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matrix-synapse-1.43.0-1.2 RPM for noarch

From OpenSuSE Tumbleweed for noarch

Name: matrix-synapse Distribution: openSUSE Tumbleweed
Version: 1.43.0 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 1.2 Build date: Sun Oct 17 00:18:35 2021
Group: Productivity/Networking/Instant Messenger Build host: old-atreju5
Size: 15464194 Source RPM: matrix-synapse-1.43.0-1.2.src.rpm
Summary: Matrix protocol reference homeserver
Synapse is a Python-based reference "homeserver" implementation of
Matrix. Matrix is a system for federated Instant Messaging and VoIP.






* Tue Sep 21 2021 Marcus Rueckert <>
  - Update to 1.43.0
    This release drops support for the deprecated, unstable API for
    MSC2858, as well as the undocumented experimental.msc2858_enabled
    config option. Client authors should update their clients to use
    the stable API, available since Synapse 1.30.
    - Features
    - Allow room creators to send historical events specified by
      MSC2716 in existing room versions. (#10566)
    - Add config option to use non-default manhole password and
      keys. (#10643)
    - Skip final GC at shutdown to improve restart performance.
    - Allow configuration of the oEmbed URLs used for URL previews.
      (#10714, #10759)
    - Prefer room version 9 for restricted rooms per the room
      version capabilities API. (#10772)
    - Bugfixes
    - Added opentracing logging to help debug #9424. (#10828)
    - Fix a long-standing bug where room avatars were not included
      in email notifications. (#10658)
    - Fix a bug where the ordering algorithm was skipping the
      origin_server_ts step in the spaces summary resulting in
      unstable room orderings. (#10730)
    - Fix edge case when persisting events into a room where there
      are multiple events we previously hadn't calculated auth
      chains for (and hadn't marked as needing to be calculated).
    - Fix a bug which prevented calls to /createRoom that included
      the room_alias_name parameter from being handled by worker
      processes. (#10757)
    - Fix a bug which prevented user registration via SSO to
      require consent tracking for SSO mapping providers that don't
      prompt for Matrix ID selection. Contributed by @AndrewFerr.
    - Only return the stripped state events for the
      events in a room for the spaces summary from MSC2946.
    - Properly handle room upgrades of spaces. (#10774)
    - Fix a bug which generated invalid homeserver config when the
      frontend_proxy worker type was passed to the Synapse
      Worker-based Complement image. (#10783)
    - Improved Documentation
    - Minor fix to the media_repository developer documentation.
      Contributed by @cuttingedge1109. (#10556)
    - Update the documentation to note that the /spaces and
      /hierarchy endpoints can be routed to workers. (#10648)
    - Clarify admin API documentation on undoing room deletions.
    - Split up the modules documentation and add examples for
      module developers. (#10758)
    - Correct 2 typographical errors in the Log Contexts
      documentation. (#10795)
    - Fix a wording mistake in the sample configuration.
      Contributed by (#10804)
    - Deprecations and Removals
    - Remove the unstable MSC2858 API, including the undocumented
      experimental.msc2858_enabled config option. The unstable API
      has been deprecated since Synapse 1.35. Client authors should
      update their clients to use the stable API introduced in
      Synapse 1.30 if they have not already done so. (#10693)
    - Internal Changes
    - Add OpenTracing logging to help debug stuck messages (as
      described by issue #9424). (#10704)
    - Add type annotations to the synapse.util package. (#10601)
    - Ensure rooms.creator field is always populated for easy
      lookup in MSC2716 usage later. (#10697)
    - Add missing type hints to REST servlets. (#10707, #10728,
    - Do not include rooms with unknown room versions in the spaces
      summary results. (#10727)
    - Additional error checking for the preset field when creating
      a room. (#10738)
    - Clean up some of the federation event authentication code for
      clarity. (#10744, #10745, #10746, #10771, #10773, #10781)
    - Add an index to presence_stream to hopefully speed up
      startups a little. (#10748)
    - Refactor event size checking code to simplify searching the
      codebase for the origins of certain error strings that are
      occasionally emitted. (#10750)
    - Move tests relating to rooms having encryption out of the
      user directory tests. (#10752)
    - Use attrs internally for the URL preview code & update
      documentation. (#10753)
    - Minor speed ups when joining large rooms over federation.
      (#10754, #10755, #10756, #10780, #10784)
    - Add a constant for m.federate. (#10775)
    - Add a script to update the Debian changelog in a Docker
      container for systems that are not Debian-based. (#10778)
    - Change the format of authenticated users in logs when a user
      is being puppeted by and admin user. (#10779)
    - Remove fixed and flakey tests from the Sytest blacklist.
    - Improve internal details of the user directory code. (#10789)
    - Use direct references to config flags. (#10798)
    - Ensure the Rust reporter passes type checking with
      jaeger-client 4.7's type annotations. (#10799)
* Tue Sep 21 2021 Marcus Rueckert <>
  - disable 10719-Fix-instert-of-duplicate-key-into-event_json.patch
    until upstream decided if they want to accept it
* Tue Sep 07 2021 Marcus Rueckert <>
  - Update to 1.42.0
    This version of Synapse removes deprecated room-management admin
    APIs, removes out-of-date email pushers, and improves error
    handling for fallback templates for user-interactive
    authentication. For more information on these points, server
    administrators are encouraged to read the upgrade notes.
    - Features
    - Support room version 9 from MSC3375. (#10747)
    - Add support for MSC3231: Token authenticated registration.
      Users can be required to submit a token during registration
      to authenticate themselves. Contributed by Callum Brown.
    - Add support for MSC3283: Expose enable_set_displayname in
      capabilities. (#10452)
    - Port the PresenceRouter module interface to the new generic
      interface. (#10524)
    - Add pagination to the spaces summary based on updates to
      MSC2946. (#10613, #10725)
    - Bugfixes
    - Validate new events. Contributed by
      @aaronraimist. (#10232)
    - Display an error on User-Interactive Authentication fallback
      pages when authentication fails. Contributed by Callum Brown.
    - Remove pushers when deleting an e-mail address from an
      account. Pushers for old unlinked emails will also be
      deleted. (#10581, #10734)
    - Reject Client-Server /keys/query requests which provide
      device_ids incorrectly. (#10593)
    - Rooms with unsupported room versions are no longer returned
      via /sync. (#10644)
    - Enforce the maximum length for per-room display names and
      avatar URLs. (#10654)
    - Fix a bug which caused the synapse_user_logins_total
      Prometheus metric not to be correctly initialised on restart.
    - Improve ServerNoticeServlet to avoid duplicate requests and
      add unit tests. (#10679)
    - Fix long-standing issue which caused an error when a
      thumbnail is requested and there are multiple thumbnails with
      the same quality rating. (#10684)
    - Fix a regression introduced in v1.41.0 which affected the
      performance of concurrent fetches of large sets of events, in
      extreme cases causing the process to hang. (#10703)
    - Fix a regression introduced in Synapse 1.41 which broke email
      transmission on Systems using older versions of the Twisted
      library. (#10713)
    - Improved Documentation
    - Add documentation on how to connect Django with Synapse using
      OpenID Connect and django-oauth-toolkit. Contributed by
      @HugoDelval. (#10192)
    - Advertise documentation
      in the README and CONTRIBUTING files. (#10595)
    - Fix some of the titles not rendering in the OpenID Connect
      documentation. (#10639)
    - Minor clarifications to the documentation for reverse
      proxies. (#10708)
    - Remove table of contents from the top of installation and
      contributing documentation pages. (#10711)
    - Deprecations and Removals
    - Remove deprecated Shutdown Room and Purge Room Admin API.
    - Internal Changes
    - Print a warning when using one of the deprecated template_dir
      settings. (#10768)
    - Improve type hints for the proxy agent and SRV resolver
      modules. Contributed by @dklimpel. (#10608)
    - Clean up some of the federation event authentication code for
      clarity. (#10614, #10615, #10624, #10640)
    - Add a comment asking developers to leave a reason when
      bumping the database schema version. (#10621)
    - Remove not needed database updates in modify user admin API.
    - Convert room member storage tuples to attrs classes. (#10629,
    - Use auto-attribs for the attrs classes used in sync. (#10630)
    - Make backfill and get_missing_events use the same codepath.
    - Improve the performance of the /hierarchy API (from MSC2946)
      by caching responses received over federation. (#10647)
    - Run a nightly CI build against Twisted trunk. (#10651,
    - Do not print out stack traces for network errors when
      fetching data over federation. (#10662)
    - Simplify tests for device admin rest API. (#10664)
    - Add missing type hints to REST servlets. (#10665, #10666,
    - Flatten the tests.synapse.rests package by moving the
      contents of v1 and v2_alpha into the parent. (#10667)
    - Update to rebuild the base Docker image when
      run with workers. (#10686)
    - Split the event-processing methods in FederationHandler into
      a separate FederationEventHandler. (#10692)
    - Remove unused compare_digest function. (#10706)
* Thu Sep 02 2021 Jan Zerebecki <>
  - Add 10719-Fix-instert-of-duplicate-key-into-event_json.patch
* Tue Aug 31 2021 Marcus Rueckert <>
  - Update to 1.41.1 (boo#1190037 boo#1190038)
    Due to the two security issues highlighted below, server
    administrators are encouraged to update Synapse. We are not aware
    of these vulnerabilities being exploited in the wild.
    - Security advisory
      The following issues are fixed in v1.41.1.
    - GHSA-3x4c-pq33-4w3q / CVE-2021-39164: Enumerating a private
      room's list of members and their display names.
      If an unauthorized user both knows the Room ID of a private
      room and that room's history visibility is set to shared,
      then they may be able to enumerate the room's members,
      including their display names.
      The unauthorized user must be on the same homeserver as a
      user who is a member of the target room.
      Fixed by 52c7a51cf.
    - GHSA-jj53-8fmw-f2w2 / CVE-2021-39163: Disclosing a private
      room's name, avatar, topic, and number of members.
      If an unauthorized user knows the Room ID of a private room,
      then its name, avatar, topic, and number of members may be
      disclosed through Group / Community features.
      The unauthorized user must be on the same homeserver as a
      user who is a member of the target room, and their homeserver
      must allow non-administrators to create groups
      (enable_group_creation in the Synapse configuration; off by
      Fixed by cb35df940a, #10723.
    - Bugfixes
    - Fix a regression introduced in Synapse 1.41 which broke email
      transmission on systems using older versions of the Twisted
      library. (#10713)
* Tue Aug 24 2021 Marcus Rueckert <>
  - Update to 1.41.0
    - Features
    - Enable room capabilities (MSC3244) by default and set room
      version 8 as the preferred room version when creating
      restricted rooms. (#10571)
    - Add get_userinfo_by_id method to ModuleApi. (#9581)
    - Initial local support for MSC3266, Room Summary over the
      unstable /rooms/{roomIdOrAlias}/summary API. (#10394)
    - Experimental support for MSC3288, sending room_type to the
      identity server for 3pid invites over the /store-invite API.
    - Add support for sending federation requests through a proxy.
      Contributed by @Bubu and @dklimpel. (#10475)
    - Add support for "marker" events which makes historical events
      discoverable for servers that already have all of the
      scrollback history (part of MSC2716). (#10498)
    - Add a configuration setting for the time a /sync response is
      cached for. (#10513)
    - The default logging handler for new installations is now
      PeriodicallyFlushingMemoryHandler, a buffered logging handler
      which periodically flushes itself. (#10518)
    - Add support for new redaction rules for historical events
      specified in MSC2716. (#10538)
    - Add a setting to disable TLS when sending email. (#10546)
    - Add pagination to the spaces summary based on updates to
      MSC2946. (#10549, #10560, #10569, #10574, #10575, #10579,
    - Admin API to delete several media for a specific user.
      Contributed by @dklimpel. (#10558, #10628)
    - Add support for routing /createRoom to workers. (#10564)
    - Update the Synapse Grafana dashboard. (#10570)
    - Add an admin API (GET /_synapse/admin/username_available) to
      check if a username is available (regardless of registration
      settings). (#10578)
    - Allow editing a user's external_ids via the "Edit User" admin
      API. Contributed by @dklimpel. (#10598)
    - The Synapse manhole no longer needs coroutines to be wrapped
      in defer.ensureDeferred. (#10602)
    - Add option to allow modules to run periodic tasks on all
      instances, rather than just the one configured to run
      background tasks. (#10638)
    - Bugfixes
    - Add some clarification to the sample config file. Contributed
      by @Kentokamoto. (#10129)
    - Fix a long-standing bug where protocols which are not
      implemented by any appservices were incorrectly returned via
      GET /_matrix/client/r0/thirdparty/protocols. (#10532)
    - Fix exceptions in logs when failing to get remote room list.
    - Fix longstanding bug which caused the user "status" to be
      reset when the user went offline. Contributed by @dklimpel.
    - Allow public rooms to be previewed in the spaces summary APIs
      from MSC2946. (#10580)
    - Fix a bug introduced in v1.37.1 where an error could occur in
      the asynchronous processing of PDUs when the queue was empty.
    - Fix errors on /sync when read receipt data is a string. Only
      affects homeservers with the experimental flag for MSC2285
      enabled. Contributed by @SimonBrandner. (#10606)
    - Additional validation for the spaces summary API to avoid
      errors like ValueError: Stop argument for islice() must be
      None or an integer. The missing validation has existed since
      v1.31.0. (#10611)
    - Revert behaviour introduced in v1.38.0 that strips
      org.matrix.msc2732.device_unused_fallback_key_types from
      /sync when its value is empty. This field should instead
      always be present according to MSC2732. (#10623)
    - Improved Documentation
    - Add documentation for configuration a forward proxy. (#10443)
    - Updated the reverse proxy documentation to highlight the
      homserver configuration that is needed to make Synapse aware
      that is is intentionally reverse proxied. (#10551)
    - Update to fix index links and the
      instructions for SyTest in docker. (#10599)
    - Deprecations and Removals
    - No longer build .deb packages for Ubuntu 20.10 LTS Groovy
      Gorilla, which has now EOLed. (#10588)
    - The template_dir configuration settings in the sso,
      account_validity and email sections of the configuration file
      are now deprecated in favour of the global
      templates.custom_template_directory setting. See the upgrade
      notes for more information. (#10596)
    - Internal Changes
    - Improve event caching mechanism to avoid having multiple
      copies of an event in memory at a time. (#10119)
    - Reduce errors in PostgreSQL logs due to concurrent
      serialization errors. (#10504)
    - Include room ID in ignored EDU log messages. Contributed by
      @ilmari. (#10507)
    - Add pagination to the spaces summary based on updates to
      MSC2946. (#10527, #10530)
    - Fix CI to not break when run against branches rather than
      pull requests. (#10529)
    - Mark all events stemming from the MSC2716 /batch_send
      endpoint as historical. (#10537)
    - Clean up some of the federation event authentication code for
      clarity. (#10539, #10591)
    - Convert Transaction and Edu objects to attrs. (#10542)
    - Update /batch_send endpoint to only return state_events
      created by the state_events_from_before passed in. (#10552)
    - Update to warn against rebasing an open PR.
    - Remove the unused public rooms replication stream. (#10565)
    - Clarify error message when failing to join a restricted room.
    - Remove references to BuildKite in favour of GitHub Actions.
    - Move /batch_send endpoint defined by MSC2716 to the /v2_alpha
      directory. (#10576)
    - Allow multiple custom directories in read_templates. (#10587)
    - Re-organize the synapse.federation.transport.server module to
      create smaller files. (#10590)
    - Flatten the package by moving the
      contents of v1 and v2_alpha into the parent. (#10600)
    - Build Debian packages for Debian 12 (Bookworm). (#10612)
    - Fix up a couple of links to the database schema
      documentation. (#10620)
    - Fix a broken link to the upgrade notes. (#10631)
* Tue Aug 10 2021 Marcus Rueckert <>
  - Update to 1.40.0
    - Features
    - Support MSC3289: room version 8. (#10449)
    - Add support for MSC2033: device_id on /account/whoami.
    - Update support for MSC2716 - Incrementally importing history
      into existing rooms. (#10245, #10432, #10463)
    - Update support for MSC3083 to consider changes in the MSC
      around which servers can issue join events. (#10254, #10447,
    - Initial support for MSC3244, Room version capabilities over
      the /capabilities API. (#10283)
    - Add a buffered logging handler which periodically flushes
      itself. (#10407, #10515)
    - Add support for https connections to a proxy server.
      Contributed by @Bubu and @dklimpel. (#10411)
    - Support for MSC2285 (hidden read receipts). Contributed by
      @SimonBrandner. (#10413)
    - Email notifications now state whether an invitation is to a
      room or a space. (#10426)
    - Allow setting transaction limit for database connections.
      (#10440, #10511)
    - Add creation_ts to "list users" admin API. (#10448)
    - Bugfixes
    - Mark the experimental room version from MSC2716 as unstable.
    - Fix the PeriodicallyFlushingMemoryHandler inhibiting
      application shutdown because of its background thread.
    - Fix a bug introduced in Synapse v1.40.0rc1 that could cause
      Synapse to respond with an error when clients would update
      read receipts. (#10531)
    - Improve character set detection in URL previews by supporting
      underscores (in addition to hyphens). Contributed by
      @srividyut. (#10410)
    - Fix events being incorrectly rejected over federation if they
      reference auth events that the server needed to fetch.
    - Fix synapse_federation_server_oldest_inbound_pdu_in_staging
      Prometheus metric to not report a max age of 51 years when
      the queue is empty. (#10455)
    - Fix a bug which caused an explicit assignment of power-level
      0 to a user to be misinterpreted in rare circumstances.
    - Improved Documentation
    - Fix broken links in Contributed by @dklimpel.
    - Fix hierarchy of providers on the OpenID page. (#10445)
    - Consolidate development documentation to docs/development/.
    - Add some developer docs to explain room DAG concepts like
      outliers, state_groups, depth, etc. (#10464)
    - Document how to use Complement while developing a new Synapse
      feature. (#10483)
    - Internal Changes
    - Fix release script to open the correct URL for the release.
    - Prune inbound federation queues for a room if they get too
      large. (#10390)
    - Add type hints to synapse.federation.transport.client module.
    - Remove shebang line from module files. (#10415)
    - Drop backwards-compatibility code that was required to
      support Ubuntu Xenial. (#10429)
    - Use a docker image cache for the prerequisites for the debian
      package build. (#10431)
    - Improve servlet type hints. (#10437, #10438)
    - Replace usage of or_ignore in simple_insert with
      simple_upsert usage, to stop spamming postgres logs with
      spurious ERROR messages. (#10442)
    - Update the tests-done Github Actions status. (#10444, #10512)
    - Update type annotations to work with forthcoming Twisted
      21.7.0 release. (#10446, #10450)
    - Cancel redundant GHA workflows when a new commit is pushed.
    - Mitigate media repo XSS attacks on IE11 via the non-standard
      X-Content-Security-Policy header. (#10468)
    - Additional type hints in the state handler. (#10482)
    - Update syntax used to run complement tests. (#10488)
    - Fix up type annotations to work with Twisted 21.7. (#10490)
    - Improve type annotations for ObservableDeferred. (#10491)
    - Extend release script to also tag and create GitHub releases.
    - Fix a bug which caused production debian packages to be
      incorrectly marked as 'prerelease'. (#10500)
* Thu Jul 29 2021 Marcus Rueckert <>
  - Update to 1.39.0
    The Third-Party Event Rules module interface has been deprecated
    in favour of the generic module interface introduced in Synapse
    v1.37.0. Support for the old interface is planned to be removed
    in September 2021. See the upgrade notes for more information.
    - Features
    - Add the ability to override the account validity feature with
      a module. (#9884)
    - The spaces summary API now returns any joinable rooms, not
      only rooms which are world-readable. (#10298, #10305)
    - Add a new version of the R30 phone-home metric, which removes
      a false impression of retention given by the old R30 metric.
      (#10332, #10427)
    - Allow providing credentials to http_proxy. (#10360)
    - Bugfixes
    - Fix a bug introduced in Synapse 1.38 which caused an
      exception at startup when SAML authentication was enabled.
    - Fix a long-standing bug where Synapse would not inform
      clients that a device had exhausted its one-time-key pool,
      potentially causing problems decrypting events. (#10485)
    - Fix reporting old R30 stats as R30v2 stats.
      Introduced in v1.39.0rc1. (#10486)
    - Always include device_one_time_keys_count key in /sync
      response to work around a bug in Element Android that broke
      encryption for new devices. (#10457)
    - Fix error while dropping locks on shutdown. Introduced in
      v1.38.0. (#10433)
    - Add base starting insertion event when no chunk ID is
      specified in the historical batch send API. (#10250)
    - Fix historical batch send endpoint (MSC2716) rejecting
      batches with messages from multiple senders. (#10276)
    - Fix purging rooms that other homeservers are still sending
      events for. Contributed by @ilmari. (#10317)
    - Fix errors during backfill caused by previously purged
      redaction events. Contributed by Andreas Rammhold (@andir).
    - Fix the user directory becoming broken (and noisy errors
      being logged) when knocking and room statistics are in use.
    - Fix newly added
      prometheus metric to measure age rather than timestamp.
    - Fix PostgreSQL sometimes using table scans for queries
      against state_groups_state table, taking a long time and a
      large amount of IO. (#10359)
    - Fix make_room_admin failing for users that have left a
      private room. (#10367)
    - Fix a number of logged errors caused by remote servers being
      down. (#10400, #10414)
    - Responses from /make_{join,leave,knock} no longer include
      signatures, which will turn out to be invalid after events
      are returned to /send_{join,leave,knock}. (#10404)
    - Improved Documentation
    - Updated installation dependencies for newer macOS versions
      and ARM Macs. Contributed by Luke Walsh. (#9971)
    - Simplify structure of room admin API. (#10313)
    - Refresh the logcontext dev documentation. (#10353), (#10337)
    - Add delegation example for caddy in the reverse proxy
      documentation. Contributed by @moritzdietz. (#10368)
    - Fix and clarify some links in docs and contrib. (#10370),
      (#10322), (#10399)
    - Make deprecation notice of the spam checker doc more obvious.
    - Add instructions on installing Debian packages for release
      candidates. (#10396)
    - Deprecations and Removals
    - Remove functionality associated with the unused
      room_stats_historical and user_stats_historical tables.
      Contributed by @xmunoz. (#9721)
    - The third-party event rules module interface is deprecated in
      favour of the generic module interface introduced in Synapse
      v1.37.0. See the upgrade notes for more information. (#10386)
    - Internal Changes
    - Fix an error which prevented the Github Actions workflow to
      build the docker images from running. (#10461)
    - Fix release script to correctly version debian changelog when
      doing RCs. (#10465)
    - Move docker image build to Github Actions. (#10416)
    - Convert room_depth.min_depth column to a BIGINT. (#10289)
    - Add tests to characterise the current behaviour of R30
      phone-home metrics. (#10315)
    - Rebuild event context and auth when processing specific
      results from ThirdPartyEventRules modules. (#10316)
    - Minor change to the code that populates user_daily_visits.
    - Re-enable Sytests that were disabled for the 1.37.1 release.
      (#10345, #10357)
    - Run pyupgrade on the codebase. (#10347, #10348)
    - Switch application_services_txns.txn_id database column to
      BIGINT. (#10349)
    - Convert internal type variable syntax to reflect wider
      ecosystem use. (#10350, #10380, #10381, #10382, #10418)
    - Make the Github Actions workflow configuration more
      efficient. (#10383)
    - Add type hints to get_{domain,localpart}_from_id. (#10385)
    - When building Debian packages for prerelease versions, set
      the Section accordingly. (#10391)
    - Add type hints and comments to event auth code. (#10393)
    - Stagger sending of presence update to remote servers,
      reducing CPU spikes caused by starting many connections to
      remote servers at once. (#10398)
    - Remove unused events_by_room code (tech debt). (#10421)
    - Add a github actions job which records success of other jobs.
* Thu Jul 22 2021 Marcus Rueckert <>
  - Update to 1.38.1
    Always include device_one_time_keys_count key in /sync response
    to work around a bug in Element Android that broke encryption for
    new devices. (#10457)
* Fri Jul 16 2021 Marcus Rueckert <>
  - oidc can be enabled on TW as the Authlib package is in the distro
* Fri Jul 16 2021 Marcus Rueckert <>
  - drop all conditionals that were enabled anyway
  - rename remaining conditionals to have a synapse_ prefix
* Wed Jul 14 2021 Marcus Rueckert <>
  - Update to 1.38.0
    This release includes a database schema update which could result
    in elevated disk usage. See the upgrade notes for more
    - Features
    - Implement refresh tokens as specified by MSC2918. (#9450)
    - Add support for evicting cache entries based on last access
      time. (#10205)
    - Omit empty fields from the /sync response. Contributed by
      @deepbluev7. (#10214)
    - Improve validation on federation send_{join,leave,knock}
      endpoints. (#10225, #10243)
    - Add SSO external_ids to the Query User Account admin API.
    - Mark events received over federation which fail a spam check
      as "soft-failed". (#10263)
    - Add metrics for new inbound federation staging area. (#10284)
    - Add script to print information about recently registered
      users. (#10290)
    - Bugfixes
    - Fix bug where inbound federation in a room could be delayed
      due to not correctly dropping a lock. Introduced in v1.37.1.
