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libxslt-python-1.1.32-lp151.3.6.1 RPM for ppc64le

From OpenSuSE Ports Leap 15.1 updates for ppc64le

Name: libxslt-python Distribution: openSUSE Leap 15.1
Version: 1.1.32 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: lp151.3.6.1 Build date: Mon May 25 18:10:36 2020
Group: Development/Libraries/Python Build host: obs-power8-05
Size: 201699 Source RPM: libxslt-python-1.1.32-lp151.3.6.1.src.rpm
Summary: Python Bindings for libxslt
The libxslt-python package contains a module that permits applications
written in the Python programming language to use the interface
supplied by the libxslt library to apply XSLT transformations.

This library allows parsing stylesheets. It uses the libxml2-python to
load and save XML and HTML files. Direct access to XPath and the XSLT
transformation context are possible. Thus it is possible to extend the
XSLT language with XPath functions written in Python.






* Mon Oct 21 2019 Pedro Monreal Gonzalez <>
  - Security fix [bsc#1154609, CVE-2019-18197]
    * Fix dangling pointer in xsltCopyText
    * Add libxslt-CVE-2019-18197.patch
* Tue Jul 02 2019 Pedro Monreal Gonzalez <>
  - Security fix: [bsc#1140101, CVE-2019-13118]
    * Fix uninitialized read with UTF-8 grouping chars. Read of
      uninitialized stack data due to too narrow xsl:number
      instruction and an invalid character
    * Added libxslt-CVE-2019-13118.patch
* Tue Jul 02 2019 Pedro Monreal Gonzalez <>
  - Security fix: [bsc#1140095, CVE-2019-13117]
    * Fix uninitialized read of xsl:number token. An xsl number with
      certain format strings could lead to a uninitialized read in
    * Added libxslt-CVE-2019-13117.patch
* Thu Apr 11 2019 Pedro Monreal Gonzalez <>
  - Security fix: [bsc#1132160, CVE-2019-11068]
    * Bypass of a protection mechanism because callers of xsltCheckRead
      and xsltCheckWrite permit access even upon receiving a -1 error
      code. xsltCheckRead can return -1 for a crafted URL that is not
      actually invalid and is subsequently loaded.
    * Added libxslt-CVE-2019-11068.patch
* Wed Nov 08 2017
  - Update to version 1.1.32
    * fixes xml-config detection regression (boo#1066525)
* Thu Oct 19 2017
  - Update to version 1.1.30 [bsc#1063934]
    * Documentation:
    - Misc doc fixes
    * Portability:
    - Look for libxml2 via pkg-config first
    * Bug Fixes:
    - Also fix memory hazards in exsltFuncResultElem
    - Fix NULL deref in xsltDefaultSortFunction
    - Fix memory hazards in exsltFuncFunctionFunction
    - Fix memory leaks in EXSLT error paths
    - Fix memory leak in str:concat with empty node-set
    - Fix memory leaks in error paths
    - Switch to xmlUTF8Strsize in numbers.c
    - Fix NULL pointer deref in xsltFormatNumberFunction
    - Fix UTF-8 check in str:padding
    - Fix xmlStrPrintf argument
    - Check for overflow in _exsltDateParseGYear
    - Fix double to int conversion
    - Check for overflow in exsltDateParseDuration
    - Change version of xsltMaxVars back to 1.0.24
    - Disable xsltCopyTextString optimization for extensions
    - Create DOCTYPE for HTML version 5
    - Make xsl:decimal-format work with namespaces
    - Remove norm:localTime extension function
    - Check for integer overflow in xsltAddTextString
    - Detect infinite recursion when evaluating function arguments
    - Fix memory leak in xsltElementAvailableFunction
    - Fix for pattern predicates calling functions
    - Fix cmd.exe invocations in Makefile.mingw
    - Don't try to install index.sgml
    - Fix symbols.xml
    - Fix heap overread in xsltFormatNumberConversion
    - Fix <xsl:number level="any"/> for non-element nodes
    - Fix unreachable code in xsltAddChild
    - Change version number in xsl:version warning
    - Avoid infinite recursion after failed param evaluation
    - Stop if potential recursion is detected
    - Consider built-in templates in apply-imports
    - Fix precedence with multiple attribute sets
    - Rework attribute set resolution
    * Improvements:
    - Silence tests a little
    - Set LIBXML_SRC to absolute path
    - Add missing #include
    - Adjust expected error messages in tests
    - Make xsltDebug more quiet
    - New-line terminate error message that missed this convention
    - Use xmlBuffers in EXSLT string functions
    - Switch to xmlUTF8Strsize in EXSLT string functions
    - Check for return value of xmlUTF8Strlen
    - Avoid double/long round trip in FORMAT_ITEM
    - Separate date and duration structs
    - Check for overflow in _exsltDateDifference
    - Clamp seconds field of durations
    - Change _exsltDateAddDurCalc parameter types
    - Fix date:difference with time zones
    - Rework division/remainder arithmetic in date.c
    - Remove exsltDateCastDateToNumber
    - Change internal representation of years
    - Optimize IS_LEAP
    - Link libraries with libm
    - Rename xsltCopyTreeInternal to xsltCopyTree
    - Update linker version script
    - Add local wildcard to version script
    - Make some symbols static
    - Remove redundant NULL check in xsltNumberComp
    - Fix forwards compatibility for imported stylesheets
    - Reduce warnings in forwards-compatible mode
    - Precompute XSLT elements after preprocessing
    - Fix whitespace in xsltParseStylesheetTop
    - Consolidate recursion checks
    - Treat XSLT_STATE_STOPPED same as errors
    - Make sure that XSLT_STATE_STOPPED isn't overwritten
    - Add comment regarding built-in templates and params
    - Rewrite memory management of local RVTs
    - Validate QNames of attribute sets
    - Add xsl:attribute-set regression tests
    - Ignore imported stylesheets in xsltApplyAttributeSet
* Thu Oct 19 2017
  - security update: initialize random generator, CVE-2015-9019
    + libxslt-random-seed.patch
* Mon Sep 11 2017
  - Fix RPM groups. Drop ineffective --with-pic.
    Trim conjecture from description.
* Fri Jul 28 2017
  - Add gpg signature
  - Cleanup spec file with spec-cleaner
* Sat Jun 11 2016
  - Version update to 1.1.29 to match libxslt main package
  - Sort out with spec-cleaner
  - BuildIgnore python to avoid cycles
  - Run tests and do not install them as docs
* Fri May 20 2016
  - add libxslt-1.1.28-type_confusion_preprocess_attr.patch to fix
    type confusion in preprocessing attributes [bnc#952474],



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