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tiled-1.10.1-1.1 RPM for riscv64

From OpenSuSE Ports Tumbleweed for riscv64

Name: tiled Distribution: openSUSE Tumbleweed
Version: 1.10.1 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 1.1 Build date: Wed Apr 5 09:20:34 2023
Group: Unspecified Build host: cloud109
Size: 21434238 Source RPM: tiled-1.10.1-1.1.src.rpm
Summary: A tilemap editor
Tiled is a general purpose tile map editor. It is built to work with
varying game engines, whether your game is an RPG, platformer or
Breakout clone. Tiled is written in C++, using the Qt application






* Tue Apr 04 2023 Michael Vetter <>
  - Update to 1.10.1:
    * Make panning with Space require pressing a mouse button as well (#3626)
    * Scripting: Added read-only access to Project properties (by dogboydog, #3622)
    * Scripting: Fixed behavior of Dialog.SameWidgetRows (#3607)
    * Fixed object labels to adjust to application font changes
    * Fixed grid rendering for odd Hex Side Length values (#3623)
    * Fixed tile stamp getting messed up on staggered maps in some cases (#3431)
    * JSON plugin: Fixed loading of empty tilesets created by script (#3542)
    * Godot 4 plugin: Removed depth limit for .godot project file (#3612)
    * Improved Terrain Brush for Hexagonal (Staggered) maps with side length 0 (#3617)
    * Removed "Add Folder to Project" button from the startup page
    * Qt 6: Increased the image allocation limit from 128 MB to 1 GB (#3616)
    * Qt 6 / Linux: Fixed long startup time for some icon themes
    * snap: Updated from core20 to core22 (now uses Qt 5.15)
    * Qbs: Added projects.Tiled.libDir option (#3613)
  - Remove tiled-1.10.0-lib.patch
* Wed Mar 29 2023 Bjørn Lie <>
  - Bump qbs setup-toolchains call to gcc++-13 now that we are using
    gcc13 as default compiler. Fixes build in Tumbleweed.
* Wed Mar 15 2023 Michael Vetter <>
  - Add tiled-1.10.0-lib.patch:
    Move so files into corresponding directories
* Sat Mar 11 2023 Michael Vetter <>
  - Update to 1.10.0:
    * Restored Tiled 1.8 file format compatibility by default (#3560)
    * Added action search popup on Ctrl+Shift+P (with dogboydog, #3449)
    * Added Godot 4 export plugin (by Rick Yorgason, #3550)
    * Added file system actions also for tileset image based tilesets (#3448)
    * Added custom class option to disable drawing fill for objects (with dogboydog, #3312)
    * Added option to choose a custom interface font (#3589)
    * Implemented rendering of major grid lines for staggered / hexagonal maps (#3583)
    * Fixed new layer names to be always unique (by Logan Higinbotham, #3452)
    * Fixed broken tile images after importing/exporting a tileset
    * AutoMapping: Added support for output set probability (#3179)
    * AutoMapping: When input regions are defined, match in order by default (#3559)
    * AutoMapping: Skip locked layers when applying rules (#3544)
    * AutoMapping: Fixed NoOverlappingOutput in case of multiple output indices (#3551)
    * AutoMapping: Fixed automatic output regions for object output (#3473)
    * AutoMapping: Fixed crash on undo when output layers have properties
    * Scripting: Added Object.setColorProperty and Object.setFloatProperty (#3423)
    * Scripting: Added tiled.projectFilePath
    * Scripting: Added tiled.versionLessThan
    * Scripting: Added TileMap.toImage (#3519)
    * Scripting: Added Tool.targetLayerType (#3248)
    * Scripting: Added region.contiguousRegions() (#3576)
    * Scripting: Added tiled.compress and tiled.decompress (#3153)
    * Scripting: Added Base64 encoding and decoding API (#3153)
    * Scripting: Allow assigning null to Tile.objectGroup (by Logan Higinbotham, #3495)
    * Scripting: Allow changing the items in a combo box added to a dialog
    * Scripting: Fixed painting issues after changing TileLayer size (#3481)
    * Scripting: Renamed Tileset.collection to Tileset.isCollection (#3543)
    * Defold plugin: Allow overriding z value also when exporting to .collection (#3214)
    * Qt 6: Fixed invisible tileset tabs when only a single tileset is open
    * Qt 6: Fixed behavior of "Class of" selection popup
    * Qt 6: Fixed tile rendering when OpenGL is enabled (#3578)
    * Fixed positioning of point object name labels (by Logan Higinbotham, #3400)
    * Fixed slight drift when zooming the map view in/out
    * Fixed remaining lag after switching off hardware acceleration (#3584)
    * Fixed point object hover highlight position (#3571)
    * Fixed drawing lines with stamps having differently sized variations (#3533)
    * Fixed compile against Qt 6.4
    * snap: Added Wayland platform plugin and additional image format plugins
    * AppImage: Updated to Sentry 0.6.0
    * Updated Bulgarian, French, German, Hungarian, Russian and Swedish translations
* Sun Sep 18 2022 Michael Vetter <>
  - Update to 1.9.2:
    * Allow adding maps to image collection tilesets (#3447)
    * Auto-detect JSON file format when importing custom types (#3472)
    * Added file system actions to the tile context menu (#3448)
    * Fixed possible crash in Custom Types Editor (#3465)
    * Fixed display of overridden values from a nested class
