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e-uae-0.8.29-0.17.wip4.fc19 RPM for armv7hl

From RpmFusion Non-Free for Fedora 19 for armhfp

Name: e-uae Distribution: Unknown
Version: 0.8.29 Vendor: RPM Fusion
Release: 0.17.wip4.fc19 Build date: Mon May 19 09:00:33 2014
Group: Applications/Emulators Build host:
Size: 2892351 Source RPM: e-uae-0.8.29-0.17.wip4.fc19.src.rpm
Summary: A powerful Amiga Emulator, based on UAE
E-UAE is an Amiga Emulator based on UAE which attempts to bring all the
features of WinUAE to non Windows platforms. E-UAE includes almost
complete emulation of the custom chips, including AGA, bsdsocket
emulation, JIT compilation for X86 processors, emulation of the 68000 to
the 68060 as well as the FPUs.






* Tue Mar 12 2013 Nicolas Chauvet <> - 0.8.29-0.17.wip4
* Thu Mar 08 2012 Nicolas Chauvet <> - 0.8.29-0.16.wip4
  - Rebuilt for c++ ABI breakage
* Thu Feb 09 2012 Nicolas Chauvet <> - 0.8.29-0.15.wip4
  - Rebuilt for
* Sun Nov 15 2009 Ian Chapman <packages[AT]> 0.8.29-0.14.wip4
  - Work around fix for libcaps support
* Sun Oct 18 2009 Andrea Musuruane <> 0.8.29-0.13.wip4
  - fixed a 64bit gtk+ bug causing a segfault (BZ #850)
* Sun Mar 29 2009 Thorsten Leemhuis <fedora [AT] leemhuis [DOT] info> - 0.8.29-0.12.wip4
  - rebuild for new F11 features
* Sun Oct 19 2008 Andrea Musuruane <> 0.8.29-0.11.wip4
  - fix libcapsimage support (available only for i686, x86_64 and ppc)
* Sun Oct 05 2008 Andrea Musuruane <> 0.8.29-0.10.wip4
  - addedd a patch from upstream not to require an executable stack
  - added an SELinux context because uae requires an executable heap
* Fri Mar 21 2008 Ian Chapman <packages[AT]> 0.8.29-0.9.wip4
  - Add support for libcapsimage to x86_64
  - Added patch for various IRQ handling fixes
  - Added patch for fixing hardfile related race condition
  - Convert ChangeLog to UTF8
  - License change due to new guidelines
* Sat Mar 31 2007 Ian Chapman <packages[AT]> 0.8.29-0.8.wip4
  - Upgrade to 0.8.29-WIP4
* Tue Mar 13 2007 Ian Chapman <packages[AT]> 0.8.29-0.7.wip3
  - Dropped dribble-menus requirement, due to be obsoleted
  - Changed .desktop category to Game;Emulator;
* Thu Jan 25 2007 Ian Chapman <packages[AT]> 0.8.29-0.6.wip3
  - Various spec cleanups
  - Dropped support for FC4
  - Renamed icon and .desktop file
* Wed Aug 02 2006 Ian Chapman <packages[AT]> 0.8.29-0.5.wip3
  - Upgraded to 0.8.29-WIP3
* Sun Jul 09 2006 Ian Chapman <packages[AT]> 0.8.29-0.4.wip2
  - Moved icon installation to make it freedesktop compliant
  - Added %post and %postun sections to update icon cache at installation
* Sat Jun 24 2006 Ian Chapman <packages[AT]> 0.8.29-0.3.wip2
  - Cosmetic fixes for the Dribble repository
  - Rebuilt ensuring libICE support
  - Moved .desktop file creation to build section
* Wed May 31 2006 Ian Chapman <packages[AT]> 0.8.29-0.2.wip2
  - Corrected release name format to 0.%{X}.%{alphatag} from 0.%{alphatag}.%{X}
  - Added %{version}-%{release} to provides field
  - Dropped gawk as a buildrequire. Doesn't seem to be needed.
  - Dropped xorg-x11-devel as a buildrequire. SDL-devel should pull in needed X
    headers and this should make it compatible with both modular/non-modular X
  - Added ncurses-devel as a buildrequire
  - Added pkgconfig as a buildrequire
  - Disabled parallel make as it currently seems to be broken.
  - Cosmetic changes to the configure section. Makes it less verbose.
* Sat May 06 2006 Ian Chapman <packages[AT]> 0.8.29-0.WIP2.1.iss
  - Upgraded to 0.8.29-WIP2
  - Spec file changed to more closely follow Fedora packaging guidelines
  - Amiga specific tools removed
  - Added gawk, xorg-x11-devel, desktop-file-utils buildrequires
  - Removed file from buildrequires as per packaging guidelines
  - Added x86_64 support, minus caps stuff as it's not available for x86_64
* Mon Oct 24 2005 Ian Chapman <packages[AT]> 0.8.28-1.iss
  - Upgraded to 0.8.28
  - Fixes for deprecated fields no longer supported by the latest rpmbuild
  - Now compiled against SDL as the FC2 arts/SDL bug appears fixed.
  - Compiled on PPC
  - SCSI emulation removed.
* Sun Jan 23 2005 Ian Chapman <packages[AT]> 0.8.27-2.iss
  - Upgraded to the final version of 0.8.27 instead of RC2
  - Now compiled against alsa as it supports it natively.
  - Added scsi emulation support.
  - CD32 emulation now enabled as it required scsi-emulation support
  - CDTV emulation now enabled as it required scsi-emulation support
* Tue Nov 30 2004 Ian Chapman <packages[AT]> 0.8.27-1.iss
  - Initial Release



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