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RPM of Group Applications/Communications

cyclades-serial-client-0.93-1.2.el4.rf Serial Port Interface for Cyclades Terminal Servers linux/ppc
epic-2.2-1.el4.rf IrcII chat client linux/ppc
irssi-0.8.12-1.el4.rf Modular text-mode IRC client linux/ppc
kbirthday-0.7.3-2.el4.rf Kicker-applet which reminds you of birthdays linux/ppc
linneighborhood-0.6.5-3.2.el4.rf SMB network neighborhood linux/ppc
morse-2.1-1.el4.rf Morse Classic morse trainer program linux/ppc
pisg-0.68-1.2.el4.rf Perl script which generates statistics from IRC logfiles linux/ppc
psi-0.10-4.el4.rf Client application for the Jabber network linux/ppc
psi-languagepack-0.10-4.el4.rf Translations for the Psi jabber client linux/ppc
sercd-2.3.2-1.el4.rf RFC 2217-compliant serial port redirector linux/ppc
slsnif-0.4.4-1.el4.rf Serial line Sniffer linux/ppc
tn5250-0.17.3-2.el4.rf 5250 Telnet protocol and terminal program linux/ppc
ytalk-3.3.0-1.0.el4.rf Enhanced replacement for the BSD talk client linux/ppc

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