    - Fix a long-standing bug which meant that invite rejections
      and knocks were not sent out over federation in a timely
      manner. (#10223)
    - Fix a bug introduced in v1.26.0 where only users who have set
      profile information could be deactivated with erasure
      enabled. (#10252)
    - Fix a long-standing bug where Synapse would return errors
      after 231 events were handled by the server. (#10264, #10267,
      [#10282], #10286, #10291, #10314, #10326)
    - Fix the prometheus synapse_federation_server_pdu_process_time
      metric. Broke in v1.37.1. (#10279)
    - Ensure that inbound events from federation that were being
      processed when Synapse was restarted get promptly processed
      on start up. (#10303)
    - Improved Documentation
    - Update links to documentation in the sample config.
      Contributed by @dklimpel. (#10287)
    - Fix broken links in Contributed by @dklimpel.
    - Move the upgrade notes to docs/ and convert them to
      markdown. (#10166)
    - Choose Welcome & Overview as the default page for synapse
      documentation website. (#10242)
    - Adjust the URL in the README.rst file to point to (#10258)
    - Fix homeserver config option name in presence router
      documentation. (#10288)
    - Fix link pointing at the wrong section in the modules
      documentation page. (#10302)
    - Internal Changes
    - Drop Origin and Accept from the value of the
      Access-Control-Allow-Headers response header. (#10114)
    - Add type hints to the federation servlets. (#10213)
    - Improve the reliability of auto-joining remote rooms.
    - Update the release script to use the semver terminology and
      determine the release branch based on the next version.
    - Fix type hints for computing auth events. (#10253)
    - Improve the performance of the spaces summary endpoint by
      only recursing into spaces (and not rooms in general).
    - Move event authentication methods from Auth to
      EventAuthHandler. (#10268)
    - Re-enable a SyTest after it has been fixed. (#10292)
* Wed Jun 30 2021 Marcus Rueckert <>
  - Update to 1.37.1
    This release resolves issues (such as #9490) where one busy room
    could cause head-of-line blocking, starving Synapse from
    processing events in other rooms, and causing all federated
    traffic to fall behind. Synapse 1.37.1 processes inbound
    federation traffic asynchronously, ensuring that one busy room
    won't impact others. Please upgrade to Synapse 1.37.1 as soon as
    possible, in order to increase resilience to other traffic
    - Features
    - Handle inbound events from federation asynchronously.
      (#10269, #10272)
* Tue Jun 29 2021 Marcus Rueckert <>
  - Update to 1.37.0
    This release deprecates the current spam checker interface. See
    the upgrade notes for more information on how to update to the
    new generic module interface.
    This release also removes support for fetching and renewing TLS
    certificates using the ACME v1 protocol, which has been fully
    decommissioned by Let's Encrypt on June 1st 2021. Admins
    previously using this feature should use a reverse proxy to
    handle TLS termination, or use an external ACME client (such as
    certbot) to retrieve a certificate and key and provide them to
    Synapse using the tls_certificate_path and tls_private_key_path
    configuration settings.
    - Features
    - Implement "room knocking" as per MSC2403. Contributed by
      @Sorunome and anoa. (#6739, #9359, #10167, #10212, #10227)
    - Add experimental support for backfilling history into rooms
      (MSC2716). (#9247)
    - Implement a generic interface for third-party plugin modules.
      (#10062, #10206)
    - Implement config option sso.update_profile_information to
      sync SSO users' profile information with the identity
      provider each time they login. Currently only displayname is
      supported. (#10108)
    - Ensure that errors during startup are written to the logs and
      the console. (#10191)
    - Bugfixes
    - Fix a bug introduced in Synapse v1.25.0 that prevented the
      ip_range_whitelist configuration option from working for
      federation and identity servers. Contributed by @mikure.
    - Remove a broken import line in Synapse's admin_cmd worker.
      Broke in Synapse v1.33.0. (#10154)
    - Fix a bug introduced in Synapse v1.21.0 which could cause
      /sync to return immediately with an empty response. (#10157,
    - Fix a minor bug in the response to
      /_matrix/client/r0/user/{user}/openid/request_token causing
      expires_in to be a float instead of an integer. Contributed
      by @lukaslihotzki. (#10175)
    - Always require users to re-authenticate for dangerous
      operations: deactivating an account, modifying an account
      password, and adding 3PIDs. (#10184)
    - Fix a bug introduced in Synpase v1.7.2 where remote server
      count metrics collection would be incorrectly delayed on
      startup. Found by @heftig. (#10195)
    - Fix a bug introduced in Synapse v1.35.1 where an allow key of
      a event could be applied for incorrect room
      versions and configurations. (#10208)
    - Fix performance regression in responding to user key requests
      over federation. Introduced in Synapse v1.34.0rc1. (#10221)
    - Improved Documentation
    - Add a new guide to decoding request logs. (#8436)
    - Mention in the sample homeserver config that you may need to
      configure max upload size in your reverse proxy. Contributed
      by @aaronraimist. (#10122)
    - Fix broken links in documentation. (#10180)
    - Deploy a snapshot of the documentation website upon each new
      Synapse release. (#10198)
    - Deprecations and Removals
    - The current spam checker interface is deprecated in favour of
      a new generic modules system. See the upgrade notes for more
      information on how to update to the new system. (#10062,
      [#10210], #10238)
    - Stop supporting the unstable spaces prefixes from MSC1772.
    - Remove Synapse's support for automatically fetching and
      renewing certificates using the ACME v1 protocol. This
      protocol has been fully turned off by Let's Encrypt for
      existing installations on June 1st 2021. Admins previously
      using this feature should use a reverse proxy to handle TLS
      termination, or use an external ACME client (such as certbot)
      to retrieve a certificate and key and provide them to Synapse
      using the tls_certificate_path and tls_private_key_path
      configuration settings. (#10194)
    - Internal Changes
    - Update the database schema versioning to support gradual
      migration away from legacy tables. (#9933)
    - Add type hints to the federation servlets. (#10080)
    - Improve OpenTracing for event persistence. (#10134, #10193)
    - Clean up the interface for injecting OpenTracing over HTTP.
    - Limit the number of in-flight /keys/query requests from a
      single device. (#10144)
    - Refactor EventPersistenceQueue. (#10145)
    - Document SYNAPSE_TEST_LOG_LEVEL to see the logger output when
      running tests. (#10148)
    - Update the Complement build tags in GitHub Actions to test
      currently experimental features. (#10155)
    - Add a synapse_federation_soft_failed_events_total metric to
      track how often events are soft failed. (#10156)
    - Fetch the corresponding complement branch when performing CI.
    - Add some developer documentation about boolean columns in
      database schemas. (#10164)
    - Add extra logging fields to better debug where events are
      being soft failed. (#10168)
    - Add debug logging for when we enter and exit Measure blocks.
    - Improve comments in structured logging code. (#10188)
    - Update MSC3083 support with modifications from the MSC.
    - Remove redundant DNS lookup limiter. (#10190)
    - Upgrade black linting tool to 21.6b0. (#10197)
    - Expose OpenTracing trace id in response headers. (#10199)
  - refresh patches to apply cleanly again:
* Tue Jun 15 2021 Marcus Rueckert <>
  - Update to 1.36.0
    - Features
    - Add new endpoint /_matrix/client/r0/rooms/{roomId}/aliases
      from Client-Server API r0.6.1 (previously MSC2432). (#9224)
    - Improve performance of incoming federation transactions in
      large rooms. (#9953, #9973)
    - Rewrite logic around verifying JSON object and fetching
      server keys to be more performant and use less memory.
    - Add new admin APIs for unprotecting local media from
      quarantine. Contributed by @dklimpel. (#10040)
    - Add new admin APIs to remove media by media ID from
      quarantine. Contributed by @dklimpel. (#10044)
    - Make reason and score parameters optional for reporting
      content. Implements MSC2414. Contributed by Callum Brown.
    - Add support for routing more requests to workers. (#10084)
    - Report OpenTracing spans for database activity. (#10113,
      [#10136], #10141)
    - Significantly reduce memory usage of joining large remote
      rooms. (#10117)
    - Bugfixes
    - Fix a bug which caused presence updates to stop working some
      time after a restart, when using a presence writer worker.
      Broke in v1.33.0. (#10149)
    - Fix a bug when using federation sender worker where it would
      send out more presence updates than necessary, leading to
      high resource usage. Broke in v1.33.0. (#10163)
    - Fix a bug where Synapse could send the same presence update
      to a remote twice. (#10165)
    - Fixed a bug causing replication requests to fail when
      receiving a lot of events via federation. (#10082)
    - Fix a bug in the force_tracing_for_users option introduced in
      Synapse v1.35 which meant that the OpenTracing spans produced
      were missing most tags. (#10092)
    - Fixed a bug that could cause Synapse to stop notifying
      application services. Contributed by Willem Mulder. (#10107)
    - Fix bug where the server would attempt to fetch the same
      history in the room from a remote server multiple times in
      parallel. (#10116)
    - Fix a bug introduced in Synapse 1.33.0 which caused
      replication requests to fail when receiving a lot of very
      large events via federation. (#10118)
    - Fix bug when using workers where pagination requests failed
      if a remote server returned zero events from /backfill.
      Introduced in 1.35.0. (#10133)
    - Improved Documentation
    - Clarify security note regarding hosting Synapse on the same
      domain as other web applications. (#9221)
    - Update CAPTCHA documentation to mention turning off the
      verify origin feature. Contributed by @aaronraimist. (#10046)
    - Tweak wording of database recommendation in
      Contributed by @aaronraimist. (#10057)
    - Add initial infrastructure for rendering Synapse
      documentation with mdbook. (#10086)
    - Convert the remaining Admin API documentation files to
      markdown. (#10089)
    - Make a link in docs use HTTPS. Contributed by @RhnSharma.
    - Fix broken link in Docker docs. (#10132)
    - Deprecations and Removals
    - Remove the experimental spaces_enabled flag. The spaces
      features are always available now. (#10063)
    - Internal Changes
    - Tell CircleCI to build Docker images from main branch.
    - Simplify naming convention for release branches to only
      include the major and minor version numbers. (#10013)
    - Add parse_strings_from_args for parsing an array from query
      parameters. (#10048, #10137)
    - Remove some dead code regarding TLS certificate handling.
    - Remove redundant, unmaintained convert_server_keys script.
    - Improve the error message printed by synctl when synapse
      fails to start. (#10059)
    - Fix GitHub Actions lint for newsfragments. (#10069)
    - Update opentracing to inject the right context into the
      carrier. (#10074)
    - Fix up BatchingQueue implementation. (#10078)
    - Log method and path when dropping request due to size limit.
    - In Github Actions workflows, summarize the Sytest results in
      an easy-to-read format. (#10094)
    - Make /sync do fewer state resolutions. (#10102)
    - Add missing type hints to the admin API servlets. (#10105)
    - Improve opentracing annotations for Notifier. (#10111)
    - Enable Prometheus metrics for the jaeger client library.
    - Work to improve the responsiveness of /sync requests.
    - OpenTracing: use a consistent name for background processes.
* Thu Jun 03 2021 Marcus Rueckert <>
  - Update to 1.35.1:
    - Bugfixes
    - Fix a bug introduced in v1.35.0 where invite-only rooms would
      be shown to all users in a space, regardless of if the user
      had access to it. (#10109)
* Tue Jun 01 2021 Marcus Rueckert <>
  - Update to 1.35.0
    - Deprecations and Removals
    - The core Synapse development team plan to drop support for
      the unstable API of MSC2858, including the undocumented
      experimental.msc2858_enabled config option, in August 2021.
      Client authors should ensure that their clients are updated
      to use the stable API (which has been supported since Synapse
      1.30) well before that time, to give their users time to
      upgrade. (#10101)
    - Features
    - Add experimental support to allow a user who could join a
      restricted room to view it in the spaces summary. (#9922,
      [#10007], #10038)
    - Reduce memory usage when joining very large rooms over
      federation. (#9958)
    - Add a configuration option which allows enabling opentracing
      by user id. (#9978)
    - Enable experimental support for MSC2946 (spaces summary API)
      and MSC3083 (restricted join rules) by default. (#10011)
    - Bugfixes
    - Fixed a bug causing replication requests to fail when
      receiving a lot of events via federation. Introduced in
      v1.33.0. (#10082)
    - Fix HTTP response size limit to allow joining very large
      rooms over federation. Introduced in v1.33.0. (#10093)
    - Fix a bug introduced in v1.35.0rc1 when calling the spaces
      summary API via a GET request. (#10079)
    - Fix a bug introduced in v1.26.0 which meant that
      synapse_port_db would not correctly initialise some postgres
      sequences, requiring manual updates afterwards. (#9991)
    - Fix synctl's --no-daemonize parameter to work correctly with
      worker processes. (#9995)
    - Fix a validation bug introduced in v1.34.0 in the ordering of
      spaces in the space summary API. (#10002)
    - Fixed deletion of new presence stream states from database.
      (#10014, #10033)
    - Fixed a bug with very high resolution image uploads throwing
      internal server errors. (#10029)
    - Updates to the Docker image
    - Fix bug introduced in Synapse 1.33.0 which caused a
      Permission denied: '/homeserver.log' error when starting
      Synapse with the generated log configuration. Contributed by
      Sergio Miguéns Iglesias. (#10045)
    - Improved Documentation
    - Add hardened systemd files as proposed in #9760 and added
      them to contrib/. Change the docs to reflect the presence of
      these files. (#9803)
    - Clarify documentation around SSO mapping providers generating
      unique IDs and localparts. (#9980)
    - Updates to the PostgreSQL documentation (
      (#9988, #9989)
    - Fix broken link in user directory documentation. Contributed
      by @junquera. (#10016)
    - Add missing room state entry to the table of contents of room
      admin API. (#10043)
    - Deprecations and Removals
    - Removed support for the deprecated tls_fingerprints
      configuration setting. Contributed by Jerin J Titus. (#9280)
    - Internal Changes
    - Log method and path when dropping request due to size limit.
    - Allow sending full presence to users via workers other than
      the one that called ModuleApi.send_local_online_presence_to.
    - Update comments in the space summary handler. (#9974)
    - Minor enhancements to the @cachedList descriptor. (#9975)
    - Split multipart email sending into a dedicated handler.
    - Run black on files in the scripts directory. (#9981)
    - Add missing type hints to synapse.util module. (#9982)
    - Simplify a few helper functions. (#9984, #9985, #9986)
    - Remove unnecessary property from SQLBaseStore. (#9987)
    - Remove keylen param on LruCache. (#9993)
    - Update the Grafana dashboard in contrib/. (#10001)
    - Add a batching queue implementation. (#10017)
    - Reduce memory usage when verifying signatures on large
      numbers of events at once. (#10018)
    - Properly invalidate caches for destination retry timings
      every (instead of expiring entries every 5 minutes). (#10036)
    - Fix running complement tests with Synapse workers. (#10039)
    - Fix typo in get_state_ids_for_event docstring where the
      return type was incorrect. (#10050)
  - new dependency python3-ijson
  - refresh patches to apply cleanly again
* Sun May 30 2021 Marcus Rueckert <>
  - fix requires on Tumbleweed. the %if is ugly but there is no
    better solution right now short of adding our own macro to
    generates the requires based on the provides of other packages.
* Wed May 19 2021 Marcus Rueckert <>
  - Switch package to use sysuser
  - Cleanup duplicated buildrequires and switch to %requires_eq for
    the base python as well
* Mon May 17 2021 Marcus Rueckert <>
  - Update to 1.34.0
    This release deprecates the room_invite_state_types configuration
    setting. See the upgrade notes for instructions on updating your
    configuration file to use the new room_prejoin_state setting.
    This release also deprecates the POST
    /_synapse/admin/v1/rooms/<room_id>/delete admin API route. Server
    administrators are encouraged to update their scripts to use the
    new DELETE /_synapse/admin/v1/rooms/<room_id> route instead.
    - Features
    - Add experimental option to track memory usage of the caches.
    - Add support for DELETE /_synapse/admin/v1/rooms/<room_id>.
    - Add limits to how often Synapse will GC, ensuring that large
      servers do not end up GC thrashing if gc_thresholds has not
      been correctly set. (#9902)
    - Improve performance of sending events for worker-based
      deployments using Redis. (#9905, #9950, #9951)
    - Improve performance after joining a large room when presence
      is enabled. (#9910, #9916)
    - Support stable identifiers for MSC1772 Spaces.
      events will now be taken into account when populating the
      experimental spaces summary response. Please see the upgrade
      notes if you have customised room_invite_state_types in your
      configuration. (#9915, #9966)
    - Improve performance of backfilling in large rooms. (#9935)
    - Add a config option to allow you to prevent device display
      names from being shared over federation. Contributed by
      @aaronraimist. (#9945)
    - Update support for MSC2946: Spaces Summary. (#9947, #9954)
    - Bugfixes
    - Fix a bug introduced in v1.32.0 where the associated
      connection was improperly logged for SQL logging statements.
    - Correct the type hint for the user_may_create_room_alias
      method of spam checkers. It is provided a RoomAlias, not a
      str. (#9896)
    - Fix bug where user directory could get out of sync if room
      visibility and membership changed in quick succession.
    - Include the origin_server_ts property in the experimental
      MSC2946 support to allow clients to properly sort rooms.
    - Fix bugs introduced in v1.23.0 which made the PostgreSQL port
      script fail when run with a newly-created SQLite database.
    - Fix a bug introduced in Synapse 1.29.0 which caused
      m.room_key_request to-device messages sent from one user to
      another to be dropped. (#9961, #9965)
    - Fix a bug introduced in v1.27.0 preventing users and
      appservices exempt from ratelimiting from creating rooms with
      many invitees. (#9968)
    - Updates to the Docker image
    - Add startup_delay to docker healthcheck to reduce waiting
      time for coming online and update the documentation with
      extra options. Contributed by @maquis196. (#9913)
    - Improved Documentation
    - Add port argument to the Postgres database sample config
      section. (#9911)
    - Deprecations and Removals
    - Mark as deprecated POST
      /_synapse/admin/v1/rooms/<room_id>/delete. (#9889)
    - Internal Changes
    - Reduce the length of Synapse's access tokens. (#5588)
    - Export jemalloc stats to Prometheus if it is being used.
    - Add type hints to presence handler. (#9885)
    - Reduce memory usage of the LRU caches. (#9886)
    - Add type hints to the synapse.handlers module. (#9896)
    - Time response time for external cache requests. (#9904)
    - Minor fixes to the script. (#9931)
    - Move database schema files into a common directory. (#9932)
    - Add debug logging for lost/delayed to-device messages.
  - enable cache_memory feature: new BR Pympler
* Tue May 11 2021 Marcus Rueckert <>
  - Update to 1.33.2
    Due to the security issue highlighted below, server
    administrators are encouraged to update Synapse. We are not aware
    of these vulnerabilities being exploited in the wild.
    Security advisory
    This release fixes a denial of service attack (CVE-2021-29471)
    against Synapse's push rules implementation. Server admins are
    encouraged to upgrade.
    - Internal Changes
    - Unpin attrs dependency. (#9946)
* Thu May 06 2021 Marcus Rueckert <>
  - Update to 1.33.1
    - Bugfixes
    - Fix bug where /sync would break if using the latest version
      of attrs dependency, by pinning to a previous version.
  - sync BuildRequires with synapse/
    - Jinja2 dep is now always required
* Wed May 05 2021 Marcus Rueckert <>
  - Update to 1.33.0
    - Features
    - Update experimental support for MSC3083: restricting room
      access via group membership. (#9800, #9814)
    - Add experimental support for handling presence on a worker.
      (#9819, #9820, #9828, #9850)
    - Return a new template when an user attempts to renew their
      account multiple times with the same token, stating that
      their account is set to expire. This replaces the invalid
      token template that would previously be shown in this case.
      This change concerns the optional account validity feature.
    - Bugfixes
    - Fix tight loop when handling presence replication when using
      workers. Introduced in v1.33.0rc1. (#9900)
    - Fixes the OIDC SSO flow when using a public_baseurl value
      including a non-root URL path. (#9726)
    - Fix thumbnail generation for some sites with non-standard
      content types. Contributed by @rkfg. (#9788)
    - Add some sanity checks to identity server passed to 3PID
      bind/unbind endpoints. (#9802)
    - Limit the size of HTTP responses read over federation.
    - Fix a bug which could cause Synapse to get stuck in a loop of
      resyncing device lists. (#9867)
    - Fix a long-standing bug where errors from federation did not
      propagate to the client. (#9868)
    - Improved Documentation
    - Add a note to the docker docs mentioning that we mirror
      upstream's supported Docker platforms. (#9801)
    - Internal Changes
    - Add a dockerfile for running Synapse in worker-mode under
      Complement. (#9162)
    - Apply pyupgrade across the codebase. (#9786)
    - Move some replication processing out of generic_worker.
    - Replace HomeServer.get_config() with inline references.
    - Rename some handlers and config modules to not duplicate the
      top-level module. (#9816)
    - Fix a long-standing bug which caused max_upload_size to not
      be correctly enforced. (#9817)
    - Reduce CPU usage of the user directory by reusing existing
      calculated room membership. (#9821)
    - Small speed up for joining large remote rooms. (#9825)
    - Introduce flake8-bugbear to the test suite and fix some of
      its lint violations. (#9838)
    - Only store the raw data in the in-memory caches, rather than
      objects that include references to e.g. the data stores.
    - Limit length of accepted email addresses. (#9855)
    - Remove redundant synapse.types.Collection type definition.
    - Handle recently added rate limits correctly when using
    - -no-rate-limit with the demo scripts. (#9858)
    - Disable invite rate-limiting by default when running the unit
      tests. (#9871)
    - Pass a reactor into SynapseSite to make testing easier.
    - Make DomainSpecificString an attrs class. (#9875)
    - Add type hints to synapse.api.auth and
      synapse.api.auth_blocking modules. (#9876)
    - Remove redundant _PushHTTPChannel test class. (#9878)
    - Remove backwards-compatibility code for Python versions <
      3.6. (#9879)
    - Small performance improvement around handling new local
      presence updates. (#9887)
  - refreshed patches:
* Thu Apr 22 2021 Marcus Rueckert <>
  - Update to v1.32.2
    - Bugfixes
    - Fix a regression in Synapse 1.32.0 and 1.32.1 which caused
      LoggingContext errors in plugins. (#9857)
* Wed Apr 21 2021 Marcus Rueckert <>
  - Update to v1.32.1
    This release fixes a regression in Synapse 1.32.0 that caused
    connected Prometheus instances to become unstable. If you ran
    Synapse 1.32.0 with Prometheus metrics, first upgrade to Synapse
    1.32.1 and follow these instructions to clean up any excess
    writeahead logs.
    - Bugfixes
    - Fix a regression in Synapse 1.32.0 which caused Synapse to
      report large numbers of Prometheus time series, potentially
      overwhelming Prometheus instances. (#9854)
* Tue Apr 20 2021 Marcus Rueckert <>
  - Update to v1.32.0
    This release removes the deprecated GET
    /_synapse/admin/v1/users/<user_id> admin API. Please use the v2
    API instead, which has improved capabilities.
    This release requires Application Services to use type
    m.login.application_services when registering users via the
    /_matrix/client/r0/register endpoint to comply with the spec.
    Please ensure your Application Services are up to date.
    - Features
    - Add a Synapse module for routing presence updates between
      users. (#9491)
    - Add an admin API to manage ratelimit for a specific user.
    - Include request information in structured logging output.
    - Add order_by to the admin API GET /_synapse/admin/v2/users.
      Contributed by @dklimpel. (#9691)
    - Replace the room_invite_state_types configuration setting
      with room_prejoin_state. (#9700)
    - Add experimental support for MSC3083: restricting room access
      via group membership. (#9717, #9735)
    - Update experimental support for Spaces: include
      in the room state sent with room-invites. (#9710)
    - Synapse now requires Python 3.6 or later. It also requires
      Postgres 9.6 or later or SQLite 3.22 or later. (#9766)
    - Bugfixes
    - Fix the log lines of nested logging contexts. Broke in
      1.32.0rc1. (#9829)
    - Prevent synapse_forward_extremities and
      synapse_excess_extremity_events Prometheus metrics from
      initially reporting zero-values after startup. (#8926)
    - Fix recently added ratelimits to correctly honour the
      application service rate_limited flag. (#9711)
    - Fix longstanding bug which caused duplicate key value
      violates unique constraint
      errors. (#9725)
    - Fix bug where sharded federation senders could get stuck
      repeatedly querying the DB in a loop, using lots of CPU.
    - Fix duplicate logging of exceptions thrown during federation
      transaction processing. (#9780)
    - Updates to the Docker image
    - Move opencontainers labels to the final Docker image such
      that users can inspect them. (#9765)
    - Improved Documentation
    - Make the allowed_local_3pids regex example in the sample
      config stricter. (#9719)
    - Deprecations and Removals
    - Remove old admin API GET /_synapse/admin/v1/users/<user_id>.
    - Make /_matrix/client/r0/register expect a type of
      m.login.application_service when an Application Service
      registers a user, to align with the relevant spec. (#9548)
    - Internal Changes
    - Replace deprecated imp module with successor importlib.
