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Packages beginning with letter L

l10n-kickstarts-0.27.1-1.fc28 Localized kickstarts for localized spins linux/noarch
l3afpad- Simple text editor forked from Leafpad, supports GTK+ 3.x linux/s390x
labelleaurore-fonts-1.001-0.6.20140913hg.fc27 La Belle Aurore font by Kimberly Geswein linux/noarch
labiryntowy-fonts-1.53-6.fc27 Artificial font consisting of vertical and horizontal bars linux/noarch
labrea-2.5.1-15.fc26 Tarpit (slow to a crawl) worms and port scanners linux/s390x
laby-0.6.4-6.fc27 Learn programming, playing with ants and spider webs linux/s390x
labyrinth-0.6-11.fc27 A light weight mind mapping tool linux/noarch
lacewing-1.10-29.fc27 Arcade-style shoot-em-up linux/s390x
ladish-2-18.3.gitfcb16ae.fc27 LADI Audio session handler linux/s390x
laditools-1.0.1-14.fc27 Set of tools to control and monitor LADI system linux/noarch
ladspa-1.13-19.fc27 Linux Audio Developer's Simple Plug-in API, examples and tools linux/s390x
ladspa-amb-plugins-0.6.1-15.fc27 Ambisonics LADSPA plugins linux/s390x
ladspa-autotalent-plugins-0.2-15.fc27 A pitch correction LADSPA plugin linux/s390x
ladspa-blop-plugins-0.2.8-21.fc27 Bandlimited LADSPA Oscillator Plugins linux/s390x
ladspa-calf-plugins-0.0.60-7.fc27 Calf plugins in LADSPA format linux/s390x
ladspa-caps-plugins-0.9.24-4.fc27 The C* Audio Plugin Suite linux/s390x
ladspa-cmt-plugins-1.16-15.fc27 A collection of LADSPA plugins linux/s390x
ladspa-devel-1.13-19.fc27 Linux Audio Developer's Simple Plug-in API linux/s390x
ladspa-fil-plugins-0.3.0-16.fc27 LADSPA Filter plugins linux/s390x
ladspa-guitarix-plugins-0.35.2-6.fc27 Collection of Ladspa plug-ins linux/s390x
ladspa-mcp-plugins-0.4.0-17.fc27 A set of audio plugins for LADSPA linux/s390x
ladspa-rev-plugins-0.3.1-20.fc27 A reverberation plugin for LADSPA linux/s390x
ladspa-swh-plugins-0.4.15-29.fc27 A set of audio plugins for LADSPA linux/s390x
ladspa-tap-plugins-0.7.0-19.fc27 Tom's Audio Processing plugin linux/s390x
ladspa-vco-plugins-0.3.0-22.fc27 Anti-aliased pulse and sawtooth oscillators linux/s390x
ladspa-wasp-plugins-0.9.7-4.fc27 Wave Sculpting Plugins linux/s390x
ladvd-1.1.1-3.fc27 CDP/LLDP sender for UNIX linux/s390x
ladvd-selinux-1.1.1-3.fc27 SELinux policy module supporting ladvd linux/s390x
laf-plugin-1.0-17.fc27 Generic plugin framework for Java look-and-feels linux/noarch
lagan-2.0-22.fc27 Local, global, and multiple alignment of DNA sequences linux/s390x
lame-3.100-1.fc28 Free MP3 audio compressor linux/s390x
lame-devel-3.100-1.fc28 Development files for lame linux/s390x
lame-libs-3.100-1.fc28 LAME MP3 encoding library linux/s390x
lame-mp3x-3.100-1.fc28 MP3 frame analyzer linux/s390x
lammps-20171023-1.fc28 Molecular Dynamics Simulator linux/s390x
lammps-devel-20171023-1.fc28 Development libraries for LAMMPS linux/s390x
lammps-headers-20171023-1.fc28 Development headers for LAMMPS linux/s390x
lammps-mpich-20171023-1.fc28 LAMMPS MPICH binaries and libraries linux/s390x
lammps-mpich-devel-20171023-1.fc28 Development libraries for MPICH LAMMPS linux/s390x
lammps-openmpi-20171023-1.fc28 LAMMPS Open MPI binaries and libraries linux/s390x
lammps-openmpi-devel-20171023-1.fc28 Development libraries for Open MPI LAMMPS linux/s390x
lancer-0.0.2-6.fc27 Probability and statistics classes for Java linux/noarch
lancer-javadoc-0.0.2-6.fc27 API documentation for lancer linux/noarch
langdetect-1.1-0.10.20120112.fc27 Language Detection Library for Java linux/noarch
langdetect-javadoc-1.1-0.10.20120112.fc27 Javadoc for langdetect linux/noarch
langpacks-af-1.0-10.fc27 Afrikaans langpacks meta-package linux/noarch
langpacks-am-1.0-10.fc27 Amharic langpacks meta-package linux/noarch
langpacks-ar-1.0-10.fc27 Arabic langpacks meta-package linux/noarch
langpacks-as-1.0-10.fc27 Assamese langpacks meta-package linux/noarch
langpacks-ast-1.0-10.fc27 Asturian langpacks meta-package linux/noarch
langpacks-be-1.0-10.fc27 Belarusian langpacks meta-package linux/noarch
langpacks-bg-1.0-10.fc27 Bulgarian langpacks meta-package linux/noarch
langpacks-bn-1.0-10.fc27 Bengali langpacks meta-package linux/noarch
langpacks-br-1.0-10.fc27 Breton langpacks meta-package linux/noarch
langpacks-bs-1.0-10.fc27 Bosnian langpacks meta-package linux/noarch
langpacks-ca-1.0-10.fc27 Catalan langpacks meta-package linux/noarch
langpacks-cs-1.0-10.fc27 Czech langpacks meta-package linux/noarch
langpacks-cy-1.0-10.fc27 Welsh langpacks meta-package linux/noarch
langpacks-da-1.0-10.fc27 Danish langpacks meta-package linux/noarch
langpacks-de-1.0-10.fc27 German langpacks meta-package linux/noarch
langpacks-el-1.0-10.fc27 Greek langpacks meta-package linux/noarch
langpacks-en-1.0-10.fc27 English langpacks meta-package linux/noarch
langpacks-en_GB-1.0-10.fc27 English (United Kingdom) langpacks meta-package linux/noarch
langpacks-es-1.0-10.fc27 Spanish langpacks meta-package linux/noarch
langpacks-et-1.0-10.fc27 Estonian langpacks meta-package linux/noarch
langpacks-eu-1.0-10.fc27 Basque langpacks meta-package linux/noarch
langpacks-fa-1.0-10.fc27 Persian langpacks meta-package linux/noarch
langpacks-fi-1.0-10.fc27 Finnish langpacks meta-package linux/noarch
langpacks-fr-1.0-10.fc27 French langpacks meta-package linux/noarch
langpacks-ga-1.0-10.fc27 Irish langpacks meta-package linux/noarch
langpacks-gl-1.0-10.fc27 Galician langpacks meta-package linux/noarch
langpacks-gu-1.0-10.fc27 Gujarati langpacks meta-package linux/noarch
langpacks-he-1.0-10.fc27 Hebrew langpacks meta-package linux/noarch
langpacks-hi-1.0-10.fc27 Hindi langpacks meta-package linux/noarch
langpacks-hr-1.0-10.fc27 Croatian langpacks meta-package linux/noarch
langpacks-hu-1.0-10.fc27 Hungarian langpacks meta-package linux/noarch
langpacks-ia-1.0-10.fc27 Interlingua langpacks meta-package linux/noarch
langpacks-id-1.0-10.fc27 Indonesian langpacks meta-package linux/noarch
langpacks-is-1.0-10.fc27 Icelandic langpacks meta-package linux/noarch
langpacks-it-1.0-10.fc27 Italian langpacks meta-package linux/noarch
langpacks-ja-1.0-10.fc27 Japanese langpacks meta-package linux/noarch
langpacks-kk-1.0-10.fc27 Kazakh langpacks meta-package linux/noarch
langpacks-kn-1.0-10.fc27 Kannada langpacks meta-package linux/noarch
langpacks-ko-1.0-10.fc27 Korean langpacks meta-package linux/noarch
langpacks-lt-1.0-10.fc27 Lithuanian langpacks meta-package linux/noarch
langpacks-lv-1.0-10.fc27 Latvian langpacks meta-package linux/noarch
langpacks-mai-1.0-10.fc27 Maithili langpacks meta-package linux/noarch
langpacks-mk-1.0-10.fc27 Macedonian langpacks meta-package linux/noarch
langpacks-ml-1.0-10.fc27 Malayalam langpacks meta-package linux/noarch
langpacks-mr-1.0-10.fc27 Marathi langpacks meta-package linux/noarch
langpacks-ms-1.0-10.fc27 Malay langpacks meta-package linux/noarch
langpacks-nb-1.0-10.fc27 Norwegian Bokmål langpacks meta-package linux/noarch
langpacks-ne-1.0-10.fc27 Nepali langpacks meta-package linux/noarch
langpacks-nl-1.0-10.fc27 Dutch langpacks meta-package linux/noarch
langpacks-nn-1.0-10.fc27 Nynorsk langpacks meta-package linux/noarch
langpacks-nr-1.0-10.fc27 Southern Ndebele langpacks meta-package linux/noarch
langpacks-nso-1.0-10.fc27 Northern Sotho langpacks meta-package linux/noarch
langpacks-or-1.0-10.fc27 Oriya langpacks meta-package linux/noarch
langpacks-pa-1.0-10.fc27 Punjabi langpacks meta-package linux/noarch
langpacks-pl-1.0-10.fc27 Polish langpacks meta-package linux/noarch
langpacks-pt-1.0-10.fc27 Portuguese langpacks meta-package linux/noarch
langpacks-pt_BR-1.0-10.fc27 Portuguese (Brazil) langpacks meta-package linux/noarch
langpacks-ro-1.0-10.fc27 Romanian langpacks meta-package linux/noarch
langpacks-ru-1.0-10.fc27 Russian langpacks meta-package linux/noarch
langpacks-si-1.0-10.fc27 Sinhala langpacks meta-package linux/noarch
langpacks-sk-1.0-10.fc27 Slovak langpacks meta-package linux/noarch
langpacks-sl-1.0-10.fc27 Slovenian langpacks meta-package linux/noarch
langpacks-sq-1.0-10.fc27 Albanian langpacks meta-package linux/noarch
langpacks-sr-1.0-10.fc27 Serbian langpacks meta-package linux/noarch
langpacks-ss-1.0-10.fc27 Swati langpacks meta-package linux/noarch
langpacks-sv-1.0-10.fc27 Swedish langpacks meta-package linux/noarch
langpacks-ta-1.0-10.fc27 Tamil langpacks meta-package linux/noarch
langpacks-te-1.0-10.fc27 Telugu langpacks meta-package linux/noarch
langpacks-th-1.0-10.fc27 Thai langpacks meta-package linux/noarch
langpacks-tn-1.0-10.fc27 Tswana langpacks meta-package linux/noarch
langpacks-tr-1.0-10.fc27 Turkish langpacks meta-package linux/noarch
langpacks-ts-1.0-10.fc27 Tsonga langpacks meta-package linux/noarch
langpacks-uk-1.0-10.fc27 Ukrainian langpacks meta-package linux/noarch
langpacks-ur-1.0-10.fc27 Urdu langpacks meta-package linux/noarch
langpacks-ve-1.0-10.fc27 Venda langpacks meta-package linux/noarch
langpacks-vi-1.0-10.fc27 Vietnamese langpacks meta-package linux/noarch
langpacks-xh-1.0-10.fc27 Xhosa langpacks meta-package linux/noarch
langpacks-zh_CN-1.0-10.fc27 Simplified Chinese langpacks meta-package linux/noarch
langpacks-zh_TW-1.0-10.fc27 Traditional Chinese langpacks meta-package linux/noarch
langpacks-zu-1.0-10.fc27 Zulu langpacks meta-package linux/noarch
langtable-0.0.38-2.fc28 Guessing reasonable defaults for locale, keyboard layout, territory, and language. linux/noarchNew
langtable-data-0.0.38-2.fc28 Data files for langtable linux/noarchNew
langtable-python3-0.0.38-2.fc28 Python module to query the langtable-data linux/noarchNew
language-detector-0.5-4.fc27 Language Detection Library for Java linux/noarch
language-detector-javadoc-0.5-4.fc27 Javadoc for language-detector linux/noarch
lapack-3.8.0-2.fc28 Numerical linear algebra package libraries linux/s390xNew
lapack-devel-3.8.0-2.fc28 LAPACK development libraries linux/s390xNew
lapack-static-3.8.0-2.fc28 LAPACK static libraries linux/s390xNew
lapack64-3.8.0-2.fc28 Numerical linear algebra package libraries linux/s390xNew
lapack64-devel-3.8.0-2.fc28 LAPACK development libraries (64bit INTEGER) linux/s390xNew
lapack64-static-3.8.0-2.fc28 LAPACK static libraries (64bit INTEGER) linux/s390xNew
lasem-0.4.3-7.fc27 A library for rendering SVG and Mathml, implementing a DOM like API linux/s390x
lasem-devel-0.4.3-7.fc27 Development files for lasem linux/s390x
lasem-render-0.4.3-7.fc27 Simple MathML converter linux/s390x
lash-0.5.4-32.fc28 LASH Audio Session Handler linux/s390x
lash-devel-0.5.4-32.fc28 Development files for LASH linux/s390x
lash-libs-0.5.4-32.fc28 Shared libraries for using lash linux/s390x
lasi-1.1.2-9.fc27 C++ library for creating Postscript documents linux/s390x
lasi-devel-1.1.2-9.fc27 Development headers and libraries for lasi linux/s390x
lasi-doc-1.1.2-9.fc27 Documentation for lasi linux/noarch
lasso-2.5.1-9.fc28 Liberty Alliance Single Sign On linux/s390x
lasso-devel-2.5.1-9.fc28 Lasso development headers and documentation linux/s390x
lasso-java-2.5.1-9.fc28 Liberty Alliance Single Sign On (lasso) Java bindings linux/s390x
lastfmlib-0.4.0-16.fc27 scrobbling library linux/s390x
lastfmlib-devel-0.4.0-16.fc27 Development files for lastfmlib linux/s390x
lastpass-cli-1.1.2-3.fc27 Command line interface to linux/s390x
laszip-2.2.0-9.fc27 Quickly turns bulky LAS files into compant LAZ files linux/s390x
laszip-devel-2.2.0-9.fc27 The development files for laszip linux/s390x
latencytop-0.5-19.fc27 System latency monitor (with GUI) linux/s390x
latencytop-common-0.5-19.fc27 System latency monitor (shared files for both GUI and TUI builds) linux/s390x
latencytop-tui-0.5-19.fc27 System latency monitor (text interface only) linux/s390x
latex-mk-2.1-10.fc27 Makefile fragments and shell scripts for latex linux/noarch
latex2html-2017.2-3.fc27 Converts LaTeX documents to HTML linux/noarch
latex2rtf-2.3.16-1.fc27 LaTeX to RTF converter that handles equations, figures, and cross-references linux/s390x
latexila-3.26.1-1.fc28 Integrated LaTeX Environment for the GNOME desktop linux/s390x
latexila-doc-3.26.1-1.fc28 Documentation for latexila linux/noarch
latexmk-4.53a-1.fc27 A make-like utility for LaTeX files linux/noarch
lato-fonts-2.015-4.fc27 A sanserif typeface family linux/noarch
latte-dock-0.7.2-1.fc28 Latte is a dock based on plasma frameworks linux/s390xNew
latte-integrale-1.7.3b-7.fc28 Lattice point enumeration linux/s390x
laughlin-backgrounds-14.1.0-14.fc27 Laughlin desktop backgrounds linux/noarch
laughlin-backgrounds-animated-14.1.0-14.fc27 Images for Time of Day animation for Laughlin Backgrounds linux/noarch
laughlin-backgrounds-animated-gnome-14.1.0-14.fc27 Time of Day animation for Laughlin Backgrounds for Gnome linux/noarch
laughlin-backgrounds-extras-gnome-14.1.0-14.fc27 Extra Laughlin Wallpapers for Gnome linux/noarch
laughlin-backgrounds-extras-kde-14.1.0-14.fc27 Extra Laughlin Wallpapers for KDE linux/noarch
laughlin-backgrounds-extras-single-14.1.0-14.fc27 Single screen images for Laughlin Extras Backrounds linux/noarch
laughlin-backgrounds-gnome-14.1.0-14.fc27 Laughlin Wallpapers for Gnome linux/noarch
laughlin-backgrounds-kde-14.1.0-14.fc27 Laughlin Wallpapers for KDE linux/noarch
laughlin-backgrounds-single-14.1.0-14.fc27 Single screen images for Laughlin Backgrounds linux/noarch
laughlin-kde-theme-14.0.1-6.fc27 Laughlin KDE Theme linux/noarch
launchy-2.5-25.fc27 Open Source Keystroke Launcher linux/s390x
launchy-devel-2.5-25.fc27 Development files for launchy linux/s390x
layla-arcyarc-fonts-2.0-2.fc27 ArcyArc font - Part of the Layla fonts collection linux/noarch
layla-basic-arabic-fonts-2.0-2.fc27 Basic Arabic font - Part of the Layla fonts collection linux/noarch
layla-boxer-fonts-2.0-2.fc27 Arabic Boxer font - Part of the Layla fonts collection linux/noarch
layla-digital-fonts-2.0-2.fc27 Digital font - Part of the Layla fonts collection linux/noarch
layla-diwani-fonts-2.0-2.fc27 Arabic Diwani font - Part of the Layla fonts collection linux/noarch
layla-fonts-common-2.0-2.fc27 Common files for the Layla fonts package collection linux/noarch
layla-koufi-fonts-2.0-2.fc27 Arabic Koufi font - Part of the Layla fonts collection linux/noarch
layla-ruqaa-fonts-2.0-2.fc27 Arabic Ruqaa font - Part of the Layla fonts collection linux/noarch
layla-thuluth-fonts-2.0-2.fc27 Arabic Thuluth font - Part of the Layla fonts collection linux/noarch
lazygal-0.9.1-4.fc27 A static web gallery generator linux/noarch
lbd-0.4-3.fc27 A DNS/HTTP load balancing detector linux/noarch
lbdb-0.41-4.fc27 Address Database for mutt linux/s390x
lbrickbuster2-2.6.5-4.fc27 Brickbuster arcade game linux/s390x
lbzip2-2.5-8.fc27 Fast, multi-threaded bzip2 utility linux/s390x
lbzip2-utils-1.0-9.fc27 Utilities for working with bzip2 compressed files linux/s390x
lcdproc-0.5.7-11.fc27 LCDproc displays real-time system information on a 20x4 backlit LCD linux/s390x
lcdtest-1.18-18.fc27 Displays monitor test patterns linux/s390x
lcg-infosites-3.1.0-12.fc27 Command line tool for the WLCG information system linux/noarch
lcgdm-dav-0.19.0-1.fc28 HTTP/DAV front end to the DPM/LFC services linux/s390x
lcgdm-dav-devel-0.19.0-1.fc28 Development libraries and headers for lcgdm-dav linux/s390x
lcgdm-dav-libs-0.19.0-1.fc28 Common libraries for the lcgdm-dav linux/s390x
lcgdm-dav-server-0.19.0-1.fc28 HTTP/DAV front end to the DPM and LFC services linux/s390x
lcgdm-devel-1.10.0-1.fc28 LCG Data Management common development files linux/s390xNew
lcgdm-libs-1.10.0-1.fc28 LHC Computing Grid Data Management common libraries linux/s390xNew
lcm-1.3.1-7.fc27 Utilities for lightweight communications and marshaling linux/s390x
lcm-devel-1.3.1-7.fc27 Lightweight communications and marshaling development files linux/s390x
lcm-java-1.3.1-7.fc27 Lightweight communications and marshaling java artifacts linux/noarch
lcm-javadoc-1.3.1-7.fc27 Lightweight communications and marshaling java artifacts documentation linux/noarch
lcmaps-1.6.5-7.fc27 Grid (X.509) and VOMS credentials to local account mapping service linux/s390x
lcmaps-common-devel-1.6.5-7.fc27 LCMAPS plug-in API header files linux/s390x
lcmaps-devel-1.6.5-7.fc27 LCMAPS plug-in API header files linux/s390x
lcmaps-without-gsi-1.6.5-7.fc27 Grid mapping service without GSI linux/s390x
lcmaps-without-gsi-devel-1.6.5-7.fc27 LCMAPS development libraries linux/s390x
lcms-1.19-21.fc28 Color Management System linux/s390x
lcms-devel-1.19-21.fc28 Development files for LittleCMS linux/s390x
lcms-libs-1.19-21.fc28 Library for lcms linux/s390x
lcms2-2.8-5.fc27 Color Management Engine linux/s390x
lcms2-devel-2.8-5.fc27 Development files for LittleCMS linux/s390x
lcms2-utils-2.8-5.fc27 Utility applications for lcms2 linux/s390x
lcov-1.12-3.fc27 LTP GCOV extension code coverage tool linux/noarch
ldapdiff-1.4.1-11.fc27 Tool for incremental LDAP directory updates based on ldif files linux/s390x
ldapjdk-4.19-5.fc28 The Mozilla LDAP Java SDK linux/noarch
ldapjdk-javadoc-4.19-5.fc28 Javadoc for ldapjdk linux/noarch
ldaptive-1.1.0-2.fc26 LDAP library for Java linux/noarch
ldaptive-beans-1.1.0-2.fc26 Ldaptive Beans linux/noarch
ldaptive-javadoc-1.1.0-2.fc26 Javadoc for ldaptive linux/noarch
ldaptive-json-1.1.0-2.fc26 Ldaptive Json linux/noarch
ldaptive-parent-1.1.0-2.fc26 Ldaptive Parent POM linux/noarch
ldaptive-templates-1.1.0-2.fc26 Ldaptive Templates linux/noarch
ldapvi-1.7-26.fc27 An interactive LDAP client linux/s390x
ldb-tools-1.3.0-2.fc28 Tools to manage LDB files linux/s390x
ldd-pdf-3.0-15.fc27 Linux Device Drivers, Third Edition Book in PDF format linux/noarch
lde-2.6.1-16.fc27 Console-based disk editor linux/s390x
ldirectord-4.0.1-1.fc27.3 A Monitoring Daemon for Maintaining High Availability Resources linux/s390x
ldm-2.2.11-10.20130228.04.fc27 LTSP Display Manager linux/s390x
ldminfod-2.2.11-10.20130228.04.fc27 LTSP client linux/s390x
ldns-1.7.0-10.fc28 Low-level DNS(SEC) library with API linux/s390xNew
ldns-devel-1.7.0-10.fc28 Development package that includes the ldns header files linux/s390xNew
ldns-doc-1.7.0-10.fc28 Documentation for the ldns library linux/noarchNew
ldns-utils-1.7.0-10.fc28 DNS(SEC) utilities for querying dns linux/s390xNew
ldtp-3.5.0-10.fc27 Desktop testing framework linux/noarch
leafnode-1.11.11-6.fc27 Leaf site offline NNTP server linux/s390x
leafpad- GTK+ based simple text editor linux/s390x
leatherman-1.3.0-4.fc28 A collection of C++ and CMake utility libraries linux/s390xNew
leatherman-devel-1.3.0-4.fc28 Development files for leatherman linux/s390xNew
lecm-0.0.7-4.fc27 Let's Encrypt Certificate Manager linux/noarch
ledger-3.1.1-12.fc28 A powerful command-line double-entry accounting system linux/s390x
ledger-devel-3.1.1-12.fc28 Libraries and header files for ledger development linux/s390x
ledmon-0.80-4.fc27 Enclosure LED Utilities linux/s390x
legendsbrowser-1.13-2.fc27 Java-based legends viewer for Dwarf Fortress linux/noarch
legendsbrowser-javadoc-1.13-2.fc27 Javadoc for legendsbrowser linux/noarch
legion-17.10.0-1.fc28 A data-centric parallel programming system linux/s390x
legion-devel-17.10.0-1.fc28 Development headers and libraries for legion library linux/s390x
legion-mpich-17.10.0-1.fc28 Legion MPICH binaries and libraries linux/s390x
legion-openmpi-17.10.0-1.fc28 Legion Open MPI binaries and libraries linux/s390x
legofy-1.0.0-5.fc27 Takes a image and makes it so that it looks as if it was built out of LEGO linux/noarch
lekhonee-0.7-15.fc27 A blog client linux/noarch
lekhonee-gnome-0.12-10.fc26 The gnome frontend for lekhonee wordpress client linux/s390x
lekhonee-lib-0.7-15.fc27 The backend library for wordpress desktop client linux/noarch
lemon-3.20.1-1.fc28 A parser generator linux/s390x
lemonpos-0.9.4-17.fc27 Point Of Sale Application For KDE4 linux/s390x
lensfun-0.3.2-11.fc27 Library to rectify defects introduced by photographic lenses linux/s390x
lensfun-devel-0.3.2-11.fc27 Development toolkit for lensfun linux/s390x
lensfun-tools-0.3.2-11.fc27 Tools for managing lensfun data linux/s390x
leonidas-backgrounds-11.0.0-13.fc27 Leonidas desktop backgrounds linux/noarch
leonidas-backgrounds-common-11.0.0-13.fc27 Leonidas desktop backgrounds shared between GNOME and KDE linux/noarch
leonidas-backgrounds-kdm-11.0.0-13.fc27 Leonidas desktop background for KDM linux/noarch
leonidas-backgrounds-landscape-11.0.0-13.fc27 Leonidas desktop backgrounds with the landscape theme linux/noarch
leonidas-backgrounds-lion-11.0.0-13.fc27 Extra leonidas desktop background featuring lion linux/noarch
leonidas-backgrounds-lion-dual-11.0.0-13.fc27 Shared dual screen lion themed Leonidas desktop backgrounds linux/noarch
leonidas-kde-theme-11.0.3-11.fc27 Leonidas KDE Theme linux/noarch
leonidas-kde-theme-landscape-11.0.3-11.fc27 Leonidas Landscape KDE Theme linux/noarch
leonidas-kde-theme-lion-11.0.3-11.fc27 Leonidas Lion KDE Theme linux/noarch
leptonica-1.74.4-3.fc27 C library for efficient image processing and image analysis operations linux/s390x
leptonica-devel-1.74.4-3.fc27 Development files for leptonica linux/s390x
leptonica-tools-1.74.4-3.fc27 Leptonica utility tools linux/s390x
less-487-5.fc27 A text file browser similar to more, but better linux/s390x
lettuce-2.3.3-4.fc27 Scalable Java Redis client linux/noarch
lettuce-javadoc-2.3.3-4.fc27 Javadoc for lettuce linux/noarch
leveldb-1.20-1.fc28 A fast and lightweight key/value database library by Google linux/s390x
leveldb-devel-1.20-1.fc28 Development files for leveldb linux/s390x
leveldb-java-0.7-7.fc27 Port of LevelDB to Java linux/noarch
leveldb-java-javadoc-0.7-7.fc27 Javadoc for leveldb-java linux/noarch
leveldbjni-1.8-17.fc27 A Java Native Interface to LevelDB linux/s390x
leveldbjni-javadoc-1.8-17.fc27 Javadoc for leveldbjni linux/noarch
levien-inconsolata-fonts-1.01-15.fc27 Inconsolata fonts linux/noarch
levien-museum-fonts-1.0-12.fc27 Based on historical metal Centaur fonts linux/noarch
levmar-2.5-14.fc26 Levenberg-Marquardt nonlinear least squares algorithm linux/s390x
levmar-devel-2.5-14.fc26 Development files for levmar library, and demo program linux/s390x
lfc-1.10.0-1.fc28 LCG File Catalog (LFC) client linux/s390xNew
lfc-devel-1.10.0-1.fc28 LFC development libraries and header files linux/s390xNew
lfc-dli-1.10.0-1.fc28 LCG File Catalog (LFC) data location interface (dli) server linux/s390xNew
lfc-libs-1.10.0-1.fc28 LCG File Catalog (LFC) libraries linux/s390xNew
lfc-perl-1.10.0-1.fc28 LCG File Catalog (LFC) perl bindings linux/s390xNew
lfc-python-1.10.0-1.fc28 LCG File Catalog (LFC) python bindings linux/s390xNew
lfc-python3-1.10.0-1.fc28 LCG File Catalog (LFC) python bindings linux/s390xNew
lfc-server-mysql-1.10.0-1.fc28 LCG File Catalog (LFC) server with MySQL database back-end linux/s390xNew
lftp-4.8.3-1.fc28 A sophisticated file transfer program linux/s390x
lftp-scripts-4.8.3-1.fc28 Scripts for lftp linux/noarch
lhapdf-5.9.1-22.fc27 Les Houches Accord PDF Interface linux/s390x
lhapdf-devel-5.9.1-22.fc27 Les Houches Accord PDF Interface - development files linux/s390x
lhapdf-doc-5.9.1-22.fc27 Les Houches Accord PDF Interface - documentation linux/noarch
lhapdf-pdfsets-minimal-5.9.1-22.fc27 Les Houches Accord PDF Interface - PDF sets linux/noarch
lib3ds-1.3.0-25.fc27 3D Studio file format library linux/s390x
lib3ds-devel-1.3.0-25.fc27 3D Studio file format library linux/s390x
lib3ds-tools-1.3.0-25.fc27 3D Studio file format library linux/s390x
lib765-0.4.2-13.fc27 A library for emulating the uPD765a floppy controller linux/s390x
lib765-devel-0.4.2-13.fc27 Development files for lib765 linux/s390x
libASL-0.1.7-9.fc27 Advanced Simulation Library hardware accelerated multiphysics simulation platform linux/s390x
libASL-bin-0.1.7-9.fc27 Binaries for libASL linux/s390x
libASL-devel-0.1.7-9.fc27 Development files for libASL linux/s390x
libASL-doc-0.1.7-9.fc27 Documentation for libASL linux/s390x
libASL-examples-0.1.7-9.fc27 Examples for libASL linux/s390x
libAfterImage-1.20-17.fc27 A generic image manipulation library linux/s390x
libAfterImage-devel-1.20-17.fc27 Files needed for software development with libAfterImage linux/s390x
libEAI-3.0.0-5.20170729git4f920cb.fc28 FreeWRL EAI C support library linux/s390x
libEAI-devel-3.0.0-5.20170729git4f920cb.fc28 Development files for libEAI linux/s390x
libEMF-1.0.9-4.fc27 A library for generating Enhanced Metafiles linux/s390x
libEMF-devel-1.0.9-4.fc27 libEMF header files linux/s390x
libFS-1.0.7-6.fc27 X.Org X11 libFS runtime library linux/s390x
libFS-devel-1.0.7-6.fc27 X.Org X11 libFS development package linux/s390x
libGLEW-2.0.0-4.fc27 libGLEW linux/s390x
libHX-3.22-7.fc27 Useful collection of routines for C and C++ programming linux/s390x
libHX-devel-3.22-7.fc27 Development files for libHX linux/s390x
libICE-1.0.9-11.fc27 X.Org X11 ICE runtime library linux/s390x
libICE-devel-1.0.9-11.fc27 X.Org X11 ICE development package linux/s390x
libIDL-0.8.14-14.fc27 Library for parsing IDL (Interface Definition Language) linux/s390x
libIDL-devel-0.8.14-14.fc27 Development libraries and header files for libIDL linux/s390x
libNX_X11- Core NX protocol client library linux/s390xNew
libNX_X11-devel- Development files for the Core NX protocol library linux/s390xNew
libNX_Xau- NX authorization protocol library linux/s390xNew
libNX_Xau-devel- Development files for the NX authorization protocol library linux/s390xNew
libNX_Xcomposite- NX protocol Composite extension client library linux/s390xNew
libNX_Xdamage- NX Damage Extension library linux/s390xNew
libNX_Xdmcp- NX Display Manager Control Protocol library linux/s390xNew
libNX_Xdmcp-devel- Development files for the NXDM Control Protocol library linux/s390xNew
libNX_Xext- Common extensions to the NX protocol linux/s390xNew
libNX_Xext-devel- Development files for the NX Common Extensions library linux/s390xNew
libNX_Xfixes- NX miscellaneous "fixes" extension library linux/s390xNew
libNX_Xfixes-devel- Development files for the NX Xfixes extension library linux/s390xNew
libNX_Xinerama- Xinerama extension to the NX Protocol linux/s390xNew
libNX_Xpm- NX Pixmap image file format library linux/s390xNew
libNX_Xpm-devel- Development files for the NX Pixmap image file format library linux/s390xNew
libNX_Xrandr- NX Resize, Rotate and Reflection extension library linux/s390xNew
libNX_Xrender- NX Rendering Extension library linux/s390xNew
libNX_Xrender-devel- Development files for the NX Render Extension library linux/s390xNew
libNX_Xtst- Xlib-based client API for the XTEST and RECORD extensions on NX linux/s390xNew
libQGLViewer-2.6.3-5.fc27 Qt based OpenGL generic 3D viewer library linux/s390x
libQGLViewer-devel-2.6.3-5.fc27 Development files for libQGLViewer linux/s390x
libQGLViewer-doc-2.6.3-5.fc27 API documentation, demos and example programs for libQGLViewer linux/noarch
libQGLViewer-qt5-2.6.3-5.fc27 Qt5 version of libQGLViewer linux/s390x
libQGLViewer-qt5-devel-2.6.3-5.fc27 Development files for libQGLViewer using Qt5 linux/s390x
libRmath-3.4.2-2.fc28 Standalone math library from the R project linux/s390x
libRmath-devel-3.4.2-2.fc28 Headers from the R Standalone math library linux/s390x
libRmath-static-3.4.2-2.fc28 Static R Standalone math library linux/s390x
libSM-1.2.2-7.fc27 X.Org X11 SM runtime library linux/s390x
libSM-devel-1.2.2-7.fc27 X.Org X11 SM development package linux/s390x
libUnihan-0.5.3-19.fc27 C library for Unihan character database in fifth normal form linux/s390x
libUnihan-devel-0.5.3-19.fc27 Development files of libUnihan linux/s390x
libUnihan-doc-0.5.3-19.fc27 The libUnihan C API documents in Doxygen style linux/s390x
libX11-1.6.5-5.fc28 Core X11 protocol client library linux/s390x
libX11-common-1.6.5-5.fc28 Common data for libX11 linux/noarch
libX11-devel-1.6.5-5.fc28 Development files for libX11 linux/s390x
libX11-xcb-1.6.5-5.fc28 XCB interop for libX11 linux/s390x
libXNVCtrl-352.21-6.fc27 Library providing the NV-CONTROL API linux/s390x
libXNVCtrl-devel-352.21-6.fc27 Development files for libXNVCtrl linux/s390x
libXScrnSaver-1.2.2-13.fc27 X.Org X11 libXss runtime library linux/s390x
libXScrnSaver-devel-1.2.2-13.fc27 X.Org X11 libXScrnSaver development package linux/s390x
libXau-1.0.8-10.fc28 Sample Authorization Protocol for X linux/s390x
libXau-devel-1.0.8-10.fc28 Development files for libXau linux/s390x
libXaw-1.0.13-7.fc27 X Athena Widget Set linux/s390x
libXaw-devel-1.0.13-7.fc27 Development files for libXaw linux/s390x
libXcm-0.5.3-9.fc27 X Color Management Library linux/s390x
libXcm-devel-0.5.3-9.fc27 Development files for libXcm linux/s390x
libXcomp- NX differential compression library linux/s390xNew
libXcomp-devel- Development files for the NX differential compression library linux/s390xNew
libXcompext- NX protocol compression extensions library linux/s390xNew
libXcompext-devel- Development files for the NX compression extensions library linux/s390xNew
libXcomposite-0.4.4-11.fc27 X Composite Extension library linux/s390x
libXcomposite-devel-0.4.4-11.fc27 Development files for libXcomposite linux/s390x
libXcompshad- NX session shadowing Library linux/s390xNew
libXcompshad-devel- Development files for the NX session shadowing library linux/s390xNew
libXcursor-1.1.14-10.fc27 Cursor management library linux/s390x
libXcursor-devel-1.1.14-10.fc27 Development files for libXcursor linux/s390x
libXdamage-1.1.4-11.fc27 X Damage extension library linux/s390x
libXdamage-devel-1.1.4-11.fc27 Development files for libXdamage linux/s390x
libXdmcp-1.1.2-8.fc27 X Display Manager Control Protocol library linux/s390x
libXdmcp-devel-1.1.2-8.fc27 Development files for libXdmcp linux/s390x
libXevie-1.0.3-14.fc27 X Event Interceptor Library linux/s390x
libXevie-devel-1.0.3-14.fc27 Development files for libXevie linux/s390x
libXext-1.3.3-7.fc27 X.Org X11 libXext runtime library linux/s390x
libXext-devel-1.3.3-7.fc27 X.Org X11 libXext development package linux/s390x
libXfixes-5.0.3-4.fc27 X Fixes library linux/s390x
libXfixes-devel-5.0.3-4.fc27 Development files for libXfixes linux/s390x
libXfont-1.5.2-5.fc28 X.Org X11 libXfont runtime library linux/s390x
libXfont-devel-1.5.2-5.fc28 X.Org X11 libXfont development package linux/s390x
libXfont2-2.0.2-1.fc28 X.Org X11 libXfont2 runtime library linux/s390x
libXfont2-devel-2.0.2-1.fc28 X.Org X11 libXfont2 development package linux/s390x
libXft-2.3.2-7.fc27 X.Org X11 libXft runtime library linux/s390x
libXft-devel-2.3.2-7.fc27 X.Org X11 libXft development package linux/s390x
libXi-1.7.9-4.fc27 X.Org X11 libXi runtime library linux/s390x
libXi-devel-1.7.9-4.fc27 X.Org X11 libXi development package linux/s390x
libXinerama-1.1.3-9.fc27 X.Org X11 libXinerama runtime library linux/s390x
libXinerama-devel-1.1.3-9.fc27 X.Org X11 libXinerama development package linux/s390x
libXmu-1.1.2-7.fc27 X.Org X11 libXmu/libXmuu runtime libraries linux/s390x
libXmu-devel-1.1.2-7.fc27 X.Org X11 libXmu development package linux/s390x
libXp-1.0.2-9.fc27 X.Org X11 libXp runtime library linux/s390x
libXp-devel-1.0.2-9.fc27 X.Org X11 libXp development package linux/s390x
libXpm-3.5.12-4.fc27 X.Org X11 libXpm runtime library linux/s390x
libXpm-devel-3.5.12-4.fc27 X.Org X11 libXpm development package linux/s390x
libXpresent-1.0.0-6.fc27 A Xlib-compatible API for the Present extension linux/s390x
libXpresent-devel-1.0.0-6.fc27 Development files for libXpresent linux/s390x
libXrandr-1.5.1-4.fc27 X.Org X11 libXrandr runtime library linux/s390x
libXrandr-devel-1.5.1-4.fc27 X.Org X11 libXrandr development package linux/s390x
libXrender-0.9.10-4.fc27 X.Org X11 libXrender runtime library linux/s390x
libXrender-devel-0.9.10-4.fc27 X.Org X11 libXrender development package linux/s390x
libXres-1.2.0-1.fc28 X-Resource extension client library linux/s390x
libXres-devel-1.2.0-1.fc28 Development files for libXres linux/s390x
libXt-1.1.5-6.fc27 X.Org X11 libXt runtime library linux/s390x
libXt-devel-1.1.5-6.fc27 X.Org X11 libXt development package linux/s390x
libXtst-1.2.3-4.fc27 X.Org X11 libXtst runtime library linux/s390x
libXtst-devel-1.2.3-4.fc27 X.Org X11 libXtst development package linux/s390x
libXv-1.0.11-4.fc27 X.Org X11 libXv runtime library linux/s390x
libXv-devel-1.0.11-4.fc27 X.Org X11 libXv development package linux/s390x
libXvMC-1.0.10-4.fc27 X.Org X11 libXvMC runtime library linux/s390x
libXvMC-devel-1.0.10-4.fc27 X.Org X11 libXvMC development package linux/s390x
libXxf86dga-1.1.4-9.fc27 X.Org X11 libXxf86dga runtime library linux/s390x
libXxf86dga-devel-1.1.4-9.fc27 X.Org X11 libXxf86dga development package linux/s390x
libXxf86misc-1.0.3-14.fc27 X.Org X11 libXxf86misc runtime library linux/s390x
libXxf86misc-devel-1.0.3-14.fc27 X.Org X11 libXxf86misc development package linux/s390x
libXxf86vm-1.1.4-6.fc27 X.Org X11 libXxf86vm runtime library linux/s390x
libXxf86vm-devel-1.1.4-6.fc27 X.Org X11 libXxf86vm development package linux/s390x
liba52-0.7.4-30.fc27 A free ATSC A/52 stream decoder, also known as AC-3 or AC3 linux/s390x
liba52-devel-0.7.4-30.fc27 Development files for liba52 linux/s390x
libabigail-1.0-0.13.rc6.4.fc28 Set of ABI analysis tools linux/s390x
libabigail-devel-1.0-0.13.rc6.4.fc28 Shared library and header files to write ABI analysis tools linux/s390x
libabigail-doc-1.0-0.13.rc6.4.fc28 Man pages, texinfo files and html manuals of libabigail linux/s390x
libabiword-3.0.2-9.fc28 Library for developing applications based on AbiWord's core linux/s390x
libabiword-devel-3.0.2-9.fc28 Files for developing with libabiword linux/s390x
libabw-0.1.1-16.fc27 A library for import of AbiWord files linux/s390x
libabw-devel-0.1.1-16.fc27 Development files for libabw linux/s390x
libabw-doc-0.1.1-16.fc27 Documentation of libabw API linux/noarch
libabw-tools-0.1.1-16.fc27 Tools to transform AbiWord files into other formats linux/s390x
libaccounts-glib-1.23-4.fc27 Accounts framework for Linux and POSIX based platforms linux/s390x
libaccounts-glib-devel-1.23-4.fc27 Development files for libaccounts-glib linux/s390x
libaccounts-glib-docs-1.23-4.fc27 Documentation for libaccounts-glib linux/noarch
libaccounts-qt-doc-1.15-4.fc27 User and developer documentation for libaccounts-qt linux/noarch
libaccounts-qt5-1.15-4.fc27 Accounts framework Qt5 bindings linux/s390x
