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java-21-openjdk-headless- RPM for s390x

From OpenSuSE Ports Tumbleweed for s390x

Name: java-21-openjdk-headless Distribution: openSUSE:Factory:zSystems
Version: Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 5.2 Build date: Thu Mar 7 13:44:28 2024
Group: Development/Languages/Java Build host: reproducible
Size: 193388796 Source RPM: java-21-openjdk-
Summary: OpenJDK 21 Runtime Environment
The OpenJDK 21 runtime environment without audio and video support.




Apache-1.1 AND Apache-2.0 AND GPL-1.0-or-later AND GPL-2.0-only AND GPL-2.0-only WITH Classpath-exception-2.0 AND LGPL-2.0-only AND MPL-1.0 AND MPL-1.1 AND SUSE-Public-Domain AND W3C


* Thu Mar 07 2024 Fridrich Strba <>
  - Removed patch:
    * alternative-tzdb_dat.patch
      + Remove the possibility to use the system timezone-java. It
      creates more problems then it solves (bsc#1213470)
* Tue Feb 20 2024 Fridrich Strba <>
  - Use %patch -P N instead of deprecated %patchN.
* Wed Feb 07 2024 Fridrich Strba <>
  - Recommend mozilla-nss-sysinit in order to have available the
    /etc/pki/nssdb directory and its content, required in fips mode
  - Do not install our crafted nss.fips.cfg file, but use the one that
    the build produces with our fips.patch applied
  - Removed patch:
    * nss-security-provider.patch
      + this DISABLED nss security provider was not used for years and
      is largely rendered obsolete by the NSS-FIPS provider
  - Modified patch:
    * fips.patch
      + adapt to the removal of the nss security provider
* Wed Jan 24 2024 Fridrich Strba <>
  - Add JPackage base provides for SLE15 too (bsc#1219115)
* Wed Jan 17 2024 Fridrich Strba <>
  - Update to upstream tag jdk-21.0.2+13 (January 2024 CPU)
    * CVEs
      + CVE-2024-20918, bsc#1218907
      + CVE-2024-20919, bsc#1218903
      + CVE-2024-20921, bsc#1218905
      + CVE-2024-20945, bsc#1218909
      + CVE-2024-20952, bsc#1218911
    * Security fixes
      + JDK-8308204: Enhanced certificate processing
      + JDK-8314295: Enhance verification of verifier
      + JDK-8314307: Improve loop handling
      + JDK-8314468: Improve Compiler loops
      + JDK-8316976: Improve signature handling
      + JDK-8317547: Enhance TLS connection support
    * Other changes
      + JDK-8038244: (fs) Check return value of malloc in
      + JDK-8161536: sun/security/pkcs11/sslecc/
      / fails with ProviderException
      + JDK-8219652: [aix] Tests failing with JNI attach problems.
      + JDK-8225377: type annotations are not visible to javac
      plugins across compilation boundaries
      + JDK-8232839: JDI failed due to
      "FAILED: Did not get expected IllegalThreadStateException on
      a StepRequest.enable()"
      + JDK-8267502: JDK-8246677 caused 16x performance regression in
      + JDK-8267509: Improve IllegalAccessException message to
      include the cause of the exception
      + JDK-8268916: Tests for AffirmTrust roots
      + JDK-8286757: adlc tries to build with /pathmap but without
      + JDK-8294156: Allow PassFailJFrame.Builder to create test UI
      + JDK-8294158: HTML formatting for PassFailJFrame instructions
      + JDK-8294427: Check boxes and radio buttons have rendering
      issues on Windows in High DPI env
      + JDK-8294535: Add screen capture functionality to
      + JDK-8295068: SSLEngine throws NPE parsing CertificateRequests
      + JDK-8295555: Primitive wrapper caches could be `@Stable`
      + JDK-8299614: Shenandoah: STW mark should keep nmethod/oops
      referenced from stack chunk alive
      + JDK-8300663: java/util/concurrent/SynchronousQueue/
      / failed with "Error: fair=true i=0 j=1"
      + JDK-8301247: JPackage app-image exe launches multiple exe's
      in JDK 17+
      + JDK-8301341: LinkedTransferQueue does not respect timeout for
      + JDK-8301457: Code in is uncommented even
      after JDK-8236852 was fixed
      + JDK-8301489: C1: ShortLoopOptimizer might lift instructions
      before their inputs
      + JDK-8301846: Invalid TargetDataLine after screen lock when
      using JFileChooser or COM library
      + JDK-8303737: C2: Load can bypass subtype check that enforces
      it's from the right object type
      + JDK-8306561: Possible out of bounds access in
      + JDK-8308103: Massive (up to ~30x) increase in C2 compilation
      time since JDK 17
      + JDK-8308452: Extend internal Architecture enum with byte
      order and address size
      + JDK-8308479: [s390x] Implement alternative fast-locking scheme
      + JDK-8308592: Framework for CA interoperability testing
      + JDK-8308593: Add KEEPALIVE Extended Socket Options Support
      for Windows
      + JDK-8309209: C2 failed "assert(_stack_guard_state ==
      stack_guard_reserved_disabled) failed: inconsistent state"
      + JDK-8309305: sun/security/ssl/SSLSocketImpl/
      / fails with jtreg test timeout
      + JDK-8309545: Thread.interrupted from virtual thread