      Contributed by Cristina Muñoz. (#9718)
    - Experiment with GitHub Actions for CI. (#9661)
    - Introduce flake8-bugbear to the test suite and fix some of
      its lint violations. (#9682)
    - Update scripts-dev/ to use a local checkout of
      Complement, allow running a subset of tests and have it use
      Synapse's Complement test blacklist. (#9685)
    - Improve Jaeger tracing for to_device messages. (#9686)
    - Add release helper script for automating part of the Synapse
      release process. (#9713)
    - Add type hints to expiring cache. (#9730)
    - Convert various testcases to HomeserverTestCase. (#9736)
    - Start linting mypy with no_implicit_optional. (#9742)
    - Add missing type hints to federation handler and server.
    - Check that a ConfigError is raised, rather than simply
      Exception, when appropriate in homeserver config file
      generation tests. (#9753)
    - Fix incompatibility with tox 2.5. (#9769)
    - Enable Complement tests for MSC2946: Spaces Summary API.
    - Use mock from the standard library instead of a separate
      package. (#9772)
    - Update Black configuration to target Python 3.6. (#9781)
    - Add option to skip unit tests when building Debian packages.
* Tue Apr 06 2021 Marcus Rueckert <>
  - Update to 1.31.0
    Note: As announced in v1.25.0, and in line with the deprecation
    policy for platform dependencies, this is the last release to
    support Python 3.5 and PostgreSQL 9.5. Future versions of Synapse
    will require Python 3.6+ and PostgreSQL 9.6+, as per our
    deprecation policy.
    - Features
    - Add support to OpenID Connect login for requiring attributes
      on the userinfo response. Contributed by Hubbte King. (#9609)
    - Add initial experimental support for a "space summary" API.
      (#9643, #9652, #9653)
    - Add support for the busy presence state as described in
      MSC3026. (#9644)
    - Add support for credentials for proxy authentication in the
      HTTPS_PROXY environment variable. (#9657)
    - Bugfixes
    - Fix a longstanding bug that could cause issues when editing a
      reply to a message. (#9585)
    - Fix the /capabilities endpoint to return m.change_password as
      disabled if the local password database is not used for
      authentication. Contributed by @dklimpel. (#9588)
    - Check if local passwords are enabled before setting them for
      the user. (#9636)
    - Fix a bug where federation sending can stall due to
      concurrent access database exceptions when it falls behind.
    - Fix a bug introduced in Synapse 1.30.1 which meant the
      suggested pip incantation to install an updated cryptography
      was incorrect. (#9699)
    - Updates to the Docker image
    - Speed up Docker builds and make it nicer to test against
      Complement while developing (install all dependencies before
      copying the project). (#9610)
    - Include opencontainers labels in the Docker image. (#9612)
    - Improved Documentation
    - Add a document describing the deprecation policy for platform
      dependencies. (#9723)
    - Clarify that register_new_matrix_user is present also when
      installed via non-pip package. (#9074)
    - Update source install documentation to mention platform
      prerequisites before the source install steps. (#9667)
    - Improve worker documentation for fallback/web auth endpoints.
    - Update the sample configuration for OIDC authentication.
    - Internal Changes
    - Revert using dmypy run in lint script. (#9720)
    - Pin flake8-bugbear's version. (#9734)
    - Preparatory steps for removing redundant outlier data from
      event_json.internal_metadata column. (#9411)
    - Add type hints to the caching module. (#9442)
    - Introduce flake8-bugbear to the test suite and fix some of
      its lint violations. (#9499, #9659)
    - Add additional type hints to the Homeserver object. (#9631,
      [#9638], #9675, #9681)
    - Only save remote cross-signing and device keys if they're
      different from the current ones. (#9634)
    - Rename storage function to fix spelling and not conflict with
      another function's name. (#9637)
    - Improve performance of federation catch up by sending the
      latest events in the room to the remote, rather than just the
      last event sent by the local server. (#9640, #9664)
    - In the federation_client commandline client, stop
      automatically adding the URL prefix, so that servlets on
      other prefixes can be tested. (#9645)
    - In the federation_client commandline client, handle inline
      signing_keys in homeserver.yaml. (#9647)
    - Fixed some antipattern issues to improve code quality.
    - Add a storage method for pulling all current user presence
      state from the database. (#9650)
    - Import HomeServer from the proper module. (#9665)
    - Increase default join ratelimiting burst rate. (#9674)
    - Add type hints to third party event rules and visibility
      modules. (#9676)
    - Bump mypy-zope to 0.2.13 to fix "Cannot determine consistent
      method resolution order (MRO)" errors when running mypy a
      second time. (#9678)
    - Use interpreter from $PATH via /usr/bin/env instead of
      absolute paths in various scripts. (#9689)
    - Make it possible to use dmypy. (#9692)
    - Suppress "CryptographyDeprecationWarning: int_from_bytes is
      deprecated". (#9698)
    - Use dmypy run in lint script for improved performance in
      type-checking while developing. (#9701)
    - Fix undetected mypy error when using Python 3.6. (#9703)
    - Fix type-checking CI on develop. (#9709)
* Fri Mar 26 2021 Marcus Rueckert <>
  - Update to 1.30.1
    This release is identical to Synapse 1.30.0, with the exception
    of explicitly setting a minimum version of Python's Cryptography
    library to ensure that users of Synapse are protected from the
    recent OpenSSL security advisories, especially CVE-2021-3449.
    - Internal Changes
    - Enforce that `cryptography` dependency is up to date to
      ensure it has the most recent openssl patches. (#9697)
  - Note: we do not bump the cryptography dependency in our package
    as we use the system OpenSSL which gets the fix.
    Add dont-bump-cryptography-with-system-openssl.patch to comment
    out the dependency because otherwise the newer version
    requirement is enforced on startup
* Mon Mar 22 2021 Marcus Rueckert <>
  - Update to 1.30.0
    Note that this release deprecates the ability for appservices to
    call POST /_matrix/client/r0/register without the body parameter
    type. Appservice developers should use a type value of
    m.login.application_service as per the spec. In future releases,
    calling this endpoint with an access token - but without a
    m.login.application_service type - will fail.
    - Features
    - Add prometheus metrics for number of users successfully
      registering and logging in. (#9510, #9511, #9573)
    - Add synapse_federation_last_sent_pdu_time and
      synapse_federation_last_received_pdu_time prometheus metrics,
      which monitor federation delays by reporting the timestamps
      of messages sent and received to a set of remote servers.
    - Add support for generating JSON Web Tokens dynamically for
      use as OIDC client secrets. (#9549)
    - Optimise handling of incomplete room history for incoming
      federation. (#9601)
    - Finalise support for allowing clients to pick an SSO Identity
      Provider (MSC2858). (#9617)
    - Tell spam checker modules about the SSO IdP a user registered
      through if one was used. (#9626)
    - Bugfixes
    - Fix long-standing bug when generating thumbnails for some
      images with transparency: TypeError: cannot unpack
      non-iterable int object. (#9473)
    - Purge chain cover indexes for events that were purged prior
      to Synapse v1.29.0. (#9542, #9583)
    - Fix bug where federation requests were not correctly retried
      on 5xx responses. (#9567)
    - Fix re-activating an account via the admin API when local
      passwords are disabled. (#9587)
    - Fix a bug introduced in Synapse 1.20 which caused incoming
      federation transactions to stack up, causing slow recovery
      from outages. (#9597)
    - Fix a bug introduced in v1.28.0 where the OpenID Connect
      callback endpoint could error with a MacaroonInitException.
    - Fix Internal Server Error on GET
      /_synapse/client/saml2/authn_response request. (#9623)
    - Updates to the Docker image
    - Use jemalloc if available in docker. (#8553)
    - Improved Documentation
    - Add relayd entry to reverse proxy example configurations.
    - Improve the SAML2 upgrade notes for 1.27.0. (#9550)
    - Link to the "List user's media" admin API from the media
      admin API docs. (#9571)
    - Clarify the spam checker modules documentation example to
      mention that parse_config is a required method. (#9580)
    - Clarify the sample configuration for stats settings. (#9604)
    - Deprecations and Removals
    - The synapse_federation_last_sent_pdu_age and
      synapse_federation_last_received_pdu_age prometheus metrics
      have been removed. They are replaced by
      synapse_federation_last_sent_pdu_time and
      synapse_federation_last_received_pdu_time. (#9540)
    - Registering an Application Service user without using the
      m.login.application_service login type will be unsupported in
      an upcoming Synapse release. (#9559)
    - Internal Changes
    - Add tests to ResponseCache. (#9458)
    - Add type hints to purge room and server notice admin API.
    - Add extra logging to ObservableDeferred when callbacks throw
      exceptions. (#9523)
    - Fix incorrect type hints. (#9528, #9543, #9591, #9608, #9618)
    - Add an additional test for purging a room. (#9541)
    - Add a .git-blame-ignore-revs file with the hashes of
      auto-formatting. (#9560)
    - Increase the threshold before which outbound federation to a
      server goes into "catch up" mode, which is expensive for the
      remote server to handle. (#9561)
    - Fix spurious errors reported by the script.
    - Fix type hints and tests for BlacklistingAgentWrapper and
      BlacklistingReactorWrapper. (#9563)
    - Do not have mypy ignore type hints from unpaddedbase64.
    - Improve efficiency of calculating the auth chain in large
      rooms. (#9576)
    - Convert synapse.types.Requester to an attrs class. (#9586)
    - Add logging for redis connection setup. (#9590)
    - Improve logging when processing incoming transactions.
    - Remove unused stats.retention setting, and emit a warning if
      stats are disabled. (#9604)
    - Prevent attempting to bundle aggregations for state events in
      /context APIs. (#9619)
* Mon Mar 08 2021 Marcus Rueckert <>
  - Update to 1.29.0
    Note that synapse now expects an X-Forwarded-Proto header when
    used with a reverse proxy. Please see UPGRADE.rst for more
    details on this change.
    - Features
    - Add rate limiters to cross-user key sharing requests. (#8957)
    - Add order_by to the admin API GET
      /_synapse/admin/v1/users/<user_id>/media. Contributed by
      @dklimpel. (#8978)
    - Add some configuration settings to make users' profile data
      more private. (#9203)
    - The no_proxy and NO_PROXY environment variables are now
      respected in proxied HTTP clients with the lowercase form
      taking precedence if both are present. Additionally, the
      lowercase https_proxy environment variable is now respected
      in proxied HTTP clients on top of existing support for the
      uppercase HTTPS_PROXY form and takes precedence if both are
      present. Contributed by Timothy Leung. (#9372)
    - Add a configuration option,
      user_directory.prefer_local_users, which when enabled will
      make it more likely for users on the same server as you to
      appear above other users. (#9383, #9385)
    - Add support for regenerating thumbnails if they have been
      deleted but the original image is still stored. (#9438)
    - Add support for X-Forwarded-Proto header when using a reverse
      proxy. (#9472, #9501, #9512, #9539)
    - Bugfixes
    - Fix a bug where users' pushers were not all deleted when they
      deactivated their account. (#9285, #9516)
    - Fix a bug where a lot of unnecessary presence updates were
      sent when joining a room. (#9402)
    - Fix a bug that caused multiple calls to the experimental
      shared_rooms endpoint to return stale results. (#9416)
    - Fix a bug in single sign-on which could cause a "No session
      cookie found" error. (#9436)
    - Fix bug introduced in v1.27.0 where allowing a user to choose
      their own username when logging in via single sign-on did not
      work unless an idp_icon was defined. (#9440)
    - Fix a bug introduced in v1.26.0 where some sequences were not
      properly configured when running synapse_port_db. (#9449)
    - Fix deleting pushers when using sharded pushers. (#9465,
      [#9466], #9479, #9536)
    - Fix missing startup checks for the consistency of certain
      PostgreSQL sequences. (#9470)
    - Fix a long-standing bug where the media repository could leak
      file descriptors while previewing media. (#9497)
    - Properly purge the event chain cover index when purging
      history. (#9498)
    - Fix missing chain cover index due to a schema delta not being
      applied correctly. Only affected servers that ran development
      versions. (#9503)
    - Fix a bug introduced in v1.25.0 where /_synapse/admin/join/
      would fail when given a room alias. (#9506)
    - Prevent presence background jobs from running when presence
      is disabled. (#9530)
    - Fix rare edge case that caused a background update to fail if
      the server had rejected an event that had duplicate auth
      events. (#9537)
    - Improved Documentation
    - Update the example systemd config to propagate reloads to
      individual units. (#9463)
    - Internal Changes
    - Add documentation and type hints to parse_duration. (#9432)
    - Remove vestiges of uploads_path configuration setting.
    - Add a comment about systemd-python. (#9464)
    - Test that we require validated email for email pushers.
    - Allow python to generate bytecode for synapse. (#9502)
    - Fix incorrect type hints. (#9515, #9518)
    - Add type hints to device and event report admin API. (#9519)
    - Add type hints to user admin API. (#9521)
    - Bump the versions of mypy and mypy-zope used for static type
      checking. (#9529)
* Thu Feb 25 2021 Marcus Rueckert <>
  - Update to 1.28.0
    This release fixes the documentation included in v1.27.0 around
    the callback URI for SAML2 identity providers. If your server is
    configured to use single sign-on via a SAML2 IdP, you may need to
    make configuration changes. Please review UPGRADE.rst for more
    details on these changes.
    Removal warning
    - The v1 list accounts API is deprecated and will be removed in a
      future release. This API was undocumented and misleading. It
      can be replaced by the v2 list accounts API, which has been
      available since Synapse 1.7.0 (2019-12-13).
    - Please check if you're using any scripts which use the admin
      API and replace GET /_synapse/admin/v1/users/<user_id> with GET
    - Features
    - New admin API to get the context of an event:
      /_synapse/admin/rooms/{roomId}/context/{eventId}. (#9150)
    - Further improvements to the user experience of registration
      via single sign-on. (#9300, #9301)
    - Add hook to spam checker modules that allow checking file
      uploads and remote downloads. (#9311)
    - Add support for receiving OpenID Connect authentication
      responses via form POSTs rather than GETs. (#9376)
    - Add the shadow-banning status to the admin API for user info.
    - Bugfixes
    - Fix long-standing bug where sending email notifications would
      fail for rooms that the server had since left. (#9257)
    - Fix bug in Synapse 1.27.0rc1 which meant the "session
      expired" error page during SSO registration was badly
      formatted. (#9296)
    - Assert a maximum length for some parameters for spec
      compliance. (#9321, #9393)
    - Fix additional errors when previewing URLs: "AttributeError
      'NoneType' object has no attribute 'xpath'" and "ValueError:
      Unicode strings with encoding declaration are not supported.
      Please use bytes input or XML fragments without
      declaration.". (#9333)
    - Fix a bug causing Synapse to impose the wrong type
      constraints on fields when processing responses from
      appservices to /_matrix/app/v1/thirdparty/user/{protocol}.
    - Fix bug where Synapse would occasionally stop reconnecting to
      Redis after the connection was lost. (#9391)
    - Fix a long-standing bug when upgrading a room: "TypeError:
      '>' not supported between instances of 'NoneType' and 'int'".
    - Reduce the amount of memory used when generating the URL
      preview of a file that is larger than the max_spider_size.
    - Fix a long-standing bug in the deduplication of old presence,
      resulting in no deduplication. (#9425)
    - The ui_auth.session_timeout config option can now be
      specified in terms of number of seconds/minutes/etc/.
      Contributed by Rishabh Arya. (#9426)
    - Fix a bug introduced in v1.27.0: "TypeError: int() argument
      must be a string, a bytes-like object or a number, not
      'NoneType." related to the user directory. (#9428)
    - Updates to the Docker image
    - Drop support for ARMv7 in Docker images. (#9433)
    - Improved Documentation
    - Reorganize (#9281)
    - Add note to auto_join_rooms config option explaining existing
      rooms must be publicly joinable. (#9291)
    - Correct name of Synapse's service file in TURN howto. (#9308)
    - Fix the braces in the oidc_providers section of the sample
      config. (#9317)
    - Update installation instructions on Fedora. (#9322)
    - Add HTTP/2 support to the nginx example configuration.
      Contributed by David Vo. (#9390)
    - Update docs for using Gitea as OpenID provider. (#9404)
    - Document that pusher instances are shardable. (#9407)
    - Fix erroneous documentation from v1.27.0 about updating the
      SAML2 callback URL. (#9434)
    - Deprecations and Removals
    - Deprecate old admin API GET
      /_synapse/admin/v1/users/<user_id>. (#9429)
    - Internal Changes
    - Revert change in v1.28.0rc1 to remove the deprecated SAML
      endpoint. (#9474)
    - Fix 'object name reserved for internal use' errors with
      recent versions of SQLite. (#9003)
    - Add experimental support for running Synapse with PyPy.
    - Deny access to additional IP addresses by default. (#9240)
    - Update the Cursor type hints to better match PEP 249. (#9299)
    - Add debug logging for SRV lookups. Contributed by @Bubu.
    - Improve logging for OIDC login flow. (#9307)
    - Share the code for handling required attributes between the
      CAS and SAML handlers. (#9326)
    - Clean up the code to load the metadata for OpenID Connect
      identity providers. (#9362)
    - Convert tests to use HomeserverTestCase. (#9377, #9396)
    - Update the version of black used to 20.8b1. (#9381)
    - Allow OIDC config to override discovered values. (#9384)
    - Remove some dead code from the acceptance of room invites
      path. (#9394)
    - Clean up an unused method in the presence handler code.
* Tue Feb 16 2021 Marcus Rueckert <>
  - Update to 1.27.0
    Note that this release includes a change in Synapse to use Redis
    as a cache ─ as well as a pub/sub mechanism ─ if Redis support is
    enabled for workers. No action is needed by server
    administrators, and we do not expect resource usage of the Redis
    instance to change dramatically.
    This release also changes the callback URI for OpenID Connect
    (OIDC) identity providers. If your server is configured to use
    single sign-on via an OIDC/OAuth2 IdP, you may need to make
    configuration changes. Please review UPGRADE.rst for more details
    on these changes.
    This release also changes escaping of variables in the HTML
    templates for SSO or email notifications. If you have customised
    these templates, please review UPGRADE.rst for more details on
    these changes.
    - Features
    - Further improvements to the user experience of registration
      via single sign-on. (#9297)
    - Add an admin API for getting and deleting forward extremities
      for a room. (#9062)
    - Add an admin API for retrieving the current room state of a
      room. (#9168)
    - Add experimental support for allowing clients to pick an SSO
      Identity Provider (MSC2858). (#9183, #9242)
    - Add an admin API endpoint for shadow-banning users. (#9209)
    - Add ratelimits to the 3PID /requestToken APIs. (#9238)
    - Add support to the OpenID Connect integration for adding the
      user's email address. (#9245)
    - Add ratelimits to invites in rooms and to specific users.
    - Improve the user experience of setting up an account via
      single-sign on. (#9262, #9272, #9275, #9276, #9277, #9286,
    - Add phone home stats for encrypted messages. (#9283)
    - Update the redirect URI for OIDC authentication. (#9288)
    - Bugfixes
    - Fix ratelimiting introduced in v1.27.0rc1 for invites to
      respect the ratelimit flag on application services. (#9302)
    - Do not automatically calculate public_baseurl since it can be
      wrong in some situations. Reverts behaviour introduced in
      v1.26.0. (#9313)
    - Fix spurious errors in logs when deleting a non-existant
      pusher. (#9121)
    - Fix a long-standing bug where Synapse would return a 500
      error when a thumbnail did not exist (and auto-generation of
      thumbnails was not enabled). (#9163)
    - Fix a long-standing bug where an internal server error was
      raised when attempting to preview an HTML document in an
      unknown character encoding. (#9164)
    - Fix a long-standing bug where invalid data could cause errors
      when calculating the presentable room name for push. (#9165)
    - Fix bug where we sometimes didn't detect that Redis
      connections had died, causing workers to not see new data.
    - Fix a bug where None was passed to Synapse modules instead of
      an empty dictionary if an empty module config block was
      provided in the homeserver config. (#9229)
    - Fix a bug in the make_room_admin admin API where it failed if
      the admin with the greatest power level was not in the room.
      Contributed by Pankaj Yadav. (#9235)
    - Prevent password hashes from getting dropped if a client
      failed threepid validation during a User Interactive Auth
      stage. Removes a workaround for an ancient bug in Riot Web
      <v0.7.4. (#9265)
    - Fix single-sign-on when the endpoints are routed to synapse
      workers. (#9271)
    - Improved Documentation
    - Clarify the sample configuration for changes made to the
      template loading code. (#9310)
    - Add docs for using Gitea as OpenID provider. (#9134)
    - Add link to Matrix VoIP tester for turn-howto. (#9135)
    - Add notes on integrating with Facebook for SSO login. (#9244)
    - Deprecations and Removals
    - The service_url parameter in cas_config is deprecated in
      favor of public_baseurl. (#9199)
    - Add new endpoint /_synapse/client/saml2 for SAML2
      authentication callbacks, and deprecate the old endpoint
      /_matrix/saml2. (#9289)
    - Internal Changes
    - Add tests to test_user.UsersListTestCase for List Users Admin
      API. (#9045)
    - Various improvements to the federation client. (#9129)
    - Speed up chain cover calculation when persisting a batch of
      state events at once. (#9176)
    - Add a long_description_type to the package metadata. (#9180)
    - Speed up batch insertion when using PostgreSQL. (#9181,
    - Emit an error at startup if different Identity Providers are
      configured with the same idp_id. (#9184)
    - Improve performance of concurrent use of StreamIDGenerators.
    - Add some missing source directories to the automatic linting
      script. (#9191)
    - Precompute joined hosts and store in Redis. (#9198, #9227)
    - Clean-up template loading code. (#9200)
    - Fix the Python 3.5 old dependencies build. (#9217)
    - Update isort to v5.7.0 to bypass a bug where it would
      disagree with black about formatting. (#9222)
    - Add type hints to handlers code. (#9223, #9232)
    - Fix Debian package building on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS (Xenial).
    - Minor performance improvement during TLS handshake. (#9255)
    - Refactor the generation of summary text for email
      notifications. (#9260)
    - Restore PyPy compatibility by not calling CPython-specific GC
      methods when under PyPy. (#9270)
* Thu Feb 11 2021 Marcus Rueckert <>
  - no longer have a 2nd changes file for the test package. OBS uses
    the main changes file now.
* Thu Jan 28 2021 Marcus Rueckert <>
  - Update to 1.26.0
    This release brings a new schema version for Synapse and rolling
    back to a previous version is not trivial. Please review
    UPGRADE.rst for more details on these changes and for general
    upgrade guidance.
    - Features
    - Add support for multiple SSO Identity Providers. (#9015,
      [#9017], #9036, #9067, #9081, #9082, #9105, #9107, #9109,
      [#9110], #9127, #9153, #9154, #9177)
    - During user-interactive authentication via single-sign-on,
      give a better error if the user uses the wrong account on the
      SSO IdP. (#9091)
    - Give the public_baseurl a default value, if it is not
      explicitly set in the configuration file. (#9159)
    - Improve performance when calculating ignored users in large
      rooms. (#9024)
    - Implement MSC2176 in an experimental room version. (#8984)
    - Add an admin API for protecting local media from quarantine.
    - Remove a user's avatar URL and display name when deactivated
      with the Admin API. (#8932)
    - Update /_synapse/admin/v1/users/<user_id>/joined_rooms to
      work for both local and remote users. (#8948)
    - Add experimental support for handling to-device messages on
      worker processes. (#9042, #9043, #9044, #9130)
    - Add experimental support for handling /keys/claim and
      /room_keys APIs on worker processes. (#9068)
    - Add experimental support for handling /devices API on worker
      processes. (#9092)
    - Add experimental support for moving off receipts and account
      data persistence off master. (#9104, #9166)
    - Bugfixes
    - Fix receipts and account data not being sent down sync.
      Introduced in v1.26.0rc1. (#9193, #9195)
    - Fix chain cover update to handle events with duplicate auth
      events. Introduced in v1.26.0rc1. (#9210)
    - Fix a long-standing issue where an internal server error
      would occur when requesting a profile over federation that
      did not include a display name / avatar URL. (#9023)
    - Fix a long-standing bug where some caches could grow larger
      than configured. (#9028)
    - Fix error handling during insertion of client IPs into the
      database. (#9051)
    - Fix bug where we didn't correctly record CPU time spent in
      on_new_event block. (#9053)
    - Fix a minor bug which could cause confusing error messages
      from invalid configurations. (#9054)
    - Fix incorrect exit code when there is an error at startup.
    - Fix JSONDecodeError spamming the logs when sending
      transactions to remote servers. (#9070)
    - Fix "Failed to send request" errors when a client provides an
      invalid room alias. (#9071)
    - Fix bugs in federation catchup logic that caused outbound
      federation to be delayed for large servers after start up.
      Introduced in v1.8.0 and v1.21.0. (#9114, #9116)
    - Fix corruption of pushers data when a postgres bouncer is
      used. (#9117)
    - Fix minor bugs in handling the clientRedirectUrl parameter
      for SSO login. (#9128)
    - Fix "Unhandled error in Deferred: BodyExceededMaxSize" errors
      when .well-known files that are too large. (#9108)
    - Fix "UnboundLocalError: local variable 'length' referenced
      before assignment" errors when the response body exceeds the
      expected size. This bug was introduced in v1.25.0. (#9145)
    - Fix a long-standing bug "ValueError: invalid literal for
      int() with base 10" when /publicRooms is requested with an
      invalid server parameter. (#9161)
    - Improved Documentation
    - Add some extra docs for getting Synapse running on macOS.
