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akmod-intel-ipu6-0.0-11.20240226gitfb4c170.fc38 Akmod package for intel-ipu6 kernel module(s) linux/ppc64le
d1x-1.43-33.rebirth.20220222git7258b7f.fc38 Descent 1 game and shareware data files (d1x-rebirth version) linux/ppc64le
d1x-debuginfo-1.43-33.rebirth.20220222git7258b7f.fc38 Debug information for package d1x linux/ppc64le
d1x-debugsource-1.43-33.rebirth.20220222git7258b7f.fc38 Debug sources for package d1x linux/ppc64le
d2x-1.43-33.rebirth.20220222git7258b7f.fc38 Descent 2 game and shareware data files (d2x-rebirth version) linux/ppc64le
d2x-debuginfo-1.43-33.rebirth.20220222git7258b7f.fc38 Debug information for package d2x linux/ppc64le
dream-2.3.0~20230725svnr1406-2.fc38 A software radio for AM and Digital Radio Mondiale (DRM) linux/ppc64le
dream-debuginfo-2.3.0~20230725svnr1406-2.fc38 Debug information for package dream linux/ppc64le
dream-debugsource-2.3.0~20230725svnr1406-2.fc38 Debug sources for package dream linux/ppc64le
gsview-5.01~beta-4.fc38 PostScript and PDF previewer linux/ppc64le
gsview-debuginfo-5.01~beta-4.fc38 Debug information for package gsview linux/ppc64le
gsview-debugsource-5.01~beta-4.fc38 Debug sources for package gsview linux/ppc64le
kmod-intel-ipu6-0.0-11.20240226gitfb4c170.fc38 Metapackage which tracks in intel-ipu6 kernel module for newest kernel linux/ppc64le
libunrar-7.0.7-1.fc38 Decompress library for RAR v3 archives linux/ppc64le
libunrar-debuginfo-7.0.7-1.fc38 Debug information for package libunrar linux/ppc64le
libunrar-devel-7.0.7-1.fc38 Development files for libunrar linux/ppc64le
lpf-cleartype-fonts-1.0-5.fc38 Bootstrap package building cleartype-fonts using lpf linux/noarch
mock-rpmfusion-nonfree-40.1-1.fc38 Mock config files for the RPM Fusion NonFree Repository linux/noarch
nvidia-vaapi-driver-0.0.10-1.fc38 VA-API implementation that uses NVDEC as a backend linux/ppc64le
nvidia-vaapi-driver-debuginfo-0.0.10-1.fc38 Debug information for package nvidia-vaapi-driver linux/ppc64le
nvidia-vaapi-driver-debugsource-0.0.10-1.fc38 Debug sources for package nvidia-vaapi-driver linux/ppc64le
snes9x-1.62.3-1.fc38 Super Nintendo Entertainment System emulator linux/ppc64le
snes9x-debuginfo-1.62.3-1.fc38 Debug information for package snes9x linux/ppc64le
snes9x-debugsource-1.62.3-1.fc38 Debug sources for package snes9x linux/ppc64le
snes9x-gtk-1.62.3-1.fc38 Super Nintendo Entertainment System emulator - GTK version linux/ppc64le
snes9x-gtk-debuginfo-1.62.3-1.fc38 Debug information for package snes9x-gtk linux/ppc64le
unifi-8.1.113-1.fc38 UniFi Network Controller linux/ppc64le
unifi-data-8.1.113-1.fc38 Non-architechture specific data files for unifi linux/noarch
unrar-7.0.7-1.fc38 Utility for extracting, testing and viewing RAR archives linux/ppc64le
unrar-debuginfo-7.0.7-1.fc38 Debug information for package unrar linux/ppc64le
unrar-debugsource-7.0.7-1.fc38 Debug sources for package unrar linux/ppc64le
xcpc-0.38.1-1.fc38 A portable Amstrad CPC 464/664/6128 emulator written in C linux/ppc64le
xcpc-debuginfo-0.38.1-1.fc38 Debug information for package xcpc linux/ppc64le
xcpc-debugsource-0.38.1-1.fc38 Debug sources for package xcpc linux/ppc64le
xv-4.1.1-1.fc38 Interactive image display program for X linux/ppc64le
xv-debuginfo-4.1.1-1.fc38 Debug information for package xv linux/ppc64le
xv-debugsource-4.1.1-1.fc38 Debug sources for package xv linux/ppc64le
xv-doc-4.1.1-1.fc38 Manuals in various formats for the xv image viewer linux/noarch
zerotier-one-1.12.2-1.fc38 Smart Ethernet Switch for Earth linux/ppc64le
zerotier-one-debuginfo-1.12.2-1.fc38 Debug information for package zerotier-one linux/ppc64le
zerotier-one-debugsource-1.12.2-1.fc38 Debug sources for package zerotier-one linux/ppc64le

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