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claws-mail-4.2.0-1.3 RPM for ppc64le

From OpenSuSE Ports Tumbleweed for ppc64le

Name: claws-mail Distribution: openSUSE Tumbleweed
Version: 4.2.0 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 1.3 Build date: Sat Feb 3 07:33:10 2024
Group: Productivity/Networking/Email/Clients Build host: obs-power9-16
Size: 14800409 Source RPM: claws-mail-4.2.0-1.3.src.rpm
Summary: A configurable email client
Claws Mail (previously known as Sylpheed-Claws) is a
configurable email client and news reader based on the GTK+ GUI
toolkit, and it runs on the X Window System.

When claws-mail is executed for the first time, a configuration "wizard"
(dialog) will appear prompting you for the minimum information necessary to
create a new account.






* Tue Nov 21 2023 Michael Vetter <>
  - Update to 4.2.0:
    * An easy way to open any folder on start-up has been added:
      Right-click a folder and choose 'Open on start-up'.
      This can also be configured on the 'Folder list' tab of the
      /Configuration/Preferences/Display/Summaries page.
    * Spam statistics have been added to the session statistics.
    * It is now possible to save message attachments only, without the
      other message parts.
    * QuickSearch: support for a "v H V" search expression has been added
      and the 'y S' expression has been removed ('v X-Label S' can be
      used instead).
    * font/* and chemical/* MIME types are now recognised.
    * The image viewer now works correctly when not auto-loading images.
    * Icon Themes: it is no longer possible to install or remove system
    * IMAP: Support for SCRAM-SHA-{224,256,384,512} authentication
      mechanisms has been added.
    * IMAP: The statusbar now shows that expunge is happening.
    * The GData plugin has been removed.
    * The Fancy plugin no longer requires libsoup or libsoup-gnome.
    * The LiteHTML Viewer plugin has been synchronised with litehtml 0.7.
    * The LiteHTML viewer plugin will now only be built automatically if
      libgumbo 0.12 or newer is available. Building with libgumbo 0.10
      must be explicitly requested using --enable-litehtml_viewer-plugin.
    * For extra debug output use --enable-more-addressbook-debug and
    - -enable-more-ldap-debug.
    * Added translation: Portuguese
    * Updated translations: Brazilian Portuguese, Catalan, Czech, French,
      Polish, Russian, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish, Traditional Chinese,
    * bug 4491, 'address autocompletion list does not expand in
      height with the number of matches'
    * bug 4618, 'Rate limit by remote breaks queued/marked
      actions (Delete/Move)'
    * bug 4631, 'Embedding external editor crashes Claws-Mail on Wayland'
    * bug 4637, 'Segmentation fault when using SUMMARY is empty'
    * bug 4645, 'fails to check for perl-ExtUtils::Embed'
    * bug 4648, 'fails to build with gcc 13'
    * bug 4658, 'Headers unfolded incorrectly in message view'
    * bug 4664, 'OAUTH2 overwrites passwords even for plaintext logins'
    * bug 4666, 'fancy plugin doesn't build with libwebkit2gtk-4.1'
    * bug 4670, 'To/CC incorrectly escaped with a trailing backslash'
    * bug 4679, 'The correct date header is interpreted incorrectly to display strange date.'
    * bug 4693, 'Hang and crash when enable disable SVG Rendering prefs'
    * when starting with msgview hidden, toggling msgview to show it
      would use incorrect height
    * update quicksearch history list when changing type
    * wrong message which is shown when mail can't be sent
    * when redirecting, disable queueing
    * arbitrary paste restriction
    * when queueing or drafting a msg with an attachment which no longer
      exists, use the correct label on the button of the warning dialogue * using
      a custom header in found_in_addressbook match expressions
    * URIs may contain the '$' dollar sign
    * OAuth2, Update on-disk tokens as well when in-memory tokens are updated
    * Microsoft POP3 OAuth2 protocol
* Mon Mar 06 2023 Jan Engelhardt <>
  - Deactive litehtml/gumbo as gumbo will be deleted [boo#1208381]
* Fri Oct 21 2022 Michael Vetter <>
  - Update to 4.1.1:
    * Marked messages in the Message List can now be displayed with bold
      text by setting the hidden preference "bold_marked".
    * The confirmation dialogue when saving all the attachments of a
      message can now be disabled.
    * The Message List tooltip for the From column now shows name and
    * OAuth2: various fixes and improvements.
    * The user manuals have been updated.
    * Updated translations: Brazilian Portuguese, Catalan, Czech, Dutch,
      French, Polish, Russian, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish, Traditional
      Chinese, Turkish.
    * Build system: GLib version 2.50 or greater is required; autoconf
      version 2.69 or greater is required; pkgconfig support for GPGME
      and libgpg-error has been added; GnuTLS is required for OAuth2;
