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Packages beginning with letter A

a2jmidid-9-1 ALSA to JACK MIDI Bridging tools linux/aarch64
abcde-2.9.3-2 Command-line utility to rip and encode audio cds linux/aarch64
abcm2ps-8.14.14-1 Converts ABC format music sheets into Postscript linux/aarch64
abcmidi-2023.11.17-1 Tool for processing ABC music notation files linux/aarch64
abcmidi-2023.11.08-1 Tool for processing ABC music notation files linux/aarch64
abe-1.1-10 Abe's Amazing Adventure - side-scrolling platform jumping game linux/aarch64
abi-compliance-checker-2.3-1 API/ABI compatibility checker for C/C++ libraries linux/noarch
abiword-3.0.5-5 Lean and fast full-featured word processor linux/aarch64
abiword-devel-3.0.5-5 Devel files for Abiword linux/aarch64
abook-0.6.1-1 Text-based addressbook program for mutt linux/aarch64
abspath-0.1-8 Return the absolute path of a file or directory linux/noarch
abuse_sdl-0.9.1-1 The classic Crack-Dot-Com game linux/aarch64
ac3info-0.1-7 A tool to display ac3 properties linux/aarch64
acabit-en-4.3-1 Automatic Corpus-based Acquisition of Binary Terms linux/noarch
acabit-fr-4.3-10 Automatic Corpus-based Acquisition of Binary Terms linux/noarch
acabit-fr-4.3-9 Automatic Corpus-based Acquisition of Binary Terms linux/noarch
acetoneiso-2.4-1 CD/DVD Image Manipulator linux/aarch64
ack-3.7.0-1 Grep-like text finder for large trees of text linux/noarch
acpitool-0.5.2-1 A Linux ACPI client linux/aarch64
acr38u-1.7.11-1 ACS ACR 38 USB (acr38u) Smartcard Reader driver for PCSC-lite linux/aarch64
adns-python-1.2.1-4 Python bindings for GNU adns library linux/aarch64
adonthell-0.3.5-2 A 2D graphical RPG game linux/aarch64
adplug-2.3.3-1 AdLib sound player library linux/aarch64
adtool-1.3.3-3 Active Directory administration utility for Unix linux/aarch64
advancecomp-2.6-1 The AdvanceCOMP compression linux/aarch64
adwaita-nemo-5.8.5-1 Nemo theme fix for Adwaita linux/noarch
aee-2.2.22-1 An easy to use text editor linux/aarch64
afce-0.9.8-1 Algorithm Flowchart Editor linux/aarch64
afflib-3.7.20-1 A set of programs for creating and manipulating AFF files linux/aarch64
afuse-0.5.0-1 An automounter implemented with FUSE linux/aarch64
aiccu-20070115-2 SixXS Automatic IPv6 Connectivity Client Utility linux/aarch64
aide-0.17.4-1 Advanced Intrusion Detection Environment linux/aarch64
aiksaurus-1.2.1-11 An English-language thesaurus library linux/aarch64
aiksaurus-data-1.2.1-11 An English-language thesaurus library linux/aarch64
aiksaurusgtk-1.2.1-11 A GTK+ thesaurus application linux/aarch64
aircrack-ng-1.7-1 Reliable 802.11 (wireless) sniffer and WEP key cracker linux/aarch64
airsnort-0.2.7e-13 A wireless LAN tool which cracks encryption keys linux/aarch64
airstrike-1.0-1.pre6a.8 Incredibly addictive 2D dogfight game linux/aarch64
alacconvert-0.2.0-1 Apple Lossless Audio Codec linux/aarch64
aldo-0.7.8-1 Console-based morse tutor linux/aarch64
alevt-1.8.1-1 Teletext decoder and browser for bttv and DVB linux/aarch64
alglib-doc-4.00.0-1 API documentation for alglib linux/noarch
alien-8.95.6-1 Install Debian and Slackware Packages with RPM linux/noarch
alienarena-7.71.4-1 Multiplayer retro sci-fi deathmatch game linux/aarch64
alienarena-data-7.71.4-1 Data files needed by both the client and server for Alienarena linux/noarch
alienarena-server-7.71.4-1 Dedicated server for alienarena, the FPS game linux/aarch64
alure-1.2-5 Audio Library Tools REloaded linux/aarch64
ampache-6.1.0-1 Web-based MP3/Ogg/RM/Flac/WMA/M4A manager linux/noarch
amule-2.4.0-8.git.20231116 File sharing client compatible with eDonkey linux/aarch64
amule-commandline-2.4.0-8.git.20231116 File sharing client compatible with eDonkey linux/aarch64
amule-webserver-2.4.0-8.git.20231116 File sharing client compatible with eDonkey linux/aarch64
analog-6.0.16-1 WWW server logfile analysis program linux/aarch64
android-file-transfer-4.2-1 Interactive MTP client with Qt GUI linux/aarch64
aoetools-37-1 Programs to setup ATA over Ethernet device linux/aarch64
apache-mod_auth_certificate-0.3-5 A client certificate authentication module for apache linux/aarch64
apache-mod_auth_msfix-0.2.1-17 A module that fix MS XP WebDAV client problem linux/aarch64
apache-mod_auth_nds-2.0-17 DSO module for the apache Web server linux/aarch64
apache-mod_auth_pam-1.1.1-12 Pam authorisation for Apache linux/aarch64
apache-mod_authz_unixgroup-1.1.0-2 Apache Unix Group Access Control Modules linux/aarch64
apache-mod_cfg_ldap-1.2-18 Keeping apache VirtualHost configuration in a LDAP directory linux/aarch64
