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Packages beginning with letter V

v4l-utils-lang-1.24.1-1.7 Translations for package v4l-utils linux/noarch
v4l2loopback-autoload-0.13.1-2.6 Autoload driver for V4L2 loopback devices linux/noarch
vacuum-im-lang-1.3.0+git1639054987.g0abd5e1-1.1 Translations for package vacuum-im linux/noarch
vagrant-2.3.7-7.1 Tool for building and distributing virtualized development environments linux/noarch
vagrant-bash-completion-2.3.7-7.1 Vagrant bash autocompletion linux/noarch
vagrant-doc-2.3.7-7.1 Documentation for Vagrant linux/noarch
vagrant-emacs-2.3.7-7.1 Vagrantfile syntax files for the emacs editor linux/noarch
vagrant-sshfs-doc-1.3.7-3.9 Documentation for vagrant-sshfs linux/noarch
vagrant-vbguest-doc-0.32.0-1.4 Documentation for vagrant-vbguest linux/noarch
vagrant-vim-2.3.7-7.1 Vagrantfile syntax files for the vim editor linux/noarch
vala-panel-appmenu-lang-0.7.6-3.3 Languages for package vala-panel-appmenu linux/noarch
vala-panel-lang-0.5.0-1.11 Translations for package vala-panel linux/noarch
valgrind-client-headers-3.23.0-1.1 Header files for for Valgrind linux/noarch
valkey-compat-redis-7.2.5-5.1 Conversion script and compatibility symlinks for Redis linux/noarchNew
variety-0.8.12-2.2 Wallpaper changer linux/noarch
varlink-bash-completion-23-1.1 Bash Completion for libvarlink linux/noarch
varlink-vim-23-1.1 Vim support for libvarlink linux/noarch
vcron-2.3-283.2 TK-Interface for cron and at linux/noarch
vcsh-1.20151229-4.2 Config manager for $HOME based on git linux/noarch
vcsh-zsh-completion-1.20151229-4.2 ZSH Completion for vcsh linux/noarch
vdu_controls-2.0.3-1.1 Visual Display Unit virtual control panel linux/noarch
velero-bash-completion-1.14.0-1.1 Bash Completion for velero linux/noarch
velero-fish-completion-1.14.0-1.1 Fish Completion for velero linux/noarch
velero-zsh-completion-1.14.0-1.1 Zsh Completion for velero linux/noarch
velocity-1.7-15.1 Java-based template engine linux/noarch
velocity-custom-parser-example-2.3-5.3 Apache Velocity Custom Parser Example linux/noarch
velocity-demo-1.7-15.1 Demo for velocity linux/noarch
velocity-engine-core-2.3-5.3 Apache Velocity - Engine linux/noarch
velocity-engine-examples-2.3-5.3 Apache Velocity Engine - Examples linux/noarch
velocity-engine-javadoc-2.3-5.3 Javadoc for velocity-engine linux/noarch
velocity-engine-parent-2.3-5.3 Apache Velocity - Engine parent pom linux/noarch
velocity-engine-scripting-2.3-5.3 Apache Velocity - JSR 223 Scripting linux/noarch
velocity-javadoc-1.7-15.1 Javadoc for velocity linux/noarch
velocity-manual-1.7-15.1 Manual for velocity linux/noarch
velocity-master-4-2.7 Velocity - Master POM linux/noarch
vendored_licenses_packager-0.1.0-1.7 Script to package legal files of vendored sources linux/noarch
verilator-devel-4.228-1.7 Verilator library header files linux/noarch
verilator-examples-4.228-1.7 Examples for verilator linux/noarch
veusz-3.6.2-1.6 GUI scientific plotting package linux/noarch
veusz-common-3.6.2-1.6 Common example and icons for all python flavors of veusz linux/noarch
vhs-bash-completion-0.7.2-1.1 Bash Completion for vhs linux/noarch
vhs-doc-0.7.2-1.1 Documentation for vhs linux/noarch
vhs-fish-completion-0.7.2-1.1 Fish Completion for vhs linux/noarch
vhs-zsh-completion-0.7.2-1.1 Zsh Completion for vhs linux/noarch
vido-lang-2.3.0-1.20 Translations for package vido linux/noarch
