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python3-matplotlib-gtk3-2.2.5-lp152.2.3.1 RPM for armv7hl

From OpenSuSE Ports Leap 15.2 updates for armv7hl

Name: python3-matplotlib-gtk3 Distribution: openSUSE Leap 15.2
Version: 2.2.5 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: lp152.2.3.1 Build date: Mon Jun 28 16:24:26 2021
Group: Development/Libraries/Python Build host: armbuild21
Size: 151078 Source RPM: python-matplotlib-2.2.5-lp152.2.3.1.src.rpm
Summary: GTK3 backends for python3-matplotlib
This package includes the GTK3-based gtk3, gtk3agg, and
gtk3cairo backends for the python3-matplotlib plotting package






* Mon Apr 19 2021 Matej Cepl <>
  - Fix dependencies to explicit python3-* ones (bsc#1184340).
* Wed May 20 2020 Tomáš Chvátal <>
  - Remove Qt4 backend as we don't want to ship Qt4 anymore
* Mon May 18 2020 Tomáš Chvátal <>
  - Update version to 2.2.5:
    * Latest 2.x series that supports python2 (we have 3x on TW)
  - Make it agnostic between SLE and openSUSE jsc#SLE-11752
    * Same change done to 3.x series in TW
* Tue Aug 14 2018
  - Update to version 2.2.3
    * Fix import failure on BSD systems
    * Fix import errors in Qt shims for PyQt5 5.11 and PyQt4 4.12
    * Fix import errors if bz2 module is not in standard library
    * Fix overflow in _path.h
    * Fix infinite recursion in transform repr
    * Fix bug with XKCD style
    * Remove unsafe usage of Popen
* Sat Jun 02 2018
  - don't use any lua expressions for suse_version < 1500
* Fri Jun 01 2018
  - Only recommend python-matplotlib-tk if tk is already flagged for
    installation. On most systems there is no reason to have tk
    available (those UIs are out of date and not well perceived
* Tue May 15 2018
  - Add missing Requires for python-backports.functools_lru_cache (boo#1074491)
* Thu May 10 2018
  - Fix building on SLE which doesn't have qhull.
* Sat Mar 17 2018
  - update to version 2.2.2:
    * v2.2.1 did not actually restore matplotlib.verbose.
  - changes from version 2.2.1:
    * This release fixes a number of critical bugs:
      + restores matplotlib.verbose (fixing embedding in pycharm)
      + preserve precision when color mapping small portions of data
      with extreme outliers
      + fixes saving long movies with ffmpeg
      + fixes UnbourdLocal error in contour labeling
      + fixes import failure on python 3.4.0 and 3.4.1
      + fixes compile time failures with clang on 32bit platforms
      + fixes an icon in the Tk backends
      + fixes several issues with Tables
      + fixes expanding offset boxes with tight_layout
      + revert changes to the font caching to avoid a possible bug in
      + numerous docstring and documentation fixes
    * We have reverted the deprecation of `font_manager.TempCache`.
* Thu Mar 08 2018
  - specfile:
    * require kiwisolver
    * update required version for dateutil
  - update to version 2.2.0:
    * The first release of the v2.2 LTS series and the last version of
      Matplotlib to support python2.  There will be bug-fix release for
      this series until 2020.
    * This release includes new features including:
      + An experimental constrained layout manager
      + Color blind friendly color map (cividis) and color cycle
      + native support for numpy.datetime64 types
      + animated gif writing via pillow
      + TkAgg now works with pypy
      + cairo based backends for Qt, Tk, and WX
    * There are several API changes in this release:
      + To support the constrained layout Matplotlib has a new required
      dependency (kiwisolver).
      + The `` module has been removed, development
      has moved to a stand-alone project.
* Tue Jan 30 2018
  - Update versions of required packages.
* Sun Jan 28 2018
  - specfile:
    * update copyright year
  - update to version 2.1.2:
    * This release fixes a number of critical bugs:
      + fix a typo in mlab.cohere which yielded incorrect results
      + allow nonposx / nonposy to pass through loglog
      + fix color comparisons when finding handles with legend
      + fixes a recursive draw bug and a major performance regression in
      Qt5Agg backend
      + fix a re-draw bug in WxAgg
      + fix image scaling with high-bit depth integers
      + revert the busy-cursor
* Wed Jan 17 2018
  - dependency changed to python-six >= 1.10
    (see "site-packages/matplotlib/", line 187)
* Sat Dec 16 2017
  - update to version 2.1.1:
    * The first and only planned bug-fix release for the 2.1 series.
