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gnutls-3.6.7-lp152.9.3.2 RPM for i586

From OpenSuSE Leap 15.2 updates for i586

Name: gnutls Distribution: openSUSE Leap 15.2
Version: 3.6.7 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: lp152.9.3.2 Build date: Fri Oct 23 06:43:59 2020
Group: Productivity/Networking/Security Build host: lamb07
Size: 3257785 Source RPM: gnutls-3.6.7-lp152.9.3.2.src.rpm
Summary: The GNU Transport Layer Security Library
The GnuTLS library provides a secure layer over a reliable transport
layer. Currently the GnuTLS library implements the proposed standards
of the IETFs TLS working group.




LGPL-2.1-or-later AND GPL-3.0-or-later


* Fri Sep 18 2020 Vítězslav Čížek <>
  - FIPS: Use 2048 bit prime in DH selftest (bsc#1176086)
    * add gnutls-FIPS-use_2048_bit_prime_in_DH_selftest.patch
* Thu Sep 17 2020 Vítězslav Čížek <>
  - FIPS: Add TLS KDF selftest (bsc#1176671)
    * add gnutls-FIPS-TLS_KDF_selftest.patch
* Mon Sep 14 2020 Vítězslav Čížek <>
  - Fix heap buffer overflow in handshake with no_renegotiation alert sent
    * CVE-2020-24659 (bsc#1176181)
  - add gnutls-CVE-2020-24659.patch
* Mon Sep 14 2020 Vítězslav Čížek <>
  - FIPS: Implement (EC)DH requirements from SP800-56Arev3 (bsc#1176086)
  - add patches
    * 0001-Add-Full-Public-Key-Check-for-DH.patch
    * 0001-Add-test-to-ensure-DH-exchange-behaves-correctly.patch
    * 0002-Add-test-to-ensure-ECDH-exchange-behaves-correctly.patch
    * 0003-Add-plumbing-to-handle-Q-parameter-in-DH-exchanges.patch
    * 0004-Always-pass-in-and-check-Q-in-TLS-1.3.patch
    * 0005-Check-Q-for-FFDHE-primes-in-prime-check.patch
    * 0006-Pass-down-Q-for-FFDHE-in-al-pre-TLS1.3-as-well.patch
    * 0001-dh-primes-add-MODP-primes-from-RFC-3526.patch
    * 0002-dhe-check-if-DH-params-in-SKE-match-the-FIPS-approve.patch
    * 0001-dh-check-validity-of-Z-before-export.patch
    * 0002-ecdh-check-validity-of-P-before-export.patch
    * 0003-dh-primes-make-the-FIPS-approved-check-return-Q-valu.patch
    * 0004-dh-perform-SP800-56A-rev3-full-pubkey-validation-on-.patch
    * 0005-ecdh-perform-SP800-56A-rev3-full-pubkey-validation-o.patch
  - drop obsolete gnutls-3.6.7-fips_DH_ECDH_key_tests.patch
* Thu Jun 04 2020 Vítězslav Čížek <>
  - GNUTLS-SA-2020-06-03 (Fixed insecure session ticket key construction)
    The TLS server would not bind the session ticket encryption key with a
    value supplied by the application until the initial key rotation, allowing
    attacker to bypass authentication in TLS 1.3 and recover previous
    conversations in TLS 1.2 (#1011). (bsc#1172506, CVE-2020-13777)
    * add patches:
      + gnutls-CVE-2020-13777.patch
  - Fixed handling of certificate chain with cross-signed intermediate
    CA certificates (#1008). (bsc#1172461)
    * add patches:
      +  0001-_gnutls_verify_crt_status-apply-algorithm-checks-to-.patch
      +  0002-_gnutls_pkcs11_verify_crt_status-check-validity-agai.patch
      +  0003-x509-trigger-fallback-verification-path-when-cert-is.patch
      +  0004-tests-add-test-case-for-certificate-chain-supersedin.patch
* Mon May 11 2020 Alexander Bergmann <>
  - Add RSA 4096 key generation support in FIPS mode (bsc#1171422)
    * add gnutls-3.6.7-fips-rsa-4096.patch
* Tue Apr 21 2020 Vítězslav Čížek <>
  - Don't check for /etc/system-fips which we don't have (bsc#1169992)
    * add gnutls-fips_mode_enabled.patch
* Tue Apr 07 2020 Vítězslav Čížek <>
  - Backport AES XTS support (bsc#1168835)
    * add 0001-Vendor-in-XTS-functionality-from-Nettle.patch
    * add gnutls-fips_XTS_key_check.patch
* Thu Apr 02 2020 Vítězslav Čížek <>
  - Fix zero random value in DTLS client hello
    (CVE-2020-11501, bsc#1168345)
    * add gnutls-CVE-2020-11501.patch
* Mon Mar 30 2020 Vítězslav Čížek <>
  - Split off FIPS checksums into a separate libgnutls30-hmac
    subpackage (bsc#1152692)
    * update baselibs.conf
* Mon Mar 23 2020 Jason Sikes <>
  - bsc#1166881 - FIPS: gnutls: cfb8 decryption issue
    * No longer truncate output IV if input is shorter than block size.
    * Added gnutls-3.6.7-fips-backport_dont_truncate_output_IV.patch
* Mon Mar 23 2020 Jason Sikes <>
  - bsc#1155327 jira#SLE-9518 - FIPS: add DH key test
    * Added Diffie Hellman public key verification test.
    * gnutls-3.6.7-fips_DH_ECDH_key_tests.patch
* Tue Sep 24 2019 Vítězslav Čížek <>
  - Install checksums for binary integrity verification which are
    required when running in FIPS mode (bsc#1152692, jsc#SLE-9518)
* Thu May 16 2019 Vítězslav Čížek <>
  - Explicitly require libnettle 3.4.1 (bsc#1134856)
    * The RSA decryption code was rewritten in GnuTLS 3.6.5 in order
      to fix CVE-2018-16868, the new implementation makes use of a new
      rsa_sec_decrypt() function introduced in libnettle 3.4.1
    * libnettle was recently updated to the 3.4.1 version but we need
      to add explicit dependency on it to prevent missing symbol errors
      with the older versions
* Tue Apr 16 2019 Jason Sikes <>
  - Restored autoreconf in build.
  - Removed gnutls-3.6.6-SUSE_SLE15_congruent_version_requirements.patch
    since the version requirements of required libraries are once again
    automatically determined.
  - Added gnutls-3.6.7-SUSE_SLE15_guile_site_directory.patch because it is a
    better patch name for handling the '--with-guile-site-dir=' problem in
* Tue Apr 02 2019 Jason Sikes <>
  - Update gnutls to 3.6.7
    * * libgnutls, gnutls tools: Every gnutls_free() will automatically set
      the free'd pointer to NULL. This prevents possible use-after-free and
      double free issues. Use-after-free will be turned into NULL dereference.
      The counter-measure does not extend to applications using gnutls_free().
    * * libgnutls: Fixed a memory corruption (double free) vulnerability in the
      certificate verification API. Reported by Tavis Ormandy; addressed with
      the change above. [GNUTLS-SA-2019-03-27, #694] [bsc#1130681] (CVE-2019-3829)
    * * libgnutls: Fixed an invalid pointer access via malformed TLS1.3 async messages;
      Found using tlsfuzzer. [GNUTLS-SA-2019-03-27, #704] [bsc#1130682] (CVE-2019-3836)
    * * libgnutls: enforce key usage limitations on certificates more actively.
      Previously we would enforce it for TLS1.2 protocol, now we enforce it
      even when TLS1.3 is negotiated, or on client certificates as well. When
      an inappropriate for TLS1.3 certificate is seen on the credentials structure
      GnuTLS will disable TLS1.3 support for that session (#690).
    * * libgnutls: the default number of tickets sent under TLS 1.3 was increased to
      two. This makes it easier for clients which perform multiple connections
      to the server to use the tickets sent by a default server.
    * * libgnutls: enforce the equality of the two signature parameters fields in
      a certificate. We were already enforcing the signature algorithm, but there
      was a bug in parameter checking code.
    * * libgnutls: fixed issue preventing sending and receiving from different
      threads when false start was enabled (#713).
    * * libgnutls: the flag GNUTLS_PKCS11_OBJ_FLAG_LOGIN_SO now implies a writable
      session, as non-writeable security officer sessions are undefined in PKCS#11
    * * libgnutls: no longer send downgrade sentinel in TLS 1.3.
      Previously the sentinel value was embedded to early in version
      negotiation and was sent even on TLS 1.3. It is now sent only when
      TLS 1.2 or earlier is negotiated (#689).
    * * gnutls-cli: Added option --logfile to redirect informational messages output.
  - Disabled dane support since dane is not shipped with SLE-15
  - Changed configure script to hardware guile site directory since command-line
    option '--with-guile-site-dir=' was removed from the configure script in 3.6.7.
