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ipxe-bootimgs-1.21.1+git20210908.02ec659b-2.1 RPM for noarch

From OpenSuSE Tumbleweed for noarch

Name: ipxe-bootimgs Distribution: openSUSE Tumbleweed
Version: 1.21.1+git20210908.02ec659b Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 2.1 Build date: Thu Jun 23 11:18:05 2022
Group: Development/Tools/Other Build host: lamb15
Size: 4664620 Source RPM: ipxe-1.21.1+git20210908.02ec659b-2.1.src.rpm
Summary: Network boot loader images in bootable USB, CD, floppy and GRUB formats
iPXE is a network bootloader. It provides a direct
replacement for proprietary PXE ROMs, with many extra features such as
DNS, HTTP, iSCSI, etc.

This package contains the iPXE boot images in USB, CD, floppy, and PXE
UNDI formats. EFI is supported, too.






* Mon Jun 20 2022 Dominique Leuenberger <>
  - Use the default gcc version in Tumbleweed builds.
* Sun May 22 2022 Ferdinand Thiessen <>
  - Update to version 1.21.1+git20210908.02ec659b:
    * [acpi] Generalise DSDT/SSDT data extraction logic
    * [efi] Record cached ProxyDHCPOFFER and PXEBSACK, if present
    * [efi] Use zero for PCI vendor/device IDs when no applicable ID exists
    * [cloud] Retry DHCP aggressively in AWS EC2
    * [efi] Match signtool expectations for file alignment
    * [libc] Allow for externally-defined LITTLE_ENDIAN and BIG_ENDIAN constants
    * [uri] Make URI schemes case-insensitive
    * [rdc] Add driver for RDC R6040 embedded NIC
    * [realtek] Work around hardware bug on RTL8211B
    * [cloud] Show ifstat output after a failed boot attempt
    * [peerdist] Assume that most recently discovered peer can be reused
  - Fixes build on Leap
  - Add workaround for building with GCC12 (Factory)
* Sun May 22 2022 Ferdinand Thiessen <>
  - Fix version, base version, starting with 1.20.1+git20210604.065dce8d,
    was 1.21.1 not 1.20.1 as 1.21.1 was released December 2020.
    So current version is: 1.21.1+git20210614.bf4ccd42
* Thu Jun 17 2021 Guillaume GARDET <>
  - Since last update, syslinux is required to build the ISO but
    it is available only on x86*, so disable ISO build for non-x86*
* Mon Jun 14 2021
  - Update to version 1.20.1+git20210614.bf4ccd42:
    * [build] Ensure build ID is deterministic (boo#1047218)
    * [efi] Veto the Itautec Ip4ConfigDxe driver
    * [libc] Match standard prototype for putchar()
    * [base64] Include terminating NUL within base64 character array
    * [rndis] Fix size of reserved fields
* Fri Jun 04 2021
  - use xorrisofs for creating iso
  - Update to version 1.20.1+git20210604.065dce8d:
    * [ath5k] Avoid returning uninitialised data on EEPROM read errors
    * [crypto] Add memory output constraints for big-integer inline assembly
    * [build] Use SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH for isohybrid MBR ID if it exists
    * [build] Use SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH for .iso timestamps if it exists
    * [cpio] Split out bzImage initrd CPIO header construction
    * [x509] Use case-insensitive comparison for certificate names
    * [libc] Add strncasecmp()
    * [bnxt] Use hexadecimal values in PCI_ROM entries
    * [intel] Add PCI ID for I219-V and -LM 10 to 15
    * [image] Support archive image formats independently of "imgextract" command
    * [image] Propagate trust flag to extracted archive images
    * [image] Allow single-member archive images to be executed transparently
    * [undi] Read TSC only when profiling
    * [rng] Check for TSC support before using RTC entropy source
    * [prefix] Specify i486 architecture for LZMA decompressor
    * [gzip] Add support for gzip archive images
    * [zlib] Add support for zlib archive images
    * [image] Add "imgextract" command for extracting archive images
    * [image] Provide image_set_len() utility function
    * [cloud] Allow multiple images to be imported simultaneously
