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libjson-c5-0.17-2.3 RPM for ppc64le

From OpenSuSE Ports Tumbleweed for ppc64le

Name: libjson-c5 Distribution: openSUSE Tumbleweed
Version: 0.17 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 2.3 Build date: Wed Dec 6 16:26:31 2023
Group: System/Libraries Build host: reproducible
Size: 135647 Source RPM: json-c-0.17-2.3.src.rpm
Summary: JSON-C shared library
JSON-C implements a reference counting object model that allows you to
easily construct JSON objects in C, output them as JSON formatted
strings and parse JSON formatted strings back into the C
representation of JSON objects.

This package includes the JSON library.






* Wed Dec 06 2023 Guillaume GARDET <>
  - Drop unneeded -DCMAKE_C_FLAGS=-std=gnu99 to use distro CFLAGS
* Fri Nov 03 2023 Paolo Stivanin <>
  - Update to 0.17:
    + New features:
    * json_patch: add first implementation only with patch application
    * Add --disable-static and --disable-dynamic options to the cmake-configure script.
    * Add -DBUILD_APPS=NO option to disable app build
    * Minimum cmake version is now 3.9
    + Significant changes and bug fixes:
    * When serializing with JSON_C_TO_STRING_PRETTY set, keep the opening and
      closing curly or square braces on same line for empty objects or arrays.
    * Disable locale handling when targeting a uClibc system due to problems
      with its duplocale() function.
    * When parsing with JSON_TOKENER_STRICT set, integer overflow/underflow
      now result in a json_tokener_error_parse_number. Without that flag
      values are capped at INT64_MIN/UINT64_MAX.
    * Fix memory leak with emtpy strings in json_object_set_string
    * json_object_from_fd_ex: fail if file is too large (>=INT_MAX bytes)
    * Add back json_number_chars, but only because it's part of the public API.
    * Entirely drop mode bits from open(O_RDONLY) to avoid warnings on certain
    * Specify dependent libraries, including -lbsd, in a more consistent way so
      linking against a static json-c works better
    * Fix a variety of build problems and add & improve tests
    * Update RFC reference to
  - Remove deprecated suse_version checks
* Wed Apr 20 2022 Paolo Stivanin <>
  - Update to 0.16:
    + Deprecated and removed features:
    * JSON_C_OBJECT_KEY_IS_CONSTANT is deprecated in favor of
    * Direct access to lh_table and lh_entry structure members is deprecated.
      Use access functions instead, lh_table_head(), lh_entry_next(), etc...
    * Drop REFCOUNT_DEBUG code.
    + Changes and bug fixes
    * Cap string length at INT_MAX to avoid various issues with very long strings.
    * json_object_deep_copy: fix deep copy of strings containing '\0'
    * Fix read past end of buffer in the "json_parse" command
    * Avoid out of memory accesses in the locally provided vasprintf() function
      (for those platforms that use it)
    * Handle allocation failure in json_tokener_new_ex
    * Fix use-after-free in json_tokener_new_ex() in the event of printbuf_new() returning NULL
    * printbuf_memset(): set gaps to zero - areas within the print buffer which
      have not been initialized by using printbuf_memset
    * printbuf: return -1 on invalid arguments (len < 0 or total buffer > INT_MAX)
    * sprintbuf(): propagate printbuf_memappend errors back to the caller
    * Validate size arguments in arraylist functions.
    * Use getrandom() if available; with GRND_NONBLOCK to allow use of json-c
      very early during boot, such as part of cryptsetup.
    * Use arc4random() if it's available.
    * random_seed: on error, continue to next method instead of exiting the process
    * Close file when unable to read from /dev/urandom in get_dev_random_seed()
    * Speed up parsing by replacing ctype functions with simplified, faster
      non-locale-sensitive ones in json_tokener and json_object_to_json_string.
    * Neither vertical tab nor formfeed are considered whitespace per the JSON spec
    * json_object: speed up creation of objects, calloc() -> malloc() + set fields
    * Avoid needless extra strlen() call in json_c_shallow_copy_default() and
      json_object_equal() when the object is known to be a json_type_string.
* Wed May 19 2021 Fridrich Strba <>