    * This release include many bug and documentation fixes.  Highlights
      + change default logscale behavior to clip
      + fixed webagg import errors
      + tweaks to polar ticks
      + fixed exception when guessing afm family names
      + update manifest to include all doc files
      + improve masked array handling in pcolormesh
      + fix segfault from reading invalid png
      + fix blocking_input
      + fix bug resulting in huge multi-page pdf files
      + make `show` in nbagg take args as other backends do
      + several fixes to OSX backend
      + restore positional arg handling on Figure.legend
      + fix bugs in interactive navigation
      + fix issues when panning with invalid limits
      + fix bug with fully masked arrays passed to imshow
* Thu Oct 26 2017
  - Update to version 2.1.0
    + New features
    * String categorical values
    * Interactive JS widgets for animation
    * Enhancements to polar plot
    * Figure class now has subplots method
    * Metadata savefig keyword argument
    * Busy Cursor
    * PolygonSelector
    * Added matplotlib.ticker.PercentFormatter
    * Reproducible PS, PDF and SVG output
    * Orthographic projection for mplot3d
    * voxels function for mplot3d
    + Improvements
    * Add capstyle and joinstyle attributes to Collection
    * CheckButtons widget get_status function
    * Add fill_bar argument to AnchoredSizeBar
    * Annotation can use a default arrow style
    * Barbs and Quiver Support Dates
    * Hexbin default line color
    * Figure.legend() can be called without arguments
    * Multiple legend keys for legend entries
    * New parameter clear for :func:`~matplotlib.pyplot.figure`
    * Specify minimum value to format as scalar for LogFormatterMathtext
    * New quiverkey angle keyword argument
    * Colormap reversed method
    * Artist.setp (and pyplot.setp) accept a file argument
    * streamplot streamline generation more configurable
    * Axis.set_tick_params now responds to rotation
    * Shading in 3D bar plots
    * New which Parameter for autofmt_xdate
    * New Figure Parameter for subplot2grid
    * Interpolation in fill_betweenx
    * New keyword argument sep for EngFormatter
    * Extend MATPLOTLIBRC behavior
    * density kwarg to hist
    + Internals
    * New TransformedPatchPath caching object
    * Abstract base class for movie writers
    * Stricter validation of line style rcParams
    + Performance
    * Path simplification updates
    * Implement intersects_bbox in c++\
  - Remove upstream-included patches:
    * 0001-Fix-include-path-for-system-libqhull.patch
    * 0001-Allow-divmod-to-be-overridden-by-num.patch
    * 166a14473272_Fix-contour-colour-level-determination.patch
    * 97e170d2fc2c_Pass-integers-to-np_linspace.patch
* Mon Oct 09 2017
  - Fix/enhance build with tests:
    - set PYTHONPATH, otherwise tests will not find the python
      modules installed to the buildroot
    - Add BuildRequires for several tex styles/resources
    - Add BuildRequires: xorg-x11-Xvfb, needed for Qt backend tests
    - Remove python-Pillow, tests are only using png, not e.g jpeg
    - increase image compare tolerance, our Freetype 2.7 renders
      slightly different to the baseline FT 2.6
    - Add upstream 0001-Allow-divmod-to-be-overridden-by-num.patch,
      to cope with numpy 1.13 changes
    - Add upstream 166a14473272_Fix-contour-colour-level-determination.patch
    - Add upstream 97e170d2fc2c_Pass-integers-to-np_linspace.patch
* Mon Oct 09 2017
  - Also remove runtime-only python-tk dependecy from BuildRequires:
* Sat Oct 07 2017
  - Rebase the matplotlib setup.cfg on upstream version
  - Guard several BuildRequires: which are not necessary for building
    with the "tests" conditional, most backends are pure python
  - Do not install/package baseline images only necessary for tests,
    shrinks the main package by 60 MByte
* Thu Aug 10 2017
  - Update to version 2.0.2
    Critical bug fixes for 2.0.1
    * fixed Qt4 support
    * fixed LogFormatter
    * fixed hatched artists in legends
    * fixed segfault with large images
  - Update to version 2.0.1
    Bug fix release for 2.0.x series
    This release includes bug fixes, documentation updates and one major change.
    + API
    * Do not clip the linewidth used for dash pattern scaling.  This is
      an API change, but is a major improvement.