    - Correct a typo in the systemd-with-workers documentation.
    - Correct a typo in (#9040)
    - Add missing user_mapping_provider configuration to the
      Keycloak OIDC example. Contributed by @chris-ruecker. (#9057)
    - Quote pip install packages when extras are used to avoid
      shells interpreting bracket characters. (#9151)
    - Deprecations and Removals
    - Remove broken and unmaintained demo/ script.
    - Internal Changes
    - Add an oidc- prefix to any idp_ids which are given in the
      oidc_providers configuration. (#9189)
    - Bump minimum psycopg2 version to v2.8. (#9204)
    - Improve efficiency of large state resolutions. (#8868, #9029,
      [#9115], #9118, #9124)
    - Various clean-ups to the structured logging and logging
      context code. (#8939)
    - Ensure rejected events get added to some metadata tables.
    - Ignore date-rotated homeserver logs saved to disk. (#9018)
    - Remove an unused column from access_tokens table. (#9025)
    - Add a -noextras factor to tox.ini, to support running the
      tests with no optional dependencies. (#9030)
    - Fix running unit tests when optional dependencies are not
      installed. (#9031)
    - Allow bumping schema version when using split out state
      database. (#9033)
    - Configure the linters to run on a consistent set of files.
    - Various cleanups to device inbox store. (#9041)
    - Drop unused database tables. (#9055)
    - Remove unused SynapseService class. (#9058)
    - Remove unnecessary declarations in the tests for the admin
      API. (#9063)
    - Remove SynapseRequest.get_user_agent. (#9069)
    - Remove redundant Homeserver.get_ip_from_request method.
    - Add type hints to media repository. (#9093)
    - Fix the wrong arguments being passed to
      BlacklistingAgentWrapper from MatrixFederationAgent.
      Contributed by Timothy Leung. (#9098)
    - Reduce the scope of caught exceptions in
      BlacklistingAgentWrapper. (#9106)
    - Improve UsernamePickerTestCase. (#9112)
    - Remove dependency on distutils. (#9125)
    - Enforce that replication HTTP clients are called with keyword
      arguments only. (#9144)
    - Fix the Python 3.5 / old dependencies build in CI. (#9146)
    - Replace the old perspectives option in the Synapse docker
      config file template with trusted_key_servers. (#9157)
* Mon Jan 25 2021 Ben Greiner <>
  - Remove python singlespec macro usage: This package only builds
    against the primary python3 flavor. No need to pull in and expand
    legacy python36
  - Remove Leap 42 python2 handling in matrix-synapse-test.spec
* Wed Jan 13 2021 Marcus Rueckert <>
  - Update to 1.25.0
    Ending Support for Python 3.5 and Postgres 9.5 With this release,
    the Synapse team is announcing a formal deprecation policy for
    our platform dependencies, like Python and PostgreSQL:
    All future releases of Synapse will follow the upstream
    end-of-life schedules.
    Which means:
    This is the last release which guarantees support for Python 3.5.
    We will end support for PostgreSQL 9.5 early next month.  We will
    end support for Python 3.6 and PostgreSQL 9.6 near the end of the
    year.  Crucially, this means we will not produce .deb packages
    for Debian 9 (Stretch) or Ubuntu 16.04 (Xenial) beyond the
    transition period described below.
    The website has convenient summaries of
    the support schedules for projects like Python and PostgreSQL.
    If you are unable to upgrade your environment to a supported
    version of Python or Postgres, we encourage you to consider using
    the Synapse Docker images instead.
    Transition Period We will make a good faith attempt to avoid
    breaking compatibility in all releases through the end of March
    2021. However, critical security vulnerabilities in dependencies
    or other unanticipated circumstances may arise which necessitate
    breaking compatibility earlier.
    We intend to continue producing .deb packages for Debian 9
    (Stretch) and Ubuntu 16.04 (Xenial) through the transition
    Removal warning The old Purge Room API and Shutdown Room API are
    deprecated and will be removed in a future release. They will be
    replaced by the Delete Room APIe
    POST /_synapse/admin/v1/rooms/<room_id>/delete replaces
    POST /_synapse/admin/v1/purge_room and
    POST /_synapse/admin/v1/shutdown_room/<room_id>.
    - Features
    - Add an admin API that lets server admins get power in rooms
      in which local users have power. (#8756)
    - Add optional HTTP authentication to replication endpoints.
    - Improve the error messages printed as a result of
      configuration problems for extension modules. (#8874)
    - Add the number of local devices to Room Details Admin API.
      Contributed by @dklimpel. (#8886)
    - Add X-Robots-Tag header to stop web crawlers from indexing
      media. Contributed by Aaron Raimist. (#8887)
    - Spam-checkers may now define their methods as async. (#8890)
    - Add support for allowing users to pick their own user ID
      during a single-sign-on login. (#8897, #8900, #8911, #8938,
      [#8941], #8942, #8951)
    - Add an email.invite_client_location configuration option to
      send a web client location to the invite endpoint on the
      identity server which allows customisation of the email
      template. (#8930)
    - The search term in the list room and list user Admin APIs is
      now treated as case-insensitive. (#8931)
    - Apply an IP range blacklist to push and key revocation
      requests. (#8821, #8870, #8954)
    - Add an option to allow re-use of user-interactive
      authentication sessions for a period of time. (#8970)
    - Allow running the redact endpoint on workers. (#8994)
    - Bugfixes
    - Fix HTTP proxy support when using a proxy that is on a
      blacklisted IP. Introduced in v1.25.0rc1. Contributed by
      @Bubu. (#9084)
    - Fix bug where we might not correctly calculate the current
      state for rooms with multiple extremities. (#8827)
    - Fix a long-standing bug in the register admin endpoint
      (/_synapse/admin/v1/register) when the mac field was not
      provided. The endpoint now properly returns a 400 error.
      Contributed by @edwargix. (#8837)
    - Fix a long-standing bug on Synapse instances supporting
      Single-Sign-On, where users would be prompted to enter their
      password to confirm certain actions, even though they have
      not set a password. (#8858)
    - Fix a longstanding bug where a 500 error would be returned if
      the Content-Length header was not provided to the upload
      media resource. (#8862)
    - Add additional validation to pusher URLs to be compliant with
      the specification. (#8865)
    - Fix the error code that is returned when a user tries to
      register on a homeserver on which new-user registration has
      been disabled. (#8867)
    - Fix a bug where PUT /_synapse/admin/v2/users/<user_id> failed
      to create a new user when avatar_url is specified. Bug
      introduced in Synapse v1.9.0. (#8872)
    - Fix a 500 error when attempting to preview an empty HTML
      file. (#8883)
    - Fix occasional deadlock when handling SIGHUP. (#8918)
    - Fix login API to not ratelimit application services that have
      ratelimiting disabled. (#8920)
    - Fix bug where we ratelimited auto joining of rooms on
      registration (using auto_join_rooms config). (#8921)
    - Fix a bug where deactivated users appeared in the user
      directory when their profile information was updated. (#8933,
    - Fix bug introduced in Synapse v1.24.0 which would cause an
      exception on startup if both enabled and localdb_enabled were
      set to False in the password_config setting of the
      configuration file. (#8937)
    - Fix a bug where 500 errors would be returned if the
      m.room_history_visibility event had invalid content. (#8945)
    - Fix a bug causing common English words to not be considered
      for a user directory search. (#8959)
    - Fix bug where application services couldn't register new
      ghost users if the server had reached its MAU limit. (#8962)
    - Fix a long-standing bug where a m.image event without a url
      would cause errors on push. (#8965)
    - Fix a small bug in v2 state resolution algorithm, which could
      also cause performance issues for rooms with large numbers of
      power levels. (#8971)
    - Add validation to the sendToDevice API to raise a missing
      parameters error instead of a 500 error. (#8975)
    - Add validation of group IDs to raise a 400 error instead of a
      500 eror. (#8977)
    - Improved Documentation
    - Fix the "Event persist rate" section of the included grafana
      dashboard by adding missing prometheus rules. (#8802)
    - Combine related media admin API docs. (#8839)
    - Fix an error in the documentation for the SAML username
      mapping provider. (#8873)
    - Clarify comments around template directories in
      sample_config.yaml. (#8891)
    - Moved instructions for database setup, adjusted heading
      levels and improved syntax highlighting in
      Contributed by fossterer. (#8987)
    - Update the example value of group_creation_prefix in the
      sample configuration. (#8992)
    - Link the Synapse developer room to the development section in
      the docs. (#9002)
    - Deprecations and Removals
    - Deprecate Shutdown Room and Purge Room Admin APIs. (#8829)
    - Internal Changes
    - Properly store the mapping of external ID to Matrix ID for
      CAS users. (#8856, #8958)
    - Remove some unnecessary stubbing from unit tests. (#8861)
    - Remove unused FakeResponse class from unit tests. (#8864)
    - Pass room_id to get_auth_chain_difference. (#8879)
    - Add type hints to push module. (#8880, #8882, #8901, #8940,
      [#8943], #9020)
    - Simplify logic for handling user-interactive-auth via
      single-sign-on servers. (#8881)
    - Skip the SAML tests if the requirements (pysaml2 and xmlsec1)
      aren't available. (#8905)
    - Fix multiarch docker image builds. (#8906)
    - Don't publish latest docker image until all archs are built.
    - Various clean-ups to the structured logging and logging
      context code. (#8916, #8935)
    - Automatically drop stale forward-extremities under some
      specific conditions. (#8929)
    - Refactor test utilities for injecting HTTP requests. (#8946)
    - Add a maximum size of 50 kilobytes to .well-known lookups.
    - Fix bug in generate_log_config script which made it write
      empty files. (#8952)
    - Clean up tox.ini file; disable coverage checking for non-test
      runs. (#8963)
    - Add type hints to the admin and room list handlers. (#8973)
    - Add type hints to the receipts and user directory handlers.
    - Drop the unused local_invites table. (#8979)
    - Add type hints to the base storage code. (#8980)
    - Support using PyJWT v2.0.0 in the test suite. (#8986)
    - Fix tests.federation.transport.RoomDirectoryFederationTests
      and ensure it runs in CI. (#8998)
    - Add type hints to the crypto module. (#8999)
* Wed Dec 09 2020 Marcus Rueckert <>
  - Update to 1.24.0
    Due to the two security issues highlighted below, server
    administrators are encouraged to update Synapse. We are not aware
    of these vulnerabilities being exploited in the wild.
    - Security
    - There is a denial of service attack (CVE-2020-26257) against
      the federation APIs in which future events will not be
      correctly sent to other servers over federation. This affects
      all servers that participate in open federation. (Fixed in
    - Synapse may be affected by OpenSSL CVE-2020-1971.
      Synapse administrators should ensure that they have the
      latest versions of the cryptography Python package installed.
    - Features
    - Add admin API for logging in as a user. (#8617)
    - Allow specification of the SAML IdP if the metadata returns
      multiple IdPs. (#8630)
    - Add support for re-trying generation of a localpart for
      OpenID Connect mapping providers. (#8801, #8855)
    - Allow the Date header through CORS. Contributed by Nicolas
      Chamo. (#8804)
    - Add a config option, push.group_by_unread_count, which
      controls whether unread message counts in push notifications
      are defined as "the number of rooms with unread messages" or
      "total unread messages". (#8820)
    - Add force_purge option to delete-room admin api. (#8843)
    - Bugfixes
    - Fix a regression in v1.24.0rc1 which failed to allow SAML
      mapping providers which were unable to redirect users to an
      additional page. (#8878)
    - Fix a bug where appservices may be sent an excessive amount
      of read receipts and presence. Broke in v1.22.0. (#8744)
    - Fix a bug in some federation APIs which could lead to
      unexpected behaviour if different parameters were set in the
      URI and the request body. (#8776)
    - Fix a bug where synctl could spawn duplicate copies of a
      worker. Contributed by Waylon Cude. (#8798)
    - Allow per-room profiles to be used for the server notice
      user. (#8799)
    - Fix a bug where logging could break after a call to SIGHUP.
    - Fix register_new_matrix_user failing with "Bad Request" when
      trailing slash is included in server URL. Contributed by
      @angdraug. (#8823)
    - Fix a minor long-standing bug in login, where we would offer
      the password login type if a custom auth provider supported
      it, even if password login was disabled. (#8835)
    - Fix a long-standing bug which caused Synapse to require
      unspecified parameters during user-interactive
      authentication. (#8848)
    - Fix a bug introduced in v1.20.0 where the user-agent and IP
      address reported during user registration for CAS, OpenID
      Connect, and SAML were of the wrong form. (#8784)
    - Improved Documentation
    - Clarify the usecase for a msisdn delegate. Contributed by
      Adrian Wannenmacher. (#8734)
    - Remove extraneous comma from JSON example in User Admin API
      docs. (#8771)
    - Update with troubleshooting notes. (#8779)
    - Fix the example on how to set the Content-Type header in
      nginx for the Client Well-Known URI. (#8793)
    - Improve the documentation for the admin API to list all media
      in a room with respect to encrypted events. (#8795)
    - Update the formatting of the push section of the homeserver
      config file to better align with the code style guidelines.
    - Improve documentation how to configure prometheus for
      workers. (#8822)
    - Update example prometheus console. (#8824)
    - Deprecations and Removals
    - Remove old /_matrix/client/*/admin endpoints which were
      deprecated since Synapse 1.20.0. (#8785)
    - Disable pretty printing JSON responses for curl. Users who
      want pretty-printed output should use jq in combination with
      curl. Contributed by @tulir. (#8833)
    - Internal Changes
    - Add a maximum version for pysaml2 on Python 3.5. (#8898)
    - Add support for the prometheus_client newer than 0.9.0.
      Contributed by Jordan Bancino. (#8875)
    - Simplify the way the HomeServer object caches its internal
      attributes. (#8565, #8851)
    - Add an example and documentation for clock skew to the SAML2
      sample configuration to allow for clock/time difference
      between the homserver and IdP. Contributed by @localguru.
    - Generalise RoomMemberHandler._locally_reject_invite to apply
      to more flows than just invite. (#8751)
    - Generalise RoomStore.maybe_store_room_on_invite to handle
      other, non-invite membership events. (#8754)
    - Refactor test utilities for injecting HTTP requests. (#8757,
      [#8758], #8759, #8760, #8761, #8777)
    - Consolidate logic between the OpenID Connect and SAML code.
    - Use TYPE_CHECKING instead of magic MYPY variable. (#8770)
    - Add a commandline script to sign arbitrary json objects.
    - Minor log line improvements for the SSO mapping code used to
      generate Matrix IDs from SSO IDs. (#8773)
    - Add additional error checking for OpenID Connect and SAML
      mapping providers. (#8774, #8800)
    - Add type hints to HTTP abstractions. (#8806, #8812)
    - Remove unnecessary function arguments and add typing to
      several membership replication classes. (#8809)
    - Optimise the lookup for an invite from another homeserver
      when trying to reject it. (#8815)
    - Add tests for password_auth_providers. (#8819)
    - Drop redundant database index on event_json. (#8845)
    - Simplify uk.half-shot.msc2778.login.application_service login
      handler. (#8847)
    - Refactor password_auth_provider support code. (#8849)
    - Add missing ordering to background database updates. (#8850)
    - Allow for specifying a room version when creating a room in
      unit tests via RestHelper.create_room_as. (#8854)
* Wed Nov 18 2020 Marcus Rueckert <>
  - Update to 1.23.0
    This release changes the way structured logging is configured.
    See the [upgrade notes](UPGRADE.rst#upgrading-to-v1230) for details.
    Note: We are aware of a trivially exploitable denial of service
    vulnerability in versions of Synapse prior to 1.20.0. Complete
    details will be disclosed on Monday, November 23rd. If you have
    not upgraded recently, please do so.
    - Features
    - Add a push rule that highlights when a jitsi conference is
      created in a room. (#8286)
    - Add an admin api to delete a single file or files that were
      not used for a defined time from server. Contributed by
      @dklimpel. (#8519)
    - Split admin API for reported events (GET
      /_synapse/admin/v1/event_reports) into detail and list
      endpoints. This is a breaking change to #8217 which was
      introduced in Synapse v1.21.0. Those who already use this API
      should check their scripts. Contributed by @dklimpel. (#8539)
    - Support generating structured logs via the standard logging
      configuration. (#8607, #8685)
    - Add an admin API to allow server admins to list users'
      pushers. Contributed by @dklimpel. (#8610, #8689)
    - Add an admin API GET /_synapse/admin/v1/users/<user_id>/media
      to get information about uploaded media. Contributed by
      @dklimpel. (#8647)
    - Add an admin API for local user media statistics. Contributed
      by @dklimpel. (#8700)
    - Add displayname to Shared-Secret Registration for admins.
    - Bugfixes
    - Fix fetching of E2E cross signing keys over federation when
      only one of the master key and device signing key is cached
      already. (#8455)
    - Fix a bug where Synapse would blindly forward bad responses
      from federation to clients when retrieving profile
      information. (#8580)
    - Fix a bug where the account validity endpoint would silently
      fail if the user ID did not have an expiration time. It now
      returns a 400 error. (#8620)
    - Fix email notifications for invites without local state.
    - Fix handling of invalid group IDs to return a 400 rather than
      log an exception and return a 500. (#8628)
    - Fix handling of User-Agent headers that are invalid UTF-8,
      which caused user agents of users to not get correctly
      recorded. (#8632)
    - Fix a bug in the joined_rooms admin API if the user has never
      joined any rooms. The bug was introduced, along with the API,
      in v1.21.0. (#8643)
    - Fix exception during handling multiple concurrent requests
      for remote media when using multiple media repositories.
    - Fix bug that prevented Synapse from recovering after losing
      connection to the database. (#8726)
    - Fix bug where the /_synapse/admin/v1/send_server_notice API
      could send notices to non-notice rooms. (#8728)
    - Fix PostgreSQL port script fails when DB has no backfilled
      events. Broke in v1.21.0. (#8729)
    - Fix PostgreSQL port script to correctly handle foreign key
      constraints. Broke in v1.21.0. (#8730)
    - Fix PostgreSQL port script so that it can be run again after
      a failure. Broke in v1.21.0. (#8755)
    - Improved Documentation
    - Instructions for Azure AD in the OpenID Connect
      documentation. Contributed by peterk. (#8582)
    - Improve the sample configuration for single sign-on
      providers. (#8635)
    - Fix the filepath of Dex's example config and the link to
      Dex's Getting Started guide in the OpenID Connect docs.
    - Note support for Python 3.9. (#8665)
    - Minor updates to docs on running tests. (#8666)
    - Interlink prometheus/grafana documentation. (#8667)
    - Notes on SSO logins and media_repository worker. (#8701)
    - Document experimental support for running multiple event
      persisters. (#8706)
    - Add information regarding the various sources of, and
      expected contributions to, Synapse's documentation to (#8714)
    - Migrate documentation docs/admin_api/event_reports to
      markdown. (#8742)
    - Add some helpful hints to the README for new Synapse
      developers. Contributed by @chagai95. (#8746)
    - Internal Changes
    - Optimise /createRoom with multiple invited users. (#8559)
    - Implement and use an `@lru_cache` decorator. (#8595)
    - Don't instansiate Requester directly. (#8614)
    - Type hints for RegistrationStore. (#8615)
    - Change schema to support access tokens belonging to one user
      but granting access to another. (#8616)
    - Remove unused OPTIONS handlers. (#8621)
    - Run mypy as part of the script. (#8633)
    - Correct Synapse's PyPI package name in the OpenID Connect
      installation instructions. (#8634)
    - Catch exceptions during initialization of password_providers.
      Contributed by Nicolai Søborg. (#8636)
    - Fix typos and spelling errors in the code. (#8639)
    - Reduce number of OpenTracing spans started. (#8640, #8668,
    - Add field total to device list in admin API. (#8644)
    - Add more type hints to the application services code. (#8655,
    - Tell Black to format code for Python 3.5. (#8664)
    - Don't pull event from DB when handling replication traffic.
    - Abstract some invite-related code in preparation for landing
      knocking. (#8671, #8688)
    - Clarify representation of events in logfiles. (#8679)
    - Don't require hiredis package to be installed to run unit
      tests. (#8680)
    - Fix typing info on cache call signature to accept
      on_invalidate. (#8684)
    - Fail tests if they do not await coroutines. (#8690)
    - Improve start time by adding an index to
      e2e_cross_signing_keys.stream_id. (#8694)
    - Re-organize the structured logging code to separate the TCP
      transport handling from the JSON formatting. (#8697)
    - Use Python 3.8 in Docker images by default. (#8698)
    - Remove the "draft" status of the Room Details Admin API.
    - Improve the error returned when a non-string displayname or
      avatar_url is used when updating a user's profile. (#8705)
    - Block attempts by clients to send server ACLs, or redactions
      of server ACLs, that would result in the local server being
      blocked from the room. (#8708)
    - Add metrics the allow the local sysadmin to track 3PID
      /requestToken requests. (#8712)
    - Consolidate duplicated lists of purged tables that are
      checked in tests. (#8713)
    - Add some mdui:UIInfo element examples for saml2_config in the
      homeserver config. (#8718)
    - Improve the error message returned when a remote server
      incorrectly sets the Content-Type header in response to a
      JSON request. (#8719)
    - Speed up repeated state resolutions on the same room by
      caching event ID to auth event ID lookups. (#8752)
* Fri Oct 30 2020 Marcus Rueckert <>
  - Update to 1.22.1
    - Fix a bug where an appservice may not be forwarded events for a
      room it was recently invited to. Broke in v1.22.0. (#8676)
    - Fix Object of type frozendict is not JSON serializable
      exceptions when using third-party event rules. Broke in
      v1.22.0. (#8678)
* Tue Oct 27 2020 Marcus Rueckert <>
  - Update to 1.22.0
    - Features
    - Add a configuration option for always using the "userinfo
      endpoint" for OpenID Connect. This fixes support for some
      identity providers, e.g. GitLab. Contributed by Benjamin
      Koch. (#7658)
    - Add ability for ThirdPartyEventRules modules to query and
      manipulate whether a room is in the public rooms directory.
      (#8292, #8467)
    - Add support for olm fallback keys (MSC2732). (#8312, #8501)
    - Add support for running background tasks in a separate worker
      process. (#8369, #8458, #8489, #8513, #8544, #8599)
    - Add support for device dehydration (MSC2697). (#8380)
    - Add support for MSC2409, which allows sending typing, read
      receipts, and presence events to appservices. (#8437, #8590)
    - Change default room version to "6", per MSC2788. (#8461)
    - Add the ability to send non-membership events into a room via
      the ModuleApi. (#8479)
    - Increase default upload size limit from 10M to 50M.
      Contributed by @Akkowicz. (#8502)
    - Add support for modifying event content in ThirdPartyRules
      modules. (#8535, #8564)
    - Bugfixes
    - Fix bugs where ephemeral events were not sent to appservices.
      Broke in v1.22.0rc1. (#8648, #8656)
    - Fix user_daily_visits table to not have duplicate rows per
      user/device due to multiple user agents. Broke in v1.22.0rc1.
    - Fix a longstanding bug where invalid ignored users in account
      data could break clients. (#8454)
    - Fix a bug where backfilling a room with an event that was
      missing the redacts field would break. (#8457)
    - Don't attempt to respond to some requests if the client has
      already disconnected. (#8465)
    - Fix message duplication if something goes wrong after
      persisting the event. (#8476)
    - Fix incremental sync returning an incorrect prev_batch token
      in timeline section, which when used to paginate returned
      events that were included in the incremental sync. Broken
      since v0.16.0. (#8486)
    - Expose the uk.half-shot.msc2778.login.application_service to
      clients from the login API. This feature was added in
      v1.21.0, but was not exposed as a potential login flow.
    - Fix error code for /profile/{userId}/displayname to be
      M_BAD_JSON. (#8517)
    - Fix a bug introduced in v1.7.0 that could cause Synapse to
      insert values from non-state events into the
      room_retention database table. (#8527)
    - Fix not sending events over federation when using sharded
      event writers. (#8536)
    - Fix a long standing bug where email notifications for
      encrypted messages were blank. (#8545)
    - Fix increase in the number of There was no active span...
      errors logged when using OpenTracing. (#8567)
    - Fix a bug that prevented errors encountered during execution
      of the synapse_port_db from being correctly printed. (#8585)
    - Fix appservice transactions to only include a maximum of 100
      persistent and 100 ephemeral events. (#8606)
    - Updates to the Docker image
    - Added multi-arch support (arm64,arm/v7) for the docker
      images. Contributed by @maquis196. (#7921)
    - Add support for passing commandline args to the synapse
      process. Contributed by @samuel-p. (#8390)
    - Improved Documentation
    - Update the directions for using the manhole with coroutines.