  - Add -std=gnu99 to fix build with some gcc versions
* Mon Aug 17 2020 Dirk Mueller <>
  - update to 0.15:
    * Deprecate `array_list_new()` in favor of `array_list_new2()`
    * Remove the THIS_FUNCTION_IS_DEPRECATED define.
    * Remove config.h.win32
    * Add a `JSON_TOKENER_ALLOW_TRAILING_CHARS` flag to allow multiple objects
      to be parsed even when `JSON_TOKENER_STRICT` is set.
    * Add `json_object_new_array_ext(int)` and `array_list_new_2(int)` to allow
      arrays to be allocated with the exact size needed, when known.
    * Add `json_object_array_shrink()` (and `array_list_shrink()`) and use it in
      json_tokener to minimize the amount of memory used.
    * Add a json_parse binary, for use in testing changes (not installed, but
      available in the apps directory).
    * Split the internal json_object structure into several sub-types, one for
      each json_type (json_object_object, json_object_string, etc...).
      This improves memory usage and speed, with the benchmark under
      bench/ report 5.8% faster test time and 6%(max RSS)-12%(peak heap)
      less memory usage.
      Memory used just for json_object structures decreased 27%, so use cases
      with fewer arrays and/or strings would benefit more.
    * Minimize memory usage in array handling in json_tokener by shrinking
      arrays to the exact number of elements parsed.  On bench/ benchmark:
      9% faster test time, 39%(max RSS)-50%(peak heap) less memory usage.
      Add json_object_array_shrink() and array_list_shrink() functions.
    * #616 - Parsing of surrogate pairs in unicode escapes now properly handles
      incremental parsing.
    * Fix incremental parsing of numbers, especially those with exponents, e.g.
      so parsing "[0", "e+", "-]" now properly returns an error.
      Strict mode now rejects missing exponents ("0e").
    * Successfully return number objects at the top level even when they are
      followed by a "-", "." or "e".  This makes parsing things like "123-45"
      behave consistently with things like "123xyz".
    * #589 - Detect broken RDRAND during initialization; also, fix segfault
      in the CPUID check.
    * #592 - Fix integer overflows to prevert out of bounds write on large input.
    * Protect against division by zero in linkhash, when creaed with zero size.
    * #602 - Fix json_parse_uint64() internal error checking, leaving the retval
      untouched in more failure cases.
    * #614 - Prevent truncation when custom double formatters insert extra \0's
  - remove 0001-Detect-broken-RDRAND-during-initialization.patch (upstream)
* Wed Jun 17 2020 Dan Čermák <>
  - Add upstream fix for boo#1173022
    * Added patch 0001-Detect-broken-RDRAND-during-initialization.patch
    * use URL from the releases page on github
    * run spec-cleaner over the spec file
* Tue Apr 28 2020 Paolo Stivanin <>
  - json-c 0.14:
    * bits.h has been removed
    * lh_abort() has been removed
    * lh_table_lookup() has been removed, use lh_table_lookup_ex() instead.
    * Remove TRUE and FALSE defines, use 1 and 0 instead.
    * Switch to cmake
    * Build fixes
    * Doc updates
    * Added a json_tokener_get_parse_end() function to replace
      direct access of tok->char_offset
    * json_tokener_parse_ex() now accepts a new JSON_TOKENER_VALIDATE_UTF8 flag
      to validate that input is UTF8
    * Add support for unsigned 64-bit integers
    * A total of 7 new functions were added:
    * json_object_get_uint64 ( struct json_object const* jso )
    * json_object_new_uint64 ( uint64_t i )
    * json_object_set_uint64 ( struct json_object* jso, uint64_t new_value )
    * json_parse_uint64 ( char const* buf, uint64_t* retval )
    * See description of uint64 support, above.
    * json_tokener_get_parse_end ( struct json_tokener* tok )
    * See details under "json_tokener changes", above.
    * json_object_from_fd_ex ( int fd, int in_depth )
    * Allows the max nesting depth to be specified.
    * json_object_new_null ( )
    * Simply returns NULL.  Its use is not recommended.
    * The size of struct json_object has decreased from 96 bytes to 88 bytes.
* Tue Mar 13 2018
  - json-c 0.13.1
    * Add const size_t json_c_object_sizeof()
