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Packages beginning with letter B

babeltrace-1.2.4-3.el7 Trace Viewer and Converter, mainly for the Common Trace Format linux/x86_64
babeltrace-debuginfo-1.2.4-3.el7 Debug information for package babeltrace linux/x86_64
backintime-common-1.1.20-5.el7 Common files for the backintime, a simple backup tool linux/noarch
backup-manager-0.7.10-13.el7 A command line backup tool for GNU/Linux linux/noarch
backupninja-1.1.0-5.el7 Lightweight, extensible backup system linux/noarch
bakefile-0.2.9-2.el7 A cross-platform, cross-compiler native makefiles generator linux/x86_64
bakefile-debuginfo-0.2.9-2.el7 Debug information for package bakefile linux/x86_64
bam-0.4.0-6.el7 A build-system linux/x86_64
bam-debuginfo-0.4.0-6.el7 Debug information for package bam linux/x86_64
banner-1.3.4-3.el7 Prints a short string to the console in very large letters linux/x86_64
banner-debuginfo-1.3.4-3.el7 Debug information for package banner linux/x86_64
bannergrab-3.5-4.el7 A banner grabbing tool linux/x86_64
bannergrab-debuginfo-3.5-4.el7 Debug information for package bannergrab linux/x86_64
banshee-2.6.2-11.2.el7 Easily import, manage, and play selections from your music collection linux/x86_64
banshee-debuginfo-2.6.2-11.2.el7 Debug information for package banshee linux/x86_64
banshee-devel-2.6.2-11.2.el7 Development files for Banshee linux/x86_64
barcode-0.98-23.el7 generates barcodes from text strings linux/x86_64
barcode-debuginfo-0.98-23.el7 Debug information for package barcode linux/x86_64
barcode-devel-0.98-23.el7 Header files and libraries for barcode development linux/x86_64
baresip-3.13.0-1.el7 Modular SIP user-agent with audio and video support linux/x86_64New
baresip-alsa-3.13.0-1.el7 ALSA audio driver for baresip linux/x86_64New
baresip-av1-3.13.0-1.el7 AV1 video codec module for baresip linux/x86_64New
baresip-codec2-3.13.0-1.el7 Codec 2 audio codec module for baresip linux/x86_64New
baresip-ctrl_dbus-3.13.0-1.el7 D-BUS communication channel control module for baresip linux/x86_64New
baresip-debuginfo-3.13.0-1.el7 Debug information for package baresip linux/x86_64New
baresip-devel-3.13.0-1.el7 Development files for the baresip library linux/x86_64New
baresip-g722-3.13.0-1.el7 G.722 audio codec module for baresip linux/x86_64New
baresip-g726-3.13.0-1.el7 G.726 audio codec module for baresip linux/x86_64New
baresip-gst-3.13.0-1.el7 GStreamer audio source driver for baresip linux/x86_64New
baresip-gtk-3.13.0-1.el7 GTK+ menu-based user interface module for baresip linux/x86_64New
baresip-jack-3.13.0-1.el7 JACK audio driver for baresip linux/x86_64New
baresip-mpa-3.13.0-1.el7 MPA speech and audio codec module for baresip linux/x86_64New
baresip-mqtt-3.13.0-1.el7 MQTT management module for baresip linux/x86_64New
baresip-opus-3.13.0-1.el7 Opus speech and audio codec module for baresip linux/x86_64New
baresip-plc-3.13.0-1.el7 Packet Loss Concealment module for baresip linux/x86_64New
baresip-portaudio-3.13.0-1.el7 Portaudio audio driver for baresip linux/x86_64New
baresip-pulse-3.13.0-1.el7 PulseAudio audio driver for baresip linux/x86_64New
baresip-sdl-3.13.0-1.el7 SDL2 video output driver for baresip linux/x86_64New
baresip-snapshot-3.13.0-1.el7 Snapshot video filter using libpng for baresip linux/x86_64New
baresip-sndfile-3.13.0-1.el7 Audio dumper module using libsndfile for baresip linux/x86_64New
baresip-tools-3.13.0-1.el7 Collection of tools and helper scripts for baresip linux/x86_64New
baresip-v4l2-3.13.0-1.el7 Video4Linux video source driver for baresip linux/x86_64New
baresip-vp8-3.13.0-1.el7 VP8 video codec module for baresip linux/x86_64New
baresip-vp9-3.13.0-1.el7 VP9 video codec module for baresip linux/x86_64New
baresip-x11-3.13.0-1.el7 X11 video output driver for baresip linux/x86_64New
barman-3.10.0-1.el7 Backup and Recovery Manager for PostgreSQL linux/noarch
barman-cli-3.10.0-1.el7 Client Utilities for Barman linux/noarch
bash-argsparse-1.7-1.el7 An high level argument parsing library for bash linux/noarch
