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x3270-3.6-lp152.4.3.1 RPM for ppc64le

From OpenSuSE Ports Leap 15.2 updates for ppc64le

Name: x3270 Distribution: openSUSE Leap 15.2
Version: 3.6 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: lp152.4.3.1 Build date: Tue Mar 30 12:12:38 2021
Group: System/X11/Terminals Build host: obs-power8-04
Size: 8979450 Source RPM: x3270-3.6-lp152.4.3.1.src.rpm
Summary: A Family of IBM 3270 Terminal Emulators
This package contains a family of IBM 3270 mainframe terminal

* terminal emulators for interactive use x3270	X Window System
   c3270  curses based

* terminal emulators for scripted use s3270    see the x3270-script
   man page tcl3270  Tcl based

* printer emulator pr3287

* do not miss the punch card puncher emulator x026

x3270 is an IBM 3270 terminal emulator for the X Window System.  x3270
runs over a telnet connection (with or without TN3270E) and emulates
either an IBM 3279 (color) or 3278 (monochrome).  It supports APL2
characters, IND$FILE file transfer, NVT mode, a pop-up keypad for
3270-specific keys, alternative keymaps, 3287 printer sessions, and a
scrollbar and has extensive debugging and scripting facilities.

c3270 is the curses-based version of x3270.  It runs on any dumb
terminal (an xterm or a console, for example), and supports (almost)
all of the x3270 features.  c3270 scripts are compatible with x3270
scripts, and the subset of command line options and resource
definitions are also compatible.

s3270 is a scripting-only version of x3270.  This program is intended
primarily for writing "screen-scraping" applications, for example a CGI
back-end script that retrieves database information from a mainframe.

tcl3270 is a Tcl-based 3270 scripting engine.  It lets you write Tcl
scripts that manipulate 3270 sessions, and is quite a bit easier to set
up and use than s3270.

pr3287 is the printer companion for the above tools, and allows printer
output from a 3270 session to be directed to a Unix printer queue.

x026 is a fun toy which emulates an x026 puncher.






