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libnettle8-3.7.3-2.5 RPM for x86_64

From OpenSuSE Tumbleweed for x86_64

Name: libnettle8 Distribution: openSUSE Tumbleweed
Version: 3.7.3 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 2.5 Build date: Fri May 13 03:38:17 2022
Group: System/Libraries Build host: lamb51
Size: 366322 Source RPM: libnettle-3.7.3-2.5.src.rpm
Summary: Cryptographic Library
Nettle is a cryptographic library that is designed to fit easily in more or
less any context: In crypto toolkits for object-oriented languages (C++,
Python, Pike, ...), in applications like LSH or GNUPG, or even in kernel space.






* Mon Jan 17 2022 Pedro Monreal <>
  - Provide s390x CPACF/SHA/AES Support for Crypto Libraries
    * Add libnettle-s390x-CPACF-SHA-AES-support.patch [jsc#SLE-20733]
* Wed Jun 09 2021 Paolo Stivanin <>
  - GNU Nettle 3.7.3: [CVE-2021-3580, bsc#1187060]
    * Fix crash for zero input to rsa_sec_decrypt and
      rsa_decrypt_tr. Potential denial of service vector.
    * Ensure that all of rsa_decrypt_tr and rsa_sec_decrypt return
      failure for out of range inputs, instead of either crashing,
      or silently reducing input modulo n. Potential denial of
      service vector.
    * Ensure that rsa_decrypt returns failure for out of range
      inputs, instead of silently reducing input modulo n.
    * Ensure that rsa_sec_decrypt returns failure if the message
      size is too large for the given key. Unlike the other bugs,
      this would typically be triggered by invalid local
      configuration, rather than by processing untrusted remote
* Sun Mar 21 2021 Andreas Stieger <>
  - GNU Nettle 3.7.2:
    * fix a bug in ECDSA signature verification that could lead to a
      denial of service attack (via an assertion failure) or possibly
      incorrect results (CVE-2021-20305, boo#1184401)
    * fix a few related problems where scalars are required to be
      canonically reduced modulo the ECC group order, but in fact may
      be slightly larger
* Thu Feb 18 2021 Andreas Stieger <>
  - GNU Nettle 3.7.1:
    * Fix bug in chacha counter update logic (ppc64 and ppc64el)
    * Restore support for big-endian ARM platforms
    * Fix corner case bug in ECDSA verify, it would produce incorrect
      result in the unlikely case of an all-zero message hash
    * Support for pbkdf2_hmac_sha384 and pbkdf2_hmac_sha512
    * Remove poorly performing ARM Neon code for doing single-block
      Salsa20 and Chacha
* Mon Jan 04 2021 Andreas Stieger <>
  - GNU Nettle 3.7:
    * add bcrypt password hashing
    * add optimizations: PowerPC64 assembly
  - remove deprecated texinfo packaing macros
* Sun May 10 2020 Andreas Stieger <>
  - GNU Nettle 3.6:
    * removal of internal and undocumented poly1305 functions
    * Support for Curve448 and ED448 signatures
    * Support for SHAKE256, SIV-CMAC, CMAC64, "CryptoPro" variant of
      the GOST hash (as gosthash94cp), GOST DSA signatures, including
      GOST curves gc256b and gc512a
    * Support for Intel CET in x86 and x86_64 assembly files, if
      enabled via CFLAGS (gcc --fcf-protection=full)
    * A few new functions to improve support for the Chacha
      variant with 96-bit nonce and 32-bit block counter (the
      existing functions use nonce and counter of 64-bit each),
      and functions to set the counter.
    * New interface, struct nettle_mac, for MAC (message
      authentication code) algorithms. This abstraction is only
      for MACs that don't require a per-message nonce. For HMAC,
      the key size is fixed, and equal the digest size of the
      underlying hash function
    * multiple bug fixes
  - drop nettle-respect-cflags.patch
  - silence packaging warning raised by HMAC files
    (bsc#1152692, jsc#SLE-9518)
* Tue Oct 01 2019 Vítězslav Čížek <>
  - Install checksums for binary integrity verification which are
    required when running in FIPS mode (bsc#1152692, jsc#SLE-9518)
* Thu Aug 01 2019 Andreas Stieger <>
  - update to 3.5.1:
    * correct upstream source packaging problems
  - new in 3.5:
    * gcm_crypt will now call the underlying block cipher to process
      more than one block at a time
    * Support for CFB8 (Cipher Feedback Mode, processing a single
      octet per block cipher operation)
    * Support for CMAC (RFC 4493)
    * Support for XTS mode
    * various improvements
* Wed Jan 02 2019 Vítězslav Čížek <>
  - Update to 3.4.1 release
    * Fix CVE-2018-16869 (bsc#1118086)
      All functions using RSA private keys are now side-channel
      silent, meaning that they try hard to avoid any branches or
      memory accesses depending on secret data. This applies both to
      the bignum calculations, which now use GMP's mpn_sec_* family
      of functions, and the processing of PKCS#1 padding needed for
      RSA decryption.
    * Changes in behavior:
      The functions rsa_decrypt and rsa_decrypt_tr may now clobber
      all of the provided message buffer, independent of the
      actual message length. They are side-channel silent, in that
      branches and memory accesses don't depend on the validity or
      length of the message. Side-channel leakage from the
      caller's use of length and return value may still provide an
      oracle useable for a Bleichenbacher-style chosen ciphertext
      attack. Which is why the new function rsa_sec_decrypt is
    * New features:
      A new function rsa_sec_decrypt.
    * Bug fixes:
    - Fix bug in pkcs1-conv, missing break statements in the
      parsing of PEM input files.
    - Fix link error on the pss-mgf1-test test, affecting builds
      without public key support.
* Thu Dec 06 2018 Jan Engelhardt <>
  - Adjust SRPM group.



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