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libuct0-1.15.0-2.2 RPM for x86_64

From OpenSuSE Tumbleweed for x86_64

Name: libuct0 Distribution: openSUSE Tumbleweed
Version: 1.15.0 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 2.2 Build date: Mon Feb 26 13:49:43 2024
Group: System/Libraries Build host: reproducible
Size: 949658 Source RPM: openucx-1.15.0-2.2.src.rpm
Summary: Infiniband Unified Communication Transport
Low-level API that expose network operations supported by underlying






* Mon Feb 26 2024 Dominique Leuenberger <>
  - Use %patch -P N instead of deprecated %patchN.
* Mon Oct 02 2023 Nicolas Morey <>
  - Update to 1.15.0
    - UCP
    - Added 2-stage pipeline protocol in the new protocol infrastructure
    - Added reset and abort functionality of rendezvous protocols in the
      new infrastructure
    - Added zero-copy rendezvous data send protocol in the new infrastructure
    - Added support for user memory handle in the new protocol infrastructure
    - Added option to force ODP registration for certain memory types
    - Enabled lock free memory region deregistration
    - Updated allow/deny transport list feature to control auxiliary transport selection
    - Multiple performance improvements of the new protocol infrastructure
    - Multiple improvements in error and debug messages
    - Fixed assertion when sending from non-contiguous GPU buffer to managed buffer
    - Fixed the race condition on endpoint configurations
    - Fixed endpoint reconfiguration issues due to asymmetrical selection
    - Fixed endpoint reconfiguration error due to wrong locality detection
    - Fixed crash during connection manager cleanup
    - Fixed rkey index calculation for rendezvous protocol
    - Fixed rcache dump function
    - Removed logging from rkey unpack in release mode
    - Fixed dobule free of rkey in rendezvous protocol
    - Fixed rendezvous pipeline protocol error flow
    - Fixed error handling in rendezvous get zcopy protocol
    - Replay pending requests of wireup EP CM during connection establishment
      to prevent potential ordering issues and wrong configuration
    - Pass user-provided memory type to the function that checks whether the buffer
      can be sent inline or not
    - Avoid memory registration during UCP context initialization
    - Fixed CPU/device atomics selection in the new protocol infrastructure
    - Multiple fixes in the new protocol infrastructure information output
    - UCT
    - Split UCT_MD_MKEY_PACK_FLAG_INVALIDATE into two flags for RMA and AMO
    - Added put_zcopy and get_zcopy scheme support for self transport
    - Added base implementation of is_reachable_v2 API using intra/inter flag
    - Introduced MD capability for non-blocking registration memory types
    - Added check for dmabuf kernel support in ROCm memory domain
    - Fixed exported memh packing
    - Fixed an error in checking return status of multi-threaded memory
      registration function
    - RDMA CORE (IB, ROCE, etc.)
    - Added implementation of is_reachable_v2 routine to IB interface
    - Added option to control CQE zipping per CQ RX/TX direction
    - Added option to specify how DCI selects port under RoCE LAG
    - Added hw_dcs to the list of policies to select DCI by an endpoint
    - Removed implicit on-demand paging
    - Added option to set RoCE lag dct port for response under queue affinity mode
    - Improved IB memlock limit logging
    - Fixed dma-buf based memory region registration
    - Fixed memory handle data corruption when PCIe relaxed ordering is enabled
    - Fixed performance degradation when indirect atomic key is not supported
      by the hardware
    - Fixed remote access error to strict-order keys because of wrong offset
    - Added check for UAR support to memory domain opening
    - Fixed updating port counters for devx qp
    - Fixed ibv_create_cq error message on node without Infiniband
    - Fixed performance degradation due to using 2 paths on NDR400 by default
    - Removed unnecessary async lock which otherwise would block UD progress
    - UCS
    - Added ucs_string_buffer_rbrk() to split token
    - Fixed lane selection and added bandwidth estimation for Sapphire Rapids family
