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libreadline7-7.0-19.4.2 RPM for armv7hl

From OpenSuSE Ports Leap 15.3 for armv7hl

Name: libreadline7 Distribution: openSUSE Step 15
Version: 7.0 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 19.4.2 Build date: Sun May 9 08:35:31 2021
Group: System/Libraries Build host: armbuild24
Size: 334567 Source RPM: bash-4.4-19.4.2.src.rpm
Summary: The Readline Library
The readline library is used by the Bourne Again Shell (bash, the
standard command interpreter) for easy editing of command lines.  This
includes history and search functionality.






* Tue May 04 2021
  - Add patch bsc1183064.patch
    * Fix bug bsc#1183064: Segfault from reading a history file not
      starting with # with HISTTIMEFORMAT set and history_multiline_entries
      nonzero and with the history cleared and read on the same input line.
* Wed Sep 16 2020
  - Move /bin/bash to /usr/bin/bash and provide old location as
    symbolic link of new location (jsc#SLE-15652)
  - Remove minimal sh build option as not used
* Fri Aug 16 2019
  - Rework patch readline-7.0-screen.patch again for bug boo#1143055
    * Map all "screen(-xxx)?.yyy(-zzz)?" to "screen" as well as
      map "konsole(-xxx)?" and "gnome(-xxx)?" to "xterm"
* Wed May 29 2019
  - Add patch bash-4.4-bgpoverflow.patch which is a backport from bash
    5.0 to perform better with large numbers of sub processes (bsc#1133773)
* Fri Sep 28 2018
  - Rework patch readline-7.0-screen.patch
* Sat Jul 07 2018
  - Add bash-memmove.patch to make bash.html build reproducible (boo#1100488)
* Wed Jun 13 2018
  - Add patch readline-7.0-screen.patch to be able to parse settings
    in inputrc for all screen TERM variables starting with "screen."
    to fix boo#1095661
* Mon Jun 04 2018
  - In patch bash-4.4.dif avoid setgroups(2) but use initgroups(3) (boo#1095670)
* Sat Jun 02 2018
  - Add patch 20, 21, 22 and 23 to bash-4.4-patches.tar.bz2
    * 20: In circumstances involving long-running scripts that create
      and reap many processes, it is possible for the hash table bash
      uses to store exit statuses from asynchronous processes to
      develop loops. This patch fixes the loop causes and adds code
      to detect any future loops.
    * 21: A SIGINT received inside a SIGINT trap handler can possibly
      cause the shell to loop.
    * 22: There are cases where a failing readline command (e.g.,
      delete-char at the end of a line) can cause a multi-character
      key sequence to `back up' and attempt to re-read some of the
      characters in the sequence.
    * 23: When sourcing a file from an interactive shell, setting the
      SIGINT handler to the default and typing ^C will cause the
      shell to exit.
  - remove bash-4.4-wait-sigint-handler.patch (upstreamed)
* Wed Apr 18 2018
  - Add patch bash-4.4-wait-sigint-handler.patch to fix bug bsc#1086247
    that is repeating self inserting trap due external command in the
* Tue Feb 27 2018
  - Create readline-devel-static package to re-enable static libraries
    again (boo#1082913)
* Thu Feb 22 2018
  - Use %license (boo#1082318)
* Tue Feb 06 2018
  - Add patch 19 to bash-4.4-patches.tar.bz2
    * With certain values for PS1, especially those that wrap onto
      three or more lines, readline will miscalculate the number of
      invisible characters, leading to crashes and core dumps.
* Tue Jan 30 2018
  - Add patches 13-18 to bash-4.4-patches.tar.bz2
    * 13: If a here-document contains a command substitution, the
      command substitution can get access to the file descriptor used
      to write the here-document.
    * 14: Under some circumstances, functions that return via the
      `return' builtin do not clean up memory they allocated to keep
      track of FIFOs.