* Thu Feb 11 2021 Mark Post <>
  - Added x3270-handle-missing-font.patch (bsc#1177104)
    In some cases when fonts are present locally but are not present
    in the fontpath, x3270 can crash due to a segfault caused by
    XLoadQueryFont() returning NULL in lff_single().
* Mon Nov 09 2020 Bernhard Wiedemann <>
  - Add reproducible.patch to override build date (boo#1047218)
* Fri Apr 17 2020 Andreas Stieger <>
  - x3270 3.r6ga12:
    * Potentially incompatible changes:
      + Removed explicit support for self-signed host certificates.
      + To allow self-signed certificates, disable verification.
      + Switched to verifying host certficates by default. This can
      be disabled by using the -noverifycert opton or by setting
      the verifyHostCert resource to false.
    * Many bug fixes and minor feature additions
  - drop reproducible.patch, x3270-fix-build.patch, upstreamed
* Thu Sep 05 2019 Marcus Meissner <>
  - x3270-fix-build.patch: fixed a bug triggered by LTO, commented
    out incompat definition.
* Sat Jul 14 2018
  - Add mkversion.patch to have fixed timestamps (boo#1047218)
  - Add reproducible.patch to not add timestamps in .gz header
* Wed Dec 28 2016
  - Update to ga9 of 3.5 series:
    * [x3270] Fixed the toggle names saved with the File->Save
      Changed Options menu option and when processing the
      WM_SAVE_YOURSELF message.
    * [x3270] Explicitly test for X11, Xt, Xmu and Xaw header files
      and libraries in the configure script.
    * [x3270] Put the dryrun script in the object directory.
    * [wc3270] Allow Windows VKey codes to be specified in wc3270
      keymaps in hexadecimal with the syntax VKEY-0xnn. This allows
      unknown VKeys to be specified. The same syntax is used in
    * [x3270] Fixed an issue where parameters beyond the second were
      ignored in many keymap actions.
    * [all] Fixed an issue with the Abort action called from scripts.
    * [all Windows] Always find root_certs.txt in the same directory
      as the executable, if not installed.
    * [all] Validate the parameters to the Transfer() action better.
    * [pr3287] Fix the configure script so it properly detects
      missing OpenSSL header files, even if the OpenSSL library is
    * [all] Limit DFT buffer size to 32767. 32768 causes the host to
      send 0-byte buffers.
    * [x3270] Dropped support for xmkmf and imake. x3270 builds and
      installs only using autoconf paths now.
    * see for more
      detailed list of changes
  - Drop no longer needed pr3270-memleak.patch
  - Cleanup spec file with spec-cleaner
  - Make sure that optflags are used in building
* Tue Feb 09 2016
  - added desktop file
  - split up font reconfigure macro into the pieces so we can add the
    desktop file macros too
* Wed Jan 20 2016
  - Version update to ga10 of 3.4 series:
    * [x3270] Fixed a crash in the Configure Idle Command pop-up.
    * [x3270] Fixed an issue with overwriting local files in file transfers.
    * [s3270] Fixed an x3270if build problem when libiconv is needed.
    * [all] Fixed a problem with truncating the list of LUs when connecting to a
    * [all] Fixed a crash when too many parameters are passed to an action in a macro
      or script.
    * [c3270, wc3270] Fixed binary file transfer bug.
    * [x3270] Fixed missing 'Not Connected' message when disconnecting from a host.
    * [all] Fixed trace display of incoming IPv6 connections and the parsing of the
      x3270 -scriptport option.
    * [tcl3270] Added tcl3270 support for Tcl 8.6.
    * [all] Renamed $INSTALL variable in the top-level configure script (bugs:15).
* Mon Sep 07 2015
  - Version bump to 3.4:
    * Recreated tarball and build approach so adapt our system
    * Fixed a number of warnings found by the MacOS C compiler, which turned out
      to be real issues.
    * [all] Synchronize the ReadBuffer action with the Wait(Output) action, just
      like Ascii and Ebcdic.
    * [all] Fixed an NVT-mode emulation problem.
    * [all] Fixed a synchronization issue with scripts and file transfers.
    * [c3270, wc3270] Fixed a crash when the Transfer action was called from a
    * [x3270] Fixed a crash when visible control characters are turned on in
      3278 mode.
    * [pr3287] Changed the pr3287 Makefile to use $INSTALL_DATA (bugs:#13).
    * [All Unix] Added -D_DEFAULT_SOURCE wherever a Makefile used -D_BSD_SOURCE,
      to get rid of compiler warnings with newer versions of glibc (bugs:#12).
    * [x3270, c3270, wc3270] Corrected the OIA display of save-to-printer pages.
    * [c3270, wc3270] Made the help for file-transfer reflect the current
      defaults. Added help for Keymap.
    * [wc3270] Fixed the pager at the wc3270> prompt. Now it adapts to the size
      of the console window correctly.
    * [pr3287, wpr3287] Fixed a problem with printer session start-up when both
      a specific printer LU and an SSL tunnel (L:) are specified.
    * [c3270, wc3270] Added a Keymap action to add or remove temporary keymaps.
      The semantics are the same as the x3270 action of the same name.
    * [all] Made the parameter to ResumeScript optional, and relaxed the
      restrictions on when PauseScript can be used, so it can now be used from
      macros and command files read with the Source action.
    * [c3270, wc3270] Allow the DFT buffer size to be changed in the c3270/wc3270
      file transfer dialog.
    * [c3270, wc3270] Allow file transfers to be interrupted with Ctrl-C.
    * [x3270] Fixed an issue where the terminal type would not be reported to the
      host as IBM-DYNAMIC if the screen was put into oversize mode via a menu
      selection (it was correct if oversize came from a resource). Also made sure
      that the 'About->Configuration' display of the terminal type is always
    * [all] Added resources to define the default values for each of the IND$FILE
      file transfer parameters. The resources have the same names as the Transfer
      action keywords, with ft prepended. E.g., the Mode default is controlled by
      the ftMode resource. For consistency, deprecated dftBufferSize and
      ftCodePage in favor of ftBufferSize and ftWindowsCodePage (the old
      resources are still available).
    * [all] Added missing functionality to specify the size for avblock TSO file
      allocations in IND$FILE file transfers.
    * [x3270] Added an aplCircledAlpha resource to allow x3270 to properly
      display APL underscored uppercase letters with the APL385 font, by
      translating them to the (nonstandard) Unicode circled-alphabetic range
      U+24B6 to U+25CF.
    * [x3270, c3270, wc3270] Overhauled visible control characters so that field
      attributes are completely decoded. Field attributes are now in underlined
      yellow in x3270. Added visible control character support to c3270 (also
      underlined yellow) and wc3270 (reverse-video yellow), with a menu option.
    * [all] Overhauled the build structure. Now there are libraries for common
    * [wc3270] Mapped Alt-left-click onto a lightpen select operation. Added a
      lightPenPrimary resource to switch this, so that an unmodified left-click
      is a lightpen select and Alt-left-click is a cursor move or copy/paste
    * [all] Added a B: prefix option to hostnames to disable the automatic
      keyboard unlock when a BIND-IMAGE is received.
    * [all] Added an -nvt option and an nvtMode resource to force NVT mode as
      soon as a session is connected. This overrides the usual behavior of
      locking the keyboard and waiting for the host to send NVT-mode data or
      negotiate 3270 mode before unlocking. This option also changes the default
      terminal type to xterm.
    * [c3270] Added a mapping from the Escape key to the Escape() action
      (breaking to the c3270> prompt).
    * [x3270] Added a maxRecent resource to control the maximum size of the
      recent host list in the Connect menu.
    * [all] Allow the -scriptport option to specify an address to listen on.
    * [all] Added webserver support. The -httpd option starts a webserver
      listening on the specified port. The webserver supports a REST API and
      some basic HTML objects.
    * [all] Removed configurability of tracing, NVT mode, TN3270E support,
      scripting, menus file transfer, the x3270 pop-up keypad and printer
      sessions (they're always enabled now).
    * [x3270, wc3270] Added an overlayPaste toggle. When set, pasting over a
      protected field will simply increment the cursor position instead of
      locking the keyboard. This allows forms to be copied and pasted with the
      protected fields included. Setting this toggle also implicitly sets the
      marginedPaste toggle.
    * [x3270] Changed the selection logic so that a rectangular selection
      (the default for 3270 mode) never ends with a newline character.
  - Refresh patches:
    * mknod.patch
    * pr3270-memleak.patch
    * usr_local_bin.patch
  - Add new patch to fix missing include:
    * x3270-missing-include.patch
  - Add new patch to fix missed file from tarball, taken from older version:
    * x3270-missing-file.patch
* Sun Apr 26 2015
  - Only BuildRequire the needed packages, not legacy
    metapackage xorg-x11-devel.
* Mon Apr 20 2015
  - Update to 3.3.14
    * [x3270, wc3270] Improved paste behavior. Patch courtesy of
      Máximo Castañeda.
    * [all] Added append and replace keywords to the PrintText
      action to control how existing files are handled.
    * [all] Made Wait(Output) work in NVT mode.
    * [x3270] Fixed security holes in the Print Window Bitmap menu
      item and the PrintWindow action.
    * [wc3270] Fixed multiple GDI printing problems: captions
      mis-centered, page overflow with multiple screens per page,
      "save screens to printer" not working at all.



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