    - Improve readme by adding new badges. (#8493)
    - Added note about docker in regarding which ip
      address to bind to. Contributed by @maquis196. (#8526)
    - Document the new behaviour of the allowed_lifetime_min and
      allowed_lifetime_max settings in the room retention
      configuration. (#8529)
    - Deprecations and Removals
    - Drop unused device_max_stream_id table. (#8589)
    - Internal Changes
    - Check for unreachable code with mypy. (#8432)
    - Add unit test for event persister sharding. (#8433)
    - Allow events to be sent to clients sooner when using sharded
      event persisters. (#8439, #8488, #8496, #8499)
    - Configure public_baseurl when using demo scripts. (#8443)
    - Add SQL logging on queries that happen during startup.
    - Speed up unit tests when using PostgreSQL. (#8450)
    - Remove redundant database loads of stream_ordering for events
      we already have. (#8452)
    - Reduce inconsistencies between codepaths for membership and
      non-membership events. (#8463)
    - Combine SpamCheckerApi with the more generic ModuleApi.
    - Additional testing for ThirdPartyEventRules. (#8468)
    - Add -d option to ./scripts-dev/ to lint files that
      have changed since the last git commit. (#8472)
    - Unblacklist some sytests. (#8474)
    - Include the log level in the phone home stats. (#8477)
    - Remove outdated sphinx documentation, scripts and
      configuration. (#8480)
    - Clarify error message when plugin config parsers raise an
      error. (#8492)
    - Remove the deprecated Handlers object. (#8494)
    - Fix a threadsafety bug in unit tests. (#8497)
    - Add user agent to user_daily_visits table. (#8503)
    - Add type hints to various parts of the code base. (#8407,
      [#8505], #8507, #8547, #8562, #8609)
    - Remove unused code from the test framework. (#8514)
    - Apply some internal fixes to the HomeServer class to make its
      code more idiomatic and statically-verifiable. (#8515)
    - Factor out common code between
      RoomMemberHandler._locally_reject_invite and
      EventCreationHandler.create_event. (#8537)
    - Improve database performance by executing more queries
      without starting transactions. (#8542)
    - Rename Cache to DeferredCache, to better reflect its purpose.
    - Move metric registration code down into LruCache. (#8561,
    - Replace DeferredCache with the lighter-weight LruCache where
      possible. (#8563)
    - Add virtualenv-generated folders to .gitignore. (#8566)
    - Add get_immediate method to DeferredCache. (#8568)
    - Fix mypy not properly checking across the codebase,
      additionally, fix a typing assertion error in
      handlers/ (#8569)
    - Fix synmark benchmark runner. (#8571)
    - Modify DeferredCache.get() to return Deferreds instead of
      ObservableDeferreds. (#8572)
    - Adjust a protocol-type definition to fit sqlite3 assertions.
    - Support macOS on the synmark benchmark runner. (#8578)
    - Update mypy static type checker to 0.790. (#8583, #8600)
    - Re-organize the structured logging code to separate the TCP
      transport handling from the JSON formatting. (#8587)
    - Remove extraneous unittest logging decorators from unit
      tests. (#8592)
    - Minor optimisations in caching code. (#8593, #8594)
* Thu Oct 15 2020 Marcus Rueckert <>
  - prepare to support more optional features in the buildrequires
    (oidc/redis). failing atm due to missing libraries
* Thu Oct 15 2020 Marcus Rueckert <>
  - Update to 1.21.2
    - Security advisory
    - HTML pages served via Synapse were vulnerable to cross-site
      scripting (XSS) attacks. All server administrators are
      encouraged to upgrade. (#8444) (CVE-2020-26891)
    - This fix was originally included in v1.21.0 but was missing a
      security advisory.  This was reported by Denis Kasak.
    - Bugfixes
    - Fix rare bug where sending an event would fail due to a racey
      assertion. (#8530)
    - An updated version of the authlib dependency is included in
      the Docker and Debian images to fix an issue using OpenID
      Connect. See #8534 for details.
* Wed Oct 14 2020 Marcus Rueckert <>
  - Update to 1.21.1
    This release fixes a regression in v1.21.0 that prevented debian
    packages from being built. It is otherwise identical to v1.21.0.
* Mon Oct 12 2020 Marcus Rueckert <>
  - Update to 1.21.0
    - Features
    - Convert additional templates from inline HTML to Jinja2
      templates. (#8444)
    - Require the user to confirm that their password should be
      reset after clicking the email confirmation link. (#8004)
    - Add an admin API GET /_synapse/admin/v1/event_reports to read
      entries of table event_reports. Contributed by @dklimpel.
    - Consolidate the SSO error template across all configuration.
      (#8248, #8405)
    - Add a configuration option to specify a whitelist of domains
      that a user can be redirected to after validating their email
      or phone number. (#8275, #8417)
    - Add experimental support for sharding event persister.
      (#8294, #8387, #8396, #8419)
    - Add the room topic and avatar to the room details admin API.
    - Add an admin API for querying rooms where a user is a member.
      Contributed by @dklimpel. (#8306)
    - Add uk.half-shot.msc2778.login.application_service login type
      to allow appservices to login. (#8320)
    - Add a configuration option that allows existing users to log
      in with OpenID Connect. Contributed by @BBBSnowball and
      @OmmyZhang. (#8345)
    - Add prometheus metrics for replication requests. (#8406)
    - Support passing additional single sign-on parameters to the
      client. (#8413)
    - Add experimental reporting of metrics on expensive rooms for
      state-resolution. (#8420)
    - Add experimental prometheus metric to track numbers of
      "large" rooms for state resolutiom. (#8425)
    - Add prometheus metrics to track federation delays. (#8430)
    - Bugfixes
    - Fix duplication of events on high traffic servers, caused by
      PostgreSQL could not serialize access due to concurrent
      update errors. (#8456)
    - Fix a regression in v1.21.0rc1 which broke thumbnails of
      remote media. (#8438)
    - Do not expose the experimental
      uk.half-shot.msc2778.login.application_service flow in the
      login API, which caused a compatibility problem with Element
      iOS. (#8440)
    - Fix malformed log line in new federation "catch up" logic.
    - Fix DB query on startup for negative streams which caused
      long start up times. Introduced in #8374. (#8447)
    - Fix a bug in the media repository where remote thumbnails
      with the same size but different crop methods would overwrite
      each other. Contributed by @deepbluev7. (#7124)
    - Fix inconsistent handling of non-existent push rules, and
      stop tracking the enabled state of removed push rules.
    - Fix a longstanding bug when storing a media file with an
      empty upload_name. (#7905)
    - Fix messages not being sent over federation until an event is
      sent into the same room. (#8230, #8247, #8258, #8272, #8322)
    - Fix a longstanding bug where files that could not be
      thumbnailed would result in an Internal Server Error. (#8236,
    - Upgrade minimum version of canonicaljson to version 1.4.0, to
      fix an unicode encoding issue. (#8262)
    - Fix longstanding bug which could lead to incomplete database
      upgrades on SQLite. (#8265)
    - Fix stack overflow when stderr is redirected to the logging
      system, and the logging system encounters an error. (#8268)
    - Fix a bug which cause the logging system to report errors, if
      DEBUG was enabled and no context filter was applied. (#8278)
    - Fix edge case where push could get delayed for a user until a
      later event was pushed. (#8287)
    - Fix fetching malformed events from remote servers. (#8324)
    - Fix UnboundLocalError from occuring when appservices send a
      malformed register request. (#8329)
    - Don't send push notifications to expired user accounts.
    - Fix a regression in v1.19.0 with reactivating users through
      the admin API. (#8362)
    - Fix a bug where during device registration the length of the
      device name wasn't limited. (#8364)
    - Include guest_access in the fields that are checked for null
      bytes when updating room_stats_state. Broke in v1.7.2.
    - Fix theoretical race condition where events are not sent down
      /sync if the synchrotron worker is restarted without
      restarting other workers. (#8374)
    - Fix a bug which could cause errors in rooms with malformed
      membership events, on servers using sqlite. (#8385)
    - Fix "Re-starting finished log context" warning when receiving
      an event we already had over federation. (#8398)
    - Fix incorrect handling of timeouts on outgoing HTTP requests.
    - Fix a regression in v1.20.0 in the synapse_port_db script
      regarding the ui_auth_sessions_ips table. (#8410)
    - Remove unnecessary 3PID registration check when resetting
      password via an email address. Bug introduced in v0.34.0rc2.
    - Improved Documentation
    - Add /_synapse/client to the reverse proxy documentation.
    - Add note to the reverse proxy settings documentation about
      disabling Apache's mod_security2. Contributed by Julian
      Fietkau (@jfietkau). (#8375)
    - Improve description of server_name config option in
      homserver.yaml. (#8415)
    - Deprecations and Removals
    - Drop support for prometheus_client older than 0.4.0. (#8426)
    - Internal Changes
    - Fix tests on distros which disable TLSv1.0. Contributed by
      @danc86. (#8208)
    - Simplify the distributor code to avoid unnecessary work.
    - Remove the populate_stats_process_rooms_2 background job and
      restore functionality to populate_stats_process_rooms.
    - Clean up type hints for PaginationConfig. (#8250, #8282)
    - Track the latest event for every destination and room for
      catch-up after federation outage. (#8256)
    - Fix non-user visible bug in implementation of
      MultiWriterIdGenerator.get_current_token_for_writer. (#8257)
    - Switch to the JSON implementation from the standard library.
    - Add type hints to synapse.util.async_helpers. (#8260)
    - Simplify tests that mock asynchronous functions. (#8261)
    - Add type hints to StreamToken and RoomStreamToken classes.
    - Change StreamToken.room_key to be a RoomStreamToken instance.
    - Refactor notifier code to correctly use the max event stream
      position. (#8288)
    - Use slotted classes where possible. (#8296)
    - Support testing the local Synapse checkout against the
      Complement homeserver test suite. (#8317)
    - Update outdated usages of metaclass to python 3 syntax.
    - Move lint-related dependencies to package-extra field, update to utilise this. (#8330, #8377)
    - Use the admin_patterns helper in additional locations.
    - Fix test logging to allow braces in log output. (#8335)
    - Remove __future__ imports related to Python 2 compatibility.
    - Simplify super() calls to Python 3 syntax. (#8344)
    - Fix bad merge from release-v1.20.0 branch to develop. (#8354)
    - Factor out a _send_dummy_event_for_room method. (#8370)
    - Improve logging of state resolution. (#8371)
    - Add type annotations to SimpleHttpClient. (#8372)
    - Refactor ID generators to use async with syntax. (#8383)
    - Add EventStreamPosition type. (#8388)
    - Create a mechanism for marking tests "logcontext clean".
    - A pair of tiny cleanups in the federation request code.
    - Add checks on startup that PostgreSQL sequences are
      consistent with their associated tables. (#8402)
    - Do not include appservice users when calculating the total
      MAU for a server. (#8404)
    - Typing fixes for synapse.handlers.federation. (#8422)
    - Various refactors to simplify stream token handling. (#8423)
    - Make stream token serializing/deserializing async. (#8427)
* Thu Sep 24 2020 Marcus Rueckert <>
  - Update to 1.20.1
    - Bugfixes
    - Fix a bug introduced in v1.20.0 which caused the
      synapse_port_db script to fail. (#8386)
    - Fix a bug introduced in v1.20.0 which caused variables to be
      incorrectly escaped in Jinja2 templates. (#8394)
* Fri Sep 18 2020 Marcus Rueckert <>
  - Update to 1.20.0
    - Removal warning
    - Some older clients used a disallowed character (:) in the
      client_secret parameter of various endpoints. The incorrect
      behaviour was allowed for backwards compatibility, but is now
      being removed from Synapse as most users have updated their
      client. Further context can be found at #6766.
    - Historically, the Synapse Admin API has been accessible under
      the prefixes:
      In a future release, we will be dropping support for
      accessing Synapse's Admin API using the /_matrix/client/*
      prefixes. This makes it easier for homeserver admins to lock
      down external access to the Admin API endpoints.
    - Features
    - Add flags to the /versions endpoint for whether new rooms
      default to using E2EE. (#8343)
    - Add an endpoint to query your shared rooms with another user
      as an implementation of MSC2666. (#7785)
    - Iteratively encode JSON to avoid blocking the reactor.
      (#8013, #8116)
    - Add support for shadow-banning users (ignoring any message
      send requests). (#8034, #8092, #8095, #8142, #8152, #8157,
      [#8158], #8176)
    - Use the default template file when its equivalent is not
      found in a custom template directory. (#8037, #8107, #8252)
    - Add unread messages count to sync responses, as specified in
      MSC2654. (#8059, #8254, #8270, #8274)
    - Optimise /federation/v1/user/devices/ API by only returning
      devices with encryption keys. (#8198)
    - Bugfixes
    - Fix rate limiting of federation /send requests. (#8342)
    - Fix a longstanding bug where back pagination over federation
      could get stuck if it failed to handle a received event.
    - Partially mitigate bug where newly joined servers couldn't
      get past events in a room when there is a malformed event.
    - Fix joining rooms over federation that include malformed
      events.  (#8324)
    - Fix a bug introduced in v1.20.0rc1 where the wrong exception
      was raised when invalid JSON data is encountered.  (#8291)
    - Fix a bug introduced in v1.20.0rc1 causing some features
      related to notifications to misbehave following the
      implementation of unread counts. (#8280)
    - Fix a memory leak by limiting the length of time that
      messages will be queued for a remote server that has been
      unreachable. (#7864)
    - Fix Re-starting finished log context PUT-nnnn warning when
      event persistence failed. (#8081)
    - Synapse now correctly enforces the valid characters in the
      client_secret parameter used in various endpoints. (#8101)
    - Fix a bug introduced in v1.7.2 impacting message retention
      policies that would allow federated homeservers to dictate a
      retention period that's lower than the configured minimum
      allowed duration in the configuration file. (#8104)
    - Fix a long-standing bug where invalid JSON would be accepted
      by Synapse. (#8106)
    - Fix a bug introduced in Synapse v1.12.0 which could cause
      /sync requests to fail with a 404 if you had a very old
      outstanding room invite. (#8110)
    - Return a proper error code when the rooms of an invalid group
      are requested. (#8129)
    - Fix a bug which could cause a leaked postgres connection if
      synapse was set to daemonize. (#8131)
    - Clarify the error code if a user tries to register with a
      numeric ID. This bug was introduced in v1.15.0. (#8135)
    - Fix a bug where appservices with ratelimiting disabled would
      still be ratelimited when joining rooms. This bug was
      introduced in v1.19.0. (#8139)
    - Fix logging in via OpenID Connect with a provider that uses
      integer user IDs. (#8190)
    - Fix a longstanding bug where user directory updates could
      break when unexpected profile data was included in events.
    - Fix a longstanding bug where stats updates could break when
      unexpected profile data was included in events. (#8226)
    - Fix slow start times for large servers by removing a table
      scan of the users table from startup code. (#8271)
    - Improved Documentation
    - Link to matrix-synapse-rest-password-provider in the password
      provider documentation. (#8111)
    - Updated documentation to note that Synapse does not follow
      HTTP 308 redirects due to an upstream library not supporting
      them. Contributed by Ryan Cole. (#8120)
    - Explain better what GDPR-erased means when deactivating a
      user. (#8189)
    - Internal Changes
    - Blacklist MSC2753 SyTests until it is implemented. (#8285)
    - Add filter name to the /users admin API, which filters by
      user ID or displayname. Contributed by Awesome Technologies
      Innovationslabor GmbH. (#7377, #8163)
    - Reduce run times of some unit tests by advancing the reactor
      a fewer number of times. (#7757)
    - Don't fail /submit_token requests on incorrect session ID if
      request_token_inhibit_3pid_errors is turned on. (#7991)
    - Convert various parts of the codebase to async/await. (#8071,
      [#8072], #8074, #8075, #8076, #8087, #8100, #8119, #8121,
      [#8133], #8156, #8162, #8166, #8168, #8173, #8191, #8192,
      [#8193], #8194, #8195, #8197, #8199, #8200, #8201, #8202,
      [#8207], #8213, #8214)
    - Remove some unused database functions. (#8085)
    - Add type hints to various parts of the codebase. (#8090,
      [#8127], #8187, #8241, #8140, #8183, #8232, #8235, #8237,
    - Return the previous stream token if a non-member event is a
      duplicate. (#8093, #8112)
    - Separate get_current_token into two since there are two
      different use cases for it. (#8113)
    - Remove ChainedIdGenerator. (#8123)
    - Reduce the amount of whitespace in JSON stored and sent in
      responses. (#8124)
    - Update the test federation client to handle streaming
      responses. (#8130)
    - Micro-optimisations to get_auth_chain_ids. (#8132)
    - Refactor StreamIdGenerator and MultiWriterIdGenerator to have
      the same interface. (#8161)
    - Add functions to MultiWriterIdGen used by events stream.
      (#8164, #8179)
    - Fix tests that were broken due to the merge of 1.19.1.
    - Make SlavedIdTracker.advance have the same interface as
      MultiWriterIDGenerator. (#8171)
    - Remove unused is_guest parameter from, and add safeguard to,
      MessageHandler.get_room_data. (#8174, #8181)
    - Standardize the mypy configuration. (#8175)
    - Refactor some of LoginRestServlet's helper methods, and move
      them to AuthHandler for easier reuse. (#8182)
    - Fix wait_for_stream_position to allow multiple waiters on
      same stream ID. (#8196)
    - Make MultiWriterIDGenerator work for streams that use
      negative values. (#8203)
    - Refactor queries for device keys and cross-signatures.
      (#8204, #8205, #8222, #8224, #8225, #8231, #8233, #8234)
    - Fix type hints for functions decorated with @cached. (#8240)
    - Remove obsolete order field from federation send queues.
    - Stop sub-classing from object. (#8249)
    - Add more logging to debug slow startup. (#8264)
    - Do not attempt to upgrade database schema on worker
      processes. (#8266, #8276)
* Fri Sep 18 2020 Marcus Rueckert <>
  - Update to synapse 1.19.3
    - Bugfixes
    - Partially mitigate bug where newly joined servers couldn't
      get past events in a room when there is a malformed event.
* Wed Sep 16 2020 Marcus Rueckert <>
  - Update to synapse 1.19.2
    - Bugfixes
    - Fix joining rooms over federation that include malformed
      events. (#8324)
* Thu Aug 27 2020 Marcus Rueckert <>
  - Update to synapse to 1.19.1
    - Bugfixes
    - Fix a bug introduced in v1.19.0 where appservices with
      ratelimiting disabled would still be ratelimited when joining
      rooms. (#8139)
    - Fix a bug introduced in v1.19.0 that would cause e.g. profile
      updates to fail due to incorrect application of rate limits
      on join requests. (#8153)
* Mon Aug 17 2020 Marcus Rueckert <>
  - Update to synapse 1.19.0
    - Features
    - Add option to allow server admins to join rooms which fail
      complexity checks. Contributed by @lugino-emeritus. (#7902)
    - Add an option to purge room or not with delete room admin
      endpoint (POST /_synapse/admin/v1/rooms/<room_id>/delete).
      Contributed by @dklimpel. (#7964)
    - Add rate limiting to users joining rooms. (#8008)
    - Add a /health endpoint to every configured HTTP listener that
      can be used as a health check endpoint by load balancers.
    - Allow login to be blocked based on the values of SAML
      attributes. (#8052)
    - Allow guest access to the GET
      /_matrix/client/r0/rooms/{room_id}/members endpoint,
      according to MSC2689. Contributed by Awesome Technologies
      Innovationslabor GmbH. (#7314)
    - Bugfixes
    - Fix a bug introduced in Synapse v1.7.2 which caused
      inaccurate membership counts in the room directory. (#7977)
    - Fix a long standing bug: 'Duplicate key value violates unique
      constraint "event_relations_id"' when message retention is
      configured. (#7978)
    - Fix "no create event in auth events" when trying to reject
      invitation after inviter leaves. Bug introduced in Synapse
      v1.10.0. (#7980)
    - Fix various comments and minor discrepencies in server
      notices code. (#7996)
    - Fix a long standing bug where HTTP HEAD requests resulted in
      a 400 error. (#7999)
    - Fix a long-standing bug which caused two copies of some log
      lines to be written when synctl was used along with a
      MemoryHandler logger. (#8011, #8012)
    - Updates to the Docker image
    - We no longer publish Docker images with the -py3 tag suffix,
      as announced in the upgrade notes. (#8056)
    - Improved Documentation
    - Document how to set up a client .well-known file and fix
      several pieces of outdated documentation. (#7899)
    - Improve workers docs. (#7990, #8000)
    - Fix typo in docs/ (#7992)
    - Add documentation for how to undo a room shutdown. (#7998,
    - Internal Changes
    - Reduce the amount of whitespace in JSON stored and sent in
      responses. Contributed by David Vo. (#7372)
    - Switch to the JSON implementation from the standard library
      and bump the minimum version of the canonicaljson library to
      1.2.0. (#7936, #7979)
    - Convert various parts of the codebase to async/await. (#7947,
      [#7948], #7949, #7951, #7963, #7973, #7975, #7976, #7981,
      [#7987], #7989, #8003, #8014, #8016, #8027, #8031, #8032,
      [#8035], #8042, #8044, #8045, #8061, #8062, #8063, #8066,
      [#8069], #8070)
    - Move some database-related log lines from the default logger
      to the database/transaction loggers. (#7952)
    - Add a script to detect source code files using non-unix line
      terminators. (#7965, #7970)
    - Log the SAML session ID during creation. (#7971)
    - Implement new experimental push rules for some users. (#7997)
    - Remove redundant and unreliable signature check for v1
      Identity Service lookup responses. (#8001)
    - Improve the performance of the register endpoint. (#8009)
    - Reduce less useful output in the newsfragment CI step. Add a
      link to the changelog section of the contributing guide on
      error. (#8024)
    - Rename storage layer objects to be more sensible. (#8033)
    - Change the default log config to reduce disk I/O and storage
      for new servers. (#8040)
    - Add an assertion on prev_events in create_new_client_event.
    - Add a comment to ServerContextFactory about the use of
      SSLv23_METHOD. (#8043)
    - Log OPTIONS requests at DEBUG rather than INFO level to
      reduce amount logged at INFO. (#8049)
    - Reduce amount of outbound request logging at INFO level.
    - It is no longer necessary to explicitly define filters in the
      logging configuration. (Continuing to do so is redundant but
      harmless.) (#8051)
    - Add and improve type hints. (#8058, #8064, #8060, #8067)
* Thu Jul 30 2020 Aleksa Sarai <>
  - Update to synapse 1.18.0.
    * Features
      + Include room states on invite events that are sent to application
      + Add delete room admin endpoint (POST /_synapse/admin/v1/rooms/<room_id>/delete).
      + Add experimental support for running multiple federation sender
      + Add the option to validate the iss and aud claims for JWT logins.
      + Add support for handling registration requests across multiple client
      reader workers.
      + Add an admin API to list the users in a room. Contributed by Awesome
      Technologies Innovationslabor GmbH.
      + Allow email subjects to be customised through Synapse's configuration.
      + Add the ability to re-activate an account from the admin API.
      + Add experimental support for running multiple pusher workers.
      + Add experimental support for moving typing off master.
      + Report CPU metrics to prometheus for time spent processing replication
      + Support oEmbed for media previews.
      + Abort federation requests where the client disconnects before the
      ratelimiter expires.
      + Cache responses to /_matrix/federation/v1/state_ids to reduce duplicated
    * Bugfixes
    * Fix detection of out of sync remote device lists when receiving events
      from remote users.
    * Fix bug where Synapse fails to process an incoming event over federation
      if the server is missing too much of the event's auth chain.
    * Fix a bug causing Synapse to misinterpret the value off for
      encryption_enabled_by_default_for_room_type in its configuration file(s)
      if that value isn't surrounded by quotes. This bug was introduced in
    * Fix bug where we did not always pass in app_name or server_name to email
      templates, including e.g. for registration emails.
    * Errors which occur while using the non-standard JWT login now return the
      proper error: 403 Forbidden with an error code of M_FORBIDDEN.
    * Fix "AttributeError: 'str' object has no attribute 'get'" error message
      when applying per-room message retention policies. The bug was introduced
      in Synapse 1.7.0.
    * Fix a bug introduced in Synapse 1.10.0 which could cause a "no create
      event in auth events" error during room creation.
    * Fix a bug which allowed empty rooms to be rejoined over federation.
    * Fix 'Unable to find a suitable guest user ID' error when using multiple
      client_reader workers.
    * Fix a long standing bug where the tracing of async functions with
      opentracing was broken.
    * Fix "TypeError in synapse.notifier" exceptions.
    * Fix deprecation warning due to invalid escape sequences.
* Mon Jul 13 2020 Marcus Rueckert <>
  - allow newer prometheus client (follow up to change in the code)
* Mon Jul 13 2020 Marcus Rueckert <>
  - Update to 1.17.0
    - Bugfixes
    - Fix inconsistent handling of upper and lower case in email
      addresses when used as identifiers for login, etc.
      Contributed by @dklimpel. (#7021)
    - Fix "Tried to close a non-active scope!" error messages when
      opentracing is enabled. (#7732)
    - Fix incorrect error message when database CTYPE was set
      incorrectly. (#7760)
    - Fix to not ignore set_tweak actions in Push Rules that have
      no value, as permitted by the specification. (#7766)
    - Fix synctl to handle empty config files correctly.