    * Fixed ability to reset nested string and file properties (#3409)
    * Fixed changing nested property values for multiple objects (#3344)
    * Fixed resolving of class properties on export to affect all data types (#3470)
    * Fixed possible duplication of Automapping Rules Tileset (#3462)
    * Fixed case where object labels could become visible for hidden layer (#3442)
    * Fixed updating of custom property colors when changing style
    * Scripting: Added Tileset.findTile
    * AutoMapping: Fixed applying of rule probability (#3425)
    * Defold plugin: Assign incrementing z values and allow specifying tile_set (#3214)
    * Updates to German translation
* Fri Aug 12 2022 Michael Vetter <>
  - Update to 1.9.1:
    * Fixed properties-related crash when having no project loaded
    * Fixed loading of custom tile image rectangles (#3405)
    * Fixed loading of member values for nested classes (#3414)
    * Fixed visibility of "Move Object to Layer" sub-menu (#3417)
    * Fixed shadow offset for other maps in a world (#3429)
    * Fixed class dropdown to update immediately when changing custom types (#3398)
    * Fixed deleting an overridden property to not make it disappear (#3409)
    * Scripting: Added TilesetsView.currentTilesetChanged
    * JSON plugin: Fixed loading image layer "repeatx/y" properties #3428)
    * snap: Fixed startup error due to missing (#3408)
    * AppImage: Use custom AppRun that can call all binaries (#3415)
    * AppImage: Updated to Sentry 0.5.0
    * Updated Chinese (Simplified) and Portuguese translations
* Sat Jun 25 2022 Michael Vetter <>
  - Update to 1.9.0:
    * Added option to ignore transparent pixels when selecting tile objects (#1477)
    * Added support for sub-images in image collection tilesets (#1008)
    * Added "Class" field to all data types, referring to a custom class
    * Added Tile Render Size and Fill Mode options to Tileset
    * Added %worldfile variable for custom commands (by Pixel-Nori, #3352)
    * Added 'New Project' action, replacing 'Save Project As' (#3279)
    * Added ability to load .tiled-session files from command-line
    * Merged Object Types with Property Types
    * Don't scale point objects with the zoom level (#3356)
    * Take into account image layer content when determining visual map size (#3386)
    * Scripting: Added Dialog API for building custom UI (by tileboydog, #3384)
    * Scripting: Added -e,--evaluate to run a script from command-line
    * Scripting: Added Tool.toolBarActions property (#3318)
    * Scripting: Added Tileset.columnCount property
    * Scripting: Added ImageLayer.image property
    * Scripting: Added access to selected terrain in tileset editor
    * AutoMapping: Applying rules is now 10-30x faster
    * AutoMapping: Explicit "regions" layers are no longer needed and have been deprecated (#1918)
    * AutoMapping: "AutoMap While Drawing" no longer creates separate undo steps (#2166)
    * AutoMapping: Custom tiles can now match "Empty", "Non-Empty" and "Other" tiles through a "MatchType" property (#3100)
    * AutoMapping: A custom tile with "MatchType" set to "Negate" can be used instead of "inputnot" layers
    * AutoMapping: Added built-in tileset with these custom rule tiles
    * AutoMapping: Added a number of per-rule options which can be set using rectangle objects
    * AutoMapping: Erase tiles by placing tiles with "MatchType" set to "Empty" on output layers (#3100)
    * AutoMapping: Accumulate touched layers in AutoMap While Drawing (#3313)
    * AutoMapping: Support map name filters in rules.txt (#3014)
    * AutoMapping: Show relevant custom properties when a rules map is detected
    * Optimized rendering of tinted layers by caching tinted images
    * tmxrasterizer: Added options to hide certain layer types (#3343)
    * Raised minimum supported Qt version from 5.6 to 5.12 (drops Windows XP support)
    * Raised minimum C++ version to C++17
    * Removed qmake project files (only Qbs supported now)
    * Python plugin: Now built against Python 3.8 on Windows and Linux
    * Updated Bulgarian, Czech, French and Russian translations
* Wed Jun 15 2022 Michael Vetter <>
  - Update to 1.8.6:
    * Keep references between objects when copy/pasting or duplicating (#3361)
    * Improved default translation used in case of multiple options
    * Terrain Brush: Update preview on mouse release (#3381)
    * Fixed 'Add Variation' action in Tile Stamps context menu (#3362)
    * Fixed importing of removed shortcuts (#3367)
    * Fixed breaking of alternative shortcuts on import or reset (#3367)
    * Fixed conflict detection to handle alternative shortcuts (#3368)
    * Fixed locking up UI on property type name conflict (#3380)
    * Scripting: Fixed possible crash when accessing
    * Defold plugins: Added support for rotated tiles (#3369)
    * Updates to German translation
* Tue May 24 2022 Michael Vetter <>
  - Update to 1.8.5:
    * Made expanded group layers persistent (#3282)
    * Improved snapping behavior for scalable objects on staggered maps
    * Allow setting a shortcut on the 'Edit Tileset' action
    * Always select first entry while using the Open File in Project action