    - Fixed displaying wrong environment variable suggestions
    - Fixed VFS warning output
    - Fixed SEGV in ucs_debug_backtrace_next(), upon previous SEGV handling,
      due to ENOMEM situation
    - Fixed memory corruption when using UCX_MPOOL_FIFO=y
    - UCM
    - Fixed conditional jump patching
    - Fixed mremap() override
    - Tests
    - Added a rocm docker container for testing
    - Added option to send client_id in iodemo test
    - Added support for multiple connections to the same server in iodemo test
    - Added synchronization before exit to hello world examples
    - Fixed wrong usage of ep_close in examples
    - Tools
    - Added user-side memcpy option for AM benchmarks in ucx_perftest
    - Added wireshark LUA dissectors for some UCX protocols
    - Fixed memory access flags in perftest
    - Removed support for librte from perf
    - Fixed worker flush deadlock when using multiple workers in ucx_perftest
    - Build
    - Added support for binutils 2.40
    - Added versioned dependency to switch between packages with the same names
    - Added a separate xpmem deb subpackage
    - Added aarch64 support to the binary distribution pipeline
    - Removed dependency on libnuma
    - Documentation
    - Updated ucp_worker_release_address description
  - Refresh openucx-s390x-support.patch against latest souces
* Tue Jul 25 2023 Nicolas Morey <>
  - Update to v1.14.1
    - Fixed ROCm to prevent the locking of host pinned memory
    - Added CUDA 12 based UCX builds to the release flow
    - Increased the maximal number of endpoint configurations
    - Fixed filter for a slow-lanes in selection logic
    - Fixed TCP transport bandwidth calculation
    - Fixed device detection for ROCM
    - Fixed compatibility with CUDA 12
    - Fixed rendezvous threshold for multi-path configurations
    - Fixed error message in case of static link
    - Fixed BlueField-3 detection
    - Multiple fixes for Azure CI pipeline
* Mon Mar 20 2023 Nicolas Morey <>
  - Update to v1.14.0
    - UCP
    - Added API for querying transport and device names on endpoint
    - Added API for querying datatype object
    - Added API for exporting and importing memory keys (no implementation yet)
    - Added support for non-persistent active message header
    - Added infrastructure to print protocols v2 performance
    - Multiple performance improvements for protocols v2
    - Added support for non-contiguous datatypes for rendezvous protocols v2
    - Added support for reset and abort request in protocols v2
    - Added support for user memory handles in RMA API
    - Added multi-rail support for RMA API in protocols v2
    - Added support for up to 16 different lanes per endpoint
    - Added support for dmabuf memory registration in protocols v2
    - Added strong fence mode for ucp_worker_fence() API
    - UCT
    - Added new uct_md_mem_attach() API to support exported memory handles
    - Added remote completion mode for endpoint flush (via new flag)
    - Added support for dmabuf registration
    - Added new uct_ep_connect_to_ep_v2() API
    - Added new uct_mem_reg_v2() API
    - Added new uct_md_query_v2() API
    - Added support for IPv6 loopback address in TCP transport
    - RDMA CORE (IB, ROCE, etc.)
    - Added ECE (enhanced connection establishment) support for RC and DC transports
    - Added support for hardware DCS in DC transport
    - Added UD interface and endpoint resource information to VFS
    - Added CQ creation via DEVX API
    - Removed support for accelerated IB transports over legacy experimental verbs
    - UCS
    - Added support for auto-correction of user environment variables
    - UCM
    - Implemented CUDA bistro hooks for aarch64 (to enable memory cache on this platform)
    - Added support for CUDA virtual/stream-ordered memory with cudaMallocAsync
    - Documentation
    - Added FAQ for using pkg-config tool to build applications with UCX
    - Tools
    - Added runtime library version to the 'ucx_info -v' output
    - Added support for memory types in ucx_info
    - Many bugfixes. See NEWS.
  - Drop patch merged upstream:
    - UCS-DEBUG-replace-PTR-with-void.patch
    - gcc13-fix.patch
  - Refresh openucx-s390x-support.patch
* Mon Mar 06 2023 Martin Liška <>
  - Add upstream gcc13-fix.patch fix.
