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info-6.5-lp152.6.35 RPM for ppc64le

From OpenSuSE Ports Leap 15.2 for ppc64le

Name: info Distribution: openSUSE:Leap:15.2:PowerPC / ports
Version: 6.5 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: lp152.6.35 Build date: Wed Jun 24 10:42:31 2020
Group: Productivity/Publishing/Texinfo Build host: obs-power9-07
Size: 512316 Source RPM: texinfo-6.5-lp152.6.35.src.rpm
Summary: A Stand-Alone Terminal-Based Info Browser
Info is a terminal-based program for reading documentation of computer
programs in the Info format. The GNU Project distributes most of its
on-line manuals in the Info format, so you need a program called "Info
reader" to read the manuals.






* Fri Apr 06 2018
  - install-info_exitcode.patch: install-info needs to return success
    when it does nothing. We need 0 return value even on failure as
    old packages in SLE-11 and SLE-12 can become uninstallable.
* Fri Feb 23 2018
  - Use %license (boo#1082318)
* Fri Jan 26 2018
  - Do not require bash for package info (boo#1077744)
* Thu Jan 04 2018
  - Update to version 6.5:
    * info:
      + some bugs fixed:
      a bug where a segfault could happen in the regex search, for
      example when the user entered a single \ as the search string
      + another bug which could make nodes inaccessible in long
      "split" info files
      + a bug where it was not possible to follow a cross-reference
      that was split across more than one line has been fixed
      + do not fall back to a man page if following a cross-reference
      in an info file failed
      + if looking for a file failed, do not convert the name of a
      file to lower-case and look for it again
    * texinfo.tex
      + some faulty definitions for Unicode characters have been
      changed or removed
      + fix indentation in table of contents for entries that are
      split across multiple lines
    * texi2dvi
      + a bug that broke the processing of LaTeX files that did not
      use BibTeX has been fixed
    * texi2any
      + output the encoding declaration of a HTML file earlier so it
      will always occur within first 1024 bytes of file
      + `INLINE_INSERTCOPYING' removed as a customization variable
* Mon Oct 09 2017
  - Avoid also provide libtool() on texinfo specific perl linkage
* Sat Oct 07 2017
  - Drop require on perl(Locale::Messages) as long as we bundle
    perl-libintl-perl (the system one leaves tests failing)
* Sat Oct 07 2017
  - Do not provide perl() - the modules are not globally available
* Wed Oct 04 2017
  - Change perl requires to be exactly the perl version makeinfo was
    built against. We ship a perl loadable module which is hard
    linked to the right version.
* Wed Jul 12 2017
  - Update to version 6.4:
    * texi2any:
      + for HTML output, place section names before the manual in page
      titles, instead of after them, so it is easier to distinguish pages
      if titles are truncated
      + starting points for ordered lists beginning with 0 or a letter of
      the alphabet are output as attributes on the <ol> tag, as was
      case for Texinfo 4.13 and earlier
      + a bit faster
      + some discrepancies in paragraph formatting between Perl extension
      modules and interpreted Perl modules have been fixed
      + `MACRO_BODY_IGNORES_LEADING_SPACE' customization variable removed,
      and `indent_menu_descriptions' is no longer a possible value for
      `TREE_TRANSFORMATIONS' (as these features did not work as
    * info:
      + the `up-line' and `down-line' commands now are like the other
      scrolling commands and are no longer confined to a single node
      (depending on the value of `scroll-behaviour')
      + supplying the --all option with --index-search displays a list
      of matching index entries
      + the style variables like `link-style' can now be set while info
      is running
      + display bug fixed where color could be turned off prematurely
      + several other bugs fixed
      + better portability in test suite
      + do not fall back to showing the dir node if a manual isn't found
      + Do not attempt any kind of conversion of CR LF line endings,
      except on MS-DOS/Windows, when it is done unconditionally.  (This
      replaces a more complicated approach, where this conversion would
      take place if there was a problem finding a node in a file.)  The
      main effect of this change is that Info files with CR LF line
      endings, which would have been produced on MS-DOS/Windows with old
      versions of makeinfo, are only supported on such operating systems.
      + a few of the key bindings under --vi-keys have been changed for
      consistency or to match the documentation
    * texinfo.tex
      + a DVI file with a single empty page can be output again, which
      restores the behavior from Texinfo 6.0 and earlier
  - Small packaging clenup:
    * Drop conditions for old releases
    * Run spec-cleaner
    * Run testsuite
* Fri Jan 20 2017
  - Update to version 6.3:
    * Language:
      + The commands `@setcontentsaftertitlepage' and
      `@setshortcontentsaftertitlepage' have been removed.
      + @-commands are no longer supported within `@errormsg'.
    * texinfo.tex:
      + For a couple of characters (opening and closing braces), use glyphs
      from the standard TeX math fonts instead of using EC fonts which are
      less likely to be installed.