    * [cloud] Attempt to include CPUID_SETTINGS only for x86 builds
    * [cloud] Autodetect CPU architecture from AMI disk image
    * [cloud] Use a sortable default AMI name
    * [cloud] Add ability to generate Dokuwiki table of AMI images
    * [settings] Add --timeout option to "read" command
    * [readline] Add an optional timeout to readline_history()
    * [build] Fix genfsimg to build ISO with long filenames
    * [xen] Avoid infinite loop on allocation failure in xenstore_response()
    * [xen] Support scatter-gather to allow for jumbo frames
    * [int13] Do not report INT 13 extension support for emulated floppies
    * [cloud] Enable "poweroff" command in cloud images
    * [netdevice] Ensure driver transmit() and poll() will not be re-entered
    * [pci] Avoid scanning nonexistent buses when using PCIAPI_DIRECT
    * [intel] Add additional PCI device ID to table
    * [dhcp] Handle DHCPNAK by returning to discovery state
    * [linux] Do not assume that stat() works on sysfs files
    * [linux] Validate length of ACPI table read from sysfs
    * [linux] Place -lslirp at end of linker search list
    * [linux] Use fstat() rather than statx()
    * [linux] Use generic sysfs mechanism to read SMBIOS + ACPI tables
    * [linux] Add a generic function for reading files from sysfs
    * [linux] Free cached ACPI tables on shutdown
    * [dns] Reduce debug verbosity for DNS server list
    * [linux] Allow arbitrary settings to be applied to Linux devices
    * [linux] Add missing pci_num_bus() stub
    * [slirp] Add libslirp driver for Linux
    * [linux] Provide ACPI settings via /sys/firmware/acpi/tables
    * [acpi] Allow for platforms that provide ACPI tables individually
    * [acpi] Eliminate redundant acpi_find_rsdt() in acpi_sx()
    * [acpi] Use a fixed colour for debug messages
    * [linux] Use host glibc system call wrappers
    * [linux] Add a prefix to all symbols to avoid future name collisions
    * [bitops] Provide an explicit operand size for bit test instructions
    * [librm] Test for FXSAVE/FXRSTOR instruction support
    * [librm] Add missing __asmcall on init_idt()
    * [prefix] Add a generic raw image prefix
    * [initrd] Allow for zero-length initrd files
    * [cloud] Do not enable serial console on EFI platforms
    * [pxe] Split out platform-independent portions of cachedhcp.c
    * [ath5k] Add missing AR5K_EEPROM_READ in ath5k_eeprom_read_turbo_modes
    * [cloud] Enable IPv6 and HTTPS in cloud boot images
    * [cloud] Add utility for importing images to AWS EC2
    * [cloud] Use PCIAPI_DIRECT for cloud images
    * [ena] Switch to two-phase reset mechanism
    * [ci] Disable redundant scheduled execution of Coverity Scan
    * [ci] Disable Travis CI
    * [ci] Add GitHub action for Coverity Scan
    * [ci] Add GitHub action for build testing
    * [contrib] Update bochsrc.txt to work with current versions
    * [hermon] Add support for ConnectX-3 based cards
    * [autoboot] Avoid closing and immediately reopening network device
    * [hermon] Avoid parsing length field on completion errors
    * [hermon] Make hermon_dump_xxx() functions no-ops on non-debug builds
    * [hermon] Minimise reset time
    * [hermon] Throttle debug output when sensing port type
    * [hermon] Add a debug notice when initialization is complete
    * [hermon] Add support for port management event
    * [hermon] Adjust Ethernet work queue size
    * [hermon] Use reset value suitable for ConnectX-3
    * [hermon] Clean up whitespace in hermon.c
    * [iscsi] Update link to iBFT reference manual
    * [hermon] Limit link poll frequency in DOWN state
    * [hermon] Perform clean MPT unmap on device shutdown
    * [hermon] Use Ethernet MAC as eIPoIB local EMAC
    * [hermon] Increase polling rate for command completions
    * [hermon] Add event queue debug functions
    * [hermon] Increase command timeout from 2 to 10 seconds
    * [hermon] Add assorted debug error messages
