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gzdoom-4.7.1-bp154.1.49 RPM for aarch64

From OpenSuSE Leap 15.4 for aarch64

Name: gzdoom Distribution: SUSE Linux Enterprise 15 SP4
Version: 4.7.1 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: bp154.1.49 Build date: Thu May 12 04:00:42 2022
Group: Amusements/Games/3D/Shoot Build host: obs-arm-10
Size: 24313636 Source RPM: gzdoom-4.7.1-bp154.1.49.src.rpm
Summary: A DOOM source port with graphic and modding extensions
GZDoom is a port (a modification) of the original Doom source code, featuring:
* an OpenGL renderer, HQnX/xBRZ rescaling, 3D floor and model support
* Truecolor software rendering, extending the classic 8-bit palette
* a three-point projection software renderer, extending the classic
  2-point projection
* Heretic, Hexen and Strife game modes and support for a lot of
  additional IWADs.
* Boom and Hexen map extension support, scriptability with ACS and
  ZScript, and various modding features regarding actors and scenery.
* Demo record/playback of classic and Boom demos is not supported.






* Wed Oct 20 2021 Jan Engelhardt <>
  - Update to release 4.7.1
    * Allow map markers to scale relative to automap zoom.
    * Add cvars to control automap line alpha and thickness.
    * Resolved a VM abort upon morphing while the tome of power is
  - Remove (merged)
* Wed Sep 22 2021 Jan Engelhardt <>
  - Update to release 4.7.0
    * GLES2 backend
    * Widescreen graphics for Strife
    * MBF21 support (beta)
    * DEHEXTRA works properly now
    * Various enhancements and fixes for ZScript
  - Add
* Wed Jul 28 2021 Jan Engelhardt <>
  - Update to release 4.6.1
    * Bug fixes, and widepix updates
* Sat May 22 2021 Jan Engelhardt <>
  - Update to release 4.6
    * Widescreen graphics for Heretic and Hexen
    * Sprite shadows like in the Build engine. Both in software and
      hardware renderer.
    * 16 bit channel PNG files can be read.
    * DEHEXTRA working properly now.
    * Various enhancements and fixes for ZScript.
* Thu Mar 04 2021 Jan Engelhardt <>
  - Add 0001-fixed-zipdir-inability-to-update-empty-zip-file.patch
  - Update to release 4.5.0
    * For all of Doom's fullscreen images, there's now widescreen
      versions provided.
    * A simplified options menu is now available for quick setup of
      the important settings.
    * New keybindings presets. Users can now choose between the
      classic layout and a WASD-based one.
    * Menu and intermission screen now scale to the original
      Doom.exe's layout by default.
    * Major additions to the menu system - animated menu
      transitions, image slideshows and fixed size menus can now be
    * The console now uses the border flat as default background
      instead of the titlepic.
    * It is now possible to fully quit the fullscreen console and
      get back to the title loop.
    * Interpolate positions and angles in the automap for smoother
    * Added $PitchSet for SNDINFO.
    * Allow indirections in the string table by prefixing the
      language string with '$$' the remaining text is interpreted
      as another string label to resolve.
    * Optimization of the patch texture checker - do not read in
      the entire file if checking the initial header is sufficient
      for rejecting it. This can speed up loading of large mods
      quite significantly.
    * OPUS support (via libsndfile)
  - Drop gzdoom-spirv.patch (merged)
* Tue Sep 15 2020 Jan Engelhardt <>
  - Drop Recommends for music backends
    (this has moved to zmusic.spec)
  - Demote Recommends to Suggests
* Wed Jun 17 2020 Jan Engelhardt <>
  - Update to release 4.4.2
    * Made the new "Build" light mode operational
* Fri Jun 12 2020 Jan Engelhardt <>
  - Add gzdoom-sdlbug.patch.
* Thu Jun 11 2020 Jan Engelhardt <>
  - Update to release 4.4.1
    * Heretic's "bag of holding" had incorrectly given mace capacity.
    * Mapped "Smooth mouse" back to the "m_filter" CVAR, and
      removed the "smooth_mouse" CVAR.
    * Fixed crash with texture upscaling in the truecolor software
    * Fixed crash rendering 3D floors without ceiling or floor
      textures in software.
* Sun Jun 07 2020 Jan Engelhardt <>
  - Update to release 4.4.0
    * Heretic's "bag of holding" had incorrectly given mace ammo.
    * Added per pixel lighting for decals.
    * Added a compatibility option for a bad teleporter in the
      final map of Strife.
    * Add a cvar to control weapon bobbing while firing.
