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trippy-0.10.0-1.1 RPM for s390x

From OpenSuSE Ports Tumbleweed for s390x

Name: trippy Distribution: openSUSE:Factory:zSystems
Version: 0.10.0 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 1.1 Build date: Wed Apr 3 17:57:37 2024
Group: Productivity/Networking/Diagnostic Build host: reproducible
Size: 9887118 Source RPM: trippy-0.10.0-1.1.src.rpm
Summary: A network diagnostic tool
Trippy combines the functionality of traceroute and ping and is designed
to assist with the analysis of networking issues.






* Wed Apr 03 2024 Joshua Smith <>
  - Remove deprecated cargo_config
  - Use upstream changelogs instead of generated ones from _service
  - Update to version 0.10.0:
    * Added support for calculating and displaying jitter
    * Added support for customizing columns
    * Added support for reordering and toggling column visibility in
    * Added support for dublin ECMP routing for IPv6/udp
    * Added support for IPinfo flavoured mmdb files
    * Added support for IPv4->IPv6 and IPv6->IPv4 DNS fallback modes
    * Added TUN based simulation tests
    * Added support for last src port (S) and last dest port (P)
      custom columns
    * Added support for last sequence (Q) custom columns
    * Added support for more named theme colors
    * Ensure paris and dublin ECMP strategy are only used with
      supported protocols
    * Restrict flows to paris and dublin ECMP strategies
    * Improved Tui table column layout logic
    * Use exclusive reference &mut for all Socket operations
    * Reduced maximum sequence per round from 1024 to 512
    * Fixed off-by-one bug in max-rounds calculation
    * Fixed panic with expand-hosts-max Tui command
    * Fixed failure to parse generated config file on Windows
    * Fixed tracer panic for icmp TimeExceeded "Fragment reassembly
      time exceeded" packets
    * Fixed tracer not discarding unrelated icmp packets for udp and
      tcp protocols
    * Fixed incorrect minimum packet size for IPv6
    * Fixed permission denied error reading configuration file from
      snap installation
* Thu Feb 29 2024 Joshua Smith <>
  - Update to version 0.9.0:
    * chore: update dependencies
    * build: update Dockerfile to use Rust 1.74
    * build: added `assets/*/*.png` to exclude list
    * doc: added screenshots for `0.9.0`
    * doc: updated 'Features' section of ``
    * doc: added `--tui-max-flows` to 'Command Reference' in ``
    * feat(tui): add `tui-max-flows` config
    * fix: validate targets resolve to at least one address or exit
    * doc: add matrix chat badge to ``
    * refactor: remove `Required` trait and `util` module
    * feat(net): remove use of `Required` trait
    * feat: capture `type_name::<T>` in `RequiredError`
    * fix(net): only split icmp packet into payload and extension if extensions enabled
    * feat(packet): added `payload_raw` method to Ipv4 and Ipv6 `DestinationUnreachablePacket` and `TimeExceededPacket`
    * test(packet): added ipv6 tests to `extension_splitter` module
    * fix(packet): return full payload for packets with invalid extension lengths
    * build: fix `deb` and `rpm` release builds
    * doc: finalize `` for `0.9.0` release
    * build: exclude assets from crate
    * build: add feature `Win32_Security` to `windows-sys` dependency
    * doc: added `--tui-icmp-extension-mode` to 'Command Reference' section of ``
    * doc: tweak wording of `IcmpExtensionMode::All`
    * doc: fix documented default `tui_icmp_extension_mode` to be `off`
    * doc: added #752 & #825 to ``
    * feat(tui): show unique flow count in header
    * feat(tui): added ICMP extensions support to frontend
    * feat(tui): always display ASN data in hop detailed view
    * doc: added `toggle-privacy` key binding to ``
    * fix(tui): do not show map locations for private ttls
    * feat(tui): add privacy toggle
    * refactor(tui): rename `privacy_ttl` as `privacy_max_ttl`
    * fix(config): use default for `toggle_flows`
    * doc: added `toggle-flows` key binding to ``
    * doc: added flows theme items to ``
    * feat(tui): display individual tracing flows in Tui
    * fix(tui): do not clear selected hop when attempting to navigate between traces if only a single trace exists
    * feat(backend): record the flow id for the current round
    * doc: updated 'Binary Asset Download' table to include previous `0.7.0` release
    * doc: updated the wording of 'Versions' section in ``
    * doc: added example of using `--icmp-extensions` (`-e`) to ``
    * doc: add `--icmp-extensions` to 'Command Reference' section of ``
