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libplacebo264-5.264.1-2.1 RPM for riscv64

From OpenSuSE Ports Tumbleweed for riscv64

Name: libplacebo264 Distribution: openSUSE Tumbleweed
Version: 5.264.1 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 2.1 Build date: Thu Mar 28 11:22:06 2024
Group: System/Libraries Build host: reproducible
Size: 765060 Source RPM: libplacebo5-5.264.1-2.1.src.rpm
Summary: Library for GPU-accelerated video/image rendering primitives
This library contains GPU-accelerated video/image rendering
primitives, as well as a standalone vulkan-based image/video
renderer. It is based on the core rendering algorithms and ideas
of mpv.






* Thu Mar 28 2024 Max Lin <>
  - Add %{?sle15_python_module_pythons} to make libplacebo5 build with
    python 3.11 on Leap15
* Wed Aug 02 2023 llyyr <>
  - Fix libplacebo5-devel and plplay5 conflict with libplacebo-devel
    and plplay, respectively
* Thu Mar 23 2023 Niklas Haas <>
  - Update libplacebo to version 5.264.1. See details in:
  - Bump meson dependency to 0.63
* Sun Mar 19 2023 Jan Engelhardt <>
  - Add baselibs.conf (for the sake of ffmpeg)
* Mon Mar 13 2023 llyyr <>
  - Update libplacebo to version 5.264.0. See details in:
* Tue Feb 28 2023 Callum Farmer <>
  - Correct BR from python3-jinja2 to python3-Jinja2, fixes
    dependency resolving on older distro
* Wed Jan 04 2023 Niklas Haas <>
  - Update libplacebo to version 5.229.2. See details in:
* Tue Nov 01 2022 Niklas Haas <>
  - Update libplacebo to version 5.229.1. See details in:
* Thu Oct 27 2022 Niklas Haas <>
  - Update libplacebo to version 5.229.0. See details in:
* Fri Jul 15 2022 Niklas Haas <>
  - Update libplacebo to version 4.208.0. See details in:
* Thu Feb 03 2022 Niklas Haas <>
  - Update libplacebo to version 4.192.1. See details in:
* Sun Jan 30 2022 Enrico Belleri <>
  - Update nuklear.h to 4.9.5
  - Add dav1d dependency
* Wed Jan 19 2022 Niklas Haas <>
  - Update libplacebo to version 4.192.0. See details in:
  - Add libunwind dependency
  - Bump meson dependency version to match upstream
* Tue Sep 07 2021 Niklas Haas <>
  - Update libplacebo to version 4.157.0:
    This is a major new release involving a significant overhaul of the
    public API, full thread safety, support for Direct3D 11 / Win32 /
    MSVC, native HDR output, and more.
    The primary way of accessing most libplacebo objects has been revamped.
    Rather than writing e.g. `const struct pl_tex *image`, users now simply
    write `pl_tex image`. In addition, the `struct pl_context *ctx` was
    universally refactored and replaced by `pl_log log`, with no concern
    besides logging.
    Direct3D 11 is now natively supported by libplacebo, and compiling on
    Windows in general has been made more straightforward.
    The entire API was revamped to be thread safe by default, even when
    using OpenGL (assuming the user provides the appropriate context binding
    callbacks). Accompanying this change, the `pl_queue` has been rewritten
    with multi-threaded decoding loops in mind. See the accompanying
    `plplay` demo for an illustration.
    Finally, this release brings with it a lot of features for feature
    parity with mpv, such as the ability to get pass stats / timings,
    oversample scaling, and more.
