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go1.16-doc-1.16.7-lp152.8.1 RPM for ppc64le

From OpenSuSE Ports Leap 15.2 updates for ppc64le

Name: go1.16-doc Distribution: openSUSE Leap 15.2
Version: 1.16.7 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: lp152.8.1 Build date: Fri Aug 20 12:19:56 2021
Group: Documentation/Other Build host: obs-power8-05
Size: 315035 Source RPM: go1.16-1.16.7-lp152.8.1.src.rpm
Summary: Go documentation
Go examples and documentation.






* Thu Aug 05 2021 Jeff Kowalczyk <>
  - go1.16.7 (released 2021-08-05) includes a security fix to the
    net/http/httputil package, as well as bug fixes to the compiler,
    the linker, the runtime, the go command, and the net/http
    Refs boo#1182345 go1.16 release tracking
    * boo#1189162 go#46866 CVE-2021-36221
    * go#47474 net/http: panic due to racy read of persistConn after handler panic
    * go#47348 cmd/go: "go list -f '{{.Stale}}'" stack overflow with cyclic imports
    * go#47332 time: Timer reset broken under heavy use since go1.16 timer optimizations added
    * go#47289 cmd/link: build error with cgo in Windows, redefinition of
    * go#47015 cmd/go: go mod vendor: open C:\Users\LICENSE: Access is denied.
    * go#46928 cmd/compile: register conflict between external linker and duffzero on arm64
    * go#46858 runtime: ppc64x binaries randomly segfault on linux 5.13rc6
    * go#46551 cmd/go: unhelpful error message when running "go install" on a replaced-but-not-required package
* Thu Aug 05 2021 Jeff Kowalczyk <>
  - Drop patch to fix crashes on PowerPC with kernel >= 5.13, fixed
    in next upstream release:
    * drop fix-ppc64-crashes.patch
* Mon Jul 19 2021 Fabian Vogt <>
  - Add patch to fix crashes on PowerPC with kernel >= 5.13:
    * fix-ppc64-crashes.patch
* Mon Jul 12 2021 Jeff Kowalczyk <>
  - go1.16.6 (released 2021-07-12) includes a security fix to the
    crypto/tls package, as well as bug fixes to the compiler, and the
    net and net/http packages.
    Refs boo#1182345 go1.16 release tracking
    * boo#1188229 go#47143 CVE-2021-34558
    * go#47145 security: fix CVE-2021-34558
    * go#46999 net: LookupMX behaviour broken
    * go#46981 net: TestCVE202133195 fails if /etc/resolv.conf specifies ndots larger than 3
    * go#46769 syscall: TestGroupCleanupUserNamespace test failure on Fedora
    * go#46657 runtime: deeply nested struct initialized with non-zero values
    * go#44984 net/http: server not setting Content-Length in certain cases
* Thu Jun 10 2021 Jeff Kowalczyk <>
  - Fix extraneous trailing percent character %endif% in spec file.
* Thu Jun 03 2021 Jeff Kowalczyk <>
  - go1.16.5 (released 2021-06-03) includes security fixes to the
    archive/zip, math/big, net, and net/http/httputil packages, as
    well as bug fixes to the linker, the go command, and the net/http
    CVE-2021-33195 CVE-2021-33196 CVE-2021-33197 CVE-2021-33198
    Refs boo#1182345 go1.16 release tracking
    * boo#1187443 go#46241 CVE-2021-33195
    * go#46357 net: Lookup functions may return invalid host names
    * go#46530 net: Unix dnsclient test for CVE-2021-33195 assumes that does not resolve
    * boo#1186622 go#46242 CVE-2021-33196
    * go#46397 archive/zip: malformed archive may cause panic or memory exhaustion
    * boo#1187444 go#46313 CVE-2021-33197
    * go#46315 net/http/httputil: ReverseProxy forwards Connection headers if first one is empty
    * boo#1187445 go#45910 CVE-2021-33198
    * go#46306 math/big: (*Rat).SetString with "1.770p02041010010011001001" crashes with "makeslice: len out of range"
    * go#46214 cmd/go: make go mod download with no arguments leave go.sum alone
    * go#46144 cmd/go: error out of 'go mod tidy' if the go.mod file specifies a newer-than-supported Go version
    * go#46128 cmd/link: internal error when externally linking very large binaries
    * go#45927 cmd/link: SIGSEGV running 'openshift-install version' for release-4.8 using external linking on PPC64LE
    * go#45832 cmd/link: unexpected trampoline when cross-compiling to ppc64le
* Fri May 07 2021 Jeff Kowalczyk <>
  - go1.16.4 (released 2021-05-06) includes a security fix to the
    net/http package, as well as bug fixes to the runtime, the
    compiler, and the archive/zip, time, and syscall packages.