    * * Modified gnutls-3.6.6-SUSE_SLE15_congruent_version_requirements.patch
  - Modified gnutls-3.6.0-disable-flaky-dtls_resume-test.patch to fix
    compilation issues on PPC
  - Fixed Bleichenbacher-like side channel leakage in PKCS#1 v1.5 verification
    and padding oracle verification (in 3.6.5) [bsc#1118087] (CVE-2018-16868)
* Wed Mar 20 2019 Jason Sikes <>
  - FATE#327114 - Update gnutls to 3.6.6 to support TLS 1.3
    * * libgnutls: gnutls_pubkey_import_ecc_raw() was fixed to set the number bits
      on the public key (#640).
    * * libgnutls: Added support for raw public-key authentication as defined in RFC7250.
      Raw public-keys can be negotiated by enabling the corresponding certificate
      types via the priority strings. The raw public-key mechanism must be explicitly
      enabled via the GNUTLS_ENABLE_RAWPK init flag (#26, #280).
    * * libgnutls: When on server or client side we are sending no extensions we do
      not set an empty extensions field but we rather remove that field competely.
      This solves a regression since 3.5.x and improves compatibility of the server
      side with certain clients.
    * * libgnutls: We no longer mark RSA keys in PKCS#11 tokens as RSA-PSS capable if
      the CKA_SIGN is not set (#667).
    * * libgnutls: The priority string option %NO_EXTENSIONS was improved to completely
      disable extensions at all cases, while providing a functional session. This
      also implies that when specified, TLS1.3 is disabled.
    * * libgnutls: GNUTLS_X509_NO_WELL_DEFINED_EXPIRATION was marked as deprecated.
      The previous definition was non-functional (#609).
    * Removed patches:
    * Added Patches:
    * * disable failing psk-file test (race condition):
    * * Patch configure script to accept specific versions of autotools and guile
      that are present in SUSE-SLE15. (A bug prevents configure from accepting
      a range of compatible versions. Upstream's solution is to hardwire for
      the most current versions.)
    * Modified:
    * * gnutls-3.6.0-disable-flaky-dtls_resume-test.patch
* Mon Sep 03 2018
  - Security update
    Improve mitigations against Lucky 13 class of attacks
    * "Just in Time" PRIME + PROBE cache-based side channel attack
      can lead to plaintext recovery (CVE-2018-10846, bsc#1105460)
    * HMAC-SHA-384 vulnerable to Lucky thirteen attack due to use of
      wrong constant (CVE-2018-10845, bsc#1105459)
    * HMAC-SHA-256 vulnerable to Lucky thirteen attack due to not
      enough dummy function calls (CVE-2018-10844, bsc#1105437)
    * add patches:
* Thu Mar 29 2018
  - Simplify the DANE support %ifdef condition
    * build with DANE on openSUSE only
* Mon Mar 26 2018
  - Adjust RPM groups. Drop %if..%endif guards that are idempotent.
* Fri Mar 23 2018
  - build without DANE support on SLE-15, as it doesn't have unbound
* Fri Mar 23 2018
  - add back refreshed gnutls-3.6.0-disable-flaky-dtls_resume-test.patch
    the dtls-resume test still keeps randomly failing on PPC
* Fri Mar 23 2018
  - remove gnutls-3.6.0-disable-flaky-dtls_resume-test.patch
    patch does not apply any more and apparently the build
    suceeds even if the formerly flaky testcase is run (bsc#1086579)
* Thu Mar 15 2018
  - gnutls.keyring: Nikos key refreshed to be unexpired
* Tue Mar 13 2018
  - GnuTLS 3.6.2:
    * libgnutls: When verifying against a self signed certificate ignore issuer.
      That is, ignore issuer when checking the issuer's parameters strength,
      resolving issue #347 which caused self signed certificates to be
      additionally marked as of insufficient security level.
    * libgnutls: Corrected MTU calculation for the CBC ciphersuites. The data
      MTU calculation now, it correctly accounts for the fixed overhead due to
      padding (as 1 byte), while at the same time considers the rest of the
      padding as part of data MTU.
    * libgnutls: Address issue of loading of all PKCS#11 modules on startup
      on systems with a PKCS#11 trust store (as opposed to a file trust store).
      Introduced a multi-stage initialization which loads the trust modules, and
      other modules are deferred for the first pure PKCS#11 request.
    * libgnutls: The SRP authentication will reject any parameters outside
      RFC5054. This protects any client from potential MitM due to insecure
      parameters. That also brings SRP in par with the RFC7919 changes to
    * libgnutls: Added the 8192-bit parameters of SRP to the accepted parameters
      for SRP authentication.
    * libgnutls: Addressed issue in the accelerated code affecting
      interoperability with versions of nettle >= 3.4.
    * libgnutls: Addressed issue in the AES-GCM acceleration under aarch64.
    * libgnutls: Addressed issue in the AES-CBC acceleration under ssse3 (patch by
      Vitezslav Cizek).
    * srptool: the --create-conf option no longer includes 1024-bit parameters.
    * p11tool: Fixed the deletion of objects in batch mode.
  - Dropped gnutls-check_aes_keysize.patch as it is included upstream now.
* Thu Feb 22 2018
  - Use %license (boo#1082318)
* Wed Feb 07 2018
  - Sanity check key size in SSSE3 AES cipher implementation (bsc#1074303)
    * add gnutls-check_aes_keysize.patch
* Wed Nov 01 2017
  - GnuTLS 3.6.1:
    * Fix interoperability issue with openssl when safe renegotiation
      was used
    * gnutls_x509_crl_sign, gnutls_x509_crt_sign,
      gnutls_x509_crq_sign, were modified to sign with a better
      algorithm than SHA1. They will now sign with an algorithm that
      corresponds to the security level of the signer's key.
    * gnutls_x509_*_sign2() functions and gnutls_x509_*_privkey_sign()
      accept GNUTLS_DIG_UNKNOWN (0) as a hash function option. That
      will signal the function to auto-detect an appropriate hash
      algorithm to use.
    * Remove support for signature algorithms using SHA2-224 in TLS.
      TLS 1.3 no longer uses SHA2-224 and it was never a widespread
      algorithm in TLS 1.2
    * Refuse to use client certificates containing disallowed
      algorithms for a session, reverting a change on 3.5.5
    * Refuse to resume a session which had a different SNI advertised
      That improves RFC6066 support in server side.
    * p11tool: Mark all generated objects as sensitive by default.
    * p11tool: added options --sign-params and --hash. This allows
      testing signature with multiple algorithms, including RSA-PSS.
* Wed Sep 20 2017
  - Disable flaky dtls_resume test on Power
    * add gnutls-3.6.0-disable-flaky-dtls_resume-test.patch
* Mon Sep 18 2017
  - GnuTLS 3.6.0:
    * Introduce a lock-free random generator which operates per-
      thread and eliminates random-generator related bottlenecks in
      multi-threaded operation.
    * Replace the Salsa20 random generator with one based on CHACHA.
      The goal is to reduce code needed in cache (CHACHA is also
      used for TLS), and the number of primitives used by the
      library. That does not affect the AES-DRBG random generator
      used in FIPS140-2 mode.
    * Add support for RSA-PSS key type as well as signatures in
      certificates, and TLS key exchange
    * Add support for Ed25519 signing in certificates and TLS key
      exchange following draft-ietf-tls-rfc4492bis-17
    * Enable X25519 key exchange by default, following
    * Add support for Diffie-Hellman group negotiation following
    * Introduce various sanity checks on certificate import
    * Introduce gnutls_x509_crt_set_flags(). This function can set
      flags in the crt structure. The only flag supported at the
      moment is GNUTLS_X509_CRT_FLAG_IGNORE_SANITY which skips the
      certificate sanity checks on import.
    * PKIX certificates with unknown critical extensions are rejected
      on verification with status GNUTLS_CERT_UNKNOWN_CRIT_EXTENSIONS
    * Refuse to generate a certificate with an illegal version, or an
      illegal serial number. That is, gnutls_x509_crt_set_version()
      and gnutls_x509_crt_set_serial(), will fail on input considered
      to be invalid in RFC5280.
    * Call to gnutls_record_send() and gnutls_record_recv() prior to
      handshake being complete are now refused
    * Add support for PKCS#12 files with no salt (zero length) in
      their password encoding, and PKCS#12 files using SHA384 and
      SHA512 as MAC.
    * libgnutls: Exported functions to encode and decode DSA and ECDSA
      r,s values.
    * Add new callback setting function to gnutls_privkey_t for
      external keys. The new function (gnutls_privkey_import_ext4),
      allows signing in addition to previous algorithms (RSA PKCS#1
      1.5, DSA, ECDSA), with RSA-PSS and Ed25519 keys.
    * Introduce the %VERIFY_ALLOW_BROKEN and
      %VERIFY_ALLOW_SIGN_WITH_SHA1 priority string options. These
      allows enabling all broken and SHA1-based signature algorithms
      in certificate verification, respectively.
    * 3DES-CBC is no longer included in the default priorities list.
      It has to be explicitly enabled, e.g., with a string like
    * SHA1 was marked as insecure for signing certificates.