      OAuth2 support can be removed with --disable-oauth2.
    * bug 4547, '--enable-tests makes compilation fail'
    * bug 4583, 'Compose window 'Discard message' dialog is
    * even though draft is already saved'
    * bug 4584, 'Compose window causing Claws to terminate
    * '
    * bug 4589, 'Edit Group Details panel wording unclear.'
    * bug 4615, 'Compilation fails with --disable-gnutls'
    * bug 4620, 'German translation of Content-Transfer-Encoding
    * unwanted colon'
    * bug 4628, 'typos in the README file'
    * bug 4630, 'Fancy loads remote images when remote content
    * disabled'
    * bug 4636, 'Handle non-ascii characters in server response'
    * AddressKeeper plugin: not saving addresses.
    * Perl plugin: building with perl v5.35.2 or greater.
    * AttRemover plugin: filenames would not be shown and corrupt
    * output
    * OAuth2: Use the user-configured timeout
    * 'save all' dialogues' logic.
    * Make custom headers compliant with RFC 2822 ยง 3.6.
    * correctly set modified flag after auto-save
    * NNTP account's SMTP server wasn't used
    * building with older GLibs
  - Remove 5fee50c54a370fdfb5241bd4c4c16281a741762e.patch: contained
* Thu Jul 14 2022 Marcus Rueckert <>
  - Backport 5fee50c54a370fdfb5241bd4c4c16281a741762e.patch:
    This fixes building with newer perl.
  - Switch package to autosetup.
* Thu Jun 23 2022 <>
  - claws-mail 4.x.x with GTK 3 ignores the plugin setting in the
    clawsrc file in range [Plugins_GTK2] - change it to
    [Plugins_GTK3] in the skel/.claws-mail/clawsrc file (bnc#1200880)
* Tue Apr 05 2022 Carsten Ziepke <>
  - Disable pilot-link also on openSUSE Leap >= 15.4
  - The intree ca-certificates file was removed upstream. Remove our
    cleanup code for it.
* Mon Apr 04 2022 Michael Vetter <>
  - Update to 4.1.0:
    * Text zooming in the Message View is now possible, using CTRL+mouse
      wheel up/down, CRTL+touchpad two-fingered vertical swiping, or
      the Message View's right-click menu.
    * GtkColorChooser is now used in the Spell Checking preferences,
      Colour Label preferences, and the folder Properties pages.
    * 'Default From:' has been added to the Compose page of the folder
      Properties. This allows setting an email address which will
      override the Account's email address.
    * An option has been added to the 'General' page of the folder
      Properties, 'Skip folder when searching for unread or new
      messages', so that the folder can be skipped when using Go To
      next/previous unread/new message.
    * 'By Sender' has been added to '/Tools/Create filtering rule/...'
      and '/Tools/Create processing rule/...'
    * The option 'Run processing rules before marking all messages in a
      folder as read or unread' has been added to
    * It is now possible to add a toolbar button to 'Run folder
      processing rules'.
    * The Actions configuration list now has 'Top' and 'Bottom' buttons.
    * In '/Tools/List URLs' it is now possible to CTRL+c or right-click
      a list item and 'Copy URL'; copying multiple selections is also
      Phishing URLs are now indicated in red by default. This uses the
      colour defined in the hidden preference, log_error_color.
    * The method of handling Tags has been improved.
    * When using the separate Message View the Enter key will open the
      currently selected message in the Message List. So, for example,
      if you delete the current message, pressing Enter will open the
      next message without having to leave the separate Message View.
    * The quicksearch type-ahead keypress delay is now customizable
      using a hidden preference ("qs_press_timeout").
    * Improvements to the storage of OAuth2 refresh tokens.
    * A "View all" button has been added to the Themes preferences page
      in order to preview all icons of a theme.
    * The term 'master passphrase' has been replaced in the UI with
      'primary passphrase'.
    * The label 'SSL/TLS' has been replaced with 'TLS' in the UI.
    * chmod 0600 is set on log files, history files, saved parts, etc.
    * "Keyword Warner" plugin has been added. This shows a warning when
      sending or queueing a message and a reference to one or more
      user-defined keywords are found in the message text.
    * Adding a new RSSyl feed or subscribing to a Webcal will
      automatically suggest using any suitable URI found on the
    * The user manuals have been updated.
    * Updated translations: Brazilian Portuguese, British English,
      Catalan, Czech, French, Indonesian, Polish, Romanian, Russian,
      Slovak, Spanish, Turkish.
    * bug fixes:
    + bug 4312, 'litehtml plugin loops (hangup)'
    + bug 4346, 'Error: Certificate is for invalid2.invalid, but
      connection is to'
    + bug 4442, 'vcalendar segfault if in invitation email and
      switch to another folder'
    + bug 4495, 'Improve text strings for OAuth2'
    + bug 4496, 'Fancy crashes when opening an email'
