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Packages beginning with letter N

nautilus-dropbox-2022.12.05-3.fc38 Dropbox extension for Nautilus linux/x86_64
ndi-sdk-4.6.1-4.fc37 NewTek NDI SDK linux/x86_64
ndi-sdk-devel-4.6.1-4.fc37 Libraries/include files for ndi-sdk linux/x86_64
ndi-sdk-documentation-4.6.1-4.fc37 Documentation for ndi-sdk linux/x86_64
nemo-dropbox-5.6.0-2.fc38 Dropbox extension for nemo linux/x86_64
nemo-megasync- Extension for Nemo to interact with Megasync linux/x86_64
netfabb-basic-7.2.0-14.fc37 Freeware suite for STL editing linux/x86_64
nrdp-1.5.2-11.fc37 Nagios Remote Data Processor linux/noarch
nrdp-client-php-1.5.2-11.fc37 Send NRDP php script for Nagios linux/noarch
nrdp-client-python-1.5.2-11.fc37 Send NRDP python script for Nagios linux/noarch
nrdp-client-shell-1.5.2-11.fc37 Send NRDP shell script for Nagios linux/noarch
nvidia-modprobe-530.41.03-1.fc38 Load the NVIDIA kernel module and create NVIDIA character device files linux/x86_64
nvidia-persistenced-530.41.03-1.fc38 Daemon for maintaining persistent driver state linux/x86_64
nvidia-settings-530.41.03-1.fc38 Configure the NVIDIA graphics driver linux/x86_64
nvidia-settings-390xx-390.157-1.fc38 Configure the NVIDIA 390xx series graphics driver linux/x86_64
nvidia-settings-470xx-470.182.03-1.fc38 Configure the NVIDIA 470xx series graphics driver linux/x86_64
nvidia-vaapi-driver-0.0.9-1.fc38 VA-API implementation that uses NVDEC as a backend linux/i686
nvidia-vaapi-driver-0.0.9-1.fc38 VA-API implementation that uses NVDEC as a backend linux/x86_64linux/i686
nvidia-xconfig-530.41.03-1.fc38 NVIDIA X configuration file editor linux/x86_64

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