      Verification of certificates signed with SHA1 is now considered
      insecure and will fail, unless flags intended to enable broken
      algorithms are set. Other uses of SHA1 are still allowed.
    * RIPEMD160 was marked as insecure for certificate signatures.
      Verification of certificates signed with RIPEMD160 hash
      algorithm is now considered insecure and will fail, unless
      flags intended to enable broken algorithms are set.
    * No longer enable SECP192R1 and SECP224R1 by default on TLS
      handshakes. These curves were rarely used for that purpose,
      provide no advantage over x25519 and were deprecated by TLS 1.3.
    * Remove support for DEFLATE, or any other compression method.
    * OpenPGP authentication was removed; the resulting library is ABI
      compatible, with the openpgp related functions being stubs that
      fail on invocation.
      Drop gnutls-broken-openpgp-tests.patch, no longer required.
    * Remove support for libidn (i.e., IDNA2003); gnutls can now be
      compiled only with libidn2 which provides IDNA2008.
    * certtool: The option '--load-ca-certificate' can now accept
      PKCS#11 URLs in addition to files.
    * certtool: The option '--load-crl' can now be used when
      generating PKCS#12 files (i.e., in conjunction with '--to-p12' option).
    * certtool: Keys with provable RSA and DSA parameters are now
      only read and exported from PKCS#8 form, following
      This removes support for the previous a non-standard key format.
    * certtool: Added support for generating, printing and handling
      RSA-PSS and Ed25519 keys and certificates.
    * certtool: the parameters --rsa, --dsa and --ecdsa to
    - -generate-privkey are now deprecated, replaced by the
    - -key-type option.
    * p11tool: The --generate-rsa, --generate-ecc and --generate-dsa
      options were replaced by the --generate-privkey option.
    * psktool: Generate 256-bit keys by default.
    * gnutls-server: Increase request buffer size to 16kb, and added
      the --alpn and --alpn-fatal options, allowing testing of ALPN
    * Enables FIPS 140-2 mode during build
* Mon Sep 11 2017
  - Buildrequire iproute2: the test suite calls /usr/bin/ss and as
    such we have to ensure to pull it in.
* Tue Aug 22 2017
  - GnuTLS 3.5.15:
    * libgnutls: Disable hardware acceleration on aarch64/ilp32 mode
    * certtool: Keys with provable RSA and DSA parameters are now
      only exported in PKCS#8 form
* Wed Jul 12 2017
  - RPM group fix. Diversification of summaries.
  - Avoid aims and future plans in description. Say what it does now.
* Fri Jul 07 2017
  - Drop the deprecated openssl compat ; discussed and suggested by
  - Cleanup a bit with spec-cleaner
* Tue Jul 04 2017
  - GnuTLS 3.5.14:
    * Handle specially HSMs which request explicit authentication
    * he GNUTLS_PKCS11_OBJ_FLAG_LOGIN will force a login on HSMs
    * do not set leading zeros when copying integers on HSMs
    * Fix issue discovering certain OCSP signers, and improved the
      discovery of OCSP signer in the case where the Subject Public
      Key identifier field matches
    * ensure OCSP responses are saved with --save-ocsp even if
      certificate verification fails.
* Thu Jun 08 2017
  - GnuTLS 3.5.13:
    * libgnutls: fixed issue with AES-GCM in-place encryption and
      decryption in aarch64
    * libgnutls: no longer parse the ResponseID field of the status
      response TLS extension. The field is not used by GnuTLS nor is
      made available to calling applications. That addresses a null
      pointer dereference on server side caused by packets containing
      the ResponseID field. GNUTLS-SA-2017-4, bsc#1043398
    * libgnutls: tolerate certificates which do not have strict DER
      time encoding. It is possible using 3rd party tools to generate
      certificates with time fields that do not conform to DER
      requirements. Since 3.4.x these certificates were rejected and
      cannot be used with GnuTLS, however that caused problems with
      existing private certificate infrastructures, which were
      relying on such certificates. Tolerate reading and using these
    * minitasn1: updated to libtasn1 4.11.
    * certtool: allow multiple certificates to be used in --p7-sign
      with the --load-certificate option
* Sun Jun 04 2017
  - GnuTLS 3.5.12:
    * libgnutls: gnutls_x509_crt_check_hostname2() no longer matches
      IP addresses against DNS fields of certificate (CN or DNSname).
      The previous behavior was to tolerate some misconfigured
      servers, but that was non-standard and skipped any IP
      constraints present in higher level certificates.
    * libgnutls: when converting to IDNA2008, fallback to IDNA2003
      (i.e., transitional encoding) if the domain cannot be converted.
      That provides maximum compatibility with browsers like firefox
      that perform the same conversion.
    * libgnutls: fix issue in RSA-PSK client callback which resulted
      in no username being sent to the peer
    * libgnutls: fix regression causing stapled extensions in trust
      modules not to be considered.
    * certtool: introduced the email_protection_key option.  This
      option was introduced in documentation for certtool without an
      implementation of it. It is a shortcut for option
    'key_purpose_oid ='.
    * certtool: made printing of key ID and key PIN consistent
      between certificates, public keys, and private keys. That is
      the private key printing now uses the same format as the rest.
    * gnutls-cli: introduced the --sni-hostname option. This allows
      overriding the hostname advertised to the peer.
* Thu May 18 2017
  - skip trust-store tests to avoid build cycle with
    ca-certificates-mozilla, add gnutls-3.5.11-skip-trust-store-tests.patch
* Tue May 09 2017
  - GnuTLS 3.5.11:
    * gnutls.pc: do not include libtool options into Libs.private.
    * libgnutls: Fixed issue when rehandshaking without a client certificate in
      a session which initially used one
    * libgnutls: Addressed read of 4 bytes past the end of buffer in OpenPGP
      certificate parsing (bsc#1038337)
    * libgnutls: Introduced locks in gnutls_pkcs11_privkey_t structure access.
      That allows PKCS#11 operations such as signing to be performed with the
      same object from multiple threads.
    * libgnutls: when disabling OpenPGP authentication, the resulting library
      is ABI compatible (will openpgp related functions being stubs that fail
      on invocation).
* Sat Apr 29 2017
  - call gzip -n to make build fully reproducible
* Wed Apr 26 2017
  - update to 3.5.10
    * addresses GNUTLS-SA-2017-3 CVE-2017-7869 bsc#1034173
    * gnutls.pc: do not include libidn2 in Requires.private
    * libgnutls: optimized access to subject alternative names (SANs) in parsed
    * libgnutls: Print the key PIN value used by the HPKP protocol as per RFC7469
      when printing certificate information.
    * libgnutls: gnutls_ocsp_resp_verify_direct() and gnutls_ocsp_resp_verify()
      flags can be set from the gnutls_certificate_verify_flags enumeration.
      This allows the functions to pass the same flags available for certificates
      to the verification function (e.g., GNUTLS_VERIFY_DISABLE_TIME_CHECKS or
    * libgnutls: gnutls_store_commitment() can accept flag
      GNUTLS_SCOMMIT_FLAG_ALLOW_BROKEN. This is to allow the function to operate
      in applications which use SHA1 for example, after SHA1 is deprecated.
    * certtool: No longer ignore the 'add_critical_extension' template option if
      the 'add_extension' option is not present.
    * gnutls-cli: Added LMTP, POP3, NNTP, Sieve and PostgreSQL support to the
      starttls-proto command- drop gnutls-3.5.9-pkgconfig.patch (upstream)
  - drop gnutls-3.5.9-pkgconfig.patch (upstream)
  - remove unknown --disable-srp flag (bsc#901857)
* Wed Apr 26 2017
  - disable the deprecated OpenPGP authentication support
    * see
  - add gnutls-broken-openpgp-tests.patch
* Mon Feb 20 2017
  - GnuTLS 3.5.9:
    * libgnutls: OpenPGP references removed, functionality deprecated
    * libgnutls: Improve detection of AVX support
    * libgnutls: Add support for IDNA2008 with libidn2 FATE#321897
    * p11tool: re-use ID from corresponding objects when writing
    * API and ABI modifications:
      gnutls_idna_map: Added
      gnutls_idna_reverse_map: Added
  - prevent pkgconfig issues due to libidn2 when building with GnuTLS
    add gnutls-3.5.9-pkgconfig.patch
* Mon Jan 09 2017
  - Version 3.5.8 (released 2016-01-09)
    * libgnutls: Ensure that multiple calls to the gnutls_set_priority_*
      functions will not leave the verification profiles field to an
      undefined state. The last call will take precedence.
    * libgnutls: Ensure that GNUTLS_E_DECRYPTION_FAIL will be returned
      by PKCS#8 decryption functions when an invalid key is provided. This
      addresses regression on decrypting certain PKCS#8 keys.
    * libgnutls: Introduced option to override the default priority string
      used by the library. The intention is to allow support of system-wide
      priority strings (as set with --with-system-priority-file). The
      configure option is --with-default-priority-string.