      needlessly resets interrupt status
      + JDK-8309663: test fails "assert(check_alignment(result))
      failed: address not aligned: 0x00000008baadbabe"
      + JDK-8309778: java/nio/file/Files/ fails when
      using second test directory
      + JDK-8309974: some JVMCI tests fail when VM options include
    - XX:+EnableJVMCI
      + JDK-8310239: Add missing cross modifying fence in nmethod
      entry barriers
      + JDK-8310512: Cleanup indentation in jfc files
      + JDK-8310596: Utilize existing method
      + JDK-8310982: jdk/internal/util/ fails after
      JDK-8308452 failed with Method isARM()
      + JDK-8311261: [AIX] fails due to
      java.lang.RuntimeException: Did not find expected NMT output
      + JDK-8311514: Incorrect regex in
      + JDK-8311585: Add JRadioButtonMenuItem to
      + JDK-8311591: Add SystemModulesPlugin test case that splits
      module descriptors with new local variables defined by
      + JDK-8311630: [s390] Implementation of Foreign Function &
      Memory API (Preview)
      + JDK-8311631: When multiple users run tools/jpackage/share/
      /, Permission denied for writing
      + JDK-8311680: Update the release version after forking Oct
      + JDK-8311681: Update the Jan CPU24_01 release date in master
      branch after forking Oct CPU23_10
      + JDK-8311813: C1: Uninitialized PhiResolver::_loop field
      + JDK-8311938: Add default cups include location for configure
      on AIX
      + JDK-8312078: [PPC] Failing on AIX
      + JDK-8312126: NullPointerException in CertStore.getCRLs after
      + JDK-8312166: (dc) DatagramChannel's socket adaptor does not
      release carrier thread when blocking in receive
      + JDK-8312174: missing JVMTI events from vthreads parked during
      JVMTI attach
      + JDK-8312191: ColorConvertOp.filter for the default
      destination is too slow
      + JDK-8312433: HttpClient request fails due to connection being
      considered idle and closed
      + JDK-8312434: SPECjvm2008/xml.transform with CDS fails with
      "can't seal package nu.xom"
      + JDK-8312440: assert(cast != nullptr) failed: must have added
      a cast to pin the node
      + JDK-8312466: /bin/nm  usage in AIX makes needs -X64 flag
      + JDK-8312467: relax the builddir check in
      + JDK-8312592: New parentheses warnings after HarfBuzz 7.2.0
      + JDK-8312612: handle WideCharToMultiByte return values
      + JDK-8313164: src/java.desktop/windows/native/libawt/windows/
      /awt_Robot.cpp GetRGBPixels adjust releasing of resources
      + JDK-8313167: Update to use jtreg 7.3
      + JDK-8313206: PKCS11 tests silently skip execution
      + JDK-8313244: NM flags handling in configure process
      + JDK-8313252: Java_sun_awt_windows_ThemeReader_paintBackground
      release resources in early returns
      + JDK-8313322: RISC-V: implement MD5 intrinsic
      + JDK-8313368: (fc) FileChannel.size returns 0 on block special
      + JDK-8313575: Refactor PKCS11Test tests
      + JDK-8313616: support loading library members on AIX in
      + JDK-8313643: Update HarfBuzz to 8.2.2
      + JDK-8313656: assert(!JvmtiExport::can_support_virtual_threads())
      with -XX:-DoJVMTIVirtualThreadTransitions
      + JDK-8313756: [BACKOUT] 8308682: Enhance AES performance
      + JDK-8313760: [REDO] Enhance AES performance
      + JDK-8313779: RISC-V: use andn / orn in the MD5 instrinsic
      + JDK-8313781: Add regression tests for large page logging and
      user-facing error messages
      + JDK-8313782: Add user-facing warning if THPs are enabled but
      cannot be used
      + JDK-8313792: Verify 4th party information in
      + JDK-8313873: java/nio/channels/DatagramChannel/
      / fails on AIX due to small default
      RCVBUF size and different IPv6 Header interpretation
      + JDK-8314045: ArithmeticException in GaloisCounterMode
      + JDK-8314094: java/lang/ProcessHandle/ fails on
      Windows when run as user with Administrator privileges
      + JDK-8314120: Add tests for FileDescriptor.sync
      + JDK-8314121: test tools/jpackage/share/
      / fails on RHEL8
      + JDK-8314191: C2 compilation fails with "bad AD file"
      + JDK-8314226: Series of colon-style fallthrough switch cases
      with guards compiled incorrectly
      + JDK-8314242: Update applications/scimark/ to
      accept VM flags
      + JDK-8314246: javax/swing/JToolBar/4529206/
      fails intermittently on Linux
      + JDK-8314263: Signed jars triggering Logger finder recursion
      and StackOverflowError
      + JDK-8314330: java/foreign tests should respect vm flags when
      start new processes
      + JDK-8314476: failed with
      "java.rmi.NoSuchObjectException: no such object in table"
      + JDK-8314495: Update to use jtreg 7.3.1
      + JDK-8314551: More generic way to handshake GC threads with
      monitor deflation
      + JDK-8314580: PhaseIdealLoop::transform_long_range_checks