bash-completion-extras-2.1-11.el7 Additional programmable completions for Bash linux/noarch
bashmount-3.2.0-3.el7 A menu-driven bash script for mounting removable media linux/noarch
batctl-2023.2-1.el7 B.A.T.M.A.N. advanced control and management tool linux/x86_64
batctl-debuginfo-2023.2-1.el7 Debug information for package batctl linux/x86_64
bats-0.4.0-1.20141016git3b33a5a.el7 Bash Automated Testing System linux/noarch
bcftools-1.9-3.el7 Tools for genomic variant calling and manipulating VCF/BCF files linux/x86_64
bcftools-debuginfo-1.9-3.el7 Debug information for package bcftools linux/x86_64
bcg729-1.0.4-4.el7 Opensource implementation of the G.729 codec linux/x86_64
bcg729-debuginfo-1.0.4-4.el7 Debug information for package bcg729 linux/x86_64
bcg729-devel-1.0.4-4.el7 Development files for bcg729 linux/x86_64
bcrypt-1.1-14.el7 File encryption utility linux/x86_64
bcrypt-debuginfo-1.1-14.el7 Debug information for package bcrypt linux/x86_64
bdii-5.2.26-8.el7 The Berkeley Database Information Index (BDII) linux/noarch
bdsync-0.11.2-1.el7 Remote sync for block devices linux/x86_64
bdsync-debuginfo-0.11.2-1.el7 Debug information for package bdsync linux/x86_64
beaker-client-26.6-1.git.66.g03e169493.el7 Command-line client for interacting with Beaker linux/noarch
beaker-common-26.6-1.git.66.g03e169493.el7 Common components for Beaker packages linux/noarch
beakerlib-1.29.3-1.el7 A shell-level integration testing library linux/noarch
beakerlib-libraries-0.7-1.el7 Beakerlib libraries linux/noarch
beakerlib-vim-syntax-1.29.3-1.el7 Files for syntax highlighting BeakerLib tests in VIM editor linux/noarch
bean-validation-api-1.1.0-8.el7 Bean Validation API (JSR 349) linux/noarch
bean-validation-api-javadoc-1.1.0-8.el7 Javadoc for bean-validation-api linux/noarch
beanstalkd-1.10-2.el7 A simple, fast work-queue service linux/x86_64
beanstalkd-debuginfo-1.10-2.el7 Debug information for package beanstalkd linux/x86_64
beecrypt-4.2.1-20.el7 An open source cryptography library linux/x86_64
beecrypt-apidocs-4.2.1-20.el7 API documentation for beecrypt toolkit and library linux/x86_64
beecrypt-debuginfo-4.2.1-20.el7 Debug information for package beecrypt linux/x86_64
beecrypt-devel-4.2.1-20.el7 Development files for the beecrypt toolkit and library linux/x86_64
beep-1.4.12-9.el7 Beep the PC speaker any number of ways linux/x86_64
beep-debuginfo-1.4.12-9.el7 Debug information for package beep linux/x86_64
beesu-2.7-23.el7 Graphical wrapper for su linux/x86_64
beesu-debuginfo-2.7-23.el7 Debug information for package beesu linux/x86_64
bgpdump-1.6.2-1.el7 MRT file reader for handling BGP related data linux/x86_64
bgpq3- Automate BGP filter generation based on routing database information linux/x86_64
bgpq3-debuginfo- Debug information for package bgpq3 linux/x86_64
bgpq4-1.15-1.el7 Automate BGP filter generation based on routing database information linux/x86_64
bgpq4-debuginfo-1.15-1.el7 Debug information for package bgpq4 linux/x86_64
biblesync-1.1.2-3.el7 A Cross-platform library for sharing Bible navigation linux/x86_64
biblesync-debuginfo-1.1.2-3.el7 Debug information for package biblesync linux/x86_64
biblesync-devel-1.1.2-3.el7 Development files for biblesync linux/x86_64
bibutils-6.6-1.el7 Bibliography conversion tools linux/x86_64
bibutils-debuginfo-6.6-1.el7 Debug information for package bibutils linux/x86_64
bibutils-devel-6.6-1.el7 Development files for bibutils linux/x86_64
bibutils-libs-6.6-1.el7 Bibutils library linux/x86_64
bifcl-1.1-1.el7 A built-in-function (BIF) compiler/generator linux/x86_64
bifcl-debuginfo-1.1-1.el7 Debug information for package bifcl linux/x86_64
binaryen-104-1.el7 Compiler and toolchain infrastructure library for WebAssembly linux/x86_64
binaryen-debuginfo-104-1.el7 Debug information for package binaryen linux/x86_64
bindfs-1.13.11-1.el7 Fuse filesystem to mirror a directory linux/x86_64
bindfs-debuginfo-1.13.11-1.el7 Debug information for package bindfs linux/x86_64