    * libgnutls: Require a valid IV size on all ciphers for PKCS#8 decryption.
      This prevents crashes when decrypting malformed PKCS#8 keys.
    * libgnutls: Fix crash on the loading of malformed private keys with certain
      parameters set to zero.
    * libgnutls: Fix double free in certificate information printing. If the PKIX
      extension proxy was set with a policy language set but no policy specified,
      that could lead to a double free.
    * libgnutls: Addressed memory leaks in client and server side error paths
      (issues found using oss-fuzz project)
    * libgnutls: Addressed memory leaks in X.509 certificate printing error paths
      (issues found using oss-fuzz project)
    * libgnutls: Addressed memory leaks and an infinite loop in OpenPGP certificate
      parsing. Fixes by Alex Gaynor. (issues found using oss-fuzz project)
    * libgnutls: Addressed invalid memory accesses in OpenPGP certificate parsing.
      (issues found using oss-fuzz project)
  - security issues fixed: GNUTLS-SA-2017-1 GNUTLS-SA-2017-2
* Sun Dec 18 2016
  - GnuTLS 3.5.7, the next stable branch, with the following
    * SHA3 as a certificate signature algorithm
    * X25519 (formerly curve25519) for ephemeral EC diffie-hellman
      key exchange
    * TLS false start
    * New APIs to access the Shawe-Taylor-based provable RSA and DSA
      parameter generation
    * Prevent the change of identity on rehandshakes by default
* Sun Dec 18 2016
  - GnuTLS 3.4.17:
    * libgnutls: Introduced time and constraints checks in the end
      certificate in the gnutls_x509_crt_verify_data2() and
      gnutls_pkcs7_verify_direct() functions.
    * libgnutls: Set limits on the maximum number of alerts handled.
      That is, applications using gnutls could be tricked into an
      busy loop if the peer sends continuously alert messages.
      Applications  which set a maximum handshake time (via
      gnutls_handshake_set_timeout) will eventually recover but
      others may remain in a busy loops indefinitely. This is related
      but not identical to CVE-2016-8610, due to the difference in
      alert handling of the libraries (gnutls delegates that handling
      to applications). boo#1005879
    * libgnutls: Enhanced the PKCS#7 parser to allow decoding old
      (pre-rfc5652) structures with arbitrary encapsulated content.
    * libgnutls: Backported cipher priorities order from 3.5.x branch
      That adds CHACHA20-POLY1305 ciphersuite to SECURE priority
    * certtool: When exporting a CRQ in DER format ensure no text data
      are intermixed.
    * API and ABI modifications:
      gnutls_pkcs7_get_embedded_data_oid: Added
  - includes changes from 3.4.16:
    * libgnutls: Ensure proper cleanups on
      gnutls_certificate_set_*key() failures due to key mismatch.
      This prevents leaks or double freeing on such failures.
    * libgnutls: Increased the maximum size of the handshake message
      hash. This will allow the library to cope better with larger
      packets, as the ones offered by current TLS 1.3 drafts.
    * libgnutls: Allow to use client certificates despite them
      containing disallowed algorithms for a session. That allows for
      example a client to use DSA-SHA1 due to his old DSA
      certificate, without requiring him to enable DSA-SHA1 (and thus
      make it acceptable for the server's certificate).
    * guile: Backported all improvements from 3.5.x branch.
    * guile: Update code to the I/O port API of Guile >= 2.1.4
      This makes sure the GnuTLS bindings will work with the
      forthcoming 2.2 stable series of Guile, of which 2.1 is a
* Sun Oct 02 2016
  - GnuTLS 3.4.15:
    * libgnutls: Corrected the comparison of the serial size in OCSP
      response. Previously the OCSP certificate check wouldn't verify
      the serial length and could succeed in cases it shouldn't
    * libgnutls: Fixes in gnutls_x509_crt_list_import2, which was
      ignoring flags if all certificates in the list fit within the
      initially allocated memory.
    * libgnutls: Corrected issue which made
      gnutls_certificate_get_x509_crt() to return invalid pointers
      when returned more than a single certificate.
    * libgnutls: Fix gnutls_pkcs12_simple_parse to always extract the
      complete chain.
    * libgnutls: Added support for decrypting PKCS#8 files which use
      the HMAC-SHA256 as PRF.
    * libgnutls: Addressed issue with PKCS#11 signature generation on
      ECDSA keys. The signature is now written as unsigned integers
      into the DSASignatureValue structure. Previously signed
      integers could be written depending on what the underlying
      module would produce. Addresses #122.
  - fix build error for 13.2, 42.1 and 42.2
* Sat Jul 09 2016
  - GnuTLS 3.4.14:
    * libgnutls: Address issue when utilizing the p11-kit trust store
      for certificate verification (GNUTLS-SA-2016-2, boo#988276)
    * libgnutls: Fixed DTLS handshake packet reconstruction.
    * libgnutls: Fixed issues with PKCS#11 reading of sensitive
      objects from SafeNet Network HSM
    * libgnutls: Corrected the writing of PKCS#11 CKA_SERIAL_NUMBER
  - drop upstreamed
* Thu Jun 30 2016
  - Fix a problem with expired test certificate by using datefudge
    * add 0001-tests-use-datefudge-in-name-constraints-test.patch
* Tue Jun 07 2016
  - Version 3.4.13 (released 2016-06-06)
    * libgnutls: Consider the SSLKEYLOGFILE environment to be compatible with
      NSS instead of using a separate variable; in addition append any keys to
      the file instead of overwriting it.
    * libgnutls: use secure_getenv() where available to obtain environment
      variables. Addresses GNUTLS-SA-2016-1.
  - Version 3.4.12 (released 2016-05-20)
    * libgnutls: The CHACHA20-POLY1305 ciphersuite is enabled by default. This
      cipher is prioritized after AES-GCM.
    * libgnutls: Fixes in gnutls_privkey_import_ecc_raw().
    * libgnutls: Fixed gnutls_pkcs11_get_raw_issuer() usage with the
      operation could fail on certain PKCS#11 modules.
    * libgnutls: gnutls_pkcs11_obj_import_url() and gnutls_x509_crt_import_url()
    * libgnutls: gnutls_certificate_set_key() was enhanced to import the DNS
      name of the certificates if the provided names are NULL.
    * libgnutls: when receiving SNI names, only save and expose to application
      the supported DNS names.
    * libgnutls: when importing the certificate names at the
      gnutls_certificate_set* functions, only consider the CN as a fallback
      if DNS names are provided via the alternative name extension.
    * gnutls-cli: on OCSP verification do not fail if we have a single valid
      reply. Report and reproducer by Thomas Klute.
    * libgnutls: The GNUTLS_KEYLOGFILE environment variable can be used to
      log session keys in client side. These session keys are compatible with
      the NSS Key Log Format and can be used to decrypt the session for
      debugging using wireshark.
* Sat Apr 23 2016
  - enabled guile support
  - removed duplicates
* Mon Apr 11 2016
  - Updated to 3.4.11
    * Version 3.4.11 (released 2016-04-11)
    * * libgnutls: Fixes in gnutls_record_get/set_state() with DTLS.
      Reported by Fridolin Pokorny.
    * * libgnutls: Fixes in DSA key generation under PKCS #11. Report and
      patches by Jan Vcelak.
    * * libgnutls: Corrected behavior of ALPN extension parsing during
      session resumption. Report and patches by Yuriy M. Kaminskiy.
    * * libgnutls: Corrected regression (since 3.4.0) in
      gnutls_server_name_set() which caused it not to accept non-null-
      terminated hostnames. Reported by Tim Ruehsen.
    * * libgnutls: Corrected printing of the IP Adress name constraints.
    * * ocsptool: use HTTP/1.0 for requests. This avoids issue with servers
      serving chunk encoding which ocsptool doesn't support. Reported by
      Thomas Klute.
    * * certtool: do not require a CA for OCSP signing tag. This follows the
      recommendations in RFC6960 in which allow a CA to delegate
      OCSP signing to another certificate without requiring it to be a CA.
      Reported by Thomas Klute.
    * Version 3.4.10 (released 2016-03-03)
    * * libgnutls: Eliminated issues preventing buffers more than 2^32 bytes
      to be used with hashing functions.
    * * libgnutls: Corrected leaks and other issues in
    * * libgnutls: Fixes in DSA key handling for PKCS #11. Report and
      patches by Jan Vcelak.
    * * libgnutls: Several fixes to prevent relying on undefined behavior
      of C (found with libubsan).
    * Version 3.4.9 (released 2016-02-03)
    * * libgnutls: Corrected ALPN protocol negotiation. Before GnuTLS would
      negotiate the last commonly supported protocol, rather than the
      first. Reported by Remi Denis-Courmont (#63).
    * * libgnutls: Tolerate empty DN fields in informational output
    * * libgnutls: Corrected regression causes by incorrect fix in
      gnutls_x509_ext_export_key_usage() at 3.4.8 release.
* Thu Feb 18 2016
  - follow the work in the unbound package and use the
    libunbound-devel symbol for the buildrequires. we override it for
    the distro build with libunbound-devel-mini to avoid build loops.
