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kopano-presence- RPM for ppc64le

From OpenSuSE Ports Leap 42.3 updates for ppc64le

Name: kopano-presence Distribution: openSUSE Leap 42.3
Version: Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 3.2 Build date: Thu Aug 17 23:49:37 2017
Group: Productivity/Networking/Email/Servers Build host: obs-power8-05
Size: 25916 Source RPM: kopano-
Summary: Kopano Core Presence Daemon
A daemon for collecting and exporting user presence information
across multiple protocols in a unified way. Supports XMPP and Spreed.
Clients can both query the daemon with presence information (for
example, the user is 'available' for XMPP and 'away' for Spreed) and
update presence information (for example, make a user 'available' on
Spreed). Queries and updates are performed with simple GET and PUT
requests, respectively, using a simple (and identical) JSON format.






* Tue Aug 15 2017
  - Update to new bugfix snapshot 8.3.3~24
    * server: fix disabling of shared reminders [KC-728]
* Tue Aug 08 2017
  - Update to new bugfix snapshot 8.3.3~22
    * gateway: trim CRLF from PR_EC_IMAP_BODY{,STRUCTURE} and
      make Apple Mail client work again [KC-668, KC-720]
    * server: disallow empty value for embedded_attachment_limit
      and depth counting error [KC-745]
    * common: fix incorrect timeout check in scheduler which had
      disabled softdeletes [KC-638]
    * server: disable reminders from shared stores [KC-758]
    * catch pointer underflows / NULL pointers [KC-694, KC-60,
      KC-177, KC-355, KC-378, KC-379, KC-669, KC-754]
    * libserver: avoid creating multi-stream gzip files
      [KC-104, KC-304, KC-597]
* Thu Jul 06 2017
  - Update to new bugfix release 8.3.1
    * inetmapi: do not force HTML when use_tnef is set
      to minimal [KC-664]
    * spooler: avoid a use-after-free, and a deadlock after
      this failure [KC-588]
    * server: avoid unchecked return value and unsigned
      underflow [KC-656]
    * php: rework pointer value storing
    * daemons: call initgroups when switching user and
      don't fall over [KC-684,KC-690]
  - Update to new bugfix release 8.3.2
    * gateway: fix an IMAP protocol error [KC-668]
      Apple Mail/Alpine did not show mails with long encoded subjects
    * common: restore ability to output crashdump [KC-630]
    * inetmapi: avoid short allocation on group
      expansion [KC-388,KC-727]
* Thu Apr 27 2017
  - Update to new upstream release 8.3
    * Enhancements:
    * migration-pst: call SaveChanges only once [KC-534]
    * Fixes:
    * caldav: avoid a nullptr dereference [KC-236]
    * cachestat: avoid exception and unpack tuple [KC-402]
    * ldapplugin: revert "catch empty ldap_search_base" [KC-602]
    * spooler: fix crash on forwarding rules [KC-608]
* Wed Mar 08 2017
  - Update to snapshot 8.3.0~1007
    * Enhancements:
    * gateway: optimize LIST, SELECT, STATUS [KC-490]
    * icalmapi: VCF conversion [KC-420]
    * Fixes:
    * migration-pst: skip root folder more intelligently [KC-487]
    * migration-pst: MV properties are handled better [KC-457]
    * client: add extra checks for EID sizes [KC-500]
    * gateway: enforce user and password checking on local socket [KC-396,KC-490]
    * Changes:
    * migration-pst: ignore decode errors [KC-521]
    * common: fix empty text bodies when converting U+0000 from HTML [KC-557]
    * icalmapi: reworked copying description into mail body [KC-568]
* Thu Mar 02 2017
  - Build-fix include of kopano-migration-imap
* Wed Feb 01 2017
  - Update to snapshot 8.3.0~694
    * migration-pst: skip root folder without hard-coded name check
    * client: add extra checks for EID sizes to CompareEntryIDs
    * php-ext: use /usr/share/kopano/php for mapi classes
* Sun Jan 29 2017
  - Update to snapshot 8.3.0~667
    * Changes:
    * server: make softdelete_lifetime config setting a reloadable
      property [KC-472]
    * icalmapi: handle missing timezone for RRULE [KC-414]
    * migration-pst: filter metadata at start of subject [KC-424]
* Tue Dec 20 2016
  - Update to snapshot 8.3.0~334
    * Enhancements:
    * gateway, server: reload SSL certificates on SIGHUP [KC-301]
    * dagent: log_raw_message option can now be used selectively on
      users [KC-370]
    * Fixes:
    * gateway: report missing attachments over IMAP better [KC-436]
    * inetmapi: avoid overzealously generating winmail.dat [KC-348]
    * common: fix spurious crash in sk_SSL_COMP_free on shutdown
    * backup: improved logging when ACL does not resolve to
      user/group [KC-431]
    * migration-pst: show usage, not traceback, for invalid options
    * inetmapi: avoid buffer overread on rejected recipients