    * Improved Add Property dialog layout in case of long type names (#3302)
    * Fixed restoring of window layout when maximized (#590)
    * Fixed snapping when dragging templates into a map (#3326)
    * Fixed map selection rectangle in world for infinite maps (#3340)
    * Fixed 'Merge Layer Down' action for infinite maps
    * Fixed several small issues in the image color picker (#3348)
    * Fixed missing name for undo commands that add/remove maps from world
    * Fixed selection issues for tile objects with a non-zero tile offset
    * Fixed hover indicator sometimes overlapping selection indicator
    * Fixed removal of terrain info when removing tiles from a collection
    * Scripting: Fixed region.rects when compiled against Qt 5.9 to 5.13
    * Scripting: Layer.tintColor is now #ffffff when not set
    * Updated Chinese (Simplified) and Portuguese (Portugal) translations
* Fri Apr 01 2022 Michael Vetter <>
  - Update to 1.8.4:
    * Fixed crash when trying to create an object
    * Fixed handling of deleted session file
* Fri Feb 18 2022 Michael Vetter <>
  - Update to 1.8.2:
    * Fixed deactivating of tools when no layer is selected (avoids crash)
    * Fixed ability to reset custom 'color' and 'object' properties (#3270)
    * Fixed updating of layer positions when changing parallax factor of a group (#3175)
    * Scripting: Fixed crash when assigning null to the MapObject.tile property
    * Scripting: Fixed adding of tilesets when adding layers to a loaded map (#3268)
    * JSON format: Fixed layer locked status not getting saved (#2877)
* Fri Feb 18 2022 Michael Vetter <>
  - Update to 1.8.1
    * Fixed pasted objects not getting selected if a tile layer was also copied
    * Fixed possible crash when trying to determine whether OpenGL is used
    * Fixed possible crash when using the Insert Tile tool
    * Fixed possible crash in tile stamp preview
    * AutoMapping: Fixed crash when an input layer does not exist (#3269)
    * Scripting: Automatically add tilesets to the map where needed (#3268)
    * snap: Updated from core18 to core20 (now uses Qt 5.12)
    * AppImage: Updated to Sentry 0.4.15
* Fri Feb 11 2022 Michael Vetter <>
  - Update to 1.8.0:
    * Added support for custom enum properties (with svipal, #2941)
    * Added support for custom class properties (#489)
    * Added parallax origin property to the map (with krukai, #3209)
    * Added Repeat X/Y properties to Image Layers (with krukai, #3205)
    * Added an action for selecting all layers (Ctrl+Alt+A) (#3081)
    * Added actions to select or add tilesets to Project view context menu
    * Added cut/copy/paste actions to Tile Animation Editor
    * Improved undo behavior by merging sequential edits to the same property (#3103)
    * Improved multi-layer painting behavior (#3094)
    * Separated the X and Y components of the major grid option (#3208)
    * Added automatic fading out of the grid when zooming out a lot
    * AutoMapping: Made it find layers within groups (#1771)
    * AutoMapping: regions layer can now be used alongside region_input/output layers
    * AutoMapping: Recognize "//" layer name prefix for ignoring layers (#3262)
    * AutoMapping: Allow setting a rule map as project rules file (#3221)
    * Tweaked focus behavior in the Template Editor
    * Changed the default Terrain Brush shortcut back to T
    * Reset tile animations when disabling playback and when exporting as image
    * Don't require saving maps upon creation (#1902)
    * Apply transformation actions to the preview while placing tiles (#3091)
    * Allow using object context menu in object creation tools
    * Reduced the step size for the parallax factor property
    * Improved the logic for automatically switching tools (#2807)
    * Ignore selection changes when marking a file as modified (#3194)
    * Use the tileset background color in the collision editor (with Benja Appel, #3163)
    * Show the read error when using --export-map/tileset
    * Avoid deselecting all layers when clicking empty area in Layers view (#2806)
    * Scripting: Added File API
    * Scripting: Added support for loading JavaScript .mjs modules (#3261)
    * Scripting: Added tiled.applicationDirPath property
    * Scripting: Added tiled.extensionsPath property (#3139)
    * Scripting: Added missing Layer.tintColor property
    * Scripting: Added missing ObjectGroup.drawOrder property (#3147)
    * Scripting: Added TileMap.removeObjects (#3149)
    * Scripting: Added TileMap.regionEdited signal
    * Scripting: Added TileMap.layers and GroupLayer.layers properties, for convenience
    * Scripting: Added region.rects property and region.contains(x,y)
    * Scripting: Treat custom format extensions as case-insensitive (#3141)
    * Scripting: Allow tools to stay active when tiles or a terrain type are selected (#3201)
    * Scripting: Extended the terrain related API (#2663)
    * Scripting: tiled.activeAsset can be assigned asset created in script (#3160)
    * Scripting: Fixed possible crash after creating tilesets from script (#3229)
    * Scripting: Fixed possible crash in TileMap.autoMap
    * Scripting: Fixed tileset or tile references for maps loaded from script
