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logrotate-3.18.1-3.8.1 RPM for armv7hl

From OpenSuSE Ports Leap 15.5 for armv7hl

Name: logrotate Distribution: openSUSE Step 15
Version: 3.18.1 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 3.8.1 Build date: Thu Jul 14 12:37:54 2022
Group: System/Base Build host: obs-arm-5
Size: 149390 Source RPM: logrotate-3.18.1-3.8.1.src.rpm
Summary: Cron service for rotating, compressing, mailing and removing system log files
The logrotate utility does automatic rotation, compression, mailing and removal
of log files. Logrotate can be set to handle a log file daily, weekly, monthly,
or when the log file reaches a certain size. Normally, logrotate runs as a
daily cron job.

It manages plain files only and is not involved in systemd's journal rotation.






* Wed Jun 15 2022
  - Security fix: (bsc#1192449) related to (bsc#1191281, CVE-2021-3864)
    * enforce stricter parsing to avoid CVE-2021-3864
    * Added patch logrotate-enforce-stricter-parsing.patch
    * Added patch logrotate-enforce-stricter-parsing-extra-tests.patch
* Tue Jun 07 2022
  - Fix "logrotate emits unintended warning: keyword size not properly
    separated, found 0x3d" (bsc#1200278, bsc#1200802):
    * Added patch logrotate-dont_warn_on_size=_syntax.patch
* Thu May 19 2022
  - Security fix: (bsc#1199652, CVE-2022-1348)
    * insecure permissions for state file creation
    * Added patch logrotate-CVE-2022-1348.patch
    * Added patch logrotate-CVE-2022-1348-follow-up.patch
* Thu May 27 2021
  - update to 3.18.1:
    * fix memory leaks on error-handling paths
    * make `renamecopy` and `copytruncate` override each other
    * improve error handling in the parser of configuration files
    * improve user experience for non-privileged users of logrotate
* Wed Feb 03 2021
  - Update to 3.18.0:
    * Allow UIDs and GIDs to be specified numerically
    * Add support for Zstandard compressed files
    * Make delaycompress not to fail with rotate 0
* Tue Jul 28 2020
  - Update to 3.17.0:
    * lock state file to prevent parallel execution of logrotate
    * add '.bak' extension to default taboo list
    * allow to pass a home-relative path to 'include'
    * 'switch_user_permanently': skip switchback check if switched to root
    * logrotate.service: enable 'ProtectClock' to restrict setting of clock
    * delete old logs hit by 'maxage' regardless of 'dateext'
* Wed Apr 15 2020
  - Require /usr/bin/xz instead of xz to make it working with busybox
* Mon Mar 02 2020
  - Update to 3.16.0 bsc#1160281:
    * fix compilation with gcc-10, which defaults to -fno-common (#288)
    * reduce number of open() operations on state file (#282)
    * validate user/group given to the su directive early (#276)
    * add hardening options to systemd unit file in examples (#274, #291)
    * fix crash of logrotate on invalid configuration with include (#271)
    * fix heap buffer overflow on too long logfile extension (#270)
* Wed Jan 08 2020
  - Update to 3.15.1:
    * use correct create mode in examples/btmp (#257)
    * fix several bugs found by fuzzing (#254)
    * do not abort globbing on a broken symlink (#251)
    * rearrange logrotate.8 man page to improve readability (#248)
    * encourage admins to use the su directive in logrotate.8 man page (#236)
* Thu Jan 02 2020
  - Use systemd_ordering instead of systemd_requires
* Thu Apr 04 2019
  - Version update to 3.15.0:
    * timer unit: change trigger fuzz from 12h to 1h
    * service unit: only run if /var/log is mounted
    * preserve fractional part of timestamps when compressing
    * re-indent source code using spaces only
    * minage: avoid rounding issue while comparing the amount of seconds
    * never remove old log files if rotate -1 is specified
    * return non-zero exit status if a config file contains an error
    * make copytruncate work with rotate 0
    * warn user if both size and the time interval options are used
    * pass rotated log file name as the 2nd argument of the postrotate
      script when sharedscript is not enabled
    * rename logrotate-default to logrotate.conf
  - Added asc file.
* Thu Sep 13 2018
  - Rebase the logrotate-3.13.0-systemd_add_home_env.patch to be
    unified patch again
* Mon Sep 10 2018
  - Use noun phrase. Trim filler wording from description.
    Add a note that it is unrelated to journald.
* Fri Sep 07 2018
  - Version update to 3.14.0:
    * make configure show support status for SELinux and ACL at the end
    * make logrotate build again on FreeBSD
    * move wtmp and btmp definitions from logrotate.conf to
      separate configuration files in logrotate.d
    * print a warning about logrotate doing nothing when -d is used
    * do not reject executable config files
    * add hardening options to logrotate.service in examples
    * fix spurious compressor failure when using su and compress
    * keep logrotate version in .tarball-version in release tarballs
    * introduce the hourago configuration directive
    * ignore empty patterns in tabooext to avoid exclusion of everything
    * properly report skipped test cases instead of pretending success
* Thu Jun 07 2018
  - Add "Environment=HOME=/root" to logrotate.service file in order
    to allow mariadb to rotate its logs when the database has a root
    password defined [bsc#1093617]