    * Deprecate 'vega' color names in favor of 'tab'.
    + Bug Fixes
    * Hatching color follows edge color again.
    * Fixes a critical bug with masked images.
    * Improved high-dpi support for Qt5.
    * Log ticking no never skip minor ticks
    * Do not skip points surrounded by nan/inf in vector outputs.
  - Disable backends on releases that don't support them.
* Thu Jul 13 2017
  - Add 0001-Fix-include-path-for-system-libqhull.patch
    Avoid falling back to outdated bundled version
* Sun Apr 30 2017
  - Restore qt4 backend since qt4 still has maintained,
    python3-comptible python bindings.
  - Provide/obsolete gtk backend to avoid conflicts.
    It doesn't have maintained, python3-compatible python bindings.
* Mon Mar 27 2017
  - Implement single-spec version
  - Drop old qt4 and gtk2 backends
  - Drop unmaintained qt designer widget
* Fri Mar 10 2017
  - Fix file list
* Fri Jan 20 2017
  - Add python-functools32 dependency.
* Tue Jan 17 2017
  - update to version 2.0.0
    + Highlights include:
    * 'viridis' is default color map instead of jet.
    * Modernized the default color cycle.
    * Many more functions respect the color cycle.
    * Line dash patterns scale with linewidth.
    * Change default font to DejaVu, now supports most Western alphabets (including Greek, Cyrillic and Latin with diacritics), math symbols and emoji out of the box.
    * Faster text rendering.
    * Improved auto-limits.
    * Ticks out and only on the right and bottom spines by default.
    * Improved auto-ticking, particularly for log scales and dates.
    * Improved image support (imshow respects scales and eliminated a class of artifacts).
* Fri Dec 02 2016
  - update to version 1.5.3
    * Changed default autorange behavior in boxplots (introduced with
  - Change BuildRequires and Recommends from python-Pillow to
    python-imaging to allow for SLE 12 builds. (python-Pillow
    provides python-imaging)
* Sat Jul 30 2016
  - Make use of wxWidgets 3
* Fri Feb 26 2016
  - Require python-python-dateutil. package was renamed
* Mon Jan 11 2016
  - Update to version 1.5.1:
    First bug fix release for 1.5.x series.
* Wed Dec 02 2015
  - Enabled qt5 on Leap 42.1
  - Enabled wx on Leap 42.1
* Wed Nov 25 2015
  - Drop agg-devel dependenxy; useless
* Fri Oct 30 2015
  - Add new python-Cycler dependency
* Fri Oct 30 2015
  - Update to 1.5.0
    * Auto-redraw using the object-oriented API.
    * Most plotting functions now support labeled data API.
    * Color cycling has extended to all style properties.
    * Four new perceptually uniform color maps, including the
      soon-to-be default 'viridis'.
    * More included style sheets.
    * Many small plotting improvements.
    * Proposed new framework for managing the GUI toolbar and tools.
* Wed Jul 01 2015
  - Disable qt5 on SLE 12
  - Disable wx on SLE 11 and 12
  - Disable latex and gtk3 on SLE 11
  - Don't require texlive-sfmath on SLE 12
  - Disable qt5 on ppc and arm
  - Depend on libxml2 instead of libxml2-tools
* Thu May 21 2015
  - Fix installed files
* Mon Mar 02 2015
  - specfile:
    * update url
    * update source url to point to pypi
  - update to version 1.4.3:
    * Many bugs are fixed including:
    - fixing drawing of edge-only markers in AGG
    - fix run-away memory usage when using %inline or saving with a
      tight bounding box with QuadMesh artists
    - improvements to wx and tk gui backends
    * Additionally the webagg and nbagg backends were brought closer to
      feature parity with the desktop backends with the addition of
      keyboard and scroll events thanks to Steven Silvester.
* Mon Oct 27 2014
  - Update to 1.4.2.  This is a bug-fix release for the 1.4 series.
    - corrected boxplot in
    - added extra paths to default search paths for freetype
* Mon Oct 20 2014
  - Update to 1.4.1.  This is a bug-fix release for the 1.4 series.
    - reverts the changes to interactive plotting so ion will work as
      before in all cases fixed boxplot regressions
    - fixes for finding freetype and libpng
    - sundry unicode fixes (looking up user folders, importing
      seaborn/pandas/networkx with macosx backend)
    - nbagg works with python 3 + new font awesome
    - fixed saving dialogue in QT5



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