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libaom3-3.7.1-1.3 RPM for i586

From OpenSuSE Ports Tumbleweed for i586

Name: libaom3 Distribution: openSUSE Tumbleweed
Version: 3.7.1 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 1.3 Build date: Tue Dec 5 20:20:33 2023
Group: System/Libraries Build host: reproducible
Size: 5796095 Source RPM: libaom-3.7.1-1.3.src.rpm
Summary: AV1 codec library
This is a library for AOMedia Video 1 (AV1), an open, royalty-free
video coding format designed for video transmissions over the Internet.






* Tue Dec 05 2023 Bjørn Lie <>
  - Update to version 3.7.1:
    * Bug Fixes:
    - aomedia:3349: heap overflow when increasing resolution
    - aomedia:3478: GCC 12.2.0 emits a -Wstringop-overflow warning
      on aom/av1/encoder/motion_search_facade.c
    - aomedia:3489: Detect encoder and image high bit depth
    - aomedia:3491: heap-buffer-overflow on frame size change
    - b/303023614:  Segfault at encoding time for high bit depth
  - Switch buildtime compression to zst.
* Tue Sep 05 2023 Bruno Pitrus <>
  - Split docs to multibuild to avoid dependency cycle
* Fri Sep 01 2023 Bruno Pitrus <>
  - New upstream release 3.7.0
    - New Features
    * New codec controls:
    * AV1E_SET_QUANTIZER_ONE_PASS: Set quantizer for each frame.
    * AV1E_ENABLE_RATE_GUIDE_DELTAQ: enable the rate distribution guided delta
      quantization in all intra mode. The "enable-rate-guide-deltaq" option is
      added for this control.
    * AV1E_SET_RATE_DISTRIBUTION_INFO: set the input file for rate
      distribution used in all intra mode. The "rate-distribution-info" option
      is added for this control.
    * AOM_SCALING_MODE is extended to include 2/3 and 1/3 scaling.
    * aom_tune_metric is extended to include AOM_TUNE_VMAF_SALIENCY_MAP.
      The "tune" option is extended to include "vmaf_saliency_map".
    * SVC example encoder svc_encoder_rtc is able to use the rate control
    * Loopfilter level and CDEF filter level is supported by RTC rate control
    * New speed (--cpu-used) 11, intended for RTC screen sharing, added for
      faster encoding with ~3% bdrate loss with 16% IC (instruction count)
      speedup compared to speed 10.
    - Compression Efficiency Improvements
    * Improved VoD encoding performance
    * 0.1-0.6% BDrate gains for encoding speeds 2 to 6
    * Rate control accuracy improvement in VBR mode
    * RTC encoding improvements
    * Screen content mode: 10-19% BDrate gains for speeds 6 - 10
    * Temporal layers video mode, for speed 10:
    * 2 temporal layers on low resolutions: 13-15% BDrate gain
    * 3 temporal layers on VGA/HD: 3-4% BDrate gain
    - Perceptual Quality Improvements
    * Fixed multiple block and color artifacts for RTC screen content by
    * Incorporating color into RD cost for IDTX
    * Reducing thresholds for palette mode in non RD mode
    * Allowing more palette mode testing
    * Improved color sensitivity for altref in non-RD mode.
    * Reduced video flickering for temporal layer encoding.
    - Speedup and Memory Optimizations
    * Speed up the VoD encoder
    * 2-5% for encoding speed 2 to 4
    * 9-15% for encoding speed 5 to 6
    * ARM
    * Standard bitdepth
    * speed 5: +31%
    * speed 4: +2%
    * speed 3: +9%
    * speed 2: +157%
    * High bitdepth
    * speed 5: +85%
    * RTC speedups
    * Screen content mode
    * 15% IC speedup for speeds 6-8
    * ARM: 7% for speed 9, 3% for speed 10
    * Temporal layers video mode
    * 7% speedup for 3 temporal layers on VGA/HD, for speed 10
    * Single layer video
    * x86: 2% IC speedup for speeds 7-10
    * ARM: 2-4% speedup across speeds 5-10
    - Bug Fixes
    * aomedia:3261 Assertion failed when encoding av1 with film grain and
      '--monochrome' flag
    * aomedia:3276 ensure all allocations are checked (partial fix)
    * aomedia:3451 The libaom library calls exit()
    * aomedia:3450 enable -Wshadow for C++ sources
    * aomedia:3449 Test Seg Faults After
    * aomedia:3416 prune unused symbols / restrict symbol visibility
    * aomedia:3443 Jenkins failure:
    * aomedia:3434 realtime failures with CONFIG_BITSTREAM_DEBUG=1
    * aomedia:3433 DeltaqModeTest crash w/row_mt=0
    * aomedia:3429 Encoder crash when turn on both ExternalResize and
      g_threads > 2
    * aomedia:3438 Build failure with
      `-DSANITIZE=address -DBUILD_SHARED_LIBS=ON` when using clang.