libaccounts-qt5-devel-1.15-4.fc27 Development files for libaccounts-qt linux/s390x
libacl-2.2.52-18.fc27 Dynamic library for access control list support linux/s390x
libacl-devel-2.2.52-18.fc27 Files needed for building programs with libacl linux/s390x
libacpi-0.2-28.fc27 General purpose library for ACPI linux/s390x
libacpi-devel-0.2-28.fc27 Development files for libacpi linux/s390x
libad9361-0-0.2.20170207git6027674.fc28 Library for access to Analog Devices AD9361 radio IC linux/s390x
libad9361-devel-0-0.2.20170207git6027674.fc28 Development package for libad9361 linux/s390x
libaec-1.0.2-1.fc28 Adaptive Entropy Coding library linux/s390x
libaec-devel-1.0.2-1.fc28 Devel package for libaec (Adaptive Entropy Coding library) linux/s390x
libaesgm-20090429-15.fc27 Library implementation of AES (Rijndael) cryptographic methods linux/s390x
libaesgm-devel-20090429-15.fc27 Development files for libaesgm linux/s390x
libaio-0.3.110-9.fc27 Linux-native asynchronous I/O access library linux/s390x
libaio-devel-0.3.110-9.fc27 Development files for Linux-native asynchronous I/O access linux/s390x
libalkimia-5.0.0-5.fc27 Financial library linux/s390x
libalkimia-devel-5.0.0-5.fc27 Development files for libalkimia linux/s390x
libalpm-5.0.2-3.fc27 Arch Linux Package Management library linux/s390x
libalpm-devel-5.0.2-3.fc27 Development headers for libalpm linux/s390x
libannodex-0.7.3-26.fc27 Library for annotating and indexing networked media linux/s390x
libannodex-devel-0.7.3-26.fc27 Files needed for development using libannodex linux/s390x
libao-1.2.0-9.fc27 Cross Platform Audio Output Library linux/s390x
libao-devel-1.2.0-9.fc27 Development files for libao linux/s390x
libapogee-3.0.3234-6.fc27 Library for Apogee CCD Cameras linux/s390x
libapogee-devel-3.0.3234-6.fc27 Libraries, includes, etc. used to develop an application with libapogee linux/s390x
libappindicator-12.10.0-16.fc27 Application indicators library linux/s390x
libappindicator-devel-12.10.0-16.fc27 Development files for libappindicator linux/s390x
libappindicator-docs-12.10.0-16.fc27 Documentation for libappindicator and libappindicator-gtk3 linux/noarch
libappindicator-gtk3-12.10.0-16.fc27 Application indicators library - GTK 3 linux/s390x
libappindicator-gtk3-devel-12.10.0-16.fc27 Development files for libappindicator-gtk3 linux/s390x
libappindicator-sharp-12.10.0-16.fc27 Application indicators library - C# linux/s390x
libappindicator-sharp-devel-12.10.0-16.fc27 Development files for libappindicator-sharp linux/s390x
libappstream-glib-0.7.4-1.fc28 Library for AppStream metadata linux/s390xNew
libappstream-glib-builder-0.7.4-1.fc28 Library and command line tools for building AppStream metadata linux/s390xNew
libappstream-glib-builder-devel-0.7.4-1.fc28 GLib Libraries and headers for appstream-builder linux/s390xNew
libappstream-glib-devel-0.7.4-1.fc28 GLib Libraries and headers for appstream-glib linux/s390xNew
libapreq2-2.13-29.fc27 Apache HTTP request library linux/s390x
libapreq2-devel-2.13-29.fc27 Development files for libapreq2 linux/s390x
libapreq2-libs-2.13-29.fc27 Libraries for libapreq2 linux/s390x
libarchive-3.3.1-3.fc27 A library for handling streaming archive formats linux/s390x
libarchive-devel-3.3.1-3.fc27 Development files for libarchive linux/s390x
libarcus-3.0.3-2.fc28 Communication library between internal components for Ultimaker software linux/s390xNew
libarcus-devel-3.0.3-2.fc28 Development files for libarcus linux/s390xNew
libargon2-20161029-2.fc28 The password-hashing library linux/s390xNew
libargon2-devel-20161029-2.fc28 Development files for libargon2 linux/s390xNew
libart_lgpl-2.3.21-18.fc27 Library of graphics routines used by libgnomecanvas linux/s390x
libart_lgpl-devel-2.3.21-18.fc27 Libraries and headers for libart_lgpl linux/s390x
libasan-7.2.1-1.fc28 The Address Sanitizer runtime library linux/s390x
libasan-static-7.2.1-1.fc28 The Address Sanitizer static library linux/s390x
libason-0.1.2-8.fc27 A library for manipulating ASON values linux/s390x
libason-devel-0.1.2-8.fc27 Development files for libason linux/s390x
libasr-1.0.2-6.fc27 Free, simple and portable asynchronous resolver library linux/s390x
libasr-devel-1.0.2-6.fc27 Development files for libasr linux/s390x
libass-0.13.4-4.fc27 Portable library for SSA/ASS subtitles rendering linux/s390x
libass-devel-0.13.4-4.fc27 Development files for libass linux/s390x
libassuan-2.4.3-6.fc27 GnuPG IPC library linux/s390x
libassuan-devel-2.4.3-6.fc27 GnuPG IPC library linux/s390x
libast-0.7.1-0.21.20080502cvs.fc27 Library of Assorted Spiffy Things linux/s390x
libast-devel-0.7.1-0.21.20080502cvs.fc27 Header files, libraries and development documentation for libast linux/s390x
libasync-1.4.0-1.fc24 Svxlink async libs linux/s390x
libasync-devel-1.4.0-1.fc24 Svxlink async development files linux/s390x
libasync-doc-1.4.0-1.fc24 Svxlink async documentation files linux/s390x
libasyncns-0.8-13.fc27 Asynchronous Name Service Library linux/s390x
libasyncns-devel-0.8-13.fc27 Development Files for libasyncns Client Development linux/s390x
libatasmart-0.19-13.fc28 ATA S.M.A.R.T. Disk Health Monitoring Library linux/s390x
libatasmart-devel-0.19-13.fc28 Development Files for libatasmart Client Development linux/s390x
libatf-c-0.20-9.fc27 Automated Testing Framework - C bindings linux/s390x
libatf-c++-0.20-9.fc27 Automated Testing Framework - C++ bindings linux/s390x
libatf-c++-devel-0.20-9.fc27 Automated Testing Framework - C++ bindings (headers) linux/s390x
libatf-c-devel-0.20-9.fc27 Automated Testing Framework - C bindings (headers) linux/s390x
libatf-sh-0.20-9.fc27 Automated Testing Framework - POSIX shell bindings linux/s390x
libatf-sh-devel-0.20-9.fc27 Automated Testing Framework - POSIX shell bindings (headers) linux/s390x
libatomic-7.2.1-1.fc28 The GNU Atomic library linux/s390x
libatomic-static-7.2.1-1.fc28 The GNU Atomic static library linux/s390x
libatomic_ops-7.4.6-3.fc27 Atomic memory update operations linux/s390x
libatomic_ops-devel-7.4.6-3.fc27 Development files for libatomic_ops linux/s390x
libatomic_ops-static-7.4.6-3.fc27 Static library files for libatomic_ops linux/s390x
libattr-2.4.47-21.fc27 Dynamic library for extended attribute support linux/s390x
libattr-devel-2.4.47-21.fc27 Files needed for building programs with libattr linux/s390x
libax25-1.0.5-5.fc27 AX.25 library for hamradio applications linux/s390x
libax25-devel-1.0.5-5.fc27 Development files for libax25 linux/s390x
libbabeltrace-1.5.3-1.fc27 Common Trace Format Babel Tower linux/s390x
libbabeltrace-devel-1.5.3-1.fc27 Common Trace Format Babel Tower linux/s390x
libbase-1.1.3-17.fc27 JFree Base Services linux/noarch
libbase-javadoc-1.1.3-17.fc27 Javadoc for libbase linux/noarch
libbasicobjects-0.1.1-36.fc28 Basic object types for C linux/s390xNew
libbasicobjects-devel-0.1.1-36.fc28 Development files for libbasicobjects linux/s390xNew
libbatch-2.3.2-1.fc28 Generic batch management library linux/s390x
libbatch-devel-2.3.2-1.fc28 Development files for libbatch linux/s390x
libbind-6.0-15.fc27 ISC's standard resolver library linux/s390x
libbind-devel-6.0-15.fc27 Header files for ISC's libbind linux/s390x
libbinio-1.4-26.fc27 A software library for binary I/O classes in C++ linux/s390x
libbinio-devel-1.4-26.fc27 Development files for libbinio linux/s390x
libblkid-2.31-2.fc28 Block device ID library linux/s390x
libblkid-devel-2.31-2.fc28 Block device ID library linux/s390x
libblockdev-2.14-2.fc28 A library for low-level manipulation with block devices linux/s390xNew
libblockdev-btrfs-2.14-2.fc28 The BTRFS plugin for the libblockdev library linux/s390xNew
libblockdev-btrfs-devel-2.14-2.fc28 Development files for the libblockdev-btrfs plugin/library linux/s390xNew
libblockdev-crypto-2.14-2.fc28 The crypto plugin for the libblockdev library linux/s390xNew
libblockdev-crypto-devel-2.14-2.fc28 Development files for the libblockdev-crypto plugin/library linux/s390xNew
libblockdev-devel-2.14-2.fc28 Development files for libblockdev linux/s390xNew
libblockdev-dm-2.14-2.fc28 The Device Mapper plugin for the libblockdev library linux/s390xNew
libblockdev-dm-devel-2.14-2.fc28 Development files for the libblockdev-dm plugin/library linux/s390xNew
libblockdev-fs-2.14-2.fc28 The FS plugin for the libblockdev library linux/s390xNew
libblockdev-fs-devel-2.14-2.fc28 Development files for the libblockdev-fs plugin/library linux/s390xNew
libblockdev-kbd-2.14-2.fc28 The KBD plugin for the libblockdev library linux/s390xNew
libblockdev-kbd-devel-2.14-2.fc28 Development files for the libblockdev-kbd plugin/library linux/s390xNew
libblockdev-loop-2.14-2.fc28 The loop plugin for the libblockdev library linux/s390xNew
libblockdev-loop-devel-2.14-2.fc28 Development files for the libblockdev-loop plugin/library linux/s390xNew
libblockdev-lvm-2.14-2.fc28 The LVM plugin for the libblockdev library linux/s390xNew
libblockdev-lvm-dbus-2.14-2.fc28 The LVM plugin for the libblockdev library linux/s390xNew
libblockdev-lvm-dbus-devel-2.14-2.fc28 Development files for the libblockdev-lvm-dbus plugin/library linux/s390xNew
libblockdev-lvm-devel-2.14-2.fc28 Development files for the libblockdev-lvm plugin/library linux/s390xNew
libblockdev-mdraid-2.14-2.fc28 The MD RAID plugin for the libblockdev library linux/s390xNew
libblockdev-mdraid-devel-2.14-2.fc28 Development files for the libblockdev-mdraid plugin/library linux/s390xNew
libblockdev-mpath-2.14-2.fc28 The multipath plugin for the libblockdev library linux/s390xNew
libblockdev-mpath-devel-2.14-2.fc28 Development files for the libblockdev-mpath plugin/library linux/s390xNew
libblockdev-part-2.14-2.fc28 The partitioning plugin for the libblockdev library linux/s390xNew
libblockdev-part-devel-2.14-2.fc28 Development files for the libblockdev-part plugin/library linux/s390xNew
libblockdev-plugins-all-2.14-2.fc28 Meta-package that pulls all the libblockdev plugins as dependencies linux/s390xNew
libblockdev-s390-2.14-2.fc28 The s390 plugin for the libblockdev library linux/s390xNew
libblockdev-s390-devel-2.14-2.fc28 Development files for the libblockdev-s390 plugin/library linux/s390xNew
libblockdev-swap-2.14-2.fc28 The swap plugin for the libblockdev library linux/s390xNew
libblockdev-swap-devel-2.14-2.fc28 Development files for the libblockdev-swap plugin/library linux/s390xNew
libblockdev-utils-2.14-2.fc28 A library with utility functions for the libblockdev library linux/s390xNew
libblockdev-utils-devel-2.14-2.fc28 Development files for libblockdev-utils linux/s390xNew
libbluray-1.0.1-1.fc27 Library to access Blu-Ray disks for video playback linux/s390x
libbluray-bdj-1.0.1-1.fc27 BDJ support for libbluray linux/s390x
libbluray-devel-1.0.1-1.fc27 Development files for libbluray linux/s390x
libbluray-utils-1.0.1-1.fc27 Test utilities for libbluray linux/s390x
libbonobo-2.32.1-13.fc27 Bonobo component system linux/s390x
libbonobo-devel-2.32.1-13.fc27 Libraries and headers for libbonobo linux/s390x
libbonoboui-2.24.5-13.fc27 Bonobo user interface components linux/s390x
libbonoboui-devel-2.24.5-13.fc27 Libraries and headers for libbonoboui linux/s390x
libbs2b-3.1.0-19.fc27 Bauer stereophonic-to-binaural DSP library linux/s390x
libbs2b-devel-3.1.0-19.fc27 Development files for libbs2b linux/s390x
libbsd-0.8.3-5.fc27 Library providing BSD-compatible functions for portability linux/s390x
libbsd-ctor-static-0.8.3-5.fc27 Development files for libbsd linux/s390x
libbsd-devel-0.8.3-5.fc27 Development files for libbsd linux/s390x
libbson-1.8.1-1.fc28 Building, parsing, and iterating BSON documents linux/s390x
libbson-devel-1.8.1-1.fc28 Development files for libbson linux/s390x
libburn-1.4.8-1.fc28 Library for reading, mastering and writing optical discs linux/s390x
libburn-devel-1.4.8-1.fc28 Development files for libburn linux/s390x
libburn-doc-1.4.8-1.fc28 Documentation files for libburn linux/noarch
libbytesize-1.2-1.fc28 A library for working with sizes in bytes linux/s390x
libbytesize-devel-1.2-1.fc28 Development files for libbytesize linux/s390x
libc-client-2007f-17.fc27 UW C-client mail library linux/s390x
libcaca-0.99-0.31.beta19.fc26 Library for Colour AsCii Art, text mode graphics linux/s390x
libcaca-devel-0.99-0.31.beta19.fc26 Development files for libcaca, the library for Colour AsCii Art linux/s390x
libcacard-2.5.3-3.fc27 CAC (Common Access Card) library linux/s390x
libcacard-devel-2.5.3-3.fc27 Development files for libcacard linux/s390x
libcacard-tools-2.5.3-3.fc27 CAC Emulation tools linux/s390x
libcanberra-0.30-15.fc27 Portable Sound Event Library linux/s390x
libcanberra-devel-0.30-15.fc27 Development Files for libcanberra Client Development linux/s390x
libcanberra-gtk2-0.30-15.fc27 Gtk+ 2.x Bindings for libcanberra linux/s390x
libcanberra-gtk3-0.30-15.fc27 Gtk+ 3.x Bindings for libcanberra linux/s390x
libcangjie-1.3-6.fc27 Cangjie Input Method Library linux/s390x
libcangjie-data-1.3-6.fc27 Database for libcangjie linux/noarch
libcangjie-devel-1.3-6.fc27 Development files for libcangjie linux/s390x
libcap-2.25-7.fc27 Library for getting and setting POSIX.1e capabilities linux/s390x
libcap-devel-2.25-7.fc27 Development files for libcap linux/s390x
libcap-ng-0.7.8-7.fc28 An alternate posix capabilities library linux/s390x
libcap-ng-devel-0.7.8-7.fc28 Header files for libcap-ng library linux/s390x
libcap-ng-python3-0.7.8-7.fc28 Python3 bindings for libcap-ng library linux/s390x
libcap-ng-utils-0.7.8-7.fc28 Utilities for analyzing and setting file capabilities linux/s390x
libcap-static-2.25-7.fc27 Static libraries for libcap development linux/s390x
libcbor-0.5.0-1.fc28 A CBOR parsing library linux/s390x
libcbor-devel-0.5.0-1.fc28 Development files for libcbor linux/s390x
libccd-2.0-10.fc27 Library for collision detection between convex shapes linux/s390x
libccd-devel-2.0-10.fc27 Development files for libccd linux/s390x
libccp4-6.4.6-6.fc27 Library providing specific CCP4 functionality linux/s390x
libccp4-devel-6.4.6-6.fc27 Header files and library for developing free CCP4 programs linux/s390x
libcdaudio-0.99.12p2-26.fc27 Control operation of a CD-ROM when playing audio CDs linux/s390x
libcdaudio-devel-0.99.12p2-26.fc27 Development files for libcdaudio linux/s390x
libcddb-1.3.2-24.fc27 Library (C API) for accessing CDDB servers linux/s390x
libcddb-devel-1.3.2-24.fc27 Development files for libcddb linux/s390x
libcdio-0.94-4.fc27 CD-ROM input and control library linux/s390x
libcdio-devel-0.94-4.fc27 Header files and libraries for libcdio linux/s390x
libcdio-paranoia-10.2+0.93+1-11.fc28 CD paranoia on top of libcdio linux/s390x
libcdio-paranoia-devel-10.2+0.93+1-11.fc28 Header files and libraries for libcdio-paranoia linux/s390x
libcdr-0.1.4-1.fc28 A library for import of CorelDRAW drawings linux/s390x
libcdr-devel-0.1.4-1.fc28 Development files for libcdr linux/s390x
libcdr-doc-0.1.4-1.fc28 Documentation of libcdr API linux/noarch
libcdr-tools-0.1.4-1.fc28 Tools to transform CorelDRAW drawings into other formats linux/s390x
libcec-4.0.2-5.fc27 Library and utilities for HDMI-CEC device control linux/s390x
libcec-devel-4.0.2-5.fc27 Development package for libcec linux/s390x
libcephfs-devel-12.2.1-1.fc28 Ceph distributed file system headers linux/s390x
libcephfs2-12.2.1-1.fc28 Ceph distributed file system client library linux/s390x
libcephfs_jni-devel-12.2.1-1.fc28 Development files for CephFS Java Native Interface library linux/s390x
libcephfs_jni1-12.2.1-1.fc28 Java Native Interface library for CephFS Java bindings linux/s390x
libcgi-1.0-23.fc27 CGI easy as C linux/s390x
libcgi-devel-1.0-23.fc27 Header files and libraries for LibCGI development linux/s390x
libcgroup-0.41-13.fc27 Library to control and monitor control groups linux/s390x
libcgroup-devel-0.41-13.fc27 Development libraries to develop applications that utilize control groups linux/s390x
libcgroup-pam-0.41-13.fc27 A Pluggable Authentication Module for libcgroup linux/s390x
libcgroup-tools-0.41-13.fc27 Command-line utility programs, services and daemons for libcgroup linux/s390x
libchamplain-0.12.16-1.fc28 Map view for Clutter linux/s390x
libchamplain-demos-0.12.16-1.fc28 Demo apps for libchamplain linux/noarch
libchamplain-devel-0.12.16-1.fc28 Development files for libchamplain linux/s390x
libchamplain-gtk-0.12.16-1.fc28 Gtk+ widget wrapper for libchamplain linux/s390x
libchardet-1.0.5-4.fc27 Mozilla's universal character set detector linux/s390x
libchardet-devel-1.0.5-4.fc27 Header and object files for development using libchardet linux/s390x
libchewing-0.5.1-5.fc27 Intelligent phonetic input method library for Traditional Chinese linux/s390x
libchewing-devel-0.5.1-5.fc27 Development files for libchewing linux/s390x
libchewing-python-0.5.1-5.fc27 Python binding for libchewing linux/s390x
libchromaprint-1.2-8.fc27 Library implementing the AcoustID fingerprinting linux/s390x
libchromaprint-devel-1.2-8.fc27 Headers for developing programs that will use chromaprint linux/s390x
libcint-3.0.4-2.fc28 General Gaussian-type orbitals integrals for quantum chemistry linux/s390x
libcint-devel-3.0.4-2.fc28 Development files for libcint linux/s390x
libclastfm-0.5-0.11.20120314git968af0ab.fc27 Unofficial C-API for the web service linux/s390x
libclastfm-devel-0.5-0.11.20120314git968af0ab.fc27 Development files for libclastfm linux/s390x
libclaw-1.7.4-21.fc27 C++ Library of various utility functions linux/s390x
libclaw-devel-1.7.4-21.fc27 Development files for Claw library linux/s390x
libclaw-doc-1.7.4-21.fc27 Documentation for Claw library linux/noarch
libclc-0.2.0-9.git1cb3fbf.fc27 An open source implementation of the OpenCL 1.1 library requirements linux/s390x
libclc-devel-0.2.0-9.git1cb3fbf.fc27 Development files for libclc linux/s390x
libcli-1.9.7-0.20160129gite60d4cc.fc27 A shared library for a Cisco-like cli linux/s390x
libcli-devel-1.9.7-0.20160129gite60d4cc.fc27 Development files for libcli linux/s390x
libcloudproviders-0.2.5-0.1.fc28 Library for integration of cloud storage providers linux/s390x
libcloudproviders-devel-0.2.5-0.1.fc28 Development files for libcloudproviders linux/s390x
libcmis-0.5.1-9.fc27 A C/C++ client library for CM interfaces linux/s390x
libcmis-devel-0.5.1-9.fc27 Development files for libcmis linux/s390x
libcmis-tools-0.5.1-9.fc27 Command line tool to access CMIS linux/s390x
libcmml-0.9.1-20.fc27 Library for handling Continuous Media Markup Language linux/s390x
libcmml-devel-0.9.1-20.fc27 Files needed for development using libcmml linux/s390x
libcmocka-1.1.1-7.fc27 Lightweight library to simplify and generalize unit tests for C linux/s390x
libcmocka-devel-1.1.1-7.fc27 Development headers for the cmocka library linux/s390x
libcmocka-static-1.1.1-7.fc27 Lightweight library to simplify and generalize unit tests for C linux/s390x
libcmpiCppImpl0-2.0.3-13.fc27 CMPI C++ wrapper library linux/s390x
libcmpiutil-0.5.7-10.fc27 CMPI Utility Library linux/s390x
libcmpiutil-devel-0.5.7-10.fc27 Libraries, includes, etc. to use the CMPI utility library linux/s390x
libcollectdclient-5.8.0-1.fc28 Collectd client library linux/s390xNew
libcollectdclient-devel-5.8.0-1.fc28 Development files for libcollectdclient linux/s390xNew
libcollection-0.7.0-36.fc28 Collection data-type for C linux/s390xNew
libcollection-devel-0.7.0-36.fc28 Development files for libcollection linux/s390xNew
libcom_err-1.43.7-1.fc28 Common error description library linux/s390x
libcom_err-devel-1.43.7-1.fc28 Common error description library linux/s390x
libcommuni-3.4.0-7.fc27 Cross-platform IRC client library written with Qt 4 linux/s390x
libcommuni-devel-3.4.0-7.fc27 Cross-platform IRC client library written with Qt 4 (development files) linux/s390x
libcompizconfig-0.8.14-4.fc27 Configuration back end for compiz linux/s390x
libcompizconfig-devel-0.8.14-4.fc27 Development files for libcompizconfig linux/s390x
libcomps-0.1.8-9.fc28 Comps XML file manipulation library linux/s390xNew
libcomps-devel-0.1.8-9.fc28 Development files for libcomps library linux/s390xNew
libcomps-doc-0.1.8-9.fc28 Documentation files for libcomps library linux/noarchNew
libconcord-1.2-16.fc27 Library to talk to Logitech Harmony universal remote controls linux/s390x
libconcord-devel-1.2-16.fc27 Development libraries for libconcord linux/s390x
libconcord-perl-1.2-16.fc27 Perl bindings for libconcord linux/s390x
libconfig-1.5-7.fc27 C/C++ configuration file library linux/s390x
libconfig-devel-1.5-7.fc27 Development files for libconfig linux/s390x
libconfuse-3.2.1-1.fc28 A configuration file parser library linux/s390x
libconfuse-devel-3.2.1-1.fc28 Development files for libconfuse linux/s390x
libcouchbase-2.8.2-2.fc28 Client and protocol library for the Couchbase project linux/s390xNew
libcouchbase-devel-2.8.2-2.fc28 Couchbase client library - Header files linux/s390xNew
libcouchbase-libev-2.8.2-2.fc28 Couchbase client library - libev IO back-end linux/s390xNew
libcouchbase-libevent-2.8.2-2.fc28 Couchbase client library - libevent IO back-end linux/s390xNew
libcouchbase-libuv-2.8.2-2.fc28 Couchbase client library - libuv IO back-end linux/s390xNew
libcouchbase-tools-2.8.2-2.fc28 Couchbase client tools linux/s390xNew
libcroco-0.6.12-3.fc27 A CSS2 parsing library linux/s390x
libcroco-devel-0.6.12-3.fc27 Libraries and include files for developing with libcroco linux/s390x
libcrypt-2.26.9000-26.fc28 Password hashing library (non-NSS version) linux/s390xNew
libcrypt-nss-2.26.9000-26.fc28 Password hashing library (NSS version) linux/s390xNew
libcryptui-3.12.2-11.fc27 Interface components for OpenPGP linux/s390x
libcryptui-devel-3.12.2-11.fc27 Header files required to develop with libcryptui linux/s390x
libcss-0.7.0-1.fc28 A CSS parser and selection engine linux/s390x
libcss-devel-0.7.0-1.fc28 Development files for libcss linux/s390x
libcsv-3.0.3-8.fc27 Small, simple and fast CSV library linux/s390x
libcsv-devel-3.0.3-8.fc27 Small, simple and fast CSV library - development package linux/s390x
libcue-2.1.0-4.fc27 Cue sheet parser library linux/s390x
libcue-devel-2.1.0-4.fc27 Development files linux/s390x
libcurl-7.56.1-1.fc28 A library for getting files from web servers linux/s390x
libcurl-devel-7.56.1-1.fc28 Files needed for building applications with libcurl linux/s390x
libcurl-minimal-7.56.1-1.fc28 Conservatively configured build of libcurl for minimal installations linux/s390x
libcutl-1.10.0-10.fc27 C++ utility library from Code Synthesis linux/s390x
libcutl-devel-1.10.0-10.fc27 Development files for libcutl linux/s390x
libcxx-5.0.0-1.fc28 C++ standard library targeting C++11 linux/s390x
libcxx-devel-5.0.0-1.fc28 Headers and libraries for libcxx devel linux/s390x
libcxx-static-5.0.0-1.fc28 Static libraries for libcxx linux/s390x
libcxxabi-4.0.1-3.fc27 Low level support for a standard C++ library linux/s390x
libcxxabi-devel-4.0.1-3.fc27 Headers and libraries for libcxxabi devel linux/s390x
libcxxabi-static-4.0.1-3.fc27 Static libraries for libcxxabi linux/s390x
libdaemon-0.14-13.fc27 Library for writing UNIX daemons linux/s390x
libdaemon-devel-0.14-13.fc27 Libraries and header files for libdaemon development linux/s390x
libdap-3.18.3-4.fc27 The C++ DAP2 library from OPeNDAP linux/s390x
libdap-devel-3.18.3-4.fc27 Development and header files from libdap linux/s390x
libdap-doc-3.18.3-4.fc27 Documentation of the libdap library linux/s390x
libdar-2.5.10-3.fc27 Library providing support for the DAR API linux/s390x
libdar-devel-2.5.10-3.fc27 Development files for libdar linux/s390x
libdatrie-0.2.9-6.fc27 Implementation of Double-Array structure for representing trie linux/s390x
libdatrie-devel-0.2.9-6.fc27 Development files for libdatrie linux/s390x
libdazzle-3.26.1-1.fc28 Experimental new features for GTK+ and GLib linux/s390x
libdazzle-devel-3.26.1-1.fc28 Development files for libdazzle linux/s390x
libdb-5.3.28-29.fc28 The Berkeley DB database library for C linux/s390x
libdb-cxx-5.3.28-29.fc28 The Berkeley DB database library for C++ linux/s390x
libdb-cxx-devel-5.3.28-29.fc28 The Berkeley DB database library for C++ linux/s390x
libdb-devel-5.3.28-29.fc28 C development files for the Berkeley DB library linux/s390x
libdb-devel-doc-5.3.28-29.fc28 C development documentation files for the Berkeley DB library linux/noarch
libdb-devel-static-5.3.28-29.fc28 Berkeley DB static libraries linux/s390x
libdb-java-5.3.28-29.fc28 Development files for using the Berkeley DB with Java linux/s390x
libdb-java-devel-5.3.28-29.fc28 Development files for using the Berkeley DB with Java linux/s390x
libdb-sql-5.3.28-29.fc28 Development files for using the Berkeley DB with sql linux/s390x
libdb-sql-devel-5.3.28-29.fc28 Development files for using the Berkeley DB with sql linux/s390x
libdb-tcl-5.3.28-29.fc28 Development files for using the Berkeley DB with tcl linux/s390x
libdb-tcl-devel-5.3.28-29.fc28 Development files for using the Berkeley DB with tcl linux/s390x
libdb-utils-5.3.28-29.fc28 Command line tools for managing Berkeley DB databases linux/s390x
libdb4-4.8.30-23.fc27 The Berkeley DB database library (version 4) for C linux/s390x
libdb4-cxx-4.8.30-23.fc27 The Berkeley DB database library (version 4) for C++ linux/s390x
libdb4-cxx-devel-4.8.30-23.fc27 C++ development files for the Berkeley DB database library (version 4) linux/s390x
libdb4-devel-4.8.30-23.fc27 C development files for the Berkeley DB (version 4) library linux/s390x
libdb4-devel-static-4.8.30-23.fc27 Berkeley DB (version 4) static libraries linux/s390x
libdb4-doc-4.8.30-23.fc27 Documentation for the Berkeley DB linux/noarch
libdb4-java-4.8.30-23.fc27 Development files for using the Berkeley DB (version 4) with Java linux/s390x
libdb4-java-devel-4.8.30-23.fc27 Development files for using the Berkeley DB (version 4) with Java linux/s390x
libdb4-tcl-4.8.30-23.fc27 Development files for using the Berkeley DB (version 4) with tcl linux/s390x
libdb4-tcl-devel-4.8.30-23.fc27 Development files for using the Berkeley DB (version 4) with tcl linux/s390x
libdb4-utils-4.8.30-23.fc27 Command line tools for managing Berkeley DB (version 4) databases linux/s390x
libdbi-0.9.0-9.fc27 Database Independent Abstraction Layer for C linux/s390x
libdbi-dbd-mysql-0.9.0-9.fc28 MySQL plugin for libdbi linux/s390x
libdbi-dbd-pgsql-0.9.0-9.fc28 PostgreSQL plugin for libdbi linux/s390x
libdbi-dbd-sqlite-0.9.0-9.fc28 SQLite plugin for libdbi linux/s390x
libdbi-devel-0.9.0-9.fc27 Development files for libdbi (Database Independent Abstraction Layer for C) linux/s390x
libdbi-doc-0.9.0-9.fc27 Documentation for libdbi (Database Independent Abstraction Layer for C) linux/noarch
libdbi-drivers-0.9.0-9.fc28 Database-specific drivers for libdbi linux/s390x
libdbusmenu-16.04.0-4.fc27 Library for passing menus over DBus linux/s390x
libdbusmenu-devel-16.04.0-4.fc27 Library for passing menus over DBus - Development files linux/s390x
libdbusmenu-doc-16.04.0-4.fc27 Document files for libdbusmenu linux/noarch
libdbusmenu-gtk2-16.04.0-4.fc27 Library for passing menus over DBus - Development files - GTK+2 version linux/s390x
libdbusmenu-gtk2-devel-16.04.0-4.fc27 Development files for libdbusmenu-gtk2 linux/s390x
libdbusmenu-gtk3-16.04.0-4.fc27 Library for passing menus over DBus - Development files - GTK+2 version - GTK+3 version linux/s390x
libdbusmenu-gtk3-devel-16.04.0-4.fc27 Development files for libdbusmenu-gtk3 linux/s390x
libdbusmenu-jsonloader-16.04.0-4.fc27 Test lib development files linux/s390x
libdbusmenu-jsonloader-devel-16.04.0-4.fc27 Test lib development files for libdbusmenu linux/s390x
libdbusmenu-tools-16.04.0-4.fc27 Development tools for the dbusmenu libraries linux/s390x
libdeltacloud-0.9-17.fc27 A library for accessing deltacloud linux/s390x
libdeltacloud-devel-0.9-17.fc27 Header files for libdeltacloud library linux/s390x
libderiv-1.2.1-2.fc27 A library for computing derivatives of electron repulsion integrals linux/s390x
libdhash-0.5.0-36.fc28 Dynamic hash table linux/s390xNew
libdhash-devel-0.5.0-36.fc28 Development files for libdhash linux/s390xNew
libdirq-0.5-1.fc27 C implementation of the simple directory queue algorithm linux/s390x
libdirq-devel-0.5-1.fc27 Development files for libdirq linux/s390x
libdirq-static-0.5-1.fc27 Static libraries for libdirq linux/s390x
libdiscid-0.6.2-4.fc27 C Library for creating MusicBrainz DiscIDs linux/s390x
libdiscid-devel-0.6.2-4.fc27 Development files for libdiscid linux/s390x
libdivecomputer-0.4.2-8.fc27 Library for communication with dive computers linux/s390x
libdivecomputer-devel-0.4.2-8.fc27 Development files for libdivecomputer linux/s390x
libdivecomputer-static-0.4.2-8.fc27 Static files for libdivecomputer linux/s390x
libdivecomputer-subsurface-devel-4.6.2-3.fc27 Development files for libdivecomputer-subsurface linux/s390x
libdkimpp-1.0.10-3.fc27 Lightweight and portable DKIM (RFC4871) library linux/s390x
libdkimpp-devel-1.0.10-3.fc27 Development files for libdkimpp linux/s390x
libdmapsharing-2.9.37-4.fc27 A DMAP client and server library linux/s390x
libdmapsharing-devel-2.9.37-4.fc27 Libraries/include files for libdmapsharing linux/s390x
libdmapsharing-vala-2.9.37-4.fc27 Vala language bindings for libdmapsharing linux/s390x
libdmmp-0.7.3-1.fc28 device-mapper-multipath C API library linux/s390xNew
libdmmp-devel-0.7.3-1.fc28 device-mapper-multipath C API library headers linux/s390xNew
libdmtx-0.7.4-3.fc27 Library for working with Data Matrix 2D bar-codes linux/s390x
libdmtx-devel-0.7.4-3.fc27 Development files for libdmtx linux/s390x
libdmx-1.1.3-9.fc27 X.Org X11 DMX runtime library linux/s390x
libdmx-devel-1.1.3-9.fc27 X.Org X11 DMX development files linux/s390x
libdnet-1.12-23.fc28 Simple portable interface to lowlevel networking routines linux/s390x
libdnet-devel-1.12-23.fc28 Header files for libdnet library linux/s390x
libdnet-progs-1.12-23.fc28 Sample applications to use with libdnet linux/s390x
libdnf-0.11.1-3.fc28 Library providing simplified C and Python API to libsolv linux/s390xNew
libdnf-devel-0.11.1-3.fc28 Development files for libdnf linux/s390xNew
libdockapp-0.6.2-15.fc27 DockApp Development Standard Library linux/s390x
libdockapp-devel-0.6.2-15.fc27 Development files for libdockapp linux/s390x
libdockapp-fonts-0.6.2-15.fc27 Fonts provided with libdockapp linux/s390x
libdrm-2.4.88-1.fc28 Direct Rendering Manager runtime library linux/s390xNew
libdrm-devel-2.4.88-1.fc28 Direct Rendering Manager development package linux/s390xNew
libdsk-1.3.8-5.fc27 Library for accessing disk images linux/s390x
libdsk-devel-1.3.8-5.fc27 Development files for libdsk linux/s390x
libdsk-tools-1.3.8-5.fc27 Tools for use with libdsk linux/s390x
libdstr-1.0-10.fc27 Dave's String class linux/s390x
libdstr-devel-1.0-10.fc27 Development files for libdstr linux/s390x
libdv-1.0.0-25.fc27 Software decoder for DV format video linux/s390x
libdv-devel-1.0.0-25.fc27 Development package for libdv linux/s390x
libdv-tools-1.0.0-25.fc27 Basic tools to manipulate Digital Video streams linux/s390x
libdvbpsi-1.3.1-3.fc27 Library for MPEG TS and DVB PSI tables decoding and generation linux/s390x
libdvbpsi-devel-1.3.1-3.fc27 Development package for libdvbpsi linux/s390x
libdvbpsi-doc-1.3.1-3.fc27 Documentation for libdvbpsi linux/s390x
libdvbv5-1.12.5-5.fc28 Libraries to control, scan and zap on Digital TV channels linux/s390x
libdvbv5-devel-1.12.5-5.fc28 Development files for libdvbv5 linux/s390x
libdvdnav-5.0.3-7.fc27 A library for reading DVD video discs based on Ogle code linux/s390x
libdvdnav-devel-5.0.3-7.fc27 Development files for libdvdnav linux/s390x
libdvdread-5.0.3-7.fc27 A library for reading DVD video discs based on Ogle code linux/s390x
libdvdread-devel-5.0.3-7.fc27 Development files for libdvdread linux/s390x
libdwarf-20170709-3.fc27 Library to access the DWARF Debugging file format linux/s390x
libdwarf-devel-20170709-3.fc27 Library and header files of libdwarf linux/s390x
libdwarf-static-20170709-3.fc27 Static libdwarf library linux/s390x
libdwarf-tools-20170709-3.fc27 Tools for accessing DWARF debugging information linux/s390x
libdwarves1-1.10-13.fc27 Debugging information processing library linux/s390x
libdwarves1-devel-1.10-13.fc27 Debugging information library development files linux/s390x
libdxflib-3.17.0-4.fc27 A C++ library for reading and writing DXF files linux/s390x
libdxflib-devel-3.17.0-4.fc27 Development files for libdxflib linux/s390x
libdxfrw-0.6.3-7.fc27 Library to read/write DXF files linux/s390x
libdxfrw-devel-0.6.3-7.fc27 Development files for libdxfrw linux/s390x
libdynaplugz- Dynamic plugin-loading like a boss linux/s390x
libdynaplugz-devel- Development-files for dynaplugz linux/s390x
libdynaplugz-doc- Documentation-files for libdynaplugz linux/noarch
libe-book-0.1.2-18.fc27 A library for import of reflowable e-book formats linux/s390x
libe-book-devel-0.1.2-18.fc27 Development files for libe-book linux/s390x
libe-book-doc-0.1.2-18.fc27 Documentation of libe-book API linux/noarch
libe-book-tools-0.1.2-18.fc27 Tools to transform e-books into other formats linux/s390x
libeXosip2-3.6.0-15.fc28 A library that hides the complexity of using the SIP protocol linux/s390x
libeXosip2-devel-3.6.0-15.fc28 Development files for libeXosip2 linux/s390x
libeasyfc-0.13.1-4.fc27 Easy configuration generator interface for fontconfig linux/s390x
libeasyfc-devel-0.13.1-4.fc27 Development files for libeasyfc linux/s390x
libeasyfc-gobject-0.13.1-4.fc27 GObject interface for libeasyfc linux/s390x
libeasyfc-gobject-devel-0.13.1-4.fc27 Development files for libeasyfc-gobject linux/s390x
libebml-1.3.5-1.fc28 Extensible Binary Meta Language library linux/s390x
libebml-devel-1.3.5-1.fc28 Development files for the Extensible Binary Meta Language library linux/s390x
libebur128-1.2.2-3.fc27 A library that implements the EBU R 128 standard for loudness normalization linux/s390x
libebur128-devel-1.2.2-3.fc27 Development files for libebur128 linux/s390x
libecap-1.0.1-1.fc28 Squid interface for embedded adaptation modules linux/s390x
libecap-devel-1.0.1-1.fc28 Libraries and header files for the libecap library linux/s390x
libecb-devel-0.20161208-4.fc27 Compiler built-ins linux/s390x