binpac-2.4.1-3.el7 A language for protocol parsers linux/x86_64
binpac-devel-2.4.1-3.el7 Development file for binpac linux/x86_64
binutils-aarch64-linux-gnu-2.27-9.el7.1 Cross-build binary utilities for aarch64-linux-gnu linux/x86_64
binutils-alpha-linux-gnu-2.27-9.el7.1 Cross-build binary utilities for alpha-linux-gnu linux/x86_64
binutils-arm-linux-gnu-2.27-9.el7.1 Cross-build binary utilities for arm-linux-gnu linux/x86_64
binutils-avr32-linux-gnu-2.27-9.el7.1 Cross-build binary utilities for avr32-linux-gnu linux/x86_64
binutils-bfin-linux-gnu-2.27-9.el7.1 Cross-build binary utilities for bfin-linux-gnu linux/x86_64
binutils-c6x-linux-gnu-2.27-9.el7.1 Cross-build binary utilities for c6x-linux-gnu linux/x86_64
binutils-cris-linux-gnu-2.27-9.el7.1 Cross-build binary utilities for cris-linux-gnu linux/x86_64
binutils-frv-linux-gnu-2.27-9.el7.1 Cross-build binary utilities for frv-linux-gnu linux/x86_64
binutils-h8300-linux-gnu-2.27-9.el7.1 Cross-build binary utilities for h8300-linux-gnu linux/x86_64
binutils-hppa-linux-gnu-2.27-9.el7.1 Cross-build binary utilities for hppa-linux-gnu linux/x86_64
binutils-hppa64-linux-gnu-2.27-9.el7.1 Cross-build binary utilities for hppa64-linux-gnu linux/x86_64
binutils-ia64-linux-gnu-2.27-9.el7.1 Cross-build binary utilities for ia64-linux-gnu linux/x86_64
binutils-m32r-linux-gnu-2.27-9.el7.1 Cross-build binary utilities for m32r-linux-gnu linux/x86_64
binutils-m68k-linux-gnu-2.27-9.el7.1 Cross-build binary utilities for m68k-linux-gnu linux/x86_64
binutils-metag-linux-gnu-2.27-9.el7.1 Cross-build binary utilities for metag-linux-gnu linux/x86_64
binutils-microblaze-linux-gnu-2.27-9.el7.1 Cross-build binary utilities for microblaze-linux-gnu linux/x86_64
binutils-mips64-linux-gnu-2.27-9.el7.1 Cross-build binary utilities for mips64-linux-gnu linux/x86_64
binutils-mn10300-linux-gnu-2.27-9.el7.1 Cross-build binary utilities for mn10300-linux-gnu linux/x86_64
binutils-nios2-linux-gnu-2.27-9.el7.1 Cross-build binary utilities for nios2-linux-gnu linux/x86_64
binutils-openrisc-linux-gnu-2.27-9.el7.1 Cross-build binary utilities for openrisc-linux-gnu linux/x86_64
binutils-powerpc64-linux-gnu-2.27-9.el7.1 Cross-build binary utilities for powerpc64-linux-gnu linux/x86_64
binutils-powerpc64le-linux-gnu-2.27-9.el7.1 Cross-build binary utilities for powerpc64le-linux-gnu linux/x86_64
binutils-ppc64-linux-gnu-2.27-9.el7.1 Cross-build binary utilities for ppc64-linux-gnu linux/x86_64
binutils-ppc64le-linux-gnu-2.27-9.el7.1 Cross-build binary utilities for ppc64le-linux-gnu linux/x86_64
binutils-s390x-linux-gnu-2.27-9.el7.1 Cross-build binary utilities for s390x-linux-gnu linux/x86_64
binutils-score-linux-gnu-2.27-9.el7.1 Cross-build binary utilities for score-linux-gnu linux/x86_64
binutils-sh-linux-gnu-2.27-9.el7.1 Cross-build binary utilities for sh-linux-gnu linux/x86_64
binutils-sh64-linux-gnu-2.27-9.el7.1 Cross-build binary utilities for sh64-linux-gnu linux/x86_64
binutils-sparc64-linux-gnu-2.27-9.el7.1 Cross-build binary utilities for sparc64-linux-gnu linux/x86_64
binutils-tile-linux-gnu-2.27-9.el7.1 Cross-build binary utilities for tile-linux-gnu linux/x86_64
binutils-x86_64-linux-gnu-2.27-9.el7.1 Cross-build binary utilities for x86_64-linux-gnu linux/x86_64
binutils-xtensa-linux-gnu-2.27-9.el7.1 Cross-build binary utilities for xtensa-linux-gnu linux/x86_64
bionetgen-2.5.0-5.el7 Software for rule-based modeling of biochemical systems linux/x86_64
bionetgen-debuginfo-2.5.0-5.el7 Debug information for package bionetgen linux/x86_64
bionetgen-perl-2.5.0-5.el7 Perl scripts and Models used by bionetgen linux/noarch
bip-0.8.9-6.el7 IRC Bouncer linux/x86_64
bip-debuginfo-0.8.9-6.el7 Debug information for package bip linux/x86_64
bird-1.6.8-1.el7 BIRD Internet Routing Daemon linux/x86_64
bird-debuginfo-1.6.8-1.el7 Debug information for package bird linux/x86_64
bird-doc-1.6.8-1.el7 Documentation for BIRD Internet Routing Daemon linux/noarch
bird2-2.15.1-1.el7 BIRD Internet Routing Daemon linux/x86_64