  - add a `void *user_data` field to `pl_frame`, with no further
    interpretation by libplacebo
  - add `pl_queue_push_block`, useful for multi-threaded decoding loops
  - add a `uint64_t timeout` to `pl_queue_update`, allowing it to
    block until frames are available even when not using a `get_frame`
  - make `pl_queue_update` also return valid data when failing with
    PL_QUEUE_MORE, allowing access to partial/incomplete mix outputs
  - allow calling `pl_render_image` on `image == NULL`, to render overlays
  - add `pl_get_buffer2`, API-compatible with AVCodecContext.get_buffer2
  - add support for blitting from/to several obscure formats such as
    a1rgb5 or 64-bit integer formats
  - add `pl_tex_clear_ex` to support clearing integer textures
  - add `pl_render_params.ignore_icc_profiles`, for debugging
  - add `pl_queue_params.interpolation_threshold`, to allow disabling
    frame mixing when the source FPS approximately matches the display FPS
  - always accept DRM_FORMAT_MOD_INVALID for texture imports
  - add extra windowing functions to <libplacebo/filters.h>
  - add the `pl_fmt.gatherable` capability
  - add `pl_shader_sample_oversample`, a variant of nearest-neighbour
    that preserves pixel aspect ratios - good for pixel art
  - add `pl_scale_filters` alongside `pl_frame_mixers`
  - add support for compile-time specialization constants (`pl_constant`),
    and use them to speed up recompilation of shaders with hard-coded
  - add `pl_render_params.dynamic_constants`, which lifts hard-coded
    constants to dynamic variables - useful for scenarios in which render
    parameters are expected to change very frequently
  - add more PL_COLOR_TRC_GAMMAxx definitions
  - implement full black point adaptation, even when not using ICC
    profiles, and infer this black-point-adapted BT.1886 instead of gamma
    2.2 as the default gamma curve for SDR files.
  - add `pl_shader_res.description` and `pl_shader_res.steps`, containing
    more friendly names for shaders plus a detailed list of operations
    that shader is performing
  - add callbacks to `pl_dispatch` and `pl_renderer` for informing users
    of executed passes and their execution times
  - add support for the Direct3D 11 graphics API
  - add `pl_swapchain_colorspace_hint`, replacing
    `pl_swapchain_hdr_metadata` as the new way to update swapchain
    colorspace metadata at runtime. This can be used to e.g. switch
    between HDR and SDR mode, for supported swapchains
  - add `pl_peak_detect_params.minimum_peak`, allowing users to constrain
    the detected peak values to only be sensible (e.g. above 1.0)
  - simplify the `shaderc` pkg-config check - rather than querying for
    `shaderc_shared.pc`, `shaderc_combined.pc` etc, simply check for
    `shaderc.pc`, matching upstream
  - make almost everything thread-safe, and document the parts that
    aren't. In particular, almost all GPU state access is now thread safe,
    freeing up users to access `pl_gpu` instances from multiple threads,
    even when the underlying API is OpenGL
  - deprecate `disable_overlay_sampling`, now effectively always true
  - `struct pl_overlay` has been refactored completely to allow for
    overlays with more than one part per texture. The only way of using
    this struct is deprecated
  - prefix `enum pl_queue_status` members by `PL_`, fixing an oversight in
    the previous version of this API
  - make `pl_renderer` automatically clear the target image, freeing users
    from the responsibility of calling `pl_frame_clear` themselves. This
    can be controlled via three new fields in `pl_render_params`:
    `background_color`, `background_transparency` and `skip_target_clearing`
  - rename `pl_context` to `pl_log`, and make its use optional. The old
    names have been deprecated. It now lives inside <libplacebo/log.h>
  - add `typedefs` to all public-facing object types, o make them shorter
    to reference. For example, `const struct pl_tex *tex` is now simply
    `pl_tex tex`. This change affects almost every type of object in
    libplacebo. The old way of referencing these objects is still
    possible, but considered deprecated. Note that due to C++-specific
    reasons, C++ users *must* upgrade their codeto the new API style
  - remove support for 64-bit float formats, which probably don't work on
    any Vulkan implementation
  - stop contrast-limiting ICC profiles, instead assuming perceptual
    profiles have infinite contrast
  - remove `pl_shader_signature` for being necessarily unsafe
  - require Vulkan 1.1 as the minimum vulkan version
  - rename `pl_oversample_frame_mixer` to `pl_filter_oversample`, and
    allow using it for image scaling as well
  - change `pl_color_space_monitor` from PL_COLOR_TRC_GAMMA22 to UNKNOWN
  - change the signature of `pl_shader_(de)linearize` slightly
  - significantly increase the default strengths of the desaturation
    settings in`pl_color_map_params`, to mimic the hollywood feel
  - refactor `pl_glsl_desc` and `pl_gpu_caps` completely, in favor of the
    new structs `pl_glsl_version` and `pl_gpu_limits`, with new members.