libechonest-2.3.0-7.fc27 C++ wrapper for the Echo Nest API linux/s390x
libechonest-devel-2.3.0-7.fc27 Development files for libechonest linux/s390x
libechonest-qt5-2.3.0-7.fc27 libechonest Qt5 bindings linux/s390x
libechonest-qt5-devel-2.3.0-7.fc27 Development files for libechonest-qt5 linux/s390x
libedit-3.1-20.20170329cvs.fc27 The NetBSD Editline library linux/s390x
libedit-devel-3.1-20.20170329cvs.fc27 Development files for libedit linux/s390x
libee-0.4.1-12.fc27 Event expression library inspired by CEE linux/s390x
libee-devel-0.4.1-12.fc27 Development files for libee linux/s390x
libee-utils-0.4.1-12.fc27 Optional utilities like libee-convert linux/s390x
libeio-4.19-9.fc27 Event-based fully asynchronous I/O library linux/s390x
libeio-devel-4.19-9.fc27 Development headers and libraries for libeio linux/s390x
libell-0.2-2.fc28 Embedded Linux library linux/s390x
libell-devel-0.2-2.fc28 Embedded Linux library development files linux/s390x
libeot-0.01-8.fc27 A library for parsing Embedded OpenType font files linux/s390x
libeot-devel-0.01-8.fc27 Development files for libeot linux/s390x
libeot-tools-0.01-8.fc27 Tools to transform EOT font files into other formats linux/s390x
libepc-0.4.0-13.fc27 Easy Publish and Consume library linux/s390x
libepc-devel-0.4.0-13.fc27 Development files for libepc linux/s390x
libepc-ui-0.4.0-13.fc27 Widgets for libepc linux/s390x
libeplplot-6.6.0-9.fc28 A modified version of plplot used by EMBOSS linux/s390x
libeplplot-devel-6.6.0-9.fc28 Development files for eplplot linux/s390x
libepoxy-1.4.3-4.fc28 epoxy runtime library linux/s390x
libepoxy-devel-1.4.3-4.fc28 Development files for libepoxy linux/s390x
libepubgen-0.0.1-1.fc27 An EPUB generator library linux/s390x
libepubgen-devel-0.0.1-1.fc27 Development files for libepubgen linux/s390x
libepubgen-doc-0.0.1-1.fc27 Documentation of libepubgen API linux/noarch
liberasurecode-1.5.0-3.fc27 Erasure Code API library written in C with pluggable backends linux/s390x
liberasurecode-devel-1.5.0-3.fc27 Development files for liberasurecode linux/s390x
liberasurecode-doc-1.5.0-3.fc27 Documentation for liberasurecode linux/s390x
liberation-fonts-1.07.4-9.fc27 Fonts to replace commonly used Microsoft Windows fonts linux/noarch
liberation-fonts-common-1.07.4-9.fc27 Shared common files of Liberation font families linux/noarch
liberation-mono-fonts-1.07.4-9.fc27 Monospace fonts to replace commonly used Microsoft Courier New linux/noarch
liberation-narrow-fonts-1.07.4-9.fc27 Sans-serif Narrow fonts to replace commonly used Microsoft Arial Narrow linux/noarch
liberation-sans-fonts-1.07.4-9.fc27 Sans-serif fonts to replace commonly used Microsoft Arial linux/noarch
liberation-serif-fonts-1.07.4-9.fc27 Serif fonts to replace commonly used Microsoft Times New Roman linux/noarch
libertas-sd8686-firmware-20171009-78.gitbf04291.fc28 Firmware for Marvell Libertas SD 8686 Network Adapter linux/noarch
libertas-sd8787-firmware-20171009-78.gitbf04291.fc28 Firmware for Marvell Libertas SD 8787 Network Adapter linux/noarch
libertas-usb8388-firmware-20171009-78.gitbf04291.fc28 Firmware for Marvell Libertas USB 8388 Network Adapter linux/noarch
libertas-usb8388-olpc-firmware-20171009-78.gitbf04291.fc28 OLPC firmware for Marvell Libertas USB 8388 Network Adapter linux/noarch
libesedb-20120102-13.fc27 Library to access the Extensible Storage Engine (ESE) Database File (EDB) format linux/s390x
libesedb-devel-20120102-13.fc27 Development files for libesedb linux/s390x
libesmtp-1.0.6-13.fc27 SMTP client library linux/s390x
libesmtp-devel-1.0.6-13.fc27 Headers and development libraries for libESMTP linux/s390x
libestr-0.1.9-9.fc27 String handling essentials library linux/s390x
libestr-devel-0.1.9-9.fc27 Development files for libestr linux/s390x
libetonyek-0.1.7-1.fc28 A library for import of Apple iWork documents linux/s390x
libetonyek-devel-0.1.7-1.fc28 Development files for libetonyek linux/s390x
libetonyek-doc-0.1.7-1.fc28 Documentation of libetonyek API linux/noarch
libetonyek-tools-0.1.7-1.fc28 Tools to transform Apple iWork documents into other formats linux/s390x
libetpan-1.8-1.fc28 Portable, efficient middle-ware for different kinds of mail access linux/s390x
libetpan-devel-1.8-1.fc28 Development package for libetpan linux/s390x
libev-4.24-4.fc27 High-performance event loop/event model with lots of features linux/s390x
libev-devel-4.24-4.fc27 Development headers for libev linux/s390x
libev-libevent-devel-4.24-4.fc27 Compatibility development header with libevent for libev. linux/s390x
libev-source-4.24-4.fc27 High-performance event loop/event model with lots of features linux/noarch
libevdev-1.5.7-3.fc27 Kernel Evdev Device Wrapper Library linux/s390x
libevdev-devel-1.5.7-3.fc27 Kernel Evdev Device Wrapper Library Development Package linux/s390x
libevdev-utils-1.5.7-3.fc27 Kernel Evdev Device Wrapper Library Utilities Package linux/s390x
libevent-2.0.22-6.fc27 Abstract asynchronous event notification library linux/s390x
libevent-devel-2.0.22-6.fc27 Development files for libevent linux/s390x
libevent-doc-2.0.22-6.fc27 Development documentation for libevent linux/noarch
libewf-20140608-9.fc28 Library for the Expert Witness Compression Format (EWF) linux/s390x
libewf-devel-20140608-9.fc28 Development files for libewf linux/s390x
libexif-0.6.21-13.fc27 Library for extracting extra information from image files linux/s390x
libexif-devel-0.6.21-13.fc27 Files needed for libexif application development linux/s390x
libexif-doc-0.6.21-13.fc27 The EXIF Library API documentation linux/s390x
libexif-gtk2-0.4.1-0.11.20130415cvs.fc27 Library to display EXIF tags in GTK2 programs linux/s390x
libexif-gtk2-devel-0.4.1-0.11.20130415cvs.fc27 Files needed for building applications with libexif-gtk2 linux/s390x
libexif-gtk3-0.4.1-0.11.20130415cvs.fc27 Library to display EXIF tags in GTK3 programs linux/s390x
libexif-gtk3-devel-0.4.1-0.11.20130415cvs.fc27 Files needed for building applications with libexif-gtk3 linux/s390x
libexplain-1.4-4.fc23 Library functions to explain system call errors linux/s390x
libexplain-devel-1.4-4.fc23 Development files for libexplain linux/s390x
libextractor-1.6-1.fc28 Simple library for keyword extraction linux/s390x
libextractor-devel-1.6-1.fc28 Development files for libextractor linux/s390x
libextractor-plugins-1.6-1.fc28 Plugins for libextractor linux/noarch
libextractor-plugins-base-1.6-1.fc28 Base plugins for libextractor linux/s390x
libextractor-plugins-exiv2-1.6-1.fc28 The 'exiv2' libextractor plugin linux/s390x
libextractor-plugins-flac-1.6-1.fc28 The 'flac' libextractor plugin linux/s390x
libextractor-plugins-gif-1.6-1.fc28 The 'gif' libextractor plugin linux/s390x
libextractor-plugins-mime-1.6-1.fc28 The 'mime' libextractor plugin linux/s390x
libextractor-plugins-ogg-1.6-1.fc28 The 'ogg' libextractor plugin linux/s390x
libextractor-plugins-ole2-1.6-1.fc28 The 'ole2' libextractor plugin linux/s390x
libextractor-plugins-rpm-1.6-1.fc28 The 'rpm' libextractor plugin linux/s390x
libextractor-plugins-thumbnailgtk-1.6-1.fc28 The 'thumbnailgtk' libextractor plugin linux/s390x
libextractor-plugins-tiff-1.6-1.fc28 The 'tiff' libextractor plugin linux/s390x
libexttextcat-3.4.5-1.fc28 Text categorization library linux/s390x
libexttextcat-devel-3.4.5-1.fc28 Development files for libexttextcat linux/s390x
libexttextcat-tools-3.4.5-1.fc28 Tool for creating custom document fingerprints linux/s390x
libfabric-1.4.2-5.fc28 Open Fabric Interfaces linux/s390x
libfabric-devel-1.4.2-5.fc28 Development files for libfabric linux/s390x
libfakekey-0.1-18.fc27 Library for converting characters to X key-presses linux/s390x
libfakekey-devel-0.1-18.fc27 Development files for libfakekey linux/s390x
libfaketime-0.9.6-6.fc27 Manipulate system time per process for testing purposes linux/s390x
libfap-1.5-5.fc27 An APRS parser written in C linux/s390x
libfap-devel-1.5-5.fc27 Development files for libfap linux/s390x
libfastjson-0.99.7-1.fc28 A JSON implementation in C linux/s390x
libfastjson-devel-0.99.7-1.fc28 Development files for libfastjson linux/s390x
libfbclient2- Firebird SQL server client library linux/s390x
libfbclient2-devel- Development libraries and headers for Firebird SQL server linux/s390x
libfc14audiodecoder-1.0.3-10.fc27 C wrapper library for Future Composer audio decoding linux/s390x
libfc14audiodecoder-devel-1.0.3-10.fc27 Files needed for developing with libfc14audiodecoder linux/s390x
libfdisk-2.31-2.fc28 Partitioning library for fdisk-like programs. linux/s390x
libfdisk-devel-2.31-2.fc28 Partitioning library for fdisk-like programs. linux/s390x
libfdt-1.4.5-1.fc28 Device tree library linux/s390x
libfdt-devel-1.4.5-1.fc28 Development headers for device tree library linux/s390x
libfep-0.1.0-9.fc27 Library to implement FEP (front end processor) on ANSI terminals linux/s390x
libfep-devel-0.1.0-9.fc27 Development files for libfep linux/s390x
libffi-3.1-14.fc27 A portable foreign function interface library linux/s390x
libffi-devel-3.1-14.fc27 Development files for libffi linux/s390x
libfilezilla-0.11.1-1.fc28 C++ Library for FileZilla linux/s390x
libfilezilla-devel-0.11.1-1.fc28 Development files for C++ Library for FileZilla linux/s390x
libfilteraudio-0.0.1-2.fc28 Lightweight audio filtering library made from webrtc code linux/s390xNew
libfilteraudio-devel-0.0.1-2.fc28 Development files for libfilteraudio linux/s390xNew
libfishsound-1.0.0-14.fc27 Simple programming interface for Xiph.Org codecs linux/s390x
libfishsound-devel-1.0.0-14.fc27 Development files for libfishsound linux/s390x
libfishsound-doc-1.0.0-14.fc27 Documentation for libfishsound linux/s390x
libfishsound-tools-1.0.0-14.fc27 Sample programs bundled with libfishsound linux/s390x
libfli-1.7-21.fc27 Library for FLI CCD Camera & Filter Wheels linux/s390x
libfli-devel-1.7-21.fc27 Libraries, includes, etc. used to develop an application with libfli linux/s390x
libfm-1.2.5-3.100.fc27.2 GIO-based library for file manager-like programs linux/s390x
libfm-devel-1.2.5-3.100.fc27.2 Development files for libfm linux/s390x
libfm-devel-docs-1.2.5-3.100.fc27.2 Development documation for libfm linux/s390x
libfm-gtk-1.2.5-3.100.fc27.2 File manager-related GTK+ widgets of libfm linux/s390x
libfm-gtk-devel-1.2.5-3.100.fc27.2 Development files for libfm-gtk linux/s390x
libfm-gtk-devel-common-1.2.5-3.100.fc27.2 Common Development files for libfm-gtk linux/noarch
libfm-gtk-utils-1.2.5-3.100.fc27.2 GTK+ related utility package for libfm linux/s390x
libfm-gtk2-1.2.5-3.100.fc27.2 File manager-related GTK+ widgets of libfm linux/s390x
libfm-gtk2-devel-1.2.5-3.100.fc27.2 Development files for libfm-gtk2 linux/s390x
libfm-qt-0.11.2-7.fc28 Companion library for PCManFM linux/s390x
libfm-qt-devel-0.11.2-7.fc28 Development files for libfm-qt linux/s390x
libfm-qt-l10n-0.11.2-7.fc27 Translations for libfm-qt linux/noarch
libfontenc-1.1.3-6.fc27 X.Org X11 libfontenc runtime library linux/s390x
libfontenc-devel-1.1.3-6.fc27 X.Org X11 libfontenc development package linux/s390x
libfonts-1.1.3-20.fc27 TrueType Font Layouting linux/noarch
libfonts-javadoc-1.1.3-20.fc27 Javadoc for libfonts linux/noarch
libformula-1.1.3-17.fc27 Formula Parser linux/noarch
libformula-javadoc-1.1.3-17.fc27 Javadoc for libformula linux/noarch
libfplll-5.1.0-1.fc28 LLL-reduces euclidean lattices linux/s390x
libfplll-devel-5.1.0-1.fc28 Development files for libfplll linux/s390x
libfplll-static-5.1.0-1.fc28 Static library for libfplll linux/s390x
libfplll-tools-5.1.0-1.fc28 Command line tools that use libfplll linux/s390x
libfreehand-0.1.2-1.fc28 A library for import of Macromedia/Adobe FreeHand documents linux/s390x
libfreehand-devel-0.1.2-1.fc28 Development files for libfreehand linux/s390x
libfreehand-doc-0.1.2-1.fc28 Documentation of libfreehand API linux/noarch
libfreehand-tools-0.1.2-1.fc28 Tools to transform Macromedia/Adobe FreeHand documents into other formats linux/s390x
libfreenect-0.5.5-2.fc27 Device driver for the Kinect linux/s390x
libfreenect-devel-0.5.5-2.fc27 Development files for libfreenect linux/s390x
libfreenect-fakenect-0.5.5-2.fc27 Library to play back recorded data for libfreenect linux/s390x
libfreenect-opencv-0.5.5-2.fc27 OpenCV bindings for libfreenect linux/s390x
libfreenect-openni-0.5.5-2.fc27 OpenNI2 driver for the Kinect linux/s390x
libfreenect-static-0.5.5-2.fc27 Development files for libfreenect linux/s390x
libfrobby-0.9.0-12.fc27 Frobby internals as a library linux/s390x
libfrobby-devel-0.9.0-12.fc27 Developer files for libfrobby linux/s390x
libftdi-1.3-9.fc28 Library to program and control the FTDI USB controller linux/s390x
libftdi-c++-1.3-9.fc28 Libftdi library C++ binding linux/s390x
libftdi-c++-devel-1.3-9.fc28 Libftdi library C++ binding development headers and libraries linux/s390x
libftdi-devel-1.3-9.fc28 Header files and static libraries for libftdi linux/s390x
libgadu-1.12.2-4.fc27 A Gadu-gadu protocol compatible communications library linux/s390x
libgadu-devel-1.12.2-4.fc27 Libgadu development library linux/s390x
libgadu-doc-1.12.2-4.fc27 Libgadu library developer documentation linux/noarch
libgaiagraphics-0.5-12.fc27 Graphics canvas for GIS rendering linux/s390x
libgaiagraphics-devel-0.5-12.fc27 Development files for libgaiagraphics linux/s390x
libgap-4.8.6-3.fc27 C library version of the GAP kernel linux/s390x
libgap-devel-4.8.6-3.fc27 Development files for libgap linux/s390x
libgcab1-0.7-4.fc27 Library to create Cabinet archives linux/s390x
libgcab1-devel-0.7-4.fc27 Development files to create Cabinet archives linux/s390x
libgcal-0.9.6-16.fc27 A library to access google calendar events and contacts linux/s390x
libgcal-devel-0.9.6-16.fc27 Development files to use libgcal linux/s390x
libgcc-7.2.1-1.fc28 GCC version 7 shared support library linux/s390x
libgccjit-7.2.1-1.fc28 Library for embedding GCC inside programs and libraries linux/s390x
libgccjit-devel-7.2.1-1.fc28 Support for embedding GCC inside programs and libraries linux/s390x
libgcroots-0.2.3-14.fc27 Roots acquisition library for Garbage Collector linux/s390x
libgcroots-devel-0.2.3-14.fc27 Development files for libgcroots linux/s390x
libgcrypt-1.8.1-1.fc28 A general-purpose cryptography library linux/s390x
libgcrypt-devel-1.8.1-1.fc28 Development files for the libgcrypt package linux/s390x
libgda-5.2.2-11.fc24 Library for writing gnome database programs linux/s390x
libgda-bdb-5.2.2-11.fc24 Berkeley DB provider for libgda linux/s390x
libgda-devel-5.2.2-11.fc24 Development files for libgda linux/s390x
libgda-java-5.2.2-11.fc24 Java provider for libgda linux/s390x
libgda-ldap-5.2.2-11.fc24 Ldap provider for libgda linux/s390x
libgda-mdb-5.2.2-11.fc24 Mdb provider for libgda linux/s390x
libgda-mysql-5.2.2-11.fc24 Mysql provider for libgda linux/s390x
libgda-postgres-5.2.2-11.fc24 Postgres provider for libgda linux/s390x
libgda-sqlcipher-5.2.2-11.fc24 SQLiteCipher provider for libgda linux/s390x
libgda-sqlite-5.2.2-11.fc24 SQLite provider for libgda linux/s390x
libgda-tools-5.2.2-11.fc24 Graphical tools for libgda linux/s390x
libgda-ui-5.2.2-11.fc24 UI extensions for libgda linux/s390x
libgda-ui-devel-5.2.2-11.fc24 Development files for libgda-ui linux/s390x
libgda-web-5.2.2-11.fc24 Web provider for libgda linux/s390x
libgdamm-4.99.11-4.fc27 C++ wrappers for libgda linux/s390x
libgdamm-devel-4.99.11-4.fc27 Headers/Libraries for developing programs that use libgdamm linux/s390x
libgdamm-doc-4.99.11-4.fc27 API documentation for libgdamm linux/noarch
libgdata-0.17.9-1.fc28 Library for the GData protocol linux/s390x
libgdata-devel-0.17.9-1.fc28 Development files for libgdata linux/s390x
libgdiplus-4.2-5.fc27 An Open Source implementation of the GDI+ API linux/s390x
libgdiplus-devel-4.2-5.fc27 Development files for libgdiplus linux/s390x
libgdither-0.6-14.fc27 Library for applying dithering to PCM audio sources linux/s390x
libgdither-devel-0.6-14.fc27 Development files for libgdither linux/s390x
libgdl-3.26.0-1.fc28 GNOME docking library linux/s390x
libgdl-devel-3.26.0-1.fc28 Development files for libgdl linux/s390x
libgearman-1.1.17-3.fc28 Development libraries for gearman linux/s390x
libgearman-devel-1.1.17-3.fc28 Development headers for libgearman linux/s390x
libgeda-1.8.2-8.fc27 Libraries for the gEDA project linux/s390x
libgeda-devel-1.8.2-8.fc27 Development files for the libgeda library linux/s390x
libgee-0.20.0-3.fc27 GObject collection library linux/s390x
libgee-devel-0.20.0-3.fc27 Development files for libgee linux/s390x
libgee06-0.6.8-10.fc27 GObject collection library linux/s390x
libgee06-devel-0.6.8-10.fc27 Development files for libgee06 linux/s390x
libgenders-1.22-14.fc28 Genders libraries linux/s390x
libgenders-devel-1.22-14.fc28 Genders development libraries linux/s390x
libgendersplusplus-1.22-14.fc28 Genders libraries for C++ linux/s390x
libgendersplusplus-devel-1.22-14.fc28 Genders development libraries linux/s390x
libgeotiff-1.4.0-11.fc27 GeoTIFF format library linux/s390x
libgeotiff-devel-1.4.0-11.fc27 Development library and header for the GeoTIFF file format library linux/s390x
libgepub-0.5.2-1.fc27 Library for epub documents linux/s390x
libgepub-devel-0.5.2-1.fc27 Development files for libgepub linux/s390x
libgexiv2-0.10.6-3.fc27 Gexiv2 is a GObject-based wrapper around the Exiv2 library linux/s390x
libgexiv2-devel-0.10.6-3.fc27 Development files for libgexiv2 linux/s390x
libgfortran-7.2.1-1.fc28 Fortran runtime linux/s390x
libgfortran-static-7.2.1-1.fc28 Static Fortran libraries linux/s390x
libghemical-3.0.0-6.fc27.1 Libraries for the Ghemical chemistry package linux/s390x
libghemical-devel-3.0.0-6.fc27.1 Header files and static libraries from libghemical linux/s390x
libgit2-0.26.0-3.fc27 C implementation of the Git core methods as a library with a solid API linux/s390x
libgit2-devel-0.26.0-3.fc27 Development files for libgit2 linux/s390x
libgit2-glib-0.26.0-2.fc27 Git library for GLib linux/s390x
libgit2-glib-devel-0.26.0-2.fc27 Development files for libgit2-glib linux/s390x
libglade-0.17-38.fc27 Gnome-1 support library for loading user interfaces linux/s390x
libglade-devel-0.17-38.fc27 The files needed for libglade application development linux/s390x
libglade2-2.6.4-17.fc27 The libglade library for loading user interfaces linux/s390x
libglade2-devel-2.6.4-17.fc27 The files needed for libglade application development linux/s390x
libglademm24-2.6.7-18.fc27 C++ wrapper for libglade linux/s390x
libglademm24-devel-2.6.7-18.fc27 Headers for developing programs that will use libglademm. linux/s390x
libgle-3.1.0-16.fc27 A Tubing and Extrusion Library for OpenGL linux/s390x
libgle-devel-3.1.0-16.fc27 GLE includes and development libraries linux/s390x
libglpng-1.45-17.fc27 Toolkit for loading PNG images as OpenGL textures linux/s390x
libglpng-devel-1.45-17.fc27 Development files for libglpng linux/s390x
libgltf-0.1.0-7.fc27 A library for rendering glTF models linux/s390x
libgltf-devel-0.1.0-7.fc27 Development files for libgltf linux/s390x
libglvnd-1.0.0-1.fc28 The GL Vendor-Neutral Dispatch library linux/s390xNew
libglvnd-core-devel-1.0.0-1.fc28 Core development files for libglvnd linux/s390xNew
libglvnd-devel-1.0.0-1.fc28 Development files for libglvnd linux/s390xNew
libglvnd-egl-1.0.0-1.fc28 EGL support for libglvnd linux/s390xNew
libglvnd-gles-1.0.0-1.fc28 GLES support for libglvnd linux/s390xNew
libglvnd-glx-1.0.0-1.fc28 GLX support for libglvnd linux/s390xNew
libglvnd-opengl-1.0.0-1.fc28 OpenGL support for libglvnd linux/s390xNew
libgnat-7.2.1-1.fc28 GNU Ada 83, 95, 2005 and 2012 runtime shared libraries linux/s390x
libgnat-devel-7.2.1-1.fc28 GNU Ada 83, 95, 2005 and 2012 libraries linux/s390x
libgnat-static-7.2.1-1.fc28 GNU Ada 83, 95, 2005 and 2012 static libraries linux/s390x
libgnome-2.32.1-15.fc27 GNOME base library linux/s390x
libgnome-devel-2.32.1-15.fc27 Libraries and headers for libgnome linux/s390x
libgnome-games-support-1.2.3-1.fc28 Support library for GNOME games linux/s390x
libgnome-games-support-devel-1.2.3-1.fc28 Development files for libgnome-games-support linux/s390x
libgnome-keyring-3.12.0-11.fc28 Framework for managing passwords and other secrets linux/s390x
libgnome-keyring-devel-3.12.0-11.fc28 Development files for libgnome-keyring linux/s390x
libgnomecanvas-2.30.3-14.fc27 GnomeCanvas widget linux/s390x
libgnomecanvas-devel-2.30.3-14.fc27 Libraries and headers for libgnomecanvas linux/s390x
libgnomecanvasmm26-2.26.0-18.fc27 C++ interface for Gnome libs (a GUI library for X) linux/s390x
libgnomecanvasmm26-devel-2.26.0-18.fc27 Headers for developing programs that will use libgnomecanvasmm26. linux/s390x
libgnomekbd-3.26.0-1.fc28 A keyboard configuration library linux/s390x
libgnomekbd-devel-3.26.0-1.fc28 Development files for libgnomekbd linux/s390x
libgnomeui-2.24.5-16.fc27 GNOME base GUI library linux/s390x
libgnomeui-devel-2.24.5-16.fc27 Libraries and headers for libgnome linux/s390x
libgo-7.2.1-1.fc28 Go runtime linux/s390x
libgo-devel-7.2.1-1.fc28 Go development libraries linux/s390x
libgo-static-7.2.1-1.fc28 Static Go libraries linux/s390x
libgomp-7.2.1-1.fc28 GCC OpenMP v4.5 shared support library linux/s390x
libgovirt-0.3.4-4.fc28 A GObject library for interacting with oVirt REST API linux/s390x
libgovirt-devel-0.3.4-4.fc28 Libraries, includes, etc. to compile with the libgovirt library linux/s390x
libgpg-error-1.27-3.fc27 Library for error values used by GnuPG components linux/s390x
libgpg-error-devel-1.27-3.fc27 Development files for the libgpg-error package linux/s390x
libgphoto2-2.5.16-1.fc28 Library for accessing digital cameras linux/s390x
libgphoto2-devel-2.5.16-1.fc28 Headers and links to compile against the libgphoto2 library linux/s390x
libgpiod-0.3.2-1.fc28 C library and tools for interacting with linux GPIO char device linux/s390xNew
libgpiod-devel-0.3.2-1.fc28 Development package for libgpiod linux/s390xNew
libgpiod-utils-0.3.2-1.fc28 Utilities for GPIO linux/s390xNew
libgpod-0.8.3-19.fc27 Library to access the contents of an iPod linux/s390x
libgpod-devel-0.8.3-19.fc27 Development files for the libgpod library linux/s390x
libgpod-doc-0.8.3-19.fc27 API documentation for the libgpod library linux/noarch
libgpod-sharp-0.8.3-19.fc27 C#/.NET library to access iPod content linux/s390x
libgpod-sharp-devel-0.8.3-19.fc27 Development files for libgpod-sharp linux/s390x
libgpr-2017-11.fc27 Ada library to handle GPRbuild project files linux/s390x
libgpr-devel-2017-11.fc27 Devel package for gprbuild-libgpr linux/s390x
libgringotts-1.2.1-21.fc27 A backend for managing encrypted data files on the disk linux/s390x
libgringotts-devel-1.2.1-21.fc27 Development files for libgringotts linux/s390x
libgrss-0.7.0-5.fc27 Library for easy management of RSS/Atom/Pie feeds linux/s390x
libgrss-devel-0.7.0-5.fc27 Development files for libgrss linux/s390x
libgsasl-1.8.0-11.fc27 GNU SASL library linux/s390x
libgsasl-devel-1.8.0-11.fc27 Development files for libgsasl linux/s390x
libgsf-1.14.41-4.fc27 GNOME Structured File library linux/s390x
libgsf-devel-1.14.41-4.fc27 Support files necessary to compile applications with libgsf linux/s390x
libgsignon-glib-2.4.1-3.20161228.git03d9c64.fc27 GLib API for the SSO framework linux/s390x
libgsignon-glib-devel-2.4.1-3.20161228.git03d9c64.fc27 GLib API for the SSO framework (development files) linux/s390x
libgsignon-glib-example-2.4.1-3.20161228.git03d9c64.fc27 GLib API for the SSO framework (example client) linux/s390x
libgstroke-0.5.1-36.fc27 Optional libgstroke files linux/s390x
libgstroke-devel-0.5.1-36.fc27 Development files for the libstroke library linux/s390x
libgsystem-2015.2-5.fc27 GIO-based library with Unix/Linux specific API linux/s390x
libgsystem-devel-2015.2-5.fc27 Development files for libgsystem linux/s390x
libgta-1.0.7-6.fc27 Library that implements the Generic Tagged Arrays file format linux/s390x
libgta-devel-1.0.7-6.fc27 Development Libraries for libgta linux/s390x
libgta-doc-1.0.7-6.fc27 API documentation for libgta linux/noarch
libgtextutils-0.7-19.fc27 Assaf Gordon text utilities linux/s390x
libgtextutils-devel-0.7-19.fc27 Development files for libgtextutils linux/s390x
libgtop2-2.38.0-1.fc28 LibGTop library (version 2) linux/s390x
libgtop2-devel-2.38.0-1.fc28 Libraries and include files for developing with libgtop linux/s390x
libguac-0.9.13-6.fc27 The common library used by all C components of Guacamole linux/s390x
libguac-client-rdp-0.9.13-6.fc27 RDP support for guacd linux/s390x
libguac-client-ssh-0.9.13-6.fc27 SSH support for guacd linux/s390x
libguac-client-telnet-0.9.13-6.fc27 Telnet support for guacd linux/s390x
libguac-client-vnc-0.9.13-6.fc27 VNC support for guacd linux/s390x
libguac-devel-0.9.13-6.fc27 Development files for guacamole-server linux/s390x
libgudev-232-1.fc28 GObject-based wrapper library for libudev linux/s390x
libgudev-devel-232-1.fc28 Header files for libgudev linux/s390x
libguess-1.2-6.fc27 High-speed character set detection library linux/s390x
libguess-devel-1.2-6.fc27 Files needed for developing with libguess linux/s390x
libguestfs-1.37.34-1.fc28 Access and modify virtual machine disk images linux/s390xNew
libguestfs-bash-completion-1.37.34-1.fc28 Bash tab-completion scripts for libguestfs tools linux/noarchNew
libguestfs-devel-1.37.34-1.fc28 Development tools and libraries for libguestfs linux/s390xNew
libguestfs-forensics-1.37.34-1.fc28 Filesystem forensics support for libguestfs linux/s390xNew
libguestfs-gfs2-1.37.34-1.fc28 GFS2 support for libguestfs linux/s390xNew
libguestfs-gobject-1.37.34-1.fc28 GObject bindings for libguestfs linux/s390xNew
libguestfs-gobject-devel-1.37.34-1.fc28 GObject bindings for libguestfs linux/s390xNew
libguestfs-hfsplus-1.37.34-1.fc28 HFS+ support for libguestfs linux/s390xNew
libguestfs-inspect-icons-1.37.34-1.fc28 Additional dependencies for inspecting guest icons linux/noarchNew
libguestfs-java-1.37.34-1.fc28 Java bindings for libguestfs linux/s390xNew
libguestfs-java-devel-1.37.34-1.fc28 Java development package for libguestfs linux/s390xNew
libguestfs-javadoc-1.37.34-1.fc28 Java documentation for libguestfs linux/noarchNew
libguestfs-jfs-1.37.34-1.fc28 JFS support for libguestfs linux/s390xNew
libguestfs-man-pages-ja-1.37.34-1.fc28 Japanese (ja) man pages for libguestfs linux/noarchNew
libguestfs-man-pages-uk-1.37.34-1.fc28 Ukrainian (uk) man pages for libguestfs linux/noarchNew
libguestfs-nilfs-1.37.34-1.fc28 NILFS support for libguestfs linux/s390xNew
libguestfs-reiserfs-1.37.34-1.fc28 ReiserFS support for libguestfs linux/s390xNew
libguestfs-rescue-1.37.34-1.fc28 Additional tools for virt-rescue linux/s390xNew
libguestfs-rsync-1.37.34-1.fc28 rsync support for libguestfs linux/s390xNew
libguestfs-tools-1.37.34-1.fc28 System administration tools for virtual machines linux/noarchNew
libguestfs-tools-c-1.37.34-1.fc28 System administration tools for virtual machines linux/s390xNew
libguestfs-ufs-1.37.34-1.fc28 UFS (BSD) support for libguestfs linux/s390xNew
libguestfs-xfs-1.37.34-1.fc28 XFS support for libguestfs linux/s390xNew
libgusb-0.2.11-3.fc27 GLib wrapper around libusb1 linux/s390x
libgusb-devel-0.2.11-3.fc27 Libraries and headers for gusb linux/s390x
libgweather-3.26.0-1.fc28 A library for weather information linux/s390x
libgweather-devel-3.26.0-1.fc28 Development files for libgweather linux/s390x
libgxim-0.5.0-8.fc26 GObject-based XIM protocol library linux/s390x
libgxim-devel-0.5.0-8.fc26 Development files for libgxim linux/s390x
libgxps-0.3.0-1.fc27 GObject based library for handling and rendering XPS documents linux/s390x
libgxps-devel-0.3.0-1.fc27 Development files for libgxps linux/s390x
libgxps-tools-0.3.0-1.fc27 Command-line utility programs for manipulating XPS files linux/s390x
libgxw-0.35.2-6.fc27 Guitarix GTK library linux/s390x
libgxw-devel-0.35.2-6.fc27 Development files for libgxw linux/s390x
libgxwmm-0.35.2-6.fc27 Guitarix GTK C++ library linux/s390x
libgxwmm-devel-0.35.2-6.fc27 Development files for libgxwmm linux/s390x
libhangul-0.1.0-15.fc27 Hangul input library linux/s390x
libhangul-devel-0.1.0-15.fc27 Development files for libhangul linux/s390x
libharu-2.3.0-3.fc27 C library for generating PDF files linux/s390x
libharu-devel-2.3.0-3.fc27 Development files for libharu linux/s390x
libhawaii-0.8.0-4.fc27 Core share library for Hawaii desktop suite linux/s390x
libhawaii-devel-0.8.0-4.fc27 Development files for libhawaii linux/s390x
libhbaapi-2.2.9-11.fc27 SNIA HBAAPI library linux/s390x
libhbaapi-devel-2.2.9-11.fc27 Development files for libhbaapi linux/s390x
libhbalinux-1.0.17-6.fc27 FC-HBAAPI implementation using scsi_transport_fc interfaces linux/s390x
libhbalinux-devel-1.0.17-6.fc27 A file needed for libhbalinux application development linux/s390x
libhdfs-2.7.3-6.fc27 The Apache Hadoop Filesystem Library linux/s390x
libhid-0.2.17-27.fc28 User space USB HID access library linux/s390x
libhid-devel-0.2.17-27.fc28 Development files for libhid linux/s390x
libhocr-0.10.17-28.fc28 A Hebrew optical character recognition library linux/s390x
libhocr-devel-0.10.17-28.fc28 Development files for libhocr linux/s390x
libhocr-gtk-0.10.17-28.fc28 GTK+ application for libhocr linux/s390x
libhttpserver-0.9.0-3.fc24 Library embedding RESTful HTTP server functionality linux/s390x
libhttpserver-devel-0.9.0-3.fc24 Development files for libhttpserver linux/s390x
libhubbub-0.3.4-1.fc28 An HTML5 compliant parsing library linux/s390x
libhubbub-devel-0.3.4-1.fc28 Development files for libhubbub linux/s390x
libhubbub-doc-0.3.4-1.fc28 Documentation of libhubbub API linux/noarch
libhugetlbfs-2.20-5.fc27 A library which provides easy access to huge pages of memory linux/s390x
libhugetlbfs-devel-2.20-5.fc27 Header files for libhugetlbfs linux/s390x
libhugetlbfs-utils-2.20-5.fc27 Userspace utilities for configuring the hugepage environment linux/s390x
libib-util- Firebird SQL UDF support library linux/s390x
libibcm-14-4.fc27 Userspace InfiniBand Connection Manager linux/s390x
libibumad-14-4.fc27 OpenFabrics Alliance InfiniBand umad (userspace management datagram) library linux/s390x
libibverbs-14-4.fc27 A library and drivers for direct userspace use of RDMA (InfiniBand/iWARP/RoCE) hardware linux/s390x
libibverbs-utils-14-4.fc27 Examples for the libibverbs library linux/s390x
libica-3.2.0-1.fc28 Library for accessing ICA hardware crypto on IBM z Systems linux/s390x
libica-devel-3.2.0-1.fc28 Development tools for programs to access ICA hardware crypto on IBM z Systems linux/s390x
libical-3.0.0-2.fc28 Reference implementation of the iCalendar data type and serialization format linux/s390xNew
libical-devel-3.0.0-2.fc28 Development files for libical linux/s390xNew
libical-glib-3.0.0-2.fc28 GObject wrapper for libical library linux/s390xNew
libical-glib-devel-3.0.0-2.fc28 Development files for building against libical-glib linux/s390xNew
libical-glib-doc-3.0.0-2.fc28 Documentation files for libical-glib linux/noarchNew
libicns-0.8.1-13.fc27 Library for manipulating Macintosh icns files linux/s390x
libicns-devel-0.8.1-13.fc27 Development files for libicns linux/s390x
libicns-utils-0.8.1-13.fc27 Utilities for libicns linux/s390x
libicu-57.1-9.fc28 International Components for Unicode - libraries linux/s390xNew
libicu-devel-57.1-9.fc28 Development files for International Components for Unicode linux/s390xNew
libicu-doc-57.1-9.fc28 Documentation for International Components for Unicode linux/noarchNew
libid3tag-0.15.1b-24.fc27 ID3 tag manipulation library linux/s390x
libid3tag-devel-0.15.1b-24.fc27 Development files for libid3tag linux/s390x
libident-0.32-16.fc27 New LibIdent C library linux/s390x
libident-devel-0.32-16.fc27 Development files for libident linux/s390x
libident-tools-0.32-16.fc27 A small daemon that can be used to test Ident servers linux/s390x
libidn-1.33-4.fc27 Internationalized Domain Name support library linux/s390x
libidn-devel-1.33-4.fc27 Development files for the libidn library linux/s390x
libidn-java-1.33-4.fc27 Java port of the GNU Libidn library linux/noarch
libidn-javadoc-1.33-4.fc27 Javadoc for libidn-java linux/noarch
libidn2-2.0.4-1.fc28 Library to support IDNA2008 internationalized domain names linux/s390x
libidn2-devel-2.0.4-1.fc28 Development files for libidn2 linux/s390x
libidzebra-2.0.62-4.fc27 Zebra libraries linux/s390x
libidzebra-devel-2.0.62-4.fc27 Zebra development libraries linux/s390x
libidzebra-modules-2.0.62-4.fc27 Zebra modules linux/s390x
libieee1284-0.2.11-25.fc28 A library for interfacing IEEE 1284-compatible devices linux/s390x
libieee1284-devel-0.2.11-25.fc28 Files for developing applications that use libieee1284 linux/s390x
libifp- A general-purpose library-driver for iRiver's iFP portable audio players linux/s390x
libifp-devel- Headers and libraries for developing with libifp linux/s390x
libiio-0.11-1.fc28 Library for Industrial IO linux/s390x
libiio-devel-0.11-1.fc28 Development package for libiio linux/s390x
libiio-doc-0.11-1.fc28 Development documentation for libiio linux/s390x
libiio-utils-0.11-1.fc28 Utilities for Industrial IO linux/s390x
libimagequant-2.11.3-1.fc28 Palette quantization library linux/s390xNew
libimagequant-devel-2.11.3-1.fc28 Development files for libimagequant linux/s390xNew
libimobiledevice-1.2.0-13.fc28 Library for connecting to mobile devices linux/s390x
libimobiledevice-devel-1.2.0-13.fc28 Development package for libimobiledevice linux/s390x
libimobiledevice-utils-1.2.0-13.fc28 Utilites for libimobiledevice linux/s390x
libindi-1.5.0-1.fc28 Instrument Neutral Distributed Interface linux/s390x
libindi-devel-1.5.0-1.fc28 Libraries, includes, etc. used to develop an application with libindi linux/s390x
libindi-static-1.5.0-1.fc28 Static libraries, includes, etc. used to develop an application with libindi linux/s390x
libindicator-12.10.1-11.fc27 Shared functions for Ayatana indicators linux/s390x
libindicator-devel-12.10.1-11.fc27 Development files for libindicator linux/s390x
libindicator-gtk3-12.10.1-11.fc27 GTK+3 build of libindicator linux/s390x
libindicator-gtk3-devel-12.10.1-11.fc27 Development files for libindicator-gtk3 linux/s390x
