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mpv-mpris-0.6-1.1 RPM for x86_64

From OpenSuSE Tumbleweed for x86_64

Name: mpv-mpris Distribution: openSUSE Tumbleweed
Version: 0.6 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 1.1 Build date: Thu Nov 25 00:47:16 2021
Group: Productivity/Multimedia/Video/Players Build host: lamb13
Size: 32802 Source RPM: mpv-mpris-0.6-1.1.src.rpm
Summary: MPRIS plugin for mpv
This package contains a plugin for mpv which allows control of the
player using the MPRIS D-Bus interface, which enables control with
multimedia keys in desktop environments such as GNOME and KDE
as well as through tools like playerctl.






* Sun Nov 21 2021 Enrico Belleri <>
  - Update to 0.6:
    * Fix YouTube regex including 0 to the numeric range
    * Fix LoopStatus property change signal
    * Fix loop-file change handler in mpv 0.33.0
    * Fix LoopStatus when numeric argument given to loop-file or loop-playlist
    * Full changelog:
* Mon May 18 2020 Antonio Larrosa <>
  - Update to mpv-mpris 0.5:
    * Fixed some glib warnings
    * Uninitialise glib objects on shutdown
    * Fix dbus names with multiple instances
    * Use YouTube thumbnails as mpris:artUrl when playing YouTube videos
* Sat Jan 18 2020 Martin Herkt <>
  - init, 0.4



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