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RPM of Group Environment/Libraries

trinity-juic- The Qt Java UI Compiler linux/i686
trinity-kjscmd- A script interpreter using the TDE JavaScript library linux/i686
trinity-kspy- examines the internal state of a Qt/TDE app linux/i686
trinity-libarts-akode- Akode plugin for aRts linux/i686
trinity-libarts-audiofile- Audiofile plugin for aRts linux/i686
trinity-libarts-mpeglib- Mpeglib plugin for aRts, supporting mp3 and mpeg audio/video linux/i686linux/x86_64
trinity-libarts-xine- aRts plugin enabling xine support linux/i686
trinity-libcvsservice0- DCOP service for accessing CVS repositories linux/i686
trinity-libdcop-c- DCOP bindings for C [Trinity] linux/i686
trinity-libdcop3-java- DCOP bindings for Java [Trinity] linux/i686
trinity-libdcop3-jni- DCOP bindings for Java ( Native libraries ) [Trinity] linux/i686
trinity-libgtkxparts1- Xparts library for GTK linux/i686
trinity-libindex-14.0.1-1mgc30.opt Trinity indexing library linux/x86_64
trinity-libindex- Trinity indexing library linux/i686
trinity-libkateinterfaces- Common libraries used by kwrite and kate linux/i686
trinity-libkcal-14.0.1-1mgc30.opt Trinity calendaring library linux/x86_64
trinity-libkcal- Trinity calendaring library linux/i686
trinity-libkcddb- CDDB library for Trinity linux/i686
trinity-libkdcraw- Raw picture decoding C++ library (runtime) [Trinity] linux/x86_64
trinity-libkdcraw- Raw picture decoding C++ library (runtime) [Trinity] linux/i686
trinity-libkdexparts1- Xparts library for KDE linux/i686linux/x86_64
trinity-libkexiv2- Qt like interface for the libexiv2 library (runtime) [Trinity] linux/x86_64
trinity-libkexiv2- Qt like interface for the libexiv2 library (runtime) [Trinity] linux/i686
trinity-libkgantt-14.0.1-1mgc30.opt Trinity gantt charting library linux/x86_64
trinity-libkgantt- Trinity gantt charting library linux/i686
trinity-libkipi- library for apps that want to use kipi-plugins (runtime version) [Trinity] linux/x86_64
trinity-libkipi- library for apps that want to use kipi-plugins (runtime version) [Trinity] linux/i686
trinity-libkiten1- library for Kiten Japanese reference/study tool linux/i686
trinity-libkjsembed1- Embedded JavaScript library linux/i686
trinity-libkleopatra-14.0.1-1mgc30.opt TDE GnuPG interface libraries linux/x86_64
trinity-libkleopatra- TDE GnuPG interface libraries linux/i686
trinity-libkmime-14.0.1-1mgc30.opt Trinity MIME interface library linux/x86_64
trinity-libkmime- Trinity MIME interface library linux/i686
trinity-libkonq- core libraries for Konqueror linux/i686
trinity-libkorundum0-ruby- TDE bindings for Ruby [Trinity] linux/i686
trinity-libkpimexchange- Trinity PIM Exchange library linux/i686
trinity-libkpimidentities-14.0.1-1mgc30.opt Trinity PIM user identity information library linux/x86_64
trinity-libkpimidentities- Trinity PIM user identity information library linux/i686
trinity-libkscan- Scanner library for Trinity linux/i686
trinity-libksieve-14.0.1-1mgc30.opt Trinity mail/news message filtering library linux/x86_64
trinity-libksieve- Trinity mail/news message filtering library linux/i686
trinity-libksquirrel-0.8.0-3mgc30.opt Trinity image viewer linux/i686linux/x86_64
trinity-libksquirrel-tools-0.8.0-3mgc30.opt Trinity image viewer linux/i686linux/x86_64
trinity-libktnef-14.0.1-1mgc30.opt Library for handling KTNEF email attachments linux/x86_64
trinity-libktnef- Library for handling KTNEF email attachments linux/i686
trinity-libmimelib-14.0.1-1mgc30.opt Trinity mime library linux/x86_64
trinity-libmimelib- Trinity mime library linux/i686
trinity-libpythonize0-0.4.0-3mgc30.opt Python packages to support KDE applications (library) [Trinity] linux/x86_64
trinity-libpythonize0-0.4.0-5mgc30.opt Python packages to support KDE applications (library) [Trinity] linux/i686
trinity-libqt0-ruby- Qt bindings for Ruby [Trinity] linux/i686
trinity-libqt3-java- Java bindings for Qt [Trinity] linux/i686
trinity-libqt3-jni- Java bindings for Qt ( Native libraries ) [Trinity] linux/i686
trinity-librss-14.0.1-1mgc30.opt RSS library for Trinity linux/x86_64
trinity-librss- RSS library for Trinity linux/i686
trinity-libsmokekde1- SMOKE Binding Library to TDE linux/i686linux/x86_64
trinity-libsmokeqt1- SMOKE Binding Library to Qt linux/i686linux/x86_64
trinity-libtdeedu3- library for use with Trinity educational apps linux/i686
trinity-libtdepim-14.0.1-1mgc30.opt Trinity PIM library linux/x86_64
trinity-libtdepim- Trinity PIM library linux/i686
trinity-libtrinity-java- tdelibs bindings for Java [Trinity] linux/i686
trinity-libtrinity-jni- tdelibs bindings for java ( Native libraries ) [Trinity] linux/i686
trinity-mpeglib- MP3 and MPEG-1 audio and video library linux/i686linux/x86_64
trinity-python-dcop- DCOP bindings for Python linux/i686linux/x86_64
trinity-tdeadmin-kfile-plugins- Trinity file metainfo plugins for deb and rpm files linux/i686
trinity-tdebase-data- shared data files for the TDE base module linux/i686
trinity-tdebase-kio-pim-plugins- PIM KIOslaves from trinity-tdebase linux/i686linux/x86_64
trinity-tdebase-libtqt3-integration- Integration library between TQt3 and TDE linux/i686
trinity-tdebase-runtime-data-common- Shared common files for Trinity and KDE4 linux/i686
trinity-tdebindings-java- TDE Java bindings metapackage [Trinity] linux/i686
trinity-tdebindings-xparts-extras- Extra xparts for TDE [Trinity] linux/i686
trinity-tdegraphics-kfile-plugins- TDE metainfo plugins for graphic files linux/i686
trinity-tdegraphics-libpoppler-tqt- TQt support for Poppler linux/i686linux/x86_64
trinity-tdelibs- TDE Libraries linux/i686
trinity-tdepim-kfile-plugins-14.0.1-1mgc30.opt TDE File dialog plugins for palm and vcf files linux/x86_64
trinity-tdepim-kfile-plugins- TDE File dialog plugins for palm and vcf files linux/i686
trinity-tdepim-kio-plugins- Trinity pim I/O Slaves linux/i686linux/x86_64
trinity-tdepim-kresources- Trinity pim resource plugins linux/i686linux/x86_64
trinity-tdepim-tdeio-plugins-14.0.1-1mgc30.opt Trinity PIM I/O Slaves linux/x86_64
trinity-tdepim-tderesources-14.0.1-1mgc30.opt Trinity pim resource plugins linux/x86_64
trinity-tdesdk-kfile-plugins- Trinity file dialog plugins for software development files linux/i686
trinity-tdesdk-kio-plugins- subversion ioslave for Trinity linux/i686linux/x86_64

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