    * 15: Process substitution can leak internal quoting to the
      parser in the invoked subshell.
    * 16: Bash can perform trap processing while reading command
      substitution output instead of waiting until the command
    * 17: There is a memory leak when `read -e' is used to read a
      line using readline.
    * 18: Under certain circumstances (e.g., reading from /dev/zero),
      read(2) will not return -1 even when interrupted by a signal.
      The read builtin needs to check for signals in this case.
  - partial cleanup with spec-cleaner
* Wed Jan 24 2018
  - Modify patch bash-4.3-pathtemp.patch to avoid crash at full
    file system (boo#1076909)
* Fri Dec 08 2017
  - Enable multibyte characters by default
* Mon Sep 25 2017
  - Modify patch bash-4.4.dif to let bashline.h install as well as
    this header file is included by general.h due to the same patch
* Thu May 25 2017
  - Make build reproducible in spite of profile based optimizations (boo#1040589)
* Wed May 24 2017
  - Allow to disable do_profiling in builds (related to boo#1040589)
* Wed Apr 26 2017
  - Simplify patch readline-5.2-conf.patch
* Tue Apr 25 2017
  - Do not throw info and manual pages away
* Fri Feb 17 2017
  - Remove bash-4.0-async-bnc523667.dif as this one is fixed (and
    was disabled and nobody had reported trouble)
* Mon Jan 30 2017
  - Add upstream patch readline70-002 which replace old one
    There is a race condition in add_history() that can be triggered by a fatal
    signal arriving between the time the history length is updated and the time
    the history list update is completed. A later attempt to reference an
    invalid history entry can cause a crash.
  - Add upstream patch readline70-003
    Readline-7.0 uses pselect(2) to allow readline to handle signals that do not
    interrupt read(2), such as SIGALRM, before reading another character.  The
    signal mask used in the pselect call did not take into account signals the
    calling application blocked before calling readline().
* Fri Jan 27 2017
  - Add upstream patch bash44-006
    Out-of-range negative offsets to popd can cause the shell to crash
    attempting to free an invalid memory block.
  - Remove patch popd-offset-overflow.patch to use bash44-006
  - Add upstream patch bash44-007
    When performing filename completion, bash dequotes the directory
    name being completed, which can result in match failures and
    potential unwanted expansion.
  - Duplicate bash44-007 as readline70-002 as it seems to be missed
  - Add upstream patch bash44-008
    Under certain circumstances, bash will evaluate arithmetic
    expressions as part of reading an expression token even when
    evaluation is suppressed. This happens while evaluating a
    conditional expression and skipping over the failed branch of the
  - Add upstream patch bash44-009
    There is a race condition in add_history() that can be triggered
    by a fatal signal arriving between the time the history length
    is updated and the time the history list update is completed.
    A later attempt to reference an invalid history entry can cause
    a crash.
  - Add upstream patch bash44-010
    Depending on compiler optimizations and behavior, the `read'
    builtin may not save partial input when a timeout occurs.
  - Add upstream patch bash44-011
    Subshells begun to run command and process substitutions may
    attempt to set the terminal's process group to an incorrect
    value if they receive a fatal signal.  This depends on the
    behavior of the process that starts the shell.
  - Add upstream patch bash44-012
    When -N is used, the input is not supposed to be split using
    $IFS, but leading and trailing IFS whitespace was still removed.
* Thu Jan 19 2017
  - Remove -L option on screen call dues API change, now we depend
    on environment variables only.
* Fri Dec 09 2016
  - Enable -fprofile-correction to cover misleading profile created due
    to terminating_signal which does not return.
