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libxine2-1.2.11-bp154.1.1 RPM for armv7hl

From OpenSuSE Ports Leap 15.4 for armv7hl

Name: libxine2 Distribution: SUSE Linux Enterprise 15 SP4
Version: 1.2.11 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: bp154.1.1 Build date: Fri Dec 10 14:35:33 2021
Group: Productivity/Multimedia/Video/Players Build host: armbuild21
Size: 5146811 Source RPM: xine-lib-1.2.11-bp154.1.1.src.rpm
Summary: Video Player with Plug-Ins
xine is a video player with a graphical front-end that supports a large
number of file formats (VCD and MPEG2, for example) using plug-ins.
Several plug-ins are included. Others can be installed after xine
installation. xine supports stereo sound using OSS and AC5.1 using

This version of xine may lack certain features because of legal
requirements (potential patent violation). See also

More information about xine plug-ins can be found at

    Guenter Bartsch <>






* Wed Jan 06 2021 Wolfgang Bauer <>
  - Update to version 1.2.11
  - Remove xine-lib-dec_info_real.patch, fixed upstream
  - Upstream changes:
    * Add gopher input plugin.
    * Add user settings for IPv6.
    * Split a52 spdif output to separate decoder.
    * Code cleanup.
    * More engine optimization.
    * Small optimizations (opengl2, dvb subtitles, png, mpeg-ts).
    * Better A/V sync.
    * Fix a few crashes.
    * Fix bluray playback.
    * Fix VAAPI picture jitter and green flashes.
    * Fix Opus and EAC3 audio playback.
    * Fix text subtitles.
    * Fix mpeg-ts (hdmv mode, detection of cut TV recordings).
    * Fix mpeg layer 1-4 audio timing.
    * Fix some VDR issues.
    * Fix HLS VOD mode.
    * Many small fixes.
    * Build fixes.
    * BSD fixes.
    * Update german translation.
    * Update internal libdca to upstream 0.0.7.
* Fri Jun 05 2020
  - Remove xineplug_decode_qt to fix i386 build
* Fri Jun 05 2020
  - Fix build with xine-lib-dec_info_real.patch
* Sun Jan 26 2020 Dave Plater <>
  - Update to version 1.2.10 and remove incorporated patches:
    xine-lib-contrib.patch, xine-lib-alsa.patch, xine-lib-a52dec.patch
    and xine-lib-ImageMagick7.patch.
  - Upstream changes:
    * Add (xcb)xv yuy2 emulation.
    * Add libavcodec v58 compatibility.
    * Add avio seek support.
    * Add libdav1d, libaom and lavc AV1 video decoders.
    * Add libvpx multithreading.
    * Add libpng decoder.
    * Add a52 double and fixed point modes.
    * Add Opus audio support to ogg demuxer.
    * Add AV1 video support to matroska demuxer.
    * Add ivf demuxer.
    * Add mpeg-ts split payload support.
    * Add TLS support using gnutls or OpenSSL.
    * Add ftp input plugin (ftp://) with TLS support (ftpes://)
    * Add tls:// input plugin (raw TLS over TCP).
    * Add libnfs NFS input plugin.
    * Add ftp/http seek support.
    * Add scp forward seek support.
    * Add mp4 http streaming support (plain and fragment modes).
    * Add HLS streaming support.
    * Add HTTP 1.1 support.
    * Add OpenGL EGL and Wayland support.
    * Add side stream feature.
    * Optimize OSD.
    * Optimize output layers.
    * Optimize decoder threads.
    * Optimize event handling.
    * Optimize stream info.
    * Optimize TCP/TLS/HTTP network input.
    * Optimize network buffering control.
    * Alsa/oss startup optimization.
    * Optimize input_stdin_fifo.
    * Optimize internal liba52.
    * Optimize user seek.
    * Better support for audio out drivers that cannot resume after pause.
    * Better support for mpeg pts jumps.
    * Better bluray seek.
    * XML parser fixes.
    * Fix midstream audio mode switch.
    * Fix FLAC audio playback via ffmpeg.
    * Fix ffmpeg mpeg1/2 video.
    * Fix/optimize mpeg, mpeg-ts, qt, flv, matroska, real & asf demuxers.
    * Fix network seek.
    * Fix/optimize audio CD.
    * Fix DVD (occasional crashes, damaged video after a DVD had been
    * Fix opengl2 freeze after X server failure.
    * Fix tvtime deinterlacer crash.