    * Fixed crash on maps with out of range sidedef and sector
    * Fixed missing sound for Polyobj_MoveTo.
    * Attenuated lights for Strife.
    * Added MTF_NOCOUNT to spawn flags.
  - Drop gzdoom-system-gme.patch (moved to zmusic.spec),
    gzdoom-dl.patch (unnecessary). Add gzdoom-spirv.patch.
* Wed Jan 29 2020 Michael Scafidi <>
  - Update to release 4.3.3
    * fixed resetting of music volume after closing dialogue
    * exposed Level.MusicVolume to ZScript
    * fixed calling a function on string CVar
    * added ability to filter VM disassembly dump
    * add check for unity version of Nerve.wad
    * infrastructure in place in case Nerve.wad changes again, this
      can be extended.
    * customized invulnerability colormap does not interfere with
    * precache a few sounds being referenced in common game code.
    * define misc/secret for Hexen, too. By now there are some mods
      defining secrets for the game so this sound should be present
    * Implement special colormap support for softpoly
    * Softpoly: Fix broken fixed camera light for walls
    * make nosave standalone CVar flag, alongside server and user
    * implemented screenshots in softpoly backend
* Sun Jan 19 2020 Jan Engelhardt <>
  - Update to release 4.3.2
    * Added support for new Bethesda.Net Unity Edition WADs.
* Sat Jan 11 2020 Jan Engelhardt <>
  - Update to release 4.3.1
    * New softpoly backend for the hardware renderer.
    * Advanced texture colorization options.
    * Scripted map postprocessor.
    * Dictionary class for ZScript.
    * Add PSPF_PLAYERTRANSLATED flag (makes a PSprite layer
      translated to the user's color).
    * Support for MIDI on Linux via ALSA sequencer.
* Tue Dec 17 2019 Jan Engelhardt <>
  - Update to release 4.2.4
    * This is a bugfix release without new features. The notable
      highlight is that this fixes translucent objects in the
      software renderer.
  - Add gzdoom-system-gme.patch, gzdoom-dl.patch
* Tue Oct 01 2019 Jan Engelhardt <>
  - Add gzdoom-asmjit.patch.
  - Enable SSE/SSE2.
* Fri Sep 13 2019 Jan Engelhardt <>
  - Update to release 4.2.1
    * Level compatibility additions for Scythe 2 and Hell Revealed.
    * Add current, max and average velocity as stat.
    * Let Hexen Cleric and Mage use unique health chains.
    * Allow custom status bars to override notification and
      centered message display.
    * Improve crosshair health color to be more informative.
    * Added obituary fallbacks for actors that do not have
      any defined.
  - Remove fl2.patch (merged)
* Fri Aug 23 2019 Jan Engelhardt <>
  - Update to new upstream release 4.2.0
    * The survey code has been re-enabled for this version: it sends
      basic info about the operating system but no private data:
      the number of CPU cores, the graphics card, and supported
      OpenGL/Vulkan versions.
    * Restored original vanilla behavior of Lost Souls' charging
    * Exposed Append() method to ZScript dynamic array
    * Fixed an inconsistency with missiles bouncing off actors.
    * Added A_SoundPitch and an optional pitch parameter to
      A_PlaySound and S_Sound.
    * Attachable dynamic lights with ZScript or DECORATE.
  - Drop _service and gzdoom-wadsrc-extra.patch,
    both unused since 4.1.3.
* Fri Aug 23 2019 Jan Engelhardt <>
  - Turn off LTO, it is broken. [boo#1142267]
* Sun Jun 09 2019 Martin Hauke <>
  - Update to new upstream release 4.1.3
    * bug fixes for both zscript and vulkan (the vulkan renderer is
      pretty much complete at this point)
    * added native double round(double) function
    * added a crosshair on/off toggle
    * cl_blockcheats 2 blocks cheats without showing any messages,
      useful for streamers who happen to be mappers/modders/etc
  - Update to new upstream release 4.1.0
    * workaround buggy preprocessor in old AMD OpenGL drivers
    * fix bloom pass regression
    * fixed scale calculations for option menus.
    * implement custom post process shaders for vulkan backend
    * improve error handling during vulkan initialization
    * fixed inverted logic for displaying the generic log in Strife.
  - Remove patch:
    * gzdoom-staticlibs.patch (fixed by upstream)
  - Update patch:
    * gzdoom-vulkan.patch
* Mon Apr 08 2019 Jan Engelhardt <>
  - Update to new upstream release 4.0.0
    * Experimental Vulkan renderer (via "+vid_backend 0" console
    * Scaling has been changed. GZDoom now runs at a minimum of
      640x400. An extra mode (960x600) has been added to replace the
      lost 320x200 one.