    * [hermon] Show "issuing command" messages only at DBGLVL_EXTRA
    * [hermon] Reorganize PCI ROM list and document well-known product names
    * [golan] Backport typo fix in nodnic_prm.h: s/HERMON/NODNIC/
    * [arbel] Clean up whitespace in MT25218_PRM.h header
    * [hermon] Clean up whitespace in MT25408_PRM.h header
    * [image] Implicitly trust first embedded image
    * [infiniband] Require drivers to specify the number of ports
    * [ifmgmt] Make "ifstat" show the link-layer protocol for each netdev
    * [cmdline] Expose "iflinkwait" as a command
    * [image] Provide image_memory()
    * [travis] Update to current default build environment
    * [tftp] Allow for profiling of client and server turnaround times
    * [image] Add the "imgmem" command
    * [image] Provide image_set_data()
    * [ipv6] Defer router discovery timeout while link is blocked
    * [dhcp] Allow for links that remained blocked for up to three minutes
    * [eap] Treat an EAP Request-Identity as indicating a blocked link
    * [eapol] Replace EAPoL code
    * [dhcp] Continue transmitting DHCPDISCOVER while link is blocked
    * [isa] Add missing #include <config/isa.h>
    * [xhci] Avoid false positive Coverity warning
    * [xhci] Show meaningful error messages after command failures
    * [xhci] Fail attempts to issue concurrent commands
    * [smbios] Add support for the 64-bit SMBIOS3 entry point
    * [sfc] Update email addresses
    * [x509] Clarify debug message for an untrusted X.509 issuer
    * [golan] Add new PCI IDs
    * [iphone] Add iPhone tethering driver
    * [crypto] Allow private key to be specified as a TLS connection parameter
    * [tls] Include root of trust within definition of TLS session
    * [x509] Make root of trust a reference-counted structure
    * [x509] Record root of trust used when validating a certificate
    * [ocsp] Remove dummy OCSP certificate root
    * [http] Hide HTTP transport-layer filter implementation details
    * [asn1] Define ASN1_SHORT() for constructing short tagged values
    * [asn1] Rename ASN1_OID_CURSOR to ASN1_CURSOR
    * [asn1] Add constant for UTF-8 string tag
    * [tls] Allow provision of a client certificate chain
    * [tls] Use intf_insert() to add TLS to an interface
    * [interface] Provide intf_insert() to insert a filter interface
    * [interface] Ignore any attempts to plug in the null interface
    * [xhci] Update driver to use DMA API
    * [dma] Provide dma_umalloc() for allocating large DMA-coherent buffers
    * [netdevice] Fix misleading comment on netdev_rx()
    * [netdevice] Do not attempt to unmap a null I/O buffer
    * [dma] Move I/O buffer DMA operations to iobuf.h
    * [dma] Record DMA device as part of DMA mapping if needed
    * [dma] Modify DMA API to simplify calculation of medial addresses
    * [intelxl] Configure DMA mask as 64-bit
    * [intel] Configure DMA mask as 64-bit
    * [intelxl] Update driver to use DMA API
    * [intelxl] Read PCI bus:dev.fn number from PFFUNC_RID register
    * [intelxl] Read MAC address from PRTPM_SA[HL] instead of PRTGL_SA[HL]
    * [intel] Use physical addresses in debug messages
    * [realtek] Use physical addresses in debug messages
    * [intel] Update driver to use DMA API
    * [realtek] Update driver to use DMA API
    * [dma] Define a DMA API to allow for non-flat device address spaces
    * [malloc] Rename malloc_dma() to malloc_phys()
    * [realtek] Reset NIC when closing interface if using legacy mode
    * [infiniband] Allow SRP device to be described using an EFI device path
    * [fcp] Allow Fibre Channel device to be described using an EFI device path
    * [iscsi] Allow iSCSI device to be described using an EFI device path
    * [aoe] Allow AoE device to be described using an EFI device path
    * [http] Allow HTTP connection to be described using an EFI device path
    * [usbblk] Allow USB block device to be described using an EFI device path
