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postgresql12-pgagent-4.0.0-lp152.3.3.1 RPM for ppc64le

From OpenSuSE Ports Leap 15.2 updates for ppc64le

Name: postgresql12-pgagent Distribution: openSUSE Leap 15.2
Version: 4.0.0 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: lp152.3.3.1 Build date: Wed Sep 9 03:01:57 2020
Group: Productivity/Databases/Tools Build host: obs-power8-03
Size: 590577 Source RPM: postgresql12-pgagent-4.0.0-lp152.3.3.1.src.rpm
Summary: Job scheduler for PostgreSQL
pgAgent is a job scheduler for PostgreSQL which may be managed
using pgAdmin.






* Fri Aug 07 2020 Antonio Larrosa <>
  - Do not build postgresql11 and postgresql12 flavors where they're
    not available.
* Tue Jun 09 2020 Dominique Leuenberger <>
  - Drop postgresql94 flavor: pgsql 9.4 is EOL.
* Tue Oct 22 2019 Marcus Rueckert <>
  - adding postgresql12 to _multibuild (boo#1174996)
* Wed Mar 13 2019 Reinhard Max <>
  - Remove postgresql93 from multibuild and add postgresql11.
  - Fix build with PostgreSQL 11.
* Thu Nov 15 2018
  - Change the unflavored package name to postgresql-pgagent.
  - Do not build the postgresql96 flavor in SLE15
* Tue Oct 23 2018
  - Use multibuild to generate packages for all postgresql flavours.
  - Use systemd-tmpfiles to be friendly to transactional updates and
    not write to /var during package installation.
* Tue Aug 28 2018
  - Initial release of pgagent 4.0.0 based on the upstream spec file
    by Devrim Gündüz <>



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