    * aomedia:3435 Block artifacts when scrolling with AV1 in screen sharing
    * aomedia:3170 vmaf tune presets produce extreme glitches in one scene
    * aomedia:3401 Building shared libaom with MSVC results in a race condition
      with the export library
    * aomedia:3420 Floating point exception in av1_tpl_get_frame_importance()
    * aomedia:3424 heap-buffer-overflow in ScaleFilterCols_16_C() (SIGABRT)
    * aomedia:3417 examples/svc_encoder_rtc.c is using internal macros and
    * aomedia:3372 SEGV in assign_frame_buffer_p av1_common_int.h
    * aomedia:3130 'cpu-features.h' file not found on Android NDK 22
    * aomedia:3415 Encoder/decoder mismatch for svc_encoder_rtc running
      1 SL 3 TL
    * aomedia:3412 Lossless Mode Fails Loopback Bit Test
    * aomedia:3409 The use of AV1_VAR_OFFS in av1/encoder/var_based_part.c is
      incorrect for high bit depths
    * aomedia:3403 test_libaom fails with error message
      "feenableexcept() failed" on Linux arm
    * aomedia:3370 Random color block at fast motion area
    * aomedia:3393 Assertion failure in av1_convolve_2d_sr_c()
    * aomedia:3392 Strong artifacting for high bit-depth real-time
    * aomedia:3376 aomenc --threads=10 --deltaq-mode=3 crashes after
      "Allintra: multi-threading of calculating differential contrast"
    * aomedia:3380 Crashes and ASan and TSan errors in deltaq-mode=3
      multithreading code
    * chromium:1410766 heap-buffer-overflow in aom_yv12_copy_v_c
    * Cannot set level via AV1E_SET_TARGET_SEQ_LEVEL_IDX
    * Encoding failure due to the use of loop restoration with unintended use of
      lossless mode.
    * Signed integer overflow in scan_past_frames
    * Signed integer overflow in update_a_sep_sym
    * Flickering in AV1 1440p/2160p HDR transcodes
    * Fixed artifacts with screen share at encoder speed 10
    * Fixed prediction setup for IDTX
  - Use system libraries instead of vendored ones
    * system-gtest.patch
    * system-yuv.patch
  - Enable debuginfo also on modules written in assembly
  - Enable building PowerPC-specific optimizations
  - Enable Neon optimized code on ARM and fix runtime CPU detection
  - Fix missing images in documentation
* Wed May 10 2023 Bjørn Lie <>
  - Update to version 3.6.1:
    * aomedia:2871: Guard the support of the 7.x and 8.x levels for
      AV1 under the CONFIG_CWG_C013 config flag, and only output the
      7.x and 8.x levels when explicitly requested.
    * aomedia:3382: Choose sb_size by ppi instead of svc.
    * aomedia:3384: Fix fullpel search limits.
    * aomedia:3388: Replace left shift of xq_active by
    * aomedia:3389: Fix MV clamping in av1_mv_pred.
    * aomedia:3390: set_ld_layer_depth: cap max_layer_depth to
    * aomedia:3418: Fix MV clamping in av1_int_pro_motion_estimation.
    * aomedia:3429: Move lpf thread data init to
    * b:266719111: Fix undefined behavior in Arm Neon code.
    * b:269840681: nonrd_opt: align scan tables.
    * rtc: Fix is_key_frame setting in variance partition.
    * Build: Fix build with clang-cl and Visual Studio.