    * Scripting: Avoid crash when script reload happens during popup (#2991)
    * Fixed the logic for handling group layer parallax factors (with LilithSilver, #3125)
    * Fixed keyboard modifiers getting stuck for Terrain Brush (#2678)
    * Fixed debug messages showing in the Console and Issues views
    * Fixed enabled state of File > Export action for tilesets (#3177)
    * Fixed Snap to Grid for hexagonal maps
    * Fixed AutoMapping rules file to update after changing project properties (#3176)
    * Fixed 'Detect Bounding Box' action missing in Keyboard settings
    * Fixed toggling "Clear View" on & off shifting the map
    * Fixed "Select object on map" when no object layer is selected (#3207)
    * Fixed adjusting of tile types when tileset width changed (by Albert Vaca Cintora, #3237)
    * Fixed missing Qt translations for Linux AppImage
    * Fixed minimap viewport position when layers are offset (#3211)
    * Fixed "Highlight Current Layer" getting confused (#3223)
    * Fixed Terrain Set type property to be disabled when appropriate (avoids crash)
    * Fixed saving broken references to files loaded using "ext:" prefix (#3185)
    * Fixed performance issue in Project view related to file icons
    * Fixed dynamic wrapping when adding tiles to a collection (#3076)
    * Fixed potential crash when changing a WangSet from script
    * Tiled Manual is now available in French
    * JSON plugin: Added "tmj", "tsj" and "tj" as accepted file extensions
    * YY plugin: Don't use safe writing of files
    * YY plugin: Write out custom "object" properties as instance name (instead of the ID)
    * YY plugin: Determine sprite names by looking for meta files (by krukai, #3213)
    * CSV plugin: Improved handling of infinite maps
    * RpMap plugin: Fixed hardcoded exported tile size (#3184)
    * libtiled-java: Introduced TilesetCache interface (by Samuel Manflame, #3117)
    * Updated to Sentry 0.4.14
    * Updated languages
* Mon Aug 16 2021 Michael Vetter <>
  - Update to 1.7.2:
    * Avoid automatically replacing external tilesets with "similar" ones
    * Fixed copying and capturing stamps on staggered maps (#2874)
    * Fixed possible crash in Tile Animation Editor
    * Fixed data loss when saving maps with tilesets that failed to load (#3106)
    * Fixed creating multi-layer tile stamp from selection (#2899)
    * Scripting: Automatically reset object ID when adding to avoid duplicate IDs
    * Linux: Possible workaround for crash in clipboard manager
    * Updated to Sentry 0.4.12
    * Updated Italian translation
* Mon Jul 12 2021 Michael Vetter <>
  - Update to 1.7.1:
    * Don't save export target and format to exported files
    * Fixed crashes resulting from the Tile Animation Editor
    * Fixed possible crash when pasting multi-layer stamp (#3097)
    * Fixed possible crash when restoring expanded layers in Objects view
    * Fixed parallax factor getting lost when layer is cloned (#3077)
    * Fixed an issue with synchronizing selected tiles to current stamp (#3095)
    * Commands: Fixed possible crash in Edit Commands window
    * Commands: Automatically quote the command executable
    * Commands: Improved starting directory for executable file chooser
    * Commands: Fixed the 'Clear' button to reset the shortcut
    * Updated to Sentry 0.4.11
    * Updated French translation
* Mon Jun 07 2021 Michael Vetter <>
  - Update to 1.7.0:
    * Added basic "major grid" option with stronger lines (with Ilya Arkhanhelsky, #3032)
    * Added ability to rearrange tiles in a tileset (with José Miguel Sánchez García, #2983)
    * Added option to choose background fade color (with SchmidtWC, #3031)
    * Added portable mode, enabled when a "tiled.ini" is detected alongside the Tiled executable (#2945)
    * Disable project extensions by default, for security reasons (#3058)
    * Render selection preview and hovered item highlight above labels (#3036)
    * Changed the donation reminder to be non-modal
    * docs: Generate scripting API documentation using TypeDoc (with Erik Schilling (#2965) and MrMasterplan (#3040, #3041, #3045))
    * QMake/Qbs: Added a way to disable DBus support (with Dmitry Marakasov, #3039)
    * Scripting: Fixed 'mouseLeft' callback for scripted tools (#3050)
    * Scripting: Fixed loading of icons with explicit "ext:" prefix (#3048)
    * Scripting: Made TileMap coordinate conversion functions always work (#3054)
    * tBIN plugin: Convert 'color', 'object' and 'file' properties on save
    * Python plugin: Added Layer.offset and Layer.setOffset (with sverx, #3073)
    * Python plugin: Linux AppImage now supports Python 3.6 instead of 3.5
    * Fixed possible crash in Properties view when switching files
    * Fixed watching/unwatching of folders when adding/removing from project (#3035)
    * Fixed determining desired file format by extension on export
    * Fixed compilation issue with GCC 10 (#3037)
    * Updated Bulgarian, Portuguese (Portugal), Russian and Turkish translations
  - Remove tiled-endl.patch: upstreamed
* Wed Apr 28 2021 Michael Vetter <>
  - Update tiled-endl.patch:
    Update from commit 7059846dc551a5d6b3cda8c78aa990aff8a4861f