    * [interface] Allow for the definition of an unused interface operation
    * [ipv6] Reduce time spent waiting for router discovery
    * [lacp] Ignore (and do not echo) trailing padding on received packets
    * [lacp] Detect and ignore erroneously looped back LACP packets
    * [usbblk] Add support for USB mass storage devices
    * [usb] Move usbio driver to end of USB driver list
    * [usb] Allow endpoints to be refilled to a specified upper limit
    * [usb] Allow device halt to be cleared independently of host controller
    * [ncm] Treat a zero divisor as indicating no alignment requirements
    * [usb] Avoid integer underflow on malformed string descriptors
    * [usb] Show debug message on device removal
    * [usb] Reset control endpoints immediately after failure
    * [pci] Update drivers to use pci_ioremap()
    * [pci] Define pci_ioremap() for mapping PCI bus addresses
* Tue Sep 01 2020 Dirk Mueller <>
  - update url
* Thu Aug 20 2020
  - Update to version 1.20.1+git20200817.ef2c844d:
    * [efi] Attempt NII initialisation both with and without cable detection
    * [efi] Use device path to locate filesystem from which we were loaded
    * [efi] Match EDK2 numbering for USB ports
    * [comboot] Fix stack pointer retrieval after COM32 binary returns
    * [efi] Check the status code from AllocatePool()
    * [cmdline] Add "--timeout" parameter to "ifconf" command
    * [intelx] Added PCI_ROM entry for Intel x553/x557-AT and x553 (SFP+) NICs
    * [intel] Set INTEL_NO_PHY_RST on i218v
    * [intel] Add INTEL_NO_PHY_RST for I218LM
    * [deflate] Fix typo in comment describing length codes
    * [build] Fix a GNUism that FreeBSD's sed(1) cannot deal with
    * [wpa] Fix erroneous debug message in wpa_derive_ptk
    * [libc] Fix memcmp() to return proper values
    * [pcbios] Take alignment into account when checking for available space
    * [pcbios] Fix "out of memory" detection when expanding bottom area
    * [libgcc] Change __divmoddi4 from int64 [unknown] to int64_t
    * [build] Fix default target in sdsk image
    * [dns] Use all configured DNS servers
    * [xfer] Remove address family from definition of a socket opener
    * [sfc] Add PCI ID for Solarflare SFC9120 and Solarflare SFC9140
    * [efi] Claim SNP devices early in efi_download_start()
    * [efi] Ensure NUL byte is at lowest address within stack cookie
    * [efi] Distribute available entropy within stack cookie
    * [libc] Add bit-rotation functions for unsigned long values
    * [efi] Avoid setting direction flag on EFI platforms
    * [libc] Provide an unoptimised generic_memcpy_reverse()
    * [crypto] Avoid temporarily setting direction flag in bigint_is_geq()
    * [usb] Leave port enabled after a failed device registration
    * [axge] Reapply USB device configuration when opening network device
    * [xhci] Increase link state settling delay to 100ms
    * [usb] Avoid unnecessary calls to usb_hub_set_drvdata()
    * [xhci] Set link state to RxDetect after disabling USB3 root hub port
    * [usb] Do not attempt to disable USB3 hub ports
    * [usb] Add missing usb_recycle() for completed hub interrupt transfers
    * [usb] Clear device endpoint halt before resetting host endpoint
    * [axge] Handle non-gigabit link speeds
    * [efi] Raise TPL during driver entry point
    * [efi] Detect and disable seriously broken EFI_RNG_PROTOCOL implementations
    * [build] Disable position-independent code for ARM64 EFI builds
    * [golan] Add explicit type casts for nodnic_queue_pair_type
    * [intel] Avoid spurious compiler warning on GCC 10
    * [build] Be explicit about -fcommon compiler directive
    * [ocsp] Accept SHA1 certID responses even if SHA1 is not enabled
    * [efi] Enable stack protection where possible
    * [parseopt] Treat empty integer strings in user input as invalid
    * [util] Treat empty integer strings as invalid
