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awesum-0.6.0-1.2.el7.rf Graphical checksum verifier linux/noarch
bcrypt-1.1-1.el7.rf File encryption utility linux/x86_64
ccd2iso-0.3-1.el7.rf CloneCD image to ISO image converter linux/x86_64
cdargs-1.35-2.el7.rf Navigate cd linux/x86_64
cmospwd-5.0-1.el7.rf Decrypts password stored in cmos used to access BIOS SETUP linux/x86_64
convmv-1.15-1.el7.rf Convert filenames to a different encoding linux/noarch
dmg2img-1.6.2-1.el7.rf Uncompress the Apple compressed disk image files linux/x86_64
e2recover-1.0-1.el7.rf Tools to assist in recovering deleted files from ext2 filesystems. linux/x86_64
f3-1.1.3-1.el7.rf Tool to test storage device (flash devices) linux/x86_64
lzip-1.15-1.el7.rf Lossless LZMA-based data compression linux/x86_64
lzma-4.32.7-1.el7.rf Tools related to LZMA compression linux/x86_64
md5deep-3.7-1.el7.rf Compute MD5, SHA-1, SHA-256, Tiger or Whirlpool message digests linux/x86_64
mdf2iso-0.3.0-1.el7.rf Utility to convert an Alcohol 120% image to the standard ISO-9660 format linux/x86_64
memtee-0.3-1.el7.rf Replacement for tee program linux/x86_64
pbzip2-1.0.5-1.el7.rf Parallel implementation of bzip2 linux/x86_64
pfm2afm-1.0-1.2.el7.rf Utility for converting windows pfm font metric files into afm metrics linux/x86_64
ssdeep-2.9-1.el7.rf tool for computing context triggered piecewise hashes (CTPH) linux/x86_64
uif2iso-0.1.7c-1.el7.rf Convert MagicISO UIF Files to ISO9660 linux/x86_64
upx-3.91-1.el7.rf The Ultimate Packer for eXecutables linux/x86_64

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