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powerpc-utils- RPM for ppc64le

From OpenSuSE Ports Leap 15.2 updates for ppc64le

Name: powerpc-utils Distribution: openSUSE Leap 15.2
Version: Vendor: openSUSE
Release: lp152.4.16.1 Build date: Mon Sep 13 12:12:58 2021
Group: System/Management Build host: obs-power9-07
Size: 1576609 Source RPM: powerpc-utils-
Summary: Utilities for PowerPC Hardware
The powerpc-utils package provides a set of tools and utilities and
utilities for maintaining and enabling certain features of Linux on Power.






* Fri Sep 03 2021 Michal Suchanek <>
  - Optimize lsdevinfo filtering to prevent LPM timeouts (bsc#1189571 LTC#193419).
    + lsdevinfo-optimize-criteria-filtering.patch
* Thu May 27 2021 Michal Suchanek <>
  - Calculate physc and entc values correctly (bsc#1186487 ltc#177613).
    + lparstat-Use-get_delta_value-helper.patch
    + lparstat-Add-helper-function-to-calculate-delta.patch
    * Refresh Revert-lparstat-Show-available-physical-processors-i.patch
* Wed Jan 13 2021 Michal Suchanek <>
  - man: add manpage for the drmgr utility (bsc#1180854 ltc#170517).
    + powerpc-utils-man-add-manpage-for-the-drmgr-utility.patch
* Mon Jan 04 2021 Michal Suchanek <>
  - sys_ident: Skip length field from search (bsc#1180540 ltc#190620).
    + powerpc-utils-sys_ident-Skip-length-field-from-search.patch
* Wed Jul 29 2020
  - add patch fix_kexec_service_name_for_suse.patch
    on SUSE the service is called kexec-load.service instead
    of kexec.service (bsc#1174666)
* Fri Jun 26 2020 Michal Suchanek <>
  - ofpathname: Fix lookup of disk partitions (bsc#1173403 ltc#186427)
    * Added ofpathname-make-goto_dir-canonicalize-directory-argu.patch
* Mon May 25 2020 Michal Suchanek <>
  - Add patch metadata, refresh to upstream version where available.
    * Refreshed 0001-powerpc-utils-Suppress-errors-reading-kernel-files.patch
  - The above patch was modified to fix bsc#1164068. Add a separate patch for
    that (bsc#1164068).
    * Added Fix-ofpathname-Could-not-retrieve-logical-device-nam.patch
  - Stop using /sbin/udevadm symlink (boo#1160890).
    * Added ofpathname-Fix-udevadm-location.patch
* Wed May 20 2020 Josef Möllers <>
  - Remove a trailing NUL ('\0') byte from a vendor_id contents.
    [bsc#1171892, bsc1171892-get-rid-of-trainling-NUL.patch]
* Wed May 20 2020 Josef Möllers <>
  - Reduce the number of searches of /sys by searching directly in
    /sys/class/block. This patch obsoletes
* Fri Feb 28 2020 Josef Möllers <>
  - Reduce the number of searches of /sys by each invocation
    of 'ofpathname' to at most one (1) by caching the content of a
    single search into a file in /tmp, and using 'grep' to identify
    the appropriate files for further examination.
* Wed Feb 26 2020 Josef Möllers <>
  - Fixed one instance where the previous change corrupted the
    exit status of a command.
    Redirected two error messages to stderr.
* Wed Jan 15 2020 Josef Möllers <>
  - * Deal with error messages returned sometimes by evaluation
      of ${devspec} in 'ofpathname'.
    * Strip embedded nulls from values provided by kernel files.
    * Redirect more error messages to /dev/null
* Tue Dec 03 2019 Josef Möllers <>
  - Parse new DRC Info: Define data structures to support parsing
    the new "ibm,drc-info" device tree property.  Integrate the new
    property information into the existing search mechanisms of the
    userspace 'drmgr' driver.