    The old API is still available for the time being, but deprecated
    Fixes and performance improvements:
  - fix possible use-after-free in `plplay`
  - don't explode `pl_queue` on NaN/Infinity/weird PTS values
  - fix edge case involving plane merging for cropped images
  - improve `plplay` by using threaded libplacebo APIs
  - several fixes for edge cases in <libplacebo/utils/libav.h> helpers
  - several fixes for 32-bit platforms (e.g. integer overflows)
  - fix blending edge cases involving overlays and alpha channels
  - skip some unnecessary matrix multiplications for RGB content
  - allow for some small backwards PTS jumps in `pl_queue_update`
  - fix drawing overlays to subsampled targets
  - `pl_dispatch` now garbage collects old, unused passes to free up RAM
  - various improvements to debug/diagnonstic printouts
  - allow blitting from e.g. 2D to 3D textures
  - slightly improve small texture transfers in some emulated edge cases
  - fix several possible hash collisions for generated shaders, making the
    shader dispatch mechanism significantly more robust
  - properly allow building against vulkan headers without linking to the
    vulkan loader
  - C++ compatibility for public headers
  - improve performance of textureGather-based polar sampling, especially
    for radius 2 and 4
  - fix vulkan texture handle capabilities check, again
  - don't include superfluous pNext chains, fixes undefined behavior
  - fix crash on edge case when shader compilation fails
  - infer unsampled alpha channels as 1.0, rather than 0.0
  - properly infer `target->color` in `pl_render_image`
  - properly tag the OpenGL swapchain as pl_color_space_monitor
  - fix possible crash in pl_get_detected_peak
  - fix several edge cases in pl_render_image_mix relating to LUTs,
    3DLUTs, HDR peak detection and so on
  - fix sig_peak inferral for HLG content
  - several compatibility fixes for older GLSL, and GLES 2.0
  - fix possible use-after-free in pl_shader_custom
  - fix `pl_color_map_params.gamut_clipping` for HDR targets
  - reduce the number of redundant color space transformations required
    for frame mixing
  - fix edge case in pl_dispatch_save for some ancient GL drivers
  - several fixes for LLVM/MinGW/MSVC
  - fix bug where pl_pass_run incorrectly invalidated/accessed
    `params->target` even for compute shaders
  - add windows compatibility to several demo programs
  - fix the pl_fmt <-> DRM fourcc format mapping table
  - fix inappropriate texture access function for generated samplers with
    the sampler2D API
  - avoid generating spurious EGL errors when probing for EGL format
  - fix various typis in the documentation
* Fri May 07 2021 Niklas Haas <>
  - Update libplacebo to version 3.120.3:
    This minor release fixes a number of regressions surrounding memory
    imports and DRM modifiers, specifically aimed at issues that arose with
    mpv's --hwdec=vaapi.
  - `pl_fmt.modifiers` now always includes DRM_FORMAT_MOD_INVALID on
    OpenGL, which instructs the implementation to not specify modifiers
  - passing a DRM modifier not in the list of supported modifiers is now
    considered a hard error, to rule out non-working hwaccel formats
  - fix a crash when using sampling shaders on textures with unknown formats
  - fix improperly specified SDL header imports in the demos
  - fix an issue where the vulkan texture handle capabilities were testing
    for presence of the wrong extension
  - fix an issue where non-enabled DRM modifier structs were accidentally
    linked into the pNext chain, causing issues with some drivers
* Mon Apr 19 2021 Niklas Haas <>
  - Update libplacebo to version 3.120.2:
    This minor release fixes a number of additional bugs related to the
    thread queue, included demos, included helpers, and build system.