* Mon Nov 28 2016
  -  Add upstream patch popd-offset-overflow.patch to fix boo#1010845
    CVE-2016-9401: bash: popd controlled free (Segmentation fault)
    Remark: this is a simple Segmentation fault, no security risk
* Thu Nov 17 2016
  - Add upstream patch bash44-001
    Bash-4.4 changed the way the history list is initially allocated to reduce
    the number of reallocations and copies.  Users who set HISTSIZE to a very
    large number to essentially unlimit the size of the history list will get
    memory allocation errors
  - Add upstream patch bash44-002
    Bash-4.4 warns when discarding NUL bytes in command substitution output
    instead of silently dropping them.  This patch changes the warnings from
    one per NUL byte encountered to one warning per command substitution.
  - Drop no-null-warning.patch as bash44-002 is official replacement
  - Add upstream patch bash44-003
    Specially-crafted input, in this case an incomplete pathname expansion
    bracket expression containing an invalid collating symbol, can cause the
    shell to crash.
  - Add upstream patch bash44-004
    There is a race condition that can result in bash referencing freed memory
    when freeing data associated with the last process substitution.
  - Add upstream patch bash44-005
    Under certain circumstances, a simple command is optimized to eliminate a
    fork, resulting in an EXIT trap not being executed. (boo#1008459)
  - Add upstream patch readline70-001
    Readline-7.0 changed the way the history list is initially allocated to reduce
    the number of reallocations and copies.  Users who set the readline
    history-size variable to a very large number to essentially unlimit the size
    of the history list will get memory allocation errors
* Mon Oct 24 2016
  - no-null-warning.patch: Don't warn about null bytes in command
* Tue Oct 04 2016
  - Avoid confusing library path
* Fri Sep 16 2016
  - Update bash 4.4 final
    * Latest bug fixes since 4.4 rc2
  - Update readline 7.0 final
    * Latest bug fixes since 7.0 rc2
    * New application-callable function: rl_pending_signal(): returns the signal
      number of any signal readline has caught but not yet handled.
    * New application-settable variable: rl_persistent_signal_handlers: if set
    to a non-zero value, readline will enable the readline-6.2 signal handler
    behavior in callback mode: handlers are installed when
    rl_callback_handler_install is called and removed removed when a complete
    line has been read.
  - Drop patch bash-4.3-async-bnc971410.dif as this one is part of 4.4
  - Drop patch bash-3.2-longjmp.dif as now long time be fixed
  - Drop patch bash-4.3-headers.dif as loadables now simply work
  - Drop readline-6.1-wrap.patch as this seems to be fixed
  - Disable patch bash-4.0-async-bnc523667.dif for now as it seems to be fixed
    in an other way
* Wed Sep 14 2016
  - Update bash 4.4 rc2  -- Bugfixes
  - Update readline 7.0 rc2 -- Bugfixes
* Mon Aug 01 2016
  - Make clear that the files /etc/profile as well as /etc/bash.bashrc
    may source other files as well even if the bash does not.
    Therefore modify patch bash-4.1-bash.bashrc.dif (bsc#959755)
* Thu Jul 14 2016
  - Update bash 4.4 beta 2
    * Value conversions (arithmetic expansions, case modification, etc.) now
      happen when assigning elements of an array using compound assignment.
    * There is a new option settable in config-top.h that makes multiple
      directory arguments to `cd' a fatal error.
    * Bash now uses mktemp() when creating internal temporary files; it produces
      a warning at build time on many Linux systems.
  - Update to readline library 7.0 beta 2 (not enabled as not standalone)
    * The default binding for ^W in vi mode now uses word boundaries specified
      by Posix (vi-unix-word-rubout is bindable command name).
    * rl_clear_visible_line: new application-callable function; clears all
      screen lines occupied by the current visible readline line.
    * rl_tty_set_echoing: application-callable function that controls whether
      or not readline thinks it is echoing terminal output.
    * Handle >| and strings of digits preceding and following redirection
      specifications as single tokens when tokenizing the line for history
    * Fixed a bug with displaying completions when the prefix display length
      is greater than the length of the completions to be displayed.
    * The :p history modifier now applies to the entire line, so any expansion
      specifying :p causes the line to be printed instead of expanded.