* Mon Jan 16 2023 Andreas Schwab <>
  - openucx-s390x-support.patch: fix use of clz builtin for 64-bit value
* Tue Oct 04 2022 Nicolas Morey-Chaisemartin <>
  - Update openucx-s390x-support.patch to add missing ucs_ffs32 on s390x
  - Drop baselibs.conf as openucx only works on 64b systems
* Tue Sep 27 2022 Nicolas Morey-Chaisemartin <>
  - Update to v1.13.1 (jsc#PED-912)
    - Core
    - Added new objects to VFS: local and remote address of endpoint,
      statistics of ucp_ep_create success/failure, failed/destroyed endpoints
    - Added support for UCX static libraries
    - Added profiling for rkey management routines
    - PCIe relaxed order enabled by default for AMD CPUs
    - Fixed not deallocating memory from ucp_mem_unmap if no rcache
    - Fixed versioning infrastructure
    - Multiple code improvements: refactoring, debug prints and assertions, etc.
    - Multiple improvements in build, test and docs infrastructure
    - Added new objects to VFS (md, component, log_level, etc.)
    - Added configuration variable to specify which loadable modules are allowed
    - Added build-time configuration to disable sigaction overriding
    - UCP
    - Added API to pass pre-registered memory handle to UCP operations
    - Added implementation of AM rendezvous protocol
    - Added 2-stage pipeline rendezvous protocol for GPU
    - Added support for fragment mem_type for v1 pipeline proto, disabled by default
    - Added active message support for proto v2
    - Added UCP memory registration cache
    - Improved adaptive progress - deactivate iface when all p2p lanes are destroyed
    - Added support for user memh in proto_v1
    - Added support for selecting local address when creating a client endpoint
    - Added option to limit GPUDirectRDMA size in rendezvous protocol, UCX_RNDV_MEMTYPE_DIRECT_SIZE
    - Deprecated UCX_SOCKADDR_AUX_TLS configuration parameter
    - Resolving remote EP ID when creating local EP disabled by default
    - Added client_id to ucp_worker_create() and ucp_conn_request_query() APIs
    - Added ucp_worker_address_query() API
    - Updated ucp_ep_query() API for getting local and remote addresses
    - Added address versioning to correctly preserve wire compatibility starting from version 1.11.0
    - Added new client/server connection establishment packet header format
    - Enabled rendezvous and tag sync protocols when error handling is enabled on the endpoint
    - Added iov zcopy support to RMA operations
    - Reduced memory usage of unexpected messages by fitting receive buffer size to packet size
    - Added support for modifying UCT and UCS configs by ucp_config_modify() API
    - Optimized unpacked rkeys memory consumption
    - Added request flag to influence latency vs. bandwidth protocol
    - Reduced memory management overhead with new protocols
    - Improved performance calculations for new protocols
    - Added AMO support with GPU memory target using new protocols
    - Added put_zcopy, get_zcopy and pipeline based rendezvous in new protocols
    - Added support for user-defined alignment in Active Messages
    - Added support for offload tag sync in new protocols
    - Updated ucp_atomic_post() to use NBX flow
    - UCT
    - Introduced API uct_md_mkey_pack_v2
    - Introduced UCT iface features API
    - Introduced max_inflight_eps parameter in perf_attr API
    - Introduced UCT_SEND_FLAG_PEER_CHECK flag that forces checking connectivity to a peer
    - Introduced UCX_RCACHE_PURGE_ON_FORK to enable/disable cleaning regions when application is forking
    - Disabled PEER_FAILURE capability for XPMEM
    - Added API - uct_iface_is_reachable_v2()
    - Added IPv6 address support in TCP
    - Added latency estimation to uct_iface_estimate_perf()
    - Adjusted knem and cma overhead cost
    - Increased built-in TCP keep-alive interval to 2 seconds
    - RDMA CORE (IB, ROCE, etc.)