  - replace the `shaderc` library checks by pkg-config checks
  - `pl_dispatch` no longer grows infinitely, but prunes stale cache
    entries after a certain threshold
  - improve logging of GPU capabilities (including format capabilities)
    Fixes and performance improvements:
  - fix a typo on an error message
  - fix a use-after-free edge case in `plplay`
  - filter out Infinity, NaN and other values from fps/vps estimates
  - add several warnings for suspected frame queue API misuses
  - fix a crash when combining pl_render_image_mix with cropped frames
  - fix a crash on AV_PIX_FMT_NONE in the libav helpers
  - fix the loading of overlays in the `sdlimage` demo
  - fix a number of potential overflows on 32-bit platforms
  - omit redundant identity matrices in pl_shader_decode_color
  - fix crash in frame queue with certain out-of-order PTS sequences
  - add missing link to vulkan dependency in the `video-filtering` demo
  - correctly shift overlays when drawing to subsampled YCbCr planes
  - add missing check for PL_GPU_CAP_CALLBACKS in `utils/{libav,dav1d}.h`
  - improve handling of asynchronous texture uploads in `utils/libav.h`
* Tue Apr 06 2021 Niklas Haas <>
  - Update libplacebo to version 3.120.1:
    This hotfix release fixes a number of minor issues with the v3.120.0
    release, and also modularizes the included demo programs to cut down on
    the number of compiled binaries.
  - hexadecimal strings in custom shaders may now include whitespace
  - added 16-bit half float formats to the dummy pl_gpu
  - significantly reduced verbosity of the included demo programs
  - merged all of the demo program variants into a single binary that
    picks the best windowing system / graphical API at runtime
  - install `plplay` when demos are enabled
    Fixes and performance improvements:
  - fixed an integer overflow in a texture bounds check
  - fixed a false positive error in the test framework on 32-bit platforms
  - fixed some minor issues with various outdated comments
  - fixed a potential use-after-free in the `plplay` demo program when
    playing files containing embedded ICC profiles
* Fri Apr 02 2021 Niklas Haas <>
  - Update libplacebo to version 3.120.0. (Upstream changelog appended)
  - Create a new package `plplay` for the included demo program. This requires
    bundling a copy of `nuklear.h`, which is single-header library not included
    as part of the libplacebo source distribution.
    This is a feature release, introducing frame mixing, DRM format
    modifiers, and support for custom LUTs -, while also greatly expanding
    the available demo programs, in particular the `plplay` video player.
    The main highlight is the new `pl_queue` abstraction living in
    <libplacebo/utils/frame_queue.h>. This greatly simplifies the core of a
    libplacebo-based video renderer by translating a stream of input frames
    into an array of GPU-mapped textures suitable for frame mixing, given a
    corresponding vsync timestamp. New frames can be delivered to this API
    using a push or pull model, and they are lazily uploaded on an as-needed
    basis as well as internally garbage collected when no longer needed.
    This abstraction also contains all needed machinery for estimating
    source/display framerates by comparing and averaging timestamps, freeing
    users from the burden of having to accurately determine this information
    a priori.
    Also worth mentioning is the addition of support for custom LUTs,
    currently only in Adobe's .cube format. They can be applied flexibly at
    a number of locations in the video processing pipeline, including as a
    replacement for YUV<->RGB conversion or tone/gamut mapping, and fed with
    either normalized linear light or native-gamma values.
    Among the included demo programs, the `plplay` example video player has
    been greatly expanded - adding support for a settings GUI (based on
    nuklear), frame timing and mixing, custom shaders, and more. This
    example video player now serves as a convenient platform to demonstrate
    all of libplacebo's advanced rendering features.
    Finally, all of libplacebo now contains only code written entirely from
    scratch (rather than deriving from mpv), opening up the possibility to
    explore different licenses besides the current LGPLv2.1+. In particular,
    permissive (MIT/BSD-style) licenses are being considered.