      Contributed by @kotovalexarian. (#7779)
    - Fixes a long standing bug in worker mode where worker
      information was saved in the devices table instead of the
      original IP address and user agent. (#7797)
    - Fix 'stuck invites' which happen when we are unable to reject
      a room invite received over federation. (#7804, #7809, #7810)
    - Updates to the Docker image
    - Include libwebp in the Docker file to properly handle webp
      image uploads. (#7791)
    - Improved Documentation
    - Improve the documentation of the non-standard JSON web token
      login type. (#7776)
    - Update doc links for caddy. Contributed by Nicolai Søborg.
    - Internal Changes
    - Refactor getting replication updates from database. (#7740)
    - Send push notifications with a high or low priority depending
      upon whether they may generate user-observable effects.
    - Use symbolic names for replication stream names. (#7768)
    - Add early returns to _check_for_soft_fail. (#7769)
    - Fix up synapse.handlers.federation to pass mypy. (#7770)
    - Convert the appserver handler to async/await. (#7775)
    - Allow to use higher versions of prometheus_client <0.9.0
      which are expected to introduce no breaking changes.
      Contributed by Oliver Kurz. (#7780)
    - Update linting scripts and codebase to be compatible with
      isort v5. (#7786)
    - Stop populating unused table local_invites. (#7793)
    - Ensure that strings (not bytes) are passed into JSON
      serialization. (#7799)
    - Switch from simplejson to the standard library json. (#7800)
    - Add signing_key property to HomeServer to save code
      duplication. (#7805)
    - Improve stacktraces from exceptions in background processes.
    - Fix various spelling errors in comments and log lines.
* Fri Jul 10 2020 Marcus Rueckert <>
  - Update to 1.16.1
    - Drop table local_rejections_stream which was incorrectly added
      in Synapse 1.16.0. (#7816, b1beb3ff5)
* Wed Jul 08 2020 Marcus Rueckert <>
  - Update to 1.16.0
    - Features
    - Add an option to enable encryption by default for new rooms.
    - Add support for running multiple media repository workers.
      See docs/ for instructions. (#7706)
    - Media can now be marked as safe from quarantined. (#7718)
    - Expand the configuration options for auto-join rooms. (#7763)
    - Bugfixes
    - Remove user_id from the response to GET
      /_matrix/client/r0/presence/{userId}/status to match the
      specification. (#7606)
    - In worker mode, ensure that replicated data has not already
      been received. (#7648)
    - Fix intermittent exception during startup, introduced in
      Synapse 1.14.0. (#7663)
    - Include a user-agent for federation and well-known requests.
    - Accept the proper field (phone) for the identifier
      type. The legacy field of number is still accepted as a
      fallback. Bug introduced in v0.20.0. (#7687)
    - Fix "Starting db txn 'get_completed_ui_auth_stages' from
      sentinel context" warning. The bug was introduced in 1.13.0.
    - Compare the URI and method during user interactive
      authentication (instead of the URI twice). Bug introduced in
      1.13.0. (#7689)
    - Fix a long standing bug where the response to the GET
      room_keys/version endpoint had the incorrect type for the
      etag field. (#7691)
    - Fix logged error during device resync in opentracing. Broke
      in v1.14.0. (#7698)
    - Do not break push rule evaluation when receiving an event
      with a non-string body. This is a long-standing bug. (#7701)
    - Fixs a long standing bug which resulted in an exception:
      "TypeError: argument of type 'ObservableDeferred' is not
      iterable". (#7708)
    - The synapse_port_db script no longer fails when the
      ui_auth_sessions table is non-empty. This bug has existed
      since v1.13.0. (#7711)
    - Synapse will now fetch media from the proper specified URL
      (using the r0 prefix instead of the unspecified v1). (#7714)
    - Fix the tables ignored by synapse_port_db to be in sync the
      current database schema. (#7717)
    - Fix missing Content-Length on HTTP responses from the metrics
      handler. (#7730)
    - Fix large state resolutions from stalling Synapse for seconds
      at a time. (#7735, #7746)
    - Improved Documentation
    - Spelling correction in sample_config.yaml. (#7652)
    - Added instructions for how to use Keycloak via OpenID Connect
      to authenticate with Synapse. (#7659)
    - Corrected misspelling of PostgreSQL. (#7724)
    - Deprecations and Removals
    - Deprecate m.login.jwt login method in favour of
      org.matrix.login.jwt, as m.login.jwt is not part of the
      Matrix spec. (#7675)
    - Internal Changes
    - Refactor getting replication updates from database. (#7636)
    - Clean-up the login fallback code. (#7657)
    - Increase the default SAML session expiry time to 15 minutes.
    - Convert the device message and pagination handlers to
      async/await. (#7678)
    - Convert typing handler to async/await. (#7679)
    - Require parameterized package version to be at least 0.7.0.
    - Refactor handling of listeners configuration settings.
    - Replace uses of six.iterkeys/iteritems/itervalues with
      keys()/items()/values(). (#7692)
    - Add support for using rust-python-jaeger-reporter library to
      reduce jaeger tracing overhead. (#7697)
    - Make Tox actions work on Debian 10. (#7703)
    - Replace all remaining uses of six with native Python 3
      equivalents. Contributed by @ilmari. (#7704)
    - Fix broken link in sample config. (#7712)
    - Speed up state res v2 across large state differences. (#7725)
    - Convert directory handler to async/await. (#7727)
    - Move flake8 to the end of scripts-dev/ as it takes the
      longest and could cause the script to exit early. (#7738)
    - Explain the "test" conditional requirement for dependencies
      is not all of the modules necessary to run the unit tests.
    - Add some metrics for inbound and outbound federation
      latencies: synapse_federation_server_pdu_process_time and
      synapse_event_processing_lag_by_event. (#7755)(#7771)
* Thu Jul 02 2020 Marcus Rueckert <>
  - Update to 1.15.2
    - Security
    - A malicious homeserver could force Synapse to reset the state
      in a room to a small subset of the correct state. This
      affects all Synapse deployments which federate with untrusted
      servers. (96e9afe6)
    - HTML pages served via Synapse were vulnerable to clickjacking
      attacks. This predominantly affects homeservers with
      single-sign-on enabled, but all server administrators are
      encouraged to upgrade. (ea26e9a9)
* Tue Jun 16 2020 Marcus Rueckert <>
  - Update to 1.15.1
    - Fix a bug introduced in v1.15.0 that would crash Synapse on
      start when using certain password auth providers. (#7684)
    - Fix a bug introduced in v1.15.0 which meant that some 3PID
      management endpoints were not accessible on the correct URL.
* Thu Jun 11 2020 Marcus Rueckert <>
  - Update to 1.15.0
    - Features
    - Advertise support for Client-Server API r0.6.0 and remove
      related unstable feature flags. (#6585)
    - Add an option to disable autojoining rooms for guest
      accounts. (#6637)
    - For SAML authentication, add the ability to pass email
      addresses to be added to new users' accounts via SAML
      attributes. Contributed by Christopher Cooper. (#7385)
    - Add admin APIs to allow server admins to manage users'
      devices. Contributed by @dklimpel. (#7481)
    - Add support for generating thumbnails for WebP images.
      Previously, users would see an empty box instead of preview
      image. Contributed by @WGH-. (#7586)
    - Support the standardized m.login.sso user-interactive
      authentication flow. (#7630)
    - Bugfixes
    - Allow new users to be registered via the admin API even if
      the monthly active user limit has been reached. Contributed
      by @dklimpel. (#7263)
    - Fix email notifications not being enabled for new users when
      created via the Admin API. (#7267)
    - Fix str placeholders in an instance of
      PrepareDatabaseException. Introduced in Synapse v1.8.0.
    - Fix a bug in automatic user creation during first time login
      with m.login.jwt. Regression in v1.6.0. Contributed by @olof.
    - Fix a bug causing the cross-signing keys to be ignored when
      resyncing a device list. (#7594)
    - Fix metrics failing when there is a large number of active
      background processes. (#7597)
    - Fix bug where returning rooms for a group would fail if it
      included a room that the server was not in. (#7599)
    - Fix duplicate key violation when persisting read markers.
    - Prevent an entire iteration of the device list resync loop
      from failing if one server responds with a malformed result.
    - Fix exceptions when fetching events from a remote host fails.
    - Make synctl restart start synapse if it wasn't running.
    - Pass device information through to the login endpoint when
      using the login fallback. (#7629)
    - Advertise the m.login.token login flow when OpenID Connect is
      enabled. (#7631)
    - Fix bug in account data replication stream. (#7656)
    - Improved Documentation
    - Update the OpenBSD installation instructions. (#7587)
    - Advertise Python 3.8 support in (#7602)
    - Add a link to in the troubleshooting
      section of the README. (#7603)
    - Clarifications to the admin api documentation. (#7647)
    - Internal Changes
    - Convert the identity handler to async/await. (#7561)
    - Improve query performance for fetching state from a
      PostgreSQL database. Contributed by @ilmari. (#7567)
    - Speed up processing of federation stream RDATA rows. (#7584)
    - Add comment to systemd example to show postgresql dependency.
    - Refactor Ratelimiter to limit the amount of expensive config
      value accesses. (#7595)
    - Convert groups handlers to async/await. (#7600)
    - Clean up exception handling in SAML2ResponseResource. (#7614)
    - Check that all asynchronous tasks succeed and general cleanup
      of MonthlyActiveUsersTestCase and TestMauLimit. (#7619)
    - Convert get_user_id_by_threepid to async/await. (#7620)
    - Switch to upstream dh-virtualenv rather than our fork for
      Debian package builds. (#7621)
    - Update CI scripts to check the number in the newsfile
      fragment. (#7623)
    - Check if the localpart of a Matrix ID is reserved for guest
      users earlier in the registration flow, as well as when
      responding to requests to /register/available. (#7625)
    - Minor cleanups to OpenID Connect integration. (#7628)
    - Attempt to fix flaky test:
      PhoneHomeStatsTestCase.test_performance_100. (#7634)
    - Fix typos of m.olm.curve25519-aes-sha2 and
      m.megolm.v1.aes-sha2 in comments, test files. (#7637)
    - Convert user directory, state deltas, and stats handlers to
      async/await. (#7640)
    - Remove some unused constants. (#7644)
    - Fix type information on assert_*_is_admin methods. (#7645)
    - Convert registration handler to async/await. (#7649)
* Thu Jun 04 2020 Marcus Rueckert <>
  - make sure we do not pull too new prometheus bindings
* Thu May 28 2020 Marcus Rueckert <>
  - Update to 1.14.0
    - Features
    - Synapse's cache factor can now be configured in
      homeserver.yaml by the caches.global_factor setting.
      Additionally, caches.per_cache_factors controls the cache
      factors for individual caches. (#6391)
    - Add OpenID Connect login/registration support. Contributed by
      Quentin Gliech, on behalf of les Connecteurs. (#7256, #7457)
    - Add room details admin endpoint. Contributed by Awesome
      Technologies Innovationslabor GmbH. (#7317)
    - Allow for using more than one spam checker module at once.
    - Add additional authentication checks for
      event per MSC2209. (#7502)
    - Implement room version 6 per MSC2240. (#7506)
    - Add highly experimental option to move event persistence off
      master. (#7281, #7374, #7436, #7440, #7475, #7490, #7491,
      [#7492], #7493, #7495, #7515, #7516, #7517, #7542)
    - Bugfixes
    - Fix cache config to not apply cache factor to event cache.
      Regression in v1.14.0rc1. (#7578)
    - Fix bug where ReplicationStreamer was not always started when
      replication was enabled. Bug introduced in v1.14.0rc1.
    - Fix specifying individual cache factors for caches with
      special characters in their name. Regression in v1.14.0rc1.
    - Fix a bug where event updates might not be sent over
      replication to worker processes after the stream falls
      behind. (#7384)
    - Allow expired user accounts to log out their device sessions.
    - Fix a bug that would cause Synapse not to resync out-of-sync
      device lists. (#7453)
    - Prevent rooms with 0 members or with invalid version strings
      from breaking group queries. (#7465)
    - Workaround for an upstream Twisted bug that caused Synapse to
      become unresponsive after startup. (#7473)
    - Fix Redis reconnection logic that can result in missed
      updates over replication if master reconnects to Redis
      without restarting. (#7482)
    - When sending events, omit displayname and
      avatar_url if they aren't set instead of setting them to
      null. Contributed by Aaron Raimist. (#7497)
    - Fix incorrect method label on
      prometheus metrics. (#7503)
    - Ignore incoming presence events from other homeservers if
      presence is disabled locally. (#7508)
    - Fix a long-standing bug that broke the update remote profile
      background process. (#7511)
    - Hash passwords as early as possible during password reset.
    - Fix bug where a local user leaving a room could fail under
      rare circumstances. (#7548)
    - Fix "Missing RelayState parameter" error when using user
      interactive authentication with SAML for some SAML providers.
    - Fix exception 'GenericWorkerReplicationHandler' object has no
      attribute 'send_federation_ack', introduced in v1.13.0.
    - synctl now warns if it was unable to stop Synapse and will
      not attempt to start Synapse if nothing was stopped.
      Contributed by Romain Bouyé. (#6590)
    - Documentation
    - Fix the OIDC client_auth_method value in the sample config.
    - Update information about mapping providers for SAML and
      OpenID. (#7458)
    - Add additional reverse proxy example for Caddy v2.
      Contributed by Jeff Peeler. (#7463)
    - Fix copy-paste error in ServerNoticesConfig docstring.
      Contributed by @ptman. (#7477)
    - Improve the formatting of (#7514)
    - Change the systemd worker service to check that the worker
      config file exists instead of silently failing. Contributed
      by David Vo. (#7528)
    - Minor clarifications to the TURN docs. (#7533)
    - Internal changes
    - Add typing annotations in synapse.federation. (#7382)
    - Convert the room handler to async/await. (#7396)
    - Improve performance of get_e2e_cross_signing_key. (#7428)
    - Improve performance of mark_as_sent_devices_by_remote.
      (#7429, #7562)
    - Add type hints to the SAML handler. (#7445)
    - Remove storage method get_hosts_in_room that is no longer
      called anywhere. (#7448)
    - Fix some typos in the notice_expiry templates. (#7449)
    - Convert the federation handler to async/await. (#7459)
    - Convert the search handler to async/await. (#7460)
    - Add type hints to synapse.event_auth. (#7505)
    - Convert the room member handler to async/await. (#7507)
    - Add type hints to room member handler. (#7513)
    - Fix typing annotations in tests.replication. (#7518)
    - Remove some redundant Python 2 support code. (#7519)
    - All endpoints now respond with a 200 OK for OPTIONS requests.
      (#7534, #7560)
    - Synapse now exports detailed allocator statistics and basic
      GC timings as Prometheus metrics (pypy_gc_time_seconds_total
      and pypy_memory_bytes) when run under PyPy. Contributed by
      Ivan Shapovalov. (#7536)
    - Remove Ubuntu Cosmic and Disco from the list of distributions
      which we provide .debs for, due to end-of-life. (#7539)
    - Make worker processes return a stubbed-out response to GET
      /presence requests. (#7545)
    - Optimise some references to hs.config. (#7546)
    - On upgrade room only send canonical alias once. (#7547)
    - Fix some indentation inconsistencies in the sample config.
    - Include in type checking. (#7553)
    - Fix some test code to not mangle stacktraces, to make it
      easier to debug errors. (#7554)
    - Refresh apt cache when building dh_virtualenv docker image.
    - Stop logging some expected HTTP request errors as exceptions.
      (#7556, #7563)
    - Convert sending mail to async/await. (#7557)
    - Simplify reap_monthly_active_users. (#7558)
* Tue May 19 2020 Marcus Rueckert <>
  - Update to 1.13.0
    This release brings some potential changes necessary for certain
    configurations of Synapse:
    - If your Synapse is configured to use SSO and have a custom
      sso_redirect_confirm_template_dir configuration option set, you
      will need to duplicate the new sso_auth_confirm.html,
      sso_auth_success.html and sso_account_deactivated.html
      templates into that directory.
    - Synapse plugins using the complete_sso_login method of
      synapse.module_api.ModuleApi should instead switch to the
      async/await version, complete_sso_login_async, which includes
      additional checks. The former version is now deprecated.
    - A bug was introduced in Synapse 1.4.0 which could cause the
      room directory to be incomplete or empty if Synapse was
      upgraded directly from v1.2.1 or earlier, to versions between
      v1.4.0 and v1.12.x.
    Please review UPGRADE.rst for more details on these changes and
    for general upgrade guidance.
    For the complete list of changes please refer to
* Thu Apr 23 2020 Marcus Rueckert <>
  - Update to 1.12.4
    - Features:
    - Always send users their own device updates. (#7160)
    - Add support for handling GET requests for account_data on a
      worker. (#7311)
    - Bugfixes:
    - Fix a bug that prevented cross-signing with users on
      worker-mode synapses. (#7255)
    - Do not treat display names as globs in push rules. (#7271)
    - Fix a bug with cross-signing devices belonging to remote
      users who did not share a room with any user on the local
      homeserver. (#7289)
* Fri Apr 03 2020 Marcus Rueckert <>
  - Update to 1.12.3
    - Remove the pin to Pillow 7.0 which was introduced in Synapse
      1.12.2, and correctly fix the issue with building the Debian
      packages. (#7212)
* Thu Apr 02 2020 Marcus Rueckert <>
  - Update to 1.12.2
    - This release fixes an issue with building the debian packages.
* Thu Apr 02 2020 Marcus Rueckert <>
  - Update to 1.12.1
    - Fix starting workers when federation sending not split out.
      (#7133). Introduced in v1.12.0.
    - Avoid importing sqlite3 when using the postgres backend.
      Contributed by David Vo. (#7155). Introduced in v1.12.0rc1.
    - Fix a bug which could cause outbound federation traffic to stop
      working if a client uploaded an incorrect e2e device signature.
      (#7177). Introduced in v1.11.0.
* Tue Mar 24 2020 Marcus Rueckert <>
  - use %requires_eq for runtime dependencies to make sure we always
    use the versions we built with. we ran into cases where the
    distro package was new enough according to the setup dependencies
    but those were not up2date with the actual code.
* Mon Mar 23 2020 Marcus Rueckert <>
  - Update to 1.12.0
    Synapse may be vulnerable to request-smuggling attacks when it is
    used with a reverse-proxy. The vulnerabilties are fixed in
    Twisted 20.3.0, and are described in
    For a good introduction to this class of request-smuggling
    attacks, see
    We are not aware of these vulnerabilities being exploited in the
    wild, and do not believe that they are exploitable with current
    versions of any reverse proxies. Nevertheless, we recommend that
    all Synapse administrators ensure that they have the latest
    versions of the Twisted library to ensure that their installation
    remains secure.
    - Features
    - Changes related to room alias management
    - Publishing/removing a room from the room directory now
      requires the user to have a power level capable of
      modifying the canonical alias, instead of the room aliases.
    - Validate the `alt_aliases` property of canonical alias
    - Users with a power level sufficient to modify the canonical
      alias of a room can now delete room aliases.
    - Implement updated authorization rules and redaction rules
      for aliases events, from
    - Stop sending events during room creation and
    - Synapse no longer uses room alias events to calculate room
      names for push notifications.
    - The room list endpoint no longer returns a list of aliases.
    - Remove special handling of aliases events from
      added in v1.10.0rc1.
    - Expose the `synctl`, `hash_password` and `generate_config`
      commands in the snapcraft package. Contributed by @devec0.
    - Check that server_name is correctly set before running
      database updates.
    - Break down monthly active users by `appservice_id` and emit
      via Prometheus.
    - Render a configurable and comprehensible error page if
      something goes wrong during the SAML2 authentication process.
    - Add an optional parameter to control whether other sessions
      are logged out when a user's password is modified.
    - Add prometheus metrics for the number of active pushers.
    - Improve performance when making HTTPS requests to sygnal,
      sydent, etc, by sharing the SSL context object between
    - Bugfixes
    - When a user's profile is updated via the admin API, also
      generate a displayname/avatar update for that user in each
    - Fix a couple of bugs in email configuration handling.
    - Fix an issue affecting worker-based deployments where
      replication would stop working, necessitating a full restart,
      after joining a large room.
    - Fix `duplicate key` error which was logged when rejoining a
      room over federation.
    - Prevent user from setting 'deactivated' to anything other
      than a bool on the v2 PUT /users Admin API.
    - Fix py35-old CI by using native tox package.
    - Fix a bug causing `org.matrix.dummy_event` to be included in
      responses from `/sync`.
    - Fix a bug that renders UTF-8 text files incorrectly when
      loaded from media. Contributed by @TheStranjer.
    - Fix a bug that would cause Synapse to respond with an error
      about event visibility if a client tried to request the state
      of a room at a given token.
    - Repair a data-corruption issue which was introduced in
      Synapse 1.10, and fixed in Synapse 1.11, and which could
      cause `/sync` to return with 404 errors about missing events
      and unknown rooms.
    - Fix a bug causing account validity renewal emails to be sent
      even if the feature is turned off in some cases.
    - Improved Documentation
    - Updated CentOS8 install instructions. Contributed by Richard
    - Fix `POSTGRES_INITDB_ARGS` in the
      `contrib/docker/docker-compose.yml` example docker-compose
    - Change date in [](./
      for last date of getting TLS certificates to November 2019.
    - Document that the fallback auth endpoints must be routed to
      the same worker node as the register endpoints.
    - Deprecations and Removals
    - Remove the unused query_auth federation endpoint per
    - Internal Changes
    - Add type hints to `logging/`.
    - Add some clarifications to `` in the database schema
    - Refactoring work in preparation for changing the event
      redaction algorithm.
    - Improve performance of v2 state resolution for large rooms.
    - Reduce time spent doing GC, by freezing objects on startup.
    - Minor perfermance fixes to `get_auth_chain_ids`.
    - Don't record remote cross-signing keys in the `devices`
    - Use flake8-comprehensions to enforce good hygiene of
      list/set/dict comprehensions.
    - Merge worker apps together.
    - Remove redundant `store_room` call from
    - Update warning for incorrect database collation/ctype to
      include link to documentation.
    - Add some type annotations to the database storage classes.
    - Port `synapse.handlers.presence` to async/await.
    - Add some type annotations to the federation base & client
    - Port `` to async/await.
    - Add a type check to `is_verified` when processing room keys.
    - Add type annotations and comments to the auth handler.
* Tue Mar 03 2020 Marcus Rueckert <>
  - Update to 1.11.1
    This release includes a security fix impacting installations
    using Single Sign-On (i.e. SAML2 or CAS) for authentication.
    Administrators of such installations are encouraged to upgrade as
    soon as possible.
    - Bugfixes
    - Add a confirmation step to the SSO login flow before
      redirecting users to the redirect URL.
    - Fixed set a user as an admin with the admin API `PUT
      /_synapse/admin/v2/users/<user_id>`. Contributed by
    - Fix bug introduced in Synapse 1.11.0 which sometimes caused
      errors when joining rooms over federation, with `'coroutine'
      object has no attribute 'event_id'`.
* Fri Feb 21 2020 Marcus Rueckert <>
  - track series file to make updating patches easier
* Fri Feb 21 2020 Aleksa Sarai <>
  - Update to 1.11.0.
    * Limit the number of events that can be requested by the backfill federation
      API to 100.
    * Reject device display names over 100 characters in length to prevent abuse.
    * Implement new aliases endpoint as per MSC2432.
    * Stop sending events wheng adding / removing aliases. Check
      alt_aliases in the latest event when deleting an
    * Change the default power levels of invites, tombstones and server ACLs for
      new rooms.
    The full changelog is included in
* Tue Feb 18 2020 Aleksa Sarai <>
  - Update to 1.10.1.
    * Fix a bug introduced in Synapse 1.10.0 which would cause room state to be
      cleared in the database if Synapse was upgraded direct from 1.2.1 or
      earlier to 1.10.0.
    The full changelog is included in
* Wed Feb 12 2020 Marcus Rueckert <>
  - bump requires on python3-signedjson to follow code change
* Wed Feb 12 2020 Aleksa Sarai <>
  - Update to 1.10.0.
    WARNING to client developers: As of this release Synapse validates
    client_secret parameters in the Client-Server API as per the spec. See #6766
    for details.
    + Add experimental support for updated authorization rules for aliases
      events, from MSC2260.
    + Variety of E2EE improvements, most notably:
    * Fix bug where querying a remote user's device keys that weren't cached
      resulted in only returning a single device.
    * Fix bug where Synapse didn't invalidate cache of remote users' devices
      when Synapse left a room.
    * Detect unknown remote devices and mark cache as stale.
    * Attempt to resync remote users' devices when detected as stale.
    * When a client asks for a remote user's device keys check if the local
      cache for that user has been marked as potentially stale.
    * Detect unexpected sender keys on remote encrypted events and resync
      device lists.
    * Fix an issue with cross-signing where device signatures were not sent to
      remote servers.
    The full changelog is included in
* Tue Jan 28 2020 Marcus Rueckert <>
  - update to 1.9.1
    Fix bug where setting mau_limit_reserved_threepids config would
    cause Synapse to refuse to start. (#6793)
* Thu Jan 23 2020 Marcus Rueckert <>
  - package cleanup
    - make sure we have all libraries to actually install the package:
    - buildrequires all runtime requirements
    - (build)require python3-typing_extensions
    - having it use the python package name is not really useful here.
