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libnuma1-64bit-2.0.14-lp152.5.3.1 RPM for aarch64_ilp32

From OpenSuSE Ports Leap 15.2 updates for aarch64_ilp32

Name: libnuma1-64bit Distribution: openSUSE Leap 15.2
Version: 2.0.14 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: lp152.5.3.1 Build date: Fri Apr 16 10:34:38 2021
Group: Development/Languages/C and C++ Build host: obs-arm-7
Size: 68704 Source RPM: numactl-2.0.14-lp152.5.3.1.src.rpm
Summary: NUMA Policy Control
Control NUMA policy for individual processes. Offer libnuma for
individual NUMA policy in applications.






* Tue Dec 15 2020 Martin Liška <>
  - Enable LTO (boo#1133098) as it works now.
* Sat Oct 03 2020 Dirk Mueller <>
  - update to 2.0.14 (SLE-17217):
    * manpage update
    * numademo: fix issue on 32 bit systems
    * drop custom cflags for libnuma
    * use symvers attribute for symbol versioning
* Sat Jan 11 2020
  - Update to version 2.0.13:
    * Release numactl 2.0.13
    * Skip `test/move_pages` if we don't have at least two nodes available
    * Add license files: GPLv2 + LGPLv2.1
    * Handle cpu-less node for bind_range test
    * Convert numastat.c to standard numactl coding style
    * Disable clang travis targets for now
    * numastat.8: clarify that information relates to resident pages
    * Fix all declarations to be C prototypes
    * numatopology: Add check for cpu-less nodes
    * Update
    * numastat: when reading no-exist pid, return EXIT_FAILURE
    * numastat: Add KReclaimable to list of known fields in meminfo
    * numastat: Better diagnostic when find unknown string in meminfo
    * Enable building on s390x
    * Correct sysconf constants
    * Removed unnecessary exit from memhog.c Solves issue #50
    * Synchronized usage function with man page
    * Added memhog.8 to
    * memhog: add man page
    * Allow linking with lld by deduplicating symbols
    * numademo: free the node_to_use on the way out
    * numademo: free test nodemask
    * libnuma: cleanup node cpu mask in destructor
    * numactl: add va_end to usage function
    * travis: add build matrix
    * remove kernel version check
    * add missing linux version header
    * make MPOL_ macros match linux kernel
    * add missing policy
    * Fix: Add ShmemHugePages and ShmemPmdMapped to system_meminfo[]
    * Fix: move_pages test for non-contiguous nodes
    * Correct calculation of nr_nodes and re-enable move_pages test
    * Fix: regress test numastat function and few test fixes
    * Fix: distance test to include all existing nodes
    * numademo: fix wrong node input
    * Fix: node_list with memory-less nodes
  - Drop autoconf/libtool BuildRequires and autoreconf invocation,
    bundled configure is up-to-date.
  - Drop obsolete revert_date_in_numastat.patch, gcc sets __DATE__
    based on SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH now.
  - Correct License for devel subpackage, same as for the library
* Tue Sep 10 2019
  - numastat doesn't need perl anymore since 2012
* Wed May 15 2019
  - For obs regression checker, this version includes following SLE
    - enable build for aarch64 (fate#319973) (bsc#976199)
      factory has an extra patch to disable ARM 32 bit archs which
      looks a bit misleading as %arm macro only covers 32 bit ARM.
    - Bug 955334 - numactl/libnuma: add patch for Dynamic Reconfiguration
* Tue Apr 23 2019 Martin Liška <>
  - Disable LTO (boo#1133098).
* Wed Nov 07 2018
  - Update to version 2.0.12:
    * Release numactl 2.0.12
    * Cleanup whitespace from *.c and *.h files
    * Add Travis build status to numactl README
    * Convert README and INSTALL to Markdown
    * Remove `threadtest.c`
    * Remove `mkolddemo` script
    * Remove file TODO, which has outdated contents
    * Remove file DESIGN, which has no contents
    * Remove changelogs from the repository
    * Revert "make clearcache work on x86/PIC"
    * Add "NAME" section to numastat manpage
    * Allow building on ARM systems
    * Add pkg-config file for NUMA library
    * readdir_r(3) is deprecated, use readdir(3) instead
    * Avoid filename truncation in numastat
    * fix coding style in last change
    * Fix: numademo test between sparse nodes
    * Fix: allocation of dynamic array
    * Fix: numactl distance between sparse nodes
    * include sys/sysmacros.h for major/minor
    * make clearcache work on x86/PIC
    * Fix regress test for invalid hard code of nodenames
    * Fix end of line check in distance parsing
    * Optimize numa_distance check
    * affinity: Include sys/sysmacros.h to fix warning
    * numademo: Increase buffer to avoid theoretical buffer overflow
    * Check for invalid nodes in numa_distance
* Wed Aug 01 2018
  - sysmacros.patch: Include <sys/sysmacros.h> for major/minor (bsc#1181571) (bsc#1183796)
* Fri Jan 05 2018
  - Disable building at 32-bit ARM.
    NUMA is not supported by 32-bit ARM Linux Kernel, so build failed
    [#]error "Add syscalls for your architecture or update kernel headers"
* Fri Jul 07 2017
  - Update to latest HEAD (ea3a70681c2f523fe58e1d44527f478ca76db74e)
    * Fix usage of __GLIBC_PREREQ for non-glibc toolchains
    * Fix usage of __GLIBC_PREREQ for non-glibc toolchains
    * Clean up numa_error() calls.
    * Handle sched_getaffinity() failing with errno != EINVAL.
    * "Further more" should be a single word
    * Fix for numa_police_memory()
    * Segment fault when numa nodes not sequential or contiguous
    * Update prototype of get_mempolicy
* Thu Mar 09 2017
  - Update to 2.0.11
    * 150116 libnuma: numa_node_to_cpu skips over non-existing
      nodes (Petr Holasek)
    * 151210 libnuma: supress warnings for non-existing node (Petr Holasek)
* Sun Aug 02 2015
  - Cleanup spec file with spec-cleaner
  - Use autoreconf to update configure
* Mon Feb 23 2015
  - package fails to build with PIE globally enabled, due to
    error: inconsistent operand constraints in an 'asm'.
    Turns out there is a GCC builtin for doing the operation
    cleanly. (numactl-clearcache-pie.patch)
* Tue Jan 27 2015
  - Change license from GPL-2.0+ to GPL-2.0
* Tue Jan 20 2015
  - Make latest factory version build against SLE11 as well
* Thu Nov 27 2014
  - cleanup, also build for i586
  - remove move_pages.2 , as it is in manual-pages rpm.
* Sat Nov 22 2014
  - Update to version 2.0.10:
    * 131123 numactl: numactl check for NUMA available (Elena Ufimtseva)
    * 140715 numactl: fix numactl --show  and preferrred node (Bill Gray)
    * 140722 makefile: remove warning about missing .depend (Filipe Brandenburger)
    * 140820 convert the build procedure to automake (Filipe Brandenburger)
  - Cleanup spec file
    * use RPM macros where possible
    * remove redundant %clean



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