viewnior-lang-1.8-2.4 Translations for package viewnior linux/noarch
viewvc-1.3.0~dev20240207-1.2 Browse a Subversion Repository with a Web Browser linux/noarch
vifm-colors-0.13-1.3 Color themes for vifm linux/noarch
vim-data-9.1.0512-1.2 Data files needed for extended vim functionality linux/noarch
vim-data-common-9.1.0512-1.2 Common Data files for vim & gvim linux/noarch
vim-fzf-0.54.0-1.1 Vim plugin for fzf linux/noarchNew
vim-plugin-NERDcommenter-2.7.0-60.2 A plugin that allows for easy commenting of code for many filetypes linux/noarch
vim-plugin-NERDtree-7.1.0-60.2 A tree explorer plugin for navigating the filesystem linux/noarch
vim-plugin-a-2.18-60.2 Alternate files quickly linux/noarch
vim-plugin-ack-1.0.9-60.2 Run the ack search tool from Vim linux/noarch
vim-plugin-airline-0.11-60.2 Lean & mean status/tabline for vim that's light as air. linux/noarch
vim-plugin-ale-3.3.0-60.2 Asynchronous Lint Engine plugin for VIM linux/noarch
vim-plugin-align-37.43-60.2 Plugin to produce aligned text, equations, declarations, etc linux/noarch
vim-plugin-bats-0.10.0-60.2 Bats plugin for Vim linux/noarch
vim-plugin-bufexplorer-7.4.26-60.2 Buffer Explorer / Browser linux/noarch
vim-plugin-calendar-2.5-60.2 Calendar for vim linux/noarch
vim-plugin-colorschemes-1.0-60.2 Vim color schemes selection linux/noarch
vim-plugin-colorsel-20110107-60.2 A RGB/HSV color selector linux/noarch
vim-plugin-cscope-1-60.2 Keyboard mappings for cscope linux/noarch
vim-plugin-diffchanges-0.6+g346dae2-60.2 Show changes since the last save linux/noarch
vim-plugin-editorconfig-1.1.1-60.2 EditorConfig plugin for Vim linux/noarch
vim-plugin-file-line-1.0+20161020-60.2 File-line plugin for Vim linux/noarch
vim-plugin-fugitive-3.7-60.2 Fugitive plugin for Vim linux/noarch
vim-plugin-gitdiff-2-60.2 Show git diff in a split window linux/noarch
vim-plugin-gitrebase-keywordprg-1-60.2 Set keywordprg in git rebase --interactive linux/noarch
vim-plugin-gnupg-2.7.1-60.2 Plugin for transparent editing of gpg encrypted files linux/noarch
vim-plugin-latex-1.10.0+20220519-60.2 A rich set of tools for editing LaTeX linux/noarch
vim-plugin-locateopen-1.3-60.2 Edit file without entering the whole path linux/noarch
vim-plugin-markdown-2.0.0+20220926-60.2 Markdown support for vim linux/noarch
vim-plugin-matrix-1.10-60.2 Matrix screensaver for vim linux/noarch
vim-plugin-minibufexpl-6.3.2-60.2 Elegant buffer explorer that takes very little screen space linux/noarch
vim-plugin-multiplesearch-1.3-60.2 Display multiple searches at the same time linux/noarch
vim-plugin-neomutt-20220612-60.2 Neomutt plugin for Vim linux/noarch
vim-plugin-powerline-2.8.3-4.2 Powerline VIM plugin linux/noarch
vim-plugin-project-1.4.1-60.2 Organize/Navigate projects of files linux/noarch
vim-plugin-quilt-0.9.7-60.2 Quilt support for vim linux/noarch
vim-plugin-rails-5.2-60.2 Support for Ruby on Rails development linux/noarch
vim-plugin-salt-20170630-60.2 Salt plugin for Vim linux/noarch
vim-plugin-searchcomplete-1.1-60.2 Tab completion of words inside of a search linux/noarch
vim-plugin-showmarks-2.3-60.2 Visually shows the location of marks linux/noarch
vim-plugin-snipmate-0.83-60.2 Implements some of TextMate's snippets features in Vim linux/noarch
vim-plugin-supertab-2.1-60.2 Easy insert mode completion with Tab key linux/noarch
vim-plugin-table-mode-4.8.1-60.2 VIM Table Mode for instant table creation. linux/noarch