* Tue Mar 08 2016
  - Update bash 4.4 release candidate 1
    * There is now a settable configuration #define that will cause the shell
      to exit if the shell is running setuid without the -p option and setuid
      to the real uid fails.
    * Command and process substitutions now turn off the `-v' option when
      executing, as other shells seem to do.
    * The default value for the `checkhash' shell option may now be set at
      compile time with a #define.
    * The `mapfile' builtin now has a -d option to use an arbitrary character
      as the record delimiter, and a -t option  to strip the delimiter as
      supplied with -d.
    * The maximum number of nested recursive calls to `eval' is now settable in
      config-top.h; the default is no limit.
    * The `-p' option to declare and similar builtins will display attributes for
      named variables even when those variables have not been assigned values
      (which are technically unset).
    * The maximum number of nested recursive calls to `source' is now settable
      in config-top.h; the default is no limit.
    * All builtin commands recognize the `--help' option and print a usage
    * Bash does not allow function names containing `/' and `=' to be exported.
    * The `ulimit' builtin has new -k (kqueues) and -P (pseudoterminals) options.
    * The shell now allows `time ; othercommand' to time null commands.
    * There is a new `--enable-function-import' configuration option to allow
      importing shell functions from the environment; import is enabled by
    * `printf -v var ""' will now set `var' to the empty string, as if `var=""'
      had been executed.
    * GLOBIGNORE, the pattern substitution word expansion, and programmable
      completion match filtering now honor the value of the `nocasematch' option.
    * There is a new ${parameter@spec} family of operators to transform the
      value of `parameter'.
    * Bash no longer attempts to perform compound assignment if a variable on the
      rhs of an assignment statement argument to `declare' has the form of a
      compound assignment (e.g., w='(word)' ; declare foo=$w); compound
      assignments are accepted if the variable was already declared as an array,
      but with a warning.
    * The declare builtin no longer displays array variables using the compound
      assignment syntax with quotes; that will generate warnings when re-used as
      input, and isn't necessary.
    * Executing the rhs of && and || will no longer cause the shell to fork if
      it's not necessary.
    * The `local' builtin takes a new argument: `-', which will cause it to save
      and the single-letter shell options and restore their previous values at
      function return.
    * `complete' and `compgen' have a new `-o nosort' option, which forces
      readline to not sort the completion matches.
    * Bash now allows waiting for the most recent process substitution, since it
      appears as $!.
    * The `unset' builtin now unsets a scalar variable if it is subscripted with
      a `0', analogous to the ${var[0]} expansion.
    * `set -i' is no longer valid, as in other shells.
    * BASH_SUBSHELL is now updated for process substitution and group commands
      in pipelines, and is available with the same value when running any exit
    * Bash now checks $INSIDE_EMACS as well as $EMACS when deciding whether or
      not bash is being run in a GNU Emacs shell window.
    * Bash now treats SIGINT received when running a non-builtin command in a
      loop the way it has traditionally treated running a builtin command:
      running any trap handler and breaking out of the loop.
    * New variable: EXECIGNORE; a colon-separate list of patterns that will
      cause matching filenames to be ignored when searching for commands.
    * Aliases whose value ends in a shell metacharacter now expand in a way to
      allow them to be `pasted' to the next token, which can potentially change
      the meaning of a command (e.g., turning `&' into `&&').
    * `make install' now installs the example loadable builtins and a set of
      bash headers to use when developing new loadable builtins.
    * `enable -f' now attempts to call functions named BUILTIN_builtin_load when
      loading BUILTIN, and BUILTIN_builtin_unload when deleting it.  This allows
      loadable builtins to run initialization and cleanup code.
    * There is a new BASH_LOADABLES_PATH variable containing a list of directories
      where the `enable -f' command looks for shared objects containing loadable
    * The `complete_fullquote' option to `shopt' changes filename completion to
      quote all shell metacharacters in filenames and directory names.
