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Packages beginning with letter C

c-icap-client-0.3.5-3 An ICAP client coded in C linux/aarch64
c-icap-modules-0.3.5-3 Modules for the c-icap-server linux/aarch64
c-icap-server-0.3.5-3 An ICAP server coded in C linux/aarch64
cacti-0.8.7i-6 Php frontend for rrdtool linux/noarch
cadaver-0.23.3-4 Command-line WebDAV client linux/aarch64
caffeine-2.9.8-1 A system applet that allows to temporarily inhibit screensaver and sleep mode linux/noarch
cairo-dock-3.4.1-2 A light and eye-candy dock to launch your programs easily linux/aarch64
cairo-dock-devel-3.4.1-2 Development files for cairo-dock linux/aarch64
cairo-dock-help-3.4.1-2 This package provides plugin "help" linux/aarch64
caja-1.26.3-1 File manager for the MATE desktop environment linux/aarch64
caja-actions-1.26.0-1 Caja extension for customizing the context menu linux/aarch64
caja-actions-docs-1.26.0-1 Documentations for caja-actions linux/noarch
caja-extensions-common-1.26.1-2 Common files for caja-extensions linux/noarch
caja-image-converter-1.26.1-2 Caja extension to mass resize images linux/aarch64
caja-open-terminal-1.26.1-2 Caja extension for an open terminal shortcut linux/aarch64
caja-schemas-1.26.3-1 Gsettings schema files for caja linux/noarch
caja-sendto-1.26.1-2 Caja extension to send files from caja using with mail or IM linux/aarch64
caja-sendto-devel-1.26.1-2 Development libraries and headers for caja-sendto linux/aarch64
caja-sendto-pidgin-1.26.1-2 Caja extension to send files from caja to pidgin linux/aarch64
caja-share-1.26.1-2 Caja extension to easy sharing folder via Samba (CIFS protocol) linux/aarch64
caja-wallpaper-1.26.1-2 Caja extension to set wallpaper for caja linux/aarch64
caja-xattr-tags-1.26.1-2 Caja extension to easly set xattr-tags linux/aarch64
calf-0.90.1-1 Pack of multi-standard audio plugins for LV2 and host for JACK linux/aarch64
candido-0.9.1-8 GTK2 cairo theme linux/aarch64
candle-1.2b-1 GRBL controller application linux/aarch64
cardpics-0.4-112 Some Card images linux/noarch
carpm-2.2-5 Script to help rpm's managing in command-line linux/noarch
catcodec-1.0.5-4 Sample catalog decoder and encoder for OpenTTD linux/aarch64
catdoc-0.94.2-2 Converts MS-Word file to text linux/aarch64
catfish-4.18.0-1 A handy file search tool linux/noarch
cb2bib-2.0.1-1 A tool for extracting bibliographic references linux/aarch64
ccache-3.7.6-1 Compiler Cache linux/aarch64
cciss_vol_status-1.12a-1 HP Smart Array Status Display linux/aarch64
cciss_vol_status-1.11-2 HP Smart Array Status Display linux/aarch64
ccsm- Compiz Config Settings Manager linux/noarch
cd-discid-1.4-1 Utility to get CDDB discid information linux/aarch64
cdemu-client-3.2.5-1 Command-line client for controlling CDEmu daemon linux/noarch
cdemu-daemon-3.2.6-2 Userspace daemon part of the CDemu suite linux/aarch64
cdi2iso-0.1-10 Convert DiskJuggler CD Images to ISO linux/aarch64
cdvst-0.18-12 Certain Death via Space Things linux/aarch64
cdw-0.8.1-1 Front-end for tools used for burning data CD/DVD linux/aarch64
cdw-0.7.1-3 Front-end for tools used for burning data CD/DVD linux/aarch64
cellwriter-1.3.6-1 Character-based hardwriting input panel linux/aarch64
certwatch-1.2-1 SSL certificate monitoring linux/aarch64
cgicc-3.2.15-4 ANSI C++ class lib that simplifies the creation of CGI apps linux/aarch64
chaplin-1.10-12 A dvd chapter tool linux/aarch64
checkbashisms-2.23.6-1 Check shell scripts for common bash-specific contructs linux/noarch
chipmunk-demo-6.1.5-2 Demos of the library chipmunk linux/aarch64
chipmunk-samples-6.1.5-2 Examples of use of the library chipmunk linux/noarch
chkrootkit-0.58b-1 Check rootkits linux/aarch64
chntpw-140201-1 Tool for resetting Windows passwords linux/aarch64
chocolate-doom-3.0.1-1 Historically compatible Doom engine linux/aarch64
chrony-4.4-1 An NTP client/server linux/aarch64
chrony-3.5-1 An NTP client/server linux/aarch64
cimg-3.3.2-1 Tools for advanced image processing linux/aarch64
cimg-devel-3.3.2-1 Library for advanced image processing (development files) linux/aarch64
cinnamon-5.8.4-1 Window management and application launching for Cinnamon linux/aarch64
cinnamon-control-center-5.8.2-1 Utilities to configure the Cinnamon desktop linux/aarch64