    * Added "cl_blockcheats" - useful for people who use debugging
      keys, allows a user to consciously turn off cheats without
      affecting the serveradd "cl_blockcheats" - useful for people
      who use debugging keys, allows a user to consciously turn off
      cheats without affecting the server
    * "wait" console commands no longer execute inside the level,
      and can run during intermissions and outside the game.
  - Folded gzdoom-asmjit.patch into gzdoom-staticlibs.patch.
  - Added gzdoom-vulkan.patch.
* Wed Jan 23 2019 Jan Engelhardt <>
  - Update to new upstream release 3.7.2
    * The resolution selector now sets to auto detected resolution at
      startup, no longer uses entries from the config file.
    * Committing a scaling change for fullscreen sets scaling to 1.0
      to guarantee the selected number of pixels are actually used.
    * For details, see
* Thu Jan 03 2019 Jan Engelhardt <>
  - Update to new upstream release 3.7.1
    * Expand UDMF and ZScript API for side's own additive colors
    * Added NOFRICTION and NOFRICTIONBOUNCE actor flags
    * Added an AMD64 JIT for DECORATE and ZScript
    * Lights are now referenced by sections rather than surface, to
      speed up light linking. This should allow a dynamically-lit
      plasma bolt to pass over a 3D bridge in Frozen Time without
      turning the game into a slide show.
    * Add shader cache for Intel GPUs which should result in faster
  - Add gzdoom-asmjit.patch
* Wed Nov 14 2018 Jan Engelhardt <>
  - Update description
* Tue Oct 16 2018 Jan Engelhardt <>
  - Update to new upstream release 3.6.0
    * Add OBJ model support
    * Add HITOWNER flag, when set, allows a projectile to collide
      with its shooter.
    * Enabled the linear shadowmap filter.
    * Added 5x and 6x upscaling with xBRZ
    * Exports various resurrection-related functions to ZScript.
  - Update to new upstream release 3.5.1
    * Added post processing support to the software renderer and
  - Add fl2.patch
* Sun Aug 05 2018
  - Update to version 3.5.0
    * (modern branch only) Fullscreen is now borderless window (which,
      technically, it always has been, anyhow). Removed hacks which
      changed the desktop resolution in order to simulate exclusive
      fullscreen because they were a constant stability concern.
    * (modern branch only) fixed a performance regression with the
      software renderer, introduced by the recent changes to the video
      backend in 3.4.
    * Save item statistics - Items are now saved into save games and
      are displayed on the statfile
    * Upgrade libADLMIDI and libOPNMIDI
    * Large number of MinGW fixes
    * add tags for all Doom and Heretic monsters for mods that reveal
      monster names
    * various compatibility fixes for old maps and mods
    * fixed titlepic animation
    * Custom hardware shaders now can use custom texture units
    * default to "fullscreen" display
    * fixed a potential exploit with malformed WAD files.
  - Update to version 3.4.1
    * fixed: redirect script access to the compatflags CVARs to their
      internal shadow variables. This is needed so that MAPINFO settings
      for these flags don't get ignored.
    * fixed: flag CVars in ZScript referenced wrong addresses
    * fixed: ZScript used the wrong variable for compatflags2.
    * fixed: remove ARM specific gl_es definition since it's not even
      really much different from the main line definition, anyhow
    * fixed generation of brightmaps for sprites. This forgot to take
      the added empty border for filtering improvement into account.
    * fixed ADynamicLight's shadowmap index must be reset when loading
      a savegame.
    * fixed portal restoration on revisiting level in hub.
    * Added function to FLevelLocals to test if map is being reentered.
    * fixed crash with GL 3.x and fixed colormap active.
  - Update to version 3.4.0
    * enable #include support in modeldef files
    * removed DirectDraw and Direct3D backends, removed unaccerated SDL
      framebuffer backend
    * reorganization of 2D and 3D rendering code in preparation for Vulkan
      in the future, performance improvements on newer hardware
    * CVAR that handles it is now 'vid_rendermode' - vid_renderer,
      swtruecolor, and r_polyrender have been removed and combined into
      new CVAR
    * added a 'lightsizefactor' command to gldefs.
    * allow animated title pics.
    * Add support for Unreal Engine 1 vertex mesh format.
    * added LevelLocals vec2/3Offset(Z) functions for portal-aware
      offsetting without needing actors
    * Add "OnGiveSecret" virtual function on Actor for customizing behavior
      of secret finding.