    * Fix/optimize overlay.
    * Fix/optimize old VDR plugin.
    * Fix xine-ui freeze when opening a playlist while paused.
    * Security fixes.
    * More error handling instead of aborting.
* Sat Apr 13 2019
  - Package xineplug_post_tvtime also on arm64
  - Added xine-lib-contrib.patch
  - Remove disabled esd support
  - Remove disabled directfb support
  - Remove disabled aalib support
  - Remove disabled gnome_vfs support
  - Use gcc8 in SLE_12
  - Use plain configure macro
  - Fix XINE URL
  - Use without instead of !with distributable/onlynondistributable/ffmpeg/sdl
  - Remove disabled code for sle10
  - Remove conditional for ffmpeg because it always exists
  - Remove unused xine-lib-without-ffmpeg.patch
  - Remove unused xine-lib-nukefaadetc.patch, use sed instead
  - Adjust all patches for autosetup:
* Tue Mar 26 2019
  - Use alsa API properly with xine-lib-alsa.patch. Consumers are
    expected to use <alsa/asoundlib.h> instead of <asoundlib.h>.
    This is in preparation of an change to pkgconfig(alsa) to
    not pollute CFLAGS with -I/usr/include/alsa anymore (bsc#1130333)
* Fri Feb 22 2019
  - Package xineplug_post_tvtime also on arm32
* Sun Jan 06 2019
  - fix-non-x86-build.diff: remove
* Sat Dec 29 2018
  - Patched up crippled build with new perl, the perl scripts no
    longer work.
  - Added xine-lib-nukefaadetc.patch for the same reason.
  - Build with libmpeg2.
* Sat Jun 02 2018
  - Set to bcond_without gnome_vfs to bcond_with, no longer build
    gnome-vfs support by default, gnome-vfs is deprecated upstream
    for a long time.
* Sat Jan 27 2018
  - Rebase fix-non-x86-build.diff to fix arm build.
* Tue Jan 23 2018
  - Update to release 1.2.9 and add xine-lib-a52dec.patch.
  - Moved xineplug_decode_mad and xineplug_decode_a52 into the main
    package as they are now unrestricted.
  - Enabled sdl and jack subpackages.
  - Upstream changes:
    * Add LIBXINE_VERBOSITY environment var override.
    * Add auto gapless switch. Play clips to their very end when that
    is likely what the user wants.
    * Add video single step feature.
    * Add generic keyframe index feature.
    * Add x32 (x86 32 on 64bit) support.
    * Add some more debug logging.
    * Join 4 network input plugins into a single file.
    * Matroska fixes.
    * Build fixes.
    * Directx2 audio fixes.
    * VAAPI fixes.
    * XCB video fixes and optimizations.
    * Return driver held video frames on shutdown properly.
    * FAAD audio compatibility fixes.
    * Fix VP9 playback.
    * Fix post filtering crash.
    * Make xml parser thread safe.
    * More user configuration safety.
    * Inline assembly fixes.
    * Failed memory allocation safety fixes.
    * Memory leak fixes.
    * Debug and LOG build fixes.
    * Again, lots of small fixes and optimizations.
    * Better multiengine client safety.
    * Hide yuv2rgb implementation details.
    * Use a single libyuv2rgb copy in both engine and plugins.
    * Minor ffmpeg optimization.
    * Lift a few video engine handbrakes. Less CPU load, fewer frame
    drops, faster seeking.
    * Optimize audio engine.
    * Optimize demux buffering system.
    * Optimize metronom clock.
    * Optimize port tickets.
    * Optimize sse/mmx2 memcpy.
    * Code simplification and cleanup.
    * Update german translation.
* Mon Jan 22 2018
  - Cleanup buildrequires so neither Mesa-devel nor xorg-x11-devel
    meta/mega packages are required anymore.
* Tue Aug 15 2017
  - Build unconditionally with modplug and pulseaudio
* Thu Jul 06 2017
  - Remove dependency to gcc5
  - Use simple bcond for ffmpeg
* Sun Apr 09 2017
  - Update to release 1.2.8
  - Remove patches fixed upstream:
    xine-lib-crippled-ffmpeg3.0.patch, xine-lib-ffmpeg3.0.patch and
  - Removed and integrated it into the
    spec file.
  - Upstream changes:
    * Add HEVC to QT demuxer.
    * Add libOpenHEVC decoder.
    * Add h.265/HEVC decoding to VAAPI.
    * Detach VAAPI video out from ffmpeg.
    * VAAPI fixes.