      fails with assert "was tested before"
      + JDK-8314632: Intra-case dominance check fails in the presence
      of a guard
      + JDK-8314759: VirtualThread.parkNanos timeout adjustment when
      pinned should be replaced
      + JDK-8314883: Java_java_util_prefs_FileSystemPreferences_lockFile0
      write result errno in missing case
      + JDK-8314935: Shenandoah: Unable to throw OOME on back-to-back
      Full GCs
      + JDK-8315026: ProcessHandle implementation listing processes
      on AIX should use getprocs64
      + JDK-8315062: [GHA] get-bootjdk action should return the
      abolute path
      + JDK-8315082: [REDO] Generational ZGC: Tests crash with
      assert(index == 0 || is_power_of_2(index))
      + JDK-8315088: C2: assert(wq.size() - before ==
      EMPTY_LOOP_SIZE) failed: expect the EMPTY_LOOP_SIZE nodes of
      this body if empty
      + JDK-8315195: RISC-V: Update hwprobe query for new extensions
      + JDK-8315206: RISC-V: hwprobe query is_set return wrong value
      + JDK-8315213: java/lang/ProcessHandle/ test
      enhance output of children
      + JDK-8315214: Do not run sun/tools/jhsdb tests concurrently
      + JDK-8315362: NMT: summary diff reports threads count
      + JDK-8315377: C2: assert(u->find_out_with(Op_AddP) == nullptr)
      failed: more than 2 chained AddP nodes?
      + JDK-8315383: jlink SystemModulesPlugin incorrectly parses the
      + JDK-8315415: OutputAnalyzer.shouldMatchByLine() fails in some
      + JDK-8315437: Enable parallelism in
      vmTestbase/nsk/monitoring/stress/classload tests
      + JDK-8315442: Enable parallelism in
      vmTestbase/nsk/monitoring/stress/thread tests
      + JDK-8315452: Erroneous AST missing modifiers for partial input
      + JDK-8315499: build using devkit on Linux ppc64le RHEL puts
      path to devkit into libsplashscreen
      + JDK-8315545: C1: x86 cmove can use short branches
      + JDK-8315549: CITime misreports code/total nmethod sizes
      + JDK-8315554: C1: Replace "cmp reg, 0" with "test reg, reg" on
      + JDK-8315578: PPC builds are broken after JDK-8304913
      + JDK-8315579: SPARC64 builds are broken after JDK-8304913
      + JDK-8315606: Open source few swing text/html tests
      + JDK-8315612: RISC-V: intrinsic for unsignedMultiplyHigh
      + JDK-8315644: increase timeout of
      + JDK-8315651: Stop hiding AIX specific multicast socket errors
      via NetworkConfiguration (aix)
      + JDK-8315683: Parallelize
      + JDK-8315684: Parallelize
      + JDK-8315688: Update jdk21u fix version to 21.0.2
      + JDK-8315692: Parallelize
      gc/stress/ test
      + JDK-8315696: test failed
      + JDK-8315702: jcmd Thread.dump_to_file slow with millions of
      virtual threads
      + JDK-8315706: com/sun/tools/attach/warnings/
      / real fix for failure on AIX
      + JDK-8315735: VerifyError when switch statement used with
      synchronized block
      + JDK-8315751: RandomTestBsi1999 fails often with timeouts on
      Linux ppc64le
      + JDK-8315766: Parallelize
      gc/stress/ test
      + JDK-8315770: serviceability/sa/
      should run with -XX:-VerifyDependencies
      + JDK-8315774: Enable parallelism in vmTestbase/gc/g1/unloading
      + JDK-8315863: [GHA] Update checkout action to use v4
      + JDK-8315869: UseHeavyMonitors not used
      + JDK-8315920: C2: "control input must dominate current
      control" assert failure
      + JDK-8315931: RISC-V: xxxMaxVectorTestsSmokeTest fails when
      using RVV
      + JDK-8315936: Parallelize gc/stress/
      + JDK-8315937: Enable parallelism in
      vmTestbase/nsk/stress/numeric tests
      + JDK-8315942: Sort platform enums and definitions after
      JDK-8304913 follow-ups
      + JDK-8315960: test/jdk/java/io/File/
      leaves test files behind
      + JDK-8315971: ProblemList containers/docker/
      / on linux-all
      + JDK-8316003: Update to HTML
      + JDK-8316017: Refactor timeout handler in PassFailJFrame
      + JDK-8316025: Use testUI() method of PassFailJFrame.Builder in
      + JDK-8316030: Update Libpng to 1.6.40
      + JDK-8316031: SSLFlowDelegate should not log from synchronized
      + JDK-8316060: test/hotspot/jtreg/runtime/reflect/
      / may fail if heap is huge
      + JDK-8316087: Test is still failing
      + JDK-8316113: Infinite permission checking loop in java/net/spi/
      + JDK-8316123: ProblemList
      serviceability/dcmd/gc/ on AIX
      + JDK-8316130: Incorrect control in
      + JDK-8316142: Enable parallelism in
      vmTestbase/nsk/monitoring/stress/lowmem tests
      + JDK-8316156: ByteArrayInputStream.transferTo causes
      MaxDirectMemorySize overflow
      + JDK-8316178: Better diagnostic header for CodeBlobs
      + JDK-8316179: Use consistent naming for lightweight locking in
      + JDK-8316181: Move the fast locking implementation out of the
      .ad files
      + JDK-8316199: Remove sun/tools/jstatd/TestJstatd* tests from
      problemlist for Windows.