* Mon Feb 01 2016
  - reenable dane support, require unbound-devel bsc#964346
  - split out libgnutls-dane-devel to try to avoid build cycle.
* Mon Jan 18 2016
  - Update to 3.4.8
    All changes since 3.4.4:
    * libgnutls: Corrected memory leak in gnutls_pubkey_import_privkey()
      when used with PKCS #11 keys.
    * libgnutls: For DSA and ECDSA keys in PKCS #11 objects, import
      their public keys from either a public key object or a certificate.
      That is, because private keys do not contain all the required
      parameters for a direct import.
    * libgnutls: Fixed issue when writing ECDSA private keys in PKCS #11
    * libgnutls: Fixed out-of-bounds read in
    * libgnutls: The CHACHA20-POLY1305 ciphersuites were updated to
      conform to draft-ietf-tls-chacha20-poly1305-02.
    * libgnutls: Several fixes in PKCS #7 signing which improve
      compatibility with the MacOSX tools.
    * libgnutls: The max-record extension not negotiated on DTLS. This
      resolves issue with the max-record being negotiated but ignored.
    * certtool: Added the --p7-include-cert and --p7-show-data options.
    * libgnutls: Properly require TLS 1.2 in all CBC-SHA256 and CBC-SHA384
      ciphersuites. This solves an interoperability issue with openssl.
    * libgnutls: Corrected the setting of salt size in
    * libgnutls: On a rehandshake allow switching from anonymous to ECDHE
      and DHE ciphersuites.
    * libgnutls: Corrected regression from 3.3.x which prevented
      ARCFOUR128 from using arbitrary key sizes.
    * libgnutls: Added GNUTLS_SKIP_GLOBAL_INIT macro to allow programs
      skipping the implicit global initialization.
    * gnutls.pc: Don't include libtool specific options to link flags.
    * tools: Better support for FTP AUTH TLS negotiation
    * libgnutls: Added new simple verification functions. That avoids the
      need to install a callback to perform certificate verification. See
      doc/examples/ex-client-x509.c for usage.
    * libgnutls: Introduced the security parameter 'future' which is at
      the 256-bit level of security, and 'ultra' was aligned to its
      documented size at 192-bits.
    * libgnutls: When writing a certificate into a PKCS #11 token, ensure
      that CKA_SERIAL_NUMBER and CKA_ISSUER are written.
    * libgnutls: Allow the presence of legacy ciphers and key exchanges in
      priority strings and consider them a no-op.
    * libgnutls: Handle the extended master secret as a mandatory
      extension. That fixes incompatibility issues with Chromium (#45).
    * libgnutls: Added the ability to copy a public key into a PKCS #11
    * tools: Added support for LDAP and XMPP negotiation for STARTTLS.
    * p11tool: Allow writing a public key into a PKCS #11 token.
    * certtool: Key generation security level was switched to HIGH. That
      is, by default the tool generates 3072 bit keys for RSA and DSA.
    * libgnutls: When re-importing CRLs to a trust list ensure that there
      no duplicate entries.
    * certtool: Removed any arbitrary limits imposed on input file sizes
      and maximum number of certificates imported.
    * certtool: Allow specifying fixed dates on CRL generation.
    * gnutls-cli-debug: Added check for inappropriate fallback support
* Tue Aug 18 2015
  - Update to 3.4.4
    This update contains a fix for a denial of service vulnerability:
    * Allow the parsing of very long DNs. Also fixes double free
      in DN decoding [GNUTLS-SA-2015-3]. boo#941794 CVE-2015-6251
    Other changes:
    * Add high level API (gnutls_prf_rfc5705) to access the PRF as
      specified by RFC5705.
    * Link to trousers (TPM library) dynamically when this
      functionality is requested. (disabled in SUSE package)
    * Fix issue with server side sending the status request extension
      even when not requested.
    * Add support for RFC7507 by introducing the %FALLBACK_SCSV
      priority string option.
    * gnutls_pkcs11_privkey_generate2() will store the generated
      public key, unless the GNUTLS_PKCS11_OBJ_FLAG_NO_STORE_PUBKEY
      flag is specified.
    * Correct regression from 3.4.3 in loading PKCS #8 keys as fallback.
    * API and ABI modifications:
      gnutls_prf_rfc5705: Added
      gnutls_hex_encode2: Added
      gnutls_hex_decode2: Added
  - build with autogen for libopts compatibility
  - fix failures in test suite, add upstream commits
* Thu Jul 30 2015
  - update to 3.4.3
    * * libgnutls: Follow closely RFC5280 recommendations and use UTCTime for
      dates prior to 2050.
    * * libgnutls: Force 16-byte alignment to all input to ciphers (previously it
      was done only when cryptodev was enabled).
    * * libgnutls: Removed support for pthread_atfork() as it has undefined
      semantics when used with dlopen(), and may lead to a crash.
    * * libgnutls: corrected failure when importing plain files
      with gnutls_x509_privkey_import2(), and a password was provided.
    * * libgnutls: Don't reject certificates if a CA has the URI or IP address
      name constraints, and the end certificate doesn't have an IP address
      name or a URI set.
    * * libgnutls: set and read the hint in DHE-PSK and ECDHE-PSK ciphersuites.
    * * p11tool: Added --list-token-urls option, and print the token module name
      in list-tokens.
    * * libgnutls: DTLS blocking API is more robust against infinite blocking,
      and will notify of more possible timeouts.
    * * libgnutls: corrected regression with Camellia-256-GCM cipher. Reported
      by Manuel Pegourie-Gonnard.
    * * libgnutls: Introduced the GNUTLS_NO_SIGNAL flag to gnutls_init(). That
      allows to disable SIGPIPE for writes done within gnutls.
    * * libgnutls: Enhanced the PKCS #7 API to allow signing and verification
      of structures. API moved to gnutls/pkcs7.h header.
    * * certtool: Added options to generate PKCS #7 bundles and signed
  - includes changes from 3.4.2:
    * DTLS blocking API is more robust against infinite blocking,
      and will notify of more possible timeouts.
    * Correct regression with Camellia-256-GCM cipher.
    * Introduce the GNUTLS_NO_SIGNAL flag to gnutls_init(). That
      allows to disable SIGPIPE for writes done within gnutls.
    * Enhance the PKCS #7 API to allow signing and verification
      of structures. Move API to gnutls/pkcs7.h header.
    * certtool: Added options to generate PKCS #7 bundles and signed
* Tue May 05 2015
  - disable testsuite run against valgrind on aarch64
* Tue May 05 2015
  - Updated to 3.4.1 (released 2015-05-03)
    * * libgnutls: gnutls_certificate_get_ours: will return the certificate even
    if a callback was used to send it.
    * * libgnutls: Check for invalid length in the X.509 version field. Without
    the check certificates with invalid length would be detected as having an
    arbitrary version. Reported by Hanno Böck.
    * * libgnutls: Handle DNS name constraints with a leading dot. Patch by
    Fotis Loukos.
    * * libgnutls: Updated system-keys support for windows to compile in more
    versions of mingw. Patch by Tim Kosse.
    * * libgnutls: Fix for MD5 downgrade in TLS 1.2 signatures. Reported by
    Karthikeyan Bhargavan [GNUTLS-SA-2015-2]. bsc#929690
    * * libgnutls: Reverted: The gnutls_handshake() process will enforce a timeout
    by default. That caused issues with non-blocking programs.
    * * certtool: It can generate SHA256 key IDs.
    * * gnutls-cli: fixed crash in --benchmark-ciphers. Reported by James Cloos.
    * * API and ABI modifications: gnutls_x509_crt_get_pk_ecc_raw: Added
  - gnutls-fix-double-mans.patch: fixed upstream
* Sun Apr 26 2015
  - Disable buggy valgrind on armv7l
* Sun Apr 12 2015
  - updated to 3.4.0 (released 2015-04-08)
    * * libgnutls: Added support for AES-CCM and AES-CCM-8 (RFC6655 and RFC7251)
    ciphersuites. The former are enabled by default, the latter need to be
    explicitly enabled, since they reduce the overall security level.
    * * libgnutls: Added support for Chacha20-Poly1305 ciphersuites following
    draft-mavrogiannopoulos-chacha-tls-05 and draft-irtf-cfrg-chacha20-poly1305-10.
    That is currently provided as technology preview and is not enabled by
    default, since there are no assigned ciphersuite points by IETF and there
    is no guarrantee of compatibility between draft versions. The ciphersuite
    priority string to enable it is "+CHACHA20-POLY1305".
    * * libgnutls: Added support for encrypt-then-authenticate in CBC
    ciphersuites (RFC7366 -taking into account its errata text). This is
    enabled by default and can be disabled using the %NO_ETM priority
    * * libgnutls: Added support for the extended master secret
    (triple-handshake fix) following draft-ietf-tls-session-hash-02.
    * * libgnutls: Added a new simple and hard to misuse AEAD API (crypto.h).
