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RPM of Group Productivity/Archiving/Compression

brotli-1.0.2-2.1 Lossless Compression Algorithm linux/ppc64le
bsdtar-3.1.2-20.3.1 Creates and reads several different streaming archive formats linux/ppc64le
cpio-2.11-38.3.1 A Backup and Archiving Utility linux/ppc64le
gzip-1.6-14.1 GNU Zip Compression Utilities linux/ppc64le
optipng-0.7.5-14.1 A PNG File Compressor linux/ppc64le
p7zip-9.20.1-18.3.1 7-zip file compression program linux/ppc64le
tnef-1.4.15-8.1 Uncompress MS-TNEF Archives linux/ppc64le
unar-1.10.1-2.3.1 Multi-format unarchiver linux/ppc64le
unzip-6.00-31.3.1 A program to unpack compressed files linux/ppc64le
unzip-doc-6.00-31.3.1 Documentation files for unzip linux/ppc64le
unzip-rcc-6.00-31.3.1 A program to unpack compressed files linux/ppc64le
zip-3.0-22.1 File compression program linux/ppc64le
zstd-1.3.3-2.1 Zstandard compression tools linux/ppc64le
zutils-1.7-4.3.1 Collection of utilities for dealing with compressed files linux/ppc64le

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