apache-mod_diagnostics-0.1-19 DSO module for the apache web server linux/aarch64
apache-mod_domaintree-1.6-12 Mass virtual hosting module mapping host names to a directory tree linux/aarch64
apache-mod_form-0-18 DSO module for the apache web server linux/aarch64
apache-mod_form-devel-0-18 Development API for the mod_form apache module linux/aarch64
apache-mod_geoip-1.2.10-1 Module for apache (2.0.x) to use the GeoIP database linux/aarch64
apache-mod_injection-0.3.1-16 DSO module for the apache web server linux/aarch64
apache-mod_load_average-0.1.0-16 DSO module for the apache web server linux/aarch64
apache-mod_log_data-0.0.3-16 DSO module for the apache web server linux/aarch64
apache-mod_log_rotate-1.00-14 Automatic in-process rotation of transfer log linux/aarch64
apache-mod_memcached-0.3-11 DSO module for the apache Web server linux/aarch64
apache-mod_musicindex-1.4.1-2 DSO module for the apache Web server linux/aarch64
apache-mod_roaming-2.0.0-15 Enables Netscape Communicator roaming profiles with apache linux/aarch64
apache-mod_scrmable-0.1-16 Apache module to scramble words linux/aarch64
apache-mod_tidy-0.5.5-17 DSO module for the apache web server linux/aarch64
apache-mod_variety-0.2.1-16 Apache module to serve random files from a directory linux/aarch64
apache-mod_vdbh-1.0.3-23 A Virtual Database Hosting DSO module for the apache web server linux/aarch64
apache-mod_wsgi-4.9.4-1 Python WSGI adapter module for Apache linux/aarch64
apache-mod_xslt_filter-1.5.2-8 Performs XSL transformation on the fly linux/aarch64
apachegrep-0.3-6 A grep tool for apache log files linux/noarch
apg-2.3.0b-1 Automated Password Generator (apg) linux/aarch64
api-sanity-checker-1.98.7-1 Automatic generator of unit tests for C/C++ libraries linux/noarch
apngopt-1.4-1 optimize APNG images linux/aarch64
apolicy-0.73-6 ACL Policy Daemon for Postfix linux/noarch
apvlv-0.4.0-1 A PDF viewer which behaves like Vim linux/aarch64
aqualung-1.0-3 Music Player for GNU/Linux linux/aarch64
arandr-0.1.11-1 Screen layout editor for xrandr 1.2 (Another XRandR gui) linux/noarch
aravis-0.8.6-1 Glib/gobject based library implementing a Genicam interface linux/aarch64
arc-5.21q-1 Archive compression utility linux/aarch64
archivemail-0.9.0-2 A tool for archiving and compressing old email linux/noarch
ardour-8.1.0-1 Professional multi-track audio recording application linux/aarch64
ariamaestosa-1.4.13-1 An open-source midi tracker/editor linux/aarch64
arp-scan-1.9.8-1 ARP scanning and fingerprinting tool linux/aarch64
arpack-3.8.0-1 Fortran 77 subroutines for solving large scale eigenvalue problems linux/aarch64
arping-2.21-1 ARP Ping linux/aarch64
ascii-3.18-1 Interactive ASCII name and synonym chart linux/aarch64
asciiquarium-1.1-3 An aquarium/sea animation in ASCII art linux/noarch
asio-1.18.1-1 Cross-platform C++ library for network programming linux/aarch64
aspell-pt-br-20131030_12_0-1 The Brazilian Portuguese dictionary for Aspell. linux/noarch
aspell-sr-0.60.0-6 Serbian files for aspell linux/aarch64
asteroids3D-1.0-1 Summary A 3D, first-person game of blowing up asteroids linux/aarch64
asunder-3.0.1-1 GTK+-based audio CD ripper and encoder linux/aarch64
atanks-6.6-1 Scorched Earth game clone linux/aarch64
atomix-3.34.0-1 Mind game - build molecules out of single atoms linux/aarch64
atril-1.26.1-1 MATE Document viewer linux/aarch64
audio-recorder-3.3.4-1 Audio recorder for the GNOME linux/aarch64
audio-recorder-2.2.3-1 Audio recorder for the GNOME linux/aarch64
audiokonverter-6.0.0-1 An audio converter linux/noarch
autodia-2.100.0-5 Automatic Dia/UML generator linux/noarch
autodownloader-0.5.0-1 GUI-tool to automate the download of certain files linux/noarch
automake1.4-1.4.0.p6-17 A GNU tool for automatically creating Makefiles linux/noarch
automake1.7-1.7.9-24 A GNU tool for automatically creating Makefiles linux/noarch
autosmb-1.1-7 Automounter script for autods linux/noarch
autossh-1.4g-1 Automatically restart SSH sessions and tunnels linux/aarch64
avce00-2.0.0-5 Arc/Info (binary) Vector Coverage <-> E00 Utilities linux/aarch64
avce00-devel-2.0.0-5 Arc/Info (binary) Vector Coverage <-> E00 Library linux/aarch64
avra-1.4.2-1 An AVR assembler linux/aarch64
avrdude-7.2-1 Software for programming Atmel AVR Microcontroller linux/aarch64
awesome-4.3-1 Window manager linux/aarch64
aws-1.75-2 Command line access to Amazon S3, EC2 and SQS linux/noarch
awstats-7.9-1 Advanced Web Statistics linux/noarch
axel-2.17.11-1 A light Linux download accelerator - Console version linux/aarch64

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