    [jsc#SLE-11094, jsc#SLE-11193, jsc#SLE-11092, jsc#SLE-11319, jsc#ECO-935,
    bsc#1158312, bsc#1161925, fate#326955
  - Bump package version to be able to tell the fix for jsc#SLE-11092 is included
    Kernel can depend on the fixed version this way.
* Wed Jul 03 2019
  - Change the file permissions of smt_off.service to 644
    [powerpc-utils.spec, bsc#1139777]
* Thu Jun 27 2019 Michal Suchanek <>
  - Drop compat patch on SLE 12 SP5.
  - Remove unused macro
* Tue Jun 11 2019
  - Update to version 1.3.7 (jsc#SLE-6176, bsc#1139456).
    - lparstat:
    - add an option to print the lparstat report similar to
      legacy lparstat tool
    - introduce the help command line option to print
      lparstat usage
    - restrict the physc and entc attribute values to two decimal
    - correct calculation of physc to use tbr
    - Enable desired and maximum memory stats
    - Show available physical processors in the shared pool
    - scripts: Improve handling of errors from subsidiary scripts
    - man/update_flash:
    - Add details to extract rpm format image
    - Fix man page
    - ppc64_cpu: Limit number of CPUs for frequency calculation
    - lsslot:
    - Add ibm,dynamic-memory-v2 parsing capability
    - Split dynamic-memory v1 parsing into separate routine
    - Patch to display logical name using bootlist -o option
    - Refresh ofpathname_powernv.patch, systemd-dir.patch,
* Fri Jan 18 2019 Michal Suchanek <>
  - ibmvscsis module we ship no longer needs support in powerpc-utils
    - Remove Revert-ibmvscsis-remove-deprecated-ibmvscsis-scripts.patch
* Mon Dec 17 2018 Michal Suchanek <>
  - Update to upstream v1.3.6 (FATE#326519, bsc#1120474)
    (see Changelog under powerpc-utils-1.3.6/Changelog)
  - remove upstreamed patches
    - bootlist-Display-logical-name-using-bootlist-o-option.patch
    - lsslot-Add-ibm-dynamic-memory-v2-parsing-capability.patch
    - lsslot-Split-dynamic-memory-v1-parsing-into-separate.patch
    - powerpc-utils.bug-1109046_cpu-Limit-number-of-CPUs-for-frequency-calc.patch
  - Patch to preserve compatibility with v1.3.4, v1.3.5
    + Revert-lparstat-Show-available-physical-processors-i.patch
  - Keep support for ibmvscsis which we still ship
    + Revert-ibmvscsis-remove-deprecated-ibmvscsis-scripts.patch
* Mon Sep 24 2018
  - limit number of CPUs for frequency calculation (bsc#1109046)
  - added patches:
    * powerpc-utils.bug-1109046_cpu-Limit-number-of-CPUs-for-frequency-calc.patch
* Wed Aug 08 2018
  - Add support for ibm,dynamic-memory-v2 devicetree property (bsc#1103283)
    * lsslot-Split-dynamic-memory-v1-parsing-into-separate.patch
    * lsslot-Add-ibm-dynamic-memory-v2-parsing-capability.patch
  - Display logical name using bootlist -o option (bsc#1099910)
    * bootlist-Display-logical-name-using-bootlist-o-option.patch
* Wed Jun 20 2018
  - version update to 1.3.5 (fate#324948)
    (see Changelog under powerpc-utils-1.3.5/Changelog)
  - removed patches:
    * drmgr-load-rpadlpar_io-on-C-as-well.patch
    * Revert-lsslot-free-lmb_list-on-error.patch
* Wed Apr 04 2018
  - Fix build failure (bsc#1088577)
* Thu Mar 22 2018
  - Use spec-cleaner to get %license and SPDX-3.0 string
* Wed Mar 21 2018
  - Revert-lsslot-free-lmb_list-on-error.patch (bsc#1086268)
* Thu Dec 14 2017
  - Update drmgr-load-rpadlpar_io-on-C-as-well.patch to more robust solution.