    to final one 068d0bf2e9632bf7473b40e4073eb3787f8889d1 since it
    works with more Qt versions
* Mon Apr 26 2021 Michael Vetter <>
  - Update to 1.6.0:
    * Added object selection preview
    * Added toggle to select enclosed rather than touched objects (#3023)
    * Added Sentry crash handler to Linux AppImage (disabled by default)
    * Added %tileid variable for custom commands on tilesets (#3026)
    * Added option to lock the position of views and tool bars
    * Added toggle to show/hide other maps in the same world (#2859)
    * Added a helpful text to Terrain Sets view when it is empty (#3015)
    * Allow opening projects from the File menu (#3000)
    * Made the terrains list in the Terrain Sets view not collapsible (#3015)
    * Automatically select the first terrain when selecting a Terrain Set (#3015)
    * When duplicating objects, place the duplicates next to the originals (#2998)
    * Tweaked selection outlines to be a little fatter and adjust to DPI
    * Write --export-formats output to stdout instead of stderr (#3002)
    * Allow hiding objects in the Tile Collision Editor
    * Scripting: Added missing Tileset.transparentColor property
    * Fixed 'Detach templates' export option to add tilesets when needed
    * Fixed Terrain Brush behavior on map edges
    * Fixed Terrain Brush behavior for sets transitioning to nothing
    * Fixed loss of edit focus when hovering tileset while assigning terrain (#3015)
    * Fixed shortcuts for flipping or rotating the current terrain pattern
    * Fixed switching to Terrain Brush when clicked terrain is already selected (#3015)
    * Fixed state of "dynamic wrapping" toggle button on startup
    * Fixed parallax layer positioning when reordering layers (#3009)
    * snap: Added 'removable-media' plug, for accessing USB drives
    * snap: "Open Containing Folder" action now also selects the file
    * JSON plugin: Write out "version" property as string (#3033)
    * YY plugin: Fixed plugin loading issue for qmake builds
    * libtiled-java: Optimized for multithreaded usage (by Samuel Manflame, #3004)
    * Updated Bulgarian, French, Portuguese (Portugal), Swedish and Turkish translations
    * Added Thai translation (by Thanachart Monpassorn, currently at 54%)
  - Add tiled-endl.patch: See
* Mon Mar 29 2021 Michael Vetter <>
  - Update to 1.5.0:
    * Unified Wang and Terrain tools (backwards incompatible change!)
    * Added support for a per-layer parallax scrolling factor (#2951)
    * Added export to GameMaker Studio 2.3 (#1642[2])
    * Added option to change object selection behavior (#2865[3])
    * Added Monospace option to the multi-line text editor
    * Added option to auto-scroll on middle click
    * Added smooth scrolling option for arrow keys
    * Added a 'Convert to Polygon' action for rectangle objects
    * Added support for drawing with a blob tileset
    * Added 'Duplicate Terrain Set' action
    * Added Terrain Set type (Corner, Edge or Mixed)
    * Added support for rotating and flipping Terrain tiles (by Christof Petig, #2912[4])
    * Added support for exporting to RPTools MapTool[5] RpMap files (by Christof Petig, #2926[6])
    * Added Ctrl+Shift to toggle Snap to Fine Grid (by sverx, #2895[7])
    * Eraser: Added Shift to erase on all layers (by Michael Aganier, #2897[8])
    * Automatically add .world extension to new World files
    * Shape Fill Tool now displays the size of the current shape (#2808[9])
    * Tile Collision Editor: Added action to add an auto-detected bounding box collision rectangle (by Robin Macharg, #1960[10])
    * Tile Collision Editor: Added context menu action to copy selected collision objects to all other selected tiles (by Robin Macharg, #1960[10])
    * Tilesets view: Added "Edit Tileset" action to tab context menu
    * Tilesets view: Added "Add External Tileset" action to tilesets menu
    * Scripting: Added initial API for creating and modifying Terrain Sets
    * Scripting: Added API for working with images (#2787[11])
    * Scripting: Added API for launching other processes (#2783[12])
    * Scripting: Added property
    * Scripting: Added missing and Layer.parentLayer properties
    * Scripting: Enable extending most context menus
    * Scripting: Fixed reset of file formats on script reload (#2911[13])
    * Scripting: Fixed missing GroupLayer and ImageLayer constructors
    * Scripting: Added default icon for scripted actions
    * Enabled high-DPI scaling on Linux and changed rounding policy
    * Remember last file dialog locations in the session instead of globally
    * Fixed loading extension path from project config (by Peter Ruibal, #2956[14])
    * Fixed performance issues when using a lot of custom properties
    * Fixed storing template instance size when overriding the tile (#2889[15])
    * Fixed removal of object reference arrow when deleting target object (#2944[16])
    * Fixed updating of object references when layer visibility changes
    * Fixed map positioning issues in the World Tool (#2970[17])
    * Fixed handling of Shift modifiers in Bucket and Shape Fill tools (#2883[18])
    * Fixed scrolling speed in Tileset view when holding Ctrl
    * Fixed issue causing to get written out as "."