  - add asynchronous GPU callbacks, specifically to `pl_tex_transfer`,
    allowing for non-blocking host memory transfer operations
  - add `pl_shared_mem.stride_w/h` to control dmabuf pitch
  - add `pl_render_image_mix` to blend multiple frames into a single
    output image, given relative timestamp information
  - add the `pl_filter_mitchell_clamp` filter preset
  - add `pl_render_params.preserve_mixing_cache` to speed up redraws after
    renderer size changes when frame mixing is active
  - add <libplacebo/utils/dav1d.h> to help with Dav1dPicture mapping
  - implement `PL_HANDLE_HOST_PTR` for the OpenGL backend
  - implement drm format modifiers for vulkan
  - add a new field `pl_fmt.modifiers` for DRM format modifier negotiation
  - add new header <libplacebo/shaders/lut.h> to load custom LUTs
    (currently only supporting the .cube format)
  - add `index_data/buf` to `pl_pass_run_params`, adding support for
    indexed vertex data when dispatching shader passes
  - add `pl_dispatch_vertex` to allow dispatching fragment shaders using
    a list of custom vertices with custom vertex attributes
  - add `pl_frame_recreate_from_avframe` and `pl_download_avframe` to help
    downloading GPU textures back into AVFrame form
  - add a new header <libplacebo/utils/frame_queue.h> to assist in taking
    a stream of (Frame, PTS) pairs as well as a list of VSync times and
    turning them into a stream of `pl_frame_mix` structs
  - add `pl_white_from_temp` and `pl_color_adjustment.temperature` to
    apply white point adjustments between correlated color temperatures (K)
  - add `pl_filter_preset.description` containing a longer, human-readable
    name for a given filter preset
  - `pl_3dlut_params` has been renamed `pl_icc_params`
  - `pl_render_params.force_3dlut` has been renamed `force_icc_lut`
  - `pl_3dlut_update/apply` have been renamed to `pl_icc_update/apply` and
    moved to a (conditionally installed) new header <libplacebo/shaders/icc.h>
  - `pl_upload_plane` no longer initializes `out_plane->shift_x/y` to 0,
    instead leaving them unmodified (to avoid clobbering existing shift data)
  - `pl_filter_box` has been renamed to `pl_filter_nearest`
  - `pl_filter_triangle` has been renamed to `pl_filter_bilinear`
  - `pl_render_params.frame_mixer = NULL` now disables frame mixing - to
    get back the old behaviour, set this to `&pl_oversample_frame_mixer`.
  - `pl_color_map_params.gamut_warning` now highlights out-of-gamut colors
    in bright pink, rather than the old (ill-defined) inversion behaviour
  - `pl_named_filter_config` has been renamed to `pl_filter_preset`
  - `pl_find_named_filter` has been renamed to `pl_find_filter_preset`
  - ditto for `pl_named_filter_function` and `pl_filter_function_preset`
    Fixes and performance improvements:
  - fix buffer overflow in custom shader STORAGE blocks
  - fix include path for glslang >= 11.0.0
  - actually enable shader subgroup operations for HDR peak detection
  - fix locale dependence of shader parsing primitives
  - fix AVCOL_SPC_SMPTE170M mapping
  - fix wrong color space selection in `pl_vulkan_create_swapchain`
  - work-around low UBO size limits on some platforms
  - fix compilation issues on C++ due to the use of reserved identifiers
  - fix `pl_get_detected_peak` on platforms without host-visible SSBOs
  - fix edge case in vulkan texture handle capabilities check
  - fix suboptimal mutex destruction code
  - skip peak detection when outputting to HDR displays
  - fix edge cases in shader LUT type selection logic
  - avoid redundant scaling passes when scaling anamorphic content
  - merge similar planes before dispatching heavy shaders (e.g.
    debanding, hooks)
  - avoid scaling passes for certain small fractional scaling steps
  - entirely avoid processing unneeded components when dispatching scalers
  - avoid using more components than necessary for intermediate FBOs
  - fix out-of-bounds read for small non-cropped emulated textures
  - avoid thrashing the shader cache when reinitializing OpenGL FBOs
  - fix incorrect include in <libplacebo/opengl.h>
  - fix vk.xml priority issue on windows
  - fix undefined behaviour / GPU hangs in HDR peak detection shader
  - fix incorrect forwarding of DRM modifiers to the OpenGL backend
  - fix crash on AV_PIX_FMT_FLAG_BAYER
  - fix various compilation issues on certain platforms
  - fix obscure edge-case in floating point printing routine
  - `pl_render_params.force_icc_lut` now excludes no-op cases
  - fix handling of custom shader COMPUTE blocks
  - correctly apply hue and saturation controls for non-YCbCr color spaces
* Fri Jan 01 2021 Mia Herkt <>
  - Update to version 3.104.0
    This is a major release, introducing many new features and
    modifications. Most importantly, libplacebo now interoperates well
    with FFmpeg's libav* abstractions. This is primarily exposed via a
    new set of helpers, <libplacebo/utils/libav.h>, implemented as a
    single header library. In addition to this, a number of other
    supporting changes have been made to the API, most notably the
    unification of `pl_image` and `pl_render_target` into a single
    `pl_frame` concept, similar in spirit to AVFrame. As such,
    libplacebo now supports **rendering to planar targets**, including
    subsampled YCbCr.