* Tue May 02 2023 Frederic Crozat <>
  - Revert to BSD-2-Clause licence tag to only use SPDX valid
    license tag.
* Thu Apr 20 2023 Frederic Crozat <>
  - Fix license tag to BSD-2-Clause and AOMPL-1.0.
* Wed Feb 08 2023 Bjørn Lie <>
  - Update to version 3.6.0:
    * This release includes compression efficiency and perceptual
      quality improvements, speedup and memory optimizations, and
      some new features. This release is ABI compatible with the last
    * New Features:
    - New values 20-27 (corresponding to levels 7.0-7.3 and
      8.0-8.3) for the encoder control
      AV1E_SET_TARGET_SEQ_LEVEL_IDX (note that the proposal to add
      the new levels are still in draft status). The original
      special value 24 (keep level stats only for level monitoring)
      is renumbered as 32.
    - New encoder control AV1E_SET_SKIP_POSTPROC_FILTERING to skip
      the application of post-processing filters on reconstructed
      frame in all intra mode.
    - New encoder option "kf-max-pyr-height": Maximum height of
      pyramid structure used for the GOP starting with a key frame
      (-1 to 5).
    - Make SVC work for screen content.
    - Rate control improvements to reduce frame-size spikes for
      screen content coding.
    - RISC-V architecture support with gcc toolchain.
    * Compression Efficiency Improvements:
    - Peak compression efficiency in VOD setting is improved by 1%.
    - 0.7% - 2.2% RTC encoding BDrate gains for real time speed 8
      to 10.
    - 15% RTC encoding BDrate gains for screen content speed 10.
    * Perceptual Quality Improvements:
    - Resolved a visual quality issue that was reported for high
      resolution clips (2K) for speed 4 and above in VOD use case.
    - Visual quality improvements to screen content coding.
    - Quality improvements to temporal layer RTC coding.
    * Speedup and Memory Optimizations:
    - RTC single-thread encoder speedup:
      . ~6% instruction count reduction for speed 5 and 6.
      . ~15% instruction count reduction for speed 7.
      . ~10% instruction count reduction for speed 8 to 10 (>=360p
    - RTC multi-thread encoder speedup (beyond single-thread
      . 5-8% encode time reduction for speed 7 to 10.
    - RTC screen-content encoder speedup:
      . 11% instruction count reduction for speed 9 and 10 (>=720p
    - ~5% reduction in heap memory requirements for RTC, speed 6 to
    * AVIF:
      . 4-5% speedup for speed 9 in still-picture encoding mode.
      . 3-4% heap memory reduction in still-picture encoding mode
      for 360p-720p resolutions with multiple threads.
    * Bug Fixes:
    - Added a workaround for an AV1 specification bug which makes
      TRANSLATION type global motion models unusable.
    - Fixed AddressSanitizer global-buffer-overflow errors in
    - Fixed AddressSanitizer heap-buffer-overflow error in
    - chromium:1393384 Avoid scene detection on spatial resize.
    - aomedia:3308 Remove color artifacts under high motion.
    - aomedia:3310 Avoid out of memory failures with Visual Studio
      2017, 2019, and 2022 for Win32 x86 builds.
    - aomedia:3346 Make SVC work properly for screen content.
    - aomedia:3348 Fix a bug where an uninitialized search_site is
    - aomedia:3365 Work around what seems like a Visual Studio 2022
      compiler optimization bug.
    - aomedia:3369 Incorrect PSNR values reported by libaom for
      12-bit encode.
  - Modernize spec, use cmake_build and ldconfig_scriptlets macros.
* Thu Sep 22 2022 Bjørn Lie <>
  - Update to version 3.5.0:
    * This release is ABI compatible with the last one, including
      speedup and memory optimizations, and new APIs and features.