    Refs boo#1182345 go1.16 release tracking
    * boo#1185790 CVE-2021-31525
    * go#45712 net/http: ReadRequest can stack overflow
    * go#45636 cmd/compile: internal compiler error: Invalid PPC64 rotate mask
    * go#45482 runtime: "invalid pc-encoded table" throw caused by bad cgo traceback (expandFinalInlineFrames)
    * go#45385 time: Europe/Dublin timezone handling broken with embedded timezone database
    * go#45347 archive/zip: duplicate entries in FS interface
    * go#45307 os/signal: timeout in TestAllThreadsSyscallSignals
* Fri Apr 02 2021 Jeff Kowalczyk <>
  - go1.16.3 (released 2021-04-01) includes fixes to the compiler,
    linker, runtime, the go command, and the testing and time
    Refs boo#1182345 go1.16 release tracking
    * go#45303 runtime: "invalid pc-encoded table" throw caused by bad cgo traceback
    * go#45253 cmd/compile: fix long RMW bit operations on AMD64
    * go#45240 all: run.{bash,bat,rc} sets GOPATH inconsistently
    * go#45192 Strange behaviour with loops
    * go#45030 cmd/link: go 1.16 plugin does not initialize global variables correctly when not used directly
    * go#44888 testing: Helper line number has changed in 1.16
    * go#44885 cmd/go: import paths ending with '+' are rejected (affects executable like g++ or clang++)
    * go#44869 time, runtime: zero duration timer takes 2 minutes to fire
    * go#44860 cmd/go: documentation at for cmd/go has confusing formatting
    * go#44812 cmd/go: 'go get' does not add missing hash to go.sum when ziphash file missing from cache
    * go#44640 cmd/link: fail to build when using time/tzdata on ARM
* Fri Mar 12 2021 Jeff Kowalczyk <>
  - go1.16.2 (released 2021-03-11) includes fixes to cgo, the
    compiler, linker, the go command, and the syscall and time
    Refs boo#1182345 go1.16 release tracking
    * go#44793 cmd/go: mod tidy should ignore missing standard library packages
    * go#44746 cmd/go: improve error message when outside a module from "working directory is not part of a module"
    * go#44676 cmd/go: warning message when getting a retracted module version is missing a trailing newline
    * go#44659 runtime: marked free object in span
    * go#44647 cmd/go: "malformed import path" in Go 1.16 for packages with path elements containing a leading dot
    * go#44638 cmd/link: runtime crash, unexpected fault address 0xffffffffffffffff, h2_bundle.go, when using plugin
    * go#44618 time: LoadLocationFromTZData with slim tzdata uses incorrect zone
    * go#44593 syscall & x/sys/windows: buffer overflow in GetQueuedCompletionStatus
    * go#44498 cmd/go: 'go mod edit -exclude' erroneously rejects '+incompatible' versions
    * go#44496 cmd/go: malformed module path with retract v2+
    * go#44464 cmd/compile: ICE on deferred call to syscall.LazyDLL.Call
    * go#44462 x/tools/go/analysis, syscall: ptrace redeclared in this block
    * go#44433 cmd/compile: Compiler regression in Go 1.16 - internal compiler error: child dcl collision on symbol
    * go#44402 doc: Broken image in readme
    * go#44358 cmd/compile: internal compiler error: Value live at entry. It shouldn't be.
    * go#44346 runtime/cgo: cannot build with -Wsign-compare
* Wed Mar 10 2021 Jeff Kowalczyk <>
  - go1.16.1 (released 2021-03-10) includes security fixes to the
    archive/zip and encoding/xml packages.
    CVE-2021-27918 CVE-2021-27919
    Refs boo#1182345 go1.16 release tracking
    * boo#1183333 CVE-2021-27918
    * go#44915 encoding/xml: infinite loop when using `xml.NewTokenDecoder` with a custom `TokenReader`
    * boo#1183334 CVE-2021-27919
    * go#44917 archive/zip: can panic when calling Reader.Open
* Thu Feb 18 2021 Jeff Kowalczyk <>
  - gcc6-go.patch fix typo go-7 to go-6 for bootstrap on SLE-12 gcc6
* Tue Feb 16 2021 Jeff Kowalczyk <>
  - go1.16 (released 2021-02-16) Go 1.16 is a major release of Go.
    go1.16.x minor releases will be provided through February 2022.