    * * libgnutls: SSL 3.0 is no longer included in the default priorities
    list. It has to be explicitly enabled, e.g., with a string like
    * * libgnutls: ARCFOUR (RC4) is no longer included in the default priorities
    list. It has to be explicitly enabled, e.g., with a string like
    * * libgnutls: DSA signatures and DHE-DSS are no longer included in the
    default priorities list. They have to be explicitly enabled, e.g., with
    a string like "NORMAL:+DHE-DSS:+SIGN-DSA-SHA256:+SIGN-DSA-SHA1". The
    DSA ciphersuites were dropped because they had no deployment at all
    on the internet, to justify their inclusion.
    * * libgnutls: The priority string EXPORT was completely removed. The string
    was already defunc as support for the EXPORT ciphersuites was removed in
    GnuTLS 3.2.0.
    * * libgnutls: Added API to utilize system specific private keys in
    "gnutls/system-keys.h". It is currently provided as technology preview
    and is restricted to windows CNG keys.
    * * libgnutls: gnutls_x509_crt_check_hostname() and friends will use
    RFC6125 comparison of hostnames. That introduces a dependency on libidn.
    * * libgnutls: Depend on p11-kit 0.23.1 to comply with the final
    PKCS #11 URLs draft (draft-pechanec-pkcs11uri-21).
    * * libgnutls: Depend on nettle 3.1.
    * * libgnutls: Use getrandom() or getentropy() when available. That
    avoids the complexity of file descriptor handling and issues with
    applications closing all open file descriptors on startup.
    * * libgnutls: Use pthread_atfork() to detect fork when available.
    * * libgnutls: The gnutls_handshake() process will enforce a timeout by
    * * libgnutls: If a key purpose (extended key usage) is specified for verification,
    it is applied into intermediate certificates. The verification result
    GNUTLS_CERT_PURPOSE_MISMATCH is also introduced.
    * * libgnutls: When gnutls_certificate_set_x509_key_file2() is used in
    combination with PKCS #11, or TPM URLs, it will utilize the provided
    password as PIN if required. That removes the requirement for the
    application to set a callback for PINs in that case.
    * * libgnutls: priority strings VERS-TLS-ALL and VERS-DTLS-ALL are
    restricted to the corresponding protocols only, and the VERS-ALL
    string is introduced to catch all possible protocols.
    * * libgnutls: Added helper functions to obtain information on PKCS #8
    * * libgnutls: Certificate chains which are provided to gnutls_certificate_credentials_t
    will automatically be sorted instead of failing with GNUTLS_E_CERTIFICATE_LIST_UNSORTED.
    * * libgnutls: Added functions to export and set the record state. That
    allows for gnutls_record_send() and recv() to be offloaded (to kernel,
    hardware or any other subsystem).
    * * libgnutls: Added the ability to register application specific URL
    types, which express certificates and keys using gnutls_register_custom_url().
    * * libgnutls: Added API to override existing ciphers, digests and MACs, e.g.,
    to override AES-GCM using a system-specific accelerator. That is, (crypto.h)
    gnutls_crypto_register_cipher(), gnutls_crypto_register_aead_cipher(),
    gnutls_crypto_register_mac(), and gnutls_crypto_register_digest().
    * * libgnutls: Added gnutls_ext_register() to register custom extensions.
    Contributed by Thierry Quemerais.
    * * libgnutls: Added gnutls_supplemental_register() to register custom
    supplemental data handshake messages. Contributed by Thierry Quemerais.
    * * libgnutls-openssl: it is no longer built by default.
    * * certtool: Added --p8-info option, which will print PKCS #8 information
    even if the password is not available.
    * * certtool: --key-info option will print PKCS #8 encryption information
    when available.
    * * certtool: Added the --key-id and --fingerprint options.
    * * certtool: Added the --verify-hostname, --verify-email and --verify-purpose
    options to be used in certificate chain verification, to simulate verification
    for specific hostname and key purpose (extended key usage).
    * * certtool: --p12-info option will print PKCS #12 MAC and cipher information
    when available.
    * * certtool: it will print the A-label (ACE) names in addition to UTF-8.
    * * p11tool: added options --set-id and --set-label.
    * * gnutls-cli: added options --priority-list and --save-cert.
    * * guile: Deprecated priority API has been removed. The old priority API,
    which had been deprecated for some time, is now gone; use 'set-session-priorities!'
    * * guile: Remove RSA parameters and related procedures. This API had been
    * * guile: Fix compilation on MinGW. Previously only the static version of the
    'guile-gnutls-v-2' library would be built, preventing dynamic loading from Guile.
* Wed Apr 01 2015
  - updated to 3.3.13 (released 2015-03-30)
    * * libgnutls: When retrieving OCTET STRINGS from PKCS #12 ContentInfo
    structures use BER to decode them (requires libtasn1 4.3). That allows
    to decode some more complex structures.
    * * libgnutls: When an end-certificate with no name is present and there
    are CA name constraints, don't reject the certificate. This follows RFC5280
    advice closely. Reported by Fotis Loukos.
    * * libgnutls: Fixed handling of supplemental data with types > 255.
    Patch by Thierry Quemerais.
    * * libgnutls: Fixed double free in the parsing of CRL distribution points certificate
    extension. Reported by Robert Święcki.
    * * libgnutls: Fixed a two-byte stack overflow in DTLS 0.9 protocol. That
    protocol is not enabled by default (used by openconnect VPN).
    * * libgnutls: The maximum user data send size is set to be the same for
    block and non-block ciphersuites. This addresses a regression with wine:
    * * libgnutls: When generating PKCS #11 keys, set CKA_ID, CKA_SIGN,
    and CKA_DECRYPT when needed.
    * * libgnutls: Allow names with zero size to be set using
    gnutls_server_name_set(). That will disable the Server Name Indication.
    Resolves issue with wine:
  - new main library major version .so.30
  - requires new libnettle >= 3.1, p11-kit-devel >= 0.23.1
  - Now need to configure --enable-openssl-compatibility (might go away)
  - added gnutls-fix-double-mans.patch: avoid double installing manpages
  - dropped gnutls-3.0.26-skip-test-fwrite.patch: does not seem to be needed
  - install_info_delete moved from %postun to %preun
* Wed Mar 25 2015
  - for DANE support, use bcond_with
  - for tpm support, same
  - note p11-kit >= 0.20.7 requirement
  - note libtasn1 3.9 requirement (built-in lib used otherwise)
* Mon Mar 23 2015
  - disable trousers and unbound again for now, as it causes too long
    build cycles.
* Sat Mar 21 2015
  - added unbound-devel (for DANE) and trousers-devel (for TPM support)
  - removed now upstreamed gnutls-implement-trust-store-dir-3.2.8.diff
  - libgnutls-dane0 new library added
  - updated to 3.3.13 (released 2015-02-25)
    * * libgnutls: Enable AESNI in GCM on x86
    * * libgnutls: Fixes in DTLS message handling
    * * libgnutls: Check certificate algorithm consistency, i.e.,
      check whether the signatureAlgorithm field matches the signature
      field inside TBSCertificate.
    * * gnutls-cli: Fixes in OCSP verification.
  - Version 3.3.12 (released 2015-01-17)
    * * libgnutls: When negotiating TLS use the lowest enabled version in
    the client hello, rather than the lowest supported. In addition, do
    not use SSL 3.0 as a version in the TLS record layer, unless SSL 3.0
    is the only protocol supported. That addresses issues with servers that
    immediately drop the connection when the encounter SSL 3.0 as the record
    version number. See:
    * * libgnutls: Corrected encoding and decoding of ANSI X9.62 parameters.
    * * libgnutls: Handle zero length plaintext for VIA PadLock functions.
    This solves a potential crash on AES encryption for small size plaintext.
    Patch by Matthias-Christian Ott.
    * * libgnutls: In DTLS don't combine multiple packets which exceed MTU.
    Reported by Andreas Schultz.
    * * libgnutls: In DTLS decode all handshake packets present in a record
    packet, in a single pass. Reported by Andreas Schultz.
    * * libgnutls: When importing a CA file with a PKCS #11 URL, simply
    import the certificates, if the URL specifies objects, rather than
    treating it as trust module.
    * * libgnutls: When importing a PKCS #11 URL and we know the type of
    object we are importing, don't require the object type in the URL.
    * * libgnutls: fixed openpgp authentication when gnutls_certificate_set_retrieve_function2
    was used by the server.
    * * certtool: --pubkey-info will also attempt to load a public key from stdin.
    * * gnutls-cli: Added --starttls-proto option. That allows to specify a
    protocol for starttls negotiation.
  - Version 3.3.11 (released 2014-12-11)
    * * libgnutls: Corrected regression introduced in 3.3.9 related to
    session renegotiation. Reported by Dan Winship.
    * * libgnutls: Corrected parsing issue with OCSP responses.