bird2-debuginfo-2.15.1-1.el7 Debug information for package bird2 linux/x86_64
bird2-doc-2.15.1-1.el7 Documentation for BIRD Internet Routing Daemon linux/noarch
bird6-1.6.8-1.el7 BIRD Internet Routing Daemon linux/x86_64
bitlbee-3.6-11.el7 IRC to other chat networks gateway linux/x86_64
bitlbee-debuginfo-3.6-11.el7 Debug information for package bitlbee linux/x86_64
bitlbee-devel-3.6-11.el7 Development files for bitlbee linux/x86_64
bitlbee-discord-0.4.3-4.el7 Bitlbee plugin for Discord linux/x86_64
bitlbee-discord-debuginfo-0.4.3-4.el7 Debug information for package bitlbee-discord linux/x86_64
bitlbee-facebook-1.2.2-9.el7 Facebook protocol plugin for BitlBee linux/x86_64
bitlbee-facebook-debuginfo-1.2.2-9.el7 Debug information for package bitlbee-facebook linux/x86_64
bitlbee-otr-3.6-11.el7 OTR plugin for bitlbee linux/x86_64
bitlbee-steam-1.4.2-1.el7 Steam protocol plugin for BitlBee linux/x86_64
bitlbee-steam-debuginfo-1.4.2-1.el7 Debug information for package bitlbee-steam linux/x86_64
bitmap-1.0.7-4.el7 Bitmaps editor and converter utilities for the X Window System linux/x86_64
bitmap-debuginfo-1.0.7-4.el7 Debug information for package bitmap linux/x86_64
bitstream-devel-1.1-2.el7 Simpler access to binary structures such as specified by MPEG, DVB, IETF linux/noarch
bitten-common-0.6-3.el7 Common files for Bitten master and slave linux/noarch
bitten-master-0.6-3.el7 A continuous integration plugin for Trac linux/noarch
bitten-slave-0.6-3.el7 Bitten build slave linux/noarch
bkhive-1.1.1-8.el7 Dump the syskey bootkey from a Windows system hive linux/x86_64
bkhive-debuginfo-1.1.1-8.el7 Debug information for package bkhive linux/x86_64
blacs-common-2.0.2-31.el7 Common files for blacs linux/x86_64
blacs-debuginfo-1.1-52.el7 Debug information for package blacs linux/x86_64
blacs-mpich-2.0.2-31.el7 BLACS libraries compiled against mpich linux/x86_64
blacs-mpich-devel-2.0.2-31.el7 Development libraries for blacs (mpich) linux/x86_64
blacs-mpich-static-2.0.2-31.el7 Static libraries for blacs (mpich) linux/x86_64
blacs-openmpi-2.0.2-31.el7 BLACS libraries compiled against openmpi linux/x86_64
blacs-openmpi-devel-2.0.2-31.el7 Development libraries for blacs (openmpi) linux/x86_64
blacs-openmpi-static-2.0.2-31.el7 Static libraries for blacs (openmpi) linux/x86_64
blacs-openmpi3-2.0.2-31.el7 BLACS libraries compiled against openmpi3 linux/x86_64
blacs-openmpi3-devel-2.0.2-31.el7 Development libraries for blacs (openmpi3) linux/x86_64
blacs-openmpi3-static-2.0.2-31.el7 Static libraries for blacs (openmpi3) linux/x86_64
bleachbit-4.4.0-1.el7 Remove sensitive data and free up disk space linux/noarch
blender-2.68a-10.el7 3D modeling, animation, rendering and post-production linux/x86_64
blender-debuginfo-2.68a-10.el7 Debug information for package blender linux/x86_64
blender-fonts-2.68a-10.el7 International blender mono space font linux/noarch
blender-rpm-macros-2.68a-10.el7 RPM macros to build third-party blender addons packages linux/noarch
blenderplayer-2.68a-10.el7 Standalone blender player linux/x86_64
blis-0.7.0-6.el7 BLAS-like Library Instantiation Software Framework linux/x86_64
blis-debuginfo-0.7.0-6.el7 Debug information for package blis linux/x86_64
blis-devel-0.7.0-6.el7 Development files for blis linux/x86_64
blis-openmp-0.7.0-6.el7 BLAS-like Library Instantiation Software Framework - OpenMP linux/x86_64
blis-openmp64-0.7.0-6.el7 BLAS-like Library Instantiation Software Framework - OpenMP, 64-bit linux/x86_64
blis-serial64-0.7.0-6.el7 BLAS-like Library Instantiation Software Framework - 64-bit linux/x86_64
blis-srpm-macros-0.7.0-6.el7 BLIS architecture macros linux/noarch
blis-threads-0.7.0-6.el7 BLAS-like Library Instantiation Software Framework - pthreads linux/x86_64
blis-threads64-0.7.0-6.el7 BLAS-like Library Instantiation Software Framework - pthreads, 64-bit linux/x86_64
blitz-1.0.1-5.el7 C++ class library for matrix scientific computing linux/x86_64