    * doc: change 'Command Reference' to use `text` formatting in ``
    * doc: more fixes to ``
    * doc: fix issues
    * doc: updated for all changes since `0.8.0`
    * feat(tui): add panic handler to reset terminal
    * feat(report): reworked `stream` to display ICMP extensions
    * refactor(report): replace use of `DnsResolver` with `R: Resolver`
    * feat(report): reworked `json` to use `types` module
    * feat(report): reworked `csv` report to use `csv` crate
    * build: added `csv` to `dependencies`
    * feat(report): added common `types` module
    * refactor(report): split `report` module
    * refactor: export additional ICMP types from the `tracing` module
    * test(config): added config tests
    * test(config): added test to parse `trippy-config-sample.toml` and validate default values
    * feat(config): update addr_family logic to account for `DEFAULT_ADDRESS_FAMILY`
    * feat(config): added `constants::DEFAULT_TUI_MAX_ADDRS`
    * feat(config): added `constants::DEFAULT_ADDRESS_FAMILY`
    * feat(config): added `constants::DEFAULT_ICMP_EXTENSIONS`
    * build: added `pretty_assertions` to `dev-dependencies`
    * feat(config): added `Default` impl for `bindings` and `theme` modules
    * test(platform): add `Platform::dummy_for_test` method
    * refactor(config): replace TrippyConfig `TryFrom` impl with `from` method that takes a `ConfigFile`
    * feat(config): add `Eq` and `PartialEq` derive to several config types
    * fix(config): change from `icmp_extensions` to `icmp-extensions` in sample config file
    * fix(config): updated `min-round-duration` and `max-round-duration` to be `1s` instead of `1000ms` to be consistent with cmd line config default
    * feat(net): record `class`, `subtype` and `bytes` of unknown ICMP extensions
    * build: rename all release builds to match targets
    * build: added additonal release targets
    * build: added `armv7-unknown-linux-gnueabihf`, `armv7-unknown-linux-musleabihf` & `armv7-unknown-linux-musleabi` release builds
    * build: add `aarch64-apple-darwin` release target
    * build: switch to installing `cargo-cross` from latest version on github
    * feat: added ICMP extensions support to backend
    * feat: added ICMP extensions command line and config
    * feat(net): added ICMP `extensions` to `Probe`
    * refactor(net): removed `Copy` trait from `Probe` and related types
    * feat(net): added support for ICMP extensions
    * feat(packet): added MPLS ICMP extension object to packet
    * feat(packet): added `extension` method to TE and DU icmpv6 packet
    * feat(packet): added `extension` method to TE and DU icmpv4 packet
    * feat(packet): added ICMP `extension_splitter` module
    * feat(packet): added `icmp_extension` packet module and core types
    * feat(packet): added length field to icmpv6 TE and DU packets
    * feat(packet): added length field to icmpv4 TE and DU packets
    * build: add `hex-literal` version `0.4.1` to dev-dependencies
    * doc: add `--icmp` alias to example in ``
    * doc: `dot` and `flows` examples to ``
    * doc: added example of using `tui-privacy-max-ttl` to 'Usage Examples' section of ``
    * doc: updated 'Acknowledgements' section to reflect the change from `tui-rs` to `ratatui`
    * doc: removed old 'Platforms' section from ``
    * doc: add 'Binary Assets' section to ``
    * doc: remove `www.` prefix from `` in ``
    * doc: added corrected `-z` example in ``
    * doc: added 'Versions' section to ``
    * doc: update Command Reference section in `` to reflect latest `master`
    * doc: add 'and exit' to the end of the `print_config_template` help text
    * refactor(backend): introduce `Backend` struct
    * doc: update to include details and example of using '--print-config-template'
    * feat: add `--print-config-template` flag to output template config file
    * feat: add icmp command shortcut
    * feat(tui)!: change default key for `ToggleFreeze` from `f` to be `ctrl+f`
    * fix(backend): filter hosts used for flows to complete and pending and limit to max ttl
    * refactor(backend): reintroduce `ProbeStatus::Skipped` to aid diagnostics
    * refactor(backend): move logic to TraceData::update_from_round function
    * feat(report): add `flows` report mode
    * feat(backend): add `Display` impls for `FlowId`, `Flow` and `FlowEntry`
    * fix(backend): index flows from 1 in `FlowRegistry` as flow 0 is reserved as the default flow
    * feat(report): add `dot` report mode to output flows in Graphviz `DOT` format
    * build: add `petgraph` version `0.6.4` to dependencies
    * feat(backend): segregate traces by flow
