000-13
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch master,
    commit 85e6d8b4175fcb195011a0a1bad37d6f3b2355db:
  - time: Fix use-after-free in getdate
  - Move {read,write}_all functions to a dedicated header
  - tests: Replace various function calls with their x variant
  - tests: fix warn unused result on asprintf calls
  - pthreads: Use _exit to terminate the tst-stdio1 test
  - support: Add delayed__exit (with two underscores)
* Mon Jun 05 2023 Arjun Shankar <> - 2.37.9000-12
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch master,
    commit e3622a8f391deea3b75a577dce70d023dfa3f1c7.
  - time: Also check for EPERM while trying to clock_settime
  - linux: Fail as unsupported if personality call is filtered
  - Remove MAP_VARIABLE from hppa bits/mman.h
  - hurd: Fix x86_64 sigreturn restoring bogus reply_port
  - Add lint-makefiles Makefile linting test.
  - elf: Sort Makefile variables.
  - Fix a few more typos I missed in previous round -- BZ 25337
  - Fix all the remaining misspellings -- BZ 25337
  - Use __nonnull for the epoll_wait(2) family of syscalls
  - Fix invalid use of NULL in epoll_pwait2(2) test
  - getipv4sourcefilter: Get rid of alloca
  - getsourcefilter: Get rid of alloca.
  - tests: fix warn unused results
  - nptl_db/thread_dbP.h: fix warn unused result
  - malloc/{memusage.c, memusagestat.c}: fix warn unused result
  - catgets/gencat.c: fix warn unused result
  - tests: replace ftruncate by xftruncate
  - tests: replace write by xwrite
  - x86-64: Use YMM registers in memcmpeq-evex.S
* Thu Jun 01 2023 Patsy Griffin <> - 2.37.9000-11
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch master,
    commit 6286cca2cb8389dcffec39238a8bf15ffea96396.
  - support: Don't fail on fchown when spawning sgid processes
  - io: Fix F_GETLK, F_SETLK, and F_SETLKW for powerpc64
  - elf: Remove spurios SHARED conditional from elf/rtld.c
  - Fix misspellings in sysdeps/ -- BZ 25337
  - io: Fix record locking contants on 32 bit arch with 64 bit default time_t (BZ#30477)
  - io: Re-flow and sort multiline Makefile definitions
  - elf: Make more functions available for binding during dlclose (bug 30425)
  - LoongArch: Fix inconsistency in SHMLBA macro values between glibc and kernel
  - Fix misspellings in elf/ -- BZ 25337
  - riscv: Add the clone3 wrapper
  - posix: Add error message for EAI_OVERFLOW
  - setsourcefilter: Replace alloca with a scratch_buffer.
  - time: strftime_l: Avoid an unbounded alloca.
  - x86: Use 64MB as nt-store threshold if no cacheinfo [BZ #30429]
  - hurd: Fix setting up signal thread stack alignment
  - mach: Fix startup with stack protector
  - Fix misspellings in manual/ -- BZ 25337
  - Fix misspellings in iconv/ and iconvdata/ -- BZ 25337
  - Add MFD_NOEXEC_SEAL, MFD_EXEC from Linux 6.3 to bits/mman-shared.h
  - Add IP_LOCAL_PORT_RANGE from Linux 6.3 to bits/in.h
  - Add AT_RSEQ_* from Linux 6.3 to elf.h
  - setipv4sourcefilter: Avoid using alloca.
  - wchar: Define va_list for POSIX (BZ #30035)
  - elf: add test for dl-printf
  - elf: fix handling of negative numbers in dl-printf
  - elf: Update comment in open_path
  - elf: Add test for locating libraries in root dir (bug 30435)
  - io: Re-flow and sort multiline Makefile definitions
  - Fix special case for C2x strtol binary constant handling (BZ# 30371)
  - rtld: properly handle root directory in load path (bug 30435)
  - sysdeps/pthread/eintr.c: fix warn unused result
  - sunrpc/netname.c: fix warn unused result
  - locale/programs/locarchive.c: fix warn unused result
  - support: Reformat Makefile.
  - Regenerate configure fragment -- BZ 25337.
  - Fix misspellings in sysdeps/powerpc -- BZ 25337
  - Fix misspellings in sysdeps/unix -- BZ 25337
  - Fix misspellings in sysdeps/x86_64 -- BZ 25337.
  - mach: Fix accessing mach_i386.h
  - Fix misspellings in sysdeps/x86_64/fpu/multiarch -- BZ 25337.
  - mach: Fix installing mach_i386.h
  - hurd: Fix making run static binaries with retry
  - Add voice-admit DSCP code point from RFC-5865
  - mach: Fix mach_setup_thread_impl with NULL stack_base
  - Remove last remnants of have-protected
  - S390: Use compile-only instead of also link-tests in configure.
  - Fix build for hurd/thread-self.c for i386.
  - io: Fix a typo
  - htl: Use __hurd_fail () instead of assigning errno
  - hurd: Use __hurd_fail () instead of assigning errno
  - powerpc:GCC(<10) doesn't allow -mlong-double-64 after -mabi=ieeelongdouble
  - hurd: Fix using interposable hurd_thread_self
  - hurd 64bit: Re-introduce gai_suspend symbol
  - hurd: Fix __TIMESIZE on x86_64
  - posix: Reformat Makefile.
  - hurd: Fix expected c++ types
  - catgets: Reformat Makefile.
  - benchtests: Reformat Makefile.
  - assert: Reformat Makefile.
  - nptl: Reformat Makefile.
  - wcsmbs: Reformat Makefile.
  - misc: Reformat Makefile.
  - stdio-common: Adjust tests in Makefile
  - elf: Adjust tests in Makefile.
  - scripts:
  - Add a
  - Add HWCAP2_SME* from Linux 6.3 to AArch64 bits/hwcap.h
  - hurd: Also make it possible to call strlen very early
  - hurd: Fix setting up pthreads
  - hurd: Fix x86_64 _hurd_tls_fork
  - hurd: Make sure to not use tcb->self
  - hurd: Use __mach_setup_thread_call ()
  - mach: Add __mach_setup_thread_call ()
  - argp: Reformat Makefile.
  - stdlib: Avoid undefined behavior in stdlib/tst-labs
  - stdlib: Use long long int in stdlib/tst-llabs
  - Update kernel version to 6.3 in header constant tests
  - i386: Use pthread_barrier for synchronization on tst-bz21269
  - stdlib: Add testcases for llabs(). (BZ #30263)
  - stdlib: Add testcases for labs(). (BZ #30263)
  - stdlib: Add testcases for abs(). (BZ #30263)
  - hurd: Fix computing user stack pointer
  - hurd: Fix sc_i386_thread_state layout
  - hurd: Align signal stack pointer after allocating stackframe
  - hurd: Fix aligning signal stack pointer
* Tue May 16 2023 Carlos O'Donell <> - 2.37.9000-10
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch master,
    commit 40b68e8cc00ca40348bc084b651c0561d31feb46:
  - wcsmbs: Reformat Makefile.
  - linux: Reformat Makefile.
  - stdlib: Reformat Makefile.
  - stdio-common: Reformat Makefile.
  - socket: Reformat Makefile.
  - misc: Reformat Makefile.
  - debug: Reformat Makefile.
  - elf: Reformat Makefile.
  - libio: Add __nonnull for FILE * arguments of fclose and freopen
  - nss: Reconcile conditional declaration and use of `is_nscd'
  - Update syscall lists for Linux 6.3
  - hurd: rule out some mach headers when generating errno.h
  - Stop checking if MiG supports retcode.
  - Added Redirects to longdouble error functions [BZ #29033]
  - nptl: Reformat Makefile.
  - scripts: Add to sort Makefile variables.
  - dlopen: skip debugger notification for DSO loaded from sprof (bug 30258)
* Tue May 09 2023 Arjun Shankar <> - 2.37.9000-9
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch master,
    commit d1417176a35d27ffb8da0ffb1e33154163b6eeb2:
  - aligned_alloc: conform to C17
  - testsuite: stdlib/isomac.c: fix REQUIREMENTS
  - manual: Remove unsupported line breaks in waiting-with-clock section
  - Enable new device_open_new RPC in libmachuser.