    - Introduced NDR autorecognition
    - Introduced CQE zipping support
    - Set the default MAX_RD_ATOMIC to maximum value supported by the hardware
    - Disabled mlx5 ifaces on verbs MD
    - Added detection of IB NDR devices
    - Added check for CQ overrun in assert mode
    - Added bitmap usage for releasing detached DCIs
    - Added configuration for requests ack frequency with DevX
    - Added remote QP info to tx error CQE traces
    - ROCM
    - Increased maximum number of HSA agents
    - UCS
    - Added topo module infrastructure
    - Added memtrack and rcache information to VFS
    - Added API for a per-process aggregate-sum statistics report
    - Added memory pool set data structure
    - Added new ptr_array API for bulk allocation
    - Added ucs_string_buffer_append_flags() for string buffer
    - Added ucs_ffs32()
    - Added ucs_vsnprintf_safe() which always adds '\0'
    - Added thread-safe put to ptr_map
    - Improved accuracy of the topology distance estimation
    - Added prints of leaked callbacks from the callback queue
    - Removed a diagnostic message when fuse thread is stopped
    - Added configurable limit for the memory consumed by rcache
    - Added configuration for VFS(FUSE) thread affinity
    - Added memory limit support to memtrack
    - Packaging
    - Added cmake config files for better integration with external cmake based projects
    - Tools
    - Added loop-back transport support in ucx_perftest
    - Split ucx_perftest into separate modules
    - Added process placement option for ucx_info
    - Extended parameters correctness check in ucx_perftest
  - Backported UCS-DEBUG-replace-PTR-with-void.patch
    from upstream to fix compilation
* Thu Jan 13 2022 Nicolas Morey-Chaisemartin <>
  - Fix UCM bistro support on non s390x archs
  - Add ucm-fix-UCX_MEM_MALLOC_RELOC.patch to disable malloc relocations by default (bsc#1194369)
* Thu Sep 23 2021 Nicolas Morey-Chaisemartin <>
  - Update to v1.11.1 (jsc#SLE-19260)
* Wed Feb 24 2021 Nicolas Morey-Chaisemartin <>
  - Update openucx-s390x-support.patch to fix mmap syscall on s390x (bsc#1182691)
    - Core:
    - Added support for UCX monitoring using virtual file system (VFS)/FUSE
    - Added support for applications with static CUDA runtime linking
    - Added support for a configuration file
    - Updated clang format configuration
    - UCP
    - Added rendezvous API for active messages
    - Added user-defined name to context, worker, and endpoint objects
    - Added flag to silence request leak check
    - Added API for endpoint performance evaluation
    - Added API - ucp_request_query
    - Added API - ucp_lib_query
    - Added bandwidth optimizations for new protocols multi-lane
    - Added support for multi-rail over lanes with BW ratio >= 1/4
    - Added support for tracking outstanding requests and aborting those in case of connection failure
    - Refactored keep-alive protocol
    - Added device id to wireup protocol
    - Added support up to 128 transport layer resources in UCP context
    - Added support CUDA memory allocations with ucp_mem_map
    - Increased UCP_WORKER_MAX_EP_CONFIG to 64
    - Adjusted memory type zcopy threshold when UCX_ZCOPY_THRESH set
    - Refactored wireup protocols, rendezvous, get, zcopy protocols
    - Added put zcopy multi-rail
    - Improved logging for new protocols
    - Added system topology information
    - Added new protocols for eager offload protocols
    - UCT
    - Extended connection establishment API
    - Added active message AM alignment in iface params
    - Added active message short IOV API.
    - Added support for interface query by operation and memory type
    - Added API to get allocation base address and length
    - Added md_dereg_v2 API
    - UCS
    - Added log filter by source file name.
    - Added checking for last element in fraglist queue
    - Added a method to get IP address from sockaddr.
    - Added memory usage limits to registration cache
    - RDMA CORE (IB, ROCE, etc.)
    - Added report of QP info in case of completion with error
    - Refactored of FC send operations
    - Added support for  DevX unique QPN allocation
    - Optimized endpoint lookup for  DCI
    - Added support for RDMA sub-function (SF)
    - Added support for DCI via DEVX
    - Added DCI pool per LAG port
    - Added support  for RoCE IP reachability check using a subnet mask
    - Added active message short IOV for UD/DC/RC mlx, UD/RC verbs
    - Added endpoint keep alive check for UD
    - Suppressed warning if device can't be opened
    - Added support for multiple flush cancel without completion
    - Added ignore for devices with invalid GID
    - Added support for SRQ linked list reordering
    - Added flush by flow control on old devices
    - Added support for configurable rdma_resolve_addr/route timeout
    - Shared memory
    - Added active message short IOV support for posix, sysv, and self transports
    - TCP
    - Added support for peer failure in case of CONNECT_TO_EP
    - Added support for active message short IOV
    - See NEWS for a complete changelog and bug fixes
  - Refresh openucx-s390x-support against latest sources



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