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libXv1-1.0.12-1.4 RPM for armv6hl

From OpenSuSE Ports Tumbleweed for armv6hl

Name: libXv1 Distribution: openSUSE Tumbleweed
Version: 1.0.12 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 1.4 Build date: Fri Feb 9 20:40:56 2024
Group: System/Libraries Build host: i02-armsrv2
Size: 17854 Source RPM: libXv-1.0.12-1.4.src.rpm
Summary: X Video extension library
The X Video Extension (Xv) extension provides support for video
adaptors attached to an X display. It takes the approach that a
display may have one or more video adaptors, each of which has one or
more ports through which independent video streams pass.

Its use is to rescale video playback, do colorspace conversions, and
change contrast, brightness and hue using video controller hardware






* Mon Dec 05 2022 Stefan Dirsch <>
  - Update to version 1.0.12:
    * Update README for gitlab migration
    * Update bug URL for gitlab migration
    * Build xz tarballs instead of bzip2
    * Fix spelling/wording issues
    * gitlab CI: add a basic build test
    * XvGetReq: remove trailing semicolon that caller is expected to provide
    * Variable scope reductions
    * Handle implicit conversion warnings from clang
* Wed Nov 02 2016
  - tagged baselibs.conf as source in specfile
* Fri Oct 28 2016
  - Update to version 1.0.11:
    + Fix typo in dependencies for lint library
    + Protocol handling issues in libXv - CVE-2016-5407
* Thu Sep 12 2013
  - Update to version 1.0.10:
    + Remove fallback for _XEatDataWords, require libX11 1.6 for it.
    + Refactor error handling.
    + Add missing calls to _XEatDataWords when we are skipping
    + Replace custom copy of GetReq macro with call to Xlib 1.5's
    + Require ANSI C89 pre-processor, drop pre-C89 token pasting
    + Use pad_to_int32 macro instead of repeated (x + 3) & ~3
    + Fix sign conversion & comparison warnings from clang.
    + Remove unnecessary casts from Xmalloc calls.
    + Adopt X.Org standard code style, with consistent indentation.
* Sun Jun 23 2013
  - Update to version 1.0.9:
    This quick fix release corrects an issue with the security fix from 1.0.8,
    in which, if the size checks did determine the response from the X server
    was too large to fit in the buffer it had allocated, XvQueryPortAttributes
    could return a pointer to the caller that pointed to uninitialized memory
    where the caller expected a nil-terminated string.
* Sat Jun 01 2013
  - Update to version 1.0.8:
    This release delivers the fixes for the recently announced security issues
    CVE-2013-1989 & CVE-2013-2066, plus a couple build configuration changes
    and man page fixes.
* Sun Feb 17 2013
  - Use more robust make install call
* Wed Apr 11 2012
  - Update to version 1.0.7:
    + Janitorial cleanups
    + Man page fix
    + Build configuration improvements
* Sun Feb 12 2012
  - Rename xorg-x11-libXv to libXv and utilize shlib policy
* Tue Dec 21 2010
  - bumped version number to 7.6



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