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icinga-1.6.1-1.el6.rf RPM for x86_64

From DAG packages for Red Hat Linux el6 x86_64

Name: icinga Distribution: RPMForge repository for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6
Version: 1.6.1 Vendor: Dag Apt Repository,
Release: 1.el6.rf Build date: Sat Jan 21 00:16:22 2012
Group: Applications/System Build host:
Size: 854481 Source RPM: icinga-1.6.1-1.el6.rf.src.rpm
Packager: Christoph Maser <>
Summary: Open Source host, service and network monitoring program
Icinga is an application, system and network monitoring application.
It can escalate problems by email, pager or any other medium. It is
also useful for incident or SLA reporting.

Icinga is written in C and is designed as a background process,
intermittently running checks on various services that you specify.

The actual service checks are performed by separate "plugin" programs
which return the status of the checks to Icinga.

Icinga is a fork of the nagios project.






* Fri Dec 02 2011 Michael Friedrich <> - 1.6.1-1
  - bump to 1.6.1
* Sun Nov 27 2011 Michael Friedrich <> - 1.6.0-1
  - set to 1.6.0 target
  - add --with-web-user/group
  - add objects/ido2db_check_proc.cfg
  - drop api package as this is now deprecated and not shipped anymore with icinga package
  - remove provides nagios, inaccurate
  - enable cmd.cgi logging by default, /var/log/icinga/gui used
  - fix --libexecdir to point to possible location of nagios-plugins in resource.cfg:$USER1$
* Fri Sep 09 2011 Michael Friedrich <> - 1.5.1-1
  - bump to 1.5.1
* Wed Jun 29 2011 Michael Friedrich <> - 1.5.0-1
  - set to 1.5.0 target, remove provides nagios version, set idoutils.cfg-sample
  - move all logging to one location
  - add log-dir, cgi-log-dir, phpapi-log-dir to configure, remove the manual creation
  - remove manual logdir creation and movings, as no longer needed
  - add objects/notifications.cfg for further examples
  - fix file perms and locations of cfgs
  - fix group for doc
* Wed May 11 2011 Michael Friedrich <> - 1.4.0-2
  - undo changes on icinga-cmd group, use icingacmd like before
* Thu Apr 28 2011 Michael Friedrich <> - 1.4.0-1
  - update for release 1.4.0
  - remove perl subst for eventhandler submit_check_result, this is now done by configure
  - remove top.html, doxygen
  - set cgi log permissions to apache user
  - honour modules/ in icinga cfg and modules/idoutils.cfg for neb definitions
  - add /icinga/log for cmd.cgi logging, includes .htaccess
  - ...
  - Changelog trimmed, see



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