  - Version 3.3.10 (released 2014-11-10)
    * * libgnutls: Refuse to import v1 or v2 certificates that contain
    * * libgnutls: Fixes in usage of PKCS #11 token callback
    * * libgnutls: Fixed bug in gnutls_x509_trust_list_get_issuer() when used
    with a PKCS #11 trust module and without the GNUTLS_TL_GET_COPY flag.
    Reported by David Woodhouse.
    * * libgnutls: Removed superfluous random generator refresh on every call
    of gnutls_deinit(). That reduces load and usage of /dev/urandom.
    * * libgnutls: Corrected issue in export of ECC parameters to X9.63 format.
    Reported by Sean Burford [GNUTLS-SA-2014-5].
    * * libgnutls: When gnutls_global_init() is called for a second time, it
    will check whether the /dev/urandom fd kept is still open and matches
    the original one. That behavior works around issues with servers that
    close all file descriptors.
    * * libgnutls: Corrected behavior with PKCS #11 objects that are marked
    * * certtool: The default cipher for PKCS #12 structures is 3des-pkcs12.
    That option is more compatible than AES or RC4.
  - Version 3.3.9 (released 2014-10-13)
    * * libgnutls: Fixes in the transparent import of PKCS #11 certificates.
    Reported by Joseph Peruski.
    * * libgnutls: Fixed issue with unexpected non-fatal errors resetting the
    handshake's hash buffer, in applications using the heartbeat extension
    or DTLS. Reported by Joeri de Ruiter.
    * * libgnutls: When both a trust module and additional CAs are present
    account the latter as well; reported by David Woodhouse.
    * * libgnutls: added GNUTLS_TL_GET_COPY flag for
    gnutls_x509_trust_list_get_issuer(). That allows the function to be used
    in a thread safe way when PKCS #11 trust modules are in use.
    * * libgnutls: fix issue in DTLS retransmission when session tickets
    were in use; reported by Manuel Pégourié-Gonnard.
    * * libgnutls-dane: Do not require the CA on a ca match to be direct CA.
    * * libgnutls: Prevent abort() in library if getrusage() fails. Try to
    detect instead which of RUSAGE_THREAD and RUSAGE_SELF would work.
    * * guile: new 'set-session-server-name!' procedure; see the manual for
    * * certtool: The authority key identifier will be set in a certificate only
    if the CA's subject key identifier is set.
  - Version 3.3.8 (released 2014-09-18)
    * * libgnutls: Updates in the name constraints checks. No name constraints
    will be checked for intermediate certificates. As our support for name
    constraints is limited to e-mail addresses in DNS names, it is pointless
    to check them on intermediate certificates.
    * * libgnutls: Fixed issues in PKCS #11 object listing. Previously multiple
    object listing would fail completely if a single object could not be exported.
    * * libgnutls: Improved the performance of PKCS #11 object listing/retrieving,
    by retrieving them in large batches. Report and suggestion by David
    * * libgnutls: Fixed issue with certificates being sanitized by gnutls prior
    to signature verification. That resulted to certain non-DER compliant modifications
    of valid certificates, being corrected by libtasn1's parser and restructured as
    the original. Issue found and reported by Antti Karjalainen and Matti Kamunen from
    * * libgnutls: Fixes in gnutls_x509_crt_set_dn() and friends to properly handle
    strings with embedded spaces and escaped commas.
    * * libgnutls: when comparing a CA certificate with the trusted list compare
    the name and key only instead of the whole certificate. That is to handle
    cases where a CA certificate was superceded by a different one with the same
    name and the same key.
    * * libgnutls: when verifying a certificate against a p11-kit trusted
    module, use the attached extensions in the module to override the CA's
    extensions (that requires p11-kit 0.20.7).
    * * libgnutls: In DTLS prevent sending zero-size fragments in certain cases
    of MTU split. Reported by Manuel Pégourié-Gonnard.
    * * libgnutls: Added gnutls_x509_trust_list_verify_crt2() which allows
    verifying using a hostname and a purpose (extended key usage). That
    enhances PKCS #11 trust module verification, as it can now check the purpose
    when this function is used.
    * * libgnutls: Corrected gnutls_x509_crl_verify() which would always report
    a CRL signature as invalid. Reported by Armin Burgmeier.
    * * libgnutls: added option --disable-padlock to allow disabling the padlock
    CPU acceleration.
    * * p11tool: when listing tokens, list their type as well.
    * * p11tool: when listing objects from a trust module print any attached
    extensions on certificates.
  - Version 3.3.7 (released 2014-08-24)
    * * libgnutls: Added function to export the public key of a PKCS #11
    private key. Contributed by Wolfgang Meyer zu Bergsten.
    * * libgnutls: Explicitly set the exponent in PKCS #11 key generation.
    That improves compatibility with certain PKCS #11 modules. Contributed by
    Wolfgang Meyer zu Bergsten.
    * * libgnutls: When generating a PKCS #11 private key allow setting
    the WRAP/UNWRAP flags. Contributed by Wolfgang Meyer zu Bergsten.
    * * libgnutls: gnutls_pkcs11_privkey_t will always hold an open session
    to the key.
    * * libgnutls: bundle replacements of inet_pton and inet_aton if not
    * * libgnutls: initialize parameters variable on PKCS #8 decryption.
    * * libgnutls: gnutls_pkcs12_verify_mac() will not fail in other than SHA1
    * * libgnutls: gnutls_x509_crt_check_hostname() will follow the RFC6125
    requirement of checking the Common Name (CN) part of DN only if there is
    a single CN present in the certificate.
    * * libgnutls: The environment variable GNUTLS_FORCE_FIPS_MODE can be used
    to force the FIPS mode, when set to 1.
    * * libgnutls: In DTLS ignore only errors that relate to unexpected packets
    and decryption failures.
    * * p11tool: Added --info parameter.
    * * certtool: Added --mark-wrap parameter.
    * * danetool: --check will attempt to retrieve the server's certificate
    chain and verify against it.
    * * danetool/gnutls-cli-debug: Added --app-proto parameters which can
    be used to enforce starttls (currently only SMTP and IMAP) on the connection.
    * * danetool: Added openssl linking exception, to allow linking
    with libunbound.
  - Version 3.3.6 (released 2014-07-23)
    * * libgnutls: Use inet_ntop to print IP addresses when available
    * * libgnutls: gnutls_x509_crt_check_hostname and friends will also check
    IP addresses, and match documented behavior. Reported by David Woodhouse.
    * * libgnutls: DSA key generation in FIPS140-2 mode doesn't allow 1024
    bit parameters.
    * * libgnutls: fixed issue in gnutls_pkcs11_reinit() which prevented tokens
    being usable after a reinitialization.
    * * libgnutls: fixed PKCS #11 private key operations after a fork.
    * * libgnutls: fixed PKCS #11 ECDSA key generation.
    * * libgnutls: The GNUTLS_CPUID_OVERRIDE environment variable can be used to
    explicitly enable/disable the use of certain CPU capabilities. Note that CPU
    detection cannot be overriden, i.e., VIA options cannot be enabled on an Intel
    CPU. The currently available options are:
      0x1: Disable all run-time detected optimizations
      0x2: Enable AES-NI
      0x4: Enable SSSE3
      0x8: Enable PCLMUL
      0x100000: Enable VIA padlock
      0x200000: Enable VIA PHE
      0x400000: Enable VIA PHE SHA512
    * * libdane: added dane_query_to_raw_tlsa(); patch by Simon Arlott.
    * * p11tool: use GNUTLS_SO_PIN to read the security officer's PIN if set.
    * * p11tool: ask for label when one isn't provided.
    * * p11tool: added --batch parameter to disable any interactivity.
    * * p11tool: will not implicitly enable so-login for certain types of
    objects. That avoids issues with tokens that require different login
    * * certtool/p11tool: Added the --curve parameter which allows to explicitly
    specify the curve to use.
  - Version 3.3.5 (released 2014-06-26)
    * * libgnutls: Added gnutls_record_recv_packet() and gnutls_packet_deinit().
    These functions provide a variant of gnutls_record_recv() that avoids
    the final memcpy of data.
    * * libgnutls: gnutls_x509_crl_iter_crt_serial() was added as a
    faster variant of gnutls_x509_crl_get_crt_serial() when coping with
    very large structures.
    * * libgnutls: When the decoding of a printable DN element fails, then treat
    it as unknown and print its hex value rather than failing. That works around
    an issue in a TURKTRST root certificate which improperly encodes the
    X520countryName element.
    * * libgnutls: gnutls_x509_trust_list_add_trust_file() will return the number
    of certificates present in a PKCS #11 token when loading it.
    * * libgnutls: Allow the post client hello callback to put the handshake on
    hold, by returning GNUTLS_E_AGAIN or GNUTLS_E_INTERRUPTED.
    * * certtool: option --to-p12 will now consider --load-ca-certificate
    * * certtol: Added option to specify the PKCS #12 friendly name on command line.
    * * p11tool: Allow marking a certificate copied to a token as a CA.
  - Version 3.3.4 (released 2014-05-31)
    * * libgnutls: Updated Andy Polyakov's assembly code. That prevents a
    crash on certain CPUs.