    Most changes are in the implementation of the toolchain, runtime,
    and libraries. As always, the release maintains the Go 1 promise
    of compatibility. We expect almost all Go programs to continue to
    compile and run as before.
    Refs boo#1182345 go1.16 release tracking
    * See release notes Excerpts
      relevant to OBS environment and for SUSE/openSUSE follow:
    * Module-aware mode is enabled by default, regardless of whether
      a go.mod file is present in the current working directory or a
      parent directory. More precisely, the GO111MODULE environment
      variable now defaults to on. To switch to the previous
      behavior, set GO111MODULE to auto.
    * Build commands like go build and go test no longer modify
      go.mod and go.sum by default. Instead, they report an error if
      a module requirement or checksum needs to be added or updated
      (as if the -mod=readonly flag were used). Module requirements
      and sums may be adjusted with go mod tidy or go get.
    * go install now accepts arguments with version suffixes (for
      example, go install This causes go
      install to build and install packages in module-aware mode,
      ignoring the go.mod file in the current directory or any parent
      directory, if there is one. This is useful for installing
      executables without affecting the dependencies of the main
    * go install, with or without a version suffix (as described
      above), is now the recommended way to build and install
      packages in module mode. go get should be used with the -d flag
      to adjust the current module's dependencies without building
      packages, and use of go get to build and install packages is
      deprecated. In a future release, the -d flag will always be
    * retract directives may now be used in a go.mod file to indicate
      that certain published versions of the module should not be
      used by other modules. A module author may retract a version
      after a severe problem is discovered or if the version was
      published unintentionally.
    * The go mod vendor and go mod tidy subcommands now accept the -e
      flag, which instructs them to proceed despite errors in
      resolving missing packages.
    * The go command now ignores requirements on module versions
      excluded by exclude directives in the main module. Previously,
      the go command used the next version higher than an excluded
      version, but that version could change over time, resulting in
      non-reproducible builds.
    * In module mode, the go command now disallows import paths that
      include non-ASCII characters or path elements with a leading
      dot character (.). Module paths with these characters were
      already disallowed (see Module paths and versions), so this
      change affects only paths within module subdirectories.
    * The go command now supports including static files and file
      trees as part of the final executable, using the new //go:embed
      directive. See the documentation for the new embed package for
    * When using go test, a test that calls os.Exit(0) during
      execution of a test function will now be considered to
      fail. This will help catch cases in which a test calls code
      that calls os.Exit(0) and thereby stops running all future
      tests. If a TestMain function calls os.Exit(0) that is still
      considered to be a passing test.
    * go test reports an error when the -c or -i flags are used
      together with unknown flags. Normally, unknown flags are passed
      to tests, but when -c or -i are used, tests are not run.
    * The go get -insecure flag is deprecated and will be removed in
      a future version. This flag permits fetching from repositories
      and resolving custom domains using insecure schemes such as
      HTTP, and also bypasses module sum validation using the
      checksum database. To permit the use of insecure schemes, use
      the GOINSECURE environment variable instead. To bypass module
      sum validation, use GOPRIVATE or GONOSUMDB. See go help
      environment for details.
    * go get now requires that some version of already be required by the main
      module. (However, go get -u=patch continues to patch even
      newly-added dependencies.)
    * GOVCS is a new environment variable that limits which version
      control tools the go command may use to download source
      code. This mitigates security issues with tools that are
      typically used in trusted, authenticated environments. By
      default, git and hg may be used to download code from any
      repository. svn, bzr, and fossil may only be used to download
      code from repositories with module paths or package paths
      matching patterns in the GOPRIVATE environment variable. See go
      help vcs for details.
    * When the main module's go.mod file declares go 1.16 or higher,
      the all package pattern now matches only those packages that
      are transitively imported by a package or test found in the
      main module. (Packages imported by tests of packages imported
      by the main module are no longer included.) This is the same
      set of packages retained by go mod vendor since Go 1.11.
    * When the -toolexec build flag is specified to use a program
      when invoking toolchain programs like compile or asm, the
      environment variable TOOLEXEC_IMPORTPATH is now set to the
      import path of the package being built.
    * The -i flag accepted by go build, go install, and go test is
      now deprecated. The -i flag instructs the go command to install
      packages imported by packages named on the command line. Since
      the build cache was introduced in Go 1.10, the -i flag no
      longer has a significant effect on build times, and it causes
      errors when the install directory is not writable.