cinnamon-control-center-devel-5.8.2-1 Development package for cinnamon-control-center linux/aarch64
cinnamon-desktop-5.8.0-1 Shared code among cinnamon-session, nemo, etc linux/aarch64
cinnamon-menus-5.8.0-1 A menu system for the Cinnamon project linux/aarch64
cinnamon-menus-devel-5.8.0-1 Libraries and include files for the Cinnamon menu system linux/aarch64
cinnamon-screensaver-5.8.1-1 Cinnamon Screensaver linux/aarch64
cinnamon-session-5.8.1-1 Cinnamon session manager linux/aarch64
cinnamon-settings-daemon-5.8.1-1 The daemon sharing settings from CINNAMON to GTK+/KDE applications linux/aarch64
cinnamon-settings-daemon-devel-5.8.1-1 Development files for cinnamon-settings-daemon linux/aarch64
cinnamon-translations-5.8.2-1 Translations for Cinnamon and Nemo linux/noarch
cjs-5.8.0-1 Javascript Bindings for Cinnamon linux/aarch64
clamtk-6.16-1 Easy to use front-end for ClamAV linux/noarch
claws-mail-4.1.1-2 The user-friendly, lightweight and fast GTK2 based email client linux/aarch64
claws-mail-acpi-plugin-4.1.1-2 This Claws Mail plugin enables mail notification via LEDs on some laptops linux/aarch64
claws-mail-address_keeper-plugin-4.1.1-2 This Claws Mail plugin never forgets e-mail adresses linux/aarch64
claws-mail-att_remover-plugin-4.1.1-2 This Claws Mail plugin enables the removal of attachments linux/aarch64
claws-mail-attachwarner-plugin-4.1.1-2 This Claws Mail plugin enables attachment warnings linux/aarch64
claws-mail-bogofilter-plugin-4.1.1-2 Bogofilter plugin for Claws Mail linux/aarch64
claws-mail-bsfilter-plugin-4.1.1-2 This Claws Mail plugin enables spam fitering through bsfilter linux/aarch64
claws-mail-clamd-plugin-4.1.1-2 This Claws Mail plugin enables spam fitering through Clam AntiVirus linux/aarch64
claws-mail-devel-4.1.1-2 Development files for Claws Mail linux/aarch64
claws-mail-dillo-plugin-4.1.1-2 This plugin renders HTML e-mails through dillo linux/aarch64
claws-mail-fancy-plugin-4.1.1-2 This plugin renders HTML e-mails through WebKit linux/aarch64
claws-mail-fetchinfo-plugin-4.1.1-2 This Claws Mail plugin inserts headers containing some download information linux/aarch64
claws-mail-gdata-plugin-4.1.1-2 This Claws Mail plugin enables access to GData (Google services) linux/aarch64
claws-mail-keyword_warner-plugin-4.1.1-2 keyword_warner plugin for claws-mail linux/aarch64
claws-mail-libravatar-plugin-4.1.1-2 This Claws Mail plugin enables libravatar support linux/aarch64
claws-mail-mailmbox-plugin-4.1.1-2 This Claws Mail plugin provides direct access to mbox folders linux/aarch64
claws-mail-newmail-plugin-4.1.1-2 This Claws Mail plugin can write a summary to a log file linux/aarch64
claws-mail-notification-plugin-4.1.1-2 This Claws Mail plugin notifies about new mail linux/aarch64
claws-mail-pdfviewer-plugin-4.1.1-2 This Claws Mail plugin handles PDF and PostScript attachments linux/aarch64
claws-mail-perl-plugin-4.1.1-2 Perl interface to Claws Mail's filtering mechanism linux/aarch64
claws-mail-pgpcore-plugin-4.1.1-2 PGP core plugin for Claws Mail linux/aarch64
claws-mail-pgpinline-plugin-4.1.1-2 PGP/Inline plugin for Claws Mail linux/aarch64
claws-mail-pgpmime-plugin-4.1.1-2 PGP/MIME plugin for Claws Mail linux/aarch64
claws-mail-plugins-managesieve-4.1.1-2 Add Manage sieve support to Claws Mail linux/aarch64
claws-mail-python-plugin-4.1.1-2 Python scriptin access to Claws Mail linux/aarch64
claws-mail-rssyl-plugin-4.1.1-2 This Claws Mail plugin allows you to read your favorite newsfeeds linux/aarch64
claws-mail-smime-plugin-4.1.1-2 S/Mime plugin for Claws Mail linux/aarch64
claws-mail-spam_report-plugin-4.1.1-2 This Claws Mail plugin provides spamreport linux/aarch64
claws-mail-spamassassin-plugin-4.1.1-2 Spamassassin-plugin for Claws Mail linux/aarch64
claws-mail-themes-20140629-1 Icon themes for Claws-Mail linux/noarch
claws-mail-tnef_parse-plugin-4.1.1-2 This Claws Mail plugin enables parsing MS-TNEF attachments linux/aarch64
claws-mail-vcalendar-plugin-4.1.1-2 This Claws Mail plugin enables vCalendar message handling linux/aarch64
climm-0.7.1-3 Text-mode ICQ clone linux/aarch64
clips-6.21-15 Clips language for expert systems linux/aarch64