    Besides the libav* compatibility changes, this release also brings
    with it a new feature for custom shaders: buffer blocks, and
    persistent storage. This can be used by third parties to implement
    stateful shaders (e.g. motion interpolation or temporal
    deinterlacing), or be leveraged to speed up some shaders by
    combining multiple passes into one.
    Finally, various import/export procedures have been expanded,
    including the ability to import host pointers and real-world
    * add `pl_memory_qualifiers`, plus a corresponding
      `pl_shader_desc.memory`, to allow attaching GLSL memory
      qualifiers (coherent, volatile etc.) to shader descriptors
    * add functions `pl_dispatch_save` and `pl_dispatch_load` to
      allow saving/restoring the contents of an entire
      `pl_dispatch`'s cache
    * add functions `pl_renderer_save` and `pl_renderer_load` to
      allow saving/restoring the contents of an entire
      `pl_renderer`'s cache
    * add `pl_vulkan_swapchain_params.prefer_hdr`, which will cause
      the surface format selection logic to try HDR output formats
    * add `pl_buf_copy` to copy from one buffer to another
    * add `pl_get_detected_peak`, to read back the result of peak
    * add `pl_primaries_superset` to test if one set of primaries is
      fully enclosed by another
    * add `pl_color_map_params.gamut_clipping`, which will
      colorimetrically clip any out-of-gamut colors by desaturating
      them towards neutral gray until they're in-gamut, rather than
      clipping per channel as before
    * add `PL_GPU_CAP_SUBGROUPS` and `pl_gpu_limits.subgroup_size`,
      to expose GLSL subgroup functionality via the `pl_gpu`
    * add `pl_gpu_is_failed`, to query at a high level whether the
      `pl_gpu` is in some internal failure state. GPUs in this state
      should be recreated, using the appropriate mechanism
    * add `pl_shader_custom`, to allow injecting arbitrary custom
      GLSL code into a `pl_shader`.
    * add `pl_buf_params.import_handle` to allow importing buffers
    * add `PL_HANDLE_HOST_POTR`, to allow importing arbitrary host
    * add `pl_pass_run_params.vertex_buf`, to allow drawing vertex
      data directly from a `pl_buf`, guarded by
    * add `_COUNT` members to all public enums, for consistency
    * add `pl_shared_mem.drm_format_mod`, to allow communicating
      DRM format modifiers when importing/exporting textures
    * add support for importing DMABUFs via EGL, via the new fields
    * add `pl_fmt.fourcc` to facilitate mapping between `pl_fmt` and
    * add the missing `pl_var_*` helpers, for consistency
    * add `pl_plane_data_align` to help with aligning
      `pl_plane_data` structs to byte boundaries
    * add support for STORAGE textures in user shaders, which can be
      used to persist data across separate invocations of the shader
    * add support for BUFFER blocks in user shaders, which can be
      used to create UBOs or SSBOs for use inside shaders, the latter
      of which can also persist across frames and be used to store
      persistent state
    * add a new header <libplacebo/utils/libav.h>, containing a
      variety of helper functions for interoperating between libav*
      and libplacebo
    * add `demos/plplay.c` to serve as a demonstration of how to make
      a trivial playback loop with libavcodec and libplacebo
    * add `pl_sample_src.component_mask` to allow sampling an
      arbitrary subset of the available components from a plane
    * add `pl_frame_is_cropped` and `pl_frame_clear` to assist in
      properly clearing frames before rendering to them
    * add `pl_tex_poll` to assist in interoperating with some
      external APIs
    * add `pl_render_params.blend_params` to allow blending the final
    * remove `pl_image.signature` and
    * change vulkan surface format selection to prioritize formats by
      'score', preferring higher depth integer formats
    * `pl_fmt` may now have PL_FMT_CAP_STORABLE even when
      `glsl_format` is NULL, in which case formatless image storage
      must be used
    * `pl_buf_read` no longer requires `buf_offset` be a multiple of
    * `pl_buf_*` commands are now synchronized internally:
    * `pl_buf_write` and `pl_buf_read` now block while the buffer is
      in use Note: for this reason, `pl_buf_write` should not be used
      in loops
    * `pl_tex_upload/download` may now be called on in-use buffers
    * allow `pl_dispatch_compute` on shaders with outputs, including