    * feat(backend): record tracing flows
    * refactor(backend): introduced backend::trace module
    * refactor(tui): use selected_hop_or_target() in `chart` and `histogram` modules
    * refactor(tui): align parameter order for `tabs` module
    * feat(tui): add `--tui-privacy-max-ttl` flag to set the maximum ttl of hops which will be masked for privacy
    * fix(tui): set correct table row height for hops with no response
    * feat: add `dns_resolve_all` flag to trace to all resolved ips
    * refactor(dns): reorder items in `lazy_resolver` module
    * refactor(dns): rename module `lazy` as `lazy_resolver` and remove `DnsResolver` suffixes
    * refactor(dns): promote dns module to directory
    * refactor(dns): introduce `Resolver` trait
    * fix(dns): filter system resolver dns lookups for IPv4/IPv6 address family
    * doc(dns): improve rustdoc for `dns` module
    * feat: expose the `dns` module as part of the library
    * feat(net): add Paris ECMP strategy support for Ipv6/UDP
    * doc: update to capitalize Trippy correctly
    * doc: update to note that command line arguments may appear in any order
    * doc: use `[!IMPORTANT]` instead of `**:exclamation:**` for
    * doc: rename MacOS to macOS
    * doc: update to add --unprivileged mode to the `#privileges` section
    * doc: update to add --unprivileged mode usage details and example
    * feat(net): add support for --unprivileged mode on MacOS
    * fix: render TracerChannel::connect() errors in tui
    * refactor(net): introduce `` add unify ipv4/ipv6 `process_result`
    * refactor(net): replace needless use of `matches!` macro
    * fix(net): ensure the actual and expected original datagram protocol match or discard the packet
    * refactor(net): use `Ipv4Packet::payload()` when extracting the original Ipv4 datagram
    * refactor(net): rename `ip4` as `ipv4`
    * Fix typos in sample config
    * refactor(config): introduce `platform` module to replace `caps` module
    * build: add `BSD-2-Clause` to the allowed licences
    * feat(net): try to use an unprivileged IPPROTO_ICMP socket when probing for ipv4 field byte order
    * refactor(net): introduce `SocketImpl::new_dgram_ipv4` and `SocketImpl::new_dgram_ipv6`
    * doc: fix types in FAQ section of ``
    * fix: changed `Ipv4Packet::payload()` to not be based on total_length which is platform dependant
    * feat: truncate Ipv4 and Ipv6 packets to the number of bytes read from the socket
    * refactor(net): rename `Socket` struct as `SocketImpl` and `TracerSocket` trait as `Socket`
    * refactor(net): make net code generic over `S` where `S: TracerSocket`
    * fix: add clap `styles=Styles::styled()` to reintroduce previous behaviour
    * build: enable `unstable-styles` feature in `clap`
    * fix: add clap `arg_required_else_help` to reintroduce prior behaviour
    * refactor: remove clap `display_order` attributes
    * feat: improve command line bool flag handling
    * refactor: combine `extract_time_exceeded` and `extract_dest_unreachable` into `extract_probe_resp_seq`
    * doc: add `toogle-help-alt` key binding to
    * feat: add support for the `ToggleHelpAlt` command which defaults to the `?` key
    * doc: re-add trippy.gif
    * fix(net): remove redundant calls to `TimeExceededPacket::new_view()` in ``
    * doc: remove unused FAQ entry from ``
    * fix: add clap `usage` feature which is needed by clap 4.4.x
    * fix(net): ignore `EINTR` errno response from select
    * doc: reformat comments to width 100
    * build: remove unused features
    * fix(dns): resolver queue processor blocking lazy lookup
    * build: removed hardcoded Rust 1.63.0 ci fmt job
    * fix(net): only create the needed icmp or udp sending socket
    * refactor(config): split `constants` into a submodule
    * refactor(config): split `cmd` into a submodule
    * refactor(config): split `theme`, `binding` and `file` into submodules
    * Document default for GeoIp
    * Update trippy-config-sample.toml
    * feat(report): add `IPs` field to csv and all tabular reports
    * fix(report): perform blocking dns lookups
    * feat(dns): added blocking `reverse_lookup` and `reverse_lookup_with_asinfo` methods
    * refactor(dns): add `lazy_` prefix to `reverse_lookup` and `reverse_lookup_with_asinfo`
    * refactor: split into multiple modules
    * doc: restore relative path for gif in
    * build: add a `musl` `deb` package build to release
    * feat: replace `tui` crate with `ratatui`
    * doc: update to use external gif link
* Sun Jun 18 2023 Joshua Smith <>
  - Initial package for 0.8.0



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