    * The `kill' builtin now has a `-L' option, equivalent to `-l', for
      compatibility with Linux standalone versions of kill.
    * BASH_COMPAT and FUNCNEST can be inherited and set from the shell's initial
    * inherit_errexit: a new `shopt' option that, when set, causes command
      substitutions to inherit the -e option.  By default, those subshells disable
    - e.  It's enabled as part of turning on posix mode.
    * New prompt string: PS0.  Expanded and displayed by interactive shells after
      reading a complete command but before executing it.
    * Interactive shells now behave as if SIGTSTP/SIGTTIN/SIGTTOU are set to SIG_DFL
      when the shell is started, so they are set to SIG_DFL in child processes.
    * Posix-mode shells now allow double quotes to quote the history expansion
    * OLDPWD can be inherited from the environment if it names a directory.
    * Shells running as root no longer inherit PS4 from the environment, closing a
      security hole involving PS4 expansion performing command substitution.
    * If executing an implicit `cd' when the `autocd' option is set, bash will now
      invoke a function named `cd' if one exists before executing the `cd' builtin.
  - Update to readline library 7.0 release candidate 1
    * The history truncation code now uses the same error recovery mechansim as
      the history writing code, and restores the old version of the history file
      on error.  The error recovery mechanism handles symlinked history files.
    * There is a new bindable variable, `enable-bracketed-paste', which enables
      support for a terminal's bracketed paste mode.
    * The editing mode indicators can now be strings and are user-settable
      (new `emacs-mode-string', `vi-cmd-mode-string' and `vi-ins-mode-string'
      variables).  Mode strings can contain invisible character sequences.
      Setting mode strings to null strings restores the defaults.
    * Prompt expansion adds the mode string to the last line of a multi-line
      prompt (one with embedded newlines).
    * There is a new bindable variable, `colored-completion-prefix', which, if
      set, causes the common prefix of a set of possible completions to be
      displayed in color.
    * There is a new bindable command `vi-yank-pop', a vi-mode version of emacs-
      mode yank-pop.
    * The redisplay code underwent several efficiency improvements for multibyte
    * The insert-char function attempts to batch-insert all pending typeahead
      that maps to self-insert, as long as it is coming from the terminal.
    * rl_callback_sigcleanup: a new application function that can clean up and
      unset any state set by readline's callback mode.  Intended to be used
      after a signal.
    * If an incremental search string has its last character removed with DEL, the
      resulting empty search string no longer matches the previous line.
    * If readline reads a history file that begins with `#' (or the value of
      the history comment character) and has enabled history timestamps, the history
      entries are assumed to be delimited by timestamps.  This allows multi-line
      history entries.
    * Readline now throws an error if it parses a key binding without a terminating
      `:' or whitespace.
  - Remove patches which are upstream solved
  - Rename patches
    bash-4.3.dif become bash-4.4.dif
    readline-6.3.dif become readline-7.0.dif
  - Refresh other patches as well
* Mon Oct 19 2015
  - Define the USE_MKTEMP and USE_MKSTEMP cpp macros as the
    implementation is already there.
  - Add patch bash-4.3-pathtemp.patch to allow root to clear the
    file systems.  Otherwise the completion does not work if /tmp
    if full (ENOSPC for here documents)
* Fri Oct 16 2015
  - Remove --hash-size options as there is no any change in the final
    binary nor library anymore
* Mon Aug 31 2015
  - Add upstream patch bash43-039
    Using the output of `declare -p' when run in a function can result in variables
    that are invisible to `declare -p'.  This problem occurs when an assignment
    builtin such as `declare' receives a quoted compound array assignment as one of
    its arguments.
  - Add upstream patch bash43-040
    There is a memory leak that occurs when bash expands an array reference on
    the rhs of an assignment statement.
  - Add upstream patch bash43-041
    There are several out-of-bounds read errors that occur when completing command
    lines where assignment statements appear before the command name.  The first
    two appear only when programmable completion is enabled; the last one only
    happens when listing possible completions.