      + JDK-8316206: Test fails for Baekmuk
      + JDK-8316304: (fs) Add support for
      BasicFileAttributes.creationTime() for Linux
      + JDK-8316337: (bf) Concurrency issue in
      + JDK-8316341: sun/security/pkcs11/ needs
      adjustment on Linux ppc64le Ubuntu 22
      + JDK-8316387: Exclude more failing multicast tests on AIX
      after JDK-8315651
      + JDK-8316396: Endless loop in C2 compilation triggered by
      + JDK-8316399: Exclude
      java/net/MulticastSocket/ on AIX
      + JDK-8316400: Exclude jdk/jfr/event/runtime/
      / on AIX
      + JDK-8316401: sun/tools/jhsdb/ failed
      with "InternalError: We should have found a thread that owns
      the anonymous lock"
      + JDK-8316411: compiler/compilercontrol/
      / fails intermittent with force
      inline by CompileCommand missing
      + JDK-8316414: C2: large byte array clone triggers "failed:
      malformed control flow" assertion failure on linux-x86
      + JDK-8316415: Parallelize
      sun/security/rsa/ subtests
      + JDK-8316418: containers/docker/
      get OOM killed with Parallel GC
      + JDK-8316436: ContinuationWrapper uses unhandled nullptr oop
      + JDK-8316461: Fix: make test outputs TEST SUCCESS after
      unsuccessful exit
      + JDK-8316468: os::write incorrectly handles partial write
      + JDK-8316514: Better diagnostic header for VtableStub
      + JDK-8316540: StoreReproducibilityTest fails on some locales
      + JDK-8316566: RISC-V: Zero extended narrow oop passed to
      + JDK-8316581: Improve performance of Symbol::print_value_on()
      + JDK-8316585: [REDO] runtime/InvocationTests spend a lot of
      time on dependency verification
      + JDK-8316645: RISC-V: Remove dependency on libatomic by adding
      cmpxchg 1b
      + JDK-8316648: jrt-fs.jar classes not reproducible between
      standard and bootcycle builds
      + JDK-8316659: assert(LockingMode != LM_LIGHTWEIGHT || flag ==
      CCR0) failed: bad condition register
      + JDK-8316671: sun/security/ssl/SSLSocketImpl/
      / test fails intermittent with Read
      timed out
      + JDK-8316679: C2 SuperWord: wrong result, load should not be
      moved before store if not comparable
      + JDK-8316710: Exclude java/awt/font/Rotate/
      + JDK-8316719: C2 compilation still fails with "bad AD file"
      + JDK-8316735: Print LockStack in hs_err files
      + JDK-8316741: BasicStroke.createStrokedShape miter-limits
      failing on small shapes
      + JDK-8316743: RISC-V: Change UseVectorizedMismatchIntrinsic
      option result to warning
      + JDK-8316746: Top of lock-stack does not match the unlocked
      + JDK-8316778: test hprof lib: invalid array element type from
      + JDK-8316859: RISC-V: Disable detection of V through HWCAP
      + JDK-8316879: RegionMatches1Tests fails if CompactStrings are
      disabled after JDK-8302163
      + JDK-8316880: AArch64: "stop: Header is not fast-locked" with
    - XX:-UseLSE since JDK-8315880
      + JDK-8316894: make test  TEST="jtreg:test/jdk/..."  fails on
      + JDK-8316906: Clarify TLABWasteTargetPercent flag
      + JDK-8316929: Shenandoah: Shenandoah degenerated GC and full
      GC need to cleanup old OopMapCache entries
      + JDK-8316933: RISC-V: compiler/vectorapi/
      / fails when using RVV
      + JDK-8316935: [s390x] Use consistent naming for lightweight
      locking in MacroAssembler
      + JDK-8316958: Add test for unstructured locking
      + JDK-8316967: Correct the scope of vmtimer in
      + JDK-8317039: Enable specifying the JDK used to run jtreg
      + JDK-8317136: [AIX] Problem List
      + JDK-8317257: RISC-V: llvm build broken
      + JDK-8317262: LockStack::contains(oop) fails
      "assert(t->is_Java_thread()) failed: incorrect cast to
      + JDK-8317294: Classloading throws exceptions over already
      pending exceptions
      + JDK-8317327: Remove JT_JAVA dead code in jib-profiles.js
      + JDK-8317331: Solaris build failed with "declaration can not
      follow a statement (E_DECLARATION_IN_CODE)"
      + JDK-8317335: Build on windows fails after 8316645
      + JDK-8317336: Assertion error thrown during 'this' escape
      + JDK-8317340: Windows builds are not reproducible if MS VS
      compiler install path differs
      + JDK-8317373: Add Telia Root CA v2
      + JDK-8317374: Add Let's Encrypt ISRG Root X2
      + JDK-8317439: Updating RE Configs for BUILD REQUEST 21.0.2+1