    * Avoid invalid free (and thus a segfault) when ref_count gets < 0
    * Fix handling of custom double formats that include a ".0"
    * Avoid uninitialized variable warnings in json_object_object_foreach
    * Add a top level fuzz directory for fuzzers run by OSS-Fuzz
    * Fix build for certain uClibc based systems.
    * Bump sonum to 4.0 to avoid conflicts because some packagers made
      their own bump to ".so.3" for the older 0.12 release
* Thu Dec 28 2017
  - json-c 0.13
    + Deprecated and removed features:
    * Internal use of bits.h has been eliminated.
    * lh_abort() is deprecated
    + Behavior changes:
    * Tighten the number parsing algorithm to raise errors instead
      of truncating the results.  For example 12.3.4 or 2015-01-15,
      which now return null.
    * Use size_t for array length and size. Platforms where
      sizeof(size_t) != sizeof(int) may not be backwards compatible
    * Check for failue when allocating memory, returning NULL and
    * Change json_object_object_add() return type from void to int,
      and will return -1 on failures, instead of exiting. (Note:
      this is not an ABI change)
    + New features:
    * Aiming to follow RFC 7159 now.
    * Support for JSON pointer, RFC 6901 (see json_pointer.h)
    * Add a couple of additional option to json_object_to_json_string_ext:
    * json_object_object_add_ex() - better perf when certain
      constraints are known to be true
    * Serialization format of doubles now configurable
    * New functions
    - json_object_equal() - utility function for comparing
    - json_object_deep_copy() - a way to copy entire object
    - json_object_set_<type>() - modify the value of
      existing json_object's without the need to recreate them.
    Also add a json_object_int_inc function to adjust an int's'
    - json_util_get_last_err() - retrieve the string describing
      the cause of errors, instead of printing to stderr.
    - perllike hash function for strings
    * json_global_set_string_hash()
    * json_c_visit() - a way to iterate over a tree of json-c
    + Notable bug fixes and other improvements:
    * Make reference increment and decrement atomic to allow
      passing json objects between threads.
    * Fix json_object_object_foreach to avoid uninitialized
      variable warnings.
    * Improve performance by removing unneeded data items from
      hashtable code and reducing duplicate hash computation.
    * Performance: store small strings inside json_object
    * Performance: of json_object_to_json_string by removing
      variadic printf
    * Fix parsing of "-Infinity", and avoid needlessly copying the
      input when doing so.
    * Fix stack buffer overflow in json_object_double_to_json_string_format()
    * Fix various potential null ptr deref and int32 overflows
    * Fix a long-standing bug in array_list_put_idx() where it
      would attempt to free previously free'd entries due to not
      checking the current array length.
    * use uselocale() instead of setlocale() in json_tokener to
      behave better in threaded environments.
    * Fix out of bounds read when handling unicode surrogate pairs.
    * Ensure doubles that happen to be a whole number are emitted
      with ".0"
    * Visual Studio: use a snprintf/vsnprintf wrapper that ensures
      the string is terminated.
    * Fix double to int cast overflow in json_object_get_int64.
    * Clamp double to int32 when narrowing in json_object_get_int.
    * Use strtoll() to parse ints - instead of sscanf
    * usual code linting
    + Build changes:
    * Add Appveyor and Travis build support
    * Support for MacOS and Windows through CMake
    * Silent build by default
    * Link against libm when needed
    * Add support for building with AddressSanitizer
    * Add support for building with Clang
    * Add a --enable-threading configure option, and only use the
      (slower) __sync_add_and_fetch()/__sync_sub_and_fetch()
      function when it is specified.
  - cleanup with spec-cleaner
  - remove fix-set-but-not-used.patch
    + fixed:
  - remove gcc7-fix.patch
    + fixed in 014924ba899f659917bb64392bbff7d3c803afc2
* Thu Mar 23 2017
  - Added gcc7-fix.patch



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