blitz-debuginfo-1.0.1-5.el7 Debug information for package blitz linux/x86_64
blitz-devel-1.0.1-5.el7 Libraries, includes, etc. used to develop an application with blitz linux/x86_64
blitz-doc-1.0.1-5.el7 The Blitz html docs linux/noarch
blosc-1.11.3-1.el7 A high performance compressor optimized for binary data linux/x86_64
blosc-bench-1.11.3-1.el7 Benchmark for the Blosc compressor linux/x86_64
blosc-debuginfo-1.11.3-1.el7 Debug information for package blosc linux/x86_64
blosc-devel-1.11.3-1.el7 Header files and libraries for Blosc development linux/x86_64
blt-2.4-47.z.el7 Widget extension to the Tcl/Tk scripting language linux/x86_64
blt-debuginfo-2.4-47.z.el7 Debug information for package blt linux/x86_64
blt-devel-2.4-47.z.el7 Development files for BLT linux/x86_64
blt-doc-2.4-47.z.el7 HTML documentation for BLT linux/noarch
blueberry-1.1.20-6.el7 Bluetooth configuration tool linux/noarch
bluefish-2.2.10-1.el7 Web development application for experienced users linux/x86_64
bluefish-debuginfo-2.2.10-1.el7 Debug information for package bluefish linux/x86_64
bluefish-shared-data-2.2.10-1.el7 Architecture-independent data for bluefish linux/noarch
bluez-tools-0.2.0-0.7.git20170912.7cb788c.el7 A set of tools to manage Bluetooth devices for Linux linux/x86_64
bluez-tools-debuginfo-0.2.0-0.7.git20170912.7cb788c.el7 Debug information for package bluez-tools linux/x86_64
bmon-3.6-1.el7 Bandwidth monitor and rate estimator linux/x86_64
bmon-debuginfo-3.6-1.el7 Debug information for package bmon linux/x86_64
bodhi-client-2.11.0-3.el7 Bodhi Client linux/noarch
bodhi-docs-2.11.0-3.el7 Bodhi documentation linux/noarch
bodhi-server-2.11.0-3.el7 A modular framework that facilitates publishing software updates linux/noarch
boinc-client-7.20.2-1.el7 The BOINC client linux/x86_64
boinc-client-debuginfo-7.20.2-1.el7 Debug information for package boinc-client linux/x86_64
boinc-client-devel-7.20.2-1.el7 Development files for boinc-client linux/x86_64
boinc-client-doc-7.20.2-1.el7 Documentation files for boinc-client linux/noarch
boinc-client-static-7.20.2-1.el7 Static libraries for boinc-client linux/x86_64
boinc-manager-7.20.2-1.el7 GUI to control and monitor boinc-client linux/x86_64
boinc-tui-2.5.0-2.el7 Fullscreen Text Mode Manager For BOINC Client linux/x86_64
boinc-tui-debuginfo-2.5.0-2.el7 Debug information for package boinc-tui linux/x86_64
bonnie++-1.97.3-1.el7 Filesystem and disk benchmark & burn-in suite linux/x86_64
bonnie++-debuginfo-1.97.3-1.el7 Debug information for package bonnie++ linux/x86_64
boost-nowide-0-20190813.gitec9672b.el7 Boost.Nowide makes cross platform Unicode aware programming easier. linux/noarch
boost-nowide-devel-0-20190813.gitec9672b.el7 The header files to compile against boost.nowide linux/noarch
boost-nowide-docs-0-20190813.gitec9672b.el7 Documentation for using the nowide boost module linux/noarch
boost-python3-debuginfo-1.53.0-30.el7 Debug information for package boost-python3 linux/x86_64
boost-python36-1.53.0-30.el7 Shared object symbolic links for Boost.Python 3 linux/x86_64
boost-python36-devel-1.53.0-30.el7 Shared object symbolic links for Boost.Python 3 linux/x86_64
boost-python36-static-1.53.0-30.el7 The Python3 Boost C++ static development libraries linux/x86_64
boost148-1.48.0-7.el7 The free peer-reviewed portable C++ source libraries linux/x86_64
boost148-build-1.48.0-7.el7 Cross platform build system for C++ projects linux/noarch
boost148-chrono-1.48.0-7.el7 Run-Time component of Boost Chrono library linux/x86_64
boost148-date-time-1.48.0-7.el7 Run-Time component of Boost Date-Time library linux/x86_64
boost148-debuginfo-1.48.0-7.el7 Debug information for package boost148 linux/x86_64
boost148-devel-1.48.0-7.el7 The Boost C++ headers and shared development libraries linux/x86_64
boost148-doc-1.48.0-7.el7 HTML documentation for the Boost C++ libraries linux/noarch
boost148-examples-1.48.0-7.el7 Source examples for the Boost C++ libraries linux/noarch
boost148-filesystem-1.48.0-7.el7 Run-Time component of Boost filesystem library linux/x86_64