    * [snp] Retry initialisation if link is reported as down
    * [crypto] Disable MD5 as an OID-identifiable algorithm by default
    * [crypto] Ensure that test code drags in required ASN.1 object identifiers
    * [crypto] Allow algorithms to be included without being OID-identifiable
    * [tls] Default to supporting only TLSv1.1 or above
    * [tls] Allow a minimum TLS protocol version to be specified
    * [efi] Attempt to connect our driver directly if ConnectController fails
    * [uri] Avoid appearing to access final byte of a potentially empty string
    * [efi] Work around UEFI specification bug in LoadImage for SAN boot
    * [efi] Work around UEFI specification bug in LoadImage
    * [png] Fix potential integer overflow
    * [bnxt] Add driver support for Broadcom NetXtreme-E Adapters
    * [efi] Disambiguate errors returned by ConnectController
    * [int13con] Create log partition only when CONSOLE_INT13 is enabled
    * [bios] Define macros for constructing partition table entries
    * [iscsi] Eliminate variable-length stack allocation in URI parsing
    * [iscsi] Eliminate variable-length stack allocations in CHAP handlers
    * [settings] Eliminate variable-length stack allocation
    * [slam] Allow for the possibility of IPv6 multicast addresses
    * [slam] Eliminate variable-length stack allocation
    * [infiniband] Eliminate variable-length stack allocation
    * [tftp] Eliminate unnecessary variable-length stack allocation
    * [travis] Ensure that most recent tag is always available
    * [build] Construct full version number automatically from git revision
    * [snp] Try promiscuous multicast receive filter if the regular one fails
    * [peerdist] Allow for the use of a hosted cache server
    * [peerdist] Allow PeerDist to be globally enabled or disabled
* Tue Jul 21 2020 Guillaume GARDET <>
  - Enable build on aarch64
* Fri Oct 25 2019 Alberto Planas Dominguez <>
  - Update cross compiler to GCC 9
  - Change the git address from _service to use HTTPS
  - Replace %doc to %license
* Fri Oct 25 2019
  - Update to version 1.0.0+git20190929.3fe683eb:
    * [lan78xx] Always enable automatic speed and duplex detection
    * [efi] Do not attempt EFI_USB_IO_PROTOCOL transfers during shutdown
    * [efi] Report failed control transfers as expected by the USB core
    * [golan] Fix address-of-pointer bug for multicast attach/detach
    * [ethernet] Avoid false positive Coverity warning
    * [coverity] Override assumptions about wcrtomb() and hmac_init()
    * [crypto] Profile the various stages of modular multiplication
    * [crypto] Drag in configured digestInfo prefixes for any use of RSA
    * [tls] Add missing call to tls_tx_resume() when restarting negotiation
    * [peerdist] Limit number of concurrent raw block downloads
* Thu Sep 12 2019
  - Update to version 1.0.0+git20190817.0b3000bb:
    * [golan] Fix address-of-pointer bug for multicast attach/detach
    * [ethernet] Avoid false positive Coverity warning
    * [coverity] Override assumptions about wcrtomb() and hmac_init()
    * [crypto] Profile the various stages of modular multiplication
    * [crypto] Drag in configured digestInfo prefixes for any use of RSA
    * [tls] Add missing call to tls_tx_resume() when restarting negotiation
    * [peerdist] Limit number of concurrent raw block downloads
    * [peerdist] Start block download timers from within opener methods
    * [process] Add PROC_INIT() for initialising static processes
    * [build] Add predefined shortcut for Raspberry Pi builds
    * [build] Workaround compilation error with gcc 9.1
    * [build] Fix "'%s' directive argument is null" error
  - Drop obsolete/upstream patches:
    * ipxe-aarch64-inline-asm-const-modifier.patch
    * ipxe-efi-guard-strncpy-with-gcc-warning-ignore-pragma.patch
    * ipxe-efi-recognize-plt32-relocation.patch



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