      + Use of user-defined macros in the text of an index entry is more
      reliable when the text contains Texinfo @-commands.
      + @synindex and @syncodeindex have been fixed (broken in the last
      + Support added for native UTF-8 support with XeTeX and LuaTeX.
      + Support of PDF output with XeTeX improved.
      + You can use a new file doc/texinfo-ja.tex for Texinfo documents in
      Japanese.  doc/short-sample-ja.tex is a sample document.  New
      support file doc/txi-ja.tex for Japanese.
      + texi2any:
      + Fix handling of compiler options when building Perl extension modules.
    * texi2dvi:
      + Can now process files whose absolute paths contain space characters,
      as long a relative path to the file is given.  Better support of
      files with unusual characters in their names.
      + No longer exits prematurely in some circumstances (due to the script
      running under "set -e").
      + Bug fixed which made the `--command' and `--tidy' options
    * info:
      + Handling of "invalid" value in infokey file fixed.
* Sun Jul 24 2016
  - Remove libpth-devel; texinfo doesn't depend on it
* Fri Jul 15 2016
  - Update to 6.1
    * Language:
      . You can now omit the @menu from nodes with other nodes below them in
      the document structure.  If you use "@validatemenus off" near the
      start of a Texinfo file, makeinfo will, where needed, create a menu
      for nodes lacking one given explicitly.
      . An @setfilename line is no longer required at the start of a
      Texinfo file.  (Be aware, though, that some other tools may require
      it, for example Automake.)
      . For processing with TeX, a comma is automatically provided following
      a cross-reference command (such as @xref) when needed to separate
      the page number from following text, so you don't need to add one
      yourself.  See the `Parts of a Cross Reference' node in the manual
      for details.  Behavior when followed by punctuation, as always
      recommended previously, is unchanged.
    * texi2any:
      . Some Perl modules have been rewritten in C to increase speed.
      If Perl extensions can be created, they are used by default;
      otherwise the pure Perl implementations are still used.
      Disable at build time with "configure --disable-perl-xs".  The
      environment variable TEXINFO_XS controls how they are used by
      . Quotation marks are left out for node names and index entries in
      Info output where they would have been produced by commands such
      as @file or @option.
      . New customization variable INFO_SPECIAL_CHARS_QUOTE to allow use of
      a quoting mechanism for problematic constructs in Info output, for
      example node names containing colons or commas.
      . Commands like @heading are affected by @lowersections and @raisesections
      again, as was the case before Texinfo 5.0.
    * texinfo.tex:
      . You may explicitly specify a sort key for an index entry by preceding
      the text of the entry with the @sortas commmand with the sort key
      desired as a braced argument.   Additionally, you may choose to
      ignore all occurences of the characters \, @, <, and - using new
      flags you can specify with @set: `txiindexbackslashignore',
      `txiindexatsignignore', `txiindexlessthanignore', and
      `txiindexhyphenignore' respectively.
      . Changes to macro handling to more closely match makeinfo.  Ends of
      lines are preserved in an argument to a macro taking a single
      . By default, suppress heading line on a page with a chapter on it, to
      avoid having the chapter title repeated.
      . Use a larger font for arguments in a @deffn line and similar.
      . The default indices (cp, ky and so on) now don't get a file opened
      for them unless they are actually used.  This reduces the number of
      files that a run of TeX produces, and also allows for a greater
      number of user-defined indices, because you will not bump into TeX's
      limit of 16 open files at once so soon.
      . For initials in indices that are non-alphanumeric characters (for
      example, backslash, or braces), avoid use of a typewriter font.
      This gives a more consistent appearance.
      . Have a stronger preference for breaking a column in an index before
      a letter heading.
      . Formatting improvements in tables of contents and indices.  Entries
      can extend slightly into the margin instead of being broken across
      two lines, and text is split more evenly across lines.  Reduce
      chance of an orphaned index entry appearing at the top of a column.
      . Support character encodings beyond ASCII for XeTeX and LuaTeX by
      reading file input byte-by-byte.
    * texi2dvi:
      . Support for determining the output files using the `-recorder'
      option to TeX, to help to support more TeX engines.
    * info:
      . New user variables `link-style', `active-link-style', and
      `match-style' enable customization of how cross-references and search
      matches are highlighted.
      . By default only the node pointers are displayed at the top of a node.
      Customize this with the `nodeline' variable.
      . New command M-x tree-search to search all subnodes of a node.
      . Now tries to find referenced manuals in the same directory as the
      current file first, before looking in search path.  Customize this
      with new variable `follow-strategy'.
      . The `mouse' variable is now off by default, in order not to
      interfere with the selection of text in a terminal emulator window.
      . `q' closes a window instead of quitting altogether if there's more
      than one, for example if a help window is open.