    * Fixed "Repeat last export on save" when using Save All (#2969[19])
    * Fixed interaction shape for rectangle objects to be more precise (#2999[20])
    * Fixed "AutoMap While Drawing" not applying when using Cut/Delete
    * Fixed path in AutoMap error message when rules file doesn't exist
    * Lua plugin: Don't embed external tilesets, unless enabled as export option (#2120[21])
    * Python plugin: Added missing values to MapObject.Shape enum (#2898[22])
    * Python plugin: Fixed linking issue when compiling against Python 3.8
    * CSV plugin: Include flipping flags in exported tile IDs
    * GMX plugin: Take tile object alignment into account
    * Linux: "Open Containing Folder" action now also selects the file
    * libtiled-java: Many updates (by Henri Viitanen, #2207[23])
    * Ported Tiled to Qt 6 (releases still use 5.15 for now)
* Tue Nov 17 2020 Michael Vetter <>
  - Update to 1.4.3:
    * Improved error message when adding external tileset
    * Tile Collision Editor: Fixed invisible tile for isometric
      oriented tileset (#2892)
    * Fixed Object Alignment not getting set when reloading a tileset
    * Ignore attempts to replace a tileset with itself
    * qmake: Support linking to system Zstd on all UNIX-like systems
* Thu Aug 06 2020 Michael Vetter <>
  - Update to 1.4.2:
    * Reverted the default layer data format back to CSV
      (was changed to Zstd by accident in 1.4.0)
    * Added ability to draw lines using click+drag
      (in addition to click and click) when holding Shift
    * Improved positioning when adding maps to world via context menu
    * Disable instead of hide the "Save As Template" action when using embedded tilesets
    * Made Ctrl turn off snapping if Snap to Fine Grid is enabled (#2061)
    * Set minimum value of tile width and height to 1
    * Fixed Select Same Tile tool behavior for empty tiles
    * Fixed clickability of the dot in point objects
    * Fixed adjusting of terrain images when tileset width changes
    * Worlds: Fixed potential data loss when opening .world file
    * tmxrasterizer: Added --show-layer option (by Matthias Varnholt, #2858)
    * tmxrasterizer: Added parameter to advance animations (by Sean Ballew, #2868)
    * Scripting: Initialize tile layer size to map size upon add (#2879)
    * Windows installer: Made creation of the desktop shortcut optional
    * Windows installer: Made the launching of Tiled optional
    * Updated Qt to 5.12.9 on all platforms except Windows XP and snap releases
    * snap: Fixed issues with storing the default session (#2852)
    * snap: Enabled support for Zstandard (#2850)
* Fri Jun 26 2020 Michael Vetter <>
  - Update to 1.4.1:
    * When opening a .world file, load the world and open its first map
    * When opening an object template, show it in the Template Editor
    * Fixed crash on trying to export using the command-line (#2842[1])
    * Fixed crash when deleting multiple objects with manual drawing order (#2844[2])
    * Fixed potential crash when removing a tileset
    * Fixed potential scaling happening for maps used as tilesets (#2843[3])
    * Fixed positioning of map view when switching between maps in a world
    * Fixed file dialog start location
    * Scripting: Fixed issues with absolute file paths on Windows (#2841[4])
    * Lua plugin: Fixed syntax used for object properties (#2839[5])
* Thu Jun 18 2020 Michael Vetter <>
  - Update to 1.4.0:
    * Added support for projects (#1665[1])
    * Added object reference property type (with Steve Le Roy Harris and
    Phlosioneer, #707[2])
    * Added world editing tool for adding/removing and moving around maps in a
    world (with Nils Kübler, #2208[3])
    * Added a quick "Open file in Project" (Ctrl+P) action
    * Added new Object Alignment property to Tileset (with Phlosioneer, #91[4])
    * Added layer tint color (by Gnumaru, #2687[5])
    * Added support for using maps as images (with Phlosioneer, #2708[6])
    * Added 'Open with System Editor' action for custom file properties
    * Added option to render object names when exporting as image (#2216[8])
    * Added 'Replace Tileset' action to Tilesets view
    * Added shortcut to tooltips for all registered actions
    * Added automatic reloading of object templates (by Phlosioneer, #2699[9])
    * Added 'Clear Console' button and context menu action (#2220[10])
    * Added 'Reopen Closed File' (Ctrl+Shift+T) action
    * Added status bar button to toggle the Console view
    * Added a border around the tile selection highlight
    * Switch current tileset tab if all selected tiles are from the same
    tileset (by Mitch Curtis, #2792[11])
    * Made tileset dynamic wrapping toggle persistent
    * Properties view: Added action for adding a property to context menu
    * Optimized loading of CSV tile layer data (by Phlosioneer, #2701[13])
    * Improved map positioning when toggling 'Clear View'
    * Remember the preferred format used for saving
    * Normalize rotation values when rotating objects (#2775[14])
    * Removed the Maps view (replaced by Project view)
    * Removed file system hierarchy from Templates view (replaced by Project
    * Fixed potential crash when triggering AutoMap (#2766[15])
    * Fixed the status bar placement to be always at the bottom of the window
    * Fixed potential issue with automatic reloading of files (#1904[16])
    * Fixed issue where image layer images cannot be loaded from Qt resource
    files (by obeezzy, #2711[17])
    * GmxPlugin: Added support for layer tint color