      + JDK-8317507: C2 compilation fails with "Exceeded _node_regs
      + JDK-8317510: Change Windows debug symbol files naming to
      avoid losing info when an executable and a library share the
      same name
      + JDK-8317581: [s390x] Multiple test failure with LockingMode=2
      + JDK-8317601: Windows build on WSL broken after JDK-8317340
      + JDK-8317603: Improve exception messages thrown by native methods (win)
      + JDK-8317692: jcmd GC.heap_dump performance regression after
      + JDK-8317705: ProblemList sun/tools/jstat/
      on linux-ppc64le and aix due to JDK-8248691
      + JDK-8317706: Exclude java/awt/Graphics2D/DrawString/
      / on linux
      + JDK-8317711: Exclude gtest/ on AIX
      + JDK-8317736: Stream::handleReset locks twice
      + JDK-8317751: ProblemList, & for windows
      + JDK-8317772: NMT: Make peak values available in release builds
      + JDK-8317790: Fix Bug entry for exclusion of
      runtime/jni/terminatedThread/ on AIX
      + JDK-8317803: Exclude java/net/Socket/asyncClose/ on
      + JDK-8317807: JAVA_FLAGS removed from jtreg running in
      + JDK-8317818: Combinatorial explosion during 'this' escape
      + JDK-8317834: java/lang/Thread/ timed out
      + JDK-8317839: Exclude java/nio/channels/Channels/
      / on AIX
      + JDK-8317920: JDWP-agent sends broken exception event with
      onthrow option
      + JDK-8317959: Check return values of malloc in native
      java.base coding
      + JDK-8317964: java/awt/Mouse/MouseModifiersUnitTest/
      / fails on macosx-all
      after JDK-8317751
      + JDK-8317967: Enhance test/jdk/javax/net/ssl/TLSCommon/
      / to handle default cases
      + JDK-8317987: C2 recompilations cause high memory footprint
      + JDK-8318078: ADLC: pass ASSERT and PRODUCT flags
      + JDK-8318089: Class space not marked as such with NMT when CDS
      is off
      + JDK-8318137: Change milestone to fcs for all releases
      + JDK-8318144: Match on enum constants with body compiles but
      fails with MatchException
      + JDK-8318183: C2: VM may crash after hitting node limit
      + JDK-8318240: [AIX] test failure
      + JDK-8318415: Adjust describing comment of os_getChildren
      after 8315026
      + JDK-8318474: Fix memory reporter for thread_count
      + JDK-8318525: Atomic gtest should run as TEST_VM to access VM
      + JDK-8318528: Rename TestUnstructuredLocking test
      + JDK-8318540: make test cannot run .jasm tests directly
      + JDK-8318562: Computational test more than 2x slower when AVX
      instructions are used
      + JDK-8318587: refresh libraries cache on AIX in print_vm_info
      + JDK-8318591: avoid leaks in loadlib_aix.cpp reload_table()
      + JDK-8318669: Target OS detection in 'test-prebuilt' makefile
      target is incorrect when running on MSYS2
      + JDK-8318705: [macos] ProblemList
      + JDK-8318736: com/sun/jdi/ failed with
      "transport error 202: bind failed: Address already in use"
      + JDK-8318759: Add four DigiCert root certificates
      + JDK-8318889: C2: add bailout after assert Bad graph detected
      in build_loop_late
      + JDK-8318895: Deoptimization results in incorrect lightweight
      locking stack
      + JDK-8318951: Additional negative value check in JPEG decoding
      + JDK-8318953: RISC-V: Small refactoring for
      + JDK-8318955: Add ReleaseIntArrayElements in
      Java_sun_awt_X11_XlibWrapper_SetBitmapShape XlbWrapper.c to
      early return
      + JDK-8318957: enhance agentlib:jdwp help output by info about
      allow option
      + JDK-8318961: increase javacserver connection timeout values
      and max retry attempts
      + JDK-8318981: compiler/compilercontrol/
      / fails intermittent with
      'disallowed by CompileCommand' missing from stdout/stderr
      + JDK-8319104: GtestWrapper crashes with SIGILL in
      AsyncLogTest::test_asynclog_raw on AIX opt
      + JDK-8319120: Unbound ScopedValue.get() throws the wrong
      + JDK-8319184: RISC-V: improve MD5 intrinsic
      + JDK-8319187: Add three eMudhra emSign roots
      + JDK-8319195: Move most tier 1 vector API regression tests to
      tier 3
      + JDK-8319268: Build failure with GCC8.3.1 after 8313643
      + JDK-8319339: Internal error on spurious markup in a hybrid
      + JDK-8319436: Proxy.newProxyInstance throws NPE if loader is
      null and interface not visible from class loader
      + JDK-8319525: RISC-V: Rename * files to *