    * New Features
    - Support for frame parallel encode for larger number of
      threads. --fp-mt flag is available for all build
    - New codec control AV1E_GET_NUM_OPERATING_POINTS
    * Speedup and Memory Optimizations
    - Speed-up multithreaded encoding for good quality mode for
      larger number of threads through frame parallel encoding:
      . 30-34% encode time reduction for 1080p, 16 threads, 1x1
      tile configuration (tile_rows x tile_columns)
      . 18-28% encode time reduction for 1080p, 16 threads, 2x4
      tile configuration
      . 18-20% encode time reduction for 2160p, 32 threads, 2x4
      tile configuration
    - 16-20% speed-up for speed=6 to 8 in still-picture encoding
    - 5-6% heap memory reduction for speed=6 to 10 in real-time
      encoding mode
    - Improvements to the speed for speed=7, 8 in real-time
      encoding mode
    - Improvements to the speed for speed=9, 10 in real-time screen
      encoding mode
    - Optimizations to improve multi-thread efficiency in real-time
      encoding mode
    - 10-15% speed up for SVC with temporal layers
    - SIMD optimizations:
      . Improve av1_quantize_fp_32x32_neon() 1.05x to 1.24x faster
      . Add aom_highbd_quantize_b{,_32x32,_64x64}_adaptive_neon()
      3.15x to 5.6x faster than "C"
      . Improve av1_quantize_fp_64x64_neon() 1.17x to 1.66x faster
      . Add aom_quantize_b_avx2() 1.4x to 1.7x faster than
      . Add aom_quantize_b_32x32_avx2() 1.4x to 2.3x faster than
      . Add aom_quantize_b_64x64_avx2() 2.0x to 2.4x faster than
      . Add aom_highbd_quantize_b_32x32_avx2() 9.0x to 10.5x faster
      than aom_highbd_quantize_b_32x32_c()
      . Add aom_highbd_quantize_b_64x64_avx2() 7.3x to 9.7x faster
      than aom_highbd_quantize_b_64x64_c()
      . Improve aom_highbd_quantize_b_avx2() 1.07x to 1.20x faster
      . Improve av1_quantize_fp_avx2() 1.13x to 1.49x faster
      . Improve av1_quantize_fp_32x32_avx2() 1.07x to 1.54x faster
      . Improve av1_quantize_fp_64x64_avx2()  1.03x to 1.25x faster
      . Improve av1_quantize_lp_avx2() 1.07x to 1.16x faster
    * Bug fixes including but not limited to
    - aomedia:3206 Assert that skip_width > 0 for deconvolve
    - aomedia:3278 row_mt enc: Delay top-right sync when intraBC is
    - aomedia:3282 blend_a64_*_neon: fix bus error in armv7
    - aomedia:3283 FRAME_PARALLEL: Propagate border size to all
    - aomedia:3283 RESIZE_MODE: Fix incorrect strides being used
      for motion search
    - aomedia:3286 rtc-svc: Fix to dynamic_enable spatial layers
    - aomedia:3289 rtc-screen: Fix to skipping inter-mode test in
    - aomedia:3289 rtc-screen: Fix for skip newmv on flat blocks
    - aomedia:3299 Fix build failure with CONFIG_TUNE_VMAF=1
    - aomedia:3296 Fix the conflict --enable-tx-size-search=0 with
      nonrd mode --enable-tx-size-search will be ignored in non-rd
      pick mode
    - aomedia:3304 Fix off-by-one error of max w/h in
    - aomedia:3306 Do not use pthread_setname_np on GNU/Hurd
    - aomedia:3325 row-multithreading produces invalid bitstream in
      some cases
    - chromium:1346938, chromium:1338114
    - compiler_flags.cmake: fix flag detection w/cmake 3.17-3.18.2
    - tools/*.py: update to python3
    - aom_configure.cmake: detect PIE and set CONFIG_PIC
    - test/simd_cmp_impl: use explicit types w/CompareSimd*
    - rtc: Fix to disable segm for aq-mode=3
    - rtc: Fix to color_sensitivity in variance partition
    - rtc-screen: Fix bsize in model rd computation for intra
    - Fixes to ensure the correct behavior of the encoder
      algorithms (like segmentation, computation of statistics,
* Sun Sep 04 2022 Bjørn Lie <>
  - Update to version 3.4.0:
    * This release includes compression efficiency and perceptual
      quality improvements, speedup and memory optimizations, and
      some new features. There are no ABI or API breaking changes in
      this release.
    * New Features:
    - New --dist-metric flag with "qm-psnr" value to use
      quantization matrices in the distortion computation for RD
      search. The default value is "psnr".
