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Packages beginning with letter Z

zabbix-agent-4.0.37-lp153.2.3.1 Local resource monitor agent for Zabbix linux/aarch64
zabbix-java-gateway-4.0.37-lp153.2.3.1 Zabbix Java gateway linux/aarch64
zabbix-phpfrontend-4.0.37-lp153.2.3.1 Zabbix web frontend (php) linux/aarch64
zabbix-proxy-4.0.37-lp153.2.3.1 System files for the Zabbix proxy linux/aarch64
zabbix-proxy-mysql-4.0.37-lp153.2.3.1 Zabbix proxy with MySQL support linux/aarch64
zabbix-proxy-postgresql-4.0.37-lp153.2.3.1 Zabbix proxy with PostgreSQL support linux/aarch64
zabbix-proxy-sqlite-4.0.37-lp153.2.3.1 Zabbix proxy with SQLite support linux/aarch64
zabbix-server-4.0.37-lp153.2.3.1 System files for the Zabbix server linux/aarch64
zabbix-server-mysql-4.0.37-lp153.2.3.1 Zabbix server with MySQL support linux/aarch64
zabbix-server-postgresql-4.0.37-lp153.2.3.1 Zabbix server with PostgreSQL support linux/aarch64

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