      under riscv/gc
      + JDK-8319532: jshell - Non-sealed declarations sometimes break
      a snippet evaluation
      + JDK-8319542: Fix boundaries of region to be tested with
      + JDK-8319700: [AArch64] C2 compilation fails with "Field too
      big for insn"
      + JDK-8319828: runtime/NMT/ may
      fail if mixing interpreted and compiled native invocations
      + JDK-8319922: fails to link in JDK 21
      + JDK-8319958: test/jdk/java/io/File/libGetXSpace.c does not
      compile on Windows 32-bit
      + JDK-8319961: JvmtiEnvBase doesn't zero _ext_event_callbacks
      + JDK-8320001: javac crashes while adding type annotations to
      the return type of a constructor
      + JDK-8320053: GHA: Cross-compile gtest code
      + JDK-8320209: VectorMaskGen clobbers rflags on x86_64
      + JDK-8320280: RISC-V: Avoid passing t0 as temp register to
      + JDK-8320363: ppc64 TypeEntries::type_unknown logic looks
      wrong, missed optimization opportunity
      + JDK-8320597: RSA signature verification fails on signed data
      that does not encode params correctly
      + JDK-8320601: ProblemList java/lang/invoke/lambda/
      / on linux-all
      + JDK-8321067: Unlock experimental options in
      + JDK-8322883: [BACKOUT] 8225377: type annotations are not
      visible to javac plugins across compilation boundaries
      + JDK-8322985: [BACKOUT] 8318562: Computational test more than
      2x slower when AVX instructions are used
* Thu Dec 14 2023 Fridrich Strba <>
  - Modified patch:
    * fips.patch
      + use the system crypto-policies provided configuration file
      by default (bsc#1218061)
* Fri Oct 27 2023 Fridrich Strba <>
  - Set priority and make it the preferred JDK
* Wed Oct 25 2023 Fridrich Strba <>
  - Upgrade to upstream tag jdk-21.0.1+12 (October 2023 CPU)
    * Security fixes:
      + JDK-8286503: Enhance security classes
      + JDK-8308204: Enhanced certificate processing
      + JDK-8309966, CVE-2023-22081, bsc#1216374: Enhanced TLS
      + JDK-8312248: Enhanced archival support redux
      + JDK-8314649: Enhanced archival support redux
      + JDK-8317121, CVE-2023-22025, bsc#1216339: vector_masked_load
      instruction is moved too early after JDK-8286941
    * Other changes:
      + JDK-8240567: MethodTooLargeException thrown while creating a
      jlink image
      + JDK-8284772: GHA: Use GCC Major Version Dependencies Only
      + JDK-8293114: JVM should trim the native heap
      + JDK-8296581: Better system proxy support
      + JDK-8297856: Improve handling of Bidi characters
      + JDK-8299658: C1 compilation crashes in
      + JDK-8302017: Allocate BadPaddingException only if it will be
      + JDK-8303815: Improve Metaspace test speed
      + JDK-8304954: SegmentedCodeCache fails when using large pages
      + JDK-8307766: Linux: Provide the option to override the timer
      + JDK-8308042: [macos] Developer ID Application Certificate not
      picked up by jpackage if it contains UNICODE characters
      + JDK-8308047: java/util/concurrent/ScheduledThreadPoolExecutor/
      / timed out and also had jcmd pipe errors
      + JDK-8308184: Launching java with large number of jars in
      classpath with java.protocol.handler.pkgs system property set
      can lead to StackOverflowError
      + JDK-8308474: DSA does not reset SecureRandom when initSign is
      called again
      + JDK-8308609: java/lang/ScopedValue/
      fails with "-XX:-VMContinuations"
      + JDK-8309032: jpackage does not work for module projects
      unless --module-path is specified
      + JDK-8309088: security/infra/java/security/cert/
      /CertPathValidator/certification/ fails
      + JDK-8309214: sun/security/pkcs11/KeyStore/
      / fails after 8301154
      + JDK-8309475: Test java/foreign/ fails: a
      problem with msync (aix)
      + JDK-8309502: RISC-V: String.indexOf intrinsic may produce
      misaligned memory loads
      + JDK-8309591: Socket.setOption(TCP_QUICKACK) uses wrong level
      + JDK-8309746: Reconfigure check should include
      + JDK-8309889: [s390] Missing return statement after calling
      jump_to_native_invoker method in
      + JDK-8310106:
      .getHandshakeProducer() incorrectly checks handshakeConsumers
      + JDK-8310171: Bump version numbers for 21.0.1
      + JDK-8310211: serviceability/jvmti/thread/GetStackTrace/
      /getstacktr03/ failing
      + JDK-8310233: Fix THP detection on Linux