libindicator-gtk3-tools-12.10.1-11.fc27 Shared functions for Ayatana indicators - GTK3 Tools linux/s390x
libindicator-tools-12.10.1-11.fc27 Shared functions for Ayatana indicators - Tools linux/s390x
libinfinity-0.7.1-3.fc27 Library implementing the infinote protocol linux/s390x
libinfinity-devel-0.7.1-3.fc27 Development files for libinfinity linux/s390x
libinfinity-doc-0.7.1-3.fc27 Documentation for libinfinity linux/noarch
libinfinity-gtk-0.7.1-3.fc27 GTK widgets for libinfinity linux/s390x
libinfinity-gtk-devel-0.7.1-3.fc27 Development files for libinfinity-gtk linux/s390x
libini_config-1.3.1-36.fc28 INI file parser for C linux/s390xNew
libini_config-devel-1.3.1-36.fc28 Development files for libini_config linux/s390xNew
libinput-1.9.2-1.fc28 Input device library linux/s390xNew
libinput-devel-1.9.2-1.fc28 Development files for libinput linux/s390xNew
libinput-utils-1.9.2-1.fc28 Utilities and tools for debugging libinput linux/s390xNew
libinstpatch-1.0.0-14.20110806svn386.fc27 MIDI instrument patch library linux/s390x
libinstpatch-devel-1.0.0-14.20110806svn386.fc27 Development package for libinstpatch linux/s390x
libint-1.2.1-2.fc27 A library for computing electron repulsion integrals efficiently linux/s390x
libint-devel-1.2.1-2.fc27 Development headers and libraries for libint linux/s390x
libint2-2.1.0-6.fc27 A library for efficient evaluation of electron repulsion integrals linux/s390x
libint2-devel-2.1.0-6.fc27 Development headers and libraries for libint linux/s390x
libint2-doc-2.1.0-6.fc27 Documentation for libint linux/noarch
libiodbc-3.52.12-4.fc27 iODBC Driver Manager linux/s390x
libiodbc-devel-3.52.12-4.fc27 Header files and libraries for iODBC development linux/s390x
libipa_hbac-1.16.0-3.fc28 FreeIPA HBAC Evaluator library linux/s390xNew
libipa_hbac-devel-1.16.0-3.fc28 FreeIPA HBAC Evaluator library linux/s390xNew
libiptcdata-1.0.4-20.fc28 IPTC tag library linux/s390x
libiptcdata-devel-1.0.4-20.fc28 Headers and libraries for libiptcdata application development linux/s390x
libircclient-1.8-10.fc28 C library to create IRC clients linux/s390xNew
libircclient-devel-1.8-10.fc28 Development files for libircclient linux/s390xNew
libirman-0.5.2-6.fc27 Library for IRMAN hardware linux/s390x
libirman-devel-0.5.2-6.fc27 Development files for libirman linux/s390x
libiscsi-1.18.0-1.fc28 iSCSI client library linux/s390x
libiscsi-devel-1.18.0-1.fc28 iSCSI client development libraries linux/s390x
libiscsi-utils-1.18.0-1.fc28 iSCSI Client Utilities linux/s390x
libisds-0.10.7-2.fc27 Library for accessing the Czech Data Boxes linux/s390x
libisds-devel-0.10.7-2.fc27 Development files for libisds linux/s390x
libisoburn-1.4.8-1.fc28 Library to enable creation and expansion of ISO-9660 filesystems linux/s390x
libisoburn-devel-1.4.8-1.fc28 Development files for libisoburn linux/s390x
libisoburn-doc-1.4.8-1.fc28 Documentation files for libisoburn linux/noarch
libisofs-1.4.8-1.fc28 Library to create ISO 9660 disk images linux/s390x
libisofs-devel-1.4.8-1.fc28 Development files for libisofs linux/s390x
libisofs-doc-1.4.8-1.fc28 Documentation files for libisofs linux/noarch
libitl-0.7.0-14.fc27 Libraries for The Islamic Tools and Libraries Project linux/s390x
libitl-devel-0.7.0-14.fc27 Development files for libitl linux/s390x
libitm-7.2.1-1.fc28 The GNU Transactional Memory library linux/s390x
libitm-devel-7.2.1-1.fc28 The GNU Transactional Memory support linux/s390x
libitm-static-7.2.1-1.fc28 The GNU Transactional Memory static library linux/s390x
libixion-0.12.2-7.fc27 A general purpose formula parser & interpreter library linux/s390x
libixion-devel-0.12.2-7.fc27 Development files for libixion linux/s390x
libixion-doc-0.12.2-7.fc27 API documentation for libixion linux/noarch
libixion-python3-0.12.2-7.fc27 Python 3 bindings for libixion linux/s390x
libixion-tools-0.12.2-7.fc27 Testing tools for libixion linux/s390x
libjalali-0.4.1-13.fc27 A library providing Jalali calendar functions linux/s390x
libjalali-devel-0.4.1-13.fc27 Development files for libjalali linux/s390x
libjaylink-0.1.0-5.fc27 Library for SEGGER J-Link and compatible devices linux/s390x
libjaylink-devel-0.1.0-5.fc27 Development files for libjaylink linux/s390x
libjoedog-0.1.2-8.fc27 Repack of the common code base of fido and siege as shared library linux/s390x
libjoedog-devel-0.1.2-8.fc27 Development files for libjoedog linux/s390x
libjose-10-1.fc28 Library implementing JSON Object Signing and Encryption linux/s390x
libjose-devel-10-1.fc28 Development files for libjose linux/s390x
libjpeg-turbo-1.5.1-4.fc27 A MMX/SSE2/SIMD accelerated library for manipulating JPEG image files linux/s390x
libjpeg-turbo-devel-1.5.1-4.fc27 Headers for the libjpeg-turbo library linux/s390x
libjpeg-turbo-utils-1.5.1-4.fc27 Utilities for manipulating JPEG images linux/s390x
libjson-rpc-cpp-client-1.0.0-2.fc28 Library implementing json-rpc C++ clients linux/s390x
libjson-rpc-cpp-common-1.0.0-2.fc28 Common functionality for libjson-rpc-cpp-server and libjson-rpc-cpp-client linux/s390x
libjson-rpc-cpp-devel-1.0.0-2.fc28 Development files for JSON-RPC C++ framework linux/s390x
libjson-rpc-cpp-server-1.0.0-2.fc28 Library implementing json-rpc C++ clients linux/s390x
libjson-rpc-cpp-stub-1.0.0-2.fc28 Library for stub generation of libjson-rpc-cpp based applications linux/s390x
libjson-rpc-cpp-tools-1.0.0-2.fc28 Stub generator for libjson-rpc-cpp based applications linux/s390x
libkadm5-1.16-0.beta1.4.fc28 Kerberos 5 Administrative libraries linux/s390x
libkate-0.4.1-11.fc27 Libraries to handle the Kate bitstream format linux/s390x
libkate-devel-0.4.1-11.fc27 Development files for libkate linux/s390x
libkate-docs-0.4.1-11.fc27 Documentation for libkate linux/noarch
libkate-utils-0.4.1-11.fc27 Encoder/Decoder utilities for libkate linux/s390x
libkcddb-16.08.3-1.fc26 CDDB retrieval library linux/s390x
libkcddb-devel-16.08.3-1.fc26 Development files for libkcddb linux/s390x
libkcddb-doc-16.08.3-1.fc26 Documentation for libkcddb linux/noarch
libkcompactdisc-16.08.3-4.fc27 A KDE compact disc library linux/s390x
libkcompactdisc-devel-16.08.3-4.fc27 Development files for libkcompactdisc linux/s390x
libkdeedu-16.04.3-4.fc27 Libraries used by KDE Education applications linux/s390x
libkdeedu-devel-16.04.3-4.fc27 Development files for libkdeedu linux/s390x
libkdeedu-static-16.04.3-4.fc27 Static libraries for libkdeedu linux/s390x
libkdegames-17.08.3-1.fc28 Common code and data for many KDE games linux/s390xNew
libkdegames-devel-17.08.3-1.fc28 Development files for libkdegames linux/s390xNew
libkdegames4-14.12.3-16.fc27 Common code and data for many KDE4 games linux/s390x
libkdegames4-devel-14.12.3-16.fc27 Development files for libkdegames4 linux/s390x
libkdtree++-devel-0.7.0-8.fc22 C++ template container implementation of kd-tree sorting linux/noarch
libkdtree++-examples-0.7.0-8.fc22 Examples for libkdtree++ linux/noarch
libkdtree++-python-0.7.0-8.fc22 Python language bindings for libkdtree++ linux/s390x
libkeduvocdocument-17.08.3-1.fc28 Library to parse, convert, and manipulate KVTML files linux/s390xNew
libkeduvocdocument-devel-17.08.3-1.fc28 Development files for libkeduvocdocument linux/s390xNew
libkeepalive-0.3-6.fc27 Enable TCP keepalive in dynamic binaries linux/s390x
libkexif-0.2.5-18.fc26 Allow Kipi plugins to extract EXIF information linux/s390x
libkexif-devel-0.2.5-18.fc26 Development files for libkexif linux/s390x
libkfbapi-1.0-11.fc27 A library for accessing Facebook services linux/s390x
libkfbapi-devel-1.0-11.fc27 Development files for libkfbapi linux/s390x
libkindrv-0.1.2-13.fc27 Driver for controlling robotic arms by Kinova linux/s390x
libkindrv-devel-0.1.2-13.fc27 Development files for libkindrv linux/s390x
libkkc-0.3.5-5.fc26 Japanese Kana Kanji conversion library linux/s390x
libkkc-common-0.3.5-5.fc26 Common data files for libkkc linux/noarch
libkkc-data-0.2.7-9.fc27 Language model data for libkkc linux/s390x
libkkc-devel-0.3.5-5.fc26 Development files for libkkc linux/s390x
libkkc-tools-0.3.5-5.fc26 Tools for libkkc linux/s390x
libklfbackend-3.2.10-5.fc23 Library for integration KLatexFormula functionality linux/s390x
libklfbackend-devel-3.2.10-5.fc23 Development files for libklfbackend linux/s390x
libkmahjongg-17.08.3-1.fc28 Common code, backgrounds and tile sets for games using Mahjongg tiles linux/s390xNew
libkmahjongg-data-17.08.3-1.fc28 Common data for libkmahjongg linux/noarchNew
libkmahjongg-devel-17.08.3-1.fc28 Development files for libkmahjongg linux/s390xNew
libkmahjongg4-14.12.3-8.fc27 Common code, backgrounds and tile sets for games using Mahjongg tiles linux/s390x
libkmahjongg4-devel-14.12.3-8.fc27 Development files for libkmahjongg4 linux/s390x
libkml-1.3.0-8.fc27 Reference implementation of OGC KML 2.2 linux/s390x
libkml-devel-1.3.0-8.fc27 Development files for libkml linux/s390x
libkml-java-1.3.0-8.fc27 Java bindings for libkml linux/s390x
libkni3-3.9.2-35.fc26 C++ KNI library v3 for the Katana 300 robot arm linux/s390x
libkni3-devel-3.9.2-35.fc26 Development files for libkni3 linux/s390x
libkni3-doc-3.9.2-35.fc26 Documentation for libkni3 linux/noarch
libkni3-examples-3.9.2-35.fc26 Example applications for libkni3 linux/s390x
libkni3-static-3.9.2-35.fc26 Static libraries for libkni3 linux/s390x
libkolab-1.0.2-9.fc27 Kolab Object Handling Library linux/s390x
libkolab-devel-1.0.2-9.fc27 Kolab library development headers linux/s390x
libkolabxml-1.1.4-8.fc27 Kolab XML format collection parser library linux/s390x
libkolabxml-devel-1.1.4-8.fc27 Kolab XML library development headers linux/s390x
libkomparediff2-17.08.3-1.fc28 Library to compare files and strings linux/s390xNew
libkomparediff2-devel-17.08.3-1.fc28 Developer files for libkomparediff2 linux/s390xNew
libksane-15.08.3-6.fc27 SANE Library interface for KDE linux/s390x
libksane-devel-15.08.3-6.fc27 Development files for libksane linux/s390x
libksba-1.3.5-5.fc27 CMS and X.509 library linux/s390x
libksba-devel-1.3.5-5.fc27 Development headers and libraries for libksba linux/s390x
libkscreen-1.0.5-12.fc27 Display configuration library linux/s390x
libkscreen-devel-1.0.5-12.fc27 Development files for libkscreen linux/s390x
libkscreen-qt5-5.11.3-1.fc28 KDE display configuration library linux/s390xNew
libkscreen-qt5-devel-5.11.3-1.fc28 Development files for libkscreen-qt5 linux/s390xNew
libksysguard-5.11.3-1.fc28 Library for managing processes running on the system linux/s390xNew
libksysguard-common-5.11.3-1.fc28 Runtime data files shared by libksysguard and ksysguard-libs linux/s390xNew
libksysguard-devel-5.11.3-1.fc28 Development files for libksysguard linux/s390xNew
libktorrent-1.3.1-23.fc27 Library providing torrent downloading code linux/s390x
libktorrent-devel-1.3.1-23.fc27 Developer files for libktorrent linux/s390x
libkworkspace-4.11.22-20.fc27 Runtime libkworkspace library linux/s390x
libkworkspace5-5.11.3-1.fc28 Runtime libkworkspace5 library linux/s390xNew
liblangtag-0.6.2-4.fc27 An interface library to access tags for identifying languages linux/s390x
liblangtag-data-0.6.2-4.fc27 liblangtag data files linux/noarch
liblangtag-devel-0.6.2-4.fc27 Development files for liblangtag linux/s390x
liblangtag-doc-0.6.2-4.fc27 Documentation of liblangtag API linux/noarch
liblangtag-gobject-0.6.2-4.fc27 GObject introspection for liblangtag linux/s390x
liblas-1.8.0-18.fc27 Library for reading and writing the very common LAS LiDAR format linux/s390x
liblas-devel-1.8.0-18.fc27 libLAS development files linux/s390x
liblas-tools-1.8.0-18.fc27 libLAS utility applications linux/s390x
liblastfm-1.0.9-9.fc27 Libraries to integrate services linux/s390x
liblastfm-devel-1.0.9-9.fc27 Development files for liblastfm linux/s390x
liblastfm-fingerprint-1.0.9-9.fc27 Liblastfm fingerprint library linux/s390x
liblastfm-qt5-1.0.9-9.fc27 Qt5 libraries to integrate services linux/s390x
liblastfm-qt5-devel-1.0.9-9.fc27 Development files for liblastfm-qt5 linux/s390x
liblastfm-qt5-fingerprint-1.0.9-9.fc27 Liblastfm5 fingerprint library linux/s390x
liblayout-0.2.10-14.fc27 CSS based layouting framework linux/noarch
liblayout-javadoc-0.2.10-14.fc27 Javadoc for liblayout linux/noarch
liblbfgs-1.10-9.fc27 Limited-memory Broyden-Fletcher-Goldfarb-Shanno library linux/s390x
liblbfgs-devel-1.10-9.fc27 Development files for liblbfgs linux/s390x
libldb-1.3.0-2.fc28 A schema-less, ldap like, API and database linux/s390x
libldb-devel-1.3.0-2.fc28 Developer tools for the LDB library linux/s390x
libldm-0.2.3-9.fc24 A tool to manage Windows dynamic disks linux/s390x
libldm-devel-0.2.3-9.fc24 Development files for libldm linux/s390x
liblinear-1.94-14.fc28 Library for Large Linear Classification linux/s390x
liblinear-cli-1.94-14.fc28 CLI-tools for liblinear linux/s390x
liblinear-devel-1.94-14.fc28 Development files for liblinear linux/s390x
liblinear-doc-1.94-14.fc28 Documentation files for liblinear linux/noarch
liblinebreak-2.1-12.fc27 A Unicode line-breaking library linux/s390x
liblinebreak-devel-2.1-12.fc27 Development files for liblinebreak linux/s390x
liblo-0.28-6.fc28 Open Sound Control library linux/s390x
liblo-devel-0.28-6.fc28 Libraries, includes, etc to develop liblo applications linux/s390x
libloader-1.1.3-16.fc27 Resource Loading Framework linux/noarch
libloader-javadoc-1.1.3-16.fc27 Javadoc for libloader linux/noarch
liblockfile-1.09-7.fc27 This implements a number of functions found in -lmail on SysV systems linux/s390x
liblockfile-devel-1.09-7.fc27 Development files for liblockfile linux/s390x
liblogging-stdlog-1.0.6-3.fc27 An easy to use logging library - stdlog component linux/s390x
liblogging-stdlog-devel-1.0.6-3.fc27 An easy to use logging library - stdlog development files linux/s390x
liblognorm-2.0.3-4.fc28 Fast samples-based log normalization library linux/s390x
liblognorm-devel-2.0.3-4.fc28 Development tools for programs using liblognorm library linux/s390x
liblognorm-doc-2.0.3-4.fc28 HTML documentation for liblognorm linux/s390x
liblognorm-utils-2.0.3-4.fc28 Lognormalizer utility for normalizing log files linux/s390x
liblouis-2.6.2-12.fc28 Braille translation and back-translation library linux/s390x
liblouis-devel-2.6.2-12.fc28 Development files for liblouis linux/s390x
liblouis-doc-2.6.2-12.fc28 Documentation for liblouis linux/noarch
liblouis-utils-2.6.2-12.fc28 Command-line utilities to test liblouis linux/s390x
liblouisutdml-2.5.0-6.fc26 Braille transcription library for UTDML documents linux/s390x
liblouisutdml-devel-2.5.0-6.fc26 Development files for liblouisutdml linux/s390x
liblouisutdml-doc-2.5.0-6.fc26 Documentation of the library and the corresponding utilities linux/noarch
liblouisutdml-java-2.5.0-6.fc26 Java language bindings for liblouisutdml linux/noarch
liblouisutdml-utils-2.5.0-6.fc26 Utilities that convert various file formats into braille linux/s390x
liblove-0.10.2-8.fc27 Library for Love, A free 2D game engine linux/s390x
liblqr-1-0.4.2-9.fc27 LiquidRescale library linux/s390x
liblqr-1-devel-0.4.2-9.fc27 LiquidRescale library development kit linux/s390x
liblrdf-0.5.0-13.fc27 Library for manipulating RDF files describing LADSPA plugins linux/s390x
liblrdf-devel-0.5.0-13.fc27 Library for manipulating RDF files describing LADSPA plugins linux/s390x
liblsl-1.11.0-10.fc27 Lab streaming layer API linux/s390x
liblsl-devel-1.11.0-10.fc27 Lab streaming layer API development files linux/s390x
libltc-1.3.0-4.fc27 Linear/Longitudinal Time Code (LTC) Library linux/s390x
libltc-devel-1.3.0-4.fc27 Development files for libltc linux/s390x
libluksmeta-8-2.fc28 Library for storing small metadata in the LUKSv1 header linux/s390xNew
libluksmeta-devel-8-2.fc28 Development files for libluksmeta linux/s390xNew
liblur-0.9-4.fc27 Logitech Unifying Receiver library linux/s390x
liblur-devel-0.9-4.fc27 Development files for liblur linux/s390x
liblxi-1.3-1.fc28 Library with simple API for communication with LXI devices linux/s390x
liblxi-devel-1.3-1.fc28 Development files for liblxi linux/s390x
liblxqt-0.11.1-7.fc27 Core shared library for LXQt desktop suite linux/s390x
liblxqt-devel-0.11.1-7.fc27 Devel files for liblxqt linux/s390x
liblxqt-l10n-0.11.2-7.fc27 Translations for liblxqt linux/noarch
liblxqt-mount-0.9.0-8.fc27 Mount utility library for LXQt Desktop Suite linux/s390x
liblxqt-mount-devel-0.9.0-8.fc27 Devel files for liblxqt-mount linux/s390x
liblzf-3.6-14.fc27 Small data compression library linux/s390x
liblzf-devel-3.6-14.fc27 Development files for liblzf linux/s390x
libmad-0.15.1b-23.fc27 MPEG audio decoder library linux/s390x
libmad-devel-0.15.1b-23.fc27 MPEG audio decoder library development files linux/s390x
libmalaga-7.12-23.fc27 Library files for malaga linux/s390x
libmarkdown-2.2.2-3.fc27 A fast implementation of the Markdown language in C linux/s390x
libmarkdown-devel-2.2.2-3.fc27 Development headers for the libmarkdown library linux/s390x
libmash-0.2.0-23.fc27 A library for using real 3D models within a Clutter scene linux/s390x
libmash-devel-0.2.0-23.fc27 Development files for libmash linux/s390x
libmatchbox-1.9-21.fc27 Libraries for the Matchbox Desktop linux/s390x
libmatchbox-devel-1.9-21.fc27 Static libraries and header files from libmatchbox linux/s390x
libmatekbd-1.19.0-1.fc28 Libraries for mate kbd linux/s390x
libmatekbd-devel-1.19.0-1.fc28 Development libraries for libmatekbd linux/s390x
libmatemixer-1.19.0-1.fc28 Mixer library for MATE desktop linux/s390x
libmatemixer-devel-1.19.0-1.fc28 Development libraries for libmatemixer linux/s390x
libmateweather-1.19.1-3.fc27 Libraries to allow MATE Desktop to display weather information linux/s390x
libmateweather-data-1.19.1-3.fc27 Data files for the libmateweather linux/noarch
libmateweather-devel-1.19.1-3.fc27 Development files for libmateweather linux/s390x
libmatheval-1.1.11-8.fc27 Library for parsing and evaluating symbolic expressions input as text linux/s390x
libmatheval-devel-1.1.11-8.fc27 Development files for libmatheval linux/s390x
libmatroska-1.4.8-1.fc28 Open audio/video container format library linux/s390x
libmatroska-devel-1.4.8-1.fc28 Matroska container format library development files linux/s390x
libmatthew-java-0.8-18.fc28 A few useful Java libraries linux/s390x
libmatthew-java-javadoc-0.8-18.fc28 Javadoc for libmatthew-java linux/s390x
libmaxminddb-1.2.0-4.fc27 C library for the MaxMind DB file format linux/s390x
libmaxminddb-devel-1.2.0-4.fc27 Development header files for libmaxminddb linux/s390x
libmbim-1.14.2-1.fc28 Support library for the Mobile Broadband Interface Model protocol linux/s390x
libmbim-devel-1.14.2-1.fc28 Header files for adding MBIM support to applications that use glib linux/s390x
libmbim-utils-1.14.2-1.fc28 Utilities to use the MBIM protocol from the command line linux/s390x
libmcpp-2.7.2-19.fc27 Alternative C/C++ preprocessor (library build) linux/s390x
libmcpp-devel-2.7.2-19.fc27 Alternative C/C++ preprocessor (development package for library build) linux/s390x
libmcrypt-2.5.8-21.fc27 Encryption algorithms library linux/s390x
libmcrypt-devel-2.5.8-21.fc27 Development libraries and headers for libmcrypt linux/s390x
libmediaart-1.9.4-1.fc27 Library for managing media art caches linux/s390x
libmediaart-devel-1.9.4-1.fc27 Development files for libmediaart linux/s390x
libmediaart-tests-1.9.4-1.fc27 Tests for the libmediaart package linux/s390x
libmediainfo-17.10-1.fc28 Library for supplies technical and tag information about a video or audio file linux/s390xNew
libmediainfo-devel-17.10-1.fc28 Include files and mandatory libraries for development linux/s390xNew
libmemcached-1.0.18-10.fc27 Client library and command line tools for memcached server linux/s390x
libmemcached-devel-1.0.18-10.fc27 Header files and development libraries for libmemcached linux/s390x
libmemcached-libs-1.0.18-10.fc27 libmemcached libraries linux/s390x
libmetalink-0.1.3-4.fc27 Metalink library written in C linux/s390x
libmetalink-devel-0.1.3-4.fc27 Files needed for developing with libmetalink linux/s390x
libmicrohttpd-0.9.55-3.fc27 Lightweight library for embedding a webserver in applications linux/s390x
libmicrohttpd-devel-0.9.55-3.fc27 Development files for libmicrohttpd linux/s390x
libmicrohttpd-doc-0.9.55-3.fc27 Documentation for libmicrohttpd linux/noarch
libmikmod- A MOD music file player library linux/s390x
libmikmod-devel- Header files and documentation for compiling mikmod applications linux/s390x
libmimedir-devel-0.4-14.fc23 Development libraries and header files for libmimedir linux/s390x
libmimedir-static-0.4-14.fc23 Library to parse MIME Directory Profile linux/s390x
libminc-2.3.00-10.fc27 Core library and API of the MINC toolkit linux/s390x
libminc-devel-2.3.00-10.fc27 Development files for libminc linux/s390x
libmirage-2.0.0-11.fc27 A CD-ROM image access library linux/s390x
libmirage-devel-2.0.0-11.fc27 A CD-ROM image access library linux/s390x
libmng-2.0.3-6.fc27 Library for Multiple-image Network Graphics support linux/s390x
libmng-devel-2.0.3-6.fc27 Development files for the Multiple-image Network Graphics library linux/s390x
libmnl-1.0.4-4.fc27 A minimalistic Netlink library linux/s390x
libmnl-devel-1.0.4-4.fc27 Development files for libmnl linux/s390x
libmnl-static-1.0.4-4.fc27 Static development files for libmnl linux/s390x
libmodbus-3.0.6-5.fc28 A Modbus library linux/s390x
libmodbus-devel-3.0.6-5.fc28 Development files for libmodbus linux/s390x
libmodelfile-0.1.92-19.fc27 Library for accessing various model file formats linux/s390x
libmodelfile-devel-0.1.92-19.fc27 Development files for libmodelfile linux/s390x
libmodman-2.0.1-16.fc27 A simple library for managing C++ modules (plug-ins) linux/s390x
libmodman-devel-2.0.1-16.fc27 Development files for libmodman linux/s390x
libmodplug- Modplug mod music file format library linux/s390x
libmodplug-devel- Development files for the Modplug mod music file format library linux/s390x
libmodsecurity-3.0.0-0.2.rc1.fc28 A library that loads/interprets rules written in the ModSecurity SecRules linux/s390x
libmodsecurity-devel-3.0.0-0.2.rc1.fc28 Development files for libmodsecurity linux/s390x
libmodsecurity-static-3.0.0-0.2.rc1.fc28 Development files for libmodsecurity linux/s390x
libmodulemd-0.2.0-2.fc28 Module metadata manipulation library linux/s390x
libmodulemd-devel-0.2.0-2.fc28 Development files for libmodulemd linux/s390x
libmongo-client-0.1.8-8.fc27 Alternative C driver for MongoDB linux/s390x
libmongo-client-devel-0.1.8-8.fc27 Development files for libmongo-client linux/s390x
libmongo-client-doc-0.1.8-8.fc27 Documentation for libmongo-client linux/noarch
libmount-2.31-2.fc28 Device mounting library linux/s390x
libmount-devel-2.31-2.fc28 Device mounting library linux/s390x
libmp4v2-2.1.0-0.11.trunkREV507.fc27 Library for working with files using the mp4 container format linux/s390x
libmp4v2-devel-2.1.0-0.11.trunkREV507.fc27 Development files for the mp4v2 library linux/s390x
libmpc-1.0.2-8.fc27 C library for multiple precision complex arithmetic linux/s390x
libmpc-devel-1.0.2-8.fc27 Header and shared development libraries for MPC linux/s390x
libmpcdec-1.2.6-19.fc27 Musepack audio decoding library linux/s390x
libmpcdec-devel-1.2.6-19.fc27 Development files for the Musepack audio decoding library linux/s390x
libmpd-11.8.17-10.fc27 Music Player Daemon Library linux/s390x
libmpd-devel-11.8.17-10.fc27 Header files for developing programs with libmpd linux/s390x
libmpdclient-2.13-1.fc27 Library for interfacing Music Player Daemon linux/s390x
libmpdclient-devel-2.13-1.fc27 Header files for developing programs with libmpdclient linux/s390x
libmseed-2.19.5-1.fc28 A C library framework for manipulating and managing SEED data records linux/s390x
libmseed-devel-2.19.5-1.fc28 A C library framework for manipulating and managing SEED data records linux/s390x
libmsi1-0.97-2.fc27 A library to manipulate Windows .MSI files linux/s390x
libmsi1-devel-0.97-2.fc27 A library to manipulate Windows .MSI files linux/s390x
libmspack-0.6-0.1.alpha.fc28 Library for CAB and related files compression and decompression linux/s390x
libmspack-devel-0.6-0.1.alpha.fc28 Development files for libmspack linux/s390x
libmspub-0.1.2-18.fc27 A library for import of Microsoft Publisher documents linux/s390x
libmspub-devel-0.1.2-18.fc27 Development files for libmspub linux/s390x
libmspub-doc-0.1.2-18.fc27 Documentation of libmspub API linux/noarch
libmspub-tools-0.1.2-18.fc27 Tools to transform Microsoft Publisher documents into other formats linux/s390x
libmtp-1.1.14-1.fc28 A software library for MTP media players linux/s390x
libmtp-devel-1.1.14-1.fc28 Development files for libmtp linux/s390x
libmtp-examples-1.1.14-1.fc28 Example programs for libmtp linux/s390x
libmusicbrainz3-3.0.3-17.fc27 Library for accessing MusicBrainz servers linux/s390x
libmusicbrainz3-devel-3.0.3-17.fc27 Headers for developing programs that will use libmusicbrainz3 linux/s390x
libmusicbrainz5-5.1.0-9.fc28 Library for accessing MusicBrainz servers linux/s390xNew
libmusicbrainz5-devel-5.1.0-9.fc28 Headers for developing programs that will use libmusicbrainz5 linux/s390xNew
libmwaw-0.3.13-1.fc28 A library for import of many old Mac document formats linux/s390xNew
libmwaw-devel-0.3.13-1.fc28 Development files for libmwaw linux/s390xNew
libmwaw-doc-0.3.13-1.fc28 Documentation of libmwaw API linux/noarchNew
libmwaw-tools-0.3.13-1.fc28 Tools to transform the supported formats into other formats linux/s390xNew
libmx-1.4.7-20.fc27 A clutter widget toolkit linux/s390x
libmx-devel-1.4.7-20.fc27 Development package for libmx linux/s390x
libmx-docs-1.4.7-20.fc27 Documentation files for libmx linux/noarch
libmygpo-qt-1.0.8-8.fc27 Qt4 Library that wraps the Web API linux/s390x
libmygpo-qt-devel-1.0.8-8.fc27 Development files for libmygpo-qt linux/s390x
libmygpo-qt5-1.0.8-8.fc27 Qt5 Library that wraps the Web API linux/s390x
libmygpo-qt5-devel-1.0.8-8.fc27 Development files for libmygpo-qt5 linux/s390x
libmypaint-1.3.0-4.fc27 Library for making brush strokes linux/s390x
libmypaint-devel-1.3.0-4.fc27 Development files for libmypaint linux/s390x
libnasl-2.2.11-18.fc24 Nessus Attack Scripting Language linux/s390x
libnasl-devel-2.2.11-18.fc24 Nessus Attack Scripting Language header files linux/s390x
libnasl-doc-2.2.11-18.fc24 Nessus Attack Scripting Language documentation linux/s390x
libnatpmp-20150609-5.fc27 Library of The NAT Port Mapping Protocol (NAT-PMP) linux/s390x
libnatpmp-devel-20150609-5.fc27 Development files for libnatpmp linux/s390x
libnatspec-0.2.6-15.fc27 Library for national and language-specific issues linux/s390x
libnatspec-devel-0.2.6-15.fc27 Development package of library for national and language-specific issues linux/s390x
libnauty-2.6.10-1.fc28 Library for graph automorphism linux/s390x
libnauty-devel-2.6.10-1.fc28 Development files for libnauty linux/s390x
libndn-cxx-0.4.1-8.fc27 C++ library implementing Named Data Networking primitives linux/s390x
libndn-cxx-devel-0.4.1-8.fc27 Development files for libndn-cxx linux/s390x
libndp-1.6-4.fc27 Library for Neighbor Discovery Protocol linux/s390x
libndp-devel-1.6-4.fc27 Libraries and header files for libndp development linux/s390x
libnet-1.1.6-14.fc27 C library for portable packet creation and injection linux/s390x
libnet-devel-1.1.6-14.fc27 Development files for the libnet library linux/s390x
libnet10-1.0.2a-30.fc27 High-level API (toolkit) to construct and inject network packets linux/s390x
libnet10-devel-1.0.2a-30.fc27 Development files for the libnet library linux/s390x
libnetdude-0.11-16.fc27 Management framework for pcap packet traces linux/s390x
libnetdude-devel-0.11-16.fc27 Development files for libnetdude linux/s390x
libnetfilter_acct-1.0.2-8.fc27 A library providing interface to extended accounting infrastructure linux/s390x
libnetfilter_acct-devel-1.0.2-8.fc27 Development files for libnetfilter_acct linux/s390x
libnetfilter_conntrack-1.0.6-4.fc27 Netfilter conntrack userspace library linux/s390x
libnetfilter_conntrack-devel-1.0.6-4.fc27 Netfilter conntrack userspace library linux/s390x
libnetfilter_cthelper-1.0.0-12.fc27 User-space infrastructure for connection tracking helpers linux/s390x
libnetfilter_cthelper-devel-1.0.0-12.fc27 Development files for libnetfilter_cthelper linux/s390x
libnetfilter_cttimeout-1.0.0-10.fc27 Timeout policy tuning for Netfilter/conntrack linux/s390x
libnetfilter_cttimeout-devel-1.0.0-10.fc27 Timeout policy tuning for Netfilter/conntrack linux/s390x
libnetfilter_log-1.0.1-11.fc27 Netfilter logging userspace library linux/s390x
libnetfilter_log-devel-1.0.1-11.fc27 Netfilter logging userspace library linux/s390x
libnetfilter_queue-1.0.2-10.fc27 Netfilter queue userspace library linux/s390x
libnetfilter_queue-devel-1.0.2-10.fc27 Netfilter queue userspace library linux/s390x
libnfc-1.7.1-9.fc27 NFC SDK and Programmers API linux/s390x
libnfc-devel-1.7.1-9.fc27 Development libraries for libnfc linux/s390x
libnfc-examples-1.7.1-9.fc27 Examples using libnfc linux/s390x
libnfnetlink-1.0.1-11.fc27 Netfilter netlink userspace library linux/s390x
libnfnetlink-devel-1.0.1-11.fc27 Netfilter netlink userspace library linux/s390x
libnfs-1.9.8-5.fc27 Client library for accessing NFS shares over a network linux/s390x
libnfs-devel-1.9.8-5.fc27 Development files for libnfs linux/s390x
libnfs-utils-1.9.8-5.fc27 Utilities for accessing NFS servers linux/s390x
libnfsidmap-2.2.1-1.rc1.fc28.1 NFSv4 User and Group ID Mapping Library linux/s390xNew
libnfsidmap-devel-2.2.1-1.rc1.fc28.1 Development files for the libnfsidmap library linux/s390xNew
libnftnl-1.0.8-4.fc28 Library for low-level interaction with nftables Netlink's API over libmnl linux/s390x
libnftnl-devel-1.0.8-4.fc28 Development files for libnftnl linux/s390x
libnghttp2-1.27.0-1.fc28 A library implementing the HTTP/2 protocol linux/s390x
libnghttp2-devel-1.27.0-1.fc28 Files needed for building applications with libnghttp2 linux/s390x
libnice-0.1.13-10.fc27 GLib ICE implementation linux/s390x
libnice-devel-0.1.13-10.fc27 Development files for libnice linux/s390x
libnice-examples-0.1.13-10.fc27 Simple libnice usage examples linux/s390x
libnice-gstreamer-0.1.13-10.fc27 GStreamer plugin for libnice linux/s390x
libnice-gstreamer1-0.1.13-10.fc27 GStreamer plugin for libnice linux/s390x
libnids-1.24-15.fc27 Implementation of an E-component of Network Intrusion Detection System linux/s390x
libnids-devel-1.24-15.fc27 Development files for libnids linux/s390x
libnih-1.0.2-16.fc27 Lightweight application development library linux/s390x
libnih-devel-1.0.2-16.fc27 Development files for libnih linux/s390x
libnitrokey-3.1-1.fc28 Communicate with Nitrokey stick devices in a clean and easy manner linux/s390x
libnitrokey-devel-3.1-1.fc28 Development libraries and header files for libnitrokey linux/s390x
libnjb-2.2.7-15.fc27 A software library for talking to the Creative Nomad Jukeboxes and Dell DJs linux/s390x
libnjb-devel-2.2.7-15.fc27 Development files for libnjb linux/s390x
libnjb-examples-2.2.7-15.fc27 Example programs for libnjb linux/s390x
libnl3-3.4.0-1.fc28 Convenience library for kernel netlink sockets linux/s390x
libnl3-cli-3.4.0-1.fc28 Command line interface utils for libnl3 linux/s390x
libnl3-devel-3.4.0-1.fc28 Libraries and headers for using libnl3 linux/s390x
libnl3-doc-3.4.0-1.fc28 API documentation for libnl3 linux/s390x
libnm-gtk-1.8.6-3.fc28 Private libraries for NetworkManager GUI support linux/s390xNew
libnm-gtk-devel-1.8.6-3.fc28 Private header files for NetworkManager GUI support linux/s390xNew
libnma-1.8.6-3.fc28 Private libraries for NetworkManager GUI support linux/s390xNew
libnma-devel-1.8.6-3.fc28 Private header files for NetworkManager GUI support linux/s390xNew
libnodeupdown-1.14-21.fc27 A cluster node up/down detection library linux/s390x
libnodeupdown-backend-ganglia-1.14-21.fc27 Ganglia backend for libnodeupdown linux/s390x
libnodeupdown-backend-pingd-1.14-21.fc27 Pingd backend for libnodeupdown linux/s390x
libnodeupdown-clusterlist-genders-1.14-21.fc27 Genders clusterlist module for libnodeupdown linux/s390x
libnodeupdown-clusterlist-hostsfile-1.14-21.fc27 Hostsfile clusterlist module for libnodeupdown linux/s390x
libnodeupdown-devel-1.14-21.fc27 Development headers for libnodeupdown linux/s390x
libnormaliz-3.4.0-1.fc28 Normaliz internals as a library linux/s390x
libnormaliz-devel-3.4.0-1.fc28 Developer files for libnormaliz linux/s390x
libnotify-0.7.7-4.fc27 Desktop notification library linux/s390x
libnotify-devel-0.7.7-4.fc27 Development files for libnotify linux/s390x
libnotifymm-0.7.0-10.fc27 C++ interface for libnotify linux/s390x
libnotifymm-devel-0.7.0-10.fc27 Headers for developing programs that will use libnotifymm linux/s390x
libnova-0.15.0-9.fc27 Libnova is a general purpose astronomy & astrodynamics library linux/s390x
libnova-devel-0.15.0-9.fc27 Development files for libnova linux/s390x
libnsl2-1.1.0-1.fc28 Public client interface library for NIS(YP) and NIS+ linux/s390x
libnsl2-devel-1.1.0-1.fc28 Development files for libnsl linux/s390x
libnss-mysql-1.5-30.fc28 NSS library for MySQL linux/s390x
libnss-pgsql-1.5.0-0.17.beta.fc27 Name Service Switch library that interface with PostgreSQL linux/s390x
libntirpc-1.5.3-4.fc28 New Transport Independent RPC Library linux/s390x
libntirpc-devel-1.5.3-4.fc28 Development headers for libntirpc linux/s390x
libntlm-1.4-8.fc27 NTLMv1 authentication library linux/s390x
libntlm-devel-1.4-8.fc27 Development files for libntlm linux/s390x
libnuml-1.1.1-3.fc28 Numerical Markup Language linux/s390x
libnuml-devel-1.1.1-3.fc28 Library that fully supports NUML linux/s390x
libnuml-doc-1.1.1-3.fc28 Library that fully supports NUML linux/noarch
libnuml-static-1.1.1-3.fc28 Library that fully supports NUML linux/s390x
libnxml-0.18.3-16.fc27 C library for parsing, writing and creating XML linux/s390x
libnxml-devel-0.18.3-16.fc27 Development files for libnxml linux/s390x
libnxt-0.3-15.fc27 Utility for flashing LEGO Mindstorms NXT firmware linux/s390x
liboath-2.6.1-5.fc27 Library for OATH handling linux/s390x
liboath-devel-2.6.1-5.fc27 Development files for liboath linux/s390x