    * Scripting: Assign global variables to console script evaluations (by
    Phlosioneer, #2724[18])
    * Scripting: Added coordinate conversion to TileMap
    * Scripting: Added support for custom "file" properties
    * Scripting: Added checks for nullptr arguments (by Phlosioneer, #2736[19])
    * Scripting: Added some missing tileset related properties
    * Scripting: Added FileInfo API with various file path operations (with
    David Konsumer, #2822[20])
    * Scripting: Provide access to registered file formats (by Phlosioneer,
    * Scripting: Enabled scripted formats to be used on the command-line
    * Scripting: Added functions to access inherited properties (by Bill Clark,
    * Scripting: Introduced __filename global value (with konsumer)
    * Scripting: Fixed ObjectGroup.insertObjectAt to use the index
    * docs: Clarify "can contain" documentation and error handling (by
    Phlosioneer, #2702[23])
    * docs: Document all optional attributes, update some docs (by Phlosioneer,
    * docs: Alphabetize scripting API reference (by Phlosioneer, #2720[25])
    * docs: Added missing BinaryFile constructor docs (by Phlosioneer,
    * docs: Enabled Algolia powered search
    * Updated Bulgarian, Chinese (Simplified), Czech, Finnish, French,
    Norwegian Bokmål, Portuguese (Portugal) and Turkish translations
* Wed May 27 2020 Michael Vetter <>
  - Update to 1.3.5:
    * Fixed initialization and restoring of map view (#2779)
    * Fixed skewed tile terrain/Wang overlays for non-square tiles (#1943)
    * Fixed link color on dark theme
    * Fixed small issue when right-clicking embedded tileset tab
    * Fixed Wang Sets toggle to also appear in the Tileset menu
    * Scripting: Fixed issue when closing/committing BinaryFile (#2801)
    * Scripting: Fixed "Safe writing of files" when writing with TextFile
    * Updated Qt to 5.12.8 on all platforms
    * Small translation updates to Bulgarian, French and Portuguese
* Wed Apr 15 2020 Michael Vetter <>
  - Update to 1.3.4:
    * Fixed automatic reload issues when editing object types (regression in 1.3.1,
    * Scripting: Added methods to get tileset's image size (backported from 1.4, #2733)
    * Scripting: Fixed map.tilesets when 'Embed tilesets' is enabled
    * Fixed the "Fix Tileset" button in the Template Editor
* Wed Mar 04 2020 Michael Vetter <>
  - Update to 1.3.3:
    * Fixed loading of compression level (#2753)
    * Fixed default value for Hex Side Length property
    * Fixed hiding of status bar text for some tools
    * Fixed removing of object labels when removing a group layer
    * GmxPlugin: Fixed compatibility with GameMaker 1.4.9999
    * Scripting: Made TextFile.commit and BinaryFile.commit close as well
    * Scripting: Fixed crashes when modifying certain new objects (#2747)
    * Scripting: Fixed potential crash in Asset.macro/undo/redo/isModified
    * Scripting: Fixed potential crash when accessing Tool.preview
    * Scripting: Fixed loading of images from extensions folder
    * Scripting: Reload extensions also when files are added/removed
    * Updated Bulgarian translation
* Wed Jan 22 2020 Michael Vetter <>
  - Update to 1.3.2:
    * Fixed initialization of selected layers (#2719)
    * Fixed stamp action shortcuts not being configurable (#2684)
    * Fixed the tileset view to respect the 'wheel zooms by default' preference
    * Fixed insertion position when using drag-n-drop to rearrange layers
    * Fixed displayed layer data format in Properties
    * Fixed repeating of export when map is saved by a custom command (#2709)
    * Fixed issue when multiple worlds are loaded that use pattern matching
    * Issues view can now be hidden by clicking the status bar counters
    * macOS: Fixed black toolbar when enabling OpenGL rendering (#1839)
    * Windows: Fixed context menus activating first item on release (#2693)
    * Windows installer: Include the 'defoldcollection' plugin (#2677)
    * libtiled: Avoid inheriting Properties from QVariantMap (#2679)
    * docs: Added some notes to Python and JavaScript pages (#2725)
    * Updated Qt from 5.12.5 to 5.12.6
    * Updated Finnish translation (by Tuomas Lähteenmäki and odamite)
    * Updated part of Italian translation (by Katia Piazza)
* Wed Nov 20 2019 Michael Vetter <>
  - Update to 1.3.1:
    * Added reloading of object types when changed externally (by Jacob Coughenour, #2674)
    * Added a status bar to the startup screen
    * Made the shortcuts for the tools configurable (#2666)
    * Made Undo/Redo shortcuts configurable (#2669)
    * Fixed importing of keyboard settings (.kms files) (#2671)
    * Fixed small window showing up on startup for a split second
    * Windows: Fixed the shipped version of OpenSSL (fixes new version notification)
    * Tiled Quick: Don't compile/install by default (#2673)
  - Remove tiled-1.3.0-disable-quick.patch: upstreamed
* Thu Nov 14 2019 Michael Vetter <>
  - Update to 1.3.0:
    * Added support for extending Tiled with JavaScript (#949)
    * Added error and warning counts to the status bar
    * Added Issues view where you can see warnings and errors and interact with them
    * Added configuration of keyboard shortcuts (#215)
    * Added status bar notification on new releases (replacing Sparkle and WinSparkle)
    * Added option to show tile collision shapes on the map (#799)
    * Added switching current layer with Ctrl + Right Click in map view
    * Added search filter to the Objects view (#1467)
    * Added icons to objects in the Objects view