    + bug 4511, 'Uses deprecated ghostscript operator'
    + bug 4513, 'msg window too small in 3 column layout'
    + bug 4517, 'Thread safety issues in signature checking code'
    + bug 4524, 'Problems exiting/closing Claws Mail'
    + bug 4534, 'Address book causing claws to terminate unexpectedly'
    + bug 4535, 'Setting msgview_date_format=1 does not work'
    + bug 4536, 'Tab for address selects second entry'
    + bug 4556, 'Filesize in kilobytes versus kibibytes'
    + bug 4577, 'Fancy plugin with GTK3 seems to ignore content encoding'
    + when using 'hide_timezone' use UTC when generating MessageID
    + non-translation of some button labels
    + the initial position of the (X-)Face image
    + return receipts from accounts without a name
    + folderview pixmaps not being updated after icon theme change
      until restart
    + spell checker underlining when black is chosen
    + text on various buttons
    + scrolling in a message's attachments bar (scrolling left or
      right were scrolling down).
    + scrolling not working when GTK smooth scroll is set
    + scroll to next/prev page in pdf_viewer
    + build error with -Werror=format-security
    + invalid crypto engine (gpgme_op_verify failed)
    + vCalendar tooltip in Day View showed the wrong month.
    + View Log button
    + when closing Compose window dialogue requesting choice from
      user is not shown and some options are lost in drafted copy
    + weird logic with the 'Edit filter action' dialog
    + resource leaks; memory corruption
* Sun Mar 06 2022
  - Re-enable fancy html viewer plugin.
* Tue Jul 27 2021 Marcus Rueckert <>
  - Disable pilot-link on Tumbleweed as we are dropping the library,
    this keeps pilot link support around only for Leap 15.x
* Sat Jul 17 2021 Marcus Rueckert <>
  - instead of forcing a certain pinentry tool require the generic
    provides and only recommends the gtk2 version. There is no gtk3
    version to prefer.
  - make sure we have python3-gobject so we can load the gtk/gdk/gio
* Mon Jul 12 2021 Marcus Rueckert <>
  - Update to 4.0.0
    Featurewise it is the same as 3.18.0 with 1 major difference:
    GTK 3 support!
    With this comes pygobject based python plugins.
  - enable alternative addressbook as well
  - drop all support for gtk2 in the spec file
  - drop libcanberra-gtk3.patch: no longer needed
* Mon Jul 12 2021 Marcus Rueckert <>
  - bump buildrequires to follow version limits in the
* Sat Jul 10 2021 Carsten Ziepke <>
  - Update to 3.18.0
    * Support for the OAuth2 authorisation protocol has been added for
      IMAP, POP and SMTP using custom, user-generated client IDs.
      OAuth2 preferences are found in the Account Preferences on the
      Receive page (for POP: Authenticate before POP connection, for
      IMAP: Authentication method); the Send page (SMTP authentication:
      Authentication method); and on a dedicated OAuth2 page.
    * The option 'Save (X-)Face in address book if possible' has been
      added to the /Message View/Text Options preferences page.
      Previously the (X-)Face would be saved automatically, therefore
      this option is turned on by default.
    * The Image Viewer has been reworked. New options have been added to
      /Message View/Image Viewer: when resizing images, either fit the
      image width or fit the image height to the available space.
      Fitting the image height is the default. Regardless of this
      setting, when displaying images inline they will fit the height.
      When displaying an image, left-clicking the image will toggle
      between full size and reduced size; right-clicking will toggle
      between fitting the height and fitting the width.
    * When re-editing a saved message, it is now possible to use
      /Options/Remove References.
    * It is now possible to attempt to retrieve a missing GPG key via
    * The man page has been updated.
    * Updated translations: Brazilian Portuguese, British English,
      Catalan, Czech, Danish, Dutch, French, Polish, Romanian, Russian,
      Slovak, Spanish, Traditional Chinese, Turkish.
    * bug fixes: claws#2411, claws#4326, claws#4394, claws#4431,
      claws#4445, claws#4447, claws#4455, claws#4473
    - stop WM's X button from causing GPG key fetch attempt
    - Make fancy respect default font size for messageview
    - harden link checker before accepting click
    - non-display of (X-)Face when prefs_common.enable_avatars
    - debian bug #983778, 'Segfault on selecting empty 'X-Face'
      custom header'
  - Drop claws-mail-oauth.patch, OAuth2 authorisation protocol is now
  - Drop claws-mail-Reworked-fixing-unsecure-command-line-invocation.patch,
    merged upstream
* Wed Jun 02 2021 Marcus Rueckert <>
  - added claws-mail-oauth.patch:
    new BR: pkgconfig(json-c) and force libeptan to be at least
    version 1.9.4, additionally we need autotools and libtool to
    rebuild the configure script



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