    - New command line option "--auto-intra-tools-off=1" to make
      all-intra encoding faster for high bit rate under
      "--deltaq-mode=3" mode.
    - New rate control library aom_av1_rc for real-time hardware
      encoders. Supports CBR for both one spatial layer and SVC.
    - New image format AOM_IMG_FMT_NV12 can be used as input to the
      encoder. The presence of AOM_IMG_FMT_NV12 can be detected at
      compile time by checking if the macro AOM_HAVE_IMG_FMT_NV12
      is defined.
    - New codec controls for the encoder:
      o AV1E_SET_AUTO_INTRA_TOOLS_OFF. Only in effect if
    - -deltaq-mode=3.
      o AV1E_SET_FP_MT. Only supported if libaom is built with
    - New key-value pairs for the key-value API:
      o --auto-intra-tools-off=0 (default) or 1. Only in effect if
    - -deltaq-mode=3.
      o --strict-level-conformance=0 (default) or 1
      o --fp-mt=0 (default) or 1. Only supported if libaom is built
    - New aomenc options (not supported by the key-value API):
      o --nv12
    * Compression Efficiency Improvements:
    - Correctly calculate SSE for high bitdepth in skip mode, 0.2%
      to 0.6% coding gain.
    - RTC at speed 9/10: BD-rate gain of ~4/5%
    - RTC screen content coding: many improvements for real-time
      screen at speed 10 (quality, speedup, and rate control), up
      to high resolutions (1080p).
    - RTC-SVC: fixes to make intra-only frames work for spatial
    - RTC-SVC: quality improvements for temporal layers.
    - AV1 RT: A new passive rate control strategy for screen
      content, an average of 7.5% coding gain, with some clips of
      20+%. The feature is turned off by default due to higher bit
      rate variation.
    * Perceptual Quality Improvements:
    - RTC: Visual quality improvements for high speeds (9/10)
    - Improvements in coding quality for all intra mode
    * Speedup and Memory Optimizations:
    - ~10% speedup in good quality mode encoding.
    - ~7% heap memory reduction in good quality encoding mode for
      speed 5 and 6.
    - Ongoing improvements to intra-frame encoding performance on
    - Faster encoding speed for "--deltaq-mode=3" mode.
    - ~10% speedup for speed 5/6, ~15% speedup for speed 7/8, and
      ~10% speedup for speed 9/10 in real time encoding mode
    - ~20% heap memory reduction in still-picture encoding mode for
      360p-720p resolutions with multiple threads
    - ~13% speedup for speed 6 and ~12% speedup for speed 9 in
      still-picture encoding mode.
    - Optimizations to improve multi-thread efficiency for
      still-picture encoding mode.
    * Bug Fixes:
    - b/204460717: replace master with main
    - b/210677928: libaom disable_order is surprising for
    - b/222461449: -DCONFIG_TUNE_BUTTERAUGLI=1 broken
    - b/227207606: write_greyscale writes incorrect chroma in
      highbd mode
    - b/229955363: Integer-overflow in linsolve_wiener
* Fri Feb 18 2022 Bjørn Lie <>
  - Update to version 3.3.0:
    * This release includes compression efficiency and perceptual
      quality improvements, speedup and memory optimizations, some
      new features, and several bug fixes.
    * New Features
    - AV1 RT: Introducing CDEF search level 5
    - Changed real time speed 4 to behave the same as real time
      speed 5
    - Add --deltaq-strength
    - rtc: Allow scene-change and overshoot detection for svc
    - rtc: Intra-only frame for svc
    - AV1 RT: Option 2 for codec control AV1E_SET_ENABLE_CDEF to
      disable CDEF on non-ref frames
    - New codec controls AV1E_SET_LOOPFILTER_CONTROL and
    - Improvements to three pass encoding
    * Compression Efficiency Improvements: Overall compression gains:
    * Perceptual Quality Improvements
    - Improves the perceptual quality of high QP encoding for
      delta-q mode 4
    - Auto select noise synthesis level for all intra
    * Speedup and Memory Optimizations
    - Added many SSE2 optimizations.