vim-plugin-taglist-4.6-60.2 Source code browser with support for many languages linux/noarch
vim-plugin-tlib-1.28-60.2 Utility functions for vim linux/noarch
vim-plugin-tregisters-0.2-60.2 List, edit, and run/execute registers/clipboards linux/noarch
vim-plugin-tselectbuffer-0.7-60.2 A quick buffer selector/switcher linux/noarch
vim-plugin-tselectfiles-0.11-60.2 A quick file selector/browser/explorer linux/noarch
vim-plugin-utl-2.0-60.2 Universal text linking for vim linux/noarch
vim-plugin-vimwiki-2.1-60.2 Personal wiki for vim linux/noarch
vim-plugin-zoomwin-24-60.2 Zoom in/out of windows (toggle between one window and multi-window) linux/noarch
vim-poke-4.2-1.1 Vim support for poke linux/noarchNew
vinagre-lang-3.22.0-17.1 Translations for package vinagre linux/noarch
vino-lang-3.22.0-9.11 Translations for package vino linux/noarch
vips-doc-8.15.1-1.6 Documentation for VIPS library linux/noarch
virt-firmware-24.4-1.1 Tools for virtual machine firmware volumes linux/noarch
virt-install-4.1.0-24.1 Utilities for installing virtual machines linux/noarchNew
virt-manager-4.1.0-24.1 Virtual Machine Manager linux/noarchNew
virt-manager-common-4.1.0-24.1 Common files used by the different Virtual Machine Manager interfaces linux/noarchNew
virt-scenario-gtk-2.1.3-1.3 Gtk interface virt-scenario linux/noarch
virt-v2v-bash-completion-2.4.0-6.2 Bash tab-completion for virt-v2v linux/noarch
virt-v2v-man-pages-ja-2.4.0-6.2 Japanese (ja) man pages for virt-v2v linux/noarch
virt-v2v-man-pages-uk-2.4.0-6.2 Ukrainian (uk) man pages for virt-v2v linux/noarch
virt-win-reg-1.52.0-5.1 Access and modify the Windows Registry of a Windows VM linux/noarch
virtme-1.25-2.1 Tools for virtualize the running distro or a rootfs linux/noarch
virtualbox-guest-desktop-icons-7.0.18-1.1 Icons for guest desktop files linux/noarch
virtualbox-guest-source-7.0.18-1.1 Source files for virtualbox guest kernel modules linux/noarch
virtualbox-host-source-7.0.18-1.1 Source files for virtualbox host kernel modules linux/noarch
vit-2.3.2-2.2 Visual Interactive Taskwarrior full-screen terminal interface linux/noarch
vkbasalt-cli-3.1.1-2.2 Command-line utility for vkBasalt linux/noarch
vlc-lang-3.0.21-3.1 Translations for package vlc linux/noarch
vlgothic-fonts-20220612-2.3 VL-Gothic TrueType font family linux/noarch
vncmanager-controller-gnome-1.0.2-2.2 Configuration application for VNC session linux/noarch
vocal-lang-2.4.2-6.3 Translations for package vocal linux/noarch
volatility3-2.5.2-1.1 Volatile memory artifact extraction utility framework linux/noarch
vollkorn-fonts-4.105-2.16 A serif font for everyday use linux/noarch
voms-doc-2.1.0~rc3-2.1 Virtual Organization Membership Service Documentation linux/noarch
vorbis-tools-lang-1.4.2-4.1 Translations for package vorbis-tools linux/noarch
vorta-0.9.1-2.1 Desktop Backup Client based on BorgBackup linux/noarch
votca-bash-2024-2.1 Bash completion for votca linux/noarch
votca-common-2024-2.1 Architecture-independent data files for VOTCA linux/noarch
votca-tutorials-2024-2.1 Tutorial documentation for VOTCA Coarse Graining Engine linux/noarch
vtcl-1.6.1a1-197.2 Visual Tcl linux/noarch
vte-lang-0.76.3-1.1 Translations for package vte linux/noarch
vtkdata-9.3.0-1.3 Kitware VTK Library Data linux/noarch
vulkan-headers- Vulkan C and C++ API header files linux/noarch

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