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Packages beginning with letter D

daxctl-67-2.el8 Manage Device-DAX instances linux/aarch64
daxctl-libs-67-2.el8 Management library for "Device DAX" devices linux/aarch64
dbus-1.12.8-10.el8 D-BUS message bus linux/aarch64
dbus-common-1.12.8-10.el8 D-BUS message bus configuration linux/noarch
dbus-daemon-1.12.8-10.el8 D-BUS message bus linux/aarch64
dbus-glib-0.110-2.el8 GLib bindings for D-Bus linux/aarch64
dbus-libs-1.12.8-10.el8 Libraries for accessing D-BUS linux/aarch64
dbus-tools-1.12.8-10.el8 D-BUS Tools and Utilities linux/aarch64
dbxtool-8-5.el8 Secure Boot DBX updater linux/aarch64
dejavu-fonts-common-2.35-6.el8 Common files for the Dejavu font set linux/noarch
dejavu-sans-fonts-2.35-6.el8 Variable-width sans-serif font faces linux/noarch
dejavu-sans-mono-fonts-2.35-6.el8 Monospace sans-serif font faces linux/noarch
dejavu-serif-fonts-2.35-6.el8 Variable-width serif font faces linux/noarch
device-mapper-1.02.171-3.el8 Device mapper utility linux/aarch64
device-mapper-event-1.02.171-3.el8 Device-mapper event daemon linux/aarch64
device-mapper-event-libs-1.02.171-3.el8 Device-mapper event daemon shared library linux/aarch64
device-mapper-libs-1.02.171-3.el8 Device-mapper shared library linux/aarch64
device-mapper-multipath-0.8.4-3.el8 Tools to manage multipath devices using device-mapper linux/aarch64
device-mapper-multipath-libs-0.8.4-3.el8 The device-mapper-multipath modules and shared library linux/aarch64
device-mapper-persistent-data-0.8.5-3.el8 Device-mapper Persistent Data Tools linux/aarch64
dhcp-client-4.3.6-41.el8 Provides the ISC DHCP client daemon and dhclient-script linux/aarch64
dhcp-common-4.3.6-41.el8 Common files used by ISC dhcp client, server and relay agent linux/noarch
dhcp-libs-4.3.6-41.el8 Shared libraries used by ISC dhcp client and server linux/aarch64
dhcp-relay-4.3.6-41.el8 Provides the ISC DHCP relay agent linux/aarch64
dhcp-server-4.3.6-41.el8 Provides the ISC DHCP server linux/aarch64
diffutils-3.6-6.el8 A GNU collection of diff utilities linux/aarch64
dmidecode-3.2-6.el8 Tool to analyse BIOS DMI data linux/aarch64
dnf-4.2.23-2.el8 Package manager linux/noarch
dnf-automatic-4.2.23-2.el8 Package manager - automated upgrades linux/noarch
dnf-data-4.2.23-2.el8 Common data and configuration files for DNF linux/noarch
dnf-plugin-subscription-manager-1.27.4-1.el8 Subscription Manager plugins for DNF linux/aarch64
dnf-plugins-core-4.0.17-2.el8 Core Plugins for DNF linux/noarch
dos2unix-7.4.0-3.el8 Text file format converters linux/aarch64
dosfstools-4.1-6.el8 Utilities for making and checking MS-DOS FAT filesystems on Linux linux/aarch64
dracut-049-92.git20200702.el8 Initramfs generator using udev linux/aarch64
dracut-caps-049-92.git20200702.el8 dracut modules to build a dracut initramfs which drops capabilities linux/aarch64
dracut-config-generic-049-92.git20200702.el8 dracut configuration to turn off hostonly image generation linux/aarch64
dracut-config-rescue-049-92.git20200702.el8 dracut configuration to turn on rescue image generation linux/aarch64
dracut-live-049-92.git20200702.el8 dracut modules to build a dracut initramfs with live image capabilities linux/aarch64
dracut-network-049-92.git20200702.el8 dracut modules to build a dracut initramfs with network support linux/aarch64
dracut-squash-049-92.git20200702.el8 dracut module to build an initramfs with most files in a squashfs image linux/aarch64
dracut-tools-049-92.git20200702.el8 dracut tools to build the local initramfs linux/aarch64
dump-0.4-0.36.b46.el8 Programs for backing up and restoring ext2/ext3/ext4 filesystems linux/aarch64

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