  - Added patch:
    * logrotate-3.13.0-systemd_add_home_env.patch
* Tue Apr 03 2018
  - Use %license instead of %doc [bsc#1082318]
* Fri Jan 05 2018
  - Version update to 3.13.0:
    * make distribution tarballs report logrotate version properly
    * make (un)compress work even if stdin and/or stdout are closed (#154)
    * remove -s from DEFAULT_MAIL_COMMAND and improve its documenation (#152)
    * uncompress logs before mailing them even if delaycompress is enabled (#151)
    * handle unlink of a non-existing log file as a warning only (#144)
    * include compile-time options in the output of logrotate --version (#145)
    * make logrotate --version print to stdout instead of stderr (#145)
    * flush write buffers before syncing state file (#148)
    * specify (un)compress utility explicitly in tests (#137)
    * enable running tests in parallel (#132)
    * explicitly map root UID/GID to 0 on Cygwin (#133)
    * add .dpkg-bak and .dpkg-del to default tabooext list (#134)
* Fri Jul 07 2017
  - Version update to 3.12.3:
    * Fixed accident removal of rotated files with dateext. (#118)
    * Line comments inside globs in config files are now skipped. (#109)
    * logrotate now recovers from a corrupted state file. (#45)
    * createolddir now creates old directory as unprivileged user. (#114)
    * weekly rotations are now predictable and configurable. (#93)
    * Errors in config files are no longer treated as fatal errors. (#81)
    * configure --with-default-mail-command specifies default mail command. (#100)
    * Fixed heap buffer overflow when parsing crafted config file. (#33)
    * build fixes related to -Werror (#119) and -Werror=format= (#108)
    * configure --enable-werror now controls use of the -Werror flag (#123)
    * copy and copytruncate directives now work together again
    * unlink() is no longer preceded by open() unless shred is enabled (#124)
    * compress and uncompress now take commands from $PATH, too (#122)
  - By default disable werror while building
* Fri Jul 07 2017
  - Remove aaa_base compat setting that is from 2003, we do not
    support such migration anymore
* Wed Dec 28 2016
  - Version update to 3.11.0:
    * Merges from distribution patchsets and small fixes around
  - Remove all patches merged upstream:
    * logrotate-addextension.patch
    * logrotate-autoext.patch
    * logrotate-conf.patch
    * logrotate-fix-test62_with_bash-4.4.patch
    * logrotate-manpage_config_clarification.patch
    * logrotate-var-lib-misc.patch
    * logrotate-3.7.8-suse.patch
* Mon Nov 21 2016
  - Fix post scriptlet condition bnc#1011120
* Sat Nov 12 2016
  - Move logrotate.status to /var/lib/misc following FHS/LSB and
    making implementing read-only root filesystem much easier.
  - Add patch:
    * logrotate-var-lib-misc.patch
* Wed Oct 05 2016
  - Version update to 3.10.0 fate#322037:
    * Update url to point to github
  - Remove upstreamed patch:
    * logrotate-3.7.8-mess_err.patch
  - Rebase patches:
    * logrotate-3.7.8-suse.patch
    * logrotate-addextension.patch
    * logrotate-autoext.patch
    * logrotate-fix-test62_with_bash-4.4.patch
* Mon Oct 03 2016
  - Add logrotate-fix-test62_with_bash-4.4.patch: Fix the test suite
    when running with bash 4.4 (gh#logrotate/logrotate#66).
* Mon Jun 22 2015
  - update to 3.9.1
    * 3.9.1
    - Fix off-by-one error which can lead to crash when copytruncate
      is used.
    * 3.9.0
    - Fix crash when using long dateformat. [nmerdan]
    - Add support for %H dateformat. [czchen]
    - Fix regression introduced in 3.8.9 when when rotating multiple
      logs when one of them is missing.
    - In the debug mode, do not skip the code-path which handles the
      case when the last rotation does not exist. [Sergey Vidishev]
    - Show more precise description when "log does not need rotating".
    - Add new -l option to log verbose output to file. The file is
      overwritten on every logrotate execution.
    - Allow rotation of sparse files with copytruncate.
    * update logrotate-addextension.patch
  - use spec-cleaner
  - remove unused PreReq tags
* Tue May 19 2015
  - Enable Persistent timer since we are now in systemd 219.
* Fri Feb 20 2015
  - Update to version 3.8.9
    * Add new directive "createolddir" and "nocreateolddir". These directives
      can be used to create the directory specified by olddir with particular
    "mode", "owner" and "group".
    * Continue with rotation even when first log from logset is removed
    during the rotation.
    * Fix crash on BSD systems introduced in 3.8.8 caused by different qsort_r
    function. Function qsort is now used instead.
    * Fix potential buffer overflow in usage of strncat function.
    * Fix compilation with musl-libc.
    * Add experimental 'renamecopy' directive to allow 'olddir' on different
      physical device. See the "man logrotate" for more information.
  - Remove logrotate-fail_if_ENOENT_and_nomissingok.patch; merged on
    upstream release
  - Updated patches
    * logrotate-3.7.8-addextension.patch > logrotate-addextension.patch
    * logrotate-3.7.8-autoext.patch > logrotate-autoext.patch
    * logrotate-3.7.8-conf.patch > logrotate-conf.patch
    * logrotate-manpage_config_clarification.patch
  - Remove redunant %clean section



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