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sevctl-0.4.3-2.4 RPM for x86_64

From OpenSuSE Tumbleweed for x86_64

Name: sevctl Distribution: openSUSE Tumbleweed
Version: 0.4.3 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 2.4 Build date: Wed Jan 24 16:22:20 2024
Group: Development/Libraries/Rust Build host: reproducible
Size: 9794788 Source RPM: sevctl-0.4.3-2.4.src.rpm
Summary: Administrative utility for AMD SEV
Administrative utility for AMD SEV






* Wed Jan 24 2024 Caleb Crane <>
  - Fix CVE-2023-50711: vmm-sys-util: out of bounds memory accesses (bsc#1218502, bsc#1218499)
    - Upgrade vendored dependencies, namely vmm-sys-utils > 0.12.0
  - spec: Switch back to greedy cargo updates of vendored dependencies. This CVE was multiple
    levels deep in the dependency tree and only fixed with the more agressive cargo update strategy
* Wed Sep 13 2023 Caleb Crane <>
  - Update to sevctl v0.4.3 (jsc#4981)
    - Add show commands for identifier and VCEK URL
    - Improve processor identification
    - Add 'sevctl measurement build'
    - Expand coverage for all AMD CPU model numbers
    - Adjust to use sev VMSA result changes
    - Add vmsa show command
    - Implement vmsa update subcommand
    - Implement vmsa build subcommand
    - Detect and use host arch's CPU generation
    - Support HTTP/HTTPS proxies
  - Spec: Upgrade vendored dependencies
  - Spec: Utilize upstream git tags
* Wed Apr 19 2023 Dominique Leuenberger <>
  - BuildRequire rubygem(asciidoctor) instead of %{rubygem
    asciidoctor}" the %rubygem} macro expands to all ruby versions,
    wheras we are perfectly fine with getting only one version for
    asciidoctor into the buildroot.
* Tue Mar 14 2023 Caleb Crane <>
  - Update to v0.3.2 + git commit 255d370
      dependency: Enable vendored feature for openssl
      Add show commands for identifier, SNP status and VCEK URL.
      readme: Add some basic provisioning instructions
      Update sev library to version 1.1.0
      ok: Find singular model and family on processor ID
* Wed Feb 08 2023 Caleb Crane <>
  - Set cargo_vendor update param to false to bypass upstream semvar issues
* Tue Jan 31 2023 James Fehlig <>
  - Update to v0.3.2 + git commit e37c4d6
      src/main: Remove README portion of
      .github: Remove cargo readme CI test
      docs: Add a generable man page
      ci: Add asciidoctor as a build dependency
      ok: Add Genoa processor identifying
      ok: Rewrite processor generation querying
      secret: Add docs and update
      Add `secret build` subcommand
      measurement: rework some functions for use with `secret build`
      main: Improve error printing on exit
      measurement: Add docs and update
      measurement: Comment why we aren't using sev crate
      Change `measurement build` output to measurement+nonce
      Add `measurement build --launch-measure-blob`
      Add `measurement build --vmsa-cpu0, --vmsa-cpu1, --num-cpus`
      Add `measurement build --firmware --kernel --initrd --cmdline`
      Add `measurement build --outfile PATH`
      Let `measurement build --tk` accept path or base64 string
      Let `measurement build` accept int values as hex too
      Add `measurement build` subcommand
      Update version to 0.3.2
      Update sev crate to 1.0.1
      Update to 0.3.1
      Update to 0.3.1
      build(deps): bump httparse from 1.7.1 to 1.8.0
      Add CODEOWNERS file
      CI: Drop rust 1.51.0 testing
      Fix clippy warnings with rust nightly
      ok: Show if Page flush MSR is enabled/disabled
      ok: Change to String
      Replace with anyhow crate
      ok: Expand coverage for all AMD CPU model numbers
* Thu Jul 07 2022 Caleb Crane <>
  - Disable obs_scm service by default
  - Use a commit hash as the checked out revision corresponding to crate version 0.3.0
  - Change version format to be clear we are using a git commit hash
* Thu Jul 07 2022 Caleb Crane <>
  - Build for x86_64 only
* Thu Jul 07 2022 Caleb Crane <>
  - Initial package for sevctl v0.3.0 (
  - FIXME: Upstream has no tags so using HEAD revision



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