liboath-doc-2.6.1-5.fc27 Documentation files for liboath linux/noarch
liboauth-1.0.3-8.fc27 OAuth library functions linux/s390x
liboauth-devel-1.0.3-8.fc27 Development files for liboauth linux/s390x
libobjc-7.2.1-1.fc28 Objective-C runtime linux/s390x
libocrdma-1.0.8-6.fc27 User-space Library for Emulex ROCE Device linux/s390x
libocrdma-static-1.0.8-6.fc27 Static version of the libocrdma driver linux/s390x
libodb-2.4.0-9.fc27 Common ODB runtime library from Code Synthesis linux/s390x
libodb-boost-2.4.0-15.fc27 Boost ODB runtime library from Code Synthesis linux/s390x
libodb-boost-devel-2.4.0-15.fc27 Development files for libodb-boost linux/s390x
libodb-devel-2.4.0-9.fc27 Development files for libodb linux/s390x
libodb-mysql-2.4.0-8.fc27 MySQL ODB runtime library from Code Synthesis linux/s390x
libodb-mysql-devel-2.4.0-8.fc27 Development files for libodb-mysql linux/s390x
libodb-pgsql-2.4.0-8.fc27 PostgreSQL ODB runtime library from Code Synthesis linux/s390x
libodb-pgsql-devel-2.4.0-8.fc27 Development files for libodb-pgsql linux/s390x
libodb-qt-2.4.0-8.fc27 Qt ODB runtime library from Code Synthesis linux/s390x
libodb-qt-devel-2.4.0-8.fc27 Development files for libodb-qt linux/s390x
libodb-sqlite-2.4.0-8.fc27 SQLite ODB runtime library from Code Synthesis linux/s390x
libodb-sqlite-devel-2.4.0-8.fc27 Development files for libodb-sqlite linux/s390x
libodfgen-0.1.6-9.fc27 An ODF generator library linux/s390x
libodfgen-devel-0.1.6-9.fc27 Development files for libodfgen linux/s390x
libodfgen-doc-0.1.6-9.fc27 Documentation of libodfgen API linux/noarch
libofa-0.9.3-31.fc27 Open Fingerprint Architecture library linux/s390x
libofa-devel-0.9.3-31.fc27 Development headers and libraries for libofa linux/s390x
libofx-0.9.10-4.fc27 A library for supporting Open Financial Exchange (OFX) linux/s390x
libofx-devel-0.9.10-4.fc27 Development files needed for accessing OFX data linux/s390x
libogg-1.3.2-8.fc27 The Ogg bitstream file format library linux/s390x
libogg-devel-1.3.2-8.fc27 Files needed for development using libogg linux/s390x
libogg-devel-docs-1.3.2-8.fc27 Documentation for developing Ogg applications linux/noarch
liboggz-1.1.1-13.fc27 Simple programming interface for Ogg files and streams linux/s390x
liboggz-devel-1.1.1-13.fc27 Files needed for development using liboggz linux/s390x
liboggz-doc-1.1.1-13.fc27 Documentation for liboggz linux/s390x
liboglappth-1.0.0-4.fc27 An OpenGL wrapper library linux/s390x
liboglappth-devel-1.0.0-4.fc27 Libraries and header files from liboglappth linux/s390x
liboil-0.3.16-16.fc27 Library of Optimized Inner Loops, CPU optimized functions linux/s390x
liboil-devel-0.3.16-16.fc27 Development files and static library for liboil linux/s390x
libomxil-bellagio-0.9.3-15.fc27 OpenMAX Integration Layer linux/s390x
libomxil-bellagio-devel-0.9.3-15.fc27 Development files for libomxil-bellagio linux/s390x
libomxil-bellagio-test-0.9.3-15.fc27 Test cases for libomxil-bellagio linux/s390x
libopendaap-0.4.0-19.fc27 Library for connection to iTunes music shares linux/s390x
libopendaap-devel-0.4.0-19.fc27 Development files for libopendaap linux/s390x
libopendkim-2.11.0-0.4.fc27 An open source DKIM library linux/s390x
libopendkim-devel-2.11.0-0.4.fc27 Development files for libopendkim linux/s390x
libopendmarc-1.3.2-0.15.fc27 An open source DMARC library linux/s390x
libopendmarc-devel-1.3.2-0.15.fc27 Development files for libopendmarc linux/s390x
libopenraw-0.1.2-3.fc27 Decode camera RAW files linux/s390x
libopenraw-devel-0.1.2-3.fc27 Development files for libopenraw linux/s390x
libopenraw-gnome-0.1.2-3.fc27 GUI components of libopenraw linux/s390x
libopenraw-gnome-devel-0.1.2-3.fc27 Development files for libopenraw-gnome linux/s390x
libopenraw-pixbuf-loader-0.1.2-3.fc27 RAW image loader for GTK+ applications linux/s390x
libopensync-0.22-23.fc27 A synchronization framework linux/s390x
libopensync-devel-0.22-23.fc27 Development package for libopensync linux/s390x
libopensync-plugin-evolution2-0.22-60.fc28 Evolution 2 plugin for libopensync linux/s390xNew
libopensync-plugin-file-0.22-15.fc27 File plugin for libopensync linux/s390x
libopensync-plugin-gnokii-0.22-19.fc27 Gnokii plugin for libopensync linux/s390x
libopensync-plugin-gpe-0.22-15.fc27 GPE plugin for libopensync linux/s390x
libopensync-plugin-moto-0.22-16.fc27 Plugin for syncing with Motorola phones via libopensync linux/s390x
libopensync-plugin-opie-0.22-18.fc27 Synchronisation with the Opie handheld environment linux/s390x
libopensync-plugin-synce-0.22.1-16.fc27 Synce plugin for libopensync to sync WM2003 devices linux/s390x
libopensync-plugin-synce-wm5-0.15.1-15.fc27 Synce plugin for libopensync for WM5+ linux/s390x
libopenzwave-1.5.0-0.20170724gitde1c0e6.fc27 Library to access Z-Wave interfaces linux/s390x
libopenzwave-devel-1.5.0-0.20170724gitde1c0e6.fc27 Open-ZWave header files linux/s390x
libopenzwave-devel-doc-1.5.0-0.20170724gitde1c0e6.fc27 Open-ZWave API documentation files linux/s390x
liboping-1.10.0-3.fc27 A C library to generate ICMP echo requests linux/s390x
liboping-devel-1.10.0-3.fc27 Development files for liboping linux/s390x
libopkele-2.0.4-23.fc27 C++ implementation of the OpenID decentralized identity system linux/s390x
libopkele-devel-2.0.4-23.fc27 Header files and libraries for libopkele development linux/s390x
libopm-0.1-21.20050731cvs.fc27 Blitzed open proxy monitor library linux/s390x
libopm-devel-0.1-21.20050731cvs.fc27 Headers and development libraries for libopm linux/s390x
libopusenc-0.1.1-1.fc28 A library that provides an easy way to encode Ogg Opus files linux/s390xNew
libopusenc-devel-0.1.1-1.fc28 Development package for libopusenc linux/s390xNew
liborcus-0.12.1-7.fc27 Standalone file import filter library for spreadsheet documents linux/s390x
liborcus-devel-0.12.1-7.fc27 Development files for liborcus linux/s390x
liborcus-doc-0.12.1-7.fc27 API documentation for liborcus linux/noarch
liborcus-model-0.12.1-7.fc27 Spreadsheet model for liborcus conversion tools linux/s390x
liborcus-python3-0.12.1-7.fc27 Python 3 bindings for liborcus linux/s390x
liborcus-tools-0.12.1-7.fc27 Tools for working with liborcus linux/s390x
liborigin-20080225-21.fc27 Library for reading OriginLab OPJ project files linux/s390x
liborigin-devel-20080225-21.fc27 Header files, libraries and development documentation for liborigin linux/s390x
liborigin2-2.0.0-15.fc27 Library for reading OriginLab OPJ project files linux/s390x
liborigin2-devel-2.0.0-15.fc27 Development files for liborigin2 linux/s390x
liborigin2-doc-2.0.0-15.fc27 Documentation for liborigin2 linux/noarch
libosinfo-1.1.0-1.fc27 A library for managing OS information for virtualization linux/s390x
libosinfo-devel-1.1.0-1.fc27 Libraries, includes, etc. to compile with the libosinfo library linux/s390x
libosinfo-vala-1.1.0-1.fc27 Vala bindings linux/s390x
libosip2-3.6.0-13.fc27 oSIP is an implementation of SIP linux/s390x
libosip2-devel-3.6.0-13.fc27 Development libraries for oSIP linux/s390x
libosmium-devel-2.13.1-1.fc28 Development files for libosmium linux/s390x
libosmium-doc-2.13.1-1.fc28 Documentation for libosmium linux/noarch
libosmo-dsp-0.3-6.fc27 A library with SDR DSP primitives linux/s390x
libosmo-dsp-devel-0.3-6.fc27 Development files for libosmo-dsp linux/s390x
libosmo-dsp-doc-0.3-6.fc27 Documentation files for libosmo-dsp linux/noarch
libosmocore-0.9.6-4.20170220git32ee5af8.fc28 Utility functions for OsmocomBB, OpenBSC and related projects linux/s390x
libosmocore-devel-0.9.6-4.20170220git32ee5af8.fc28 Development files for libosmocore linux/s390x
libosmocore-doc-0.9.6-4.20170220git32ee5af8.fc28 Documentation files for libosmocore linux/noarch
libotf-0.9.13-10.fc27 A Library for handling OpenType Font linux/s390x
libotf-devel-0.9.13-10.fc27 Development files for libotf linux/s390x
libotr-4.1.1-4.fc27 Off-The-Record Messaging library and toolkit linux/s390x
libotr-devel-4.1.1-4.fc27 Development library and include files for libotr linux/s390x
libotr3-3.2.1-15.fc27 Off-The-Record Messaging library and toolkit linux/s390x
libotr3-devel-3.2.1-15.fc27 Development library and include files for the old version of libotr linux/s390x
libowfat-devel-0.30-8.fc27 Development files for libowfat (Static library only) linux/s390x
libp11-0.4.7-1.fc28 Library for using PKCS#11 modules linux/s390x
libpagemaker-0.0.3-7.fc27 A library for import of Adobe PageMaker documents linux/s390x
libpagemaker-devel-0.0.3-7.fc27 Development files for libpagemaker linux/s390x
libpagemaker-doc-0.0.3-7.fc27 Documentation of libpagemaker API linux/noarch
libpagemaker-tools-0.0.3-7.fc27 Tools to transform Adobe PageMaker documents into other formats linux/s390x
libpagemap-0.0.1-22.fc27 Pagemap interface library linux/s390x
libpagemap-devel-0.0.1-22.fc27 Development files for libpagemap linux/s390x
libpam4j-1.8-9.fc27 Java binding for linux/noarch
libpam4j-javadoc-1.8-9.fc27 Javadoc for libpam4j linux/noarch
libpamtest-1.0.3-2.fc27 A tool to test PAM applications and PAM modules linux/s390x
libpamtest-devel-1.0.3-2.fc27 A tool to test PAM applications and PAM modules linux/s390x
libpamtest-doc-1.0.3-2.fc27 The libpamtest API documentation linux/s390x
libpano13-2.9.19-6.fc27 Library for manipulating panoramic images linux/s390x
libpano13-devel-2.9.19-6.fc27 Development tools for programs which will use the libpano13 library linux/s390x
libpano13-tools-2.9.19-6.fc27 Tools that use the libpano13 library linux/s390x
libpaper-1.1.24-16.fc27 Library and tools for handling papersize linux/s390x
libpaper-devel-1.1.24-16.fc27 Headers/Libraries for developing programs that use libpaper linux/s390x
libpar2-0.2-27.fc27 Library for performing comman tasks related to PAR recovery sets linux/s390x
libpar2-devel-0.2-27.fc27 Development files for libpar2 linux/s390x
libpari23-2.3.5-12.fc27 Number Theory-oriented Computer Algebra Library linux/s390x
libpari23-devel-2.3.5-12.fc27 Header files and libraries for PARI development linux/s390x
libparserutils-0.2.3-4.fc27 A library for building efficient parsers linux/s390x
libparserutils-devel-0.2.3-4.fc27 Development files for libparserutils linux/s390x
libparserutils-doc-0.2.3-4.fc27 Documentation of libparserutils API linux/noarch
libpasastro-1.1-1.20171110svn.fc28 Pascal interface for standard astronomy libraries linux/s390xNew
libpath_utils-0.2.1-36.fc28 Filesystem Path Utilities linux/s390xNew
libpath_utils-devel-0.2.1-36.fc28 Development files for libpath_utils linux/s390xNew
libpcap-1.8.1-6.fc27 A system-independent interface for user-level packet capture linux/s390x
libpcap-devel-1.8.1-6.fc27 Libraries and header files for the libpcap library linux/s390x
libpcapnav-0.8-16.fc27 Wrapper library for libpcap offering navigation inside of a tracefile linux/s390x
libpcapnav-devel-0.8-16.fc27 Development files for libpcapnav linux/s390x
libpciaccess-0.13.4-6.fc27 PCI access library linux/s390x
libpciaccess-devel-0.13.4-6.fc27 PCI access library development package linux/s390x
libpeas-1.22.0-1.fc28 Plug-ins implementation convenience library linux/s390x
libpeas-devel-1.22.0-1.fc28 Development files for libpeas linux/s390x
libpeas-gtk-1.22.0-1.fc28 GTK+ plug-ins support for libpeas linux/s390x
libpeas-loader-python-1.22.0-1.fc28 Python 2 loader for libpeas linux/s390x
libpeas-loader-python3-1.22.0-1.fc28 Python 3 loader for libpeas linux/s390x
libpfm-4.8.0-8.fc28 Library to encode performance events for use by perf tool linux/s390x
libpfm-devel-4.8.0-8.fc28 Development library to encode performance events for perf_events based tools linux/s390x
libpfm-static-4.8.0-8.fc28 Static library to encode performance events for perf_events based tools linux/s390x
libpgf-6.14.12-8.fc27 PGF (Progressive Graphics File) library linux/s390x
libpgf-devel-6.14.12-8.fc27 Development files for libpgf linux/s390x
libphidget- Drivers and API for Phidget devices linux/s390x
libphidget-devel- Development files for libphidget linux/s390x
libphidget-java- Java bindings for libphidget linux/s390x
libphodav-2.2-1.fc28 A library to serve files with WebDAV linux/s390x
libphodav-devel-2.2-1.fc28 Development files for libphodav linux/s390x
libpinyin-2.1.0-1.fc28 Library to deal with pinyin linux/s390x
libpinyin-data-2.1.0-1.fc28 Data files for libpinyin linux/s390x
libpinyin-devel-2.1.0-1.fc28 Development files for libpinyin linux/s390x
libpinyin-tools-2.1.0-1.fc28 Tools for libpinyin linux/s390x
libpipeline-1.5.0-1.fc28 A pipeline manipulation library linux/s390xNew
libpipeline-devel-1.5.0-1.fc28 Header files and libraries for pipeline manipulation library linux/s390xNew
libpkgconf-1.3.10-1.fc28 Backend library for pkgconf linux/s390x
libpkgconf-devel-1.3.10-1.fc28 Development files for libpkgconf linux/s390x
libplist-2.0.0-5.fc28 Library for manipulating Apple Binary and XML Property Lists linux/s390x
libplist-devel-2.0.0-5.fc28 Development package for libplist linux/s390x
libpng-1.6.34-1.fc28 A library of functions for manipulating PNG image format files linux/s390x
libpng-devel-1.6.34-1.fc28 Development tools for programs to manipulate PNG image format files linux/s390x
libpng-static-1.6.34-1.fc28 Static PNG image format file library linux/s390x
libpng-tools-1.6.34-1.fc28 Tools for PNG image format file library linux/s390x
libpng10-1.0.69-1.fc28 Old version of libpng, needed to run old binaries linux/s390x
libpng10-devel-1.0.69-1.fc28 Development tools for version 1.0 of libpng linux/s390x
libpng12-1.2.57-4.fc27 Old version of libpng, needed to run old binaries linux/s390x
libpng12-devel-1.2.57-4.fc27 Development files for libpng 1.2 linux/s390x
libpng15-1.5.30-1.fc28 Old version of libpng, needed to run old binaries linux/s390x
libpolyxmass-0.9.1-18.fc27 Polymer chemistry-related functionalities linux/s390x
libpolyxmass-devel-0.9.1-18.fc27 Files needed for software development with libpolyxmass linux/s390x
libpqxx-4.0.1-10.fc27 C++ client API for PostgreSQL linux/s390x
libpqxx-devel-4.0.1-10.fc27 Development tools for libpqxx linux/s390x
libpqxx-doc-4.0.1-10.fc27 Developer documentation for libpqxx linux/noarch
libprelude-4.0.0-3.fc28 Secure Connections between all Sensors and the Prelude Manager linux/s390x
libprelude-devel-4.0.0-3.fc28 Libraries and headers for developing Prelude sensors linux/s390x
libprelude-doc-4.0.0-3.fc28 Documentation for prelude linux/noarch
libpreludedb-4.0.0-1.fc28 Framework for easy access to the IDMEF database linux/s390x
libpreludedb-devel-4.0.0-1.fc28 Libraries and headers for PreludeDB linux/s390x
libpreludedb-doc-4.0.0-1.fc28 Documentation for preludedb linux/noarch
libpri-1.4.13-10.fc27 An implementation of Primary Rate ISDN linux/s390x
libpri-devel-1.4.13-10.fc27 Development files for libpri linux/s390x
libprojectM-2.1.0-6.fc27 The libraries for the projectM music visualization plugin linux/s390x
libprojectM-devel-2.1.0-6.fc27 Development files for libprojectM linux/s390x
libprojectM-qt-2.1.0-6.fc27 The Qt frontend to the projectM visualization plugin linux/s390x
libprojectM-qt-devel-2.1.0-6.fc27 Development files for libprojectM-qt linux/s390x
libproxy-0.4.15-4.fc27 A library handling all the details of proxy configuration linux/s390x
libproxy-bin-0.4.15-4.fc27 Binary to test libproxy linux/s390x
libproxy-devel-0.4.15-4.fc27 Development files for libproxy linux/s390x
libproxy-gnome-0.4.15-4.fc27 Plugin for libproxy and gnome linux/s390x
libproxy-kde-0.4.15-4.fc27 Plugin for libproxy and kde linux/s390x
libproxy-mozjs-0.4.15-4.fc27 Plugin for libproxy and mozjs linux/s390x
libproxy-networkmanager-0.4.15-4.fc27 Plugin for libproxy and networkmanager linux/s390x
libproxy-pacrunner-0.4.15-4.fc27 Plugin for libproxy and PacRunner linux/s390x
libproxy-webkitgtk4-0.4.15-4.fc27 Plugin for libproxy and webkitgtk3 linux/s390x
libpskc-2.6.1-5.fc27 Library for PSKC handling linux/s390x
libpskc-devel-2.6.1-5.fc27 Development files for libpskc linux/s390x
libpskc-doc-2.6.1-5.fc27 Documentation files for libpskc linux/noarch
libpsl-0.19.1-1.fc28 C library for the Publix Suffix List linux/s390xNew
libpsl-devel-0.19.1-1.fc28 Development files for libpsl linux/s390xNew
libpst-0.6.71-6.fc28 Utilities to convert Outlook .pst files to other formats linux/s390x
libpst-devel-0.6.71-6.fc28 Library links and header files for libpst application development linux/s390x
libpst-devel-doc-0.6.71-6.fc28 Documentation for for libpst application development linux/s390x
libpst-doc-0.6.71-6.fc28 Documentation for the pst utilities in html format linux/s390x
libpst-libs-0.6.71-6.fc28 Shared library used by the pst utilities linux/s390x
libpurple-2.12.0-3.fc27 libpurple library for IM clients like Pidgin and Finch linux/s390x
libpurple-devel-2.12.0-3.fc27 Development headers, documentation, and libraries for libpurple linux/s390x
libpurple-perl-2.12.0-3.fc27 Perl scripting support for libpurple linux/s390x
libpurple-tcl-2.12.0-3.fc27 Tcl scripting support for libpurple linux/s390x
libpuzzle-0.11-35.fc28 Library to quickly find visually similar images (gif, png, jpg) linux/s390x
libpuzzle-devel-0.11-35.fc28 Development files for libpuzzle linux/s390x
libpwiz-3.0.10505-2.fc27 ProteoWizard software library linux/s390x
libpwiz-devel-3.0.10505-2.fc27 The libpwiz development-related files linux/s390x
libpwiz-doc-3.0.10505-2.fc27 ProteoWizard HTML documentation linux/noarch
libpwiz-tools-3.0.10505-2.fc27 ProteoWizard software tools linux/s390x
libpwquality-1.4.0-3.fc27 A library for password generation and password quality checking linux/s390x
libpwquality-devel-1.4.0-3.fc27 Support for development of applications using the libpwquality library linux/s390x
libqalculate-2.0.0-2.fc28 Multi-purpose calculator library linux/s390x
libqalculate-devel-2.0.0-2.fc28 Development tools for the Qalculate calculator library linux/s390x
libqb-1.0.2-14.fc28 An IPC library for high performance servers linux/s390xNew
libqb-devel-1.0.2-14.fc28 Development files for libqb linux/s390xNew
libqhull-2015.2-4.fc27 -n libqhull linux/s390x
libqhull_p-2015.2-4.fc27 libqhull_p linux/s390x
libqhull_r-2015.2-4.fc27 libqhull_r linux/s390x
libqmi-1.18.0-2.fc27 Support library to use the Qualcomm MSM Interface (QMI) protocol linux/s390x
libqmi-devel-1.18.0-2.fc27 Header files for adding QMI support to applications that use glib linux/s390x
libqmi-utils-1.18.0-2.fc27 Utilities to use the QMI protocol from the command line linux/s390x
libqtelegram-ae-10.0.0-5.fc27 Fork of libqtelegram by Aseman Team linux/s390x
libqtelegram-ae-devel-10.0.0-5.fc27 Development files for libqtelegram-ae linux/s390x
libqtxdg-2.0.0-7.fc28 QtXdg, a Qt5 implementation of XDG standards linux/s390x
libqtxdg-devel-2.0.0-7.fc28 Qt - development files for qtxdg linux/s390x
libqtxdg-qt4-1.2.0-14.fc27 QtXdg, a Qt4 implementation of XDG standards linux/s390x
libqtxdg-qt4-devel-1.2.0-14.fc27 Qt - development files for qtxdg linux/s390x
libquvi-0.9.4-11.fc27 A cross-platform library for parsing flash media stream linux/s390x
libquvi-devel-0.9.4-11.fc27 Development files for libquvi linux/s390x
libquvi-scripts-0.9.20131130-8.fc27 Embedded lua scripts for parsing the media details linux/noarch
libqxp-0.0.0-1.fc28 Library for import of QuarkXPress documents linux/s390x
libqxp-devel-0.0.0-1.fc28 Development files for libqxp linux/s390x
libqxp-doc-0.0.0-1.fc28 Documentation of libqxp API linux/noarch
libqxp-tools-0.0.0-1.fc28 Tools to transform QuarkXPress documents into other formats linux/s390x
libqxt-0.6.2-14.fc27 Qt extension library linux/s390x
libqxt-devel-0.6.2-14.fc27 Development files for libqxt linux/s390x
libr12-1.2.1-2.fc27 A library for computing integrals that arise in Kutzelniggâs linear R12 theories linux/s390x
librabbitmq-0.8.0-4.fc27 Client library for AMQP linux/s390x
librabbitmq-devel-0.8.0-4.fc27 Header files and development libraries for librabbitmq linux/s390x
librabbitmq-tools-0.8.0-4.fc27 Example tools built using the librabbitmq package linux/s390x
librados-devel-12.2.1-1.fc28 RADOS headers linux/s390x
librados2-12.2.1-1.fc28 RADOS distributed object store client library linux/s390x
libradosstriper-devel-12.2.1-1.fc28 RADOS striping interface headers linux/s390x
libradosstriper1-12.2.1-1.fc28 RADOS striping interface linux/s390x
librapi-0.15.2-14.fc27 Library to connect to Pocket PC devices linux/s390x
librapi-devel-0.15.2-14.fc27 Development libraries and header files for librapi linux/s390x
libraqm-0.1.1-4.fc27 Complex Textlayout Library linux/s390x
libraqm-devel-0.1.1-4.fc27 Complex Textlayout Library linux/s390x
libraqm-docs-0.1.1-4.fc27 Libraqm Documentation linux/noarch
librasterlite-1.1g-14.fc27 Support Raster Data Sources within a SpatiaLite DB linux/s390x
librasterlite-devel-1.1g-14.fc27 Development Libraries for librasterlite linux/s390x
librasterlite2-1.0.0-3.rc0.fc27.8 Stores and retrieves huge raster coverages using a SpatiaLite DBMS linux/s390x
librasterlite2-devel-1.0.0-3.rc0.fc27.8 Development libraries and headers for librasterlite2 linux/s390x
librasterlite2-tools-1.0.0-3.rc0.fc27.8 Tools for librasterlite2 linux/s390x
libratbag-0.9-4.fc27 Programmable input device library linux/s390x
libratbag-devel-0.9-4.fc27 Development files for libratbag linux/s390x
librawstudio-2.1-0.14.20160223git6643b14_rawspeed_5f78369.fc27 Rawstudio backend library linux/s390x
librawstudio-devel-2.1-0.14.20160223git6643b14_rawspeed_5f78369.fc27 librawstudio development files linux/s390x
librbd-devel-12.2.1-1.fc28 RADOS block device headers linux/s390x
librbd1-12.2.1-1.fc28 RADOS block device client library linux/s390x
librcc-0.2.12-10.fc27 RusXMMS Charset Conversion Library linux/s390x
librcc-devel-0.2.12-10.fc27 Development files for librcc linux/s390x
librcc-gtk+-0.2.12-10.fc27 RusXMMS Encoding Conversion Library GTK+ bindings linux/s390x
librcc-gtk2-0.2.12-10.fc27 RusXMMS Encoding Conversion Library GTK2 bindings linux/s390x
librcc-gtk3-0.2.12-10.fc27 RusXMMS Encoding Conversion Library GTK3 bindings linux/s390x
librcd-0.1.14-9.fc27 Library for autodetection charset of Russian and Ukrainian text linux/s390x
librcd-devel-0.1.14-9.fc27 Development files for librcd linux/s390x
librdkafka-0.11.1-1.fc28 The Apache Kafka C library linux/s390x
librdkafka-devel-0.11.1-1.fc28 The Apache Kafka C library (Development Environment) linux/s390x
librdmacm-14-4.fc27 Userspace RDMA Connection Manager linux/s390x
librdmacm-utils-14-4.fc27 Examples for the librdmacm library linux/s390x
libreadline-java-0.8.0-46.fc27 Java wrapper for the EditLine library linux/s390x
libreadline-java-javadoc-0.8.0-46.fc27 Javadoc for libreadline-java linux/noarch
librealsense-2.7.9-0.2.fc28 Cross-platform camera capture for Intel RealSense linux/s390x
librealsense-devel-2.7.9-0.2.fc28 Development files for librealsense linux/s390x
librealsense-doc-2.7.9-0.2.fc28 Documentation for librealsense linux/s390x
libreatlas-1.0.0a-21.fc27 A digital atlas and geography education tool linux/s390x
librecad-2.1.0-6.fc27 Computer Assisted Design (CAD) Application linux/s390x
librecad-devel-2.1.0-6.fc27 Development files for LibreCAD linux/s390x
librecad-fonts-2.1.0-6.fc27 Fonts in LibreCAD (lff) format linux/noarch
librecad-langs-2.1.0-6.fc27 Language (qm) files for LibreCAD linux/noarch
librecad-parts-2.1.0-6.fc27 Parts collection for LibreCAD linux/noarch
librecad-patterns-2.1.0-6.fc27 Pattern files for LibreCAD linux/noarch
libref_array-0.1.5-36.fc28 A refcounted array for C linux/s390xNew
libref_array-devel-0.1.5-36.fc28 Development files for libref_array linux/s390xNew
librelp-1.2.14-3.fc27 The Reliable Event Logging Protocol library linux/s390x
librelp-devel-1.2.14-3.fc27 Development files for the librelp package linux/s390x
libreoffice- Free Software Productivity Suite linux/s390xNew
libreoffice-TexMaths-0.42-2.fc26 A LaTex Equation Editor for LibreOffice linux/s390x
libreoffice-base- Database front-end for LibreOffice linux/s390xNew
libreoffice-bsh- BeanShell support for LibreOffice linux/s390xNew
libreoffice-calc- LibreOffice Spreadsheet Application linux/s390xNew
libreoffice-core- Core modules for LibreOffice linux/s390xNew
libreoffice-data- LibreOffice data files linux/noarchNew
libreoffice-draw- LibreOffice Drawing Application linux/s390xNew
libreoffice-emailmerge- Email mail-merge component for LibreOffice linux/s390xNew
libreoffice-filters- All import / export filters linux/s390xNew
libreoffice-gallery-vrt-network-equipment-1.2.0-8.fc27 A network equipment shape gallery for LibreOffice linux/s390x
libreoffice-gdb-debug-support- Additional support for debugging with gdb linux/s390xNew
libreoffice-glade- Support for creating LibreOffice dialogs in glade linux/s390xNew
libreoffice-graphicfilter- LibreOffice Extra Graphic filters linux/s390xNew
libreoffice-gtk2- LibreOffice GTK+ 2 integration plug-in linux/s390xNew
libreoffice-gtk3- LibreOffice GTK+ 3 integration plug-in linux/s390xNew
libreoffice-help-ar- Arabic help for LibreOffice linux/s390xNew
libreoffice-help-bg- Bulgarian help for LibreOffice linux/s390xNew
libreoffice-help-bn- Bengali help for LibreOffice linux/s390xNew
libreoffice-help-ca- Catalan help for LibreOffice linux/s390xNew
libreoffice-help-cs- Czech help for LibreOffice linux/s390xNew
libreoffice-help-da- Danish help for LibreOffice linux/s390xNew
libreoffice-help-de- German help for LibreOffice linux/s390xNew
libreoffice-help-dz- Dzongkha help for LibreOffice linux/s390xNew
libreoffice-help-el- Greek help for LibreOffice linux/s390xNew
libreoffice-help-en- English help for LibreOffice linux/s390xNew
libreoffice-help-es- Spanish help for LibreOffice linux/s390xNew
libreoffice-help-et- Estonian help for LibreOffice linux/s390xNew
libreoffice-help-eu- Basque help for LibreOffice linux/s390xNew
libreoffice-help-fi- Finnish help for LibreOffice linux/s390xNew
libreoffice-help-fr- French help for LibreOffice linux/s390xNew
libreoffice-help-gl- Galician help for LibreOffice linux/s390xNew
libreoffice-help-gu- Gujarati help for LibreOffice linux/s390xNew
libreoffice-help-he- Hebrew help for LibreOffice linux/s390xNew
libreoffice-help-hi- Hindi help for LibreOffice linux/s390xNew
libreoffice-help-hr- Croatian help for LibreOffice linux/s390xNew
libreoffice-help-hu- Hungarian help for LibreOffice linux/s390xNew
libreoffice-help-id- Indonesian help for LibreOffice linux/s390xNew
libreoffice-help-it- Italian help for LibreOffice linux/s390xNew
libreoffice-help-ja- Japanese help for LibreOffice linux/s390xNew
libreoffice-help-ko- Korean help for LibreOffice linux/s390xNew
libreoffice-help-lt- Lithuanian help for LibreOffice linux/s390xNew
libreoffice-help-lv- Latvian help for LibreOffice linux/s390xNew
libreoffice-help-nb- Bokmal help for LibreOffice linux/s390xNew
libreoffice-help-nl- Dutch help for LibreOffice linux/s390xNew
libreoffice-help-nn- Nynorsk help for LibreOffice linux/s390xNew
libreoffice-help-pl- Polish help for LibreOffice linux/s390xNew
libreoffice-help-pt-BR- Brazilian help for LibreOffice linux/s390xNew
libreoffice-help-pt-PT- Portuguese help for LibreOffice linux/s390xNew
libreoffice-help-ro- Romanian help for LibreOffice linux/s390xNew
libreoffice-help-ru- Russian help for LibreOffice linux/s390xNew
libreoffice-help-si- Sinhalese help for LibreOffice linux/s390xNew
libreoffice-help-sk- Slovak help for LibreOffice linux/s390xNew
libreoffice-help-sl- Slovenian help for LibreOffice linux/s390xNew
libreoffice-help-sv- Swedish help for LibreOffice linux/s390xNew
libreoffice-help-ta- Tamil help for LibreOffice linux/s390xNew
libreoffice-help-tr- Turkish help for LibreOffice linux/s390xNew
libreoffice-help-uk- Ukrainian help for LibreOffice linux/s390xNew
libreoffice-help-zh-Hans- Simplified help for LibreOffice linux/s390xNew
libreoffice-help-zh-Hant- Traditional help for LibreOffice linux/s390xNew
libreoffice-impress- LibreOffice Presentation Application linux/s390xNew
libreoffice-kde4- LibreOffice KDE integration plug-in linux/s390xNew
libreoffice-langpack-af- Afrikaans language pack for LibreOffice linux/s390xNew
libreoffice-langpack-ar- Arabic language pack for LibreOffice linux/s390xNew
libreoffice-langpack-as- Assamese language pack for LibreOffice linux/s390xNew
libreoffice-langpack-bg- Bulgarian language pack for LibreOffice linux/s390xNew
libreoffice-langpack-bn- Bengali language pack for LibreOffice linux/s390xNew
libreoffice-langpack-br- Breton language pack for LibreOffice linux/s390xNew
libreoffice-langpack-ca- Catalan language pack for LibreOffice linux/s390xNew
libreoffice-langpack-cs- Czech language pack for LibreOffice linux/s390xNew
libreoffice-langpack-cy- Welsh language pack for LibreOffice linux/s390xNew
libreoffice-langpack-da- Danish language pack for LibreOffice linux/s390xNew
libreoffice-langpack-de- German language pack for LibreOffice linux/s390xNew
libreoffice-langpack-dz- Dzongkha language pack for LibreOffice linux/s390xNew
libreoffice-langpack-el- Greek language pack for LibreOffice linux/s390xNew
libreoffice-langpack-en- English language pack for LibreOffice linux/s390xNew
libreoffice-langpack-es- Spanish language pack for LibreOffice linux/s390xNew
libreoffice-langpack-et- Estonian language pack for LibreOffice linux/s390xNew
libreoffice-langpack-eu- Basque language pack for LibreOffice linux/s390xNew
libreoffice-langpack-fa- Farsi language pack for LibreOffice linux/s390xNew
libreoffice-langpack-fi- Finnish language pack for LibreOffice linux/s390xNew
libreoffice-langpack-fr- French language pack for LibreOffice linux/s390xNew
libreoffice-langpack-ga- Irish language pack for LibreOffice linux/s390xNew
libreoffice-langpack-gl- Galician language pack for LibreOffice linux/s390xNew
libreoffice-langpack-gu- Gujarati language pack for LibreOffice linux/s390xNew
libreoffice-langpack-he- Hebrew language pack for LibreOffice linux/s390xNew
libreoffice-langpack-hi- Hindi language pack for LibreOffice linux/s390xNew
libreoffice-langpack-hr- Croatian language pack for LibreOffice linux/s390xNew
libreoffice-langpack-hu- Hungarian language pack for LibreOffice linux/s390xNew
libreoffice-langpack-id- Indonesian language pack for LibreOffice linux/s390xNew
libreoffice-langpack-it- Italian language pack for LibreOffice linux/s390xNew
libreoffice-langpack-ja- Japanese language pack for LibreOffice linux/s390xNew
libreoffice-langpack-kk- Kazakh language pack for LibreOffice linux/s390xNew
libreoffice-langpack-kn- Kannada language pack for LibreOffice linux/s390xNew
libreoffice-langpack-ko- Korean language pack for LibreOffice linux/s390xNew
libreoffice-langpack-lt- Lithuanian language pack for LibreOffice linux/s390xNew
libreoffice-langpack-lv- Latvian language pack for LibreOffice linux/s390xNew
libreoffice-langpack-mai- Maithili language pack for LibreOffice linux/s390xNew
libreoffice-langpack-ml- Malayalam language pack for LibreOffice linux/s390xNew
libreoffice-langpack-mr- Marathi language pack for LibreOffice linux/s390xNew
libreoffice-langpack-nb- Bokmal language pack for LibreOffice linux/s390xNew
libreoffice-langpack-nl- Dutch language pack for LibreOffice linux/s390xNew
libreoffice-langpack-nn- Nynorsk language pack for LibreOffice linux/s390xNew
libreoffice-langpack-nr- Southern language pack for LibreOffice linux/s390xNew
libreoffice-langpack-nso- Northern language pack for LibreOffice linux/s390xNew
libreoffice-langpack-or- Odia language pack for LibreOffice linux/s390xNew
libreoffice-langpack-pa- Punjabi language pack for LibreOffice linux/s390xNew
libreoffice-langpack-pl- Polish language pack for LibreOffice linux/s390xNew
libreoffice-langpack-pt-BR- Brazilian language pack for LibreOffice linux/s390xNew
libreoffice-langpack-pt-PT- Portuguese language pack for LibreOffice linux/s390xNew
libreoffice-langpack-ro- Romanian language pack for LibreOffice linux/s390xNew
libreoffice-langpack-ru- Russian language pack for LibreOffice linux/s390xNew
libreoffice-langpack-si- Sinhalese language pack for LibreOffice linux/s390xNew
libreoffice-langpack-sk- Slovak language pack for LibreOffice linux/s390xNew
libreoffice-langpack-sl- Slovenian language pack for LibreOffice linux/s390xNew
libreoffice-langpack-sr- Serbian language pack for LibreOffice linux/s390xNew
libreoffice-langpack-ss- Swati language pack for LibreOffice linux/s390xNew
libreoffice-langpack-st- Southern language pack for LibreOffice linux/s390xNew
libreoffice-langpack-sv- Swedish language pack for LibreOffice linux/s390xNew
libreoffice-langpack-ta- Tamil language pack for LibreOffice linux/s390xNew
libreoffice-langpack-te- Telugu language pack for LibreOffice linux/s390xNew
libreoffice-langpack-th- Thai language pack for LibreOffice linux/s390xNew
libreoffice-langpack-tn- Tswana language pack for LibreOffice linux/s390xNew
libreoffice-langpack-tr- Turkish language pack for LibreOffice linux/s390xNew
libreoffice-langpack-ts- Tsonga language pack for LibreOffice linux/s390xNew
libreoffice-langpack-uk- Ukrainian language pack for LibreOffice linux/s390xNew
libreoffice-langpack-ve- Venda language pack for LibreOffice linux/s390xNew
libreoffice-langpack-xh- Xhosa language pack for LibreOffice linux/s390xNew
libreoffice-langpack-zh-Hans- Simplified language pack for LibreOffice linux/s390xNew
libreoffice-langpack-zh-Hant- Traditional language pack for LibreOffice linux/s390xNew
libreoffice-langpack-zu- Zulu language pack for LibreOffice linux/s390xNew
libreoffice-librelogo- LibreLogo scripting language linux/s390xNew
libreoffice-math- LibreOffice Equation Editor Application linux/s390xNew
libreoffice-nlpsolver- Non-linear solver engine for LibreOffice Calc linux/s390xNew
libreoffice-officebean- JavaBean for LibreOffice Components linux/s390xNew
libreoffice-officebean-common- Common JavaBean for LibreOffice Components linux/noarchNew
libreoffice-ogltrans- 3D OpenGL slide transitions for LibreOffice linux/s390xNew
libreoffice-opensymbol-fonts- LibreOffice dingbats font linux/noarchNew
libreoffice-pdfimport- PDF Importer for LibreOffice Draw linux/s390xNew
libreoffice-postgresql- PostgreSQL connector for LibreOffice linux/s390xNew
libreoffice-pyuno- Python support for LibreOffice linux/s390xNew