* Thu Nov 30 2017
  - drmgr: load rpadlpar_io on -C as well (bnc#1064039, bsc#1070113)
    * drmgr-load-rpadlpar_io-on-C-as-well.patch
* Fri Oct 20 2017
  - version update to 1.3.4 (fate#323767)
    (see Changelog under powerpc-utils-1.3.4/Changelog)
  - modified patches:
    * libvirt-service-dep.patch
    * ofpathname_powernv.patch
    * powerpc-utils-lsprop.patch
    * systemd-dir.patch
  - deleted paches:
    * powerpc-utils.bug-1039711_ofpathname-avoid-duplicate-entries-of-vFC-devices.patch
    * powerpc-utils.bug-1040076_test-for-zlib-presence-at-configuration-time.patch
    * powerpc-utils.bug-1041531_lsdevinfo-Add-support-for-vNIC-devices.patch
    * powerpc-utils.bug-1041531_ofpathname-Add-support-for-vNIC-devices.patch
    * powerpc-utils.bug-1042239_lsslot-Rectify-usr_drc_name-check.patch
    * powerpc-utils.bug-1043569_drmgr-Correct-drc-type-checking-in-check_kmods.patch
* Mon Jun 12 2017
  - add powerpc-utils.bug-1043569_drmgr-Correct-drc-type-checking-in-check_kmods.patch
    drmgr does not load rpadlpar_io module automatically (bsc#1043569)
* Fri Jun 02 2017
  - add powerpc-utils.bug-1042239_lsslot-Rectify-usr_drc_name-check.patch
    lsslot doesn't display the slot information (bsc#1042239)
* Tue May 30 2017
  - add patches to enable support for vNIC devices (bsc#1041531)
    * powerpc-utils.bug-1041531_lsdevinfo-Add-support-for-vNIC-devices.patch
    * powerpc-utils.bug-1041531_ofpathname-Add-support-for-vNIC-devices.patch
* Mon May 29 2017
  - avoid duplicate entries of a Open Firmware device path to logical
    device path for vfc-client devices (bsc#1039711)
  - test for zlib presence at configuration time (bsc#1040076)
  - added patches:
    * powerpc-utils.bug-1039711_ofpathname-avoid-duplicate-entries-of-vFC-devices.patch
    * powerpc-utils.bug-1040076_test-for-zlib-presence-at-configuration-time.patch
* Mon Apr 03 2017
  - version update to 1.3.3 (fate#321598)
    (see Changelog under powerpc-utils-1.3.3/Changelog)
  - adjust url/source
  - modified patches:
    * ofpathname_powernv.patch
    * powerpc-utils-lsprop.patch
    * systemd-dir.patch
  - removed patches:
    * powerpc-utils-Include_GPL_header.patch
    * powerpc-utils-fix_integer_to_float_cast.patch
    * powerpc-utils-lparstat_Fix_segfault_when_parsing_proc_interrupts.patch
    * powerpc-utils-lparstat_Ignore_whitespace_at_beginning_of_proc_interrupts_SPU_line.patch
    * powerpc-utils-ofpathname_no_infinit_loop.patch
* Mon Nov 28 2016
  - new powerpc-utils-ofpathname_no_infinit_loop.patch boo#1011529
* Mon Sep 12 2016
  - Include the following new patches (bsc#998330):
* Mon Jul 18 2016
  - Update to version 1.3.2. (bsc#986926, bsc#987687)
    (see Changelog under powerpc-utils-1.3.2/Changelog)
  - dropped obsolete patch:
    * powerpc-utils.bug-982728_eeh_inject_error.patch
* Tue Jun 14 2016
  - Cleanup slightly with spec-cleaner and sort the dependencies
  - Run the systemd scriptlets
  - Provide the SUSE rc<service> compat link
* Mon Jun 13 2016
  - Update to version 1.3.1+git20160328.57a03e8:
    + rtas_dbg: Do not exit on failure to read rtas token
    + drmgr: close opened dir
    + drmgr: free allocated hpdev in error path
    + ofpathanme: Convert logical device path to OF device path for NVMe devices
    + ofpathname: Convert OF device path to logical device path for NVMe devices
    + nvram: Correct valid partition name checking
    + lsslot: Update man page/usage statement to document required argument
    + drmgr: Load kernel modules for pci hotplug
    + snap: PowerNV platform is not correctly checked
    + Prep for powerpc-utils-1.3.1.