    * Added dynamic wrapping mode to the tileset view (#1241)
    * Added a *.world file filter when opening a world file
    * Added support for .world files in tmxrasterizer (by Samuel Magnan, #2067)
    * Added synchronization of selected layers and tileset when switching between maps in a world (by JustinZhengBC, #2087)
    * Added actions to show/hide and lock/unlock the selected layers
    * Added toggle button for "Highlight Current Layer" action
    * Added custom output chunk size option to map properties (by Markus, #2130)
    * Added support for Zstandard compression and configurable compression level (with BRULE Herman and Michael de Lang, #1888)
    * Added option to minimize output on export (#944)
    * Added export to Defold .collection files (by CodeSpartan, #2084)
    * Added a warning when custom file properties point to non-existing files (#2080)
    * Added shortcuts for next/previous tileset (#1238)
    * Added saving of the last export target and format in the map/tileset file (#1610)
    * Added option to repeat the last export on save (#1610)
    * Added Fit Map in View action (by Mateo de Mayo, #2206)
    * Tile Collision Editor: Added objects list view
    * Changed the Type property from a text box to an editable combo box (#823)
    * Changed animation preview to follow zoom factor for tiles (by Ruslan Gainutdinov, #2050)
    * Changed the shortcut for AutoMap from A to Ctrl+M
    * AutoMapping: Added "OverflowBorder" and "WrapBorder" options (by João Baptista de Paula e Silva, #2141)
    * AutoMapping: Allow any supported map format to be used for rule maps
    * Python plugin: Added support for loading external tileset files (by Ruin0x11, #2085)
    * Python plugin: Added Tile.type() and MapObject.effectiveType() (by Ruin0x11, #2124)
    * Python plugin: Added Object.propertyType() (by Ruin0x11, #2125)
    * Python plugin: Added Tileset.sharedPointer() function (#2191)
    * tmxrasterizer: Load plugins to support additional map formats (by Nathan Tolbert, #2152)
    * tmxrasterizer: Added rendering of object layers (by oncer, #2187)
    * Fixed missing native styles when compiled against Qt 5.10 or later (#1977)
    * Fixed file change notifications no longer triggering when file was replaced (by Nathan Tolbert, #2158)
    * Fixed layer IDs getting re-assigned when resizing the map (#2160)
    * Fixed performance issues when switching to a new map in a world with many maps (by Simon Parzer, #2159)
    * Fixed restoring of expanded group layers in Objects view
    * Fixed tileset view to keep position at mouse stable when zooming (#2039)
    * libtiled-java: Added support for image layers and flipped tiles (by Sergey Savchuk, #2006)
    * libtiled-java: Optimized map reader and fixed path separator issues (by Pavel Bondoronok, #2006)
    * Updated builds on all platforms to Qt 5.12 (except snap release)
    * Raised minimum supported Qt version from 5.5 to 5.6
    * Raised minimum supported macOS version from 10.7 to 10.12
    * Removed option to include a DTD in the saved files
    * Removed the automappingconverter tool
    * snap: Updated from Ubuntu 16.04 to 18.04 (core18, Qt 5.9)
    * Updated Chinese, Portuguese (Portugal), Turkish and Ukrainian translations
  - Add tiled-1.3.0-disable-quick.patch:
    Disable build tiledquick and tiledquickplugin as they are not useful yet.
    And they cause trouble because they get installed to the wrong location.
    They will be disabled upstream in 1.3.1 too.
* Wed May 22 2019
  - Update to 1.2.4:
    * Fixed view boundaries to take into account layer offsets
    * Fixed map size when switching infinite off
    * Fixed the image cache to check file modification time
    * Fixed updating a few things when changing tileset drawing offset
    * Fixed position of tile object outline on isometric maps
    * Fixed saving of tile stamps when using the Shape Fill Tool
    * tBIN plugin: Fixed loading of some tilesets on Linux
    * tBIN plugin: Fixed possible crash when images can't be found
    * Python plugin: Disable this plugin by default, to avoid crashes on startup
    * JSON plugin: Fixed writing of position for objects without ID
    * Added Swedish translation
    Changelog from 1.2.3:
    * Fixed cut/copy in Tile Collision Editor
    * Fixed crash when trying to add Wang colors without a selected Wang set
    * tBIN plugin: Fixed hang when locating missing tileset image
    * CSV plugin: Fixed exporting of grouped tile layers
* Thu Jan 24 2019
  - Update to 1.2.2:
    * Added 'json1' plugin that exports to the old JSON format (#2058)
    * Enable the adding of point objects in Tile Collision Editor (#2043)
    * Reload AutoMapping rules when they have changed on disk (by Justin Zheng, #1997)
    * Fixed remembering of last used export filter
    * Fixed label color to update when object layer color is changed (by Justin Zheng, #1976)
    * Fixed stamp and fill tools to adjust when tile probability is changed (by Justin Zheng, #1996)
    * Fixed misbehavior when trying to open non-existing files
    * Fixed mini-map bounds when layer offsets are used in combination with group layers
    * Fixed Templates view missing from the Views menu (#2054)
    * Fixed Copy Path / Open Folder actions for embedded tilesets (#2059)
    * Python plugin: Made the API more complete (#1867)
    * Updated Chinese, German, Korean, Norwegian Bokmål, Portuguese (Portugal) and Ukrainian translations



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