    - refreshed and renamed better-paths.patch to
    - also fix existing synapse user
    - group to synapse instead of nogroup
    - home directory to /var/lib/matrix-synapse
    - shell to /bin/false (which actually exists)
    - improvements to the logging configuration:
    - install copy of the current /etc/matrix-synapse/log.yaml as
    - install /etc/matrix-synapse/log.file.yaml which logs to
    - add the log directory /var/log/matrix-synapse/
    - added README.SUSE
    - better way to bootstrap a new config:
      1. ExecStartPre would have never worked anyway
      2. added %{_sbindir}/matrix-synapse-generate-config
      %{_sbindir}/matrix-synapse-generate-config servername
    - fix group and shell for the synapse user
    - added better-paths.patch
    - put the pid file into /run/matrix-synapse/
    - use a default logging config in /etc/matrix-synapse/log.yaml
      to have systemd logging by default
    - use full path in the service file
    - actually use source 50 instead of the service file in the tarball
    - make permissions tighter on the config files as it contains
      passwords and other secrets:
      root:synapse u=rwX,g=rX,o=
* Thu Jan 23 2020 Aleksa Sarai <>
  - Update to 1.9.0.
    WARNING: As of this release, Synapse no longer supports versions of SQLite
    before 3.11, and will refuse to start when configured to use an older
    version. Administrators are recommended to migrate their database to Postgres
    (see instructions here).
    WARNING: If your Synapse deployment uses workers, note that the reverse-proxy
    configurations for the, and workers have
    changed, with the addition of a few paths (see the updated configurations
    here). Existing configurations will continue to work.
    + Allow admin to create or modify a user.
    + Add new quarantine media admin APIs to quarantine by media ID or by user
      who uploaded the media.
    + Add a new admin API to list and filter rooms on the server.
    + Add org.matrix.e2e_cross_signing to unstable_features in /versions.
    The full changelog is included in
* Fri Jan 10 2020 Aleksa Sarai <>
  - Update to 1.8.0.
    WARNING: As of this release Synapse will refuse to start if the log_file
    config option is specified. Support for the option was removed in v1.3.0.
    * Add v2 APIs for the send_join and send_leave federation endpoints (as
      described in MSC1802).
    * Add a develop script to generate full SQL schemas.
    * Add custom SAML username mapping functinality through an external provider
    * Automatically delete empty groups/communities.
    * Add option limit_profile_requests_to_users_who_share_rooms to prevent
      requirement of a local user sharing a room with another user to query their
      profile information.
    * Add an export_signing_key script to extract the public part of signing keys
      when rotating them.
    * Add experimental config option to specify multiple databases.
    * Raise an error if someone tries to use the log_file config option.
    The full changelog is included in
* Wed Jan 01 2020 Aleksa Sarai <>
  - Update to 1.7.3.
    * Fix exceptions caused by state resolution choking on malformed events.
    The full changelog is included in
* Sat Dec 21 2019 Aleksa Sarai <>
  - Use packaged service file not the one in the repo (the one in the repo is
    completely broken for openSUSE).
* Fri Dec 20 2019 Aleksa Sarai <>
  - Update to 1.7.2.
    * Fix a regression introduced in Synapse 1.7.1 which caused errors when
      attempting to backfill rooms over federation.
    * Fix a bug introduced in Synapse 1.7.0 which caused an error on startup when
      upgrading from versions before 1.3.0.
    The full changelog is included in
* Wed Dec 18 2019 Aleksa Sarai <>
  - Update to 1.7.1.
    This update fixes several major security issues. Users are very strongly
    recommended to update as soon as possible.
    * Fix a bug which could cause room events to be incorrectly authorized using
      events from a different room.
    * Fix a bug causing responses to the /context client endpoint to not use the
      pruned version of the event.
    * Fix a cause of state resets in room versions 2 onwards.
    * Fix a bug which could cause the federation server to incorrectly return
      errors when handling certain obscure event graphs.
    The full changelog is included in
* Fri Dec 13 2019 Aleksa Sarai <>
  - Update to 1.7.0.
    * Implement per-room message retention policies.
    * Add etag and count fields to key backup endpoints to help clients guess if
      there are new keys.
    * Configure privacy-preserving settings by default for the room directory.
    * Add ephemeral messages support by partially implementing MSC2228.
    * Add support for MSC 2367, which allows specifying a reason on all
      membership events.
    The full changelog is included in
    Please make sure to read the Upgrade notes referenced in the
* Thu Nov 28 2019 Aleksa Sarai <>
  - Drop matrix-synapse-ldap from enabled conditional requirements, because the
    package is not longer available in openSUSE repos. If someone really wants
    the feature they can help re-package it.
* Thu Nov 28 2019 Aleksa Sarai <>
  - Update to 1.6.1.
    * Clean up local threepids from user on account deactivation.
    * Fix startup error when http proxy is defined.
    The full changelog is included in
* Thu Nov 28 2019 Aleksa Sarai <>
  - Update to 1.6.0.
    + Add federation support for cross-signing.
    + Increase default room version from 4 to 5, thereby enforcing server key
      validity period checks.
    + Add support for outbound http proxying via http_proxy/HTTPS_PROXY env vars.
    + Implement label-based filtering on /sync and /messages (MSC2326).
    The full changelog is included in
* Mon Nov 18 2019 Aleksa Sarai <>
  - Update to 1.5.1.
    * Limit the length of data returned by url previews, to prevent DoS attacks.
    The full changelog is included in
* Wed Oct 30 2019 Aleksa Sarai <>
  - Update to 1.5.0.
    + Improve quality of thumbnails for 1-bit/8-bit color palette images.
    + Add ability to upload cross-signing signatures.
    + Allow uploading of cross-signing keys.
    + CAS login now provides a default display name for users if a
      displayname_attribute is set in the configuration file.
    + Reject all pending invites for a user during deactivation.
    + Add config option to suppress client side resource limit alerting.
    * Improve signature checking on some federation APIs.
    The full changelog is included in
* Fri Oct 18 2019 Aleksa Sarai <>
  - Update to 1.4.1.
    * Fix bug where redacted events were sometimes incorrectly censored in the
      database, breaking APIs that attempted to fetch such events.
    The full changelog is included in
* Thu Oct 03 2019 Aleksa Sarai <>
  - Do not include ACME support by default (txacme is broken in openSUSE).
  - Update to 1.4.0. boo#1153017
    * Significant improvements to data privacy.
    * Expansion of OpenTracing support.
    * Enable "forward extremities" mitigation by default.
    The full changelog is included in
* Thu Jul 25 2019 Aleksa Sarai <>
  - Update to 1.2.0.
    * Add support for OpenTracing.
    * Add default push rule to ignore reactions.
    * Enable aggregations (reactions and edits) support by default.
    The full changelog is included in
  - Remove unneeded patches:
    - 0001-requirements-prometheus_client.patch
* Fri Jul 05 2019 Aleksa Sarai <>
  - Update to 1.1.0.
    As of v1.1.0, Synapse no longer supports Python 2, nor Postgres version 9.4.
    Thus, we no longer package a Python 2 version of this package. Some other key
    changes include:
    * Add monthly active users to phonehome stats.
    * Allow server admins to define implementations of extra rules for allowing
      or denying incoming events.
    * Add --data-dir and --open-private-ports options.
    * The minimum TLS version used for outgoing federation requests can now be
      set with federation_client_minimum_tls_version.
    * Optimise devices changed query to not pull unnecessary rows from the
      database, reducing database load.
    The full changelog is included in
  - Rebase patches:
    * 0001-requirements-prometheus_client.patch
* Fri Jun 28 2019 Aleksa Sarai <>
  - Obsolete the old split-Python packages, so that upgrading works smoothly.
* Tue Jun 25 2019 Aleksa Sarai <>
  - Un-Requires prometheus_client<0.4.0. The Requires made it impossible to use
    matrix-synapse on openSUSE for very little good reason (prometheus metrics
    will still work on post-0.4.0 prometheus_client, but with changed names).
    Debian and many other distributions do the same here.
    + 0001-requirements-prometheus_client.patch
* Wed Jun 12 2019 Aleksa Sarai <>
  - Update to 1.0.0.
    This is the first stable release of synapse. It includes a large number of
    changes but the highlights are:
    * Ability to configured default room version (with the default now being v4,
      which has improved state resolution algorithms and event IDs).
    * The complete removal of "perspectives" support, with all homeservers now
      being required to use valid TLS certificates (there has been a transition
      period for several months from the release of 0.99).
    * Experimental support for "relations" (reactions and edits).
    The full changelog is included in
* Fri May 31 2019 Aleksa Sarai <>
  - Update to
    Fix bug where we leaked extremities when we soft failed events, leading to
    performance degradation.
    The full changelog is included in
* Tue May 28 2019 Aleksa Sarai <>
  - Rework testing to use a separate specfile for testing matrix-synapse.
* Thu May 23 2019 Aleksa Sarai <>
  - Update to
    The full changelog is included in
* Wed May 15 2019 Aleksa Sarai <>
  - Update to 0.99.4.
    The full changelog is included in
* Wed May 08 2019 Aleksa Sarai <>
  - Update to
    This includes two security fixes:
    * Switch to using a cryptographically-secure random number generator for
      token strings, ensuring they cannot be predicted by an attacker.
    * Blacklist and :: by default for URL previews.
    The full changelog is included in
* Sun Apr 14 2019 Aleksa Sarai <>
  - Update to 0.99.3.
    The primary changes to previous versions are that self-signed certificates
    will no longer be generated, and instead LetsEncrypt certificates will be
    requested instead. Users are strongly recommended to update to this version,
    because pre-0.99 servers (using self-signed certificates and the perspectives
    system) will no longer be able to federate with post-1.0 servers.
    The full changelog is included in
* Wed Feb 20 2019 Oliver Kurz <>
  - Fix build on python3 based repos
* Sat Feb 02 2019
  - Fix systemd service to follow paths used by package and ensure
    proper version version is used.
  - Add explicit requires on python-lxml, required when using
    url preview.
* Mon Jan 14 2019
  - For test purpose a matrix server will be start. But never been
    stopped. Fix that server will be stoped after test.
* Sun Jan 13 2019 Oliver Kurz <>
  - Update to
    This release fixes CVE-2019-5885 and is recommended for all users of Synapse
    0.34.1. This release is compatible with Python 2.7 and 3.5+. Python 3.7 is
    fully supported.
    * Bugfixes
    - Fix spontaneous logout on upgrade (#4374)
    * Internal Changes
    - Add better logging for unexpected errors while sending transactions
      (#4361, #4362)
    - Getting URL previews of IP addresses no longer fails on Python 3.
    - drop undocumented dependency on dateutil (#4266)
    - Update the example systemd config to use a virtualenv (#4273)
    - Update link to kernel DCO guide (#4274)
    - Make isort tox check print diff when it fails (#4283)
    - Log room_id in Unknown room errors (#4297)
    - Documentation improvements for coturn setup. Contributed by Krithin
      Sitaram. (#4333)
    - Update pull request template to use absolute links (#4341)
    - Update README to not lie about required restart when updating TLS
      certificates (#4343)
    - Update debian packaging for compatibility with transitional package
    - Fix command hint to generate a config file when trying to start without
      a config file (#4353)
    - Add better logging for unexpected errors while sending transactions
    * Features
    - Special-case a support user for use in verifying behaviour of a given
      server. The support user does not appear in user directory or monthly
      active user counts. (#4141, #4344)
    - Support for serving .well-known files (#4262)
    - Rework SAML2 authentication (#4265, #4267)
    - SAML2 authentication: Initialise user display name from SAML2 data
    - Synapse can now have its conditional/extra dependencies installed by
      pip. This functionality can be used by using `pip install
      matrix-synapse[feature]`, where feature is a comma separated list with
      the possible values `email.enable_notifs`, `matrix-synapse-ldap3`,
      `postgres`, `resources.consent`, `saml2`, `url_preview`, and `test`. If
      you want to install all optional dependencies, you can use "all"
      instead. (#4298, #4325, #4327)
    - Add routes for reading account data. (#4303)
    - Add opt-in support for v2 rooms (#4307)
    - Add a script to generate a clean config file (#4315)
    - Return server data in /login response (#4319)
    * Bugfixes
    - Fix contains_url check to be consistent with other instances in
      code-base and check that value is an instance of string. (#3405)
    - Fix CAS login when username is not valid in an MXID (#4264)
    - Send CORS headers for /media/config (#4279)
    - Add 'sandbox' to CSP for media reprository (#4284)
    - Make the new landing page prettier. (#4294)
    - Fix deleting E2E room keys when using old SQLite versions. (#4295)
    - The metric synapse_admin_mau:current previously did not update when
      config.mau_stats_only was set to True (#4305)
    - Fixed per-room account data filters (#4309)
    - Fix indentation in default config (#4313)
    - Fix synapse:latest docker upload (#4316)
    - Fix compatibility with prometheus_client 0.5. Contributed
      by Maarten de Vries <>. (#4317)
    - Avoid packaging _trial_temp directory in -py3 debian packages (#4326)
    - Check jinja version for consent resource (#4327)
    - fix NPE in /messages by checking if all events were filtered out (#4330)
    - Fix `python -m synapse.config` on Python 3. (#4356)
    * Deprecations and Removals
    - Remove the deprecated v1/register API on Python 2. It was never ported
      to Python 3. (#4334)
* Sat Dec 29 2018 Oliver Kurz <>
  - Switch to python3 by default on newer product versions as suggested by upstream
* Sun Dec 23 2018
  - Update to 0.34.0
    Synapse 0.34.0 is the first release to fully support Python 3.
    Synapse will now run on Python versions 3.5 or 3.6
    (as well as 2.7). Support for Python 3.7 remains experimental.
    * Features
    - Add 'sandbox' to CSP for media reprository (#4284)
    - Make the new landing page prettier. (#4294)
    - Fix deleting E2E room keys when using old SQLite versions. (#4295)
    - Add a welcome page for the client API port. Credit to @krombel! (#4289)
    - Remove Matrix console from the default distribution (#4290)
    - Add option to track MAU stats (but not limit people) (#3830)
    - Add an option to enable recording IPs for appservice users (#3831)
    - Rename login type m.login.cas to m.login.sso (#4220)
    - Add an option to disable search for homeservers that may not be interested in it. (#4230)
    * Bugfixes
    - Pushrules can now again be made with non-ASCII rule IDs. (#4165)
    - The media repository now no longer fails to decode UTF-8 filenames when downloading remote media. (#4176)
    - URL previews now correctly decode non-UTF-8 text if the header contains a <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" header. (#4183)
    - Fix an issue where public consent URLs had two slashes. (#4192)
    - Fallback auth now accepts the session parameter on Python 3. (#4197)
    - Remove from the list of trusted Identity Servers in the default configuration (#4207)
    - fix start up failure when mau_limit_reserved_threepids set and db is postgres (#4211)
    - Fix auto join failures for servers that require user consent (#4223)
    - Fix exception caused by non-ascii event IDs (#4241)
    - Pushers can now be unsubscribed from on Python 3. (#4250)
    - Fix UnicodeDecodeError when postgres is configured to give non-English errors (#4253)
    * Internal Changes
    - Debian packages utilising a virtualenv with bundled dependencies can now be built. (#4212)
    - Disable pager when running git-show in CI (#4291)
    - A coveragerc file has been added. (#4180)
    - Add a GitHub pull request template and add multiple issue templates (#4182)
    - Update README to reflect the fact that #1491 is fixed (#4188)
    - Run the AS senders as background processes to fix warnings (#4189)
    - Add some diagnostics to the tests to detect logcontext problems (#4190)
    - Add missing jpeg package prerequisite for OpenBSD in README. (#4193)
    - Add a note saying you need to manually reclaim disk space after using the Purge History API (#4200)
    - More logcontext checking in unittests (#4205)
    - Ignore __pycache__ directories in the database schema folder (#4214)
    - Add note to UPGRADE.rst about removing from list of trusted identity servers (#4224)
    - Added automated coverage reporting to CI. (#4225)
    - Garbage-collect after each unit test to fix logcontext leaks (#4227)
    - add more detail to logging regarding "More than one row matched" error (#4234)
    - Drop sent_transactions table (#4244)
    - Add a basic .editorconfig (#4257)
    - Update README.rst and UPGRADE.rst for Python 3. (#4260)
    - Remove obsolete verbose and log_file settings from homeserver.yaml for Docker image. (#4261)
* Wed Nov 21 2018
  - Update to 0.33.9
    * Features
    - Include flags to optionally add m.login.terms to the registration flow when consent tracking is enabled. (#4004, #4133, #4142, #4184)
    - Support for replacing rooms with new ones (#4091, #4099, #4100, #4101)
    * Bugfixes
    - Fix exceptions when using the email mailer on Python 3. (#4095)
    - Fix e2e key backup with more than 9 backup versions (#4113)
    - Searches that request profile info now no longer fail with a 500. (#4122)
    - fix return code of empty key backups (#4123)
    - If the typing stream ID goes backwards (as on a worker when the master restarts), the worker's typing handler will no longer
      erroneously    report rooms containing new typing events. (#4127)
    - Fix table lock of device_lists_remote_cache which could freeze the application (#4132)
    - Fix exception when using state res v2 algorithm (#4135)
    - Generating the user consent URI no longer fails on Python 3. (#4140, #4163)
    - Loading URL previews from the DB cache on Postgres will no longer cause Unicode type errors when responding to the request,
      and URL - - previews will no longer fail if the remote server returns a Content-Type header with the chartype in quotes. (#4157)
    - The hash_password script now works on Python 3. (#4161)
    - Fix noop checks when updating device keys, reducing spurious device list update notifications. (#4164)
    * Deprecations and Removals
    - The disused and un-specced identicon generator has been removed. (#4106)
    - The obsolete and non-functional /pull federation endpoint has been removed. (#4118)
    - The deprecated v1 key exchange endpoints have been removed. (#4119)
    - Synapse will no longer fetch keys using the fallback deprecated v1 key exchange method and will now always use v2. (#4120)
    * Internal Changes
    - Fix build of Docker image with docker-compose (#3778)
    - Delete unreferenced state groups during history purge (#4006)
    - The "Received rdata" log messages on workers is now logged at DEBUG, not INFO. (#4108)
    - Reduce replication traffic for device lists (#4109)
    - Fix synapse_replication_tcp_protocol_*_commands metric label to be full command name, rather than just the first character (#4110)
    - Log some bits about room creation (#4121)
    - Fix tox failure on old systems (#4124)
    - Add STATE_V2_TEST room version (#4128)
    - Clean up event accesses and tests (#4137)
    - The default logging config will now set an explicit log file encoding of UTF-8. (#4138)
    - Add helpers functions for getting prev and auth events of an event (#4139)
    - Add some tests for the HTTP pusher. (#4149)
    - add and scripts to contrib/ (#4155)
    - HTTP tests have been refactored to contain less boilerplate. (#4156)
    - Drop incoming events from federation for unknown rooms (#4165)
* Thu Nov 01 2018
  - Update to 0.33.8
    * Features
    - Servers with auto-join rooms will now automatically create those rooms when the first user registers (#3975)
    - Add config option to control alias creation (#4051)
    - The register_new_matrix_user script is now ported to Python 3. (#4085)
    - Configure Docker image to listen on both ipv4 and ipv6. (#4089)
    * Bugfixes
    - Fix HTTP error response codes for federated group requests. (#3969)
    - Fix issue where Python 3 users couldn't paginate /publicRooms (#4046)
    - Fix URL previewing to work in Python 3.7 (#4050)
    - synctl will use the right python executable to run worker processes (#4057)
    - Manhole now works again on Python 3, instead of failing with a "couldn't match all kex parts" when connecting. (#4060, #4067)
    - Fix some metrics being racy and causing exceptions when polled by Prometheus. (#4061)
    - Fix bug which prevented email notifications from being sent unless an absolute path was given for email_templates. (#4068)
    - Correctly account for cpu usage by background threads (#4074)
    - Fix race condition where config defined reserved users were not being added to
    - the monthly active user list prior to the homeserver reactor firing up (#4081)
    - Fix bug which prevented backslashes being used in event field filters (#4083)
    * Internal Changes
    - Add information about the matrix-docker-ansible-deploy playbook (#3698)
    - Add initial implementation of new state resolution algorithm (#3786)
    - Reduce database load when fetching state groups (#4011)
    - Various cleanups in the federation client code (#4031)
    - Run the CircleCI builds in docker containers (#4041)
    - Only colourise synctl output when attached to tty (#4049)
    - Refactor room alias creation code (#4063)
    - Make the Python scripts in the top-level scripts folders meet pep8 and pass flake8. (#4068)
    - The README now contains example for the Caddy web server. Contributed by steamp0rt. (#4072)
    - Add psutil as an explicit dependency (#4073)
    - Clean up threading and logcontexts in pushers (#4075)
    - Correctly manage logcontexts during startup to fix some "Unexpected logging context" warnings (#4076)
    - Give some more things logcontexts (#4077)
    - Clean up some bits of code which were flagged by the linter (#4082)
* Thu Oct 18 2018
  - Update to 0.33.7
    * Features
    - Ship the example email templates as part of the package (#4052)
    - Add support for end-to-end key backup (MSC1687) (#4019)
    * Bugfixes
    - Fix bug which made get_missing_events return too few events (#4045)
    - Fix bug in event persistence logic which caused 'NoneType is not iterable' (#3995)
    - Fix exception in background metrics collection (#3996)
    - Fix exception handling in fetching remote profiles (#3997)
    - Fix handling of rejected threepid invites (#3999)
    - Workers now start on Python 3. (#4027)
    - Synapse now starts on Python 3.7. (#4033)
    * Internal Changes
    - Log exceptions in looping calls (#4008)
    - Optimisation for serving federation requests (#4017)
    - Add metric to count number of non-empty sync responses (#4022)
* Sat Oct 06 2018
  - Update to 0.33.6
    * Features
    - Adding the ability to change MAX_UPLOAD_SIZE for the docker container variables. (#3883)
    - Report "python_version" in the phone home stats (#3894)
    - Always LL ourselves if we're in a room (#3916)
    - Include eventid in log lines when processing incoming federation transactions (#3959)
    - Remove spurious check which made 'localhost' servers not work (#3964)
    * Bugfixes
    - Fix problem when playing media from Chrome using direct URL (thanks @remjey!) (#3578)
    - support registering regular users non-interactively with register_new_matrix_user script (#3836)
    - Fix broken invite email links for self hosted riots (#3868)
    - Don't ratelimit autojoins (#3879)
    - Fix 500 error when deleting unknown room alias (#3889)
    - Fix some b'abcd' noise in logs and metrics (#3892, #3895)
    - When we join a room, always try the server we used for the alias lookup first, to avoid unresponsive and out-of-date servers. (#3899)
    - Fix incorrect server-name indication for outgoing federation requests (#3907)
    - Fix adding client IPs to the database failing on Python 3. (#3908)
    - Fix bug where things occaisonally were not being timed out correctly. (#3910)
    - Fix bug where outbound federation would stop talking to some servers when using workers (#3914)
    - Fix some instances of ExpiringCache not expiring cache items (#3932, #3980)
    - Fix out-of-bounds error when LLing yourself (#3936)
    - Sending server notices regarding user consent now works on Python 3. (#3938)
    - Fix exceptions from metrics handler (#3956)
    - Fix error message for events with missing from auth_events (#3960)
    - Fix errors due to concurrent monthly_active_user upserts (#3961)
    - Fix exceptions when processing incoming events over federation (#3968)
    - Replaced all occurences of e.message with str(e). Contributed by Schnuffle (#3970)
    - Fix lazy loaded sync in the presence of rejected state events (#3986)
    - Fix error when logging incomplete HTTP requests (#3990)
    * Internal Changes
    - Unit tests can now be run under PostgreSQL in Docker using (#3699)
    - Speed up calculation of typing updates for replication (#3794)
    - Remove documentation regarding installation on Cygwin, the use of WSL is recommended instead. (#3873)
    - Fix typo in README, synaspse -> synapse (#3897)
    - Increase the timeout when filling missing events in federation requests (#3903)
    - Improve the logging when handling a federation transaction (#3904, #3966)
    - Improve logging of outbound federation requests (#3906, #3909)
