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libjitterentropy3-32bit-3.4.1-1.2 RPM for x86_64

From OpenSuSE Tumbleweed for x86_64

Name: libjitterentropy3-32bit Distribution: openSUSE Tumbleweed
Version: 3.4.1 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 1.2 Build date: Sun Mar 19 18:27:26 2023
Group: System/Libraries Build host: lamb56
Size: 34233 Source RPM: jitterentropy-3.4.1-1.2.src.rpm
Summary: Jitter entropy generator shared library
The Jitter RNG provides a noise source using the CPU execution
timing jitter. It depends on a high-resolution time stamp.

This package contains the shared library.




BSD-3-Clause OR GPL-2.0-or-later


* Mon Sep 12 2022 Marcus Meissner <>
  - updated to 3.4.1
    * add FIPS 140 hints to man page
    * simplify the test tool to search for optimal configurations
    * fix: jent_loop_shuffle: re-add setting the time that was lost with 3.4.0
    * enhancement: add ARM64 assembler code to read high-res timer
* Wed Aug 03 2022 Marcus Meissner <>
  - updated to 3.4.0
    * enhancement: add API call jent_set_fips_failure_callback as requested by Daniel Ojalvo
    * fix: Change the SHA-3 integration: The entropy pool is now a SHA-3 state.
    It is filled with the time delta containing entropy and auxiliary data that does not contain entropy using a SHA update operation. The auxiliary data is calculated by a SHA-3 hashing of some varying state data. The time delta that contains entropy is measured about the SHA-3 hasing of the auxiliary data. This satisfies FIPS 140-3 IG D.K resolutions 4, 6, and 8.
    * enhancement: add CMake support by Andrew Hopkins
  - updated to 3.3.1
    * fix: bug fix in initialization logic by Vladis Dronov <>
    * fix: use __asm__ instead of asm to suit the C11 standard
  - added a -devel-static package to be able to link it static.
* Tue Sep 28 2021 Jan Engelhardt <>
  - Trim conjecture from descriptions.
* Tue Sep 21 2021 Marcus Meissner <>
  - add a userspace jitter entropy generator library



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