  - Revert "riscv: Resolve symbols directly for symbols with STO_RISCV_VARIANT_CC."
  - Update hurd/hurdselect.c to be more portable.
  - hurd: Fix name
  - hurd: Add ioperm symbol on x86_64
  - time: Remove alloca() from getdate
  - aarch64: More configure checks for libmvec
  - aarch64: SVE ACLE configure test cleanups
  - hppa: Fix 'concurrency' typo in comment
  - Update hurd/intr-msg.c to be more portable
  - Update sysdeps/mach/hurd/ioctl.c to make it more portable
  - aarch64: fix SVE ACLE check for bootstrap glibc builds
  - Enable libmvec support for AArch64
  - hurd: Enable x86_64 build script
  - hurd 64bit: Make dev_t word type
  - malloc: Really fix tst-memalign-3 link against threads
  - malloc: Fix tst-memalign-3 link against threads
  - Use GCC 13 branch, Linux 6.3 in
  - Mark various cold functions as __COLD
  - Fix regex type usage
  - hurd 64bit: Fix struct msqid_ds and shmid_ds fields
  - hurd 64bit: Fix ipc_perm fields types
  - hurd 64bit: Fix flock fields types
  - hurd 64bit: Add data for check-c++-types
  - hurd 64bit: Fix pthread_t/thread_t type to long
  - socket: Fix tst-cmsghdr-skeleton.c use of cmsg_len
  - hurd 64bit: Add missing data file for check-localplt test
  - hurd 64bit: Add missing libanl
  - hurd: Also XFAIL missing SA_NOCLDWAIT on 64bit
  - hurd: Fix tst-writev test
  - nptl: move tst-x86-64-tls-1 to nptl-only tests
  - hurd: Add expected abilist files for x86_64
  - hurd: Replace reply port with a dead name on failed interruption
  - Define __mig_strlen to support dynamically sized strings in hurd RPCs
  - mach: Disable 32bit compatibility mode
  - hurd: Make it possible to call memcpy very early
  - hurd: Implement longjmp for x86_64
  - hurd: Implement sigreturn for x86_64
  - Make __mach_msg_destroy portable for x86_64
  - hurd: Mark error functions as __COLD
  - cdefs.h: Define __COLD
  - hurd: Fix FS_RETRY_MAGICAL "machtype" handling
  - hurd: Respect existing FD_CLOEXEC in S_msg_set_fd
  - hurd: Don't leak the auth port in msg* RPCs
  - hurd: Make _exit work during early boot-up
  - hurd: Mark various conditions as unlikely
  - hurd: Move libc_hidden_def's around
  - hurd: Simplify _hurd_critical_section_lock a bit
  - __check_pf: Add a cancellation cleanup handler [BZ #20975]
  - Remap __GLIBC_FLT_EVAL_METHOD to 0 if __FLT_EVAL_METHOD__ is -1
  - riscv: Resolve symbols directly for symbols with STO_RISCV_VARIANT_CC.
  - elf.h: add PT_GNU_SFRAME
  - Fix Hurd getcwd build with GCC >= 13
  - Regenerate sysdeps/mach/hurd/bits/errno.h
  - locale/programs/locarchive.c: Remove unnecessary check in add_locale_archive
  - manual: document posix_openpt (bug 17010)
  - if_index: Remove unneeded alloca.h include
  - gethostid: Do not include alloca.h
* Tue Apr 25 2023 Patsy Griffin <> - 2.37.9000-8
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch master,
    commit 904b94c07af84b7e4c98de3bbb822ccffcaf8c40.
  - socket: Add a test for MSG_CMSG_CLOEXEC
  - hurd: Do not take any flag from the CMSG_DATA
  - hurd: Implement MSG_CMSG_CLOEXEC
  - hurd: Don't pass FD_CLOEXEC in CMSG_DATA
  - hurd: Implement prefer_map_32bit_exec tunable
  - hurd: Don't attempt to deallocate MACH_PORT_DEAD
  - hurd: Only deallocate addrport when it's valid
  - hurd: Implement MAP_32BIT
  - Use O_CLOEXEC in more places (BZ #15722)
  - misc: Convert daemon () to GNU coding style
  - wcsmbs: Add wcsdup() tests. (BZ #30266)
  - string: Add tests for strndup (BZ #30266)
  - string: Add tests for strdup (BZ #30266)
  - string: Allow use of test-string.h for non-ifunc implementations.
  - hurd: Don't migrate reply port into __init1_tcbhead
  - hurd: Make dl-sysdep's open () cope with O_IGNORE_CTTY
  - Created tunable to force small pages on stack allocation.
  - malloc: Add missing shared thread library flags
  - linux: Re-flow and sort multiline Makefile definitions
  - posix: Re-flow and sort multiline Makefile definitions
* Mon Apr 24 2023 Florian Weimer <> - 2.37.9000-7
  - Explicitly provide ldconfig paths (#2188550)
* Thu Apr 20 2023 Florian Weimer <> - 2.37.9000-6
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch master,
    commit 65cbd52174f5bc211dd655727c2239e25e55bfce:
  - --disable-gcov for gcc-first
  - malloc: set NON_MAIN_ARENA flag for reclaimed memalign chunk (BZ #30101)
  - rcmd.c: Fix indentation in last commit
  - inet/rcmd.c: fix warn unused result
  - wcsmbs: Re-flow and sort routines, tests variables in Makefile
  - debug: Re-flow and sort routines variable in Makefile
  - math: Improve fmod(f) performance
  - Benchtests: Adjust timing
  - malloc: Assure that THP mode read do write OOB end of stringt
  - malloc: Assure that THP mode is always null terminated
  - aio: Fix freeing memory
  - elf: Stop including tls.h in ldsodefs.h
  - manual: update AddressSanitizer discussion
  - manual: document snprintf truncation better
  - manual: improve string section wording
  - manual: fix texinfo typo
  - <stdio.h>: Make fopencookie, vasprintf, asprintf available by default
  - <string.h>: Make strchrnul, strcasestr, memmem available by default
  - <sys/platform/x86.h>: Add PREFETCHI support
  - <sys/platform/x86.h>: Add AMX-COMPLEX support
  - <sys/platform/x86.h>: Add AVX-NE-CONVERT support
  - <sys/platform/x86.h>: Add AVX-VNNI-INT8 support
  - <sys/platform/x86.h>: Add MSRLIST support
  - <sys/platform/x86.h>: Add AVX-IFMA support
  - <sys/platform/x86.h>: Add AMX-FP16 support
  - <sys/platform/x86.h>: Add WRMSRNS support
  - <sys/platform/x86.h>: Add ArchPerfmonExt support
  - <sys/platform/x86.h>: Add CMPCCXADD support
  - <sys/platform/x86.h>: Add LASS support
  - <sys/platform/x86.h>: Add RAO-INT support
  - <sys/platform/x86.h>: Add LBR support
  - <sys/platform/x86.h>: Add RTM_FORCE_ABORT support
  - <sys/platform/x86.h>: Add SGX-KEYS support
  - <sys/platform/x86.h>: Add BUS_LOCK_DETECT support
  - <sys/platform/x86.h>: Add LA57 support
  - platform.texi: Move LAM after LAHF64_SAHF64
  - <bits/platform/x86.h>: Rename to x86_cpu_INDEX_7_ECX_15
  - hppa: Update struct __pthread_rwlock_arch_t comment.