libreoffice-rhino- JavaScript support for LibreOffice linux/s390xNew
libreoffice-sdk- Software Development Kit for LibreOffice linux/s390xNew
libreoffice-sdk-doc- Software Development Kit documentation for LibreOffice linux/s390xNew
libreoffice-ure- UNO Runtime Environment linux/s390xNew
libreoffice-ure-common- Common UNO Runtime Environment linux/noarchNew
libreoffice-voikko-4.1-6.fc26 Finnish spellchecker and hyphenator extension for LibreOffice linux/s390x
libreoffice-wiki-publisher- Create Wiki articles on MediaWiki servers with LibreOffice linux/s390xNew
libreoffice-writer- LibreOffice Word Processor Application linux/s390xNew
libreoffice-writer2latex-1.0.2-20.fc26 LibreOffice Writer To LateX Converter linux/s390x
libreoffice-writer2xhtml-1.0.2-20.fc26 LibreOffice Writer to xhtml Converter linux/s390x
libreoffice-x11- LibreOffice generic X11 support plug-in linux/s390xNew
libreoffice-xsltfilter- Optional xsltfilter module for LibreOffice linux/s390xNew
libreofficekit- A library providing access to LibreOffice functionality linux/s390xNew
libreofficekit-devel- Development files for libreofficekit linux/s390xNew
librep-0.92.7-1.fc28 A lightweight Lisp environment linux/s390x
librep-devel-0.92.7-1.fc28 Development files for librep linux/s390x
libreplaygain-0-0.8.20110810svn475.fc27 Gain analysis library from Musepack linux/s390x
libreplaygain-devel-0-0.8.20110810svn475.fc27 Development files for libreplaygain linux/s390x
librepo-1.8.1-4.fc28 Repodata downloading library linux/s390xNew
librepo-devel-1.8.1-4.fc28 Repodata downloading library linux/s390xNew
libreport-2.9.3-1.fc28 Generic library for reporting various problems linux/s390x
libreport-anaconda-2.9.3-1.fc28 Default configuration for reporting anaconda bugs linux/s390x
libreport-centos-2.9.3-1.fc28 libreport's CentOS Bug Tracker workflow linux/s390x
libreport-cli-2.9.3-1.fc28 libreport's command line interface linux/s390x
libreport-compat-2.9.3-1.fc28 libreport's compat layer for obsoleted 'report' package linux/s390x
libreport-devel-2.9.3-1.fc28 Development libraries and headers for libreport linux/s390x
libreport-fedora-2.9.3-1.fc28 Default configuration for reporting bugs via Fedora infrastructure linux/s390x
libreport-filesystem-2.9.3-1.fc28 Filesystem layout for libreport linux/s390x
libreport-gtk-2.9.3-1.fc28 GTK front-end for libreport linux/s390x
libreport-gtk-devel-2.9.3-1.fc28 Development libraries and headers for libreport linux/s390x
libreport-newt-2.9.3-1.fc28 libreport's newt interface linux/s390x
libreport-plugin-bugzilla-2.9.3-1.fc28 libreport's bugzilla plugin linux/s390x
libreport-plugin-kerneloops-2.9.3-1.fc28 libreport's kerneloops reporter plugin linux/s390x
libreport-plugin-logger-2.9.3-1.fc28 libreport's logger reporter plugin linux/s390x
libreport-plugin-mailx-2.9.3-1.fc28 libreport's mailx reporter plugin linux/s390x
libreport-plugin-mantisbt-2.9.3-1.fc28 libreport's mantisbt plugin linux/s390x
libreport-plugin-reportuploader-2.9.3-1.fc28 libreport's reportuploader plugin linux/s390x
libreport-plugin-rhtsupport-2.9.3-1.fc28 libreport's RHTSupport plugin linux/s390x
libreport-plugin-systemd-journal-2.9.3-1.fc28 libreport's systemd journal reporter plugin linux/s390x
libreport-plugin-ureport-2.9.3-1.fc28 libreport's micro report plugin linux/s390x
libreport-web-2.9.3-1.fc28 Library providing network API for libreport linux/s390x
libreport-web-devel-2.9.3-1.fc28 Development headers for libreport-web linux/s390x
librepository-1.1.3-16.fc27 Hierarchical repository abstraction layer linux/noarch
librepository-javadoc-1.1.3-16.fc27 Javadoc for librepository linux/noarch
libresample-0.1.3-25.fc27 A real-time library for audio sampling rate conversion linux/s390x
libresample-devel-0.1.3-25.fc27 Development files for libresample linux/s390x
libreswan-3.22-1.fc28 IPsec implementation with IKEv1 and IKEv2 keying protocols linux/s390x
librevenge-0.0.4-9.fc27 A base library for writing document import filters linux/s390x
librevenge-devel-0.0.4-9.fc27 Development files for librevenge linux/s390x
librevenge-doc-0.0.4-9.fc27 Documentation of librevenge API linux/noarch
librevenge-gdb-0.0.4-9.fc27 gdb pretty printers for librevenge linux/s390x
librfid-0.2.0-15.fc27 The librfid is a Free Software RFID library linux/s390x
librfid-devel-0.2.0-15.fc27 Development files for librfid linux/s390x
librgw-devel-12.2.1-1.fc28 RADOS gateway client library linux/s390x
librgw2-12.2.1-1.fc28 RADOS gateway client library linux/s390x
librichacl-1.12-4.fc27 Dynamic library for Rich Access Control List support linux/s390x
librichacl-devel-1.12-4.fc27 Files needed for building programs with librichacl linux/s390x
librime-1.2-18.fc27 Rime Input Method Engine Library linux/s390x
librime-devel-1.2-18.fc27 Development files for librime linux/s390x
librime-tools-1.2-18.fc27 Tools for librime linux/s390x
librra-0.14-17.fc27 Connection to Pocket PC devices, part of SynCE linux/s390x
librra-devel-0.14-17.fc27 Development libraries and header files for SynCE linux/s390x
librsvg2-2.40.19-1.fc28 An SVG library based on cairo linux/s390x
librsvg2-devel-2.40.19-1.fc28 Libraries and include files for developing with librsvg linux/s390x
librsvg2-tools-2.40.19-1.fc28 Extra tools for librsvg linux/s390x
librsync-1.0.0-6.fc27 Rsync libraries linux/s390x
librsync-devel-1.0.0-6.fc27 Headers and development libraries for librsync linux/s390x
librtfcomp-1.1-22.fc28 Library for reading of compressed RTF files linux/s390x
librtfcomp-devel-1.1-22.fc28 Development files for librtfcomp linux/s390x
librvngabw-0.0.2-1.fc28 An AbiWord document generator library linux/s390xNew
librvngabw-devel-0.0.2-1.fc28 Development files for librvngabw linux/s390xNew
librvngabw-doc-0.0.2-1.fc28 Documentation of librvngabw API linux/noarchNew
librx-1.5-30.fc27 POSIX regexp functions linux/s390x
librx-devel-1.5-30.fc27 POSIX regexp functions, developers library linux/s390x
libs3-4.0-0.3.20170206git208bcba.fc27 C Library and Tools for Amazon S3 Access linux/s390x
libs3-devel-4.0-0.3.20170206git208bcba.fc27 Development files for libs3 linux/s390x
libsamplerate-0.1.8-13.fc27 Sample rate conversion library for audio data linux/s390x
libsamplerate-devel-0.1.8-13.fc27 Development related files for libsamplerate linux/s390x
libsane-hpaio-3.17.10-3.fc28 SANE driver for scanners in HP's multi-function devices linux/s390xNew
libsass-3.4.5-4.fc28 C/C++ port of the Sass CSS precompiler linux/s390x
libsass-devel-3.4.5-4.fc28 Development files for libsass linux/s390x
libsavitar-3.0.3-1.fc28 C++ implementation of 3mf loading with SIP Python bindings linux/s390x
libsavitar-devel-3.0.3-1.fc28 Development files for libsavitar linux/s390x
libsbml-5.15.0-7.fc28 Systems Biology Markup Language library linux/s390x
libsbml-devel-5.15.0-7.fc28 Development files for libsbml linux/s390x
libsbml-sharp-5.15.0-7.fc28 C# bindings for libSBML linux/s390x
libsbw-2.11.1-17.20160916svn589.fc28 C++ Broker library linux/s390xNew
libsbw-devel-2.11.1-17.20160916svn589.fc28 Development files of libSBW linux/s390xNew
libsbw-static-2.11.1-17.20160916svn589.fc28 Static library of libSBW linux/s390xNew
libscrypt-1.21-5.fc27 Library that implements the secure password hashing function "scrypt" linux/s390x
libscrypt-devel-1.21-5.fc27 Development files for libscrypt linux/s390x
libscs-1.4.1-15.fc27.2 Software Carry-Save Multiple-Precision Library linux/s390x
libscs-devel-1.4.1-15.fc27.2 Development files for libscs linux/s390x
libsearpc-3.1-7.fc28 A simple and easy-to-use C language RPC framework linux/s390x
libsearpc-devel-3.1-7.fc28 Development files for libsearpc linux/s390x
libseccomp-2.3.2-5.fc27 Enhanced seccomp library linux/s390x
libseccomp-devel-2.3.2-5.fc27 Development files used to build applications with libseccomp support linux/s390x
libseccomp-static-2.3.2-5.fc27 Enhanced seccomp static library linux/s390x
libsecret-0.18.5-5.fc27 Library for storing and retrieving passwords and other secrets linux/s390x
libsecret-devel-0.18.5-5.fc27 Development files for libsecret linux/s390x
libsedml-0.4.3-4.fc28 Library that fully supports SED-ML for SBML linux/s390x
libsedml-devel-0.4.3-4.fc28 Library that fully supports SED-ML for SBML linux/s390x
libsedml-sharp-0.4.3-4.fc28 Mono library that fully supports SED-ML for SBML linux/s390x
libsedml-static-0.4.3-4.fc28 Library that fully supports SED-ML for SBML linux/s390x
libselinux-2.7-5.fc28 SELinux library and simple utilities linux/s390x
libselinux-devel-2.7-5.fc28 Header files and libraries used to build SELinux linux/s390x
libselinux-ruby-2.7-5.fc28 SELinux ruby bindings for libselinux linux/s390x
libselinux-static-2.7-5.fc28 Static libraries used to build SELinux linux/s390x
libselinux-utils-2.7-5.fc28 SELinux libselinux utilies linux/s390x
libsemanage-2.7-4.fc28 SELinux binary policy manipulation library linux/s390x
libsemanage-devel-2.7-4.fc28 Header files and libraries used to build policy manipulation tools linux/s390x
libsemanage-static-2.7-4.fc28 Static library used to build policy manipulation tools linux/s390x
libsemigroups-0.5.2-1.fc28 C++ library for semigroups and monoids linux/s390x
libsemigroups-devel-0.5.2-1.fc28 Headers files for developing with libsemigroups linux/s390x
libsemigroups-doc-0.5.2-1.fc28 Documentation for libsemigroups linux/noarch
libsepol-2.7-2.fc28 SELinux binary policy manipulation library linux/s390x
libsepol-devel-2.7-2.fc28 Header files and libraries used to build policy manipulation tools linux/s390x
libsepol-static-2.7-2.fc28 static libraries used to build policy manipulation tools linux/s390x
libserf-1.3.9-5.fc27 High-Performance Asynchronous HTTP Client Library linux/s390x
libserf-devel-1.3.9-5.fc27 Development files for libserf linux/s390x
libserializer-1.1.2-17.fc27 JFreeReport General Serialization Framework linux/noarch
libserializer-javadoc-1.1.2-17.fc27 Javadoc for libserializer linux/noarch
libserialport-0.1.1-3.fc27 Library for accessing serial ports linux/s390x
libserialport-devel-0.1.1-3.fc27 Development files for libserialport linux/s390x
libserialport-doc-0.1.1-3.fc27 API documentation for libserialport linux/noarch
libsexy-0.1.11-29.fc27 Funky fresh graphical widgets for GTK+ 2 linux/s390x
libsexy-devel-0.1.11-29.fc27 Development files for libsexy linux/s390x
libsexymm-0.1.9-24.fc27 C++ wrapper for libsexy linux/s390x
libsexymm-devel-0.1.9-24.fc27 Headers for developing programs that will use libsexymm linux/s390x
libshout-2.2.2-17.fc27 Icecast source streaming library linux/s390x
libshout-devel-2.2.2-17.fc27 static libraries and header files for libshout development. linux/s390x
libsidplayfp-1.8.7-4.fc27 SID chip music module playing library linux/s390x
libsidplayfp-devel-1.8.7-4.fc27 Development files for libsidplayfp linux/s390x
libsidplayfp-devel-doc-1.8.7-4.fc27 API documentation for libsidplayfp linux/noarch
libsigc++-1.2.7-22.fc27 Typesafe signal framework for C++ linux/s390x
libsigc++-devel-1.2.7-22.fc27 Development tools for the typesafe signal framework for C++ linux/s390x
libsigc++-doc-1.2.7-22.fc27 Documentation for libsigc++, includes full API docs linux/noarch
libsigc++20-2.10.0-4.fc27 Typesafe signal framework for C++ linux/s390x
libsigc++20-devel-2.10.0-4.fc27 Development tools for the typesafe signal framework for C++ linux/s390x
libsigc++20-doc-2.10.0-4.fc27 Documentation for libsigc++20, includes full API docs linux/noarch
libsigrok-0.5.0-3.fc27 Basic hardware access drivers for logic analyzers linux/s390x
libsigrok-cxx-0.5.0-3.fc27 C++ bindings for libsigrok linux/s390x
libsigrok-cxx-devel-0.5.0-3.fc27 Development files for libsigrok C++ bindings linux/s390x
libsigrok-devel-0.5.0-3.fc27 Development files for libsigrok linux/s390x
libsigrok-doc-0.5.0-3.fc27 API documentation for libsigrok linux/noarch
libsigrokdecode-0.5.0-3.fc27 Basic API for running protocol decoders linux/s390x
libsigrokdecode-devel-0.5.0-3.fc27 Development files for libsigrokdecode linux/s390x
libsigrokdecode-doc-0.5.0-3.fc27 API documentation for libsigrokdecode linux/noarch
libsigsegv-2.11-3.fc27 Library for handling page faults in user mode linux/s390x
libsigsegv-devel-2.11-3.fc27 Development libraries and header files for libsigsegv linux/s390x
libsigsegv-static-2.11-3.fc27 Static libraries for libsigsegv linux/s390x
libskk-1.0.2-6.fc27 Library to deal with Japanese kana-to-kanji conversion method linux/s390x
libskk-devel-1.0.2-6.fc27 Development files for libskk linux/s390x
libskk-tools-1.0.2-6.fc27 Tools for libskk linux/s390x
libslz-1.1.0-4.fc27 StateLess Zip linux/s390x
libslz-devel-1.1.0-4.fc27 Development files for libslz linux/s390x
libsmartcols-2.31-2.fc28 Formatting library for ls-like programs. linux/s390x
libsmartcols-devel-2.31-2.fc28 Formatting library for ls-like programs. linux/s390x
libsmbclient-4.7.2-0.fc28 The SMB client library linux/s390xNew
libsmbclient-devel-4.7.2-0.fc28 Developer tools for the SMB client library linux/s390xNew
libsmi-0.4.8-20.fc27 A library to access SMI MIB information linux/s390x
libsmi-devel-0.4.8-20.fc27 Development environment for libsmi library linux/s390x
libsndfile-1.0.28-6.fc28 Library for reading and writing sound files linux/s390x
libsndfile-devel-1.0.28-6.fc28 Development files for libsndfile linux/s390x
libsndfile-utils-1.0.28-6.fc28 Command Line Utilities for libsndfile linux/s390x
libsoc-0.8.2-6.fc27 Interface with common SoC peripherals through generic kernel interfaces linux/s390x
libsoc-devel-0.8.2-6.fc27 Development package for libsoc linux/s390x
libsodium-1.0.15-1.fc28 The Sodium crypto library linux/s390x
libsodium-devel-1.0.15-1.fc28 Development files for libsodium linux/s390x
libsodium-static-1.0.15-1.fc28 Static library for libsodium linux/s390x
libsolv-0.6.30-2.fc28 Package dependency solver linux/s390xNew
libsolv-demo-0.6.30-2.fc28 Applications demoing the libsolv library linux/s390xNew
libsolv-devel-0.6.30-2.fc28 Development files for libsolv linux/s390xNew
libsolv-tools-0.6.30-2.fc28 Package dependency solver tools linux/s390xNew
libsoup-2.60.2-2.fc28 Soup, an HTTP library implementation linux/s390xNew
libsoup-devel-2.60.2-2.fc28 Header files for the Soup library linux/s390xNew
libspatialite-4.3.0a-6.fc27 Enables SQLite to support spatial data linux/s390x
libspatialite-devel-4.3.0a-6.fc27 Development libraries and headers for SpatiaLite linux/s390x
libspectre-0.2.8-4.fc27 A library for rendering PostScript(TM) documents linux/s390x
libspectre-devel-0.2.8-4.fc27 Development files for libspectre linux/s390x
libspectrum-1.4.1-1.fc28 A library for reading spectrum emulator file formats linux/s390x
libspectrum-devel-1.4.1-1.fc28 Development files for libspectrum linux/s390x
libspf2-1.2.10-16.20150405gitd57d79fd.fc27 An implementation of the SPF specification linux/s390x
libspf2-apidocs-1.2.10-16.20150405gitd57d79fd.fc27 API documentation for the libspf2 library linux/noarch
libspf2-devel-1.2.10-16.20150405gitd57d79fd.fc27 Development tools needed to build programs that use libspf2 linux/s390x
libspf2-progs-1.2.10-16.20150405gitd57d79fd.fc27 Programs for making SPF queries using libspf2 linux/s390x
libsphinxclient-2.2.11-5.fc27 Pure C search-d client API library linux/s390x
libsphinxclient-devel-2.2.11-5.fc27 Development libraries and header files for libsphinxclient linux/s390x
libspiro-20150131-6.fc27 Library to simplify the drawing of beautiful curves linux/s390x
libspiro-devel-20150131-6.fc27 Development files for libspiro linux/s390x
libspnav-0.2.3-6.fc27 Open source alternative to 3DConnextion drivers linux/s390x
libspnav-devel-0.2.3-6.fc27 Development files for libspnav linux/s390x
libsq3-20071018-22.fc27 A C++ Wrapper for the SQLite3 embeddable SQL database engine linux/s390x
libsq3-devel-20071018-22.fc27 Development files for libsqlite3x linux/s390x
libsqlite3x-20071018-22.fc27 A C++ Wrapper for the SQLite3 embeddable SQL database engine linux/s390x
libsqlite3x-devel-20071018-22.fc27 Development files for libsqlite3x linux/s390x
libsrtp-1.5.4-6.fc27 An implementation of the Secure Real-time Transport Protocol (SRTP) linux/s390x
libsrtp-devel-1.5.4-6.fc27 Development files for libsrtp linux/s390x
libss-1.43.7-1.fc28 Command line interface parsing library linux/s390x
libss-devel-1.43.7-1.fc28 Command line interface parsing library linux/s390x
libss7-1.0.2-13.fc27 SS7 protocol services to applications linux/s390x
libss7-devel-1.0.2-13.fc27 Development files for libss7 linux/s390x
libssh-0.7.5-3.fc27 A library implementing the SSH protocol linux/s390x
libssh-devel-0.7.5-3.fc27 Development files for libssh linux/s390x
libssh2-1.8.0-5.fc28 A library implementing the SSH2 protocol linux/s390x
libssh2-devel-1.8.0-5.fc28 Development files for libssh2 linux/s390x
libssh2-docs-1.8.0-5.fc28 Documentation for libssh2 linux/noarch
libssrfmarblewidget-4.6.2-4.fc27 A modified version of libmarblewidget for Subsurface linux/s390x
libssrfmarblewidget-devel-4.6.2-4.fc27 Development files for libssrfmarblewidget linux/s390x
libsss_autofs-1.16.0-3.fc28 A library to allow communication between Autofs and SSSD linux/s390xNew
libsss_certmap-1.16.0-3.fc28 SSSD Certficate Mapping Library linux/s390xNew
libsss_certmap-devel-1.16.0-3.fc28 SSSD Certficate Mapping Library linux/s390xNew
libsss_idmap-1.16.0-3.fc28 FreeIPA Idmap library linux/s390xNew
libsss_idmap-devel-1.16.0-3.fc28 FreeIPA Idmap library linux/s390xNew
libsss_nss_idmap-1.16.0-3.fc28 Library for SID and certificate based lookups linux/s390xNew
libsss_nss_idmap-devel-1.16.0-3.fc28 Library for SID and certificate based lookups linux/s390xNew
libsss_simpleifp-1.16.0-3.fc28 The SSSD D-Bus responder helper library linux/s390xNew
libsss_simpleifp-devel-1.16.0-3.fc28 The SSSD D-Bus responder helper library linux/s390xNew
libsss_sudo-1.16.0-3.fc28 A library to allow communication between SUDO and SSSD linux/s390xNew
libst2205-1.4.3-14.fc27 Library for accessing the display of hacked st2205 photo frames linux/s390x
libst2205-devel-1.4.3-14.fc27 Development files for libst2205 linux/s390x
libst2205-tools-1.4.3-14.fc27 Tools for libst2205 linux/s390x
libstaroffice-0.0.5-1.fc28 A library for import of binary StarOffice documents linux/s390xNew
libstaroffice-devel-0.0.5-1.fc28 Development files for libstaroffice linux/s390xNew
libstaroffice-doc-0.0.5-1.fc28 Documentation of libstaroffice API linux/noarchNew
libstaroffice-tools-0.0.5-1.fc28 Tools to transform StarOffice documents into other formats linux/s390xNew
libstatgrab-0.91-8.fc27 A library that provides cross platform access to statistics of the system linux/s390x
libstatgrab-devel-0.91-8.fc27 Development files for libstatgrab linux/s390x
libstatgrab-examples-0.91-8.fc27 The example files from libstatgrab linux/s390x
libstatgrab-tools-compat-0.91-8.fc27 Transition package for statgrab-tools linux/s390x
libstdc++-7.2.1-1.fc28 GNU Standard C++ Library linux/s390x
libstdc++-devel-7.2.1-1.fc28 Header files and libraries for C++ development linux/s390x
libstdc++-docs-7.2.1-1.fc28 Documentation for the GNU standard C++ library linux/s390x
libstdc++-static-7.2.1-1.fc28 Static libraries for the GNU standard C++ library linux/s390x
libstemmer-0-7.585svn.fc27 C stemming algorithm library linux/s390x
libstemmer-devel-0-7.585svn.fc27 C stemming algorithm library developer files linux/s390x
libstoragemgmt-1.6.1-1.fc28 Storage array management library linux/s390x
libstoragemgmt-arcconf-plugin-1.6.1-1.fc28 Files for Microsemi Adaptec and Smart Family support for libstoragemgmt linux/noarch
libstoragemgmt-devel-1.6.1-1.fc28 Development files for libstoragemgmt linux/s390x
libstoragemgmt-hpsa-plugin-1.6.1-1.fc28 Files for HP SmartArray support for libstoragemgmt linux/noarch
libstoragemgmt-local-plugin-1.6.1-1.fc28 Files for local pseudo plugin of libstoragemgmt linux/noarch
libstoragemgmt-megaraid-plugin-1.6.1-1.fc28 Files for LSI MegaRAID support for libstoragemgmt linux/noarch
libstoragemgmt-netapp-plugin-1.6.1-1.fc28 Files for NetApp array support for libstoragemgmt linux/noarch
libstoragemgmt-nfs-plugin-1.6.1-1.fc28 Files for NFS local filesystem support for libstoragemgmt linux/noarch
libstoragemgmt-nfs-plugin-clibs-1.6.1-1.fc28 Python C extension module for libstoragemgmt NFS plugin linux/s390x
libstoragemgmt-nstor-plugin-1.6.1-1.fc28 Files for NexentaStor array support for libstoragemgmt linux/noarch
libstoragemgmt-smis-plugin-1.6.1-1.fc28 Files for SMI-S generic array support for libstoragemgmt linux/noarch
libstoragemgmt-targetd-plugin-1.6.1-1.fc28 Files for targetd array support for libstoragemgmt linux/noarch
libstoragemgmt-udev-1.6.1-1.fc28 Udev files for libstoragemgmt linux/s390x
libstorj-1.0.2-2.fc28 Client library and CLI for encrypted file transfer on the Storj network linux/s390x
libstorj-devel-1.0.2-2.fc28 Development files for libstorj linux/s390x
libstroke-0.5.1-36.fc27 A stroke interface library linux/s390x
libstroke-devel-0.5.1-36.fc27 Development files for the libstroke library linux/s390x
libsurl-0.7.2-11.fc27 A library for generating shortened URLs linux/s390x
libsurl-devel-0.7.2-11.fc27 Development files for libsurl linux/s390x
libsvm-3.21-3.fc26 A Library for Support Vector Machines linux/s390x
libsvm-devel-3.21-3.fc26 Header file, object file, and source files of libsvm in C, C++ and Java linux/s390x
libsvm-java-3.21-3.fc26 Java tools and interfaces for libsvm linux/s390x
libsvm-python-3.21-3.fc26 Python tools and interfaces for libsvm linux/s390x
libsvm-svm-toy-gtk-3.21-3.fc26 GTK version of svm-toy (libsvm demonstration program) linux/s390x
libsvm-svm-toy-qt-3.21-3.fc26 QT version of svm-toy (libsvm demonstration program) linux/s390x
libsynce-0.15.1-13.fc27 Connection library for Pocket PC devices linux/s390x
libsynce-devel-0.15.1-13.fc27 Development libraries and header files for SynCE linux/s390x
libsysfs-2.1.0-22.fc27 Shared library for interfacing with sysfs linux/s390x
libsysfs-devel-2.1.0-22.fc27 Static library and headers for libsysfs linux/s390x
libsysprof-ui-3.26.1-1.fc28 Sysprof UI library linux/s390x
libsysstat-0.3.2-4.fc27 Library used to query system info and statistics linux/s390x
libsysstat-devel-0.3.2-4.fc27 Devel files for libsysstat linux/s390x
libtaginfo-0.2.0-5.fc23 A library for reading media metadata (tags) linux/s390x
libtaginfo-devel-0.2.0-5.fc23 Development files for libtaginfo linux/s390x
libtalloc-2.1.10-4.fc27 The talloc library linux/s390x
libtalloc-devel-2.1.10-4.fc27 Developer tools for the Talloc library linux/s390x
libtar-1.2.20-11.fc27 Tar file manipulation API linux/s390x
libtar-devel-1.2.20-11.fc27 Development files for libtar linux/s390x
libtaskotron-0.4.24-2.fc27 Taskotron Support Library linux/noarch
libtaskotron-config-0.4.24-2.fc27 Configuration files needed for using libtaskotron linux/noarch
libtaskotron-core-0.4.24-2.fc27 The minimal, core parts of libtaskotron linux/noarch
libtaskotron-disposable-0.4.24-2.fc27 disposable client module for libtaskotron linux/noarch
libtaskotron-fedora-0.4.24-2.fc27 Fedora specific module for libtaskotron linux/noarch
libtasn1-4.12-3.fc27 The ASN.1 library used in GNUTLS linux/s390x
libtasn1-devel-4.12-3.fc27 Files for development of applications which will use libtasn1 linux/s390x
libtasn1-tools-4.12-3.fc27 Some ASN.1 tools linux/s390x
libtcd-2.2.7-2.r2.fc27.4 Tide Constituent Database Library linux/s390x
libtcd-devel-2.2.7-2.r2.fc27.4 Development files for libtcd linux/s390x
libtcmu-1.1.3-2.fc26 A library to ease supporting LIO userspace processing linux/s390x
libtcmu-devel-1.1.3-2.fc26 Development headers for libtcmu linux/s390x
libtdb-1.3.15-1.fc28 The tdb library linux/s390x
libtdb-devel-1.3.15-1.fc28 Header files need to link the Tdb library linux/s390x
libteam-1.27-4.fc28 Library for controlling team network device linux/s390x
libteam-devel-1.27-4.fc28 Libraries and header files for libteam development linux/s390x
libteam-doc-1.27-4.fc28 API documentation for libteam and libteamd linux/s390x
libtelnet-0.21-12.fc27 TELNET protocol parsing framework linux/s390x
libtelnet-devel-0.21-12.fc27 Header files for libtelnet linux/s390x
libtelnet-utils-0.21-12.fc27 TELNET utility programs from libtelnet linux/s390x
libtermkey-0.20-1.fc28 Library for easy processing of keyboard entry from terminal-based programs linux/s390xNew
libtermkey-devel-0.20-1.fc28 Development files needed for libtermkey linux/s390xNew
libtevent-0.9.34-1.fc28 The tevent library linux/s390xNew
libtevent-devel-0.9.34-1.fc28 Developer tools for the Tevent library linux/s390xNew
libthai-0.1.27-1.fc28 Thai language support routines linux/s390x
libthai-devel-0.1.27-1.fc28 Thai language support routines linux/s390x
libtheora-1.1.1-18.fc27 Theora Video Compression Codec linux/s390x
libtheora-devel-1.1.1-18.fc27 Development tools for Theora applications linux/s390x
libthrift-java-0.10.0-4.fc27 Java support for thrift linux/noarch
libthrift-javadoc-0.10.0-4.fc27 API documentation for java-thrift linux/noarch
libticables2-1.3.5-4.fc27 Texas Instruments link cables library linux/s390x
libticables2-devel-1.3.5-4.fc27 Development files for libticables2 linux/s390x
libticables2-doc-1.3.5-4.fc27 HTML documentation for libticables2 linux/noarch
libticalcs2-1.1.9-4.fc27 Texas Instruments calculator communication library linux/s390x
libticalcs2-devel-1.1.9-4.fc27 Development files for libticalcs2 linux/s390x
libticalcs2-doc-1.1.9-4.fc27 HTML documentation for libticalcs2 linux/noarch
libticonv-1.1.5-4.fc27 Texas Instruments calculators charsets library linux/s390x
libticonv-devel-1.1.5-4.fc27 Development files for libticonv linux/s390x
libticonv-doc-1.1.5-4.fc27 HTML documentation for libticonv linux/noarch
libtidy-5.4.0-3.fc27 Runtime library for tidy linux/s390x
libtidy-devel-5.4.0-3.fc27 Development files for tidy linux/s390x
libtidyp-1.02-19.fc27 Shared libraries for tidyp linux/s390x
libtidyp-devel-1.02-19.fc27 Development files for libtidyp linux/s390x
libtiff-4.0.8-3.fc27 Library of functions for manipulating TIFF format image files linux/s390x
libtiff-devel-4.0.8-3.fc27 Development tools for programs which will use the libtiff library linux/s390x
libtiff-static-4.0.8-3.fc27 Static TIFF image format file library linux/s390x
libtiff-tools-4.0.8-3.fc27 Command-line utility programs for manipulating TIFF files linux/s390x
libtifiles2-1.1.7-4.fc27 Texas Instruments calculator files library linux/s390x
libtifiles2-devel-1.1.7-4.fc27 Development files for libtifiles2 linux/s390x
libtifiles2-doc-1.1.7-4.fc27 HTML documentation for libtifiles2 linux/noarch
libtiger-0.3.4-14.fc27 Rendering library for Kate streams using Pango and Cairo linux/s390x
libtiger-devel-0.3.4-14.fc27 Development files for libtiger linux/s390x
libtiger-doc-0.3.4-14.fc27 Documentation for libtiger linux/noarch
libtimezonemap- Time zone map widget for Gtk+ linux/s390x
libtimezonemap-devel- Development files for libtimezonemap linux/s390x
libtimidity-0.2.5-1.fc28 MIDI to WAVE converter library linux/s390xNew
libtimidity-devel-0.2.5-1.fc28 Development files for libtimidity linux/s390xNew
libtirpc-1.0.2-4.fc28 Transport Independent RPC Library linux/s390xNew
libtirpc-devel-1.0.2-4.fc28 Development files for the libtirpc library linux/s390xNew
libtnc-1.25-17.fc27 Library implementation of the Trusted Network Connect (TNC) specification linux/s390x
libtnc-devel-1.25-17.fc27 Development headers and libraries for libtnc linux/s390x
libtomcrypt-1.18.0-1.fc28 A comprehensive, portable cryptographic toolkit linux/s390x
libtomcrypt-devel-1.18.0-1.fc28 Development files for libtomcrypt linux/s390x
libtomcrypt-doc-1.18.0-1.fc28 Documentation files for libtomcrypt linux/noarch
libtoml-0-4.20161213git03e8a3a.fc27 Fast C parser using Ragel to generate the state machine. linux/s390x
libtoml-devel-0-4.20161213git03e8a3a.fc27 Development libraries and header files for libtoml linux/s390x
libtommath-1.0.1-1.fc28 A portable number theoretic multiple-precision integer library linux/s390x
libtommath-devel-1.0.1-1.fc28 Development files for libtommath linux/s390x
libtommath-doc-1.0.1-1.fc28 Documentation files for libtommath linux/noarch
libtool-2.4.6-20.fc27 The GNU Portable Library Tool linux/s390x
libtool-ltdl-2.4.6-20.fc27 Runtime libraries for GNU Libtool Dynamic Module Loader linux/s390x
libtool-ltdl-devel-2.4.6-20.fc27 Tools needed for development using the GNU Libtool Dynamic Module Loader linux/s390x
libtopology-0.3-20.fc27 CPU Topology library linux/s390x
libtopology-devel-0.3-20.fc27 CPU Topology library development package linux/s390x
libtopology-doc-0.3-20.fc27 CPU Topology library documentation package linux/noarch
libtorrent-0.13.6-2.fc24 BitTorrent library with a focus on high performance & good code linux/s390x
libtorrent-devel-0.13.6-2.fc24 Libtorrent development environment linux/s390x
libtpcimgio-1.5.10-15.fc27 Turku PET Centre for image file input and output procedures linux/s390x
libtpcimgio-devel-1.5.10-15.fc27 Development files for libtpcimgio linux/s390x
libtpcimgio-static-1.5.10-15.fc27 Static libraries for libtpcimgio linux/s390x
libtpcmisc-1.4.8-15.fc27 Miscellaneous PET functions linux/s390x
libtpcmisc-devel-1.4.8-15.fc27 Development files for libtpcmisc linux/s390x
libtpcmisc-static-1.4.8-15.fc27 Static libraries for libtpcmisc linux/s390x
libtpms-0.5.2-10.fc27 Library providing Trusted Platform Module (TPM) functionality linux/s390x
libtpms-devel-0.5.2-10.fc27 Include files for libtpms linux/s390x
libtranslate-0.99-103.fc27 Natural language translation library linux/s390x
libtranslate-devel-0.99-103.fc27 Natural language translation library, static libs and headers linux/s390x
libtranslit-0.0.3-15.fc27 ASCII to Unicode transliteration library with multiple backends linux/s390x
libtranslit-devel-0.0.3-15.fc27 Development files for libtranslit linux/s390x
libtranslit-icu-0.0.3-15.fc27 Transliteration module using m17n-lib for libtranslit linux/s390x
libtranslit-m17n-0.0.3-15.fc27 Transliteration module using m17n-lib for libtranslit linux/s390x
libtrash-3.3-8.fc27 Libraries to move files to a trash-folder on delete linux/s390x
libtrash-devel-3.3-8.fc27 Libraries to move files to a trash-folder on delete linux/s390x
libtvdb-0.3.0-13.fc27 A library to fetch TV series information from the web service linux/s390x
libtvdb-devel-0.3.0-13.fc27 Development files for libtvdb linux/s390x
libtwin-0.0.3-16.fc27 Tiny Window System linux/s390x
libtwin-devel-0.0.3-16.fc27 Development files for libtwin linux/s390x
libtwin-static-0.0.3-16.fc27 Static build files for libtwin linux/s390x
libu2f-host-1.1.3-3.fc27 Yubico Universal 2nd Factor (U2F) Host C Library linux/s390x
libu2f-host-devel-1.1.3-3.fc27 Development files for libu2f-host linux/s390x
libu2f-server-1.0.1-7.fc27 Yubico Universal 2nd Factor (U2F) Server C Library linux/s390x
libu2f-server-devel-1.0.1-7.fc27 Development files for libu2f-server linux/s390x
libubsan-7.2.1-1.fc28 The Undefined Behavior Sanitizer runtime library linux/s390x
libubsan-static-7.2.1-1.fc28 The Undefined Behavior Sanitizer static library linux/s390x
libucil-0.9.10-15.fc27 Library to render text and graphic overlays onto video images linux/s390x
libucil-devel-0.9.10-15.fc27 Development files for the ucil library linux/s390x
libudisks2-2.7.4-1.fc28 Dynamic library to access the udisksd daemon linux/s390x
libudisks2-devel-2.7.4-1.fc28 Development files for libudisks2 linux/s390x
libuecc-7-4.fc27 Very small Elliptic Curve Cryptography library linux/s390x
libuecc-devel-7-4.fc27 Development files for libuecc linux/s390x
libunicap-0.9.12-20.fc27 Library to access different kinds of (video) capture devices linux/s390x
libunicap-devel-0.9.12-20.fc27 Development files for the unicap library linux/s390x
libunicapgtk-0.9.8-17.fc27 Library to build graphical widgets for the unicap library linux/s390x
libunicapgtk-devel-0.9.8-17.fc27 Development files for the unicapgtk library linux/s390x
libuninameslist-20170701-3.fc27 A library providing Unicode character names and annotations linux/s390x
libuninameslist-devel-20170701-3.fc27 Header files and static libraries for libuninameslist linux/s390x
libuninum-2.7-20.fc27.1 Library for converting unicode strings to numbers linux/s390x
libuninum-devel-2.7-20.fc27.1 Header files, libraries and development documentation for libuninum linux/s390x
libunistring-0.9.7-3.fc27 GNU Unicode string library linux/s390x
libunistring-devel-0.9.7-3.fc27 GNU Unicode string library - development files linux/s390x
libunity-7.1.4-8.20151002.fc27 Library for integrating with Unity and Plasma linux/s390x
libunity-devel-7.1.4-8.20151002.fc27 Development files for libunity linux/s390x
libunity-gtk-parser-devel-0.0.0+17.04.20170403-3.fc27 Common development-files for libunity-gtk{2,3}-parser linux/noarch
libunity-gtk2-parser-0.0.0+17.04.20170403-3.fc27 Gtk2MenuShell to GMenuModel parser linux/s390x
libunity-gtk2-parser-devel-0.0.0+17.04.20170403-3.fc27 Development-files for libunity-gtk2-parser linux/s390x
libunity-gtk3-parser-0.0.0+17.04.20170403-3.fc27 Gtk3MenuShell to GMenuModel parser linux/s390x
libunity-gtk3-parser-devel-0.0.0+17.04.20170403-3.fc27 Development-files for libunity-gtk3-parser linux/s390x
libupnp-1.6.21-3.fc27 Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) SDK linux/s390x
libupnp-devel-1.6.21-3.fc27 Include files needed for development with libupnp linux/s390x
libusal-1.1.11-37.fc27 Library to communicate with SCSI devices linux/s390x
libusal-devel-1.1.11-37.fc27 Development files for libusal linux/s390x
libusb-0.1.5-10.fc27 A library which allows userspace access to USB devices linux/s390x
libusb-devel-0.1.5-10.fc27 Development files for libusb linux/s390x
libusbg-0.1.0-10.fc27 Library for USB gadget-configfs userspace functionality linux/s390x
libusbg-devel-0.1.0-10.fc27 Development package for libusbg linux/s390x
libusbg-utils-0.1.0-10.fc27 Utilities for USB gadget devices linux/s390x
libusbmuxd-1.0.10-8.fc27 Client library USB multiplex daemon for Apple's iOS devices linux/s390x
libusbmuxd-devel-1.0.10-8.fc27 Development package for libusbmuxd linux/s390x
libusbmuxd-utils-1.0.10-8.fc27 Utilities for communicating with Apple's iOS devices linux/s390x