      (showed garbage in logs) [KC-398]
    * Changes:
    * server: compressed attachments now get the same permissions
      as uncompressed ones [KC-380]
    * backup: maintain deleted folders and add --purge N option
* Wed Dec 07 2016
  - Update to 8.3 snapshot 223
    * Enhancements:
    * mapi: drop global lock and replace singleton allocmore table by
    per-object vectors [KC-328]
    * swig: expose group and company properties in Python [KC-320]
    * new -c option to specify config file [KC-205]
    * utils: support setting out-of-office without an until-date [KC-275]
    * Fixes:
    * pyko: do not throw backtraces on log messages [KC-340]
    * server: S3 object sizes were shown wrongly [KC-351]
    * inetmapi: do not always generate winmail.dat [KC-348]
    * icalmapi: timezone search was broken [KC-313]
    * The RTF encoder incorrectly produced paragraphs where
    it should have created linefeeds [KC-338]
    * The RTF decoder failed to see that \uXXXX could start a paragraph [KC-338]
    * The RTF decoder erroneously created a new paragraph on \pard [KC-338]
    * server: Ctrl-C now works in gdb [KC-171]
    * inetmapi: avoid an infinite recursion on SMIME handling [KC-366]
    * ics: make creation of new syncids work incrementally [KC-208]
    * libserver: change incorrect compare operator for EID_V0 [KC-365]
    * Of special mention:
    * search: python3 support (but requires new python-xapian and,
    as a result, a db migration or full reindexing)
    * Developer/packager notes:
    * KC variables and functions now live in the KC:: C++ namespace [KC-369]
* Wed Nov 23 2016
  - Update to 8.2 snapshot 451
    * == Fixes ==
    * dagent: iCal descriptions caused wrong body parts to be displayed [KC-138]
    * dagent: mr-process failed to copy attachments to the calendar item [KC-202]
    * dagent: restore/rework forced ASCII charset upgrade [KC-294]
    * == Enhancements ==
    * kopano-stats: bind 'q' key to exit as well [KC-105]
    * presence: log authentication errors
    * Improved PHP7 support [*,KC-330]
    * == Changes ==
    * search: log to file (if set) instead of stdout [KC-204]
    * search: treat '_' as a word break [KC-290]
    * swig: resolve crash when python programs end [KC-269]
    * config: change ldap_object_search_filter for WebApp to be able to
    search by mail address [KC-337]
    * gateway/client: avoid resynchronizing RTF body content [KC-338]
* Wed Nov 09 2016
  - Update to 8.2 snapshot 397
    * == Fixes ==
    * backup: avoid exceptions on problematic rules/ACLs/delegates [KC-213,KC-266]
    * The comment for server.cfg's "disabled_features" was wrong [KC-262]
    * php: fix crash by adding missing pointer type conversions [KC-274]
    * dagent: the "Received" debugging header had the wrong target address
    * gateway: do not emit an X-Mailer field when retrieving mail [KC-277]
    * server/ldap: report empty ldap_search_base setting
    * client: verify peer's SSL certificate name [KC-156]
    * admin: support unwrapping "default:" type URLs [KC-289]
    * backup: fix tracebacks when used with ZCP [KC-306,KC-307,KC-308]
    * server: implement missing readback of compressed attachments [KC-285]
    * search: add script for findroot upgrade [KC-300]
    * php: ICS import/export functions [KC-302]
    * server: AWS4-HMAC-SHA256 support for S3 [KC-170]
    * pyko: permit "public@company" syntax to specify stores [KC-317]
    * dagent: new AUTORESPOND_BCC option for use with OOF [KC-319]
    * == Enhancements ==
    * PST importer [KC-59]
    * Python 3 support [KC-48,KC-267]
    * search: files are now compacted, and their uid/gid checked [KC-188]
    * server: allow search folder creation outside of own store [KC-271]
    * dagent: forwarding by rule can be restricted with a whitelist [KC-109]
    * == Changes ==
    * Non-Delivery Reports now originate from "Mail Delivery System"
    (like postfix) instead of yourself [KC-309]
    * Support for building with a no-SSLv2 OpenSSL 1.1. [KC-230]
    If you run such a setup, be aware that a config setting like
    "ssl_protocol = !SSLv2" in one or more of kopano-{server,gateway,ical}.cfg
    can inhibit the process from starting.
    * Cleanup of the example LDAP configuration files. [KC-229]
    /usr/share/doc/kopano/example-configs/ now has just a ldap.cfg,
    and no more ldap{,ms}.{active-directory,ldap}.cfg.
    * The example LDAP config file now has a different proposed value for
    ldap_object_search_filter for OpenLDAP. [KC-218]
    * spooler: messages with reminder will be sent with a TNEF copy [KC-152]
    * admin: group features will no longer be shown [KC-239]



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