    - Good quality 2-pass encoder speedups:
      o Speed 2: 9%
      o Speed 3: 12.5%
      o Speed 4: 8%
      o Speed 5: 3%
      o Speed 6: 4%
    - Real time mode encoder speedups:
      o Speed 5: 2.6% BDRate gain, 4% speedup
      o Speed 6: 3.5% BDRate gain, 4% speedup
      o Speed 9: 1% BDRate gain, 3% speedup
      o Speed 10: 3% BDRate gain, neutral speedup
    - All intra encoding speedups (AVIF):
      o Single thread - speed 6: 8%
      o Single thread - speed 9: 15%
      o Multi thread(8) - speed 6: 14%
      o Multi thread(8) - speed 9: 34%
    * Bug Fixes
    - Issue 3163: Segmentation fault when using
    - -enable-keyframe-filtering=2
    - Issue 2436: Integer overflow in av1_warp_affine_c()
    - Issue 3226: armv7 build failure due to gcc-11
    - Issue 3195: Bug report on libaom (AddressSanitizer:
    - Issue 3191: Bug report on libaom (AddressSanitizer: SEGV on
      unknown address)
  - Drop libaom-devel Requires from libaom-devel-doc sub-package: We
    do not need the devel package to be able to read the devel
* Fri Oct 15 2021
  - Update to version 3.2.0:
    * This release includes compression efficiency and perceptual
      quality improvements, speedup and memory optimizations, as well
      as some new features.
    * New Features:
      + Introduced speeds 7, 8, and 9 for all intra mode.
      + Introduced speed 10 for real time mode.
      + Introduced an API that allows external partition decisions.
      + SVC: added support for compound prediction.
      + SVC: added support for fixed SVC modes.
    * Compression Efficiency Improvements:
      + Intra-mode search improvement.
      + Improved real time (RT) mode BDrate savings by ~5% (RT speed
      5) and ~12% (RT speed 6). The improvement was measured on the
      video conference set.
      + Improved real time mode for nonrd path (speed 7, 8, 9):
      BDrate gains of ~3-5%.
      + Rate control and RD adjustments based on ML research in VP9.
      Gains of ~0.5-1.0% for HD.
    * Perceptual Quality Improvements:
      + Added a new mode --deltaq-mode=3 to improve perceptual
      quality based on a differential contrast model for still
      + Added a new mode –deltaq-mode=4 to improve perceptual quality
      based on user rated cq_level data set for still images.
      + Weighting of some intra mode and partition size choices to
      better manage and retain texture.
    * Speedup and Memory Optimizations:
      + Further improved 2-pass good quality encoder speed:
      . Speed 2 speedup: 18%
      . Speed 3 speedup: 22%
      . Speed 4 speedup: 37%
      . Speed 5 speedup: 30%
      . Speed 6 speedup: 20%
      + Optimized the real time encoder (measured on the video
      conference set):
      . RT speed 5 speedup: 110%
      . RT speed 6 speedup: 77%
    * Bug Fixes
      + Issue 3069: Fix one-pass mode keyframe placement off-by-one
      + Issue 3156: Fix a bug in av1_quantize_lp AVX2 optimization.
  - Drop libaom-CVE-2021-30474.patch: Fixed upstream.
  - Drop libaom-CVE-2021-30475.patch: Fixed upstream.
  - Remove changesgenerate option from _service file, use data from
    CHANGELOG to fill .changes instead as it it much nicer and human
    readable than just a list of commit messages.
* Wed Oct 13 2021 Callum Farmer <>
  - fix service data
* Fri Oct 08 2021
  - Update to version 3.1.3:
    * Update CHANGELOG for v3.1.3-rc2
    * Detect chroma subsampling more directly
    * Detect chroma subsampling more directly
    * image2yuvconfig() should calculate uv_crop_width
    * aom/aom_encoder.h: remove configure option reference
    * aom_encoder.h: fix rc_overshoot_pct range
    * Update AUTHORS,CHANGELOG,CMakeLists.txt for v3.1.3
    * aom_install: don't exclude msvc from install
    * aom_install: use relpath for install
    * aom_install: Install lib dlls to bindir
* Thu Sep 09 2021
  - security update
  - added patches
    fix CVE-2021-30474 [bsc#1186799], aom_dsp/grain_table.c in libaom in AOMedia before 2021-03-30 has a use-after-free.