  - hppa: Revise  __TIMESIZE define to use __WORDSIZE
  - libio: Remove unused pragma weak on vtable
  - malloc: Only set pragma weak for rpc freemem if required
  - : Add --gmean flag
  - x86/dl-cacheinfo: remove unsused parameter from handle_amd
  - powerpc: Disable stack protector in early static initialization
  - nptl: Fix tst-cancel30 on sparc64
  - math: Remove the error handling wrapper from fmod and fmodf
  - math: Improve fmodf
  - math: Improve fmod
  - benchtests: Add fmodf benchmark
  - benchtests: Add fmod benchmark
  - x86: Set FSGSBASE to active if enabled by kernel
  - x86_64: Fix asm constraints in feraiseexcept (bug 30305)
  - manual: Document __wur usage under _FORTIFY_SOURCE
  - x86_64: Add rtld-stpncpy & rtld-strncpy
  - stdio-common: Fix building when !IS_IN (libc)
  - time: Fix strftime(3) API regarding nullability
  - Update arm libm-tests-ulps
  - getlogin_r: fix missing fallback if loginuid is unset (bug 30235)
  - memalign: Support scanning for aligned chunks.
  - malloc: Use C11 atomics on memusage
  - Remove --enable-tunables configure option
  - Remove --disable-experimental-malloc option
* Fri Mar 31 2023 Arjun Shankar <> - 2.37.9000-5
  - Apply glibc-disable-werror-tst-realloc.patch to disable spurious GCC
    warning; and
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch master,
    commit 885d3cda907d0dee54b13cbbf61b040c9951d5a2:
  - Allow building with --disable-nscd again
  - system: Add "--" after "-c" for sh (BZ #28519)
  - posix: Fix some crashes in wordexp [BZ #18096]
  - LoongArch: ldconfig: Add comments for using EF_LARCH_OBJABI_V1
  - elf: Take into account ${sysconfdir} in elf/
  - Fix tst-glibc-hwcaps-prepend-cache with custom configure prefix value
  - Fix tst-ldconfig-ld_so_conf-update with custom configure prefix value
  - support: introduce support_sysconfdir_prefix
  - Remove set-hooks.h from generic includes
  - Remove --with-default-link configure option
  - libio: Remove the usage of __libc_IO_vtables
  - libio: Do not autogenerate stdio_lim.h
  - Move libc_freeres_ptrs and libc_subfreeres to hidden/weak functions
  - benchtests: Move libmvec benchtest inputs to benchtests directory
  - stdio-common: tests: don't double-define _FORTIFY_SOURCE
  - LoongArch: ldconfig: Ignore EF_LARCH_OBJABI_V1 in shared objects
  - _dl_map_object_from_fd: Remove unnecessary debugger notification in error path
  - hppa: Drop 16-byte pthread lock alignment
  - Minor: don't call _dl_debug_update (which can have side effects) inside assert
  - x86: Don't check PREFETCHWT1 in tst-cpu-features-cpuinfo.c
  - Declare wcstofN, wcstofNx for C2x
  - Update printf %b/%B C2x support
  - ARC: run child from the separate start block in __clone
  - ARC: Add the clone3 wrapper
* Mon Mar 13 2023 Florian Weimer <> - 2.37.9000-4
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch master,
    commit 90233f113cc941ef88ce03b7f73221a964dcaca8:
  - LoongArch: Add get_rounding_mode.
  - LoongArch: Add support for ldconfig.
  - linux: fix ntp_gettime abi break (BZ# 30156)
  - elf: Add missing dependency between resolvfail and
  - elf: Add -z lazy to some more tests
  - Benchtests: Remove simple_str(r)chr
  - Benchtests: Remove simple_str(n)casecmp
  - Benchtests: Remove simple_memcmp
  - Benchtests: Remove simple_strcspn/strpbrk/strsep
  - Benchtests: Remove memchr_strnlen
  - Benchtests: Remove simple_mem(r)chr
  - Benchtests: Remove simple_strcpy_chk
  - Benchtests: Remove simple_str(n)cmp
  - malloc: Fix transposed arguments in sysmalloc_mmap_fallback call
  - rt: fix shm_open not set ENAMETOOLONG when name exceeds {_POSIX_PATH_MAX}
  - posix: Ensure the initial signal disposition for tst-spawn7
  - hurd: fix build of tst-system.c
  - x86: Fix bug about glibc.cpu.hwcaps.
  - posix: Fix system blocks SIGCHLD erroneously [BZ #30163]
  - gshadow: Matching sgetsgent, sgetsgent_r ERANGE handling (bug 30151)
* Mon Mar 06 2023 DJ Delorie <> - 2.37.9000-3
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch master,
    commit 8390014c2320f94ffd8a8f6088c10c1f64567954.
  - Update kernel version to 6.2 in header constant tests
  - arm: Remove __builtin_arm_uqsub8 usage on string-fza.h
  - alpha: Remove strncmp optimization
  - powerpc: Remove powerpc64 strncmp variants
  - powerpc: Remove strncmp variants
  - C2x scanf binary constant handling
  - Fix stringop-overflow warning in test-strncat.
  - nis: Fix stringop-truncation warning with -O3 in nis_local_host.
  - support: use 64-bit time_t (bug 30111)
  - LoongArch: Update libm-test-ulps.
  - LoongArch: Further refine the condition to enable static PIE
  - hurd: Fix some broken indentation
  - hurd: Remove the ecx kludge
* Wed Mar 01 2023 Carlos O'Donell <> - 2.37.9000-2
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch master,
    commit 59a6d5e9477695c41d6feef7ef8636f8f744f3c5:
  - Add AArch64 HWCAP2 values from Linux 6.2 to bits/hwcap.h
  - crypt: Remove invalid end of page test badsalttest
  - S390: Fix _FPU_SETCW/GETCW when compiling with Clang [BZ #30130]
  - s390x: Regenerate ULPs.
  - Add Arm HWCAP values from Linux 6.2 to bits/hwcap.h
  - htl: Add pthreadtypes-arch.h for x86_64
  - hurd: Implement TLS for x86_64
  - htl: Make pthread_mutex_t pointer-aligned
  - x86_64: Update libm test ulps
  - localedata: de_DE should not use Fräulein
  - LoongArch: Add math-barriers.h
  - cdefs.h: fix "__clang_major" typo
  - hppa: Drop old parisc-specific MADV_* constants
  - hurd: Generalize init-first.c to support x86_64
  - hurd: Simplify init-first.c further
  - hurd: Mark some audit tests as unsupported
  - htl: Mark select loop test as unsupported
  - hurd: Mark RLIMIT_AS tests as unsupported
  - aarch64: update libm test ulps
  - powerpc:Regenerate ulps for hypot
  - Update syscall lists for Linux 6.2
  - tunables.texi: Change \code{1} to @code{1}
  - x86-64: Add glibc.cpu.prefer_map_32bit_exec [BZ #28656]
  - gmon: fix memory corruption issues [BZ# 30101]
  - gmon: improve mcount overflow handling [BZ# 27576]
  - gmon: Fix allocated buffer overflow (bug 29444)
  - malloc: remove redundant check of unsorted bin corruption
  - Use Linux 6.2 in
  - Ignore MAP_VARIABLE in
  - AArch64: Fix HP_TIMING_DIFF computation [BZ# 29329]
* Mon Feb 20 2023 Arjun Shankar <> - 2.37.9000-1
  - Drop glibc-printf-grouping-swbz30068.patch; fix applied upstream, and
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch master,
    commit 8b014a1b1f7aee1e3348db108aeea396359d481e:
  - s390: Fix build for -march=z13
  - arm: Support gcc older than 10 for find_zero_all
  - Linux: Remove generic Implies
  - Linux: Remove unused generic Makefile
  - Linux: Assume and consolidate getpeername wire-up syscall
  - Linux: Assume and consolidate getsockname wire-up syscall
  - Linux: Move wordsize-32 Version to default
  - __glob64_time64: Fix typo for stub_warning call (BZ #30146)
  - elf: Restore ldconfig libc6 implicit soname logic [BZ #30125]
  - stdlib: Undo post review change to 16adc58e73f3 [BZ #27749]
  - Define PC, SP and SYSRETURN for hurd x86_64
  - mach: Use PAGE_SIZE
  - hurd: Simplify init-first.c a bit
  - hurd: Make timer_t pointer-sized
  - hurd: Fix xattr function return type
  - hurd: Use proper integer types
  - hurd: Move thread state manipulation into _hurd_tls_new ()
  - glob64_time64: Fix typo for stub_warning call (BZ #30146)
  - Use uintptr_t instead of performing pointer subtraction with a null pointer
  - ARC:fpu: add extra capability check before use of sqrt and fma builtins
  - ARC: align child stack in clone
  - string: Remove string_private.h
  - iconv: Remove _STRING_ARCH_unaligned usage
  - iconv: Remove _STRING_ARCH_unaligned usage for get/set macros
  - resolv: Remove _STRING_ARCH_unaligned usage
  - nscd: Remove _STRING_ARCH_unaligned usage
  - stdlib: Simplify getenv
  - crypto: Remove _STRING_ARCH_unaligned usage
  - Fix ifunc-impl-list.c build for s390
  - [hurd] Fix i686 build breakage caused by 4fedebc91108
  - C2x strtol binary constant handling
  - [hurd] Add MTU_DISCOVER values
  - hurd: Fix unwinding over INTR_MSG_TRAP in shared too
  - mach: undef ENTRY2
  - hurd: i386 TLS tweaks
  - stdio: Do not ignore posix_spawn error on popen (BZ #29016)
  - update auto-libm-test-out-hypot
  - added pair of inputs for hypotf in binary32
  - Naming the parameter of dummy_sa_handler
  - hurd: Fix tcflag_t and speed_t types on 64-bit
  - htl: Remove ./sysdeps/htl/bits/types/struct___pthread_mutex.h
  - hurd, htl: Add some x86_64-specific code
  - Fix typos in comments
  - htl: Generalize i386 pt-machdep.h to x86
  - hurd: Set up the basic tree for x86_64-gnu
  - mach: Look for mach_i386.defs on x86_64 too
  - htl: Fix semaphore reference
  - hurd: Fix xattr error value
  - mach, hurd: Cast through uintptr_t
  - hurd: Use mach_msg_type_number_t where appropriate
  - hurd: Refactor readlinkat()
  - Use __builtin_FILE instead of __FILE__ in assert in C++.