  - change osc _service file to use tar_scm service (disabled by default)
* Tue Jun 07 2016
  - fix error injection for EHH (extended error handling) (bsc#982728)
  - added patches:
    * powerpc-utils.bug-982728_eeh_inject_error.patch
* Tue May 24 2016
  - Adjust dependant libvirt service name (libvirt-service-dep.patch)
* Tue May 24 2016
  - package smt-off.service (systemd-dir.patch)
* Thu Apr 14 2016
  - version update to 1.3.1 (FATE#319933)
  - modified patches:
    * ofpathname_powernv.patch
    * powerpc-utils-lsprop.patch
  - removed patches:
    * 0001-nvram-Correct-valid-partition-name-checking.patch
* Tue Mar 29 2016
  - Fix nvram 0001-nvram-Correct-valid-partition-name-checking.patch
* Wed Mar 02 2016
  - version update to 1.3.0 (FATE#319933)
    - see Changelog under powerpc-utils-1.3.0/Changelog
    - including fix for dynamic addition of memory (bsc#957445)
  - removed patches:
    * powerpc-utils.bug-936383_snap-deprecated_warning_sles.patch
    * powerpc-utils.bug-945968_allocate-workarea-memory-instead-of-using-stac.patch
    * powerpc-utils.bug-945968_drmgr-Combine-the-init_node-and-examine_child-routin.patch
    * powerpc-utils.bug-948430-drmgr-Generate-error-message-when-PHB-is-not-found.patch
    * powerpc-utils.bug-952323_drmgr-free_slot_nodes_before_adding_slots.patch
    * powerpc-utils.bug-957448-correct_node_add_buffer_overflow.patch
* Thu Dec 03 2015
  - fix for adding Houston adapter (bsc#957448)
  - added patches:
    * powerpc-utils.bug-957448-correct_node_add_buffer_overflow.patch
* Thu Oct 29 2015
  - free slot nodes before adding slots (bsc#952323)
  - added patches:
    * powerpc-utils.bug-952323_drmgr-free_slot_nodes_before_adding_slots.patch
* Wed Oct 07 2015
  - generate error message when PHB is not found (bsc#948430)
  - added patches:
    * powerpc-utils.bug-948430-drmgr-Generate-error-message-when-PHB-is-not-found.patch
* Thu Oct 01 2015
  - fix for adding spookfish 8GB FC adapter for DLPAR operations
  - warn users about deprecated support SLES 12 onwards (bsc#936383)
  - added patches:
    * powerpc-utils.bug-945968_allocate-workarea-memory-instead-of-using-stac.patch
    * powerpc-utils.bug-945968_drmgr-Combine-the-init_node-and-examine_child-routin.patch
    * powerpc-utils.bug-936383_snap-deprecated_warning_sles.patch
* Mon Jul 27 2015
  -  Don't require tgt. Linux as VIO server is not supported (bsc#940462)
* Fri Jul 24 2015
  - version update to 1.2.26 (FATE#318009)
    - see Changelog under powerpc-utils-1.2.26/Changelog
    - including fix for drmgr -R replace issue (bsc#930153),
    - use sysfs migration store to initiate migration (bsc#926348),
    - fix for broken memory support for little endian (bsc#911679),
    - and do not remove the last CPU (bsc#901216)
  - removed patches:
    * powerpc-utils.ofpathname.bootlist.patch
* Mon Jun 08 2015
  - ofpathname_powernv.patch (boo#933651)
    If ofpathname is not supported on a platform, exit with 0.
