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abuse-0.8-4.fc18 The classic Crack-Dot-Com game linux/armv5tel
abuse-debuginfo-0.8-4.fc18 Debug information for package abuse linux/armv5tel
audacious-plugins-nonfree-3.3.4-1.fc18 Audacious media player plugins with non free dependencies linux/armv5tel
audacious-plugins-nonfree-debuginfo-3.3.4-1.fc18 Debug information for package audacious-plugins-nonfree linux/armv5tel
caja-dropbox-1.6.0-4.fc18 Dropbox extension for caja linux/armv5tel
caja-dropbox-debuginfo-1.6.0-4.fc18 Debug information for package caja-dropbox linux/armv5tel
edgar-1.09-1.fc18 A platform game linux/armv5tel
edgar-debuginfo-1.09-1.fc18 Debug information for package edgar linux/armv5tel
mari0-1.6-3.fc18 A recreation of the original Super Mario Bros with a portal gun linux/noarch
mock-rpmfusion-nonfree-20.0-1.fc18 Mock config files for the RPM Fusion NonFree Repository linux/noarch
pushover-0.0.5-2.fc18 Fun puzzle game with dominos linux/armv5tel
pushover-debuginfo-0.0.5-2.fc18 Debug information for package pushover linux/armv5tel
rpmfusion-nonfree-release-18-3 RPM Fusion (nonfree) Repository Configuration linux/noarch
sox-plugins-nonfree-14.4.0-3.fc18 A general purpose sound file conversion tool linux/armv5tel
sox-plugins-nonfree-debuginfo-14.4.0-3.fc18 Debug information for package sox-plugins-nonfree linux/armv5tel
spectrum-roms-0.0.20081224-5.fc18 A collection of Spectrum ROM images linux/noarch
vice-2.4-2.fc18 Emulator for a variety of Commodore 8bit machines linux/armv5tel
vice-debuginfo-2.4-2.fc18 Debug information for package vice linux/armv5tel

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