  - hurd: Fix unwinding over INTR_MSG_TRAP
  - powerpc64: Add the clone3 wrapper
  - string: Disable stack protector in early static initialization
  - string: Add libc_hidden_proto for memrchr
  - string: Add libc_hidden_proto for strchrnul
  - elf: Smoke-test ldconfig -p against system /etc/
  - NEWS: Document CVE-2023-25139.
  - Use 64-bit time_t interfaces in strftime and strptime (bug 30053)
  - C-SKY: Strip hard float abi from hard float feature.
  - S390: Influence hwcaps/stfle via GLIBC_TUNABLES.
  - string: Hook up the default implementation on test-strrchr
  - string: Hook up the default implementation on test-memrchr
  - string: Hook up the default implementation on test-memchr
  - string: Hook up the default implementation on test-strcpy
  - string: Hook up the default implementation on test-stpcpy
  - string: Hook up the default implementation on test-strncmp
  - string: Hook up the default implementation on test-strcmp
  - string: Hook up the default implementation on test-strchr
  - string: Hook up the default implementation on test-strnlen
  - string: Hook up the default implementation on test-strlen
  - riscv: Add string-fza.h and string-fzi.h
  - sh: Add string-fzb.h
  - powerpc: Add string-fza.h
  - arm: Add string-fza.h
  - alpha: Add string-fza, string-fzb.h, string-fzi.h, and string-shift.h
  - hppa: Add string-fza.h, string-fzc.h, and string-fzi.h
  - hppa: Add memcopy.h
  - string: Improve generic strrchr with memrchr and strlen
  - string: Improve generic memrchr
  - string: Improve generic strnlen with memchr
  - string: Improve generic memchr
  - string: Improve generic strcpy
  - string: Improve generic stpcpy
  - string: Improve generic strncmp
  - string: Improve generic strcmp
  - string: Improve generic strchr
  - string: Improve generic strchrnul
  - string: Improve generic strlen
  - Add string vectorized find and detection functions
  - Parameterize OP_T_THRES from memcopy.h
  - Parameterize op_t from memcopy.h
  - Replace rawmemchr (s, '\0') with strchr
  - AArch64: Improve SVE memcpy and memmove
  - Account for grouping in printf width (bug 30068)
  - Move RETURN_TO to x86/sysdep.h and implement x86_64 version.
  - Remove pthread-pi-defines.sym
  - stdlib: tests: don't double-define _FORTIFY_SOURCE
  - LoongArch: Add new relocation types.
  - Remove sysdeps/mach/i386/machine-sp.h
  - cdefs: Limit definition of fortification macros
  - hurd: Move some i386 bits to x86
  - Remove support setting custom demuxers during signal handling.
  - hurd: Implement SHM_ANON
  - hurd: Implement O_TMPFILE
  - hurd: Consolidate file_name_lookup implementation
  - Linux: optimize clone3 internal usage
  - aarch64: Add the clone3 wrapper
  - linux: Add clone3 CLONE_CLEAR_SIGHAND optimization to posix_spawn
  - Linux: Do not align the stack for __clone3
  - linux: Extend internal clone3 documentation
  - linux: Do not reset signal handler in posix_spawn if it is already SIG_DFL
  - Open master branch for glibc 2.38 development
* Sat Feb 04 2023 Carlos O'Donell <> - 2.37-1
  - Drop already included glibc-dprintf-length.patch patch.
  - Apply glibc-printf-grouping-swbz30068.patch to fix swbz#30068.
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch release/2.37/master,
    commit a704fd9a133bfb10510e18702f48a6a9c88dbbd5:
  - Create ChangeLog.old/ChangeLog.26. (tag: glibc-2.37)
  - Prepare for glibc 2.37 release.
  - x86: Fix strncat-avx2.S reading past length [BZ #30065]
  - Update install.texi, and regenerate INSTALL.
  - Update manual/contrib.texi.
  - Update NEWS file with bug fixes.
  - Regenerate configure.
  - Update all PO files in preparation for release.
  - doc: correct _FORTIFY_SOURCE doc in features.h
  - libio: Update number of written bytes in dprintf implementation
* Tue Jan 31 2023 Florian Weimer <> - 2.36.9000-25
  - Apply glibc-dprintf-length.patch to fix dprintf return value regression.
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch master,
    commit 2f39e44a8417b4186a7f15bfeac5d0b557e63e03:
  - Account for octal marker in %#o format (rhbz#2165869)
  - Use binutils 2.40 branch in
  - Use MPFR 4.2.0, MPC 1.3.1 in
* Wed Jan 25 2023 Florian Weimer <> - 2.36.9000-24
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch master,
    commit 0d50f477f47ba637b54fb03ac48d769ec4543e8d:
  - stdio-common: Handle -1 buffer size in __sprintf_chk & co (bug 30039)
  - Document '%F' format specifier
  - sparc (64bit): Regenerate ulps
  - ia64: Regenerate ulps
  - Update libc.pot for 2.37 release.
  - x86: Cache computation for AMD architecture.
  - manual: Fix typo
  - Add STATX_DIOALIGN from Linux 6.1 to bits/statx-generic.h
  - Add IPPROTO_L2TP from Linux 6.1 to netinet/in.h
  - AArch64: Improve strrchr
  - AArch64: Optimize strnlen
  - AArch64: Optimize strlen
  - AArch64: Optimize strcpy
  - AArch64: Improve strchrnul
  - AArch64: Optimize strchr
  - AArch64: Improve strlen_asimd
  - AArch64: Optimize memrchr
  - AArch64: Optimize memchr
* Thu Jan 19 2023 Fedora Release Engineering <> - 2.36.9000-23
  - Rebuilt for
* Tue Jan 17 2023 Florian Weimer <> - 2.36.9000-22
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch master,
    commit 569cfcc6bf35c28112ca8d7112e9eb4a22bed5b8:
  - hurd: Fix _NOFLSH value
  - elf: Fix GL(dl_phdr) and GL(dl_phnum) for static builds [BZ #29864]
  - string: Suppress -Wmaybe-unitialized for wordcopy [BZ #19444]
  - scripts/ Remove unused RANLIB and STRIP option
  - configure: Move nm, objdump, and readelf to LIBC_PROG_BINUTILS
* Wed Jan 11 2023 Patsy Griffin <> - 2.36.9000-21
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch master,
    commit 2d2d7e1a8f2e62b442ae8978f0a6c17f385575c4.