  - Add upstream patch bash43-042
    There is a problem when parsing command substitutions containing `case'
    commands within pipelines that causes the parser to not correctly identify
    the end of the command substitution.
* Wed Jul 01 2015
  - add bash-4.3-perl522.patch to fix texi2html for perl 5.22
    (defined(@array) has been deprecated since at least 2012)
* Thu May 28 2015
  - Add upstream patch bash43-034
    If neither the -f nor -v options is supplied to unset, and a name argument is
    found to be a function and unset, subsequent name arguments are not treated as
    variables before attempting to unset a function by that name.
  - Add upstream patch bash43-035
    A locale with a long name can trigger a buffer overflow and core dump.  This
    applies on systems that do not have locale_charset in libc, are not using
    GNU libiconv, and are not using the libintl that ships with bash in lib/intl.
  - Add upstream patch bash43-036
    When evaluating and setting integer variables, and the assignment fails to
    create a variable (for example, when performing an operation on an array
    variable with an invalid subscript), bash attempts to dereference a null
    pointer, causing a segmentation violation.
  - Add upstream patch bash43-037
    If an associative array uses `@' or `*' as a subscript, `declare -p' produces
    output that cannot be reused as input.
  - Add upstream patch bash43-038
    There are a number of instances where `time' is not recognized as a reserved
    word when the shell grammar says it should be.
* Mon May 18 2015
  - move info deletion to %preun sections
* Wed Mar 04 2015
  - bash-4.3-loadables.dif: One more warning fixed, in
  - bash-4.3-loadables.dif: Reverted one warning fix, which was
    introducing another warning and possibly a bug.
* Wed Mar 04 2015
  - bash-4.3-loadables.dif: Split changes to shell.h to a separate
    patch "bash-4.3-include-unistd.dif", as the loadables build just
    fine without these changes.
  - bash-4.3-loadables.dif: Drop all header file inclusion fixups,
    upstream fixed the problem differently 5 years ago.
* Wed Feb 18 2015
  - Do not restart all signal handlers for bash 4.3 as this breaks
    trap handler in subshells waotiug for a process
* Fri Jan 16 2015
  - Remove -DMUST_UNBLOCK_CHLD(=1) as this breaks waitchild(2) on linux
* Fri Jan 09 2015
  - Add upstream patch bash43-031
    The new nameref assignment functionality introduced in bash-4.3 did not perform
    enough validation on the variable value and would create variables with
    invalid names.
  - Add upstream patch bash43-032
    When bash is running in Posix mode, it allows signals -- including SIGCHLD --
    to interrupt the `wait' builtin, as Posix requires.  However, the interrupt
    causes bash to not run a SIGCHLD trap for all exited children.  This patch
    fixes the issue and restores the documented behavior in Posix mode.
  - Add upstream patch bash43-033
    Bash does not clean up the terminal state in all cases where bash or
    readline  modifies it and bash is subsequently terminated by a fatal signal.
    This happens when the `read' builtin modifies the terminal settings, both
    when readline is active and when it is not.  It occurs most often when a script
    installs a trap that exits on a signal without re-sending the signal to itself.
* Wed Dec 03 2014
  - Fix the sed command that fixes up the patch headers. It was
    printing a duplicate header line, which suprisingly did not
    confuse patch, but could in the future.
  - Fix all patches that had the duplicate header line issue.
* Tue Nov 04 2014
  - Use tail command to follow run-tests instead of a simpe cat command
* Fri Oct 24 2014
  - Really remove obsolete patches
* Fri Oct 24 2014
  - Skip autoconf on OS 10.2 or older
* Wed Oct 22 2014
  - Avoid fdupes on SLES-10
* Wed Oct 22 2014
  - Bump bash version to 4.3
* Tue Oct 21 2014
  - Allow building on targets from SL 10.1 to current since it's free



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