boost148-graph-1.48.0-7.el7 Run-Time component of Boost Graph library linux/x86_64
boost148-graph-mpich-1.48.0-7.el7 Run-Time component of parallel Boost Graph library linux/x86_64
boost148-graph-openmpi-1.48.0-7.el7 Run-Time component of parallel Boost Graph library linux/x86_64
boost148-iostreams-1.48.0-7.el7 Run-Time component of Boost IOStreams library linux/x86_64
boost148-jam-1.48.0-7.el7 A low-level build tool linux/x86_64
boost148-locale-1.48.0-7.el7 Run-Time component of Boost Locale library linux/x86_64
boost148-math-1.48.0-7.el7 Math functions for Boost TR1 library linux/x86_64
boost148-mpich-1.48.0-7.el7 Run-Time component of Boost.MPI library linux/x86_64
boost148-mpich-devel-1.48.0-7.el7 Shared library symbolic links for Boost.MPI linux/x86_64
boost148-mpich-python-1.48.0-7.el7 Python run-time component of Boost.MPI library linux/x86_64
boost148-openmpi-1.48.0-7.el7 Run-Time component of Boost.MPI library linux/x86_64
boost148-openmpi-devel-1.48.0-7.el7 Shared library symbolic links for Boost.MPI linux/x86_64
boost148-openmpi-python-1.48.0-7.el7 Python run-time component of Boost.MPI library linux/x86_64
boost148-program-options-1.48.0-7.el7 Run-Time component of Boost Program Options library linux/x86_64
boost148-python-1.48.0-7.el7 Run-Time component of Boost Python library linux/x86_64
boost148-random-1.48.0-7.el7 Run-Time component of Boost Random library linux/x86_64
boost148-regex-1.48.0-7.el7 Run-Time component of Boost Regular Expression library linux/x86_64
boost148-serialization-1.48.0-7.el7 Run-Time component of Boost Serialization library linux/x86_64
boost148-signals-1.48.0-7.el7 Run-Time component of Boost Signals and Slots library linux/x86_64
boost148-static-1.48.0-7.el7 The Boost C++ static development libraries linux/x86_64
boost148-system-1.48.0-7.el7 Run-Time component of Boost System support library linux/x86_64
boost148-test-1.48.0-7.el7 Run-Time component of Boost Test library linux/x86_64
boost148-thread-1.48.0-7.el7 Run-Time component of Boost Thread library linux/x86_64
boost148-timer-1.48.0-7.el7 Run-Time component of Boost Timer library linux/x86_64
boost148-wave-1.48.0-7.el7 Run-Time component of Boost C99/C++ pre-processing library linux/x86_64
boost169-1.69.0-2.el7 The free peer-reviewed portable C++ source libraries linux/x86_64
boost169-atomic-1.69.0-2.el7 Run-time component of boost atomic library linux/x86_64
boost169-build-1.69.0-2.el7 Cross platform build system for C++ projects linux/noarch
boost169-chrono-1.69.0-2.el7 Run-time component of boost chrono library linux/x86_64
boost169-container-1.69.0-2.el7 Run-time component of boost container library linux/x86_64
boost169-context-1.69.0-2.el7 Run-time component of boost context switching library linux/x86_64
boost169-contract-1.69.0-2.el7 Run-time component of boost contract library linux/x86_64
boost169-coroutine-1.69.0-2.el7 Run-time component of boost coroutine library linux/x86_64
boost169-date-time-1.69.0-2.el7 Run-time component of boost date-time library linux/x86_64
boost169-debuginfo-1.69.0-2.el7 Debug information for package boost169 linux/x86_64
boost169-devel-1.69.0-2.el7 The Boost C++ headers and shared development libraries linux/x86_64
boost169-doc-1.69.0-2.el7 HTML documentation for the Boost C++ libraries linux/noarch
boost169-doctools-1.69.0-2.el7 Tools for working with Boost documentation linux/x86_64
boost169-examples-1.69.0-2.el7 Source examples for the Boost C++ libraries linux/noarch
boost169-fiber-1.69.0-2.el7 Run-time component of boost fiber library linux/x86_64
boost169-filesystem-1.69.0-2.el7 Run-time component of boost filesystem library linux/x86_64
boost169-graph-1.69.0-2.el7 Run-time component of boost graph library linux/x86_64
boost169-graph-mpich-1.69.0-2.el7 Run-time component of parallel boost graph library linux/x86_64
boost169-graph-openmpi-1.69.0-2.el7 Run-time component of parallel boost graph library linux/x86_64