  - configure: Allow user override LD, AR, OBJCOPY, and GPROF
  - math: Suppress -O0 warnings for soft-fp fsqrt [BZ #19444]
  - sunrpc: Suppress GCC -O1 warning on user2netname [BZ #19444]
  - locale: Use correct buffer size for utf8_sequence_error [BZ #19444]
  - Add HWCAP2_SVE_EBF16 from Linux 6.1 to AArch64 bits/hwcap.h
  - Add _FORTIFY_SOURCE implementation documentation [BZ #28998]
  - Update copyright dates not handled by scripts/update-copyrights
  - Update copyright dates with scripts/update-copyrights
  - Remove trailing whitespace in gmp.h
  - Remove trailing whitespace
  - C2x semantics for <tgmath.h>
  - time: Set daylight to 1 for matching DST/offset change (bug 29951)
  - Fix ldbl-128 built-in function use
  - x86: Check minimum/maximum of non_temporal_threshold [BZ #29953]
  - i686: Regenerate ulps
* Mon Jan 02 2023 Arjun Shankar <> - 2.36.9000-20
  - Drop glibc-rh2155825.patch; fix applied upstream, and
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch master,
    commit 5f55b22f4b3ea14c777a60f239d25dc4555eb804:
  - hurd getcwd: Fix memory leak on error
  - hurd fcntl: Make LOCKED macro more robust
  - hurd: Make dl-sysdep __sbrk check __vm_allocate call
  - htl: Drop duplicate check in __pthread_stack_alloc
  - hurd hurdstartup: Initialize remaining fields of hurd_startup_data
  - hurd _S_msg_add_auth: Initialize new arrays to 0
  - htl: Check error returned by __getrlimit
  - getdelim: ensure error indicator is set on error (bug 29917)
  - htl: Fix sem_wait race between read and gsync_wait
  - Avoid use of atoi in malloc
  - Linux: Pass size argument of epoll_create to the kernel
  - Simplify scripts/ configuration.
  - Define MADV_COLLAPSE from Linux 6.1
  - powerpc64: Increase SIGSTKSZ and MINSIGSTKSZ
  - Update all PO files in preparation for release.
  - Update kernel version to 6.1 in header constant tests
  - Update syscall lists for Linux 6.1
  - libio: Convert __vswprintf_internal to buffers (bug 27857)
  - libio: Convert __obstack_vprintf_internal to buffers (bug 27124)
  - libio: Convert __vdprintf_internal to buffers
  - libio: Convert __vasprintf_internal to buffers
  - libio: Convert __vsprintf_internal to buffers
  - stdio-common: Add lock optimization to vfprintf and vfwprintf
  - stdio-common: Convert vfprintf and related functions to buffers
  - stdio-common: Add __translated_number_width
  - stdio-common: Add __printf_function_invoke
  - stdio-common: Introduce buffers for implementing printf
  - locale: Implement struct grouping_iterator
  - Use Linux 6.1 in
  - Avoid use of atoi in some places in libc
* Thu Dec 22 2022 Florian Weimer <> - 2.36.9000-19
  - Fix epoll_create regression (#2155825)
* Mon Dec 19 2022 Florian Weimer <> - 2.36.9000-18
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch master,
    commit c1c0dea38833751f36a145c322ce53c9a08332e1:
  - Linux: Remove epoll_create, inotify_init from syscalls.list (#2154747)
  - Linux: Reflow and sort some Makefile variables
  - mach: Drop remnants of old_CFLAGS
  - mach: Fix passing -ffreestanding when checking for gnumach headers
  - Force use of -ffreestanding when checking for gnumach headers
  - elf: Fix argument passing
  - x86: Prevent SIGSEGV in memcmp-sse2 when data is concurrently modified [BZ #29863]
  - Allow _Qp_fgt in sparc64
* Mon Dec 12 2022 DJ Delorie <> - 2.36.9000-17
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch master,
    commit 5dcd2d0ad02ff12c76355ef4f40947c1857ac482.
  - stdlib: Move _IO_cleanup to call_function_static_weak
  - elf: Do not assume symbol order on tst-audit25{a,b}
  - time: Use 64 bit time on tzfile
  - nscd: Use 64 bit time_t on libc nscd routines (BZ# 29402)
  - nis: Build libnsl with 64 bit time_t
  - realloc: Return unchanged if request is within usable size
  - Linux: Consolidate typesizes.h
  - Linux: Make generic fcntl.h the default one
  - Linux: make generic xstatver.h the default one
  - Linux: Remove generic sysdep
  - Linux: Assume and consolidate shutdown wire-up syscall
  - Linux: Assume and consolidate listen wire-up syscall
  - Linux: Assume and consolidate socketpair wire-up syscall
  - Linux: Assume and consolidate socket wire-up syscall
  - Linux: Assume and consolidate bind wire-up syscall
  - Linux: consolidate ____longjmp_chk
  - Linux: consolidate sendfile implementation
  - Linux: consolidate unlink implementation
  - Linux: consolidate symlink implementation
  - Linux: consolidate rmdir implementation
  - Linux: consolidate readlink implementation
  - Linux: consolidate mkdir implementation
  - Linux: consolidate link implementation
  - Linux: consolidate lchown implementation
  - Linux: consolidate inotify_init implementation
  - Lninux: consolidate epoll_create implementation
  - Linux: consolidate dup2 implementation
  - Linux: consolidate chown implementation
  - Linux: consolidate chmod implementation
  - linux: Consolidate dl-origin.c
  - linux: Use long int for syscall return value
  - LoongArch: Use medium cmodel build libc_nonshared.a.
  - x86_64: State assembler is being tested on sysdeps/x86/configure
  - configure: Remove AS check
  - configure: Remove check if ld is GNU
  - configure: Remove check if as is GNU
  - configure: Move locale tools early
* Mon Dec 05 2022 Arjun Shankar <> - 2.36.9000-16
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch master,
    commit 8fb923ddc38dd5f4bfac4869d70fd80483fdb87a:
  - hurd: Make getrandom cache the server port
  - powerpc64: Remove old strncmp optimization
  - x86-64 strncpy: Properly handle the length parameter [BZ# 29839]
  - x86-64 strncat: Properly handle the length parameter [BZ# 24097]
  - ARC: update definitions in elf/elf.h
  - scripts: Add "|" operator support to glibcpp's parsing
  - Apply asm redirections in syslog.h before first use [BZ #27087]
  - LoongArch: Add support for ilogb[f]
  - LoongArch: Add support for scalb[f]
  - LoongArch: Add support for scalbn[f]
  - LoongArch: Use __builtin_logb{,f} with GCC >= 13
  - Use GCC builtins for logb functions if desired.
  - LoongArch: Use __builtin_llrint{,f} with GCC >= 13
  - Use GCC builtins for llrint functions if desired.
  - LoongArch: Use __builtin_lrint{,f} with GCC >= 13
  - Use GCC builtins for lrint functions if desired.
  - LoongArch: Use __builtin_rint{,f} with GCC >= 13
* Mon Nov 28 2022 Florian Weimer <> - 2.36.9000-15
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch master,
    commit f704192911c6c7b65a54beab3ab369fca7609a5d:
  - x86/fpu: Factor out shared avx2/avx512 code in svml_{s|d}_wrapper_impl.h
  - x86/fpu: Cleanup code in svml_{s|d}_wrapper_impl.h
  - x86/fpu: Reformat svml_{s|d}_wrapper_impl.h
  - x86/fpu: Fix misspelled evex512 section in variety of svml files
  - x86/fpu: Add missing ISA sections to variety of svml files
  - stdio-common: Add missing dependencies (bug 29780)
  - i386: Avoid rely on linker optimization to avoid relocation
  - elf: Fix rtld-audit trampoline for aarch64
  - Define in_int32_t_range to check if the 64 bit time_t syscall should be used
* Mon Nov 14 2022 Arjun Shankar <> - 2.36.9000-14
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch master,
    commit 94628de77888c3292fc103840731ff85f283368e:
  - elf/tst-tlsopt-powerpc fails when compiled with -mcpu=power10 (BZ# 29776)
  - LoongArch: Hard Float Support for fmaximum_mag_num{f/ }, fminimum_mag_num{f/ }.