libusbx-1.0.21-4.fc27 Library for accessing USB devices linux/s390x
libusbx-devel-1.0.21-4.fc27 Development files for libusbx linux/s390x
libusbx-devel-doc-1.0.21-4.fc27 Development files for libusbx linux/noarch
libuser-0.62-12.fc28 A user and group account administration library linux/s390x
libuser-devel-0.62-12.fc28 Files needed for developing applications which use libuser linux/s390x
libuser-python3-0.62-12.fc28 Python 3 bindings for the libuser library linux/s390x
libut-2.0.2-3.fc27 Library-implementation of utvector linux/s390x
libut-devel-2.0.2-3.fc27 Development-files for libut linux/s390x
libutempter-1.1.6-11.fc27 A privileged helper for utmp/wtmp updates linux/s390x
libutempter-devel-1.1.6-11.fc27 Development environment for utempter linux/s390x
libuuid-2.31-2.fc28 Universally unique ID library linux/s390x
libuuid-devel-2.31-2.fc28 Universally unique ID library linux/s390x
libuv-1.16.1-1.fc28 Platform layer for node.js linux/s390xNew
libuv-devel-1.16.1-1.fc28 Development libraries for libuv linux/s390xNew
libuv-static-1.16.1-1.fc28 Platform layer for node.js - static library linux/s390xNew
libv4l-1.12.5-5.fc28 Collection of video4linux support libraries linux/s390x
libv4l-devel-1.12.5-5.fc28 Development files for libv4l linux/s390x
libva-1.8.3-4.fc28 Video Acceleration (VA) API for Linux linux/s390x
libva-devel-1.8.3-4.fc28 Development files for libva linux/s390x
libva-utils-1.8.3-4.fc28 Tools for VAAPI (including vainfo) linux/s390x
libva-vdpau-driver-0.7.4-19.fc28 HW video decode support for VDPAU platforms linux/s390x
libvdpau-1.1.1-6.fc28 Wrapper library for the Video Decode and Presentation API linux/s390x
libvdpau-devel-1.1.1-6.fc28 Development files for libvdpau linux/s390x
libvdpau-docs-1.1.1-6.fc28 Documentation for libvdpau linux/noarch
libvdpau-va-gl-0.4.2-6.fc27 VDPAU driver with OpenGL/VAAPI back-end linux/s390x
libverto-0.3.0-1.fc28 Main loop abstraction library linux/s390x
libverto-devel-0.3.0-1.fc28 Development files for libverto linux/s390x
libverto-glib-0.3.0-1.fc28 glib module for libverto linux/s390x
libverto-glib-devel-0.3.0-1.fc28 Development files for libverto-glib linux/s390x
libverto-jsonrpc-0.1.0-9.fc21 JSON-RPC support for libverto linux/s390x
libverto-jsonrpc-devel-0.1.0-9.fc21 Development files for libverto-jsonrpc linux/s390x
libverto-libev-0.3.0-1.fc28 libev module for libverto linux/s390x
libverto-libev-devel-0.3.0-1.fc28 Development files for libverto-libev linux/s390x
libverto-libevent-0.3.0-1.fc28 libevent module for libverto linux/s390x
libverto-libevent-devel-0.3.0-1.fc28 Development files for libverto-libevent linux/s390x
libverto-tevent-0.3.0-1.fc28 tevent module for libverto linux/s390x
libverto-tevent-devel-0.3.0-1.fc28 Development files for libverto-tevent linux/s390x
libvidcap-0.2.1-18.fc27 Cross-platform video capture library linux/s390x
libvidcap-devel-0.2.1-18.fc27 Development files for libvidcap linux/s390x
libvirt-3.9.0-1.fc28 Library providing a simple virtualization API linux/s390x
libvirt-admin-3.9.0-1.fc28 Set of tools to control libvirt daemon linux/s390x
libvirt-cim-0.6.3-8.fc27 A CIM provider for libvirt linux/s390x
libvirt-client-3.9.0-1.fc28 Client side utilities of the libvirt library linux/s390x
libvirt-daemon-3.9.0-1.fc28 Server side daemon and supporting files for libvirt library linux/s390x
libvirt-daemon-config-network-3.9.0-1.fc28 Default configuration files for the libvirtd daemon linux/s390x
libvirt-daemon-config-nwfilter-3.9.0-1.fc28 Network filter configuration files for the libvirtd daemon linux/s390x
libvirt-daemon-driver-interface-3.9.0-1.fc28 Interface driver plugin for the libvirtd daemon linux/s390x
libvirt-daemon-driver-lxc-3.9.0-1.fc28 LXC driver plugin for the libvirtd daemon linux/s390x
libvirt-daemon-driver-network-3.9.0-1.fc28 Network driver plugin for the libvirtd daemon linux/s390x
libvirt-daemon-driver-nodedev-3.9.0-1.fc28 Nodedev driver plugin for the libvirtd daemon linux/s390x
libvirt-daemon-driver-nwfilter-3.9.0-1.fc28 Nwfilter driver plugin for the libvirtd daemon linux/s390x
libvirt-daemon-driver-qemu-3.9.0-1.fc28 QEMU driver plugin for the libvirtd daemon linux/s390x
libvirt-daemon-driver-secret-3.9.0-1.fc28 Secret driver plugin for the libvirtd daemon linux/s390x
libvirt-daemon-driver-storage-3.9.0-1.fc28 Storage driver plugin including all backends for the libvirtd daemon linux/s390x
libvirt-daemon-driver-storage-core-3.9.0-1.fc28 Storage driver plugin including base backends for the libvirtd daemon linux/s390x
libvirt-daemon-driver-storage-disk-3.9.0-1.fc28 Storage driver plugin for disk linux/s390x
libvirt-daemon-driver-storage-gluster-3.9.0-1.fc28 Storage driver plugin for gluster linux/s390x
libvirt-daemon-driver-storage-iscsi-3.9.0-1.fc28 Storage driver plugin for iscsi linux/s390x
libvirt-daemon-driver-storage-logical-3.9.0-1.fc28 Storage driver plugin for lvm volumes linux/s390x
libvirt-daemon-driver-storage-mpath-3.9.0-1.fc28 Storage driver plugin for multipath volumes linux/s390x
libvirt-daemon-driver-storage-rbd-3.9.0-1.fc28 Storage driver plugin for rbd linux/s390x
libvirt-daemon-driver-storage-scsi-3.9.0-1.fc28 Storage driver plugin for local scsi devices linux/s390x
libvirt-daemon-driver-storage-sheepdog-3.9.0-1.fc28 Storage driver plugin for sheepdog linux/s390x
libvirt-daemon-driver-uml-3.9.0-1.fc28 Uml driver plugin for the libvirtd daemon linux/s390x
libvirt-daemon-kvm-3.9.0-1.fc28 Server side daemon & driver required to run KVM guests linux/s390x
libvirt-daemon-lxc-3.9.0-1.fc28 Server side daemon & driver required to run LXC guests linux/s390x
libvirt-daemon-qemu-3.9.0-1.fc28 Server side daemon & driver required to run QEMU guests linux/s390x
libvirt-daemon-uml-3.9.0-1.fc28 Server side daemon & driver required to run UML guests linux/s390x
libvirt-designer-0.0.2-6.fc27 Libvirt configuration designer linux/s390x
libvirt-designer-devel-0.0.2-6.fc27 Libvirt configuration designer development headers linux/s390x
libvirt-designer-devel-doc-0.0.2-6.fc27 Libvirt configuration designer development documentation linux/s390x
libvirt-designer-libs-0.0.2-6.fc27 Libvirt configuration designer libraries linux/s390x
libvirt-designer-vala-0.0.2-6.fc27 Libvirt designer vala language bindings linux/s390x
libvirt-devel-3.9.0-1.fc28 Libraries, includes, etc. to compile with the libvirt library linux/s390x
libvirt-docs-3.9.0-1.fc28 API reference and website documentation linux/s390x
libvirt-gconfig-1.0.0-5.fc28 libvirt object APIs for processing object configuration linux/s390x
libvirt-gconfig-devel-1.0.0-5.fc28 libvirt object APIs for processing object configuration development files linux/s390x
libvirt-glib-1.0.0-5.fc28 libvirt glib integration for events linux/s390x
libvirt-glib-devel-1.0.0-5.fc28 libvirt glib integration for events development files linux/s390x
libvirt-gobject-1.0.0-5.fc28 libvirt object APIs for managing virtualization hosts linux/s390x
libvirt-gobject-devel-1.0.0-5.fc28 libvirt object APIs for managing virtualization hosts development files linux/s390x
libvirt-java-0.4.9-11.fc27 Java bindings for the libvirt virtualization API linux/noarch
libvirt-java-devel-0.4.9-11.fc27 Compressed Java source files for libvirt-java linux/noarch
libvirt-java-javadoc-0.4.9-11.fc27 Java documentation for libvirt-java linux/noarch
libvirt-libs-3.9.0-1.fc28 Client side libraries linux/s390x
libvirt-lock-sanlock-3.9.0-1.fc28 Sanlock lock manager plugin for QEMU driver linux/s390x
libvirt-login-shell-3.9.0-1.fc28 Login shell for connecting users to an LXC container linux/s390x
libvirt-nss-3.9.0-1.fc28 Libvirt plugin for Name Service Switch linux/s390x
libvirt-sandbox-0.6.0-5.fc27 libvirt application sandbox framework linux/s390x
libvirt-sandbox-devel-0.6.0-5.fc27 libvirt application sandbox framework development files linux/s390x
libvirt-sandbox-libs-0.6.0-5.fc27 libvirt application sandbox framework libraries linux/s390x
libvirt-wireshark-3.9.0-1.fc28 Wireshark dissector plugin for libvirt RPC transactions linux/s390x
libvisio-0.1.6-1.fc28 A library for import of Microsoft Visio diagrams linux/s390x
libvisio-devel-0.1.6-1.fc28 Development files for libvisio linux/s390x
libvisio-doc-0.1.6-1.fc28 Documentation of libvisio API linux/noarch
libvisio-tools-0.1.6-1.fc28 Tools to transform Microsoft Visio diagrams into other formats linux/s390x
libvisual-0.4.0-23.fc27 Abstraction library for audio visualisation plugins linux/s390x
libvisual-devel-0.4.0-23.fc27 Development files for libvisual linux/s390x
libvncserver-0.9.11-4.fc27.1 Library to make writing a VNC server easy linux/s390x
libvncserver-devel-0.9.11-4.fc27.1 Development files for libvncserver linux/s390x
libvoikko-3.8-6.fc28 Voikko is a library for spellcheckers and hyphenators linux/s390x
libvoikko-devel-3.8-6.fc28 Development files for libvoikko linux/s390x
libvorbis-1.3.5-4.fc27 The Vorbis General Audio Compression Codec linux/s390x
libvorbis-devel-1.3.5-4.fc27 Development tools for Vorbis applications linux/s390x
libvorbis-devel-docs-1.3.5-4.fc27 Documentation for developing Vorbis applications linux/noarch
libvpx-1.6.1-4.fc27 VP8/VP9 Video Codec SDK linux/s390x
libvpx-devel-1.6.1-4.fc27 Development files for libvpx linux/s390x
libvpx-utils-1.6.1-4.fc27 VP8 utilities and tools linux/s390x
libvtemm-0.25.0-14.fc27 C++ interface for VTE (a GTK2 terminal emulator widget) linux/s390x
libvtemm-devel-0.25.0-14.fc27 Headers for developing programs that will use libvtemm linux/s390x
libvtemm-docs-0.25.0-14.fc27 Documentation for libvtemm, includes full API docs linux/s390x
libvterm-0-0.4.bzr681.fc27 An abstract library implementation of a VT220/xterm/ECMA-48 terminal emulator linux/s390x
libvterm-devel-0-0.4.bzr681.fc27 Development files needed for libvterm linux/s390x
libvterm-tools-0-0.4.bzr681.fc27 Tools for libvterm linux/s390x
libwacom-0.26-2.fc28 Tablet Information Client Library linux/s390x
libwacom-data-0.26-2.fc28 Tablet Information Client Library Library Data Files linux/noarch
libwacom-devel-0.26-2.fc28 Tablet Information Client Library Library Development Package linux/s390x
libwapcaplet-0.4.0-4.fc27 A string internment library linux/s390x
libwapcaplet-devel-0.4.0-4.fc27 Development files for libwapcaplet linux/s390x
libwayland-client-1.14.0-1.fc27 Wayland client library linux/s390x
libwayland-cursor-1.14.0-1.fc27 Wayland cursor library linux/s390x
libwayland-server-1.14.0-1.fc27 Wayland server library linux/s390x
libwbclient-4.7.2-0.fc28 The winbind client library linux/s390xNew
libwbclient-devel-4.7.2-0.fc28 Developer tools for the winbind library linux/s390xNew
libwbxml-0.11.6-1.fc27 Library and tools to parse, encode and handle WBXML documents linux/s390x
libwbxml-devel-0.11.6-1.fc27 Development files of libwbxml linux/s390x
libwebcam-0.2.2-11.fc27 A library for user-space configuration of the uvcvideo driver linux/s390x
libwebcam-devel-0.2.2-11.fc27 Development libraries and headers for libwebcam linux/s390x
libwebp-0.6.0-4.fc27 Library and tools for the WebP graphics format linux/s390x
libwebp-devel-0.6.0-4.fc27 Development files for libwebp, a library for the WebP format linux/s390x
libwebp-java-0.6.0-4.fc27 Java bindings for libwebp, a library for the WebP format linux/s390x
libwebp-tools-0.6.0-4.fc27 The WebP command line tools linux/s390x
libwebsockets-2.4.0-1.fc28 A lightweight C library for Websockets linux/s390x
libwebsockets-devel-2.4.0-1.fc28 Headers for developing programs that will use libwebsockets linux/s390x
libwebsockets-tests-2.4.0-1.fc28 Tests to use with libwebsockets linux/s390x
libwfut-0.2.3-13.fc28 Software updater tool for WorldForge applications linux/s390x
libwfut-devel-0.2.3-13.fc28 Development files for libwfut library linux/s390x
libwhirlpool-1.0-5.fc27 Whirlpool cryptographic hash function library linux/s390x
libwhirlpool-devel-1.0-5.fc27 Development files for libwhirlpool linux/s390x
libwiimote-0.4-21.fc27 Simple Wiimote Library for Linux linux/s390x
libwiimote-devel-0.4-21.fc27 Development files for libwiimote linux/s390x
libwinpr-2.0.0-34.20170831git3b83526.fc28 Windows Portable Runtime linux/s390x
libwinpr-devel-2.0.0-34.20170831git3b83526.fc28 Windows Portable Runtime development files linux/s390x
libwmf- Windows MetaFile Library linux/s390x
libwmf-devel- Support files necessary to compile applications with libwmf linux/s390x
libwmf-lite- Windows Metafile parser library linux/s390x
libwnck-2.31.0-9.fc27 Window Navigator Construction Kit linux/s390x
libwnck-devel-2.31.0-9.fc27 Libraries and headers for libwnck linux/s390x
libwnck3-3.24.1-1.fc27 Window Navigator Construction Kit linux/s390x
libwnck3-devel-3.24.1-1.fc27 Libraries and headers for libwnck linux/s390x
libwpd-0.10.2-1.fc28 A library for import of WordPerfect documents linux/s390x
libwpd-devel-0.10.2-1.fc28 Files for developing with libwpd linux/s390x
libwpd-doc-0.10.2-1.fc28 Documentation of libwpd API linux/noarch
libwpd-tools-0.10.2-1.fc28 Tools to transform WordPerfect documents into other formats linux/s390x
libwpg-0.3.2-1.fc28 A library for import of WordPerfect Graphics images linux/s390x
libwpg-devel-0.3.2-1.fc28 Development files for libwpg linux/s390x
libwpg-doc-0.3.2-1.fc28 Documentation of libwpg API linux/noarch
libwpg-tools-0.3.2-1.fc28 Tools to convert WordPerfect Graphics images to other formats linux/s390x
libwps-0.4.7-3.fc27 A library for import of Microsoft Works documents linux/s390x
libwps-devel-0.4.7-3.fc27 Development files for libwps linux/s390x
libwps-doc-0.4.7-3.fc27 Documentation of libwps API linux/noarch
libwps-tools-0.4.7-3.fc27 Tools to transform Microsoft Works documents into other formats linux/s390x
libwsman-devel-2.6.3-9.git4391e5c.fc28 Open source Implementation of WS-Management linux/s390x
libwsman1-2.6.3-9.git4391e5c.fc28 Open source Implementation of WS-Management linux/s390x
libwvstreams-4.6.1-21.fc27 WvStreams is a network programming library written in C++ linux/s390x
libwvstreams-devel-4.6.1-21.fc27 Development files for WvStreams linux/s390x
libwvstreams-static-4.6.1-21.fc27 Static libraries files for WvStreams linux/s390x
libx86emu-1.11-3.fc28 x86 emulation library linux/s390xNew
libx86emu-devel-1.11-3.fc28 Development files for libx86emu linux/s390xNew
libxc-4.0.1-1.fc28 Library of exchange and correlation functionals for density-functional theory linux/s390x
libxc-devel-4.0.1-1.fc28 Development library and headers for libxc linux/s390x
libxcb-1.12-5.fc27 A C binding to the X11 protocol linux/s390x
libxcb-devel-1.12-5.fc27 Development files for libxcb linux/s390x
libxcb-doc-1.12-5.fc27 Documentation for libxcb linux/noarch
libxdg-basedir-1.2.0-12.fc27 Implementation of the XDG Base Directory Specifications linux/s390x
libxdg-basedir-devel-1.2.0-12.fc27 Development files for libxdg-basedir linux/s390x
libxdg-basedir-doc-1.2.0-12.fc27 Documentation files for libxdg-basedir linux/s390x
libxdiff-1.0-10.fc27 Basic functionality to create difference/patches in binary and text linux/s390x
libxdiff-devel-1.0-10.fc27 Development libraries and headers for libxdiff linux/s390x
libxdo-3.20150503.1-5.fc27 Keyboard input simulation library linux/s390x
libxdo-devel-3.20150503.1-5.fc27 Development files for libxdo linux/s390x
libxfce4ui-4.12.1-8.fc27 Commonly used Xfce widgets linux/s390x
libxfce4ui-devel-4.12.1-8.fc27 Development files for libxfce4ui linux/s390x
libxfce4util-4.12.1-6.fc27 Utility library for the Xfce4 desktop environment linux/s390x
libxfce4util-devel-4.12.1-6.fc27 Developpment tools for libxfce4util library linux/s390x
libxkbcommon-0.7.1-5.fc27 X.Org X11 XKB parsing library linux/s390x
libxkbcommon-devel-0.7.1-5.fc27 X.Org X11 XKB parsing development package linux/s390x
libxkbcommon-x11-0.7.1-5.fc27 X.Org X11 XKB keymap creation library linux/s390x
libxkbcommon-x11-devel-0.7.1-5.fc27 X.Org X11 XKB keymap creation library linux/s390x
libxkbfile-1.0.9-6.fc27 X.Org X11 libxkbfile runtime library linux/s390x
libxkbfile-devel-1.0.9-6.fc27 X.Org X11 libxkbfile development package linux/s390x
libxklavier-5.4-9.fc27 High-level API for X Keyboard Extension linux/s390x
libxklavier-devel-5.4-9.fc27 Development files for libxklavier linux/s390x
libxml-1.8.17-39.fc27 Old XML library for Gnome-1 application compatibility linux/s390x
libxml++-2.40.1-5.fc27 C++ wrapper for the libxml2 XML parser library linux/s390x
libxml++-devel-2.40.1-5.fc27 Development files for libxml++ linux/s390x
libxml++-doc-2.40.1-5.fc27 Documentation for libxml++, includes full API docs linux/noarch
libxml++30-3.0.1-1.fc28 C++ wrapper for the libxml2 XML parser library linux/s390x
libxml++30-devel-3.0.1-1.fc28 Development files for libxml++30 linux/s390x
libxml++30-doc-3.0.1-1.fc28 Documentation for libxml++30, includes full API docs linux/noarch
libxml-devel-1.8.17-39.fc27 Libraries, includes, etc. to build old libxml-based applications linux/s390x
libxml2-2.9.5-2.fc28 Library providing XML and HTML support linux/s390x
libxml2-devel-2.9.5-2.fc28 Libraries, includes, etc. to develop XML and HTML applications linux/s390x
libxml2-static-2.9.5-2.fc28 Static library for libxml2 linux/s390x
libxmp-4.4.1-4.fc27 A multi-format module playback library linux/s390x
libxmp-devel-4.4.1-4.fc27 A multi-format module playback library development files linux/s390x
libxnm-0.1.3-18.fc27 A library for parsing the XNM format linux/s390x
libxnm-devel-0.1.3-18.fc27 Development files for libxnm linux/s390x
libxshmfence-1.2-6.fc27 X11 shared memory fences linux/s390x
libxshmfence-devel-1.2-6.fc27 Development files for libxshmfence linux/s390x
libxslt-1.1.30-2.fc28 Library providing the Gnome XSLT engine linux/s390x
libxslt-devel-1.1.30-2.fc28 Development files for libxslt linux/s390x
libxtide-2.15.1-4.fc28 XTide library linux/s390x
libxtide-devel-2.15.1-4.fc28 Development files for libxtide linux/s390x
libyahoo2-1.0.1-11.fc26 Library for the Yahoo! Messenger Protocol linux/s390x
libyahoo2-devel-1.0.1-11.fc26 Headers and development files for libyahoo2 linux/s390x
libyaml-0.1.7-4.fc27 YAML 1.1 parser and emitter written in C linux/s390x
libyaml-devel-0.1.7-4.fc27 Development files for LibYAML applications linux/s390x
libyaz-5.14.11-8.fc27 Shared libraries for yaz linux/s390x
libyaz-devel-5.14.11-8.fc27 Development files for yaz linux/s390x
libykneomgr-0.1.8-6.fc27 YubiKey NEO CCID Manager C Library linux/s390x
libykneomgr-devel-0.1.8-6.fc27 Development files for libykneomgr linux/s390x
libytnef-1.9.2-5.fc28 TNEF Stream Reader Library linux/s390x
libytnef-devel-1.9.2-5.fc28 Development files for libytnef linux/s390x
libyubikey-1.13-5.fc27 C library for decrypting and parsing Yubikey One-time passwords linux/s390x
libyubikey-devel-1.13-5.fc27 Development files for libyubikey linux/s390x
libyui-3.3.3-1.fc28 GUI-abstraction library linux/s390x
libyui-devel-3.3.3-1.fc28 Files needed for developing with libyui linux/s390x
libyui-doc-3.3.3-1.fc28 Documentation files for libyui linux/noarch
libyui-gtk-2.44.9-9.fc28 Gtk3 User Interface for libyui linux/s390x
libyui-gtk-devel-2.44.9-9.fc28 Files needed for developing with libyui-gtk linux/s390x
libyui-gtk-doc-2.44.9-9.fc28 Documentation files for libyui-gtk linux/noarch
libyui-mga-1.0.8-0.13.gita6a160e.20160313.fc28 Libyui extensions for Mageia tools linux/s390x
libyui-mga-devel-1.0.8-0.13.gita6a160e.20160313.fc28 Files needed for developing with libyui-mga linux/s390x
libyui-mga-doc-1.0.8-0.13.gita6a160e.20160313.fc28 Documentation files for libyui-mga linux/noarch
libyui-mga-gtk-1.0.2-0.14.git22f2cf6.20131215.fc28 Libyui-Gtk extensions for Mageia tools linux/s390x
libyui-mga-gtk-devel-1.0.2-0.14.git22f2cf6.20131215.fc28 Files needed for developing with libyui-mga-gtk linux/s390x
libyui-mga-gtk-doc-1.0.2-0.14.git22f2cf6.20131215.fc28 Documentation files for libyui-mga-gtk linux/noarch
libyui-mga-ncurses-1.0.2-0.14.git026f2e6.20131215.fc28 Libyui-Ncurses extensions for Mageia tools linux/s390x
libyui-mga-ncurses-devel-1.0.2-0.14.git026f2e6.20131215.fc28 Files needed for developing with libyui-mga-ncurses linux/s390x
libyui-mga-ncurses-doc-1.0.2-0.14.git026f2e6.20131215.fc28 Documentation files for libyui-mga-ncurses linux/noarch
libyui-mga-qt-1.0.3-0.14.gitb508e88.20140119.fc28 Libyui-Qt extensions for Mageia tools linux/s390x
libyui-mga-qt-devel-1.0.3-0.14.gitb508e88.20140119.fc28 Files needed for developing with libyui-mga-qt linux/s390x
libyui-mga-qt-doc-1.0.3-0.14.gitb508e88.20140119.fc28 Documentation files for libyui-mga-qt linux/noarch
libyui-ncurses-2.48.3-2.fc28 Character Based User Interface for libyui linux/s390x
libyui-ncurses-devel-2.48.3-2.fc28 Files needed for developing with libyui-ncurses linux/s390x
libyui-ncurses-doc-2.48.3-2.fc28 Documentation files for libyui-ncurses linux/noarch
libyui-qt-2.47.1-10.fc28 Qt User Interface for libyui linux/s390x
libyui-qt-devel-2.47.1-10.fc28 Files needed for developing with libyui-qt linux/s390x
libyui-qt-doc-2.47.1-10.fc28 Documentation files for libyui-qt linux/noarch
libyui-qt-graph-2.44.6-1.fc28 Qt Graph Widget for libyui linux/s390x
libyui-qt-graph-devel-2.44.6-1.fc28 Files needed for developing with libyui-qt-graph linux/s390x
libyui-qt-graph-doc-2.44.6-1.fc28 Documentation files for libyui-qt-graph linux/noarch
libyuv-0-0.28.20121221svn522.fc27 YUV conversion and scaling functionality library linux/s390x
libyuv-devel-0-0.28.20121221svn522.fc27 The development files for libyuv linux/s390x
libzapojit-0.0.3-12.fc27 GLib/GObject wrapper for the OneDrive and Hotmail REST APIs linux/s390x
libzapojit-devel-0.0.3-12.fc27 Development files for libzapojit linux/s390x
libzdb-3.1-5.fc28 Small, easy to use Database Connection Pool Library linux/s390x
libzdb-devel-3.1-5.fc28 Development files for libzdb linux/s390x
libzeitgeist-0.3.18-13.fc27 Client library for applications that want to interact with the Zeitgeist daemon linux/s390x
libzeitgeist-devel-0.3.18-13.fc27 Development files for libzeitgeist(s390-64) linux/s390x
libzen-0.4.37-1.fc28 Shared library for libmediainfo and medianfo* linux/s390x
libzen-devel-0.4.37-1.fc28 Include files and mandatory libraries for development linux/s390x
libzen-doc-0.4.37-1.fc28 Documentation for libzen linux/noarch
libzfcphbaapi-2.1.1-8.fc27 HBA API for the zFCP device driver linux/s390x
libzfcphbaapi-docs-2.1.1-8.fc27 zFCP HBA API Library -- Documentation linux/s390x
libzhuyin-2.1.0-1.fc28 Library to deal with zhuyin linux/s390x
libzip-1.3.0-2.fc28 C library for reading, creating, and modifying zip archives linux/s390xNew
libzip-devel-1.3.0-2.fc28 Development files for libzip linux/s390xNew
libzip-tools-1.3.0-2.fc28 Command line tools from libzip linux/s390xNew
libzmf-0.0.2-1.fc28 A library for import of Zoner document formats linux/s390x
libzmf-devel-0.0.2-1.fc28 Development files for libzmf linux/s390x
libzmf-doc-0.0.2-1.fc28 Documentation of libzmf API linux/noarch
libzmf-tools-0.0.2-1.fc28 Tools to transform Zoner documents into other formats linux/s390x
libzrtpcpp-4.6.6-3.fc27 ZRTP support library for the GNU ccRTP stack linux/s390x
libzrtpcpp-devel-4.6.6-3.fc27 Development files for libzrtpcpp linux/s390x
libzstd-1.3.2-1.fc28 Zstd shared library linux/s390xNew
libzstd-devel-1.3.2-1.fc28 Header files for Zstd library linux/s390xNew
libzwerg-0.2-7.fc27 Library for querying Dwarf (debuginfo) graphs linux/s390x
libzwerg-devel-0.2-7.fc27 Headers and shared development libraries for libzwerg linux/s390x
libzypp-16.15.6-1.fc28 A package management library linux/s390x
libzypp-devel-16.15.6-1.fc28 Development files for libzypp linux/s390x
libzypp-devel-doc-16.15.6-1.fc28 Documentation for development using libzypp linux/noarch
licensecheck-3.0.31-2.fc28 Simple license checker for source files linux/noarch
lifeograph-1.4.2-4.fc27 A diary program linux/s390x
liferea-1.12-0.3.rc3.fc27 An RSS/RDF feed reader linux/s390x
light-1.0-1.fc28 Control backlight controllers linux/s390x
light-locker-1.8.0-1.fc28 A simple session-locker for lightdm linux/s390x
light-theme-gnome-16.10-3.20171012bzr584.fc28 Ambiance and Radiance GNOME themes linux/noarch
lightcouch-0.1.8-4.fc27 CouchDB Java API linux/noarch
lightcouch-javadoc-0.1.8-4.fc27 Javadoc for lightcouch linux/noarch
lightdm-1.24.0-1.fc28 A cross-desktop Display Manager linux/s390x
lightdm-autologin-greeter-1.0-5.fc28 Autologin greeter using LightDM linux/noarch
lightdm-gobject-1.24.0-1.fc28 LightDM GObject client library linux/s390x
lightdm-gobject-devel-1.24.0-1.fc28 Development files for lightdm-gobject linux/s390x
lightdm-gtk-2.0.3-4.fc28 LightDM GTK Greeter linux/s390x
lightdm-gtk-greeter-settings-1.2.0-7.fc27 Settings editor for LightDM GTK+ Greeter linux/noarch
lightdm-qt-1.24.0-1.fc28 LightDM Qt4 client library linux/s390x
lightdm-qt-devel-1.24.0-1.fc28 Development files for lightdm-qt linux/s390x
lightdm-qt5-1.24.0-1.fc28 LightDM Qt5 client library linux/s390x
lightdm-qt5-devel-1.24.0-1.fc28 Development files for lightdm-qt5 linux/s390x
lightdm-settings-1.1.3-1.fc28 Configuration tool for the LightDM display manager linux/noarchNew
lightning-2.1.2-1.fc28 Library for generating assembly code on run time linux/s390x
lightning-devel-2.1.2-1.fc28 Header for the lightning package linux/s390x
lightsoff-3.26.0-1.fc28 GNOME Lightsoff game linux/s390x
lightsquid-1.8-21.fc27 Light, small, and fast log analyzer for squid proxy linux/noarch
lightsquid-apache-1.8-21.fc27 Web Controls for lightsquid linux/noarch
lighttpd-1.4.48-1.fc28 Lightning fast webserver with light system requirements linux/s390xNew
lighttpd-fastcgi-1.4.48-1.fc28 FastCGI module and spawning helper for lighttpd and PHP configuration linux/s390xNew
lighttpd-filesystem-1.4.48-1.fc28 The basic directory layout for lighttpd linux/noarchNew
lighttpd-mod_authn_gssapi-1.4.48-1.fc28 Authentication module for lighttpd that uses GSSAPI linux/s390xNew
lighttpd-mod_authn_mysql-1.4.48-1.fc28 Authentication module for lighttpd that uses a MySQL database linux/s390xNew
lighttpd-mod_geoip-1.4.48-1.fc28 GeoIP module for lighttpd to use for location lookups linux/s390xNew
lighttpd-mod_mysql_vhost-1.4.48-1.fc28 Virtual host module for lighttpd that uses a MySQL database linux/s390xNew
lilv-0.24.2-4.fc28 An LV2 Resource Description Framework Library linux/s390x
lilv-devel-0.24.2-4.fc28 Development libraries and headers for lilv linux/s390x
lilypond-2.19.80-1.fc28 A typesetting system for music notation linux/s390x
lilypond-doc-2.19.80-1.fc28 HTML documentation for LilyPond linux/noarch
lilypond-emmentaler-fonts-2.19.80-1.fc28 Lilypond emmentaler fonts linux/noarch
lilypond-fonts-common-2.19.80-1.fc28 Lilypond fonts common dir linux/noarch
lilypond-texgyre-cursor-fonts-2.19.80-1.fc28 Lilypond texgyrecursor fonts linux/noarch
lilypond-texgyre-heros-fonts-2.19.80-1.fc28 Lilypond texgyreheros fonts linux/noarch
lilypond-texgyre-schola-fonts-2.19.80-1.fc28 Lilypond texgyreschola fonts linux/noarch
lilyterm- Light and easy to use X Terminal Emulator linux/s390x
limnoria-20170127-2.fc27 A modified version of Supybot (an IRC bot) with enhancements and bug fixes linux/noarch
linbox-1.4.2-11.fc28 C++ Library for High-Performance Exact Linear Algebra linux/s390x
linbox-devel-1.4.2-11.fc28 Development libraries/headers for linbox linux/s390x
linbox-doc-1.4.2-11.fc28 Documentation for linbox linux/noarch
lincity-ng-2.9-0.13.20160605git7f266b1.fc27 City Simulation Game linux/s390x
lincity-ng-data-2.9-0.13.20160605git7f266b1.fc27 Data files needed to run lincity-ng linux/noarch
linenoise-0-11.git7946e2c.fc27 Minimal replacement for readline linux/s390x
linenoise-devel-0-11.git7946e2c.fc27 Development files for linenoise linux/s390x
lingot-0.9.1-15.fc27 A musical instruments tuner linux/s390x
link-grammar-5.4.2-1.fc28 A full-service natural language dependency parser linux/s390x
link-grammar-devel-5.4.2-1.fc28 Support files necessary to compile applications with liblink-grammar linux/s390x
link-grammar-java-5.4.2-1.fc28 Java libraries for liblink-grammar linux/s390x
link-grammar-java-devel-5.4.2-1.fc28 Support files necessary to compile Java applications with liblink-grammar linux/s390x
link-grammar-perl-5.4.2-1.fc28 Perl libraries for liblink-grammar linux/s390x
link-grammar-python2-5.4.2-1.fc28 Python 2 libraries for liblink-grammar linux/s390x
link-grammar-python3-5.4.2-1.fc28 Python 3 libraries for liblink-grammar linux/s390x
linkchecker-9.3.1-1.fc27 Check HTML documents for broken links linux/s390x
linkchecker-gui-9.3.1-1.fc27 GUI program for linkchecker linux/s390x
links-2.14-3.fc27 Web browser running in both graphics and text mode linux/s390x
linode-cli-1.4.5-8.fc27 Official command-line interface to the Linode platform linux/noarch
linphone-3.6.1-20.fc27 Phone anywhere in the whole world by using the Internet linux/s390x
linphone-devel-3.6.1-20.fc27 Development libraries for linphone linux/s390x
linphone-mediastreamer-3.6.1-20.fc27 A media streaming library for telephony applications linux/s390x
linphone-mediastreamer-devel-3.6.1-20.fc27 Development libraries for mediastreamer2 linux/s390x
linpsk-1.2-12.fc27 Psk31 and RTTY program for Linux linux/s390x
linsim-2.0.3-1.fc28 Tool for Amateur Radio Digital Mode evaluation linux/s390xNew
linsmith-0.99.30-5.fc27 A Smith charting program linux/s390x
linux-atm-2.5.1-19.fc27 Tools to support ATM networking under Linux linux/s390x
linux-atm-libs-2.5.1-19.fc27 Linux ATM API library linux/s390x
linux-atm-libs-devel-2.5.1-19.fc27 Development files for Linux ATM API library linux/s390x
linux-firmware-20171009-78.gitbf04291.fc28 Firmware files used by the Linux kernel linux/noarch
linux-igd-1.0-24.fc27 The Linux UPNP Internet GATEWAY DEVICE linux/s390x
linux-libertine-biolinum-fonts-5.3.0-10.2012_07_02.fc27 Sans-serif fonts from Linux Libertine Open Fonts linux/noarch
linux-libertine-fonts-5.3.0-10.2012_07_02.fc27 Linux Libertine Open Fonts linux/noarch
linux-libertine-fonts-common-5.3.0-10.2012_07_02.fc27 Common files for Linux Libertine Open Fonts linux/noarch
linux-user-chroot-2015.1-5.fc27 Helper program for calling chroot(2) as non-root linux/s390x
linux_logo-5.11-18.fc27 Show a logo with some system info on the console linux/s390x
linuxconsoletools-1.6.0-1.fc28 Tools for connecting joysticks & legacy devices to the kernel's input subsystem linux/s390xNew
linuxdoc-tools-0.9.72-3.fc27 A text formatting package based on SGML linux/s390x
linuxptp-1.8-4.fc27 PTP implementation for Linux linux/s390x
liquibase-3.5.1-1.fc25 Database Refactoring Tool linux/noarch
liquibase-cdi-3.5.1-1.fc25 Liquibase CDI linux/noarch
liquibase-javadoc-3.5.1-1.fc25 API documentation for liquibase linux/noarch
liquibase-maven-plugin-3.5.1-1.fc25 Maven plugin for liquibase linux/noarch
liquibase-parent-3.5.1-1.fc25 Liquibase Parent Configuration POM linux/noarch
liquidwar-5.6.4-26.fc27 Multiplayer wargame with liquid armies linux/s390x
liquidwar-doc-5.6.4-26.fc27 Documentation for the LiquidWar game in additional formats linux/s390x
liquidwar-server-5.6.4-26.fc27 Network game server for the LiquidWar game linux/s390x
lirc-compat-0.10.0-3.fc28 Compatibility package installing all lirc packages linux/s390x
lirc-config-0.10.0-3.fc28 LIRC Configuration Tools and Data linux/noarch
lirc-core-0.10.0-3.fc28 LIRC core, always needed to run LIRC linux/s390x
lirc-devel-0.10.0-3.fc28 Development files for LIRC linux/s390x
lirc-disable-kernel-rc-0.10.0-3.fc28 Disable kernel ir device handling in favor of lirc linux/noarch
lirc-doc-0.10.0-3.fc28 LIRC documentation linux/noarch
lirc-drv-ftdi-0.10.0-3.fc28 Ftdi LIRC User-Space Driver linux/s390x
lirc-drv-iguanair-1.1.0-23.fc27 lirc plugin for iguanair user-space driver linux/s390x
lirc-drv-irman-0.5.2-6.fc27 lircd(8) plugin for handling IrMan devices. linux/s390x
lirc-drv-portaudio-0.10.0-3.fc28 Portaudio LIRC User-Space Driver linux/s390x
lirc-libs-0.10.0-3.fc28 LIRC libraries linux/s390x
lirc-tools-gui-0.10.0-3.fc28 LIRC GUI tools linux/s390x
lis-2.0.3-2.fc28 A library for solving linear equations and eigenvalue problems linux/s390xNew
lis-bin-2.0.3-2.fc28 lis executables linux/s390xNew
lis-devel-2.0.3-2.fc28 Development headers and library for lis linux/s390xNew
lis-doc-2.0.3-2.fc28 Developer documentation for lis linux/noarchNew
litmus-0.13-16.fc27 WebDAV server compliance test suite linux/s390x
littleproxy-1.1.0-2.fc27 High Performance HTTP Proxy linux/noarch
littleproxy-javadoc-1.1.0-2.fc27 Javadoc for littleproxy linux/noarch
livecd-tools-25.0-1.fc28 Tools for building live CDs linux/s390x
lizardfs-adm-3.11.3-1.fc28 LizardFS administration utility linux/s390x
lizardfs-cgi-3.11.3-1.fc28 LizardFS CGI Monitor linux/s390x
lizardfs-cgiserv-3.11.3-1.fc28 Simple CGI-capable HTTP server to run LizardFS CGI Monitor linux/s390x
lizardfs-chunkserver-3.11.3-1.fc28 LizardFS data server linux/s390x
lizardfs-client-3.11.3-1.fc28 LizardFS client linux/s390x
lizardfs-master-3.11.3-1.fc28 LizardFS master server linux/s390x
lizardfs-metalogger-3.11.3-1.fc28 LizardFS metalogger server linux/s390x
lklug-fonts-0.6-16.20090803cvs.fc27 Fonts for Sinhala language linux/noarch
lksctp-tools-1.0.16-8.fc27 User-space access to Linux Kernel SCTP linux/s390x
lksctp-tools-devel-1.0.16-8.fc27 Development files for lksctp-tools linux/s390x
lksctp-tools-doc-1.0.16-8.fc27 Documents pertaining to SCTP linux/s390x
llconf-0.4.6-11.fc27 Loss-less configuration file parser linux/s390x
llconf-devel-0.4.6-11.fc27 Development files for llconf linux/s390x
llconf-libs-0.4.6-11.fc27 Loss-less configuration file parser library linux/s390x
lld-5.0.0-1.fc28 The LLVM Linker linux/s390x
lld-devel-5.0.0-1.fc28 Libraries and header files for LLD linux/s390x
lld-libs-5.0.0-1.fc28 LLD shared libraries linux/s390x
lldpad-1.0.1-8.git036e314.fc27 Intel LLDP Agent linux/s390x
lldpad-devel-1.0.1-8.git036e314.fc27 Development files for lldpad linux/s390x
lldpd-0.9.8-1.fc28 ISC-licensed implementation of LLDP linux/s390x
lldpd-devel-0.9.8-1.fc28 ISC-licensed implementation of LLDP linux/s390x
llvm-5.0.0-4.fc28 The Low Level Virtual Machine linux/s390x
llvm-devel-5.0.0-4.fc28 Libraries and header files for LLVM linux/s390x