boost169-iostreams-1.69.0-2.el7 Run-time component of boost iostreams library linux/x86_64
boost169-jam-1.69.0-2.el7 A low-level build tool linux/x86_64
boost169-locale-1.69.0-2.el7 Run-time component of boost locale library linux/x86_64
boost169-log-1.69.0-2.el7 Run-time component of boost logging library linux/x86_64
boost169-math-1.69.0-2.el7 Math functions for boost TR1 library linux/x86_64
boost169-mpich-1.69.0-2.el7 Run-time component of Boost.MPI library linux/x86_64
boost169-mpich-devel-1.69.0-2.el7 Shared library symbolic links for Boost.MPI linux/x86_64
boost169-mpich-python2-1.69.0-2.el7 Python run-time component of Boost.MPI library linux/x86_64
boost169-mpich-python2-devel-1.69.0-2.el7 Shared library symbolic links for Boost.MPI Python 2 component linux/x86_64
boost169-mpich-python3-1.69.0-2.el7 Python 3 run-time component of Boost.MPI library linux/x86_64
boost169-mpich-python3-devel-1.69.0-2.el7 Shared library symbolic links for Boost.MPI Python 3 component linux/x86_64
boost169-numpy2-1.69.0-2.el7 Run-time component of boost numpy library for Python 2 linux/x86_64
boost169-numpy3-1.69.0-2.el7 Run-time component of boost numpy library for Python 3 linux/x86_64
boost169-openmpi-1.69.0-2.el7 Run-time component of Boost.MPI library linux/x86_64
boost169-openmpi-devel-1.69.0-2.el7 Shared library symbolic links for Boost.MPI linux/x86_64
boost169-openmpi-python2-1.69.0-2.el7 Python 2 run-time component of Boost.MPI library linux/x86_64
boost169-openmpi-python2-devel-1.69.0-2.el7 Shared library symbolic links for Boost.MPI Python 2 component linux/x86_64
boost169-openmpi-python3-1.69.0-2.el7 Python 3 run-time component of Boost.MPI library linux/x86_64
boost169-openmpi-python3-devel-1.69.0-2.el7 Shared library symbolic links for Boost.MPI Python 3 component linux/x86_64
boost169-program-options-1.69.0-2.el7 Run-time component of boost program_options library linux/x86_64
boost169-python2-1.69.0-2.el7 Run-time component of boost python library for Python 2 linux/x86_64
boost169-python2-devel-1.69.0-2.el7 Shared object symbolic links for Boost.Python 2 linux/x86_64
boost169-python3-1.69.0-2.el7 Run-time component of boost python library for Python 3 linux/x86_64
boost169-python3-devel-1.69.0-2.el7 Shared object symbolic links for Boost.Python 3 linux/x86_64
boost169-random-1.69.0-2.el7 Run-time component of boost random library linux/x86_64
boost169-regex-1.69.0-2.el7 Run-time component of boost regular expression library linux/x86_64
boost169-serialization-1.69.0-2.el7 Run-time component of boost serialization library linux/x86_64
boost169-stacktrace-1.69.0-2.el7 Run-time component of boost stacktrace library linux/x86_64
boost169-static-1.69.0-2.el7 The Boost C++ static development libraries linux/x86_64
boost169-system-1.69.0-2.el7 Run-time component of boost system support library linux/x86_64
boost169-test-1.69.0-2.el7 Run-time component of boost test library linux/x86_64
boost169-thread-1.69.0-2.el7 Run-time component of boost thread library linux/x86_64
boost169-timer-1.69.0-2.el7 Run-time component of boost timer library linux/x86_64
boost169-type_erasure-1.69.0-2.el7 Run-time component of boost type erasure library linux/x86_64
boost169-wave-1.69.0-2.el7 Run-time component of boost C99/C++ preprocessing library linux/x86_64
borgbackup-1.1.18-2.el7 A deduplicating backup program with compression and authenticated encryption linux/x86_64
borgbackup-debuginfo-1.1.18-2.el7 Debug information for package borgbackup linux/x86_64
borgmatic-1.1.15-3.el7 Simple Python wrapper script for borgbackup linux/x86_64
botan-1.10.17-1.el7 Crypto library written in C++ linux/x86_64
botan-debuginfo-1.10.17-1.el7 Debug information for package botan linux/x86_64
botan-devel-1.10.17-1.el7 Development files for botan linux/x86_64
botan-doc-1.10.17-1.el7 Documentation for botan linux/noarch
bouncycastle-1.58-1.el7 Bouncy Castle Cryptography APIs for Java linux/noarch
bouncycastle-javadoc-1.58-1.el7 Javadoc for bouncycastle linux/noarch
bouncycastle-mail-1.58-1.el7 Bouncy Castle S/MIME API linux/noarch