      . Several bug fixes, including:
    . one causing the wrong position in a node to be shown when
    following an "anchor" cross-reference
    . one causing a test failure in the t/
    test on some platforms
      . Internal changes to reduce memory use and increase speed of
      searches, relative to last release
      . The meaning of the `key-time' variable has changed when its value
      is 0.  This value meant to wait forever in the last release, but now
      it means that the next byte must be available immediately.
    * Documentation:
      . The `' file (and `info.texi' source) is no longer
      distributed with Texinfo.  Now this manual is only in Emacs.
* Thu Oct 15 2015
  - Package that is revert the previous drop from
    Mon May  6 16:05:29 UTC 2013
* Wed Jul 15 2015
  - The package texinfo now requires makeinfo of the same version
    to make sure that the correct is installed
  - libzio is able to handle lz(ma) and xz files as well
* Sat Jul 11 2015
  - Update to 6.0
    * Language:
      + new commands @sub and @sup, for textual subscripts and
      + new command @U to insert a Unicode character by code point.
    * texinfo.tex:
      + @url/@uref output in PDF now the same as in DVI, showing the
      url even if the second argument is given, not just as a link
      target. TeX option \urefurlonlylinktrue gives previous
      behavior, of invisible urls.
      + PDF-only \linkcolor and \urlcolor specify colors (default
    * texi2any:
      + customization variable TOP_NODE_UP_URL now replaces all (dir)
      references; recommended setting for GNU packages is /manual/.
      + new customization variable INDEX_SPECIAL_CHARS_WARNING to
      complain when index entries contain a colon.
      + Docbook output no longer uses <lineannotation> for @r.
      + -D'var val' on the command line works as intended again.
      + --plaintext output can be split.
      + a bit faster.
    * info:
      + invoking as `info foo bar' looks for bar as an index entry
      in manual foo, if not found as a top-level menu item.
      + invoking info with an absolute or explicitly relative file
      name (./, /tmp/, etc.) just visits that file.
      + separate `infokey' program has been removed - the .infokey
      file is now read directly by Info.
      + new option --init-file allows overriding ~/.infokey.
      + new variable `highlight-searches' allows highlighting
      results from a search
      + support for mouse scrollwheel, controlled by `mouse'
      + new variable `key_time' to control how long to wait for
      byte sequences sent by special keys.
      + new variable `hide-note-references' alters appearance of
      displayed nodes
      + new variable `infopath-no-defaults' allows omitting the
      compile-time Info directory from the Info search path.
      + support input of multibyte characters for searches in
      a UTF-8 locale.
      + if reading an Info file that is known to be in a different
      character encoding to that of the user's environment,
      convert its contents when displayed and substitute
      missing characters
      + new command M-x info-version.
      + the M-x kill-node command has been removed.
      + test suite at build time.
    * texindex:
      + completely new implementation as a literate program using
      Texinfo and (portable) awk (called TexiWeb Jr.).
      + the -o (--output) is not supported, unless we hear of
      someone using it.
      + duplicated sort keys with different display texts result
      in one merged index entry, using the first display text.
      + better sorting and parsing in unusual cases; most
      notably, { and } characters can appear as initials.
    * install-info:
      + handle compressed input file names containing spaces.
      + exit successfully if --remove is given and the dir file
      does not exist.
      + new option --defsection, to be used instead of
      "Miscellaneous" when a section is not present in the Info
    * texi2dvi:
      + look for the environment variable THUMBPDF_CMD instead of
      THUMBPDF, since thumbpdf itself has used THUMBPDF for options
      since 2000.
      + remove --recode and --recode-from options, since they haven't
      worked as intended for years, so evidently no one needs them.
  - refresh texinfo-zlib.patch
* Sat May 16 2015
  - Remove wrong uses of %install_info
* Fri Apr 24 2015
  - Add pre requires for install_info for scriptlets
* Sat Mar 28 2015
  - Add gpg signature
* Fri Feb 06 2015
  - Add perl(Locale::Messages) and perl(Text::Unidecode) Requires to
    makeinfo: since the switch to using the external ones, we also
    must ensure to have them present for the user to execute
    makeinfo. And makeinfo can be installed without texinfo (which
    already does require those modules too).
* Fri Feb 06 2015
  - Avoid including builtin perl-libintl-perl but require the package
  - The same for perl-Text-Unidecode
  - Move %install_info_delete from %postun to %preun
* Fri Feb 06 2015
  - Recommend instead of Require texi2html and texi2roff: they are
    not stricly required to operate texinfo, but can be valuable to
    the users installing it.
* Thu Feb 05 2015
  - Completely splitt off texi2html and texi2roff into their own
    package containers. As a consequence, we no longer carry those
    files / patches here (they live in their respective other
    packages): texi2html-1.78.dif, texi2html-5.0.tar.bz2,
    texi2html-5584.patch, texi2html.changes, texi2html.spec,
    texi2roff-2.0-gcc4.patch, texi2roff-2.0.dif, texi2roff-2.0.tar.gz,
    texi2roff.changes, texi2roff.patch.gz and texi2roff.spec.



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