      + JDK-8310268: RISC-V: misaligned memory access in
      String.Compare intrinsic
      + JDK-8310321: make JDKOPT_CHECK_CODESIGN_PARAMS more verbose
      + JDK-8310586: ProblemList java/lang/ScopedValue/
      / with virtual threads on
      + JDK-8310687: JDK-8303215 is incomplete
      + JDK-8310873: Re-enable locked_create_entry symbol check in
      runtime/NMT/ for RISC-V
      + JDK-8311026: Some G1 specific tests do not set -XX:+UseG1GC
      + JDK-8311033: [macos] PrinterJob does not take into account
      Sides attribute
      + JDK-8311160: [macOS, Accessibility] VoiceOver: No
      announcements on JRadioButtonMenuItem and JCheckBoxMenuItem
      + JDK-8311249: Remove unused MemAllocator::obj_memory_range
      + JDK-8311285: report some fontconfig related environment
      variables in hs_err file
      + JDK-8311511: Improve description of NativeLibrary JFR event
      + JDK-8311592: ECKeySizeParameterSpec causes too many
      exceptions on third party providers
      + JDK-8311682: Change milestone to fcs for all releases
      + JDK-8311862: RISC-V: small improvements to shift immediate
      + JDK-8311917: MAP_FAILED definition seems to be obsolete in
      + JDK-8311921: Inform about MaxExpectedDataSegmentSize in case
      of pthread_create failures on AIX
      + JDK-8311923: fails on RISC-V
      + JDK-8311926: java/lang/ScopedValue/
      takes 9mins in tier1
      + JDK-8311955: c++filt is now ibm-llvm-cxxfilt when using xlc17
      / clang on AIX
      + JDK-8311981: Test gc/stringdedup/
      / timed
      + JDK-8312127: FileDescriptor.sync should temporarily increase
      + JDK-8312180: (bf) MappedMemoryUtils passes incorrect
      arguments to msync (aix)
      + JDK-8312182: THPs cause huge RSS due to thread start timing
      + JDK-8312394: [linux] SIGSEGV if kernel was built without
      hugepage support
      + JDK-8312395: Improve assertions in growableArray
      + JDK-8312401: SymbolTable::do_add_if_needed hangs when called
      in InstanceKlass::add_initialization_error path with
      requesting length exceeds max_symbol_length
      + JDK-8312489: Increase jdk.jar.maxSignatureFileSize default
      which is too low for JARs such as WhiteSource/Mend unified
      agent jar
      + JDK-8312525: New test runtime/os/
      / is failing: did not see the
      expected RSS reduction
      + JDK-8312535: MidiSystem.getSoundbank() throws unexpected
      + JDK-8312555: Ideographic characters aren't stretched by
      AffineTransform.scale(2, 1)
      + JDK-8312573: Failure during CompileOnly parsing leads to
      + JDK-8312585: Rename DisableTHPStackMitigation flag to
      + JDK-8312591: GCC 6 build failure after JDK-8280982
      + JDK-8312619: Strange error message when switching over long
      + JDK-8312620: WSL Linux build crashes after JDK-8310233
      + JDK-8312625: Test serviceability/dcmd/vm/
      failed: RSS use increased
      + JDK-8312909: C1 should not inline through interface calls
      with non-subtype receiver
      + JDK-8312976: MatchResult produces
      StringIndexOutOfBoundsException for groups outside match
      + JDK-8312984: javac may crash on a record pattern with too few
      + JDK-8313081: MonitoringSupport_lock should be unconditionally
      initialized after 8304074
      + JDK-8313248: C2: setScopedValueCache intrinsic exposes
      nullptr pre-values to store barriers
      + JDK-8313262: C2:  Sinking node may cause required cast to be
      + JDK-8313307: java/util/Formatter/ fails on some
      + JDK-8313312: Add missing classpath exception copyright header
      + JDK-8313323: javac -g on a java file which uses unnamed
      variable leads to ClassFormatError when launching that class
      + JDK-8313402: C1: Incorrect LoadIndexed value numbering
      + JDK-8313428: GHA: Bump GCC versions for July 2023 updates
      + JDK-8313576: GCC 7 reports compiler warning in bundled
      freetype 2.13.0
      + JDK-8313602: increase timeout for
      + JDK-8313626: C2 crash due to unexpected exception control flow
      + JDK-8313657: com.sun.jndi.ldap.Connection.cleanup does not
      close connections on SocketTimeoutErrors
      + JDK-8313676: Amend TestLoadIndexedMismatch test to target
      intrinsic directly
      + JDK-8313678: SymbolTable can leak Symbols during cleanup
      + JDK-8313691: use close after failing os::fdopen in vmError
      and ciEnv