    * Improved Matroska compatibility (TrueHD and PCM sound,
      HDMV/Text subtitles).
    * Add faad LATM support.
    * Add faad preamp gain control and channel mixer.
    * Update/fix internal libfaad.
    * Integrate 6 basic plugins into libxine.
    * ffmpeg fixes and optimizations.
    * Use external libdvdnav by default.
    * Optimize video out.
    * AVFormat demuxer fixes.
    * (XCB)XV video out fixes.
    * Lots of small fixes and optimizations.
    * Build fixes (newer automake, xcb, libdvdcss, dxr3, make dist,
      32+64bit dual install, gcc 4.x with GNU ld 2.26 ...).
    * Better C++ compatibility.
    * Add support for avi WAVE_FORMAT_EXTENSIBLE.
    * Add "Time Domain Audio Analyzer" Visualization Post Plugin.
    * Add support for compressed HDMV PGS subtitles in Matroska.
    * Add HW accelerated OSD for Raspberry Pi.
    * Add simple deep color (9/10bit) support via ffmpeg.
    * Join 15 video demuxers into a single multiplugin lib.
    * Join 5 vdpau decoders into a single multiplugin lib.
    * Join 3 raw video decoders into a single multiplugin lib.
    * Make ffmpeg/postproc optional.
    * Log individual items when loading multiplugin libs.
    * Improved qt/mp4 edit list handling.
    * Detect mp3 files with large id3v2 tags.
    * Auto recover from temporary DVB signal loss.
    * Fix demuxing low framerate mp4.
    * DVB AAC sound compatibility fix.
    * ffmpeg audio downmix level fix and optimization.
    * ffmpeg multithreading fixes.
    * ffmpeg compatibility fixes.
    * BluRay subtitle fixes.
    * Various small fixes.
    * OpenGL(2) video out fixes and optimizations.
    * Fix some issues with heavy stream seeking.
    * Build fixes, including missing vcd libs and much less warnings.
    * Code simplifications.
* Tue Mar 28 2017
  - fix build with ImageMagick 7
    + xine-lib-ImageMagick7.patch
* Mon Aug 01 2016
  - Fixed build in Leap:42.2 by building with gcc5.
  - Removed conditinals for old openSUSE versions from spec file.
  - Modified pre checkin script to enable build with the ffmpeg libs
    that are in the distribution.
  - Added xine-lib-crippled-ffmpeg3.0.patch to enable leap and above
    to build with ffmpeg3.
  - Removed unused build flags.
* Sun Jul 24 2016
  - Accept any ffmpeg version in BuildRequires
* Mon Jul 18 2016
  - Add xine-lib-link-xcb.patch: fix linking of libxcb. As our code
    uses the functions, we must not rely on 3rd parties to hopefully
    bring the right libraries to link.
* Fri Apr 15 2016
  - Drop libsmbclient BuildRequires: requiring a library to build is
    in any case wrong. It's the responsibility of a -devel package to
    pull in the real libraries.
* Fri Feb 26 2016
  - Added xine-lib-ffmpeg3.0.patch to build against ffmpeg-3.0
    libraries on PMBS.
  - Add pkgconfig(libva-glx) to BuildRequires because it's a separate
    package for openSUSE > 13.2.
* Mon Sep 21 2015
  - Replace implicit Requires from old ffmpeg with BuildRequires to
    fix build in packman
* Mon Feb 02 2015
  - update to 1.2.6
    * Add libmmal video output plugin for Raspberry Pi.
    * Add libmmal HW video decoder plugin for Raspberry Pi.
    * Add overlay colormatrix support.
    * Add "sqare monitor pixels" config option.
    * Add VAAPI colormatrix and fullrange video support.
    * Add "radeonhd" XV colormatrix support.
    * Add Opus audio support.
    * Update german translation.
    * Optimize OpenGL2 video out.
    * Optimize raw RGB video decoder.
    * Fix multithread ffmpeg video decoding.
    * Fix/optimize DVB subtitles.
    * Fix external text subtitles.
    * BSD build fixes.
    * Clang build fixes.
    * Build optimization fixes (aliasing).
    * AVformat demux build fix.
    * More safety on memory allocation failure.
    * Fix detection of and compilation with libcaca 0.99 beta 19.
  - use the xz compressed tarball provided by upstream and change accordingly
  - should fix boo#913588



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