llvm-doc-5.0.0-4.fc28 Documentation for LLVM linux/noarch
llvm-libs-5.0.0-4.fc28 LLVM shared libraries linux/s390x
llvm-static-5.0.0-4.fc28 LLVM static libraries linux/s390x
llvm3.7-3.7.1-7.fc27 The Low Level Virtual Machine linux/s390x
llvm3.7-devel-3.7.1-7.fc27 Libraries and header files for LLVM linux/s390x
llvm3.7-doc-3.7.1-7.fc27 Documentation for LLVM linux/noarch
llvm3.7-libs-3.7.1-7.fc27 LLVM shared libraries linux/s390x
llvm3.7-static-3.7.1-7.fc27 LLVM static libraries linux/s390x
llvm3.9-3.9.1-11.fc27 The Low Level Virtual Machine Version 3.9 linux/s390x
llvm3.9-devel-3.9.1-11.fc27 Libraries and header files for LLVM 3.9 linux/s390x
llvm3.9-libs-3.9.1-11.fc27 LLVM 3.9 shared libraries linux/s390x
llvm3.9-static-3.9.1-11.fc27 LLVM 3.9 static libraries linux/s390x
llvm34-3.4.2-10.fc26 The Low Level Virtual Machine linux/s390x
llvm34-devel-3.4.2-10.fc26 Libraries and header files for LLVM linux/s390x
llvm34-doc-3.4.2-10.fc26 Documentation for LLVM linux/noarch
llvm34-libs-3.4.2-10.fc26 LLVM shared libraries linux/s390x
llvm34-static-3.4.2-10.fc26 LLVM static libraries linux/s390x
llvm35-3.5.2-4.fc26 The Low Level Virtual Machine linux/s390x
llvm35-devel-3.5.2-4.fc26 Libraries and header files for LLVM linux/s390x
llvm35-doc-3.5.2-4.fc26 Documentation for LLVM linux/noarch
llvm35-libs-3.5.2-4.fc26 LLVM shared libraries linux/s390x
llvm35-static-3.5.2-4.fc26 LLVM static libraries linux/s390x
llvm4.0-4.0.1-1.fc28 The Low Level Virtual Machine linux/s390x
llvm4.0-devel-4.0.1-1.fc28 Libraries and header files for LLVM linux/s390x
llvm4.0-doc-4.0.1-1.fc28 Documentation for LLVM linux/noarch
llvm4.0-libs-4.0.1-1.fc28 LLVM shared libraries linux/s390x
llvm4.0-static-4.0.1-1.fc28 LLVM 4.0 static libraries linux/s390x
lm_sensors-3.4.0-8.fc27 Hardware monitoring tools linux/s390x
lm_sensors-devel-3.4.0-8.fc27 Development files for programs which will use lm_sensors linux/s390x
lm_sensors-libs-3.4.0-8.fc27 Lm_sensors core libraries linux/s390x
lm_sensors-sensord-3.4.0-8.fc27 Daemon that periodically logs sensor readings linux/s390x
lmarbles-1.0.7-25.fc27 Atomix clone where you create figures out of marbles linux/s390x
lmdb-0.9.21-3.fc27 Memory-mapped key-value database linux/s390x
lmdb-devel-0.9.21-3.fc27 Development files for lmdb linux/s390x
lmdb-doc-0.9.21-3.fc27 Documentation files for lmdb linux/noarch
lmdb-libs-0.9.21-3.fc27 Shared libraries for lmdb linux/s390x
lmfit-6.2-1.fc28 Levenberg-Marquardt least-squares minimization and curve fitting linux/s390x
lmfit-devel-6.2-1.fc28 Development files for lmfit linux/s390x
lmms-1.1.3-6.fc27 Linux MultiMedia Studio linux/s390x
lmms-devel-1.1.3-6.fc27 Development files for lmms linux/s390x
lnav-0.8.1-6.fc27 Curses-based tool for viewing and analyzing log files linux/s390x
lnst-13-2.fc27 Common code for lnst-ctl and lnst-slave linux/noarch
lnst-ctl-13-2.fc27 Linux Network Stack Test Controller linux/noarch
lnst-recipes-13-2.fc27 Linux Network Stack Test recipes linux/noarch
lnst-slave-13-2.fc27 Linux Network Stack Test Slave Daemon linux/noarch
localizer-1.23-6.fc27 Type-safe localization message access for Java linux/noarch
localizer-javadoc-1.23-6.fc27 Javadoc for localizer linux/noarch
localizer-parent-1.23-6.fc27 Parent POM file for localizer linux/noarch
lockdev-1.0.4-0.25.20111007git.fc27 A library for locking devices linux/s390x
lockdev-devel-1.0.4-0.25.20111007git.fc27 The header files for the lockdev library linux/s390x
lockfile-progs-0.1.17-4.fc27 Command-line programs to safely lock and unlock files and mailboxes linux/s390x
lodash-3.10.1-8.fc27 A JavaScript utility library linux/noarch
log4c-1.2.4-10.fc26 Library for logging application messages linux/s390x
log4c-devel-1.2.4-10.fc26 Header files, libraries and development documentation for log4c linux/s390x
log4c-doc-1.2.4-10.fc26 Documentation for log4c linux/noarch
log4cplus-1.2.0-5.fc27 Logging Framework for C++ linux/s390x
log4cplus-devel-1.2.0-5.fc27 Development files for log4cplus C++ logging framework linux/s390x
log4cpp-1.1.1-7.fc27 C++ logging library linux/s390x
log4cpp-devel-1.1.1-7.fc27 Header files, libraries and development man pages log4cpp linux/s390x
log4cpp-doc-1.1.1-7.fc27 Development documentation for log4cpp linux/s390x
log4cxx-0.10.0-25.fc27 A port to C++ of the Log4j project linux/s390x
log4cxx-devel-0.10.0-25.fc27 Header files for Log4xcc - a port to C++ of the Log4j project linux/s390x
log4cxx-doc-0.10.0-25.fc27 Documentation for log4cxx linux/noarch
log4j-2.9.1-2.fc28 Java logging package linux/noarch
log4j-bom-2.9.1-2.fc28 Apache Log4j BOM linux/noarch
log4j-javadoc-2.9.1-2.fc28 API documentation for log4j linux/noarch
log4j-jboss-logmanager-1.1.2-4.fc27 JBoss Log4j Emulation linux/noarch
log4j-jboss-logmanager-javadoc-1.1.2-4.fc27 Javadoc for log4j-jboss-logmanager linux/noarch
log4j-jcl-2.9.1-2.fc28 Apache Log4j Commons Logging Bridge linux/noarch
log4j-jmx-gui-2.9.1-2.fc28 Apache Log4j JMX GUI linux/noarch
log4j-liquibase-2.9.1-2.fc28 Apache Log4j Liquibase Binding linux/noarch
log4j-nosql-2.9.1-2.fc28 Apache Log4j NoSql linux/noarch
log4j-over-slf4j-1.7.25-2.fc27 Log4j implemented over SLF4J linux/noarch
log4j-slf4j-2.9.1-2.fc28 Binding between LOG4J 2 API and SLF4J linux/noarch
log4j-taglib-2.9.1-2.fc28 Apache Log4j Tag Library linux/noarch
log4j-web-2.9.1-2.fc28 Apache Log4j Web linux/noarch
log4j12-1.2.17-20.fc27 Java logging package linux/noarch
log4j12-javadoc-1.2.17-20.fc27 Javadoc for log4j12 linux/noarch
log4net-2.0.8-3.fc27 A .NET framework for logging linux/s390x
log4net-devel-2.0.8-3.fc27 A .NET framework for logging linux/s390x
log4shib-1.0.9-4.fc27 C++ logging library for Shibboleth (OpenSAML) linux/s390x
log4shib-devel-1.0.9-4.fc27 Header files, libraries and development man pages for log4shib linux/s390x
log4shib-doc-1.0.9-4.fc27 Development documentation for log4shib linux/noarch
logback-1.1.7-3.fc27 A Java logging library linux/noarch
logback-access-1.1.7-3.fc27 Logback-access module for Servlet integration linux/noarch
logback-examples-1.1.7-3.fc27 Logback Examples Module linux/noarch
logback-javadoc-1.1.7-3.fc27 Javadoc for logback linux/noarch
logcheck-1.3.18-2.fc27 Analyzes log files and sends noticeable events as email linux/noarch
loggerhead-1.18.2-7.fc27 Web viewer for the Bazaar version control system linux/noarch
logisim-2.7.1-6.fc27 Educational tool for simulating digital logic circuits linux/noarch
logjam-4.6.2-16.fc27 GTK2 client for LiveJournal linux/s390x
logjam-xmms-4.6.2-16.fc27 LogJam helper binary linux/s390x
logrotate-3.13.0-1.fc28 Rotates, compresses, removes and mails system log files linux/s390x
logserial-0.4.2-21.fc27 Package for logging incoming bytes on asynchronous serial ports linux/s390x
logstalgia-1.1.0-1.fc28 Web server access log visualizer linux/s390x
logwatch-7.4.3-7.fc28 A log file analysis program linux/noarchNew
lohit-assamese-fonts-2.91.5-2.fc27 Free Assamese font linux/noarch
lohit-bengali-fonts-2.91.5-2.fc27 Free Bengali script font linux/noarch
lohit-devanagari-fonts-2.95.4-2.fc27 Free Devanagari Script Font linux/noarch
lohit-gujarati-fonts-2.92.4-2.fc27 Free Gujarati font linux/noarch
lohit-gurmukhi-fonts-2.91.2-2.fc27 Free Gurmukhi truetype font for Punjabi language linux/noarch
lohit-kannada-fonts-2.5.4-2.fc27 Free Kannada font linux/noarch
lohit-malayalam-fonts-2.92.2-2.fc27 Free Malayalam font linux/noarch
lohit-marathi-fonts-2.94.2-2.fc27 Free truetype font for Marathi language linux/noarch
lohit-nepali-fonts-2.94.2-2.fc27 Free TrueType fonts for Nepali language linux/noarch
lohit-odia-fonts-2.91.2-2.fc27 Free truetype font for Odia language linux/noarch
lohit-tamil-classical-fonts-2.5.3-7.fc27 Free Tamil Classical sans-serif font linux/noarch
lohit-tamil-fonts-2.91.3-2.fc27 Free truetype font for Tamil language linux/noarch
lohit-telugu-fonts-2.5.5-2.fc27 Free Telugu font linux/noarch
lokalize-17.08.3-1.fc28 Computer-aided translation system linux/s390xNew
loki-lib-0.1.7-13.fc23 Loki C++ Library of design patterns and idioms linux/s390x
loki-lib-devel-0.1.7-13.fc23 The Loki C++ headers and development libraries linux/s390x
loki-lib-doc-0.1.7-13.fc23 The Loki C++ html docs linux/noarch
lollypop-0.9.304-1.fc28 Music player for GNOME linux/noarch
lollypop-cli-0.9.304-1.fc28 CLI for lollypop linux/noarch
lollypop-portal-0.9.304-1.fc28 Lollypop flatpak portal (advanced features) linux/noarch
londonlaw-0.3.0-0.6.pre2.fc27 Online multiplayer version of a well known detective boardgame linux/noarch
lookup-2.1-8.fc27 A graphical tool to search DNS for answers linux/s390x
loook-0.8.1-9.fc27 document search tool linux/noarch
loopabull-0.0.6-3.fc27 Event loop driven Ansible playbook execution engine linux/noarch
lorax-28.1-1.fc28 Tool for creating the anaconda install images linux/s390x
lorax-lmc-novirt-28.1-1.fc28 livemedia-creator no-virt dependencies linux/s390x
lorax-lmc-virt-28.1-1.fc28 livemedia-creator libvirt dependencies linux/s390x
lorax-templates-generic-28.1-1.fc28 Generic build templates for lorax and livemedia-creator linux/s390x
lordsawar-0.3.0-4.fc25 Turn-based strategy game in a fantasy setting linux/s390x
lorem-ipsum-generator-0.3.20161122git-18.fc27 Generates random lorem ipsum text linux/noarch
lostirc-0.4.6-22.fc24 Simple IRC client for X11 linux/s390x
loudmouth-1.5.3-4.fc27 XMPP/Jabber C programming library linux/s390x
loudmouth-devel-1.5.3-4.fc27 Development files for loudmouth linux/s390x
lout-3.40-8.fc27 A document formatting system linux/s390x
love-0.10.2-8.fc27 A free 2D game engine which enables easy game creation in Lua linux/s390x
lovelock-backgrounds-14.91.1-12.fc27 Lovelock desktop backgrounds linux/noarch
lovelock-backgrounds-gnome-14.91.1-12.fc27 Lovelock Wallpapers for Gnome linux/noarch
lovelock-backgrounds-kde-14.91.1-12.fc27 Lovelock Wallpapers for KDE linux/noarch
lovelock-backgrounds-single-14.91.1-12.fc27 Single screen images for Lovelock Backgrounds linux/noarch
lovelock-backgrounds-stripes-gnome-14.91.1-12.fc27 Lovelock Stripes Wallpapers for Gnome linux/noarch
lovelock-backgrounds-stripes-kde-14.91.1-12.fc27 Lovelock Stripes Wallpapers for KDE linux/noarch
lovelock-backgrounds-stripes-single-14.91.1-12.fc27 Single screen images for Lovelock Stripes Backgrounds linux/noarch
lovelock-backgrounds-stripes-xfce-14.91.1-12.fc27 Lovelock Stripes Wallpapers for XFCE4 linux/noarch
lovelock-backgrounds-xfce-14.91.1-12.fc27 Lovelock Wallpapers for XFCE4 linux/noarch
lovelock-kde-theme-14.92.1-8.fc27 Lovelock KDE Theme linux/noarch
lpairs-1.0.4-20.fc27 Classical memory game with cards linux/s390x
lpf-0.2-5.f1f5dd9.fc27 Local package factory - build non-redistributable rpms linux/noarch
lpg-2.0.17-24.fc27 LALR Parser Generator linux/s390x
lpg-java-2.0.17-24.fc27 Java runtime library for LPG linux/noarch
lpg-java-compat-1.1.0-24.fc27 Compatibility Java runtime library for LPG 1.x linux/noarch
lpsk31-1.1-18.fc27 A ncurses application for ham radio communications using PSK31 digital mode linux/s390x
lpsolve- A Mixed Integer Linear Programming (MILP) solver linux/s390x
lpsolve-devel- Files for developing with lpsolve linux/s390x
lrbd-1.0.4-3.fc27 Configure iSCSI access to Ceph rbd images linux/noarch
lrcalc-1.2-4.fc27 Littlewood-Richardson Calculator linux/s390x
lrcalc-devel-1.2-4.fc27 Development files for lrcalc linux/s390x
lrslib-6.2-7.fc27 Reverse search for vertex enumeration/convex hull problems linux/s390x
lrslib-devel-6.2-7.fc27 Header files and libraries for developing with lrslib linux/s390x
lrslib-utils-6.2-7.fc27 Sample programs that use lrslib linux/s390x
lrzsz-0.12.20-42.fc27 The lrz and lsz modem communications programs linux/s390x
lsdvd-0.17-5.fc27 Small application for listing the contents of DVDs linux/s390x
lshell-0.9.18-5.fc27 A Python-based limited shell linux/noarch
lshw-B.02.18-11.fc28 Hardware lister linux/s390x
lshw-gui-B.02.18-11.fc28 Graphical hardware lister linux/s390x
lskat-17.08.3-1.fc28 A fun and engaging card game linux/s390xNew
lsnipes-0.9.4-19.fc27 A text-mode maze game linux/s390x
lsof-4.89-7.fc27 A utility which lists open files on a Linux/UNIX system linux/s390x
lsscsi-0.28-6.fc27 List SCSI devices (or hosts) and associated information linux/s390x
lsw-0.3-8.fc27 Prints all window titles of DISPLAY to standard output linux/s390x
lsyncd-2.2.2-1.fc26 File change monitoring and synchronization daemon linux/s390x
ltl2ba-1.1-16.fc27 Fast translation from LTL formulas to Buchi automata linux/s390x
ltrace-0.7.91-24.fc27 Tracks runtime library calls from dynamically linked executables linux/s390x
ltspfs-0.5.13-13.fc27 LTSP file system, daemon that runs on thin clients linux/s390x
ltspfsd-0.5.13-13.fc27 LTSP file system, userspace FUSE module that runs on a server linux/s390x
lttng-tools-2.10.0-2.fc28 LTTng control and utility programs linux/s390x
lttng-tools-devel-2.10.0-2.fc28 LTTng control and utility library (development files) linux/s390x
lttng-ust-2.10.0-2.fc28 LTTng Userspace Tracer library linux/s390x
lttng-ust-devel-2.10.0-2.fc28 LTTng Userspace Tracer library headers and development files linux/s390x
lttv-1.5-12.fc27 Linux Trace Toolkit Viewer linux/s390x
lttv-devel-1.5-12.fc27 Include Files and Libraries mandatory for LTTV modules development linux/s390x
ltunify-0.1-9.fc27 Command line utility for Logitech Unifying Receiver linux/s390x
lua-5.3.4-6.fc28 Powerful light-weight programming language linux/s390x
lua-alt-getopt-0.7.0-12.fc27 Argument processing module for Lua linux/noarch
lua-argparse-0.5.0-5.fc27 Feature-rich command line parser for Lua linux/noarch
lua-argparse-doc-0.5.0-5.fc27 Documentation for lua-argparse linux/noarch
lua-copas-1.2.0-7.fc27 Coroutine Oriented Portable Asynchronous Services for Lua linux/noarch
lua-coxpcall-1.15.0-5.fc27 Coroutine safe xpcall and pcall versions for Lua linux/noarch
lua-cyrussasl-1.1.0-4.fc27 Cyrus SASL library for Lua linux/s390x
lua-dbi-0.5-18.fc28 Database interface library for Lua linux/s390x
lua-dbi-compat-0.5-18.fc28 Database interface library for Lua 5.1 linux/s390x
lua-devel-5.3.4-6.fc28 Development files for lua linux/s390x
lua-event-0.4.3-14.fc27 This is a binding of libevent to Lua linux/s390x
lua-event-doc-0.4.3-14.fc27 Documentation for lua-event linux/s390x
lua-expat-1.3.0-10.fc27 SAX XML parser based on the Expat library linux/s390x
lua-expat-compat-1.3.0-10.fc27 SAX XML parser based on the Expat library for Lua 5.1 linux/s390x
lua-filesystem-1.6.3-7.fc27 File System Library for the Lua Programming Language linux/s390x
lua-filesystem-compat-1.6.3-7.fc27 File System Library for the Lua Programming Language 5.1 linux/s390x
lua-fun-0.1.3-7.fc27 Functional programming library for Lua linux/noarch
lua-guestfs-1.37.34-1.fc28 Lua bindings for libguestfs linux/s390xNew
lua-inotify-1.0-0.14.20130510git98822877a9d42.fc27 Inotify bindings for Lua linux/s390x
lua-json-1.3.2-8.fc27 JSON Parser/Constructor for Lua linux/noarch
lua-ldap-1.1.0-10.fc27 LDAP client library for Lua, using OpenLDAP linux/s390x
lua-ldap-compat-1.1.0-10.fc27 LDAP client library for Lua 5.1, using OpenLDAP linux/s390x
lua-ldoc-1.4.6-3.fc27 Lua documentation generator linux/noarch
lua-ldoc-doc-1.4.6-3.fc27 Docs for lua-ldoc linux/noarch
lua-lgi-0.9.1-5.fc27 Lua bindings to GObject libraries linux/s390x
lua-lgi-compat-0.9.1-5.fc27 Lua bindings to GObject libraries for Lua 5.1 linux/s390x
lua-lgi-samples-0.9.1-5.fc27 Examples of lua-lgi usage linux/s390x
lua-libs-5.3.4-6.fc28 Libraries for lua linux/s390x
lua-logging-1.3.0-10.fc27 A simple API to use logging features in Lua linux/noarch
lua-loop-2.3-0.13.beta.fc27 Class models for Lua linux/noarch
lua-loop-doc-2.3-0.13.beta.fc27 Documentation for lua-loop linux/noarch
lua-lpeg-1.0.1-4.fc27 Parsing Expression Grammars for Lua linux/s390x
lua-lunit-0.5-12.fc27 Unit testing framework for Lua linux/noarch
lua-lxc-2.0.9-1.fc28 Lua binding for lxc linux/s390x
lua-markdown-0.32-10.fc27 Markdown module for Lua linux/noarch
lua-md5-1.1.2-15.fc27 Cryptographic Library for MD5 hashes for Lua linux/s390x
lua-moonscript-0.3.2-2.fc24 A little language that compiles to Lua linux/noarch
lua-mosquitto-0.2-2.fc28 Lua bindings to libmosquitto linux/s390x
lua-mpack-1.0.6-4.fc28 Implementation of MessagePack for Lua linux/s390xNew
lua-penlight-1.5.4-2.fc27 Penlight Lua Libraries linux/noarch
lua-penlight-doc-1.5.4-2.fc27 API docs for lua-penlight linux/noarch
lua-penlight-examples-1.5.4-2.fc27 Examples of lua-penlight usage linux/noarch
lua-posix-33.3.1-7.fc27 A POSIX library for Lua linux/s390x
lua-prelude-4.0.0-3.fc28 Lua bindings for prelude linux/s390x
lua-rex-2.8.0-1.fc28 Regular expression handling library for Lua linux/s390x
lua-sec-0.6-3.fc27 Lua binding for OpenSSL library linux/s390x
lua-sec-compat-0.6-3.fc27 Lua 5.1 binding for OpenSSL library linux/s390x
lua-shogun-6.0.0-5.fc27 LUA-plugin for shogun linux/s390x
lua-socket-3.0-0.15.rc1.fc27 Network support for the Lua language linux/s390x
lua-socket-compat-3.0-0.15.rc1.fc27 Network support for the Lua language 5.1 linux/s390x
lua-socket-devel-3.0-0.15.rc1.fc27 Development files for lua-socket linux/s390x
lua-sql-2.3.5-4.fc27 Database connectivity for the Lua programming language linux/s390x
lua-sql-doc-2.3.5-4.fc27 Documentation for LuaSQL linux/s390x
lua-sql-mysql-2.3.5-4.fc27 MySQL database connectivity for the Lua programming language linux/s390x
lua-sql-postgresql-2.3.5-4.fc27 PostgreSQL database connectivity for the Lua programming language linux/s390x
lua-sql-sqlite-2.3.5-4.fc27 SQLite database connectivity for the Lua programming language linux/s390x
lua-static-5.3.4-6.fc28 Static library for lua linux/s390x
lua-term-0.07-1.fc25 Terminal functions for Lua linux/s390x
lua-wsapi-1.6.1-6.fc27 Lua Web Server API linux/noarch
lua-xmlrpc-1.2.2-5.fc27 Lua package to access and provide XML-RPC services linux/noarch
luabind-0.9.1-27.fc27 A library that helps create bindings between C++ and Lua linux/s390x
luabind-devel-0.9.1-27.fc27 Development libraries and headers for luabind linux/s390x
luadoc-3.0.1-17.fc27 Documentation Generator Tool for the Lua language linux/noarch
luarocks-2.4.3-1.fc28 A deployment and management system for Lua modules linux/s390x
lucene-6.1.0-6.fc28 High-performance, full-featured text search engine linux/noarch
lucene++-3.0.7-15.fc27 A high-performance, full-featured text search engine written in C++ linux/s390x
lucene++-devel-3.0.7-15.fc27 Development files for lucene++ linux/s390x
lucene-analysis-6.1.0-6.fc28 Lucene Common Analyzers linux/noarch
lucene-analyzers-icu-6.1.0-6.fc28 Lucene ICU Analysis Components linux/noarch
lucene-analyzers-kuromoji-6.1.0-6.fc28 Lucene Kuromoji Japanese Morphological Analyzer linux/noarch
lucene-analyzers-morfologik-6.1.0-6.fc28 Lucene Morfologik Polish Lemmatizer linux/noarch
lucene-analyzers-phonetic-6.1.0-6.fc28 Lucene Phonetic Filters linux/noarch
lucene-analyzers-smartcn-6.1.0-6.fc28 Smart Chinese Analyzer linux/noarch
lucene-analyzers-stempel-6.1.0-6.fc28 Lucene Stempel Analyzer linux/noarch
lucene-analyzers-uima-6.1.0-6.fc28 Lucene UIMA Analysis Components linux/noarch
lucene-backward-codecs-6.1.0-6.fc28 Lucene Backward Codecs Module linux/noarch
lucene-benchmark-6.1.0-6.fc28 Lucene Benchmarking Module linux/noarch
lucene-classification-6.1.0-6.fc28 Lucene Classification Module linux/noarch
lucene-codecs-6.1.0-6.fc28 Codecs and postings formats for Apache Lucene linux/noarch
lucene-demo-6.1.0-6.fc28 Lucene Demo Module linux/noarch
lucene-expressions-6.1.0-6.fc28 Lucene Expressions Module linux/noarch
lucene-facet-6.1.0-6.fc28 Lucene Facets Module linux/noarch
lucene-grouping-6.1.0-6.fc28 Lucene Grouping Module linux/noarch
lucene-highlighter-6.1.0-6.fc28 Lucene Highlighter Module linux/noarch
lucene-javadoc-6.1.0-6.fc28 Javadoc for Lucene linux/noarch
lucene-join-6.1.0-6.fc28 Lucene Join Module linux/noarch
lucene-memory-6.1.0-6.fc28 Lucene Memory Module linux/noarch
lucene-misc-6.1.0-6.fc28 Miscellaneous Lucene extensions linux/noarch
lucene-parent-6.1.0-6.fc28 Parent POM for Lucene linux/noarch
lucene-queries-6.1.0-6.fc28 Lucene Queries Module linux/noarch
lucene-queryparser-6.1.0-6.fc28 Lucene QueryParsers Module linux/noarch
lucene-replicator-6.1.0-6.fc28 Lucene Replicator Module linux/noarch
lucene-sandbox-6.1.0-6.fc28 Lucene Sandbox Module linux/noarch
lucene-solr-grandparent-6.1.0-6.fc28 Lucene Solr grandparent POM linux/noarch
lucene-spatial-6.1.0-6.fc28 Geospatial indexing APIs for Apache Lucene linux/noarch
lucene-spatial-extras-6.1.0-6.fc28 Spatial Strategies for Apache Lucene linux/noarch
lucene-spatial3d-6.1.0-6.fc28 Lucene Spatial 3D linux/noarch
lucene-suggest-6.1.0-6.fc28 Lucene Suggest Module linux/noarch
lucene-test-framework-6.1.0-6.fc28 Apache Lucene Java Test Framework linux/noarch
lucene3-3.6.2-12.fc28 High-performance, full-featured text search engine linux/noarch
lucene3-contrib-3.6.2-12.fc28 Lucene contributed extensions linux/noarch
lucene3-javadoc-3.6.2-12.fc28 Javadoc for Lucene linux/noarch
lucene4-4.10.4-11.fc28 High-performance, full-featured text search engine linux/noarchNew
lucene4-javadoc-4.10.4-11.fc28 Javadoc for Lucene linux/noarchNew
lucidlife-0.9.2-21.fc27 A Conway's Life simulator linux/s390x
luckybackup-0.4.9-1.fc28 A powerful, fast and reliable backup and sync tool linux/s390xNew
lugaru-1.2-4.fc27 Ninja rabbit fighting game linux/s390x
lugaru-data-1.2-4.fc27 Architecture-independent game data files for Lugaru linux/noarch
luksmeta-8-2.fc28 Utility for storing small metadata in the LUKSv1 header linux/s390xNew
lulzbot-marlin-firmware-21.08-1.fc27 Marlin firmware files for the Lulzbot family of 3D printers linux/noarch
lumina-archiver-1.3.0-2.p1.fc28 Archiver for Lumina Desktop linux/s390x
lumina-calculator-1.3.0-2.p1.fc28 Calculator for Lumina Desktop linux/s390x
lumina-config-1.3.0-2.p1.fc28 Configuration utility for Lumina Desktop linux/s390x
lumina-desktop-1.3.0-2.p1.fc28 A lightweight, portable desktop environment linux/s390x
lumina-desktop-data-1.3.0-2.p1.fc28 Data for Lumina Desktop linux/noarch
lumina-desktop-filesystem-1.3.0-2.p1.fc28 Common folders for Lumina Desktop linux/noarch
lumina-desktop-icons-1.3.0-2.p1.fc28 Icons for Lumina Desktop linux/noarch
lumina-desktop-wallpapers-1.3.0-2.p1.fc28 Wallpapers for Lumina Desktop linux/noarch
lumina-fileinfo-1.3.0-2.p1.fc28 Desktop file editor for Lumina Desktop linux/s390x
lumina-fm-1.3.0-2.p1.fc28 File manager for Lumina Desktop linux/s390x
lumina-info-1.3.0-2.p1.fc28 Basic information utility for Lumina Desktop linux/s390x
lumina-mediaplayer-1.3.0-2.p1.fc28 Mediaplayer for Lumina Desktop linux/s390x
lumina-open-1.3.0-2.p1.fc28 xdg-open style utility for Lumina Desktop linux/s390x
lumina-screenshot-1.3.0-2.p1.fc28 Screenshot utility for Lumina Desktop linux/s390x
lumina-search-1.3.0-2.p1.fc28 Search utility for Lumina Desktop linux/s390x
lumina-textedit-1.3.0-2.p1.fc28 Text file editor for Lumina Desktop linux/s390x
lumina-xconfig-1.3.0-2.p1.fc28 X server display configuration tool for Lumina Desktop linux/s390x
lumina-xdg-entry-1.3.0-2.p1.fc28 XDG entries editor for Lumina Desktop linux/s390x
luminance-hdr-2.5.1-7.fc27 A graphical tool for creating and tone-mapping HDR images linux/s390x
lure-1.1-15.fc27 Lure of the Temptress - Adventure Game linux/noarch
lutok-0.4-10.fc27 Lightweight C++ API library for Lua linux/s390x
lutok-devel-0.4-10.fc27 Libraries and header files for Lutok development linux/s390x
lutok-doc-0.4-10.fc27 API documentation of the Lutok library and example programs linux/noarch
lutok-tests-0.4-10.fc27 Run-time tests of the Lutok library linux/s390x
lv-4.51-30.fc27 A Powerful Multilingual File Viewer linux/s390x
lv2-1.14.0-4.fc27 Audio Plugin Standard linux/s390x
lv2-EQ10Q-plugins-1.0-22.fc27 LV2 Plugin: Parametric audio equalizer with 12 different filter types linux/s390x
lv2-abGate-1.1.3-17.fc27 An LV2 Noice Gate linux/s390x
lv2-amsynth-plugin-1.8.0-3.fc27 Amsynth lv2 plugin linux/s390x
lv2-artyfx-plugins-1.3-0.9.20150506gitff73e5a.fc27 A collection of LV2 RT plugins linux/s390x
lv2-avw-plugins-0.0.8-14.fc27 A port of the AMS internal modules to LV2 plugins linux/s390x
lv2-c++-tools-1.0.4-24.fc27 Support library for writing LV2 plugins in C++ linux/s390x
lv2-c++-tools-devel-1.0.4-24.fc27 Development files for lv2-c++-tools linux/s390x
lv2-calf-plugins-0.0.60-7.fc27 Calf plugins in LV2 format linux/s390x
lv2-devel-1.14.0-4.fc27 API for the LV2 Audio Plugin Standard linux/s390x
lv2-doc-1.14.0-4.fc27 Documentation for the LV2 Audio Plugin Standard linux/noarch
lv2-drumkv1-0.8.3-3.fc27 An LV2 port of drumkv1 linux/s390x
lv2-example-plugins-1.14.0-4.fc27 Examples of the LV2 Audio Plugin Standard linux/s390x
lv2-fabla-1.3-0.7.20150303gitcfbd4b3.fc27 An LV2 drum sequencer linux/s390x
lv2-fomp-plugins-1.0.0-10.fc27 A collection of LV2 plugins linux/s390x
lv2-guitarix-plugins-0.35.2-6.fc27 Collection of LV2 guitarix plug-ins linux/s390x
lv2-invada-plugins-1.2.0-17.fc27 A collection of LV2 plugins from Invada Records linux/s390x
lv2-ir-plugins-1.3.3-4.fc27 LV2 Plugin: low-latency, real-time, high performance signal convolver linux/s390x
lv2-kn0ck0ut-1.1-12.0.giteaeb2d90.fc27 An LV2 spectral subtraction plugin linux/s390x
lv2-ll-plugins-0.2.8-21.fc27 Collection of LV2 plugins linux/s390x
lv2-mdaEPiano-0-0.14.git9db45842.fc27 A port of the MDA EPiano VST plugin to LV2 linux/s390x
lv2-mdala-plugins-1.0.0-12.fc27 A collection of LV2 plugins ported from the MDA VST plugins linux/s390x
lv2-newtonator-0.6.0-11.fc27 An LV2 soft synth linux/s390x
lv2-qmidiarp-0.6.3-5.fc27 LV2 plugins of the QMidiArp MIDI arpeggiator, sequencer and LFO linux/s390x
lv2-samplv1-0.8.3-3.fc27 An LV2 port of samplv1 linux/s390x
lv2-setBfree-plugins-0.8.5-1.fc28 A DSP Tonewheel Organ emulator. LV2 version linux/s390x
lv2-sorcer-1.1-1920131104git18e6891.fc27 An audio compressor for JACK linux/s390x
lv2-swh-plugins-1.0.15-5.20150723.5098e09git.fc27 LV2 ports of LADSPA swh plugins linux/s390x
lv2-synthv1-0.8.3-3.fc27 An LV2 port of synthv1 linux/s390x
lv2-triceratops-0.1.7-9.fc27 An LV2 polyphonic synthesizer linux/s390x
lv2-vocoder-plugins-1-16.fc27 Add a robotic effect to vocals linux/s390x
lv2-x42-plugins-0.3.0-0.3.20170428.fc27 A number of LV2 plugins linux/s390x
lv2-zynadd-plugins-1-17.fc27 LV2 port of the ZynAddSubFX engine linux/s390x
lv2dynparam-2-14.fc27 LV2 dynamic parameters extension linux/s390x
lv2dynparam-devel-2-14.fc27 Development files for lv2dynparam linux/s390x
lvm2-2.02.176-1.fc28 Userland logical volume management tools linux/s390x
lvm2-cluster-2.02.176-1.fc28 Cluster extensions for userland logical volume management tools linux/s390x
lvm2-cluster-standalone-2.02.176-1.fc28 Additional files to support clustered LVM2 in standalone mode linux/s390x
lvm2-dbusd-2.02.176-1.fc28 LVM2 D-Bus daemon linux/s390x
lvm2-devel-2.02.176-1.fc28 Development libraries and headers linux/s390x
lvm2-libs-2.02.176-1.fc28 Shared libraries for lvm2 linux/s390x
lvm2-lockd-2.02.176-1.fc28 LVM locking daemon linux/s390x
lwp-2.6-16.fc27 C library for user-mode threading linux/s390x
lwp-devel-2.6-16.fc27 Development files for lwp linux/s390x
lwtools-4.14-3.fc27 Cross-development tool chain for Motorola 6809 and Hitachi 6309 linux/s390x
lwtools-doc-4.14-3.fc27 Documentation for the LWTOOLS cross-development tool chain linux/noarch
lxappearance-0.6.3-5.fc27 Feature-rich GTK+ theme switcher for LXDE linux/s390x
lxappearance-devel-0.6.3-5.fc27 Development files for lxappearance linux/s390x
lxappearance-obconf-0.2.3-4.fc27 Plugin to configure Openbox inside LXAppearance linux/s390x
lxc-2.0.9-1.fc28 Linux Resource Containers linux/s390x
lxc-devel-2.0.9-1.fc28 Development files for lxc linux/s390x
lxc-doc-2.0.9-1.fc28 Documentation for lxc linux/noarch
lxc-libs-2.0.9-1.fc28 Runtime library files for lxc linux/s390x
lxc-templates-2.0.9-1.fc28 Templates for lxc linux/s390x
lxde-common-0.99.2-3.fc27 Default configuration files for LXDE linux/noarch
lxde-icon-theme-0.5.1-4.fc27 Default icon theme for LXDE linux/noarch
lxdm-0.5.3-8.D20161111gita548c73e.fc27 Lightweight X11 Display Manager linux/s390x
lxhotkey-0.1.0-5.fc27 Hotkeys management utility linux/s390x
lxhotkey-devel-0.1.0-5.fc27 Development files for lxhotkey linux/s390x
lxi-tools-1.5-1.fc28 Tools collection to control LXI enabled instruments linux/s390x
lximage-qt-0.5.1-6.fc27 The image viewer and screenshot tool for LXQt linux/s390x
lximage-qt-l10n-0.11.2-7.fc27 Translations for lximage-qt linux/noarch
lxinput-0.3.5-4.fc27 Keyboard and mouse settings dialog for LXDE linux/s390x
lxlauncher-0.2.5-4.fc27 Open source replacement for Launcher on the EeePC linux/s390x
lxmenu-data-0.1.5-3.fc27 Data files for the LXDE menu linux/noarch
lxmusic-0.4.7-4.fc27 Lightweight XMMS2 client with simple user interface linux/s390x
lxpanel-0.9.3-1.fc27.3 A lightweight X11 desktop panel linux/s390x
lxpanel-devel-0.9.3-1.fc27.3 Development files for lxpanel linux/s390x
lxpolkit-0.5.3-2.fc27.3 Simple PolicyKit authentication agent linux/s390x
lxqt-about-0.11.1-6.fc27 About application for LXQt desktop suite linux/s390x
lxqt-about-l10n-0.11.2-7.fc27 Translations for lxqt-about linux/noarch
lxqt-admin-0.11.1-7.fc27 LXQt system administration tool linux/s390x
lxqt-admin-l10n-0.11.2-7.fc27 Translations for lxqt-admin linux/noarch
lxqt-build-tools-0.3.2-3.fc27 Packaging tools for LXQt linux/noarch
lxqt-common-0.11.2-6.fc27 Common resources for LXQt desktop suite linux/noarch
lxqt-config-0.11.1-8.fc28 Config tools for LXQt desktop suite linux/s390x
lxqt-config-l10n-0.11.2-7.fc27 Translations for lxqt-config linux/noarch
lxqt-config-randr-0.1.2-5.20140202git6ada849.fc27 GUI interface to RandR extension linux/s390x
lxqt-globalkeys-0.11.1-6.fc27 Global keys utility for LXQt desktop suite linux/s390x
lxqt-globalkeys-devel-0.11.1-6.fc27 Developer files for lxqt-globalkeys linux/s390x
lxqt-globalkeys-l10n-0.11.2-7.fc27 Translations for lxqt-globalkeys linux/noarch
lxqt-l10n-0.11.2-7.fc27 Translations for the LXQt desktop linux/noarch
lxqt-notificationd-0.11.1-6.fc27 Notification daemon for LXQt desktop suite linux/s390x
lxqt-notificationd-l10n-0.11.2-7.fc27 Translations for lxqt-notificationd linux/noarch
lxqt-openssh-askpass-0.11.1-6.fc27 Askpass openssh transition dialog for LXQt desktop suite linux/s390x
lxqt-openssh-askpass-l10n-0.11.2-7.fc27 Translations for lxqt-openssh-askpass linux/noarch
lxqt-panel-0.11.1-7.fc28 Main panel bar for LXQt desktop suite linux/s390x
lxqt-panel-devel-0.11.1-7.fc28 Developer files for lxqt-panel linux/s390x
lxqt-panel-l10n-0.11.2-7.fc27 Translations for lxqt-panel linux/noarch
lxqt-policykit-0.11.1-6.fc27 PolicyKit agent for LXQt desktop suite linux/s390x
lxqt-policykit-l10n-0.11.2-7.fc27 Translations for lxqt-policykit linux/noarch
lxqt-powermanagement-0.11.1-6.fc27 Powermanagement daemon for LXQt desktop suite linux/s390x
lxqt-powermanagement-l10n-0.11.2-7.fc27 Translations for lxqt-powermanagement linux/noarch
lxqt-qtplugin-0.11.1-7.fc28 Qt plugin framework for LXQt Desktop Suite linux/s390x
lxqt-runner-0.11.1-6.fc27 Application runner agent for LXQt desktop suite linux/s390x
lxqt-runner-l10n-0.11.2-7.fc27 Translations for lxqt-runner linux/noarch
lxqt-session-0.11.1-6.fc27 Main session for LXQt desktop suite linux/s390x
lxqt-session-l10n-0.11.2-7.fc27 Translations for lxqt-session linux/noarch
lxqt-sudo-0.11.1-6.fc27 GUI frontend for sudo/su linux/s390x
lxqt-sudo-l10n-0.11.2-7.fc27 Translations for lxqt-sudo linux/noarch
lxqt-theme-fedora-0.11.2-6.fc27 Default Fedora theme for LXQt linux/noarch
lxqt-wallet-3.1.0-3.fc27 Create a kwallet like functionality for LXQt linux/s390x
lxqt-wallet-devel-3.1.0-3.fc27 Development files for lxqt-wallet linux/s390x
lxrandr-0.3.1-4.fc27 Simple monitor configuration tool linux/s390x
lxsession-0.5.3-2.fc27.3 Lightweight X11 session manager linux/s390x
lxsession-edit-0.5.3-2.fc27.3 Simple GUI to configure whatâs automatically started in LXDE linux/s390x
lxshortcut-0.1.2-13.fc27 Small utility to edit application shortcuts linux/s390x
lxsplit-0.2.4-16.fc27 File split / merge utility linux/s390x
lxtask-0.1.8-4.fc27 Lightweight and desktop independent task manager linux/s390x
lxterminal-0.3.1-1.fc28 Desktop-independent VTE-based terminal emulator linux/s390xNew
lynis-2.5.7-2.fc28 Security and system auditing tool linux/noarch
lynx-2.8.9-0.20.dev16.fc27 A text-based Web browser linux/s390x
lyx-2.2.3-2.fc27 WYSIWYM (What You See Is What You Mean) document processor linux/s390x
lyx-common-2.2.3-2.fc27 Common files of lyx linux/noarch
lyx-fonts-2.2.3-2.fc27 Lyx/MathML fonts linux/noarch
lz4-1.8.0-1.fc28 Extremely fast compression algorithm linux/s390x
lz4-devel-1.8.0-1.fc28 Development files for lz4 linux/s390x
lz4-java-1.3.0-8.fc27 LZ4 compression for Java linux/s390x
lz4-java-javadoc-1.3.0-8.fc27 Javadoc for lz4-java linux/noarch
lz4-libs-1.8.0-1.fc28 Libaries for lz4 linux/s390x
lz4-static-1.8.0-1.fc28 Static library for lz4 linux/s390x
lzip-1.19-3.fc27 LZMA compressor with integrity checking linux/s390x
lziprecover-1.19-4.fc27 Data recovery tool and decompressor for files in the lzip compressed format linux/s390x
lzma-devel-4.32.7-19.fc27 Devel libraries & headers for liblzmadec linux/s390x
lzma-java-1.3-3.fc27 LZMA library for Java linux/noarch
lzma-java-javadoc-1.3-3.fc27 Javadoc for lzma-java linux/noarch
lzma-libs-4.32.7-19.fc27 Libraries for decoding LZMA compression linux/s390x
lzma-sdk-4.6.5-20.fc27 SDK for lzma compression linux/s390x
lzma-sdk-devel-4.6.5-20.fc27 Development libraries and headers for lzma-sdk linux/s390x
lzma-sdk457-4.57-15.fc27 SDK for lzma compression linux/s390x
lzma-sdk457-devel-4.57-15.fc27 Development libraries and headers for lzma-sdk457 linux/s390x
lzo-2.08-11.fc27 Data compression library with very fast (de)compression linux/s390x
lzo-devel-2.08-11.fc27 Development files for the lzo library linux/s390x
lzo-minilzo-2.08-11.fc27 Mini version of lzo for apps which don't need the full version linux/s390x
lzop-1.03-18.fc27 Real-time file compressor linux/s390x

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