bouncycastle-pg-1.58-1.el7 Bouncy Castle OpenPGP API linux/noarch
bouncycastle-pkix-1.58-1.el7 Bouncy Castle PKIX, CMS, EAC, TSP, PKCS, OCSP, CMP, and CRMF APIs linux/noarch
bouncycastle-tls-1.58-1.el7 Bouncy Castle JSSE provider and TLS/DTLS API linux/noarch
bowtie-1.2.3-2.el7 An ultrafast, memory-efficient short read aligner linux/x86_64
bowtie-debuginfo-1.2.3-2.el7 Debug information for package bowtie linux/x86_64
bowtie2-2.4.1-1.el7 An ultra fast and memory-efficient read aligner linux/x86_64
bowtie2-debuginfo-2.4.1-1.el7 Debug information for package bowtie2 linux/x86_64
boxes-1.3-4.el7 Draw any kind of box around some given text linux/x86_64
boxes-vim-1.3-4.el7 Vim plugin for boxes linux/noarch
bpfmon-2.51-4.el7 Traffic monitor for BPF expression/iptables rule linux/x86_64
bpfmon-debuginfo-2.51-4.el7 Debug information for package bpfmon linux/x86_64
bpython-0.12-6.1.el7 Fancy curses interface to the Python interactive interpreter linux/noarch
breeze-icon-theme-5.52.0-1.el7 Breeze icon theme linux/noarch
breeze-icon-theme-rcc-5.52.0-1.el7 breeze Qt resource files linux/noarch
brightnessctl-0.3-1.el7 Read and control device brightness linux/x86_64
brightnessctl-debuginfo-0.3-1.el7 Debug information for package brightnessctl linux/x86_64
bro-2.4.1-3.el7 A Network Intrusion Detection System and Analysis Framework linux/x86_64
bro-debuginfo-2.4.1-3.el7 Debug information for package bro linux/x86_64
bro-doc-2.4.1-3.el7 Documentation for bro linux/x86_64
broccoli-2.4.1-3.el7 The bro client communication library linux/x86_64
broccoli-devel-2.4.1-3.el7 Development file for broccoli linux/x86_64
broctl-2.4.1-3.el7 A control tool for bro linux/noarch
brotli-1.0.9-10.el7 Lossless compression algorithm linux/x86_64
brotli-debuginfo-1.0.9-10.el7 Debug information for package brotli linux/x86_64
brotli-devel-1.0.9-10.el7 Lossless compression algorithm (development files) linux/x86_64
btest-0.54-1.el7 A Simple Driver for Basic Unit Tests linux/noarch
bti-034-3.el7 Bash Twitter Idiocy linux/x86_64
bti-debuginfo-034-3.el7 Debug information for package bti linux/x86_64
btkbdd-1.3-5.el7 Bluetooth keyboard service linux/x86_64
btkbdd-debuginfo-1.3-5.el7 Debug information for package btkbdd linux/x86_64
btrbk-0.31.3-2.el7 Tool for creating snapshots and remote backups of btrfs sub-volumes linux/noarch
bubblewrap-0.3.0-1.el7 Core execution tool for unprivileged containers linux/x86_64
bubblewrap-debuginfo-0.3.0-1.el7 Debug information for package bubblewrap linux/x86_64
bucardo-4.5.0-12.el7 Postgres replication system for both multi-master and multi-slave operations linux/noarch
bugwarrior-1.4.0-1.el7 Sync github, bitbucket, and trac issues with taskwarrior linux/noarch
bugyou-0.2.2-1.el7 Automatic Bug Reporting Tool linux/noarch
bugyou_plugins-0.1.5-1.el7 Plugins for Bugyou linux/noarch
bullet-2.82-3.el7 3D Collision Detection and Rigid Body Dynamics Library linux/x86_64
bullet-debuginfo-2.82-3.el7 Debug information for package bullet linux/x86_64
bullet-devel-2.82-3.el7 Development files for bullet linux/x86_64
bullet-extras-2.82-3.el7 Extra libraries for bullet linux/x86_64
bullet-extras-devel-2.82-3.el7 Development files for bullet extras linux/x86_64
burp-client-2.1.32-1.el7 burp backup client linux/x86_64
burp-debuginfo-2.1.32-1.el7 Debug information for package burp linux/x86_64
burp-doc-2.1.32-1.el7 Documentation and samples for Burp backup linux/noarch
burp-server-2.1.32-1.el7 burp backup server linux/x86_64
bwa-0.7.17-1.el7 Burrows-Wheeler Alignment tool linux/x86_64
bwa-debuginfo-0.7.17-1.el7 Debug information for package bwa linux/x86_64
bwm-ng-0.6.1-2.el7 Bandwidth Monitor NG linux/x86_64
bwm-ng-debuginfo-0.6.1-2.el7 Debug information for package bwm-ng linux/x86_64
byobu-5.73-4.el7 Light-weight, configurable window manager built upon GNU screen linux/noarch
bzrtools-2.5-5.el7 Collection of utilities and plugins for Bazaar-NG linux/x86_64

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