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libpcap1-64bit-1.8.1-lp151.4.3.1 RPM for aarch64_ilp32

From OpenSuSE Ports Leap 15.1 updates for aarch64_ilp32

Name: libpcap1-64bit Distribution: openSUSE Leap 15.1
Version: 1.8.1 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: lp151.4.3.1 Build date: Tue Oct 15 17:11:38 2019
Group: System/Libraries Build host: obs-arm-4
Size: 331392 Source RPM: libpcap-1.8.1-lp151.4.3.1.src.rpm
Summary: A Library for Network Sniffers
libpcap is a library used by packet sniffer programs. It provides an
interface for them to capture and analyze packets from network devices.
This package is only needed if you plan to compile or write such a
program yourself.






* Tue Oct 08 2019 Pedro Monreal Gonzalez <>
  - Security update: [bsc#1153332, CVE-2019-15165, CVE-2018-16301]
    * CVE-2019-15165 Do sanity checks on PHB header length before allocating memory.
    * CVE-2018-16301 Errors in pcapng reading.
  - Add libpcap-CVE-2019-15165.patch
* Tue Sep 12 2017
  - Added a patch (disable-remote.diff) to fix applications to FTBFS
    if they define HAVE_REMOTE (deb#843384). Patch taken from Debian.
* Thu Mar 23 2017
  - Restore section setting $pic
* Wed Mar 01 2017
  - Do not put conditions about the provides for < 11.0
* Wed Feb 15 2017
  - Dropped patches not required after review
    * libpcap-1.0.0-pcap-bpf.patch
    * libpcap-1.5.2-filter-fix.patch
  - Reference of the pull request for the rest of the patches
  - Changed libpcap-1.0.0-s390.patch to the git formatted one
* Thu Feb 02 2017
  - Formatted the specs file using spec-cleaner.
* Thu Feb 02 2017
  - Allow bluetooth monitoring support unconditionally.
* Thu Feb 02 2017
  - update to 1.8.1
    * Clean up the name-to-DLT mapping table.
    * Add some newer DLT_ values:
    * Fix handling of packet count in the TPACKET_V3 inner loop: GitHub issue
    * Filter out duplicate looped back CAN frames.
    * Fix the handling of loopback filters for IPv6 packets.
    * Add a link-layer header type for RDS (IEC 62106) groups.
    * On Linux, handle all CAN captures with pcap-linux.c, in cooked mode.
    * Removes the need for the "host-endian" link-layer header type.
    * Compile with '-Wused-but-marked-unused' in devel mode if supported
    * Have separate DLTs for big-endian and host-endian SocketCAN headers.
    * Require that version.h be generated: all build procedures we support generate version.h (autoconf, CMake, MSVC)!
    * Properly check for sock_recv() errors.
    * Re-impose some of Winsock's limitations on sock_recv().
    * Replace sprintf() with pcap_snprintf().
    * Fix signature of pcap_stats_ex_remote().
    * Have rpcap_remoteact_getsock() return a SOCKET and supply an "is active" flag.
    * Clean up {DAG, Septel, Myricom SNF}-only builds.
    * pcap_create_interface() needs the interface name on Linux.
    * Clean up hardware time stamp support: the "any" device does not support any time stamp types.
    * Recognize 802.1ad nested VLAN tag in vlan filter.
  - dropped libpcap-ocloexec.patch, never upstreamed.
  - refreshed libpcap-1.0.0-ppp.patch
* Sun Apr 17 2016
  - libpcap-no-old-socket.patch: never fallback to the obsolete
    SOCK_PACKET (kernel < 2.2) interface, this still happens
    for example, when you update the kernel, run iftop and
    the old kernel af_packet module wasn't loaded, program fails
    and the kernel prints "iftop uses obsolete (PF_INET,SOCK_PACKET)"
* Sun Jun 21 2015
  - remove dependency on libusb-devel, only libusb-1.0 is used for
  - split a -devel-static subpackage that contains the static
    libraries and all the extra dependencies which are not needed
    for dynamic linking.
* Sun Apr 26 2015
  - libpcap 1.7.3:
    * work around a Linux bonding driver bug.
* Fri Mar 13 2015
  - update to 1.7.2
    * Support for filtering Geneve encapsulated packets.
    * Fix handling of zones for BPF on Solaris
    * new DLT for ZWAVE
    * clarifications for read timeouts.
    * added bpf_filter1() with extensions
    * some fixes to compilation without stdint.h
    * EBUSY can now be returned by SNFv3 code.
  - refreshed libpcap-ocloexec.patch
* Fri Nov 14 2014
  - No longer perform gpg validation; osc source_validator does it
    + Drop gpg-offline BuildRequires.
    + No longer execute gpg_verify.



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