    * BLOCKASPLAYER flag: treat non-player actors as blockable by
      "block players" lines
    * added 'revealed on automap' linedef flag, UDMF only
    * added forced automap style to linedef, UDMF only
    * Added startup song definition for custom IWADs
    * This release contains a major render optimization for highly detailed
      maps that may give a +20% performance improvement on Intel and AMD
      hardware (less on NVidia because the driver has far less overhead that
      could be optimized away.)
  - Update to version 3.3.2
    * Fixed detection of .ipk7 custom IWADs
    * Restored vanilla behavior of lightning for original Hexen
    * Added loading of ZSDF lumps by full paths
    * Disabled the survey code
    * Exported P_ActivateLine() to ZScript along with constants for
      activation type
    * Increased size of the savegame comment area.
  - Update to version 3.3.1
    * Better handling of defaults with some ZScript/DECORATE functions
    * Many bug fixes since 3.3.0
  - Update to version 3.3.0
    ZScript & Mapping Highlights
    * Added dynamic spot lights, configurable in the UDMF map format
    * Exported GetChecksum() function as part of FLevelLocals in ZScript
    * Mod-defined aliases no longer permanently change CVARs
    * Added FriendlySeeBlocks actor property that allows a modder to expand
      the maximum radius that a friendly monster can see enemies. It's
      accessible from both ZScript/DECORATE and UDMF
    * Custom submenus are no longer removed from altered protected menu
    * Exported S_GetMSLength() function to ZScript
    * Added GetRadiusDamage() function. It returns the raw calculated
      explosion damage falloff by distance only
    * Added Screen.getViewWindow() function
    * Exported Trace() interface to ZScript
    * Added TeleportSpecial() as an alias for Teleport() in ZScript to
      deconflict from Actor.Teleport() function
    * Added Distance2DSquared() and Distance3DSquared() functions
    * Fixed skip_super application for ZScript
    * Split off the interface part of DHUDMessage
    * Exported sector effect pointers
    * Fixed missing pointer assignment on Lighting effect creation
    * Made left button down event available to UI event handler
    * Exported Inventory.AltHUDIcon field to ZScript
    * Added WorldLinePreActivated to override line activation
    * Added DI_MIRROR flag to statusbar image drawing, useful for rearview
    * Enabled string and float user_ properties in UDMF things
    Other Highlights
    * Added in-game reverb editor using the menu system
    * Improved French translations
    * Fixed 'precise' rendering in OpenGL
    * Added new Materials Shader system to allow textures to show new
      properties such as glossiness and specularity, affected by dynamic
      lights, or with PBR, reflecting their direct surroundings
    * Added new rocket smoke sprites by Talon1024
    * Embedded Timidity++ into GZDoom directly
    * Added light definition for megasphere
    * Fixed midtex nowrap clipping bug when 3d floors are in view
      (Software Renderer)
    * Improved profilethinkers in various ways
    * Added variables am_unexploredsecretcolor and am_ovunexploredsecretcolor
      to mark undiscovered secrets differentl
  - Drop patch (Upstream updated to 18.05):
    * 0001-Update-LZMA-SDK-to-version-17.01.patch
  - Rebase patch:
    * gzdoom-lzma.patch
* Mon Jan 08 2018
  - Update to new upstream 3.2.5
    * Implemented 'i_soundinbackground' to continue playing sounds
      and music while in background.
    * OpenGL rendering now continues even when losing focus if not
      running fullscreen.
    * Added 'playerrespawn' skill flag to allow gameplay mods to
      retroactively enable player respawns in single player on
      all maps.
    * Improved Advanced Sound Options menu - added option for
      FluidSynth chorus, removed fractional part from FluidSynth
      voices option.
    * Fixed applying of Doom 64 lighting to horizon portals.
    * Particles are now interpolated.
  - Use system lzma-sdk
  - Add 0001-Update-LZMA-SDK-to-version-17.01.patch,
    gzdoom-lzma.patch, gzdoom-wadsrc-extra.patch
* Tue Jan 02 2018
  - Remove zdoom from the specfile (which had built both zdoom and
    gzdoom due to their similarity) and rename to gzdoom.spec.
  - Update to new upstream release 3.2.4
    * Recognition for the HacX 2.0 IWAD
    * Recognition for the modified Doom 1/2/U IWADs and the "No Rest
      for the Living" expansion pack shipped in the Doom3 BFG Edition.
    * New GL3 node format for complex UDMF maps which need fractional
      precision on node splitters.
    * The ZScript scripting language has been added.
    * A new 32-bit software renderer has been added.
      The classic 8-bit renderer remains available.
  - Add gzdoom-waddir.patch, gzdoom-staticlibs.patch.



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