  - LoongArch: Hard Float Support for fmaximum_mag{f/ }, fminimum_mag{f/ }.
  - LoongArch: Hard Float Support for fmaxmag{f/ }, fminmag{f/ }.
  - LoongArch: Hard Float Support for fmaximum_num{f/ }, fminimum_num{f/ }.
  - LoongArch: Hard Float Support for fmaximum{f/ }, fminimum{f/ }.
  - LoongArch: Hard Float Support for float-point classification functions.
  - LoongArch: Use __builtin_{fma, fmaf} to implement function {fma, fmaf}.
* Thu Nov 10 2022 Florian Weimer <> - 2.36.9000-13
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch master,
    commit 22a46dee24351fd5f4f188ad80554cad79c82524:
  - Linux: Support __IPC_64 in sysvctl *ctl command arguments (bug 29771)
  - riscv: Get level 3 cache's information
  - debug: Fix typo in tests-unsupported rule
  - iconvdata/ remove handling of old, borrowed format
  - Makerules: Generate with -fuse-ld=bfd
  - x86: Add avx2 optimized functions for the wchar_t strcpy family
  - x86: Add evex optimized functions for the wchar_t strcpy family
  - x86: Optimize and shrink st{r|p}{n}{cat|cpy}-avx2 functions
  - x86: Optimize and shrink st{r|p}{n}{cat|cpy}-evex functions
  - benchtests: Make str{n}{cat|cpy} benchmarks output json
  - x86: Use VMM API in memcmpeq-evex.S and minor changes
  - x86: Use VMM API in memcmp-evex-movbe.S and minor changes
  - string: Add len=0 to {w}memcmp{eq} tests and benchtests
  - Linux: Add ppoll fortify symbol for 64 bit time_t (BZ# 29746)
  - hurd: Add sigtimedwait and sigwaitinfo support
* Mon Nov 07 2022 DJ Delorie <> - 2.36.9000-12
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch master,
    commit 8d291eabd541029d7ac705cc1ea112c58dfbb05f.
  - Apply asm redirection in gmp.h before first use
  - Rewrite find_cxx_header config
  - elf/tlsdeschtab.h: Add the Malloc return value check in _dl_make_tlsdesc_dynamic()
  - elf: Disable some subtests of ifuncmain1, ifuncmain5 for !PIE
  - posix: Make posix_spawn extensions available by default
  - x86_64: Implement evex512 version of strrchr and wcsrchr
  - elf: Introduce <dl-call_tls_init_tp.h> and call_tls_init_tp (bug 29249)
  - LoongArch: Fix ABI related macros in elf.h to keep consistent with binutils[1].
  - scripts/ Properly report <elf.h> parsing failures
  - elf: Rework exception handling in the dynamic loader [BZ #25486]
  - linux: Drop useless include from fstatat.c
  - Fix OOB read in stdlib thousand grouping parsing [BZ #29727]
  - linux: Fix fstatat on MIPSn64 (BZ #29730)
  - elf: Remove allocate use on _dl_debug_printf
  - nptl: Fix pthread_create.c build with clang
  - allocate_once: Apply asm redirection before first use
  - alloc_buffer: Apply asm redirection before first use
  - configure: Use -Wno-ignored-attributes if compiler warns about multiple aliases
  - Disable use of -fsignaling-nans if compiler does not support it
  - intl: Fix clang -Wunused-but-set-variable on plural.c
  - Apply asm redirection in not-cancel before first use
  - malloc: Use uintptr_t for pointer alignment
  - Use uintptr_t in fts for pointer alignment
  - Fix build with GCC 13 _FloatN, _FloatNx built-in functions
  - elf: Build tst-relr-mod[34] with $(LDFLAGS-rpath-ORIGIN)
  - x86-64: Improve evex512 version of strlen functions
  - Correctly determine 'OUTPUT_FORMAT' when cross-compiling.
  - Remove unused scratch_buffer_dupfree
  - Fix elf/tst-dlmopen-twice not to exhaust static TLS
  - Use uintptr_t in string/tester for pointer alignment
  - stdlib/strfrom: Add copysign to fix NAN issue on riscv (BZ #29501)
  - Fix resource/bug-ulimit1 test
  - Fix missing NUL terminator in stdio-common/scanf13 test
  - Fix off-by-one OOB read in elf/tst-tls20
  - elf: Fix alloca size in _dl_debug_vdprintf
  - malloc: Use uintptr_t in alloc_buffer
  - Fix invalid pointer dereference in wcpcpy_chk
  - Fix invalid pointer dereference in wcscpy_chk
  - aarch64: Fix the extension header write in getcontext and swapcontext
  - aarch64: Don't build wordcopy
  - scripts: Use bool in tunables initializer
  - longlong.h: update from GCC for LoongArch clz/ctz support
* Thu Oct 27 2022 Patsy Griffin <> - 2.36.9000-11
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch master,
    commit 6f360366f7f76b158a0f4bf20d42f2854ad56264.
  - elf: Introduce to _dl_call_fini
  - Export tls_init_tp_called as __rtld_tls_init_tp_called
  - scripts/localplt.awk: Handle DT_JMPREL with empty PLT (for C-SKY)
  - Remove lingering libSegfault Makefile entries
  - aarch64: Use memcpy_simd as the default memcpy
  - aarch64: Cleanup memset ifunc
  - elf: Reinstate on DL_DEBUG_BINDINGS _dl_lookup_symbol_x
  - x86_64: Implement evex512 version of strchrnul, strchr and wcschr
  - linux: Fix generic struct_stat for 64 bit time (BZ# 29657)
  - manual: Add missing % in int conversion list
  - Avoid undefined behaviour in ibm128 implementation of llroundl (BZ #29488)
  - Remove all assembly optimizations for htonl and htons
  - Remove htonl.S for i386/x86_64
  - Fix BZ #29463 in the ibm128 implementation of y1l too
  - Add ADDRB from Linux 6.0 to bits/termios-c_cflag.h
  - x86: Use `testb` for FSRM check in memmove-vec-unaligned-erms
  - x86: Use `testb` for case-locale check in str{n}casecmp-sse42
  - x86: Use `testb` for case-locale check in str{n}casecmp-sse2
  - x86: Use `testb` for case-locale check in str{n}casecmp-avx2
  - x86: Add support for VEC_SIZE == 64 in strcmp-evex.S impl
  - x86: Remove AVX512-BVMI2 instruction from strrchr-evex.S
  - sysdeps: arm: Fix preconfigure script for ARMv8/v9 targets [BZ #29698]
  - nis: Fix nis_print_directory
  - linux: Avoid shifting a negative signed on POSIX timer interface
  - Bench: Improve benchtests for memchr, strchr, strnlen, strrchr
  - x86: Optimize strrchr-evex.S and implement with VMM headers
  - x86: Optimize memrchr-evex.S
  - x86: Optimize strnlen-evex.S and implement with VMM headers
  - x86: Shrink / minorly optimize strchr-evex and implement with VMM headers
  - x86: Optimize memchr-evex.S and implement with VMM headers
  - x86_64: Implement evex512 version of memchr, rawmemchr and wmemchr
  - String: Improve test coverage for memchr
  - Use PTR_MANGLE and PTR_DEMANGLE unconditionally in C sources
  - Introduce <pointer_guard.h>, extracted from <sysdep.h>
  - x86-64: Move LP_SIZE definition to its own header
  - math: Fix asin and acos invalid exception with old gcc
  - x86: Update strlen-evex-base to use new reg/vec macros.
  - x86: Remove now unused vec header macros.