      + JDK-8313701: GHA: RISC-V should use the official repository
      for bootstrap
      + JDK-8313707: GHA: Bootstrap sysroots with --variant=minbase
      + JDK-8313752: InstanceKlassFlags::print_on doesn't print the
      flag names
      + JDK-8313765: Invalid CEN header (invalid zip64 extra data
      field size)
      + JDK-8313796: AsyncGetCallTrace crash on unreadable
      interpreter method pointer
      + JDK-8313874: JNI NewWeakGlobalRef throws exception for null
      + JDK-8313901: [TESTBUG] test/hotspot/jtreg/compiler/codecache/
      / fails with
      + JDK-8313904: [macos] All signing tests which verifies
      unsigned app images are failing
      + JDK-8314020: Print instruction blocks in byte units
      + JDK-8314024: SIGSEGV in
      PhaseIdealLoop::build_loop_late_post_work due to bad immediate
      dominator info
      + JDK-8314063: The socket is not closed in
      Connection::createSocket when the handshake failed for LDAP
      + JDK-8314117: RISC-V: Incorrect VMReg encoding in
      + JDK-8314118: Update JMH devkit to 1.37
      + JDK-8314139: TEST_BUG: runtime/os/
      / could fail on machine
      with large number of cores
      + JDK-8314144: gc/g1/ihop/ fails due to
      extra concurrent mark with -Xcomp
      + JDK-8314216: Case enumConstant, pattern compilation fails
      + JDK-8314262: GHA: Cut down cross-compilation sysroots deeper
      + JDK-8314423: Multiple patterns without unnamed variables
      + JDK-8314426: runtime/os/ is failing on
      slow machines
      + JDK-8314501: Shenandoah: sun/tools/jhsdb/heapconfig/
      / fails
      + JDK-8314517: some tests fail in case ipv6 is disabled on the
      + JDK-8314618: RISC-V: -XX:MaxVectorSize does not work as
      + JDK-8314656: GHA: No need for Debian ports keyring
      installation after JDK-8313701
      + JDK-8314679: SA fails to properly attach to JVM after having
      just detached from a different JVM
      + JDK-8314730: GHA: Drop libfreetype6-dev transitional package
      in favor of libfreetype-dev
      + JDK-8314850: SharedRuntime::handle_wrong_method() gets called
      too often when resolving Continuation.enter
      + JDK-8314960: Add Certigna Root CA - 2
      + JDK-8315020: The macro definition for LoongArch64 zero build
      is not accurate.
      + JDK-8315051: jdk/jfr/jvm/ fails with
      non-JVMCI GCs
      + JDK-8315534: Incorrect warnings about implicit annotation
* Wed Oct 18 2023 Fridrich Strba <>
  - Compiler flags to realign stack on ix86 (bsc#1214790)
* Thu Sep 21 2023 Fridrich Strba <>
  - Added patch:
    * reproducible-properties.patch
      + use SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH for timestamp in properties files if
      it is set
* Tue Sep 19 2023 Fridrich Strba <>
  - Initial packaging of OpenJDK 21 release
  - Highlight of changes to OpenJDK 17 LTS
    * Additions
      + HotSpot JVM
      JEP-422: Linux/RISC-V Port (19)
      ° Garbage Collectors
      JEP-439: Generational ZGC (21)
      ° Serviceability
      JEP-451: Prepare to Disallow the Dynamic Loading of Agents (21)
      + Language
      JEP-441: Pattern Matching for switch (21)
      JEP-440: Record Patterns (21)
      + Libraries
      JEP-444: Virtual Threads (21)
      ° Collections
      JEP-431: Sequenced Collections (21)
      ° Cryptography
      JEP-452: Key Encapsulation Mechanism API (21)
      ° I/O
      JEP-400: UTF-8 by Default (18)
      ° Networking
      JEP-418: Internet-Address Resolution SPI (18)
      JEP-408: Simple Web Server (18)
      ° Reflection & Method Handles
      JEP-416: Reimplement Core Reflection with Method Handles (18)
      + Tools
      ° JavaDoc
      JEP-413: Code Snippets in Java API Documentation (18)
    * Preview & Incubating
      + Language
      JEP-430: String Templates (Preview) (21)
      JEP-445: Unnamed Classes and Instance Main Methods (Preview) (21)
      JEP-443: Unnamed Patterns and Variables (Preview) (21)
      + Libraries
      JEP-442: Foreign Function & Memory API (Third Preview) (21)
      JEP-446: Scoped Values (Preview) (21)
      JEP-453: Structured Concurrency (Preview) (21)
      JEP-448: Vector API (Sixth Incubator) (21)
    * Deprecations
      + HotSpot JVM
      JEP-449: Deprecate the Windows 32-bit x86 Port for Removal (21)
      + Libraries
      JEP-421: Deprecate Finalization for Removal (18)



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