    * When the -export flag is specified, the BuildID field is now
      set to the build ID of the compiled package. This is equivalent
      to running go tool buildid on go list -exported -f {{.Export}},
      but without the extra step.
    * The -overlay flag specifies a JSON configuration file
      containing a set of file path replacements. The -overlay flag
      may be used with all build commands and go mod subcommands. It
      is primarily intended to be used by editor tooling such as
      gopls to understand the effects of unsaved changes to source
      files. The config file maps actual file paths to replacement
      file paths and the go command and its builds will run as if the
      actual file paths exist with the contents given by the
      replacement file paths, or don't exist if the replacement file
      paths are empty.
    * The cgo tool will no longer try to translate C struct bitfields
      into Go struct fields, even if their size can be represented in
      Go. The order in which C bitfields appear in memory is
      implementation dependent, so in some cases the cgo tool
      produced results that were silently incorrect.
    * The linux/riscv64 port now supports cgo and -buildmode=pie.
      This release also includes performance optimizations and code
      generation improvements for RISC-V.
    * The new runtime/metrics package introduces a stable interface
      for reading implementation-defined metrics from the Go
      runtime. It supersedes existing functions like
      runtime.ReadMemStats and debug.GCStats and is significantly
      more general and efficient. See the package documentation for
      more details.
    * Setting the GODEBUG environment variable to inittrace=1 now
      causes the runtime to emit a single line to standard error for
      each package init, summarizing its execution time and memory
      allocation. This trace can be used to find bottlenecks or
      regressions in Go startup performance. The GODEBUG
      documentation describes the format.
    * On Linux, the runtime now defaults to releasing memory to the
      operating system promptly (using MADV_DONTNEED), rather than
      lazily when the operating system is under memory pressure
      (using MADV_FREE). This means process-level memory statistics
      like RSS will more accurately reflect the amount of physical
      memory being used by Go processes. Systems that are currently
      using GODEBUG=madvdontneed=1 to improve memory monitoring
      behavior no longer need to set this environment variable.
    * Go 1.16 fixes a discrepancy between the race detector and the
      Go memory model. The race detector now more precisely follows
      the channel synchronization rules of the memory model. As a
      result, the detector may now report races it previously missed.
    * linker: This release includes additional improvements to the Go
      linker, reducing linker resource usage (both time and memory)
      and improving code robustness/maintainability. These changes
      form the second half of a two-release project to modernize the
      Go linker.
    * The linker changes in 1.16 extend the 1.15 improvements to all
      supported architecture/OS combinations (the 1.15 performance
      improvements were primarily focused on ELF-based OSes and amd64
      architectures). For a representative set of large Go programs,
      linking is 20-25% faster than 1.15 and requires 5-15% less
      memory on average for linux/amd64, with larger improvements for
      other architectures and OSes. Most binaries are also smaller as
      a result of more aggressive symbol pruning.
    * The new embed package provides access to files embedded in the
      program during compilation using the new //go:embed directive.
    * The new io/fs package defines the fs.FS interface, an
      abstraction for read-only trees of files. The standard library
      packages have been adapted to make use of the interface as
    * For testing code that implements fs.FS, the new testing/fstest
      package provides a TestFS function that checks for and reports
      common mistakes. It also provides a simple in-memory file
      system implementation, MapFS, which can be useful for testing
      code that accepts fs.FS implementations.
    * syscall: On Linux, Setgid, Setuid, and related calls are now
      implemented. Previously, they returned an syscall.EOPNOTSUPP
      error. On Linux, the new functions AllThreadsSyscall and
      AllThreadsSyscall6 may be used to make a system call on all Go
      threads in the process. These functions may only be used by
      programs that do not use cgo; if a program uses cgo, they will
      always return syscall.ENOTSUP.
    * time/tzdata: The slim timezone data format is now used for the
      timezone database in $GOROOT/lib/time/ and the
      embedded copy in this package. This reduces the size of the
      timezone database by about 350 KB.
* Thu Jan 28 2021 Jeff Kowalczyk <>
  - go1.16rc1 (released 2021-01-28) is a release candidate of go1.16
    cut from the master branch at the revision tagged go1.16rc1.
* Thu Dec 17 2020 Jeff Kowalczyk <>
  - go1.16beta1 (released 2020-12-08) is a beta version of go1.16 cut
    from the master branch at the revision tagged go1.16beta1.



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