    This will pevent grub2-install fail on PowerNV platform
* Mon Jun 08 2015
  - Update to 1.2.24
      ofpathname: Convert logical path to OF device path for virtio-scsi devices
      Add support to convert logical device path to Open firmware device path
      for virtio-scsi devices.
      lsslot/drmgr: little endian support for memory
      This patch adds some support for memory slot listing
      and memory hotplugging on little endian systems.
      drmgr: Correct -s option handling
      The usage statement for drmgr claims that we can add/remove memory and cpus
      by drc name or drc index. The current code though assumes that any
      use of the -s flag to specify this defaults to drc name.
      This patch updates the option checking for memory and cpu operations to
      allow users to specify a drc index with the -s option. This will be
      handled the same way the -s option for pci devices is handled, assume it
      is a drc name unless it starts with '0x', indicating the string is
      really a hex value, and switching it to a drc index.
      drmgr: Correct null pointer usage
      We can't de-reference NULL pointers, it's not a nice thing to do.
      I found these during some debugging, correcting to avoid future bugs.
      ofpathname: Fix checking for hbtl
      Fix checking for hbtl in of2l_scsi ().
      snap in powerpc-utils 1.2.20 produces an archive with fstab and
      yaboot.conf files potentially containing cleartext passwords, and lacks
      a warning about reviewing this archive to detect included passwords,
      which might allow remote attackers to obtain sensitive information by
      leveraging access to a technical-support data stream.
      print a warning that confidential data may be collected via snap
      lparstat: using get_smt_mode when showing SMT info
      get_smt_state is used in the system_data structure to display both the
      shared_processor_mode and the smt_state members. After reviewing code and
      documentation, it seems that the information in smt_state is meant to be
      acquired from ppc64_cpu instead of lparcfg. With this change, the SMT listin
      will be determined by the output of ppc64_cpu --smt.
      ppc64_cpu: Allow builds without librtas
      Currently, --without-librtas disables ppc64_cpu.
      However, we only need librtas for the run-mode determination; other
      functions will work fine without it.
      This change allows ppc64_cpu to be built without librtas, by
      conditionally enabling run-mode, and restoring ppc64_cpu to be built
      when --without-librtas is given.
      We need to re-work src/ a little here - we use the +=
      operator to include rtas-specific functionality, which means the
      with-librtas cases need to be listed before the without ones.
      We also need to #include stdint.h, as ppc64_cpu.c uses inttypes from
      drmgr: Correct the -s option handling correction
      In response to my earlier patch that attempted to correct the -s option hand
      for drmgr I introduced a bug in which the usr_drc_name could be NULL causing
      a segfault when attempting to use it.
      This patch adds a check to make sure it is not NULL.
      lparstat: using get_smt_mode when showing SMT info
      get_smt_state is used in the system_data structure to display both the
      shared_processor_mode and the smt_state members. After reviewing code and
      documentation, it seems that the information in smt_state is meant to be
      acquired from ppc64_cpu instead of lparcfg. With this change, the SMT listin
      will be determined by the output of ppc64_cpu --smt.
      drmgr: Correct the -s option handling correction
      In response to my earlier patch that attempted to correct the -s option hand
      for drmgr I introduced a bug in which the usr_drc_name could be NULL causing
      a segfault when attempting to use it.
      This patch adds a check to make sure it is not NULL.
      lparstat: remove "On" from possible smt output
      The SMT row will only display the number of enabled SMT threads if
      SMT is enabled.
      ppc64_cpu: output only the number of SMT threads when smt is on
      This patch removes "SMT is on" as a possible output when the smt option
      is used. Instead, only the number of SMT threads will be displayed.
  - Drop upstreamed patches
* Thu Mar 19 2015
  - Get rid of tgt dependency. We're no longer interested in running
    Linux as VIO scsi server.
* Thu Mar 12 2015
  - Remove dependency on fillup and insserv; the package provides
    neither sysconfig file nor sysvinit script
* Tue Oct 28 2014
  - add a warning that confidential data may be collected via snap
    (bnc#883174, CVE-2014-4040)
  - added patches:
    * powerpc-utils.snap-confidential_config_files_warning.patch



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