clips-X11-6.21-15 X interface to Clips linux/aarch64
clisp-2.49.93-2 ANSI Common Lisp implementation linux/aarch64
clisp-devel-2.49.93-2 Development files for CLISP linux/aarch64
clonezilla-3.35.2-1 Opensource Clone System (ocs), clonezilla linux/noarch
cloud-utils-0.33-1 Cloud image management utilities linux/noarch
cm-0.4.2-1 Ring class fields of imaginary quadratic number fields and of elliptic curves linux/aarch64
cmt-1.17-1 Computer Music Toolkit ladspa plugins linux/aarch64
codec2-1.2.0-1 An open source speech codec for 2400 bit/s and below linux/aarch64
codeville-0.8.0-8 Distributed version control system linux/noarch
coin-doc-4.0.1-1 HTML developer documentation for Coin linux/aarch64
colordiff-1.0.21-1 Wrapper for diff that produces output with syntax highlighting linux/noarch
colorize-0.3.4-2 Colorized output from tail, like your log files linux/noarch
colorprompt-1.0-2 Make the user prompt in bash different colors depending on your user linux/noarch
colorprompt-clock-1.0-2 Make the user prompt in bash different colors depending on your user linux/noarch
compcache-0.6.2-9 Compcache provides the ability to use part of the RAM as compressed swap linux/aarch64
compiz- OpenGL composite manager for Xgl and AIGLX linux/aarch64
compiz-decorator-gtk- GTK window decorator for compiz linux/aarch64
compizconfig-backends- Backend modules for libcompizconfig linux/aarch64
compizconfig-python-0.8.18-1 Python bindings for libcompizconfig linux/aarch64
compositing-wm-common-2018.0-1 Common tools for compositing window managers linux/aarch64
conectivator-0.2-7 A set of aliases for Conectiva users linux/noarch
congruity-18-2 Logitech Harmony remote programmer GUI linux/noarch
conky-1.19.6-1 A lightweight system monitor linux/aarch64
conky-manager-2.4-1 A simple GUI for managing Conky config files linux/aarch64
conky-manager2-2.7-2 A simple GUI for managing Conky config files linux/aarch64
connect-1.105-1 Relaying command to make network connection via proxy linux/aarch64
connman-1.41-3 Connection Manager linux/aarch64
connman-devel-1.41-3 Development files for Connection Manager linux/aarch64
converseen- A batch image conversion tool linux/aarch64
cooledit-4.0.0-1 Full featured multiple window programmer's text editor linux/aarch64
coolreader3-3.2.59-2 Free e-book reader linux/aarch64
corkscrew-2.0-8 Tool for tunneling SSH through HTTP proxies linux/aarch64
countrycodes-1.0.5-10 Country code finder linux/aarch64
cowpatty-4.6-2 Brute-force dictionary attack against WPA-PSK linux/aarch64
cpan-upload-2.2-7 Upload one or more files to CPAN, using PAUSE linux/noarch
cppcheck-2.6.3-1 Static analysis tool for C/C++ linux/aarch64
cproto-4.7r-1 Generates function prototypes and variable declarations from C code linux/aarch64
crash-7.2.7-1 Kernel crash and live system analysis utility linux/aarch64
crash-devel-7.2.7-1 kernel crash and live system analysis utility linux/aarch64
crossfire-client-data-1.70.0-3 Data files for Crossfire game clients linux/noarch
cscope-15.9-1 C source file browser linux/aarch64
cthumb-4.2-13 A program to generate Web picture albums linux/noarch
cube2font-2.0.0-1 Utility program for creating font bitmaps for Cube Engine games linux/aarch64
cuetools-1.4.1-1 Utilities to works with cue and TOC files linux/aarch64
culmus-latex-0.7-3 Culmus Hebrew fonts for LaTeX linux/noarch
cups-drivers-captdriver-0.1.3-0.20221008git.1 Cups filter for Canon CAPT printers linux/aarch64
curl-loader-0.56-1 A HTTP(S)/FTP(S) application load stress testing tool linux/aarch64
curlew-0.2.5-1 Curlew multimedia converter linux/noarch
cvsadmin-1.0.3-12 Tool to administer users of a CVS repository linux/aarch64
cvsps-2.2b1-6 Patchset tool for CVS linux/aarch64
cvsreport-0.3.5-9 Produce CVS activity reports linux/noarch
cvsspam-0.2.12-8 Emails you diffs when someone commits a change to your CVS repository linux/noarch
cvsutils-0.2.5-3 Collection of useful CVS scripts linux/noarch
cwiid-0.6.02-2 Wiimote Interface linux/aarch64
cwtmp-3.4-2 Clean up utmp & wtmp files (discard entries; fix corruption) linux/aarch64
cxtracker-0.9.5-3 Connection Tracker - is a passive network connection tracker linux/aarch64

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