  - Version 3.3.3 (released 2014-05-30)
    * * libgnutls: Eliminated memory corruption issue in Server Hello parsing.
    Issue reported by Joonas Kuorilehto of Codenomicon.
    * * libgnutls: gnutls_global_set_mutex() was modified to operate with the
    new initialization process.
    * * libgnutls: Increased the maximum certificate size buffer
    in the PKCS #11 subsystem.
    * * libgnutls: Check the return code of getpwuid_r() instead of relying
    on the result value. That avoids issue in certain systems, when using
    tofu authentication and the home path cannot be determined. Issue reported
    by Viktor Dukhovni.
    * * libgnutls-dane: Improved dane_verify_session_crt(), which now attempts to
    create a full chain. This addresses points from
    * * gnutls-cli: --dane will only check the end certificate if PKIX validation
    has been disabled.
    * * gnutls-cli: --benchmark-soft-ciphers has been removed. That option cannot
    be emulated with the implicit initialization of gnutls.
    * * certtool: Allow multiple organizations and organizational unit names to
    be specified in a template.
    * * certtool: Warn when invalid configuration options are set to a template.
    * * ocsptool: Include path in ocsp request. This resolves #108582
    (, reported by Matt McCutchen.
  - Version 3.3.2 (released 2014-05-06)
    * * libgnutls: Added the 'very weak' certificate verification profile
    that corresponds to 64-bit security level.
    * * libgnutls: Corrected file descriptor leak on random generator
    * * libgnutls: Corrected file descriptor leak on PSK password file
    reading. Issue identified using the Codenomicon TLS test suite.
    * * libgnutls: Avoid deinitialization if initialization has failed.
    * * libgnutls: null-terminate othername alternative names.
    * * libgnutls: gnutls_x509_trust_list_get_issuer() will operate correctly
    on a PKCS #11 trust list.
    * * libgnutls: Several small bug fixes identified using valgrind and
    the Codenomicon TLS test suite.
    * * libgnutls-dane: Accept a certificate using DANE if there is at least one
    entry that matches the certificate. Patch by simon [at]
    * * libgnutls-guile: Fixed compilation issue.
    * * certtool: Allow exporting a CRL on DER format.
    * * certtool: The ECDSA keys generated by default use the SECP256R1 curve
    which is supported more widely than the previously used SECP224R1.
  - Version 3.3.1 (released 2014-04-19)
    * * libgnutls: Enforce more strict checks to heartbeat messages
    concerning padding and payload. Suggested by Peter Dettman.
    * * libgnutls: Allow decoding PKCS #8 files with ECC parameters
    from openssl.
    * * libgnutls: Several small bug fixes found by coverity.
    * * libgnutls: The conditionally available self-test functions
    were moved to self-test.h.
    * * libgnutls: Fixed issue with the check of incoming data when two
    different recv and send pointers have been specified. Reported and
    investigated by JMRecio.
    * * libgnutls: Fixed issue in the RSA-PSK key exchange, which would
    result to illegal memory access if a server hint was provided. Reported
    by André Klitzing.
    * * libgnutls: Fixed client memory leak in the PSK key exchange, if a
    server hint was provided.
    * * libgnutls: Corrected the *get_*_othername_oid() functions.
  - Version 3.3.0 (released 2014-04-10)
    * * libgnutls: The initialization of the library was moved to a
    constructor. That is, gnutls_global_init() is no longer required
    unless linking with a static library or a system that does not
    support library constructors.
    * * libgnutls: static libraries are not built by default.
    * * libgnutls: PKCS #11 initialization is delayed to first usage.
    That avoids long delays in gnutls initialization due to broken PKCS #11
    * * libgnutls: The PKCS #11 subsystem is re-initialized "automatically"
    on the first PKCS #11 API call after a fork.
    * * libgnutls: certificate verification profiles were introduced
    that can be specified as flags to verification functions. They
    are enumerations in gnutls_certificate_verification_profiles_t
    and can be converted to flags for use in a verification function
    * * libgnutls: Added the ability to read system-specific initial
    keywords, if they are prefixed with '@'. That allows a compile-time
    specified configuration file to be used to read pre-configured priority
    strings from. That can be used to impose system specific policies.
    * * libgnutls: Increased the default security level of priority
    strings (NORMAL and PFS strings require at minimum a 1008 DH prime),
    and set a verification profile by default.  The LEGACY keyword is
    introduced to set the old defaults.
    * * libgnutls: Added support for the name constraints PKIX extension.
    Currently only DNS names and e-mails are supported (no URIs, IPs
    or DNs).
    * * libgnutls: Security parameter SEC_PARAM_NORMAL was renamed to
    SEC_PARAM_MEDIUM to avoid confusion with the priority string NORMAL.
    * * libgnutls: Added new API in x509-ext.h to handle X.509 extensions.
    This API handles the X.509 extensions in isolation, allowing to parse
    similarly formatted extensions stored in other structures.
    * * libgnutls: When generating DSA keys the macro GNUTLS_SUBGROUP_TO_BITS
    can be used to specify a particular subgroup as the number of bits in
    gnutls_privkey_generate; e.g., GNUTLS_SUBGROUP_TO_BITS(2048, 256).
    * * libgnutls: DH parameter generation is now delegated to nettle.
    That unfortunately has the side-effect that DH parameters longer than
    3072 bits, cannot be generated (not without a nettle update).
    * * libgnutls: Separated nonce RNG from the main RNG. The nonce
    random number generator is based on salsa20/12.
    * * libgnutls: The buffer alignment provided to crypto backend is
    enforced to be 16-byte aligned, when compiled with cryptodev
    support. That allows certain cryptodev drivers to operate more
    * * libgnutls: Return error when a public/private key pair that doesn't
    match is set into a credentials structure.
    * * libgnutls: Depend on p11-kit 0.20.0 or later.
    * * libgnutls: The new padding (%NEW_PADDING) experimental TLS extension has
    been removed. It was not approved by IETF.
    * * libgnutls: The experimental xssl library is removed from the gnutls
    * * libgnutls: Reduced the number of gnulib modules used in the main library.
    * * libgnutls: Added priority string %DISABLE_WILDCARDS.
    * * libgnutls: Added the more extensible verification function
    gnutls_certificate_verify_peers(), that allows checking, in addition
    to a peer's DNS hostname, for the key purpose of the end certificate
    (via PKIX extended key usage).
    * * certtool: Timestamps for serial numbers were increased to 8 bytes,
    and in batch mode to 12 (appended with 4 random bytes).
    * * certtool: When no CRL number is provided (or value set to -1), then
    a time-based number will be used, similarly to the serial generation
    number in certificates.
    * * certtool: Print the SHA256 fingerprint of a certificate in addition
    to SHA1.
    * * libgnutls: Added --enable-fips140-mode configuration option (unsupported).
    That option enables (when running on FIPS140-enabled system):
    o RSA, DSA and DH key generation as in FIPS-186-4 (using provable primes)
    o The DRBG-CTR-AES256 deterministic random generator from SP800-90A.
    o Self-tests on initialization on ciphers/MACs, public key algorithms
      and the random generator.
    o HMAC-SHA256 verification of the library on load.
    o MD5 is included for TLS purposes but cannot be used by the high level
      hashing functions.
    o All ciphers except AES are disabled.
    o All MACs and hashes except GCM and SHA are disabled (e.g., HMAC-MD5).
    o All keys (temporal and long term) are zeroized after use.
    o Security levels are adjusted to the FIPS140-2 recommendations (rather
      than ECRYPT).
* Wed Dec 31 2014
  - build with PIE for commandline tools
* Wed Dec 31 2014
  - Updated to 3.2.21 (released 2014-12-11)
    - libgnutls: Corrected regression introduced in 3.2.19 related to
      session renegotiation. Reported by Dan Winship.
    - libgnutls: Corrected parsing issue with OCSP responses.
* Wed Nov 12 2014
  - Updated to 3.2.20 (released 2014-11-10)
    * * libgnutls: Removed superfluous random generator refresh on every
      call of gnutls_deinit(). That reduces load and usage of /dev/urandom.
    * * libgnutls: Corrected issue in export of ECC parameters to X9.63
      format.  Reported by Sean Burford [GNUTLS-SA-2014-5].
    (CVE-2014-8564 bnc#904603)
  - Updated to 3.2.19 (released 2014-10-13)
    * * libgnutls: Fixes in the transparent import of PKCS #11 certificates.
      Reported by Joseph Peruski.
    * * libgnutls: Fixed issue with unexpected non-fatal errors resetting the
      handshake's hash buffer, in applications using the heartbeat extension
      or DTLS. Reported by Joeri de Ruiter.
    * * libgnutls: fix issue in DTLS retransmission when session tickets were
      in use; reported by Manuel Pégourié-Gonnard.
    * * libgnutls: Prevent abort() in library if getrusage() fails. Try to
      detect instead which of RUSAGE_THREAD and RUSAGE_SELF would work.
    * * guile: new 'set-session-server-name!' procedure; see the manual
      for details.



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