    + libaom-CVE-2021-30474.patch
* Wed Aug 25 2021
  - security update
  - added patches
    fix CVE-2021-30475 [bsc#1189497], Buffer overflow in aom_dsp/noise_model.c
    + libaom-CVE-2021-30475.patch
* Wed Aug 25 2021
  - Update to version 3.1.2:
    * Update AUTHORS,CHANGELOG,CMakeLists.txt for v3.1.2
    * Avoid chroma resampling for 420mpeg2 input
    * Check array has two elements before using index 1
    * Fix DecodeScalabilityTest failure in realtime only
    * Store temporal_id and spatial_id of decoded frame
    * exports.cmake: use APPLE and WIN32 and use def for mingw-w64
* Fri Jul 02 2021 Ferdinand Thiessen <>
  - Update to version 3.1.1
    * Fix vmaf model initialization error when not set to tune=vmaf
    * Fix consistent crash on near-static screen content, keyframe
    * Fix tune=butteraugli mode
  - Disable NEON on arm where not available.
* Mon May 10 2021
  - Update to version 3.1.0 (bsc#1185843):
    This release adds an "all intra" mode to the encoder, which significantly
    speeds up the encoding of AVIF still images at speed 6.
    - Upgrading:
      All intra mode for encoding AVIF still images and AV1 all intra videos:
      AOM_USAGE_ALL_INTRA (2) can be passed as the 'usage' argument to
      New encoder control IDs added:
    - AV1E_SET_ENABLE_DIAGONAL_INTRA: Enable diagonal (D45 to D203) intra
      prediction modes (0: false, 1: true (default)). Also available as
      "enable-diagonal-intra" for the aom_codec_set_option() function.
      New aom_tune_metric enum value: AOM_TUNE_BUTTERAUGLI. The new aomenc option
    - -tune=butteraugli was added to optimize the encoder’s perceptual quality by
      optimizing the Butteraugli metric. Install libjxl (JPEG XL) and then pass
    - DCONFIG_TUNE_BUTTERAUGLI=1 to the cmake command to enable it.
  - Includes 3.0
    This release includes compression efficiency improvement, speed improvement
    for realtime mode, as well as some new APIs.
    - Upgrading:
      Support for PSNR calculation based on stream bit-depth.
      New encoder control IDs added:
      New decoder control IDs added:
      New aom_tune_content enum value: AOM_CONTENT_FILM
      New aom_tune_metric enum value: AOM_TUNE_VMAF_NEG_MAX_GAIN
      Coefficient and mode update can be turned off via
      New key & value API added, available with aom_codec_set_option() function.
      Scaling API expanded to include 1/4, 3/4 and 1/8.
    - Enhancements:
      Better multithreading performance with realtime mode.
      New speed 9 setting for faster realtime encoding.
      Smaller binary size with low bitdepth and realtime only build.
      Temporal denoiser and its optimizations on x86 and Neon.
      Optimizations for scaling.
      Faster encoding with speed settings 2 to 6 for good encoding mode.
      Improved documentation throughout the library, with function level
      documentation, tree view and support for the dot tool.
    - Bug fixes:
      Aside from those mentioned in v2.0.1 and v2.0.2, this release includes the
      following bug fixes:
      Issue 2940: Segfault when encoding with --use-16bit-internal and --limit > 1
      Issue 2941: Decoder mismatch with --rt --bit-depth=10 and --cpu-used=8
      Issue 2895: mingw-w64 i686 gcc fails to build
      Issue 2874: Separate ssse3 functions from sse2 file.
* Mon Mar 01 2021
  - Update to version 2.0.2:
    * Prepare for the libaom v2.0.2 release
    * Call av1_setup_frame_size() when dropping a frame
    * Avoid memset in filter_intra_predictor module
    * Fix a typo bug in apply_temporal_filter_planewise
    * Modify the assertion in temporal filter intrinsics
    * Fix unit test ThreadTestLarge.EncoderResultTest/49
    * Add -Wimplicit-function-declaration as C flag only
    * Update CHANGELOG for libaom v2.0.1
    * Set allow_screen_content_tools to 0 in rt mode
    * chroma_check: don't access UV planes if monochrome



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