    - Fix the docker image building on python 3 (#3911)
    - Add a regression test for logging failed HTTP requests on Python 3. (#3912)
    - Comments and interface cleanup for on_receive_pdu (#3924)
    - Fix spurious exceptions when remote http client closes conncetion (#3925)
    - Log exceptions thrown by background tasks (#3927)
    - Add a cache to get_destination_retry_timings (#3933, #3991)
    - Automate pushes to docker hub (#3946)
    - Require attrs 16.0.0 or later (#3947)
    - Fix incompatibility with python3 on alpine (#3948)
    - Run the test suite on the oldest supported versions of our dependencies in CI. (#3952)
    - CircleCI now only runs merged jobs on PRs, and commit jobs on develop, master, and release branches. (#3957)
    - Fix docstrings and add tests for state store methods (#3958)
    - fix docstring for FederationClient.get_state_for_room (#3963)
    - Run notify_app_services as a bg process (#3965)
    - Clarifications in FederationHandler (#3967)
    - Further reduce the docker image size (#3972)
    - Build py3 docker images for docker hub too (#3976)
    - Updated the installation instructions to point to the matrix-synapse package on PyPI. (#3985)
    - Disable USE_FROZEN_DICTS for unittests by default. (#3987)
    - Remove unused Jenkins and development related files from the repo. (#3988)
    - Improve stacktraces in certain exceptions in the logs (#3989)
    - Pin to prometheus_client<0.4 to avoid renaming all of our metrics (#4002)
  - Changes from
    * Internal Changes
    - Fix incompatibility with older Twisted version in tests. Thanks @OlegGirko! (#3940)
  - Changes from 0.33.5
    * Features
    - Python 3.5 and 3.6 support is now in beta. (#3576)
    - Implement event_format filter param in /sync (#3790)
    - Add synapse_admin_mau:registered_reserved_users metric to expose number of real reaserved users (#3846)
    * Bugfixes
    - Remove connection ID for replication prometheus metrics, as it creates a large number of new series. (#3788)
    - guest users should not be part of mau total (#3800)
    - Bump dependency on pyopenssl 16.x, to avoid incompatibility with recent Twisted. (#3804)
    - Fix existing room tags not coming down sync when joining a room (#3810)
    - Fix jwt import check (#3824)
    - fix VOIP crashes under Python 3 (#3821) (#3835)
    - Fix manhole so that it works with latest openssh clients (#3841)
    - Fix outbound requests occasionally wedging, which can result in federation breaking between servers. (#3845)
    - Show heroes if room name/canonical alias has been deleted (#3851)
    - Fix handling of redacted events from federation (#3859)
    - (#3874)
    - Mitigate outbound federation randomly becoming wedged (#3875)
    * Internal Changes
    - CircleCI tests now run on the potential merge of a PR. (#3704)
    - http/ is now ported to Python 3. (#3771)
    - Improve human readable error messages for threepid registration/account update (#3789)
    - Make /sync slightly faster by avoiding needless copies (#3795)
    - handlers/ is now ported to Python 3. (#3803)
    - Limit the number of PDUs/EDUs per federation transaction (#3805)
    - Only start postgres instance for postgres tests on Travis CI (#3806)
    - tests/ is now ported to Python 3. (#3808)
    - crypto/ is now ported to Python 3. (#3822)
    - rest/ is now ported to Python 3. (#3823)
    - add some logging for the keyring queue (#3826)
    - speed up lazy loading by 2-3x (#3827)
    - Improved Dockerfile to remove build requirements after building reducing the image size. (#3834)
    - Disable lazy loading for incremental syncs for now (#3840)
    - federation/ is now ported to Python 3. (#3847)
    - Log when we retry outbound requests (#3853)
    - Removed some excess logging messages. (#3855)
    - Speed up purge history for rooms that have been previously purged (#3856)
    - Refactor some HTTP timeout code. (#3857)
    - Fix running merged builds on CircleCI (#3858)
    - Fix typo in replication stream exception. (#3860)
    - Add in flight real time metrics for Measure blocks (#3871)
    - Disable buffering and automatic retrying in treq requests to prevent timeouts. (#3872)
    - mention jemalloc in the README (#3877)
    - Remove unmaintained "" script (#3888)
* Tue Sep 11 2018
  - Update to version 0.33.4:
    * Features:
    - Support profile API endpoints on workers (#3659)
    - Server notices for resource limit blocking (#3680)
    - Allow guests to use /rooms/:roomId/event/:eventId (#3724)
    - Add mau_trial_days config param, so that users only get counted as MAU after N days. (#3749)
    - Require twisted 17.1 or later (fixes #3741). (#3751)
    * Bugfixes:
    - Fix error collecting prometheus metrics when run on dedicated thread due to threading concurrency issues (#3722)
    - Fix bug where we resent “limit exceeded” server notices repeatedly (#3747)
    - Fix bug where we broke sync when using limit_usage_by_mau but hadn’t configured server notices (#3753)
    - Fix ‘federation_domain_whitelist’ such that an empty list correctly blocks all outbound federation traffic (#3754)
    - Fix tagging of server notice rooms (#3755, #3756)
    - Fix ‘admin_uri’ config variable and error parameter to be ‘admin_contact’ to match the spec. (#3758)
    - Don’t return non-LL-member state in incremental sync state blocks (#3760)
    - Fix bug in sending presence over federation (#3768)
    - Fix bug where preserved threepid user comes to sign up and server is mau blocked (#3777)
* Thu Sep 06 2018
  - Update to version
    - Fix an issue where event signatures were not always correctly validated (#3796)
    - Fix an issue where server_acls could be circumvented for incoming events (#3796)
* Mon Aug 27 2018
  - Update to version 0.33.3:
    * Features:
    - Add support for the SNI extension to federation TLS connections. Thanks to @vojeroen! (#3439)
    - Add /_media/r0/config (#3184)
    - speed up /members API and add at and membership params as per MSC1227 (#3568)
    - implement summary block in /sync response as per MSC688 (#3574)
    - Add lazy-loading support to /messages as per MSC1227 (#3589)
    - Add ability to limit number of monthly active users on the server (#3633)
    - Support more federation endpoints on workers (#3653)
    - Basic support for room versioning (#3654)
    - Ability to disable client/server Synapse via conf toggle (#3655)
    - Ability to whitelist specific threepids against monthly active user limiting (#3662)
    - Add some metrics for the appservice and federation event sending loops (#3664)
    - Where server is disabled, block ability for locked out users to read new messages (#3670)
    - set admin uri via config, to be used in error messages where the user should contact the administrator (#3687)
    - Synapse's presence functionality can now be disabled with the "use_presence" configuration option. (#3694)
    - For resource limit blocked users, prevent writing into rooms (#3708)
    * Bugfixes:
    - Fix occasional glitches in the synapse_event_persisted_position metric (#3658)
    - Fix bug on deleting 3pid when using identity servers that don't support unbind API (#3661)
    - Make the tests pass on Twisted < 18.7.0 (#3676)
    - Don’t ship recaptcha_ajax.js, use it directly from Google (#3677)
    - Fixes test_reap_monthly_active_users so it passes under postgres (#3681)
    - Fix mau blocking calulation bug on login (#3689)
    - Fix missing yield in (#3692)
    - Improve HTTP request logging to include all requests (#3700)
    - Avoid timing out requests while we are streaming back the response (#3701)
    - Support more federation endpoints on workers (#3705, #3713)
    - Fix "Starting db txn 'get_all_updated_receipts' from sentinel context" warning (#3710)
    - Fix bug where state_cache cache factor ignored environment variables (#3719)
    * Deprecations and Removals:
    - The Shared-Secret registration method of the legacy v1/register REST endpoint has been removed. For a replacement, please see the admin/register API documentation. (#3703)
  - Changes from version 0.33.2:
    * Features:
    - add support for the lazy_loaded_members filter as per MSC1227 (#2970)
    - add support for the include_redundant_members filter param as per MSC1227 (#3331)
    - Add metrics to track resource usage by background processes (#3553, #3556, #3604, #3610)
    - Add code label to synapse_http_server_response_time_seconds prometheus metric (#3554)
    - Add support for client_reader to handle more APIs (#3555, #3597)
    - make the /context API filter & lazy-load aware as per MSC1227 (#3567)
    - Add ability to limit number of monthly active users on the server (#3630)
    - When we fail to join a room over federation, pass the error code back to the client. (#3639)
    - Add a new /admin/register API for non-interactively creating users. (#3415)
    * Bugfixes:
    - Make /directory/list API return 404 for room not found instead of 400. Thanks to @fuzzmz! (#3620)
    - Default inviter_display_name to mxid for email invites (#3391)
    - Don't generate TURN credentials if no TURN config options are set (#3514)
    - Correctly announce deleted devices over federation (#3520)
    - Catch failures saving metrics captured by Measure, and instead log the faulty metrics information for further analysis. (#3548)
    - Unicode passwords are now normalised before hashing, preventing the instance where two different devices or browsers might send a different UTF-8 sequence for the password. (#3569)
    - Fix potential stack overflow and deadlock under heavy load (#3570)
    - Respond with M_NOT_FOUND when profiles are not found locally or over federation. Fixes #3585 (#3585)
    - Fix failure to persist events over federation under load (#3601)
    - Fix updating of cached remote profiles (#3605)
    - Fix 'tuple index out of range' error (#3607)
    - Only import secrets when available (fix for py < 3.6) (#3626)
* Thu Aug 09 2018
  - Update to 0.33.1
    * Bug Fixes:
    * Fix a potential issue where servers could request events for rooms they
      have not joined
    * Fix a potential issue where users could see events in private rooms
      before they joined
* Fri Jul 20 2018
  - Update to 0.33.0
    * Bug Fixes:
    * Use more portable syntax in our use of the attrs package, widening the supported versions (#3498)
    * Fix queued federation requests being processed in the wrong order (#3533)
    * Ensure that erasure requests are correctly honoured for publicly accessible rooms when accessed over federation. (#3546)
    * Disable a noisy warning about logcontexts (#3561)
    * Features:
    * Enforce the specified API for report_event (#3316)
    * Include CPU time from database threads in request/block metrics. (#3496, #3501)
    * Add CPU metrics for _fetch_event_list (#3497)
    * optimisation for /sync (#3505, #3521)
    * Optimisation to make handling incoming federation requests more efficient. (#3541)
* Wed Jul 11 2018
  - Update to 0.32.2
    * Bug Fixes:
    * Strip access_token from outgoing requests (#3327)
    * Redact AS tokens in logs (#3349)
    * Fix federation backfill from SQLite servers (#3355)
    * Fix event-purge-by-ts admin API (#3363)
    * Fix event filtering in get_missing_events handler (#3371)
    * Synapse is now stricter regarding accepting events which it cannot
      retrieve the prev_events for. (#3456)
    * Fix bug where synapse would explode when receiving unicode in HTTP
      User-Agent header (#3470)
    * Invalidate cache on correct thread to avoid race (#3473)
    * Features:
    * Add blacklist & whitelist of servers allowed to send events to a
      room via ```` event.
    * Cache factor override system for specific caches (#3334)
    * Add metrics to track appservice transactions (#3344)
    * Try to log more helpful info when a sig verification fails (#3372)
    * Synapse now uses the best performing JSON encoder/decoder according
      to your runtime (simplejson on CPython, stdlib json on PyPy). (#3462)
    * Add optional ip_range_whitelist param to AS registration files to
      lock AS IP access (#3465)
    * Reject invalid server names in federation requests (#3480)
    * Reject invalid server names in homeserver.yaml (#3483)
* Tue Jul 10 2018
  - Update to version 0.31.2:
    * Bug Fixes:
    * SECURITY UPDATE: Prevent unauthorised users from setting state events in
      a room when there is no ```` event in force in the
      room. (PR #3397)
  - Change to package version format without leading "v"
* Tue Jul 10 2018
  - Replace deprecated tar_scm by obs_scm
* Sun Jun 10 2018
  - Update to version v0.31.1:
    * Bug Fixes:
    * Fix event filtering in get_missing_events handler (PR #3371)
      (boo#1096833, CVE-2018-12291)
    * Fix metric documentation tables (PR #3341)
    * Fix LaterGauge error handling (694968f)
    * Fix replication metrics (b7e7fd2)
    * Fix federation backfill bugs (PR #3261)
    * federation: fix LaterGauge usage (PR #3328) Thanks to @intelfx!
    * Fix logcontext resource usage tracking (PR #3258)
    * Fix error in handling receipts (PR #3235)
    * Stop the transaction cache caching failures (PR #3255)
    * Features:
    * Let users leave the server notice room after joining (PR #3287)
    * Add in flight request metrics (PR #3252)
    * Changes:
    * Switch to the Python Prometheus library (PR #3256, #3274)
    * Cohort analytics (PR #3163, #3241, #3251)
    * Add lxml to docker image for web previews (PR #3239) Thanks to @ptman!
    * daily user type phone home stats (PR #3264)
    * Docs on consent bits (PR #3268)
    * Remove users from user directory on deactivate (PR #3277)
    * Avoid sending consent notice to guest users (PR #3288)
    * disable CPUMetrics if no /proc/self/stat (PR #3299)
    * Add private IPv6 addresses to example config for url preview blacklist (PR #3317) Thanks to @thegcat!
    * Allow overriding the server_notices user's avatar (PR #3273)
    * Support for putting %(consent_uri)s in messages (PR #3271)
    * Block attempts to send server notices to remote users (PR #3270)
    * Docs on consent bits (PR #3268)
    * ConsentResource to gather policy consent from users (PR #3213)
    * Infrastructure for a server notices room (PR #3232)
    * Send users a server notice about consent (PR #3236)
    * Reject attempts to send event before privacy consent is given (PR #3257)
    * Don't support limitless pagination (PR #3265)
* Fri May 18 2018
  - Update to version v0.29.1:
    * Potentially breaking change:
    * Make Client-Server API return 401 for invalid token (PR #3161). Thanks to @NotAFile.
    * Bug Fixes:
    * synapse fails to start under Twisted >= 18.4 (PR #3157)
    * Fix a class of logcontext leaks (PR #3170)
    * Fix a couple of logcontext leaks in unit tests (PR #3172)
    * Fix logcontext leak in media repo (PR #3174)
    * Escape label values in prometheus metrics (PR #3175, #3186)
    * Fix 'Unhandled Error' logs with Twisted 18.4 (PR #3182) Thanks to @Half-Shot!
    * Fix logcontext leaks in rate limiter (PR #3183)
    * notifications: Convert next_token to string according to the spec (PR #3190) Thanks to @mujx!
    * fix deletion from search table (PR #3194) Thanks to @rubo77!
    * add guard for None on purge_history api (PR #3160) Thanks to @krombel!
    * Features:
    * Add a Dockerfile for synapse (PR #2846) Thanks to @kaiyou!
    * Changes:
    * Update docker documentation (PR #3222)
    * added postgresql option and help (PR #2337) Thanks to @rubo77!
    * Part user from rooms on account deactivate (PR #3201)
    * Make 'unexpected logging context' into warnings (PR #3007)
    * Set Server header in SynapseRequest (PR #3208)
    * remove duplicates from groups tables (PR #3129)
    * Improve exception handling for background processes (PR #3138)
    * Add missing consumeErrors to improve exception handling (PR #3139)
    * reraise exceptions more carefully (PR #3142)
    * Remove redundant call to preserve_fn (PR #3143)
    * Trap exceptions thrown within run_in_background (PR #3144)
    * Refactor /context to reuse pagination storage functions (PR #3193)
    * Refactor recent events func to use pagination func (PR #3195)
    * Refactor pagination DB API to return concrete type (PR #3196)
    * Refactor get_recent_events_for_room return type (PR #3198)
    * Refactor sync APIs to reuse pagination API (PR #3199)
    * Remove unused code path from member change DB func (PR #3200)
    * Refactor request handling wrappers (PR #3203)
    * transaction_id, destination defined twice (PR #3209) Thanks to @damir-manapov!
    * Refactor event storage to prepare for changes in state calculations (PR #3141)
    * Set Server header in SynapseRequest (PR #3208)
    * Use deferred.addTimeout instead of time_bound_deferred (PR #3127, #3178)
    * Use run_in_background in preference to preserve_fn (PR #3140)
    * Construct HMAC as bytes on py3 (PR #3156) Thanks to @NotAFile!
    * run config tests on py3 (PR #3159) Thanks to @NotAFile!
    * Open certificate files as bytes (PR #3084) Thanks to @NotAFile!
    * Open config file in non-bytes mode (PR #3085) Thanks to @NotAFile!
    * Make event properties raise AttributeError instead (PR #3102) Thanks to @NotAFile!
    * Use six.moves.urlparse (PR #3108) Thanks to @NotAFile!
    * Add py3 tests to tox with folders that work (PR #3145) Thanks to @NotAFile!
    * Don't yield in list comprehensions (PR #3150) Thanks to @NotAFile!
    * Move more xrange to six (PR #3151) Thanks to @NotAFile!
    * make imports local (PR #3152) Thanks to @NotAFile!
    * move httplib import to six (PR #3153) Thanks to @NotAFile!
    * Replace stringIO imports with six (PR #3154, #3168) Thanks to @NotAFile!
    * more bytes strings (PR #3155) Thanks to @NotAFile!
* Mon May 14 2018
  - Fixed systemd service file installation
  - Fixed rpmlint warnings
  - Changed to specific "synapse" user and group
* Fri May 04 2018
  - Update to version v0.28.1:
      Clamp the allowed values of event depth received over federation to be
      [0, 2^63 - 1]. This mitigates an attack where malicious events
      injected with depth = 2^63 - 1 render rooms unusable. Depth is used to
      determine the cosmetic ordering of events within a room, and so the ordering
      of events in such a room will default to using stream_ordering rather than depth
      This is a temporary solution to mitigate abuse in the wild, whilst a long term solution
      is being implemented to improve how the depth parameter is used.
      Full details at
      Pin Twisted to <18.4 until we stop using the private _OpenSSLECCurve API.
    * Bug Fixes:
    * Return 401 for invalid access_token on logout (PR #2938) Thanks to @dklug!
    * Return a 404 rather than a 500 on rejoining empty rooms (PR #3080)
    * fix federation_domain_whitelist (PR #3099)
    * Avoid creating events with huge numbers of prev_events (PR #3113)
    * Reject events which have lots of prev_events (PR #3118)
    * Fix quarantine media admin API and search reindex (PR #3130)
    * Fix media admin APIs (PR #3134)
    * Features:
    * Add metrics for event processing lag (PR #3090)
    * Add metrics for ResponseCache (PR #3092)
    * Changes:
    * Synapse on PyPy (PR #2760) Thanks to @Valodim!
    * move handling of auto_join_rooms to RegisterHandler (PR #2996) Thanks to @krombel!
    * Improve handling of SRV records for federation connections (PR #3016) Thanks to @silkeh!
    * Document the behaviour of ResponseCache (PR #3059)
    * Preparation for py3 (PR #3061, #3073, #3074, #3075, #3103, #3104, #3106, #3107, #3109, #3110) Thanks to @NotAFile!
    * update prometheus dashboard to use new metric names (PR #3069) Thanks to @krombel!
    * use python3-compatible prints (PR #3074) Thanks to @NotAFile!
    * Send federation events concurrently (PR #3078)
    * Limit concurrent event sends for a room (PR #3079)
    * Improve R30 stat definition (PR #3086)
    * Send events to ASes concurrently (PR #3088)
    * Refactor ResponseCache usage (PR #3093)
    * Clarify that SRV may not point to a CNAME (PR #3100) Thanks to @silkeh!
    * Use str(e) instead of e.message (PR #3103) Thanks to @NotAFile!
    * Use six.itervalues in some places (PR #3106) Thanks to @NotAFile!
    * Refactor store.have_events (PR #3117)
* Fri Apr 27 2018
  - Disable web-client for package self-test to get rid of unfulfilled dependency
* Fri Apr 20 2018
  - Introduce package self-test based on _multibuild
* Mon Apr 16 2018
  - Update to version v0.27.4:
    * Bug fixes:
    * URL quote path segments over federation (#3082)
    * Add room_id to the response of rooms/{roomId}/join (PR #2986) Thanks to @jplatte!
    * Fix replication after switch to simplejson (PR #3015)
    * Fix replication after switch to simplejson (PR #3015)
    * 404 correctly on missing paths via NoResource (PR #3022)
    * Fix error when claiming e2e keys from offline servers (PR #3034)
    * fix tests/storage/ (PR #3042)
    * use PUT instead of POST for federating groups/m.join_policy (PR #3070) Thanks to @krombel!
    * postgres port script: fix state_groups_pkey error (PR #3072)
    * Features:
    * Add joinability for groups (PR #3045)
    * Implement group join API (PR #3046)
    * Add counter metrics for calculating state delta (PR #3033)
    * R30 stats (PR #3041)
    * Measure time it takes to calculate state group ID (PR #3043)
    * Add basic performance statistics to phone home (PR #3044)
    * Add response size metrics (PR #3071)
    * phone home cache size configurations (PR #3063)
    * Changes:
    * Update canonicaljson dependency (#3095)
    * Add a blurb explaining the main synapse worker (PR #2886) Thanks to @turt2live!
    * Replace old style error catching with 'as' keyword (PR #3000) Thanks to @NotAFile!
    * Use .iter* to avoid copies in StateHandler (PR #3006)
    * Linearize calls to _generate_user_id (PR #3029)
    * Remove last usage of ujson (PR #3030)
    * Use simplejson throughout (PR #3048)
    * Use static JSONEncoders (PR #3049)
    * Remove uses of events.content (PR #3060)
    * Improve database cache performance (PR #3068)
* Thu Mar 29 2018
  - Update to version v0.27.2:
    * Bug fixes:
    * Fix bug which broke TCP replication between workers (PR #3015)
    * Fix broken ldap_config config option (PR #2683) Thanks to @seckrv!
    * Fix error message when user is not allowed to unban (PR #2761) Thanks to
    * Fix publicised groups GET API (singular) over federation (PR #2772)
    * Fix user directory when using user_directory_search_all_users config
      option (PR #2803, #2831)
    * Fix error on /publicRooms when no rooms exist (PR #2827)
    * Fix bug in quarantine_media (PR #2837)
    * Fix url_previews when no Content-Type is returned from URL (PR #2845)
    * Fix rare race in sync API when joining room (PR #2944)
    * Fix slow event search, switch back from GIST to GIN indexes (PR #2769,
    * Fix bug where an invalid event caused server to stop functioning
      correctly, due to parsing and serializing bugs in ujson library.
    * Features:
    * Add ability for ASes to override message send time (PR #2754)
    * Add support for custom storage providers for media repository (PR #2867,
      [#2777], #2783, #2789, #2791, #2804, #2812, #2814, #2857, #2868, #2767)
    * Add purge API features, see docs/admin_api/purge_history_api.rst for
      full details (PR #2858, #2867, #2882, #2946, #2962, #2943)
    * Add support for whitelisting 3PIDs that users can register. (PR #2813)
    * Add /room/{id}/event/{id} API (PR #2766)
    * Add an admin API to get all the media in a room (PR #2818) Thanks to
    * Add federation_domain_whitelist option (PR #2820, #2821)
    * Changes:
    * Continue to factor out processing from main process and into worker
      processes. See updated docs/workers.rst (PR #2892 - #2904, #2913, #2920
    - #2926, #2947, #2847, #2854, #2872, #2873, #2874, #2928, #2929, #2934,
      [#2856], #2976 - #2984, #2987 - #2989, #2991 - #2993, #2995, #2784)
    * Ensure state cache is used when persisting events (PR #2864, #2871,
      [#2802], #2835, #2836, #2841, #2842, #2849)
    * Change the default config to bind on both IPv4 and IPv6 on all platforms
      (PR #2435) Thanks to @silkeh!
    * No longer require a specific version of saml2 (PR #2695) Thanks to @okurz!
    * Remove verbosity/log_file from generated config (PR #2755)
    * Add and improve metrics and logging (PR #2770, #2778, #2785, #2786,
      [#2787], #2793, #2794, #2795, #2809, #2810, #2833, #2834, #2844, #2965,
      [#2927], #2975, #2790, #2796, #2838)
    * When using synctl with workers, don't start the main synapse
      automatically (PR #2774)
    * Minor performance improvements (PR #2773, #2792)
    * Use a connection pool for non-federation outbound connections (PR #2817)
    * Make it possible to run unit tests against postgres (PR #2829)
    * Update pynacl dependency to 1.2.1 or higher (PR #2888) Thanks to @bachp!
    * Remove ability for AS users to call /events and /sync (PR #2948)
    * Use bcrypt.checkpw (PR #2949) Thanks to @krombel!
  - Change spec-file to use service downloaded and recompressed file directly
  - Remove patch synapse_python_dependencies_allow_higher_versions_of_pysaml2.patch
    now included in upstream changes
* Sun Jan 07 2018
  - Update to version v0.26.0:
    * Bug fixes:
    * Fix database port script (PR #2673)
    * Fix internal server error on login with ldap_auth_provider (PR #2678) Thanks
      to @jkolo!
    * Fix error on sqlite 3.7 (PR #2697)
    * Fix OPTIONS on preview_url (PR #2707)
    * Fix error handling on dns lookup (PR #2711)
    * Fix wrong avatars when inviting multiple users when creating room (PR #2717)
    * Fix 500 when joining matrix-dev (PR #2719)
    * Features:
    * Add ability for ASes to publicise groups for their users (PR #2686)
    * Add all local users to the user_directory and optionally search them (PR
    * #2723)
    * Add support for custom login types for validating users (PR #2729)
    * Changes:
    * Update example Prometheus config to new format (PR #2648) Thanks to
    * Rename redact_content option to include_content in Push API (PR #2650)
    * Declare support for r0.3.0 (PR #2677)
    * Improve upserts (PR #2684, #2688, #2689, #2713)
    * Improve documentation of workers (PR #2700)
    * Improve tracebacks on exceptions (PR #2705)
    * Allow guest access to group APIs for reading (PR #2715)
    * Support for posting content in federation_client script (PR #2716)
    * Delete devices and pushers on logouts etc (PR #2722)



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