  - x86: Update memset to use new VEC macros
  - x86: Update memmove to use new VEC macros
  - x86: Update memrchr to use new VEC macros
  - x86: Update VEC macros to complete API for evex/evex512 impls
  - elf: Do not completely clear reused namespace in dlmopen (bug 29600)
  - malloc: Switch global_max_fast to uint8_t
  - Add NT_S390_PV_CPU_DATA from Linux 6.0 to elf.h
  - Add AArch64 HWCAP2_EBF16 from Linux 6.0 to bits/hwcap.h
  - String: Improve test coverage for memchr
  - elf: Remove -fno-tree-loop-distribute-patterns usage on dl-support
  - socket: Use offsetof in SUN_LEN (bug 29578)
  - Expose all MAP_ constants in <sys/mman.h> unconditionally (bug 29375)
  - LoongArch: Fix the condition to use PC-relative addressing in start.S
  - arm: Enable USE_ATOMIC_COMPILER_BUILTINS (BZ #24774)
  - csu: Disable stack protector for static-reloc for static-pie
  - NEWS: Fix grammar
  - elf: Simplify output of hwcap subdirectories in help
  - elf: Remove _dl_string_hwcap
  - Add NEWS entry for legacy hwcaps removal
  - elf: Remove hwcap and bits_hwcap fields from struct cache_entry
  - elf: Remove hwcap parameter from add_to_cache signature
  - elf: Remove legacy hwcaps support from ldconfig
  - elf: Remove legacy hwcaps support from the dynamic loader
  - x86_64: Remove platform directory library loading test
  - Update to Unicode 15.0.0 [BZ #29604]
  - Update kernel version to 6.0 in header constant tests
  - x86: Fix -Os build (BZ #29576)
  - sunrpc: Suppress GCC -Os warning on user2netname
  - rt: Initialize mq_send input on tst-mqueue{5,6}
  - posix: Suppress -Os may be used uninitialized warnings on regexec
  - posix: Suppress -Os warnings on fnmatch
  - locale: prevent maybe-uninitialized errors with -Os [BZ #19444]
  - Regenerate sysdeps/mach/hurd/bits/errno.h
  - Update syscall lists for Linux 6.0
  - nscd: Drop local address tuple variable [BZ #29607]
  - Use Linux 6.0 in
  - x86-64: Require BMI1/BMI2 for AVX2 strrchr and wcsrchr implementations
  - x86-64: Require BMI2 and LZCNT for AVX2 memrchr implementation
  - x86-64: Require BMI2 for AVX2 (raw|w)memchr implementations
  - x86-64: Require BMI2 for AVX2 wcs(n)cmp implementations
  - x86-64: Require BMI2 for AVX2 strncmp implementation
  - x86-64: Require BMI2 for AVX2 strcmp implementation
  - x86-64: Require BMI2 for AVX2 str(n)casecmp implementations
  - x86: include BMI1 and BMI2 in x86-64-v3 level
  - x86: Cleanup pthread_spin_{try}lock.S
  - Benchtests: Add bench for pthread_spin_{try}lock and mutex_trylock
* Mon Oct 17 2022 Carlos O'Donell <> - 2.36.9000-10
  - Enable ELF DT_HASH for shared objects and the dynamic loader (#2129358)
* Mon Oct 03 2022 DJ Delorie <> - 2.36.9000-9
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch master,
    commit 114e299ca66353fa7be1ee45bb4e1307d3de1fa2.
  - x86: Remove .tfloat usage
  - nptl: Convert tst-setuid2 to test-driver
  - support: Add xpthread_cond_signal wrapper
  - hppa: Fix initialization of dp register [BZ 29635]
  - Fix iseqsig for _FloatN and _FloatNx in C++ with GCC 13
  - malloc: Do not clobber errno on __getrandom_nocancel (BZ #29624)
  - stdlib: Fix __getrandom_nocancel type and arc4random usage (BZ #29638)
  - LoongArch: Add static PIE support
  - Benchtest: Add additional benchmarks for strlen and strnlen
  - x86: Fix wcsnlen-avx2 page cross length comparison [BZ #29591]
  - Update _FloatN header support for C++ in GCC 13
  - hurd: Fix typo
  - get_nscd_addresses: Fix subscript typos [BZ #29605]
  - hurd: Increase SOMAXCONN to 4096
  - Use atomic_exchange_release/acquire
* Fri Sep 23 2022 Patsy Griffin <> - 2.36.9000-8
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch master,
    commit c02e29a0ba47d636281e1a026444a1a0a254aa12.
  - nss: Use shared prefix in IPv4 address in tst-reload1
  - nss: Enhance tst-reload1 coverage and logging
  - Use C11 atomics instead of atomic_decrement_and_test
  - Use C11 atomics instead of atomic_increment(_val)
  - Use C11 atomics instead of atomic_and/or
  - malloc: Print error when oldsize is not equal to the current size.
  - Use '%z' instead of '%Z' on printf functions
  - elf: Extract glibcelf constants from <elf.h>
  - scripts: Enhance glibcpp to do basic macro processing
  - scripts: Extract from
  - riscv: Remove RV32 floating point functions
  - riscv: Consolidate the libm-test-ulps
  - hurd: Fix SIOCADD/DELRT ioctls
  - hurd: Drop struct rtentry and in6_rtmsg
  - hurd: Add _IOT_ifrtreq to <net/route.h>
  - elf: Use C11 atomics on _dl_mcount
  - hurd: Use IF_NAMESIZE rather than IFNAMSIZ
  - hurd: Add ifrtreq structure to net/route.h
  - hppa: undef __ASSUME_SET_ROBUST_LIST
  - linux: Use same type for MMAP2_PAGE_UNIT
  - m68k: Enforce 4-byte alignment on internal locks (BZ #29537)
  - nss: Fix tst-nss-files-hosts-long on single-stack hosts (bug 24816)
  - nss: Implement --no-addrconfig option for getent
  - gconv: Use 64-bit interfaces in gconv_parseconfdir (bug 29583)
  - elf: Implement force_first handling in _dl_sort_maps_dfs (bug 28937)
  - Linux: Do not skip d_ino == 0 entries in readdir, readdir64 (bug 12165)
  - hurd: Factorize at/non-at functions
  - tst-sprintf-errno: Update Hurd message length
  - RISC-V: Allow long jumps to __syscall_error
  - hurd: Make readlink* just reopen the file used for stat
  - hurd: Fix readlink() hanging on fifo
  - Fix BRE typos in
  - Makerules: fix MAKEFLAGS assignment for upcoming make-4.4 [BZ# 29564]
  - Use relaxed atomics since there is no MO dependence
* Wed Sep 14 2022 Florian Weimer <> - 2.36.9000-7
  - Remove .annobin* symbols from (#2126477)
* Tue Sep 13 2022 Florian Weimer <> - 2.36.9000-6
  - Drop glibc-deprecated-selinux-makedb.patch.  Upstream has been ported
    to new libselinux.
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch master,
    commit f278835f594740f5913001430641cf1da4878670:
  - makedb: fix build with libselinux >= 3.1 (Bug 26233)
  - tst-sprintf-errno: Update Hurd message output
  - Use C11 atomics instead of atomic_decrement(_val)
  - Use C11 atomics instead atomic_add(_zero)
  - mktime: improve heuristic for ca-1986 Indiana DST
  - Assume HAVE_TZSET in time/mktime.c
  - elf: Fix hwcaps string size overestimation
  - errlist: add missing entry for EDEADLOCK (bug 29545)
  - Do not define static_assert or thread_local in headers for C2x
  - malloc: Use C11 atomics rather than atomic_exchange_and_add
  - Add NEWS entry for CVE-2022-39046
  - elf: Rename _dl_sort_maps parameter from skip to force_first
  - scripts/ Generate program run-time dependencies
  - math: x86: Use prefix for FP_INIT_ROUNDMODE
  - scripts/ Use https:// for Git clones
  - debug: test for more required cacellation points (BZ# 29274)
  - elf.h: Remove duplicate definition of VER_FLG_WEAK
  - syslog: Remove extra whitespace between timestamp and message (BZ#29544)
  - LoongArch: Add soft float support.
