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foo2hp-0.20130618-1.fc18 RPM for armv5tel

From RpmFusion Free Updates for Fedora 18 for arm

Name: foo2hp Distribution: Koji
Version: 0.20130618 Vendor: "RPM Fusion"
Release: 1.fc18 Build date: Tue Aug 13 10:34:29 2013
Group: System Environment/Libraries Build host:
Size: 112183 Source RPM: foo2zjs-0.20130618-1.fc18.src.rpm
Packager: <>
Summary: Linux printer driver for HP 1600, HP 2600n
foo2hp is an open source printer driver for printers that use the
Zenographics ZjStream wire protocol for their print data, such as the
HP Color LaserJet 2600n. These printers are often erroneously referred
to as winprinters or GDI printers. However, Microsoft GDI only
mandates the API between an application and the printer driver, not
the protocol on the wire between the printer driver and the
printer. In fact, ZjStream printers are raster printers which happen
to use a very efficient wire protocol which was developed by
Zenographics and licensed by most major printer manufacturers for at
least some of their product lines. ZjStream is just one of many wire
protocols that are in use today, such as Postscript, PCL, Epson, etc.

Users of this package are requested to visit the author's web page at and consider contributing.






* Wed Jul 31 2013 Cédric Olivier <> 0.20130618-1
  - Update to lastest revision
  - Add New printer support : Fuji_Xerox-DocuPrint_CM205
* Tue Nov 22 2011 Cédric Olivier <> 0.20111105-2
  - Remove KONICA_MINOLTA-magicolor_2430 already in foomatic-db
* Sun Nov 06 2011 Cédric Olivier <> 0.20111105-1
  - Update to latest release
  - updated the C110 ieee1284 string
  - foomatic-db, PPDs: New printer "KONICA_MINOLTA-magicolor_2430"
    like Minolta-magicolor_2430 except for Manufacturer
  - hplj1000: make it work with usblp and CUPS (libusb)
  - lavadecode: print the compression (JBIG or unknown)
  - lavadecode: adjust for magicolor 3730
* Wed Oct 05 2011 David Woodhouse <> 0.20110909-1
  - Update to latest release
  - Add Konica Minolta variant of 2430DL and 2300DL
  - BR python-cups to get foomatic autodeps working



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