      the ability to automatically determine the number of work
      groups based on the shader output resolution
    * remove `pl_buf_params.type`, and the concept of buffer types in
      general. `pl_buf` is now a generic catch-all for any type of
      buffer, with individual capabilities in `pl_buf_params`
      determinig what type of shader operations it can be used for
    * relax the alignment requirements on `pl_tex_transfer_params`
    * change `pl_opengl_wrap_params` to allow directly importing
      framebuffers in addition to textures
    * rename `pl_color_levels` members for clarity
    * make `pl_opengl` ignore software rasterizers by default, unless
      the new field `pl_opengl_params.allow_software` is set
    * add `pl_av1_grain_params.luma_comp` to allow drawing the luma
      component from a channel with nonzero index
    * `pl_renderer` now supports rendering to planar targets,
      including subsampled targets
    * `pl_image` and `pl_render_target` have been removed and unified
      into a single `pl_frame` concept
    * remove `pl_tex_params.sample_mode/address_mode` and move them
      to `pl_desc_binding` instead, to decouple them from texture
    * refactor the signature of `pl_tex_blit`
    Fixes and performance improvements:
    * fix an oversight where `pl_buf_destroy` delayed some buffer
      destructions unnecessarily
    * fix a limitation where `pl_tex_destroy` sometimes delayed
      destroying textures unnecessarily
    * improve the performance of `pl_dispatch`'s code for assembling
    * improve the performance of `pl_shader_av1_grain` by switching
      from SSBOs to texture LUTs, also improving compatibility with
      older GL
    * improve the performance of `pl_shader_detect_peak` on GPUs with
      access to subgroups operations
    * fix an issue where reinitializing shader state objects with
      different settings sometimes resulted in undefined behaviour
    * fix some GLSL backwards compatibility issues
    * slightly cut down on unnecessary image layout transitions
    * add some miscellaneous debug print-outs, and improve the
      legibility of some existing log messages
    * fix an issue where freeing buffer variables from shader
      descriptors could result in use-after-free
    * add support for vulkan memory imports requiring dedication
    * slightly improve, and fix, the vulkan memory placement logic
    * significantly improve the performance of `pl_tex_download` by
      importing the target host pointer directly
    * improve the performance of small LUTs, especially for the
      non-compute polar fallback path
    * prevent `pl_renderer` from unneccessarily applying a 3DLUT when
      both the input and output frames have the same ICC profile
    * fix the behaviour of partially specified `pl_bit_encoding`
    * fix the component ordering on some odd packed vulkan formats
    * fix an issue where `pl_plane_data_from_mask` broke for high bit
    * make `pl_renderer` consult the dither bit depth from the
      texture precision, if absent from `pl_bit_encoding`
    * fix the behaviour of `pl_renderer` when sampling from textures
      with swapped component orders
    * fix the implementation of PL_COLOR_SYSTEM_BT_2100_HLG
    * fix some issues relating to missing includes
    * enforce legality of image usage parameters on `pl_vulkan_wrap`
    * fix an undesired shader double-compilation when using
      orthogonal scalers with subsampled chroma planes
    * fix an issue where application of a 3DLUT cleared the alpha
    * add a missing extension to `pl_vulkan_recommended_extensions`
    * fix the plane alignment code for oddly sized subsampled chroma
    * fix the poor precision of `pl_shader_dither` for high bit
    * fix several possible overflows in the BT.2390 shader
    * fix a bug where using a polar sampler to draw a scaled overlay
      onto a non-storable target neglected to disable compute shaders
    * fix a bug where the renderer could sometimes alias when
      downscaling, in particular if both the upsampler and
      downsampler are set to bicubic
    * improve performance of scalers by avoiding bilinear filtering
    * reduce verbosity of memory allocations
    * fix missing PL_FMT_CAP_BLENDABLE on opengl fbos
    * significantly improve precision of float literals in shaders
    * add better error checking to gl_pass_create



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