  - elf: Restore how vDSO dependency is printed with LD_TRACE_LOADED_OBJECTS (BZ #29539)
  - nptl: x86_64: Use same code for CURRENT_STACK_FRAME and stackinfo_get_sp
* Mon Sep 05 2022 Arjun Shankar <> - 2.36.9000-5
  - Co-Authored-By: Benjamin Herrenschmidt <>
  - Retain .gnu_debuglink section in (#2090744)
  - Remove redundant debuginfo file (#2090744)
* Tue Aug 30 2022 DJ Delorie <> - 2.36.9000-4
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch master,
    commit c7509d49c4e8fa494120c5ead21338559dad16f5.
  - Apply asm redirections in wchar.h before first use
  - resolv: Fix building tst-resolv-invalid-cname for earlier C standards
  - syslog: Fix large messages (BZ#29536)
  - posix: Fix macro expansion producing 'defined' has undefined behavior
  - stdlib: Fix macro expansion producing 'defined' has undefined behavior
  - S390: Always use svc 0
  - nss_dns: Rewrite _nss_dns_gethostbyname4_r using current interfaces
  - resolv: Add new tst-resolv-invalid-cname
  - nss_dns: In gaih_getanswer_slice, skip strange aliases (bug 12154)
  - nss_dns: Rewrite getanswer_r to match getanswer_ptr (bug 12154, bug 29305)
  - nss_dns: Remove remnants of IPv6 address mapping
  - nss_dns: Rewrite _nss_dns_gethostbyaddr2_r and getanswer_ptr
  - nss_dns: Split getanswer_ptr from getanswer_r
  - resolv: Add DNS packet parsing helpers geared towards wire format
  - resolv: Add internal __ns_name_length_uncompressed function
  - resolv: Add the __ns_samebinaryname function
  - resolv: Add internal __res_binary_hnok function
  - resolv: Add tst-resolv-aliases
  - resolv: Add tst-resolv-byaddr for testing reverse lookup
  - LoongArch: Use __builtin_{fmax,fmaxf,fmin,fminf} with GCC >= 13
  - LoongArch: Fix ptr mangling/demangling features.
  - nscd: Fix netlink cache invalidation if epoll is used [BZ #29415]
  - Add test for bug 29530
  - Makeconfig: Set pie-ccflag to -fPIE by default [BZ# 29514]
  - hurd: Fix vm_size_t incoherencies
  - mach: Make xpg_strerror_r set a message on error
  - mach: Fix incoherency between perror and strerror
  - elf: Call __libc_early_init for reused namespaces (bug 29528)
  - csu: Change start code license to have link exception
  - s390: Move hwcaps/platform names out of _rtld_global_ro
  - Revert "Detect and version inconsistency during startup"
  - Add NT_LOONGARCH_* from Linux 5.19 to elf.h
  - Detect and version inconsistency during startup
  - Merge getopt patch from Gnulib
  - Merge _GL_UNUSED C23 patch from Gnulib
  - LoongArch: Fix dl-machine.h code formatting.
  - scripts/ Add hashing support
  - hurd: Fix starting static binaries with stack protection enabled
  - htl: Make pthread*_cond_timedwait register wref before releasing mutex
  - htl: make __pthread_hurd_cond_timedwait_internal check mutex is held
  - Add AArch64 HWCAP2_* constants from Linux 5.19
* Mon Aug 22 2022 Arjun Shankar <> - 2.36.9000-3
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch master,
    commit a727220b37efc9d4d558a77c5fc57f3af99a4829:
  - Add AGROUP from Linux 5.19 to sys/acct.h, remove Alpha version (bug 29502)
  - alpha: Fix generic brk system call emulation in __brk_call (bug 29490)
  - hurd: Assume non-suid during bootstrap
* Thu Aug 18 2022 Patsy Griffin <> - 2.36.9000-2
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch master,
    commit 9125e43daf92e3d4e69044a54b9fe9ed88c861ad.
  - Use binutils 2.39 branch in
  - S390: Fix werror=unused-variable in ifunc-impl-list.c.
  - Ensure calculations happen with desired rounding mode in y1lf128
  - localedata: Convert French language locales (fr_*) to UTF-8
  - Linux: Fix enum fsconfig_command detection in <sys/mount.h>
  - elf: Run tst-audit-tlsdesc, tst-audit-tlsdesc-dlopen everywhere
  - Move ip_mreqn structure from Linux to generic
  - malloc: Do not use MAP_NORESERVE to allocate heap segments
  - Linux: Terminate subprocess on late failure in tst-pidfd (bug 29485)
  - non-linux: bits/in.h: Add more RFC options
* Mon Aug 15 2022 Florian Weimer <> - 2.36.9000-1
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch master,
    commit 453b88efe6fa79f5c7c6fccc3a520c75fdd43074:
  - arm: Remove nested functionf rom relocate_pc24
  - linux: Fix sys/mount.h usage with kernel headers
  - linux: Use compile_c_snippet to check linux/mount.h availability
  - linux: Mimic kernel defition for BLOCK_SIZE
  - linux: Use compile_c_snippet to check linux/pidfd.h availability
  - Add compile_c_snippet
  - LoongArch: Add pointer mangling support.
  - AArch64: Fix typo in sve configure check (BZ# 29394)
  - libio: Improve performance of IO locks
  - tst-process_madvise: Check process_madvise-syscall support.
  - inet: Turn __ivaliduser into a compatibility symbol
  - x86: Fix `#define STRCPY` guard in strcpy-sse2.S
  - elf: Replace `strcpy` call with `memcpy` [BZ #29454]
  - soft-fp: Add fixhf[uns][di|si] and float[uns][di|si]hf
  - i386: Use cmpl instead of cmp
  - i386: Use fldt instead of fld on e_logl.S
  - i386: Replace movzx with movzbl
  - dlfcn: Pass caller pointer to static dlopen implementation (bug 29446)
  - malloc: Correct the documentation of the top_pad default
  - i386: Remove RELA support
  - arm: Remove RELA support
  - Remove ldd libc4 support
  - Assume only FLAG_ELF_LIBC6 suport
  - Remove left over LD_LIBRARY_VERSION usages
  - Linux: Remove exit system call from _exit
  - LoongArch: Add vdso support for gettimeofday.
  - Update kernel version to 5.19 in header constant tests
  - assert: Do not use stderr in libc-internal assert
  - nptl: Remove uses of assert_perror
  - stdio: Clean up __libc_message after unconditional abort
  - Update syscall lists for Linux 5.19
  - Use Linux 5.19 in
  - socket: Check lengths before advancing pointer in CMSG_NXTHDR
  - Don't use unsupported format string in (bug 29427)
  - htl: Let pthread_self and cancellability called early
  - stdlib: Simplify arc4random_uniform
  - malloc: Use __getrandom_nocancel during tcache initiailization
  - Remove spurious references to _dl_open_hook
  - Open master branch for glibc 2.37 development
* Wed Aug 03 2022 Carlos O'Donell <> - 2.36-1
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch release/2.36/master,
    commit 33f1b4c1452b33991e670f636ebe98b90a405e10:
  - wcsmbs: Add missing test-c8rtomb/test-mbrtoc8 dependency
  - stdlib: Suppress gcc diagnostic that char8_t is a keyword in C++20 in uchar.h.
  - Create ChangeLog.old/ChangeLog.25. (tag: glibc-2.36)
  - Prepare for glibc 2.36 release.
  - Update install.texi, and regenerate INSTALL.
  - Update NEWS bug list.
  - Update libc.pot for 2.36 release.
  - tst-pidfd.c: UNSUPPORTED if we get EPERM on valid pidfd_getfd call
  - stdlib: Tuned down tst-arc4random-thread internal parameters
  - LoongArch: Add greg_t and gregset_t.
  - LoongArch: Fix VDSO_HASH and VDSO_NAME.
  - riscv: Update rv64 libm test ulps
  - riscv: Update nofpu libm test ulps



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